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Metal News for May 1, 2006

Last updated on September 19, 2021 at 10:43 AM ET

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Opeth Frontman Clarifies Statements On Labelmates

Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has clarified statements he made during an interview with an Australian magazine — but hasn't gone out of his way to patch up the wounds. When asked about the current state of metal, he told the magazine that he didn't care for most of today's bands, and that "when I grew up it was like heresy to compare [labelmates] Killswitch Engage and whatever you got going with [Iron] Maiden and [Judas] Priest. The bands feel manufactured, almost like boy bands with guitars. I don't want my bands to be f---ing pretty." On Opeth's official forum, Åkerfeldt said the article was "a bit misleading," and that while he doesn't "particularly like Killswitch," he has nothing "against them really. All I was saying [is] that I don't see the same quality in them as I do in Priest or Maiden. [Killswitch] to me sounds like a rehashed version of what's been going on in Sweden for 16 years or more. The boy-band comment ... was not addressed to [Killswitch] but an observation of the overall 'nu' or whatever metalcore scene [there is] in the U.S. All of you gotta understand that out of the zillion interviews I do, some will take the so-called 'good stuff' and put it forward and make me seem like a pr---."

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Alice In Chains Confirm Japanese Tour Dates

The reunited ALICE IN CHAINS are scheduled to take part in one of Japan's biggest music festivals — the Udo Music Festival. Set over two days in two different locations, the Udo Music Festival features dozens of acts and about 50,000 concert-goers. And for the first time ever, AIC will be part of the madness. On July 22, the band will play at the Fuji International Speedway and then on July 23 they will perform at the Festival's other location, the Osaka Izumi Otsu Phoenix.

As previously reported, ALICE IN CHAINS have confirmed the five dates and cities for its U.S. mini-tour next month, beginning on May 18 in Los Angeles and ending on the 23 in New York City. The shows will all take place in either small clubs or theatres. These gigs and a previously announced date at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August are the only announced North American shows for the reunited group so far, with European festival dates on tap for June and July. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney will be joined on vocals by COMES WITH THE FALL frontman William DuVall. However, surprise guest vocalists and musicians are expected to show up at each of the five U.S. dates, with bassist Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES) already rumored to be coming along as a second guitarist.

It's been 10 years since the last official performance by ALICE IN CHAINS before the 2002 death of singer Layne Staley, and Mike Inez told Launch Radio Networks that the group's fans have waited long enough for them to play again. "Not to put a time limit on it, but if it was 10 years, you know, I think we needed that time to put some space in between it," he said. "It just feels right, and we're coming from a pure spot, and it's just more of a celebration of our music we created. Just one more time around the world. We're gonna bring it to the people and everyone's invited."

The surviving members of the band played together for the first time since 1996 at a Seattle tsunami benefit in February of 2005. They regrouped again in March for a taping of the VH1 Classic series "Decades Rock Live!", at which plans for more touring and a possible new album were first revealed.

Here are the confirmed upcoming ALICE IN CHAINS shows: More...

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Headline News

Merauder Guitarist Sob Dies

According to postings on MERAUDER's MySpace.com page, the band's former guitarist Sob has passed away. Details surrounding his death are not yet available. A founding member of the acclaimed New York-based metal/hardcore act, Sob played on all three of the band's albums — 1996's "Master Killer", 1999's "5 Deadly Venoms" and 2003's "Bluetality" — which were released through the Century Media label. Services will be held Tuesday (May 2) at Schaefer Funeral in Brooklyn.

For more information, visit myspace.com/merauder

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Members of KSE, Shadows Fall Bring Overcast Back

MTV.com has a nice piece on the background of Overcast, featuring current Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Seemless memebers, who are re-recording their old material for a formal release. Here's an excerpt:

Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D'Antonio remembers the exact moment when Overcast — his influential, erstwhile Massachusetts metal band that counted among its members Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair — ended. It was a week or so after the band's first U.S. tour (with Disembodied and Shai Hulud) had concluded, and the guys in the band returned from a six-week road trip with about $500 to their names.

"We were all just kind of beaten to death," D'Antonio recalled. "We had worked so incredibly hard to get the band to where it was, with little or nothing to show for it besides just fans coming out and seeing us and being really into the band. We just needed to cut our losses and go home, and unfortunately, that was the way most of the people felt in the band. We had gotten done with a practice, and everyone told me how they were feeling. [That band] was my baby — something I cared about more than almost anything else in the world at that point. So when people were telling me they didn't want to do it, I didn't want to face reality. It really bothered me."


Before year's end, D'Antonio said he hopes to release Reborn to Kill Again, an album featuring more than 10 classic, revisited Overcast tunes and two previously unreleased cuts the band wrote before disbanding but never recorded. Neither song has a title, D'Antonio said, and for one of them, Fair "actually took the lyrics and used them for a Shadows Fall song" called "Root Bound Apollo," from the 2000 album Of One Blood; Killswitch guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz (Unearth, Underoath) will helm the new Overcast project. The band's recorded all the drum tracks so far and will start working on the guitar parts next week. The plan's to finish the LP by the end of May. D'Antonio said several labels are vying for the disc, but not Killswitch's label, Roadrunner — they've passed on it.

Overcast will perform this weekend in Worcester, Massachusetts, during the New England Hardcore and Metal Festival. The band's also booked a gig at Club Hipnotic in New London, Connecticut, for June 3 and is in talks to take the stage inside New York's CBGB next month.

In addition, Killswitch Engage will begin writing fresh material in July for the follow-up to 2004's The End of Heartache — an album Roadrunner hopes to be able to release in November, D'Antonio said. He added that the band's also just recorded a cover of Dio's "Holy Diver" for a forthcoming Kerrang! magazine-commissioned compilation. That disc is going to feature some of today's heaviest metal acts tackling a number of genre classics.

"[Frontman] Howard [Jones] sang in falsetto," he said. "It came out super good. Everyone's really excited about it. The guitar riffs are definitely modified to sound way, way heavier."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Crowpath Recording Material For Split

Swedish metalcore act CROWPATH have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We've been recording some new stuff this weekend at the Berno Studios [THE HAUNTED, DEFLESHED, GOD DETHRONED, AMON AMARTH, KAAMOS] [in Malmö, Sweden] with [engineer] Andy Andersson. One of the songs will be released on a split 7" with SWARRRM from Japan on German label Crucificados in time for our tour in June." Exact cities and dates for CROWPATH's European tour — including stops in France, Germany, Holland and Belgium — have yet to be announced.

CROWPATH recently released their second album, "Son of Sulphur", via Earache/Willowtip Records.

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Cradle of Filth Frontman Explains New Album Title

The following message was posted on CRADLE OF FILTH's official web site:

"Seing as the title 'Thornography' for the new album was released without our knowledge a few days ago, CradleOfFilth.com asked the band direct for an exclusive explanation as to what it means."

Commented frontman Dani Filth: "This title represents mankind's obsession with sin and self. The thorn combines images of that which troubled Christ, the crown of thorns, thus intimating man's seeming desire to hurt God and also, of the protecting thorn and the need to enclose a secret place or the soul from attack. An addiction to self-punishment or something equally poisonous. A mania. Twisted desires. Barbed dreams. A fetish. An obsession with cruelty. Savage nature. Paganism over Christianity. The title can also represent a sexual attraction to religious iconography as in the case of the 'possessed' Lourdon nuns.

"I like the title because to me it invokes images of a darker, sexier pre-Raphaelite scene wherein Sleeping Beauty's castle is won and she is awoken by a poisonous kiss. A darker adult faerytale."

As previously reported, "Thornography" is scheduled for release on September 19 via Roadrunner Records. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Libertina Grim", "Tonight in Flames", "Cemetery and Sundown", "I Am the Thorn", "The Byronic Man" (featuring guest vocals from H.I.M.'s Ville Valo) and "Temptation".

The follow-up to 2004's "Nymphetamine", "Thornography" was recorded at Lincolnshire, England's Chapel studios with producer Rob Caggiano (BLEEDING THROUGH, ANTHRAX).

"I'm not saying it's 'experimental,' but we're definitely testing the limits of what we can do," CRADLE frontman Dani Filth recently told Revolver magazine about the new CD. "This is our sixth or seventh record, so we're trying to spice things up to keep the marriage going!"

"We were hungry to write again," Filth added. Once we finished all our tours [in 2005], we spent the summer just writing. Nobody really throught about where it was going, which is why I think it's really fresh sounding. A lot of the songs are really rhythmical — thrashy, almost — but they're all also really catchy."

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Hear Full CDs of Ministry, Rebel Meets Rebel

AOL Music is rockin' this week with full CD streams of several heavy bands including Ministry, Rebel Meets Rebel, and Wolfmother plus and accoustic set from Korn.

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Watch Live Trashlight Vision Video On UVTV

There is a new music video of Trashlight Vision for their track “Horns And Halo’s” available for viewing at the Underground Video Television Website. The footage was taken at a live performance by the band at The Continental in NYC and was edited and produced by UVTV.

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The Fall Of Troy Goes On Hiatus

The Fall Of Troy have announced plans to take indefinite break. Frontman Thomas Serak comments:

"Without giving any of you details that you don't need... The last 2 days have been the hardest days for this band ever. People have done everything that we never wanted to do. We've been on the road now for a very very long time, and last night was the culmination of it all... We are VERY sorry for the actions we took, but we just couldn't control it. I walked off the stage because I felt embarrassed of it all, I didn't want to come back out, but I came back out for you guys? The kids! Cause I fucking care more about you guys than this fucking band. We love each and everyone of you, so please try to understand were going through some very difficult times but we ARE trying to make it through...

We will be finishing the dates with #12 than going on an indefinite break following. We are going to try to get new songs together and get our heads straight... We don't want this band to end, but we don't want it to continue on in the fashion it has been lately. We are EXTREMELY sorry to you guys in Indiana and Ohio. You kids were awesome and should've been given the insane show you deserved. And hopefully next time, we'll do so."

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Site Update

Metalunderground.com: Rebooted

Today we've launched our new design in participation with the semi-annual CSS Reboot. As previously mentioned, the new design is not so different looking from the old one. It is more of a behind-the-scenes update, which will make life easier for building additional sections as well as allowing for multiple themes on metalunderground.com.

Time limitations resulted in not getting all the bells and whistles implemented, but now that I'm knee deep in the code I can continue to polish the site and implement these changes over the coming weeks. The largest visual change was to drop the redundant left side navigation and merge that space into a larger sidebar on the right. While that sidebar contains mostly ads on some pages, more relevant information will be placed there in the coming weeks as well. Other visual changes made include a revamped (touched up) logo, tabbed site navigation, a persistent search in the secondary navigation area (top right), greater line spacing for ease of reading, and removal of the "scribble" font. (A "classic" theme will return at a later date with the scribble font added back to the site for those who liked that look).

With these changes comes the possibility that the site may not function properly in a given browser (especially old ones), so please report any bugs to me via the contact form.

Look for some more visual enhancements and sidebar info throughout the week. Thanks for your patience and for reading my technical ramblings!

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Nevermore Guitarist Diagnosed With Kidney Disease

Nevermore guitarist Steve Smyth has been recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, the result of a congenital birth defect.

Says Smyth: I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and have been advised to preserve my health as much as possible at this time, as I am facing complete renal failure within six months, and ultimately, a transplant. Due to my recently diagnosed condition, I have decided not to join the band on the In Flames US tour. I want to be fair to the fans, and be able to give them a show I know I can deliver night after night. I will, however, join Nevermore on all four of the European festivals on our itinerary in early June: Gods of Metal, Rock Hard, Rott Fest, and Sweden Rock, after which, the doctors should have some news about the next step in my treatment. I will say this: I will fight this, and I will be back!

Jag Panzer guitarist Chris Broderick will fill in for Smyth on the upcoming US tour, after which Smyth will rejoin the band for the aforementioned European festival dates. For more from Smyth about his health situation and future career plans, please visit www.stevesmyth.com

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Cryptopsy Announces Canadian Tour Dates

Cryptopsy have announced a string of fall Canadian tour dates:

Sept. 29 St. John, NB - Nep-Tunes
Sept. 30 Halifax, NS - Captain Elis
Oct. 02 Quebec City, QC - L'Imperial
Oct. 03 Montreal, QC - Medley
Oct. 04 Ottawa, ON - Maverick's
Oct. 05 Hamilton, ON - Absinthe
Oct. 06 Royun Noranfda, QC - Petit Theatre
Oct. 07 Toronto, ON - The Opera House
Oct. 08 London, ON - Embassy
Oct. 09 Sudbury, ON - Shriner's Hall
Oct. 11 Thunder Bay, ON - Kilroy's
Oct. 12 Winnipeg. MB - Royal Albert Arms
Oct. 13 Regina, SK - Exchange
Oct. 14 Edmonton, AL - The Mead Hall
Oct. 16 Victoria, BC - Sugar Nightclub
Oct. 17 Vancouver, BC - Columbia
Oct. 19 Calgary, AB - The Stetson

Prior to the Canadian tour, Cryptopsy will be touring Australia, the US and Europe. Tour dates are as follows: More...

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Cannibal Corpse Drummer Nominated For PETA Award?

A posting on the official Cannibal Corpse reads:

"[Drummer] Paul [Mazurkiewicz] is sexy?
That is right, not only is the man sexy in the world of death metal, his scope of sexiness might ooze out into the real world too...Paul has been nominated for PETA's annual World's Sexiest Vegetarian competition. He is competing against Napalm Death's Barney Greenwat and Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow, but also Hollywood celebs such as Alicia Silverstone, Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson. Even if you are not too supportive of PETA or of the vegetarian lifestyle, think about how ironic it would be to have the drummer from Carnivore Corpse Cannibal Corpse as the world's sexiest vegetarian! That, plus the fact that the man is a lean mean sex machine and deserves to win."

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SYL Drummer Checks In With Studio Update

Strapping Young Lad drummer, Gene Hoglan, has posted the following update on the band's website:

"Howdy folks! Well, let's get right to it. After those last few punishing rehearsals, where, I swear to god, I broke something (My back? My cloaca? My ass?), we packed all our gear into the mighty Armoury Studios. Now, the Armoury comes equipped with this beautiful Ayotte drumkit, and (ssshhh, don't tell any of my PEARL guys this) I have used it in the past, on both the 'Chicken Feather' and 'Alien' albums, but this time, I opted for my own kit. That Ayotte, great-sounding though it is, warm, big, nice, just lacks the oomph, the grrrr, that I've been striving for lo, these many years. I wanna have a terrifying drum-tone, and that really sweet Ayotte just doesn't scare me. But boy, my badass PEARL SRX sure does! A 13", 15", and an 18", which are retardedly large (and possibly uncontrollable) for the studio, but I figured, what have I got to lose? I haven't REALLY dug my own drum-tones since 'Darkness Descends', and that was my FIRST album! AND, it came out twenty years ago! But, since I am so smrt, I chose my own Pearl to do the job. And did it ever not disappoint! Wow! I actually LOVE my drum sound on this record! And, since it was mixed so MASTERFULLY by the mighty Mike Fraser, it all sounds clear as a bell.

"We booked three days again, and as usual, the majority of the first day was spent on setting up, mic-ing the fuck outta everything, and getting tones. I believe we used around 30 mics or so for this one. The kit was expertly skinned and tuned by our good pal Ryan VanPoederooyen from the [Devin Townsend Band], and at about 7pm or so, I started tracking. The first tune I blasted off was 'Fucker', since that's about the most straightforward number on the new one, and then I moved onto 'Monument', which has a rollicking, 'swashbuckling' sorta groove, and very little double-bass (don't worry though, dudes, there's PLENTY of haulin' doubles on this album!). Next up was 'The Anti-Product', another groovy one. I just wanted to get a few of the 'easier' ones outta the way on that shortened first day.

"Day two, and I don't really remember the order on that day, but suffice it to say, I tracked the rest of the album tunes that day. 'You Suck', 'Wrong Side', 'Hope', 'Decimator', 'Far Beyond Metal', 'Polyphony', 'Almost Again', and 'The New Black'. I guess there was no real reason to mention all the song-titles right there, other than I just wanted to start burning them into everybody's brains.

"On that second day, I met on of the guys working on the editing process of the record, Rob 'The Chicken' Shallcross, who resembles quite-a-bit our bus driver, Sean Sitka. I see this guy in fronta the computer screen, and I'm like, 'Hey! Sitk-you're not Sean...'. The first thing he says to me is, 'Chicken', while holding out this bizarre little rubber-chicken squeezy-toy thingy, that, when you squeeze it, a little yolk pops out its ass! The second thing he says to me is, 'Hey, check out this little movie. It's called, "I Hate It When That Happens"', and proceeds to pop up this little porn window on his computer. It's a spooning couple, goin' at it, she's in front, with her legs closed, then the dude puts his hand under her leg and lifts it, and behold! The 'she' is packin'! Holy moly! I pretty much blurt out, 'BAAAH!' sounding (and feeling) just like Hank Hill. Oh, my scarred eyeballs! And Rob commences to bust out laughin'. He just wanted to see my reaction. So, I start playin' it off for the next few days like he likes the trans-testicles, which puts him back in his place. I think. But, I doubt it. Either way, a new friendship is born...

"Day three, and that was the day we tackled the bonus tracks as well as revisited a couple of the parts I knew I could do better. First up was Jed's 'The Long Pig', a righteous thrashing number, with Jed's stamp all over it, and my, ' C : enter : # # # ' another righteous thrashing number, completely in the vein of The Almighty Punchdrunk. I'm glad alot of you were able to figure oot that title! At the end of the day, we were listening back to all the tracks, and Dev was singing along in the control booth, and pointing out what's gonna go where, and Byron and I were just getting caught up in his vision, and that's when the goosebumps started. Y'know, even though we've worked on the tunes all the way up to the recording, the rest of the band only really knows the basic elements of each song. The guitars, bass, drums, keys, the basic templates of the vocal-lines, that sorta thing. We all do realize however, that as of those first tracking days, the songs aren't gonna turn out any way close to the way we know them. Dev, on the other hand, has the entire landscape of each tune completely mapped out in his head, and no matter how grandiose my, Jed's, Byron's, or hell, even Willy's vision may be of what the final product might be, it in no way even comes close to what Dev hears in his head from the inception. That, my friends, is only a part of the genius that is Devin Townsend. And I get to work with the musician, save for Stevie Wonder, who inspires me most. HOW FUCKIN' COOL IS THAT?

"Okay, I guess that's it for now. I'll be back next week, when we move across town to Profile Studios. Where the rest of the record happens. Take care! 'THE NEW BLACK'-July, 2006.

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