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Metal News for April 5, 2014

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Sunday Old School: Lita Ford

If you grew up in the eighties you knew Lita Ford as the hard rock girl with credentials. She could play guitar and mix it up vocally with Ozzy Osbourne. Eventually you find out she was part of The Runaways and that’s when you really begin to appreciate how important she has been to rock and roll. More...

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Buioingola Streaming Full Album

The scathing tones of "Dopo l'Apnea," the debut album by Italian act Buioingola, have officially been released on the masses digitally and via cassette. You can also hear the full album in the player below or over at Bandcamp here.

Buioingola continues to take the tunes to fans throughout Italy in support of "Dopo l'Apnea" and will have more shows to be announced in the coming months. The band is also currently writing new material for a follow-up album. Catch Buioingola live:

4/25/2014 CSOA Ex Mattatoio - Perguia, Italy
4/26/2014 Sinister Noise - Roma w/ Mors Est Ianua Vitaek, Altri
5/17/2014 No Cage - Florence, Rome w/ The Autumn Leaves Fall
5/31/2014 Casaupa - Udine w/The Haunting Green More...

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Suidakra To Re-Issue "Emprise To Avalon"

Suidakra has issued the following brief announcement about re-issuing an early album later this year:

"Together with AFM Records we will re-release our 'Emprise To Avalon' album this summer. It will be remastered with a re-worked artwork by Kris Verwimp and brand new, never released bonus tracks.

"And beside that we are booking new SuidAkrA shows worldwide. We'll keep you updated... Have a great weekend everyone!"

Suidakra released latest full-length album "Eternal Defiance" in 2013. Check out our review of the album right here. More...

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Structures Reveals New Album Details

The sophomore full-length release from Structures, titled "Life Through A Window," is now officially set for a May 13th debut and was recorded by Will Putney (Body Count, Upon A Burning Body) at The Machine Shop.

Look for the band on tour across North America with Texas In July from April 22nd through May 10th, followed by a run with Counterparts. Check out the striking new track, "The Worst of Both Worlds" (featuring Drew York of Stray From The Path) via the lyric clip below. The band also comments:

"We changed things up this time around by incorporating programs like Logic and Protools to get our ideas together. For our previous releases we stuck to sitting in a room and jamming songs out, but this time around we felt like we also needed to log our ideas so we could change them on the go, as well as write on the road. This record combines all of our influences, as well as a sound we tried to achieve that we've never heard before. I think every musician can agree that when writing a new record, they try to achieve that sound that they themselves would like to hear.

"Going into the writing process, we knew what worked and what didn't after touring off of Divided By for so long. We definitely aimed to focus on our strengths on this release. We saw the success that came with Divided By, and we just knew in our hearts that we could do so much better and agreed that we would force ourselves to do so on this new record. We had the mindset that we would put everything we have into it otherwise it would be a waste of our time and we might as well break up. Unfortunately, that mindset came with the decision to make changes within our lineup. We parted ways with Nick, our original vocalist a few weeks before going to record. There were many reasons behind this and we are all still good friends, but we just needed to make a change if we wanted to see the band progress the way we've dreamed of.

"That being said, we felt like replacing Nick's duties on vocals would but unfair and a shot in the dark if we looked outwards, so we collectively made the decision to move Brendon, our guitarist, to vocals. This was a huge challenge for everyone seeing as though only 30% of the lyrics and patterns had been written and we had to enter the studio in 2 weeks. We literally worked day and night at Brendon's house honing in on the new vocal style. In retrospect, without working as hard as we did, the record wouldn't be what it turned out to be. We're all very proud of Brendon for stepping up on such short notice and killing it in the studio where he had to track vocals, track guitar, write guitar parts and write lyrics. This album is very special to the 3 of us and really brought us together as friends.

"This record is brutally honest in every aspect. It's definitely a look inside our personal lives and we think people will appreciate how sincere both the music and the lyrics are. This whole line-up change made us grow in many ways and we feel like this is absolutely our most mature release to date. Usually we'll listen back to a record months after finishing it, wishing we had done things differently, but this time we have no regrets and wouldn't change a thing. We're very proud of this album and we're confident that our fans will enjoy it, as well as people who have never heard us before." More...

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Pyrrhon Issues Track-By-Track Breakdown

In celebration of this week's North American release of "The Mother Of Virtues," the latest full-length from New York experimental death metal peddlers Pyrrhon, New Noise Magazine is currently hosting an in-depth, track-by-track breakdown of the record.

Excerpts are available below, and you can read the breakdown over here. The album was recorded by Ryan Jones (Today Is The Day, Mutilation Rites) and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice). More...

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Kill Matilda Posts New Tour Blog

With only a few more dates left on a cross Canada Tour in promotion of recently released EP "#Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll," vocalist/guitarist Dusty Exner from Vancouver's Kill Matilda has posted a new tour blog.

Covering the band's most recent road adventures, the new blog is titled "The Prairies – Rum Running & Hair Dye Freezing" and can be found at this location.

You can also still catch Kill Matilda live on these remaining tour dates:

Apr 5 - Sorel-Tracy, QC - Pub O'Callaghan's
Apr 8 – Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club (Punk Night!) More...

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Thy Catafalque Streaming Previous Album

After previously offering a track from the album for free download, Thy Catafalque has made the entire "Rengeteg" album available for streaming online. Give it a listen in the player below. Season of Mist also comments on the 2012 album from multi-instrumentalist Tamás Kátai:

"'Rengeteg' is a forward-thinking metal album that saw Thy Catafalque take a huge step forward in their ever evolving sound. What started out as a black metal band assembled by Kátai in 1999, has transformed into an eclectic amalgamation of metal, folk, and progressive rock.

"Branded 'avant-garde metal' by its mastermind, the songs and sounds drift and swirl between crystalline structures and harsh, sombre soundscapes. Despite its scope and range, Tamás Kátai's mature songwriting maintains the precarious balance between the exciting and the consistent, and nonetheless heavy." More...

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Darkthrone Releasing Book / Box Set

On May 12th, Peaceville Records will release "Black Death and Beyond," a special collector’s box-set featuring an in-depth book containing extensive accounts of Darkthrone's history & philosophy from both Gylve ‘Fenris’ Nagell & Ted ‘Nocturno Culto’ Skjellum, as well as additional recollections from bass player Dag Nilsen.

Also included are 3 vinyls featuring Darkthrone’s own choice cuts from the group's illustrious collection of death/black/punk classics, presented on white, black & transparent vinyl, plus woven Darkthrone patch.

"Black Death and Beyond" features:

- 12" large format, 72 page Perfect bound book
- 3xLP on black, white and transparent 180gm vinyl
- signed certificate for all pre-orders
- woven classic Darkthrone ‘baphomet’ patch

Fenriz explains the concept behind the track selections:

“I never quit my day job; one of the reasons being that I can listen to music on headphones there all the time. To the extent that I rarely listen to music at home anymore, and if I do it's like I can't hear it PROPERLY. At work with headphones is where the details reveal themselves and also which songs I can and can't use in compilations or dj'ing appear quite clearly.

"Every time I get/buy a cassette or vinyl I have to transfer them to wav files via a computer programme, then I write a little note to accompany the final burnt disc. But the note first swings by my workplace where I can rate the various songs with a clever underlining-system called THE FENRIZOLATOR. And so passes the days.

"Then came the idea to do a Darkthrone book and with it a vast box set. There was talk about 3 compilation discs, one with Death, one with Black and one with our other styles. So be it. But this time I took it upon myself do it PROPERLY. And to do that....well, I had to face my own rating system. Because I also use the F-OLATOR on regular CD's, it took 3 whole days to rate all of our 16 full length albums. Certain discoveries were made, like the song I think is worst by Darkthrone is HANS SISTE VINTER (Scoring only 12 out of 60 points) and also that The Cult Is Alive is probably our best album – at least it's the one with the highest grades consistently.

"But I digress. AGGRESSIVE DIGRESSOR!!! Lists were made, and I truly tried to be as honest and fair as possible, Ted was initially going to do this but I think he suddenly saw how monumental a task it would be, and ended up with - well, what you hold in your hands right now. My 'BEST OF' trying to follow both my biased ratings, crystal logic and also personal favours and my fave Ted songs." More...

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Eric Calderone Covers Frozen, Game Of Thrones

Shred master extrordinaire and all-around awesome guitarist Eric Calderone has a new series of metallic covers released!

Today you can check out his heavy metal renditions of "The Rains Of Castamere" from Game of Thrones, "Let It Go" from the hit Disney movie Frozen, and even a cover of Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" below.

If you missed it before, don't forget to check out his previous video Robocop Meets Metal here.


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Deamantide Posts Lyric Video

Italian five-piece Deamantide has a new lyric video out now for "Anima Persa," which is available below courtesy of BlankTV. Find more info on Deamantide and music available for streaming over at Facebook here.

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Trees Of Eternity Issues Recording Update

Trees of Eternity - the collaboration between Finnish guitarist Juha Raivio (Swallow the Sun) and Sweden based, South Africa born, singer Aleah - has issued the following recording update:

"Our dear Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios is a busy man indeed, and though the studio has been fully booked all winter, we now have dates for this month and the next to wrap this album up.

"Yesterday we placed the vocals with the guitars and drums in the main mix, and in a couple of weeks we will be recording bass, while adding a few more guitar touches (such as acoustic elements), some live strings and then in May it looks like Jens will be doing his final mix.

"More updates soon and maybe some pics from bass recordings (when our bass player also will be revealed...)"

You can also follow the recording process and see photos that have been posted so far over at the Trees of Eternity Facebook profile.

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Abörted Hitler Cöck Streaming Album

Grindcore band Abörted Hitler Cöck is streaming its entire recent EP "Necropaediatrician" on youtube. The album was released on Torn Flesh records and contains 16 tracks, which includes a cover of the Mentors tune "Mother Daughter Team."

According to their biography, Abörted Hitler Cöck was formed some time around 2005, when after performing a series of botched back-alley abortions, the porno-gore luchadores El Bukkake and El Fucko were forced to flee their hometown of Rape City and blindly go forth in search of grindcore fame and fortune.

Encased in the masks of their profession and intentionally adopting the worst band name conceivable, they learned to take their skills with the rusted coat-hanger and suction device and apply them to the baritone guitar and drums.

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Nader Sadek Posts Tour Dates

Visual/performance artist Nader Sadek, who conceptualized the 2011 blackened death album "In the Flesh" and its live follow-up "Living Flesh," will return to the stage in late May with a string of Canadian and European dates.

Sadek's visually and sonically captivating live show has already become a hit thanks to the "Living Flesh" DVD/Bluray release and the artist has assembled a line-up guaranteed to meet all expectations. Tour dates are as follows:

5/20 Montreal, Quebec @ Petit Campus
5/23 Rome, Italy @ Traffic Live Club
5/24 Florence, Italy @ Cycle Club
5/25 Novara, Italy @ Rock'N'Roll
5/26 Martigny, Switzerland @ Sunset Bar
5/27 Paris, France @ Glazart

 photo nader_zps5b5eca99.jpg

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Doom In June Vol. 4 Coming To Las Vegas

The Doom In June Vol. 4 Music Festival is entering its fourth consecutive year. 22 live bands will be playing over a two day period on Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th at The Cheyenne Saloon in North Las Vegas, NV.

Included in the roster will be Pennsylvania trio Pale Divine (pictured below), who recently remastered their entire "Cemetery Earth" album on Shadow Kingdom records. Also there will be Las Vegas' own Demon Lung and Harry Conklin's black metal band Satan's Host.

For the first time in the festival's four-year history bands have been booked to perform starting Friday night (June 6th). In keeping with festival tradition, Saturday (June 7th) will feature music all day and well into the night. Doom in June expanded the format to accommodate 22 bands this year.

"I'm proud to be doing Doom in June for the 4th time" explains festival founder Marco Barbieri, "We've expanded to a two-day format in order to add more bands. There is a greater diversity of talent and we've listened to the fans and made it darker and heavier this year."

Confirmed artists include the following 22 bands. Originally 23 artists, The Freeks cancelled their scheduled appearance:

Acid Witch
Black Prism
Christian Mistress
Demon Lung
Ides of Gemini
My Ruin
Night Demon
November's Doom
Pale Divine
Satan's Host
Secrets of the Sky
Spiritual Shepherd
Spun in Darkness
Trapped Within Burning Machinery
Whores of Tijuana
Wounded Giant

 photo pale_zps0534e092.jpg

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Gravehill Streaming Entire Album

"Death Curse," the album from Gravehill, was just released via Dark Descent records. New Noise magazine is streaming the entire release over on its site, or you may listen to all nine tracks of it below.

"Death Curse" features over 35 minutes of powerful death metal in the old-school vein and includes guest appearances from some of the biggest names of death metal. Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler of Autopsy and Kam Lee (Massacre, Death and Bone Gnawer) all made contributions. Death Curse features artwork by Christopher Moyen (Incantation, Blasphemy and more).

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