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Metal News for April 30, 2017

Last updated on August 18, 2017 at 3:25 AM ET

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Cult Of Eibon Posts Entire New Album

Greek black metal band Cult of Eibon is now streaming the entirety of debut mini-album, "Lycan Twilight Sorcery," which can be heard below. The album officially dropped April 28th and features the following track listing:

1. ?he Final Transformation (intro)
2. The Dweller Of The Woods
3. Lycan Twilight Sorcery
4. Wolf Blood Communion
5. Xothic Bloodlines
6. Lykauges (outro)
7. Dominions of the Serpent Moon (bonus track) More...

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Meatwound Has The "Reproductive Blues"

As Meatwound preps infectious second LP, "Largo," for release through Magic Bullet Records in the coming weeks, today a stream of the gnarled "Reproductive Blues" track comes online.

Meatwound's Daniel Shook offers: "Fundamentalists and politicians don't like abortions. They also don't like birth control or sex education. If you honestly want to stop abortions, those things are proven to reduce abortions more effectively than prayer or highway billboards. It's almost like they want to keep the world stepping over endless unwanted babies.

"Round about twenty-three years ago, Initial State made an LP and the song 'Feast' has stuck with me ever since. The first line: 'You would bring another into the vile machine/One more mouth among the billions to hang agape in need'... I think it was the first song I heard that was specifically about overpopulation." More...

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Alkira Posts "Karmaphala" Video

In late 2016, South Australia’s drunken thrash titans Alkira released the follow-up to debut album "Juggernaut," entitled "Klotho." The album was mixed by Erik Rutan and mastered at West West Side by Alan Douches.

Now the band just dropped a music video for the fist single from the album, "Karmaphala." The song reeks of Alkira, seamlessly fusing elements of 80s and 90s thrash metal and punk, and containing a catchy chorus. Check it out below.

Rhythm guitarist and Hetfield worshipper Kyle Simpson comments: "With this video we tried not to go down the comedy path as we have previously (cos we kept getting accused of copying King Parrot), but we couldn't do it! The premise of the video was to tip our hat to the fallen stars and bands that we admire, and to have a bit of fun with it...plus we've always wanted to dress up as 80s Metallica and Greg just keeps dressing in drag, so it worked out perfectly!" More...

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Disharmony Streams New Album

Greek progressive heavy / doom metal band Disharmony has released second full-length album "The Abyss Noir" via GrimmDistribution, and now all the tracks can be heard below. The full track listing consists of:

01. The Abyss Noir
02. Vain Messiah
03. Delirium
04. This Caravan
05. Disposable Heroes (Metallica cover)
06. A Song For A Friend More...

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Dystopia Streaming Full New Album

Dutch black metal group Dystopia has now unleashed second full-length album "Chaos Philosophorum," which can be heard in full below or picked up in various formats at Bandcamp here.

The album was recorded at Studio Helvete in Den Helder, mixed by Thomas Cochrane of TC Music Productions and finally mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Artwork for the follow-up to 2013's "Haat" was designed by Adam Burke.

Themes on "Chaos Philosophorum" deal with space, existence, and death. The band comments: "We wanted to combine these concepts in our artwork, so we took the medieval plague doctor as a strong and recognizable symbol of death, and combined it with the almost magical shapes and colors of a galaxy. As if he is casting a spell. The artist Adam Burke did a tremendous job converting our ideas into this artwork."

1. Intro
2. Through the Vortex
3. Black Death
4. Archon
5. Interlude
6. Bound to Annihilate More...

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Xenosis Reveals Album Artwork

U.S. death metal crew Xenosis just unveiled the cover artwork for impending full-length release "Devour And Birth," with a release date still TBA. Check out the new cover below, and while waiting on full release info, you can also hear the band's previous album "Sowing the Seeds of Destruction" over at Bandcamp here.

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Alunah Gearing Up For Tour

England's doom export Alunah is ready to hit the road next week and begin a European tour supporting brand-new fourth album "Solennial," which was released on March 17th via Svart Records. Catch these upcoming Alunah tour dates:

6th May - Coevorden, NL @ Metal Front
7th May - Dusseldorf, DE @ Route 66
8th May - Antwerp, BE @ Music City
9th May - Mannheim, DE @ Kurzbar
10th May - Würzburg, DE @ Immerhin
11th May - Olten, CH @ Coq d'Or
12th May - Mezzago, IT @ Bloom

Says vocalist/guitarist Sophie Day about the upcoming trek: "Having already completed the UK leg of our Solennial tour and being blown away with people's reactions to the album, we're really excited to be taking the tour to mainland Europe, where we'll be once again playing the album in its entirety. We'll also be throwing some more well-known Alunah tracks into the set, too, and hope to see some of you there with beers held high!" More...

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Helion Prime Streaming New Single

Helion Prime is immensely pleased to present new single "Remnants of Stars" via AFM Records. Guitarist Jason Ashcraft comments:

"I'm very excited with how this song turned out. It holds true to the Helion Prime sound, but adds a few new elements into the mix. Kayla's vocals are powerful and in your face. Her darker bluesy tone also adds a nice touch. Alex's drumming is monstrous, and I feel it really shines on this single. A great taste of what's to come from both of them! Chad also makes his recording debut with us, offering a very tasty solo that compliments the song well!"

The single will appear on Helion Prime's sophomore album, which has a working title of "The Terror of Saibot," and is expected for release in late 2017/early 2018. Stick around for more details in the coming months. More...

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Legionnaire Unveils New Album

Finnish trad-metal newcomers Legionnaire will release full-length debut album "Dawn of Genesis" on May 26th via Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint).

Legionnaire's music is based on powerful twin guitar harmonies, and medieval style epic melodies, while the lyrics often have influences from ancient mythology and science fiction.

"Dawn of Genesis" was mastered by Wicked Ischianus of Mausoleum Gate and will be available on CD, LP and digital formats. The track listing is as follows:

1. Clairvoyance
2. Enigma of Time
3. Shadow Upon The Metropolis
4. Millennium
5. The Guardian
6. Dawn Of Genesis
7. Black Harbinger
8. Olympian Aegis More...

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Seer Announces New Album

Art of Propaganda has set July 7th as the international release date for Seer's second album, "Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void."

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Seer was formed in the fall of 2014 as the days drew short and a chill set in the air. Very much a product of the environment, Seer draws inspiration from the natural power of the Pacific Northwest and harnesses it into epic, expansive doom-sludge.

Feel that power in visual form with the new video for "They Used Dark Forces," which can be seen below. The new album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Ancient Sands (Rot Preacher)
2. Acid Sweat
3. They Used Dark Forces
4. Burnt Offerings
5. I: Tribe of Shuggnyth
6. II: Spirit River
7. III: Passage of Tears
8. ????? More...

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Black Fast Covers Thin Lizzy

St. Louis metal act Black Fast just released a cover of “Thunder and Lightning,” the classic Thin Lizzy track from 1983 album of the same name. Check it out below.

“Thin Lizzy is my favorite band," says frontman and guitarist Aaron Akin. "I have this double live album they recorded on their last tour called 'Life' that starts with this song. You can hear the crowd, imagine them walking out onstage and going right into this track. Sadly 'Thunder and Lightning' was the last Thin Lizzy record, Phil died a few short years after its release."

He goes on tosay, "It oozes cool, as he did. And the John Sykes guitar solo! I had to call on one of my best buds Reece Scruggs (Havok / Century Media Records) to step up and let one rip for us and he absolutely nailed it. I think this fucker landed pretty cool. Its dangerous. it's streetlights and leather. It's a switchblade." More...

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Speedclaw Releases "Iron Speed"

On June 30th internationally, Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to present the debut tape of one of the most electric newcomers the label's heard in recent years: Speedclaw's "Iron Speed."

Aptly named and also aptly titled, "Iron Speed" is a throttling force to behold, digging its nails deeply into you right from the start and never letting go. Originally self-released on CD in an extremely limited edition, "Iron Speed" is the six-song introduction to this Croatian force of nature. Check it out below or over at Bandcamp here.

1. Speedclaw 04:25
2. Mistress of the Night 04:18
3. Power From Hell 04:51
4. Razarac 02:35
5. Gospodar Tame I Zla 04:28
6. Heavy Metal Maniac 03:41 More...

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Seide Releases New Album

French black metal band Seide just released new album "Beyond The Fallacy," which was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Hybreed Studio by Andrew Guillotin. You can stream short teaser clips of every track below, or grab your own copy at Bandcamp here. The full track listing consists of:

1. Omniprésence du Gris
2. Ångest
3. L'Abandon
4. Persecution
5. La Llorona
6. Les Nuits sans Lune
7. Maelström
8. Retaliation
9. I Am The One More...

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Warrant Posts "Perfect" Track

Following two previous streams from forthcoming album "Louder Harder Faster," Warrant now posts a "Perfect" third song online - listen in below.

Under the band's belt, Warrant has eight million records sold worldwide, two Top Ten Billboard albums, five Top 40 Billboard hits, five #1 MTV videos.. .the list goes on and on. Now, six years after the release of "Rockaholic," the album that relaunched the band as a force to be reckoned with in the 21st Century, Warrant will let loose with "Louder Harder Faster" via Frontiers Music Srl on May 12th.

"Louder Harder Faster" can be pre-ordered here and the album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Louder Harder Faster
2. Devil Dancer (streaming here)
3. Perfect
4. Only Broken Heart (streaming here)
5. U In My Life
6. Music Man
7. Faded
8. New Rebellion
9. Big Sandy
10. Choose Your Fate
11. Let It Go
12. I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink (Bonus track available on CD only) C More...

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Pyreship Announces "The Liars Bend Low" Album

Black Bow Records is pleased to announce the release of "The Liars Bend Low," the debut album by Houston's Pyreship, this coming May 26th, 2017. The album will be released on digital and limited edition vinyl.

Pyreship had this to say: "'We're pumped to be releasing our first album 'The Liars Bend Low' with the excellent dudes at Black Bow Records. Five tracks of post-metal rage issues tempered by an unhealthy overdose of 90's slowcore."

Comprised of four road-hardened musicians, Pyreship's songs are reflective of the band's formative environment - stripped-down, unpretentious, and resilient. The new album's track listing is as follows:

01. Gravity
02. Machine Men
03. When Leaves Turn to Blood
04. Die-Sect
05. ...Are We Dead Yet More...

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Doyle Announces Tour With Davey Suicide

Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein continues his domination with the launching of the "Abominate The World" tour 2017 with Davey Suicide.

Kicking off June 1st in Raleigh, NC, the U.S. tour will wind south into Florida and Louisiana, then into California before heading East to finish in Niagra Falls, NY.

06/01 @ The Maywood - Raleigh, NC
06/02 @ Ground Zero - Spartansburg, SC
06/03 @ Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
06/04 @ Nichthawks - Jacksonville, FL
06/05 @ Respectables - West Palm Beach, FL
06/06 @ The Haven - Winter Park, FL
06/07 @ The Orpheum - Tampa, FL
06/08 @ Southpark Music Hall - New Orleans, LA
06/10 @ The Rock Box - San Antonio, TX
06/11 @ Trees - Dallas, TX
06/12 @ Come And Take It Live - Austin, TX
06/13 @ Scout Bar - Houston, TX
06/14 @ Thunder Alley - Oklahoma City, OK
06/16 @ Club Red - Mesa, AZ
06/17 @ Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA
06/18 @ Malone's - Santa Ana, CA
06/19 @ Beauty Bar - Las Vegas, NV
06/20 @ Liquid Joe's - Salt Lake City, UT
06/21 @ Sunshine Studios - Colorado Springs, CO
06/22 @ Aftershock - Merriam, KS
06/23 @ RT Quinnians - Duluth, MN
06/24 @ The Reverb - Waterloo, IA
06/25 @ Home Bar - Arlington Heights, IL
06/26 @ Frankie's - Toledo, OH
06/28 @ Dingbatz - Clifton, NJ
06/29 @ Evening Star Hall - Niagra Falls, NY More...

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Slaughter To Prevail Suffering "Chronic Slaughter"

The second single and first music video off Slaughter To Prevails's debut full-length album, "Misery Sermon," has come online for the track "Chronic Slaughter," directed by Evgeniy Kozlov. Check it out below.

"Misery Sermon" is set for release on May 5th through Sumerian Records and is available in multiple bundles including limited edition vinyl in Kill Room Clear and“Burial Brown, with only 250 pressed for each color.

While vinyl ships out in June, fans will receive a digital download of the album on street date via email. Pre-orders are up now over here.

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Synopsys Posts New Video

Following a previous video for the song "Leviathan," French cinematographic post rock / metal crew Synopsys just unveiled a new video clip illustrating the track "A Whisper In The Evening." Check it out below.

"A Whisper In The Evening" is taken from the upcoming and long-awaited Synopsys debut album, expected for a physical / digital release on May 17th.

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Isendoral Kicks Off Tour

Isendoral - which features members of Endorphins Lost, Wilt, and Thunder Grey Pilgrim — is now out touring in support of the "Shores Of Mourning" debut released last month.

Produced in 2016 as a testament to grief and an exploration of purgatory in a time where the group itself was going through arduous lineup changes, "Shores Of Mourning" is a monument to Isendoral's camaraderie with members past and present, and an exploration of the changing of the tides towards and away from those we hold dear.

The release is out now digitally via Bandcamp and in a limited cassette edition through Eternal Warfare Records. Ab impending CD edition will be released via Pest Productions later this year. More...

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Blood Of Angels Releases "Rise Of The Fallen Gods"

Florida's Blood of Angels churns out an explosive-yet-memorable brand of melodic death metal, laced with catchy riffs that will have listeners' head moving from the get-go.

Debut EP "Rise of the Fallen Gods" is out now on all digital platforms, and the release will be followed by some extensive touring. Listen in for a full stream below.

1. Miscreant Deeds of Loki 03:21
2. Odin's Wrath 04:09
3. Final War 04:22 More...

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Sunday Old School: Metal Duck

If there's one thing the English has a history of doing well, it's taking the piss out of things. Pretty much anything is fair game to be ridiculed in Britain, from politicians to sports and even comedy itself (as brilliantly displayed by Not The Nine O'Clock News in their Life Of Brian/Fawlty Towers sketch.) Likewise, there's been a long record of British musicians whose coming together was to make people laugh more than it was to showcase musicianship and song writing, from the Barron Knights to The Divine Comedy to Kunt and the Gang, Britain has always liked to see the funny side of music. Of course, metal music is no exception and today we'll be looking at a short lived group from the north of England who may not have become one of Britain's best thrash exports, but delivered plenty of laughter, Metal Duck.

Metal Duck was formed in the city of Manchester in 1987 by drummer David Burton, guitar player Fozzy and a vocalist who went by the name, "Arse." The three recorded their first demo, "Quackcore" that same year, showcasing a thrash metal sound typical of the time, but included some humourous intros and a particularly memorable song title, "The March of the Metal Duck to the Ponds of Hell." This was to be their only recording with "Arse," or indeed as a trio, as they replaced their vocalist with Paul "Huttie" and recruited a bass player named Keith after the release of the demo. More...

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Dead Season Premieres Three New Songs

Melodic prog death metal act Dead Season premieres three new songs from the upcoming new album "Prophecies". The band's second full-length album was mixed by Jaime Gomez Allerano (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Primordial) at Orgone Studio and contains 12 tracks prepped for release on May 5th, 2017.

Check out all the tracks now below.

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Amerakin Overdose Singer Rants Against Labels

Amerakin Overdose frontman Cody Perez recently went on a Facebook rant against various major metal labels, including Roadrunner Records, Metal Blade, Rise Records, Century Media and Napalm Records. As part of his tirade he accuses the labels of "spending shit money on bands that don’t mater."

You can find a screenshot of his rant below:

Amerakin Overdose - Letting Go (featuring Waylon Reavis): More...

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