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Metal News for April 29, 2010

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A Conversation With DesDemon

New York's DesDemon, who were recenlty highlighted in our "Unearthing the Underground" column, are an exciting new addition to the female fronted metal arena, including echoes of power metal and other genres outside the traditionally Gothic style.

Vocalist Mistress Tina, who started in pop and worked her way into metal, and drummer Dan Rhodus both explained to me the themes of the band's music and their collaboration with Aspera keyboardist Nickolas Henriksen on the latest DesDemon EP "The Awakening." Read on to find out about the band's history, the story behind their name, and their upcoming activity. More...

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Overkill Posts Australian Tour Trailer

Overkill has posted a teaser trailer online for their upcoming Australian tour dates, which can be viewed below.

The upcoming Overkill tour dates are as follows:

4/28 2010 Trees Dallas, Texas, US
4/29 2010 Headliners Louisville, Kentucky, US
4/30 2010 Jaxx Springfiled, Virginia, US
5/1 2010 Nokia Theatre New York City, New York, US
6/17 2010 Sonisphere Wil / Jonschwil, CH
6/18 2010 Hellfest Nantes, FR
7/2 2010 Unirock Istanbul, TR
7/3 2010 Tuska Festival Helsinki, FI
7/4 2010 Devilside Festival Duisburg, DE
7/7 2010 Metalcamp Tolmin, SI
7/9 2010 Getaway Festival Gävle, SE
7/10 2010 Rock Harz Open Air Ballenstedt, DE
8/7 2010 Wacken Open Air Wacken, DE

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Drugs Of Faith Recording New Album

Virginia based metallers Drugs of Faith have announced they will be heading into the Developing Nations studio in May with Kevin Bernsten to record thirteen new tracks for an upcoming full-length record. The as-yet-untitled album will be released via Selfmadegod Records. Further details on a release date and track listing will be announced as they are made available. You can also currently hear sample Drugs of Faith tracks via the band's MySpace page.

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Disbelief Announces New Tour Dates

Germany's Disbelief has announced the following upcoming tour dates:

5/29 2010 Nachtleben Frankfurt, DE
6/12 2010 Chronical Moshers Fest REICHENBACH, DE
7/10 2010 ROCKHARZ - Festival Ballenstedt/Harz, DE
8/13 2010 Devils Night AT - Altenfelden bei Linz, AT

You can also hear sample Disbelief tracks via the band's official MySpace page.

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Megadeth Checks In From The Road

Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine has checked in with the following statement about arriving in Chile:

"Droogies! I just landed in Santiago, Chile and lemme tell you we are so pumped to be back here, it's sick! Last night in Buenos Aires, Argentina we had another of those once in a lifetime shows, and the funny thing is that Chile and Argentina are so close together geographically that you can't come to one country and not play the other. And as far as the fans go, Chile has always been a proud audience, and we have always loved them, and they have always been up at the top of our list with the Argentinians. Which brings me to something very important, and that is loving our fans, and the idiots who spread rumors about us canceling shows. On this tour we are going to several new countries, and some that we have only played once before. And never do we cancel a show once we are in the country, and in this case South America.

"You see, there has been a rumor floating around that we are not coming to Quito, Ecuador, and that is the biggest mountain of horse manure I have ever heard. It must have been started by someone who is very, very afraid of Megs!

"I just want you to know that you better go get your tickets now! Because when we get there and you say, 'I don't have a ticket' or 'I didn't trust you,' or 'I didn't believe that you were coming to this country,' it will be too late once the tickets are all gone. What does Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, have right now that Ecuador doesn't? Tickets to one of the best Megadeth concerts ever. I mean, if you are going to miss a concert, miss some other band, don't miss the 20th Anniversary of RIP because it won't be back here ever again."

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Rotting Christ Announces South American Tour

Greek metallers Rotting Christ are set to embark on a string of South American tour dates in support of their latest album "Aealo." The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

6/12 Bar Brazil- Belo Horizonte-BRAZIL
6/13 Republica Music bar-Campo Grande-BRAZIL
6/16 La Boveda-Arequipa-PERU
6/17 The Factory-Lima-PERU
6/18 Rock Y Guitarras-Santiago-CHILE
6/19 Est Central Ferrocarril-Asuncion-PARAGUAY
6/20 Asbury Rock Club-Buenos Aires-ARGENTINA
6/21 Club Progreso-General Rocka-ARGENTINA
6/23 Rivadavia-Chibut-Comodoro-ARGENTINA
6/25 Centro Comercial Mundial-La Paz-BOLIVIA
6/26 Carioca Club-Sao Paulo-BRAZIL

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Cradle Of Filth Signs To Peaceville

Cradle Of Filth is set to unleash their latest release through Peaceville Records in October of 2010. Peaceville issued the following statement about the signing:

"Never shy of embracing the epic, Cradle have constantly sought to push the boundaries of their art. Whether through elaborately theatrical stage shows (incorporating giant lumbering puppets, fire-breathing dancers, freaks and stilt-walkers from the notorious Circus Of Horrors), provocative merchandise (including the now legendary ‘Jesus Is A Cunt’ t-shirt), breathtaking artwork or the weighty subject matter of their albums (their latest one was a concept album telling the story of a French Lord who fought alongside Joan Of Arc, before embarking on a horrific killing spree), this is a band who have refused to be confined by the labels that have been placed on them.

"The band enters Monkey Puzzle studios near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk this month to start work on their new album, the follow up to 2008’s Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder. Cradle Of Filth remain stalwarts to the satanic horror ethos by again composing a fully blown concept album, this time based on Adam's first wife, the lascivious Demoness Lilith; throwing Medieval nuns, Knights Templars, Greek mythology and lashings of sex, occult lore and violent bloodshed into the smelting pot, to create a darkly erotic nightmare set to their unique scope of supreme vampyric metal. More...

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Early Graves Comments On New Album

San Francisco's Early Graves has completed the follow up to 2008's debut "We: The Guillotine." The title track off the band's new record, simply entitled "Goner," is available for streaming through the band's MySpace page.

"I don't know..." states vocalist Makh Daniels, "...I guess the record is about alcoholism... and all the bullshit that comes with it. All the 'why's?' and 'How come's?' and our stupid fucking excuses for it. I can't say that this will be the heaviest record you've ever heard or the best recording or the most musically precise but I can say that at least, it's fucking honest."

"Goner" was recorded at Louder Studios by Tim Green and ,astered by John Golden at Golden Mastering. Artwork was completed by Nat Damm Design. The album will be released worldwide June 22nd, 2010 via Ironclad/Metal Blade Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Goner
2. Faith is Shit
3. Old Bones
4. Rot
5. MayDay
6. Wraiths
7. Trauma
8. Give Up
9. Bastard Tears
10. Harm

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Pest Records Online Comp Vol. 10 for Free Download

Last month Pest records posted a free online compilation, Pest Records Online Compilation Vol. 10. We missed reporting it at the time, but it's free music just the same - more than 100 minutes of extreme metal from all over the world. You can download the RAR-compressed compilation (135MB) here or here.

Here's the tracklisting for the Pest Records Online Compilation Vol. 10:

1. Bane (Serbia) - "In A Dying World"
2. Bribe (Italy) - "Victim's Prostate"
3. Burning Flesh (Gex-Geneva/France) - "Pandemic Plague"
4. Caesarum (France) - "Taste Our Freedom"
5. Diktatur (Euskadi/France) - "Revanche"
6. Disdained (Serbia) - "Ignoring The Bliss"
7. Exterminio (Argentina) - "Mangled and Disembodied"
8. Morbus (Venezuela) - "Placeres Fecales"
9. Mordant (Sweden) - "Fall of Holiness"
10. Mordeth (Brasil) - "From Apes to Warlords"
11. Nerocapra (Italy) - "Philo"
12. Nervous Impulse (Canada) - "Rockstar Faggotry"
13. Nyarlathotep (Spain) - "Hekait et Er_Diriiksta"
14. Pagan Requiem (USA) - "Cross the Gate"
15. Perverse Molestation (Philippines) - "Plasma Cumshot"
16. Prayer Of The Dying (Malta) - "Memento of Decay"
17. Riotor (Canada) - "Riotor"
18. Sadistic Gore (Brazil) - "Deflowered by the Priest"
19. Sanguinus (USA) - "Not Even Your Shadow Will Be Remembered"
20. Shredding Consequences (Mexico) - "Worlderness"
21. Skineater (Sweden/USA) - "Dismantling"
22. Svart Vold (Italy) - "Fired Mark"
23. Terminal War (France) - "Aeon Crush"
24. Tornado (Greece) - "Human Race"

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Moonspell Posts Drum Clinic Footage

Drummer Mike Gaspar of Portuguese Gothic metal act Moonspell has posted two video clips online from a recent drum clinic. The first can be viewed below and the second can be found after the jump.


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Oligarquia Reveals New Album Artwork

Brazilian death metallers Oligarquia have revealed the cover artwork for their new album "Distilling Hatred," which can be viewed at this location. The new album's artwork was handled by Mysterianart. The band has also announced that tracks from the new album will soon be available for streaming via the official Oligarquia MySpace page.

Oligarquia also has the following upcoming live shows:

5/8 2010 II ARES FESTIVAL São Paulo
5/8 2010 Seven Beer Rock Bar SP, São Paulo
8/7 2010 Central Rock Bar Santo André, São Paulo

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Domination Black Recruits New Vocalist

Finland's Domination Black has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new vocalist and streaming a new track online:

"Domination Black have found a new singer. Matias Palm is replacing Kari Killgast (who left the band in late 2009) as the lead vocalist for Domination Black. Palm has previously been involved with such bands as Merging Flare and Heavy Metal Perse + numerous tribute projects including Judas Priest, Running Wild and Gamma Ray tributes.

"The band has recently been working on some new material to be recorded for their third album somewhere in the near future. Furthermore Domination Black will make their triumphant return to the stages at Kotkan Meripäivät festival in late July. You can listen to a new track called 'Cold Touch' here."

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Mike Patton Comments On Faith No More Reunion

MetalSucks recently spoke with Faith No More front man Mike Patton, whose collection of Italian language cover songs (recorded with a 40-piece orchestra) "Monda Cane" comes out on Tuesday, May 4th. Patton spoke about "Mondo Cane," the events that led to the Faith No More reunion, and whether or not he ever plans to release new Faith No More music. An excerpt follows:

MetalSucks: Given all the projects you’ve worked on over the years, what brought you back to Faith No More?

Mike: No good answer for that. It just happened. I think it was a reconciliation of sorts. We’ve been offered to reform many, many times over the last ten years. At some point, we all realized, “Hey, what’s the problem here? Should we do this? Will the music stand up?” That was a big question. So, we rehearsed to kinda figure out whether it would stand up or not. And it did. And here we are.

MetalSucks: How have these reunion shows been for you? Have they been enjoyable for you?

Mike: Yeah. Of course. I’m not in the business of suffering. I’m not gonna put myself out there and torture myself. I’m just not gonna do it. It feels good. It feels comfortable. In a way, we’re sort of… we’re revisiting the past but we’re also healing some old wounds. We didn’t break up under the best of circumstances and this is sort of a chance to get that right. Anyone in their life, if they have a chance to sorta go back to a certain snapshot in their life, and maybe do something different… I think that’s what we’re doing right now.

MetalSucks: With these live shows, whose idea was it to include Peaches & Herb and Lady GaGa covers into the set?

Mike: [laughs] I don’t wanna take complete credit, but… Look, it’s something that happens. It’s not something where we sat down and said, “Hey, let’s do a Lady GaGa cover over one of our tunes.” It just kinda happens. A lot of that is my responsibility. We played a certain set of music for a long period of time, and it’s only natural to get a little complacent. So, to me, what’s fun is injecting other people’s tunes over the top of our tunes. I guess it’s a live mash-up, if you will.

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Slodust Issues Band Update

Drummer Dante X-X from Swedish act Slodust has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"Hey friendzzz, Dante`s here! Just want to give you guys a update on whats up in Sloworld. We are NOT back in studio yet. Computer breakdown. We`re hoping to save as much of the recording as possible. (drums 90% of the record. basb and guitars 20-25%) In the next couple of weeks we know how to continue.

"In other news, Elias of Last Living fame helps us with some guitar tones, and let me tell you man, we've played together like today it`s the third time with him and we have 2-3 NEW songs well on there way to becoming something awesome! Last but not least, we're going to announce a show (in Stockholm) next week. So be shore to check back with us soon!"

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Warbringer Updates Tour Schedule

Warbringer continue their touring schedule as they wrap up the final week of Overkill’s 25th Anniversary Killfest Tour alongside Vader, God Dethroned, Evile and Woe of Tyrants. Next on the battle plan, after playing the 5th Anniversary Thrasho De Mayo Festival in Los Angeles on May 8th, is to journey for the first of the band’s performances in Asia. Hitting Japan for three shows as part of Extreme the Dojo alongside Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, before venturing out on their own headline dates in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

John Kevill (vocals) further states: “It'll be our first time ever in that part of the world, and we’re very excited to see these places and are planning on getting some total ragers going for all you headbangers out there!” Upon the group’s return, Warbringer will embark on yet another U.S. tour supporting Pestilence, alongside Vital Remains, Enfold Darkness and Sacrificial Slaughter for a few weeks in June completed by the band’s fly-in headline show in Puerto Rico at La Respuesta Club in Santurce, PR.

The upcoming Asian tour dates are as follows:

5/12 – Club Quattro – Tokyo, Japan
5/13 – Club Quattro – Nagoya, Japan
5/14 – Club Quattro – Osaka, Japan
5/16 – Overtone RCA – Bangkok, Thailand
5/18 – Fame Station – Bandung, Indonesia
5/19 – Substation Theatre – Singapore
5/21 – Number One Café – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5/22 – Center for Arts – Manila, Philippines

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Witchery Streaming New Song Online

Witchery's line-up reads like the who's who of Swedish Metal: Jensen (guitars) plays with The Haunted; solo-guitarist Rickard Rimfält for Séance; bass player Sharlee D’Angelo is in charge of the deep end of Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars; while drummer Martin Axe hits the skins of Opeth and Bloodbath. The band's upcoming album "Witchkrieg," set for a June 29th North American release, also features the debut of new vocalist Legion (ex-Marduk, ex-Devian).

Guitar player Jensen had met Kerry in 1999 on the first U.S. tour of his band in Los Angeles after the Witchery show at The Whiskey. “He came on our bus and we partied all night long. We played air guitar while listening to old Rainbow records,” Jensen remembers. “At the Roskilde Festival in Denmark I bumped into him again. I played him the song, he listened to it three times straight and said: 'Yeah, I'll do it.’"

Hank Sherman (Mercyful Fate, Force Of Evil) was already guesting on three former discs by Witchery. “He is a good friend and will play with us on the next and the next one after that,” reckons a smiling Jensen. Also on board is Andy La Rocque (King Diamond): "It’s always cool to put down a solo on a good song and something that is good sounding, I think I was in the right mood at the time also, which made it sounding melodic and crying."

The new track “The Reaver” can be heard now at the band's MySpace page and features Gary Holt and Lee Altus of Exodus. Gary Holt: "While in Europe touring for The Atrocity Exhibition our good friends in Witchery (as well as a couple of other bands you may have heard of!) kidnapped Lee and I for a little guitar solo madness, which we were more than happy to provide! We had a blast, shredded some solos, went to our gig and proceeded to get wrecked, which included a bit of artistic sharpie work on the engineer! Good times!" More...

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Dream Evil Updates Tour Schedule

Swedish metallers Dream Evil have updated their tour schedule with the following upcoming dates:

5/1 2010 with Hammerfall - Academy Manchester (UK)
5/2 2010 with Hammerfall - Cathouse Glasgow (UK)
5/3 2010 with Hammerfall - Corporation Sheffield (UK)
5/4 2010 with Hammerfall - Rescue Rooms Nottingham (UK)
5/5 2010 with Hammerfall - Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton (UK)
5/6 2010 with Hammerfall - Electric Ballroom London (UK)
5/15 2010 Sigrudsgatan 25 Västerås (SWE)
5/29 2010 Ginetarock Festival Albacete (SPA)
6/9 2010 Sweden Rock Festival Sölvesborg (SWE)
6/19 2010 Metal Town Festival Gothenburg (SWE)
7/3 2010 Basinfirefest Plzen (CZ)
7/30 2010 Storsjöyran Festival Östersund (SWE)
8/13 2010 Jalometalli Festival Oulu (FI)
8/19 2010 Summer Breeze Festival Dinkelsbühl (DE)
8/28 2010 Elsrock Festival Rijssen (NL)
9/25 2010 Militärpalatset Borås (SWE)

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Devian Streaming Three New Tracks

Swedish metallers Devian have uploaded three new pre-production tracks online. The new songs "I am the Serpent," "Victimized," and "Forever Crowned in Blasphemy" are available for streaming via the official Devian MySpace page. The band has also announced their new line up as Emil D. (Drums), Joinus (Guitars and Vocals), Tomas N. (Guitars), and Carl S. (Bass).

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Dysrhythmia Announces European Tour

Dysrhythmia has announced a four week European and UK headlining tour starting in early June. This tour is Dysrhythmia’s first ever European tour and will be in support of their most recent release "Psychic Maps." The band recorded "Psychic Maps" at their own Menegroth studio in Queens, NY. Dysrhythmia bassist Colin Marston engineered the album, which is the band’s fifth full-length. A complete listing of tour dates and cities can be found below.

6/8 Nuemberg, Germany K4
6/9 Wuerzburg, Germany JKH Cairo
6/10 Utrecht, Netherlands DB’s
6/11 Leeuwarden, Netherlands Mukkes
6/12 La Louviere, Belgium La Taverne du Theatre
6/13 Brighton, UK Hectors House
6/14 Leicester, UK Criterion
6/15 Newcastle, UK Trillians
6/16 Edinburgh, UK Bannermans Bar
6/17 Leeds, UK Brudenell Social Club
6/18 Tunbridge Wells, UK The Forum (basement)
6/19 London, UK The Luminaire
6/20 Le Havre, France McDaids
6/21 Poitiers, France Le Confort Moderne (w/ WEEDEATER, BLACK COBRA, SAVIOURS)
6/22 Zurich, Switzerland Dynamo
6/23 Lyon, France Ground Zero
6/24 Vicenza, Italy Sabotage
6/25 Muenchen, Germany Sunny Red
6/26 Ljubljana, Slovenia Channel Zero
6/27 Budapest, Hungary Duerer Kert
6/28 Slavonice, Czech Rep Karvana
6/29 Leipzig, Germany Zorro
7/1 Plzen, Czech Rep Pod Lampou (w/ BLEEDING THROUGH, THE FACELESS)
7/2 Wroclaw, Poland Wagon
7/3 Berlin, Germany Schokoladen
7/4 Dresden, Germany AZ Conni

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Cardiac Arrest Reveals New Album Details

Illinois metal act Cardiac Arrest is set to release the new album "Haven For The Insane" via Ibex Moon Records on June 8th, 2010. The cover artwork can be viewed here. Ibex Moon also issued the following statement about the release:

"This is no frills American death metal that leaves one remembering the varied songwriting and bulldozerish grooves, while never forgetting the pain inflicted from the merciless pummel and the tales of horror told through the lyrics. The riffs gouge out the eyes, the searing solos pierce the skin, the rhythmic assault batters the body, and the commanding growl ‘n screech vocals will leave listeners in a perpetual state of shock and awe. The band has established a devout fan base in the Midwest through unforgettable live performances and an impressive catalogue that continues to garner attention in death metal circles.'"

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Leprous Announces More Tour Dates

Norway's Leprous has issued the following update about performing a double concert in Notodden:

"As a kick-off to the Therion-tour, we will be performing a 'double concert' at Arno in our hometown of Notodden, Norway, on Friday the 22nd of October. The first concert will be a non-alcohol/under-18 concert, and the second one will be a normal over-18 concert. If everything goes as planned, both of the shows will be free of charge, and both will have local young and upcoming bands supporting us."

The upcoming Leprous tour dates are as follows:

5/5 2010 Skuret Oslo, Oslo
5/6 2010 The Rock Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
6/18 2010 Hellfest - As Ihsahn’s backingband Clisson, Pays de la Loire
7/2 2010 Tuska Festival - As Ihsahn’s backing band Helsinki
8/6 2010 Wacken - As Ihsahn’s backing band Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein
8/13 2010 Brutal Assault - As Ihsahn’s backing band JAROMER
8/19 2010 Electric Ballrom, Camden - As Ihsahn’s backing band London, London and South East
8/19 2010 Electric Ballrom, Camden - Regular Leprous show London, London and South East
8/21 2010 Slottsskogen goes progressive Gothenburg
8/27 2010 Hole in the Sky Festival - As Ihsahns backing band Bergen, Hordaland
9/9 2010 ProgPower USA Atlanta, Georgia
10/3 2010 ProgPower Europe Baarlo
10/22 2010 Arno - Under 18 Notodden, Telemark
10/22 2010 Arno Notodden, Telemark
10/29 2010 O13 Tilburg, Noord-Brabant
10/30 2010 Oosterpoort Groningen, Groningen
10/31 2010 Sheperds Bush Empire London, London and South East
11/1 2010 Hof ter Loo Antwerp, Antwerp
11/2 2010 Aeronef Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
11/3 2010 Elysée Montmartre Paris, Ile-de-France
11/4 2010 Batschkapp Frankfurt, Hessen
11/5 2010 Masters of Rock Cafe Zlin
11/6 2010 Szene Vienna, Wien
11/7 2010 Boogallo Club Zagreb
11/8 2010 Kino Siska Club Ljubljana
11/9 2010 Alcatraz Milan, Milano
11/10 2010 Transbordeur Lyon, Rhône-Alpes
11/11 2010 La Phare Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées
11/12 2010 Razzmatazz1 Barcelona, Barcelona
11/13 2010 La Riviera Madrid, Madrid
11/14 2010 Limoges CC John Lennon, Limousin
11/15 2010 La Laiterie Strasbourg, Alsace
11/17 2010 Odeon Belgrade
11/18 2010 Hr.Botev Sports Hall Sofia
11/19 2010 Principal Club Theater Thessaloniki
11/20 2010 Fuzz Club Athens
11/24 2010 Z7 Pratteln, Basle-Country
11/25 2010 Backstage Munich
11/26 2010 DK Vlavska Prague
11/27 2010 Almassy Ter Budapest
11/28 2010 Club Studio Krakow
11/29 2010 Stodola Warsaw

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Nightmare Updates Tour Schedule

French metallers Nightmare have updated their tour schedule with the following upcoming European and South American dates:

5/21 2010 Escape Metal Corner Wien/Austria
5/22 2010 MetalFest Open Air Hungary Budapest-Csillebérci/Hungary
5/23 2010 MetalFest Open Air Czech Pilsen/Czech Republic
6/12 2010 Dokk’Em Festival V Dokkum/Netherlands
6/18 2010 Coliseum Charleroi/Belgium
7/2 2010 Fuckin’ Rock’N’ Roll Festival La Maroquinerie Paris (75)/France
7/10 2010 Savoie Rock Festival La Bathie (73)/France
7/17 2010 DevilStone Open Air Festival Anyksciai/Lithuania
7/24 2010 Woodstock Festival Borkovany/Czech Republic
8/6 2010 Wacken Open Air 2010 Wacken/Germany
8/27 2010 Barby Club Tel-Aviv/Israel
10/9 2010 Evening of Metal Festival St Dizier (52)/ France
10/14 2010 South America Tour Brazil, Argentina

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Paradise Lost Cancels Upcoming Tunisian Show

Paradise Lost has issued the following update about canceling their show in Tunisia this coming Saturday, May 1st:

"Unfortunately we have had Saturdays show canceled at the very last minute, the promoter sent us the following email to explain why: 'Hi, We're extremely sorry to tell you that we're obliged to cancel the show of Tunisia with Paradise Lost, because of some financial troubles that we couldn't avoid. We do understand your disappointment, but we really have no choice. We count on your understanding for the situation and hope we can work together during the next shows in best conditions. Thank you so much for your trust and sorry again for this setback.' We are obviously incredibly upset and literally climbing the walls now wanting to play a gig! We hope that can be rectified and rescheduled soon."

The upcoming Paradise Lost tour dates are as follows:

6/4 2010 Base Festival Le Phare, Toulouse
6/5 2010 Denain Festival Lille
6/26 2010 Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel, Belgium
7/4 2010 With Full Force Festival Airport Roitzschjora, Löbnitz nr Leipzig
7/9 2010 Metalcamp Festival Tolmin
7/17 2010 Zwarte Cross Festival Lichtenvoorde
7/18 2010 Pro Rock Festival Kiev
8/13 2010 Sziget Festival Budapest

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Soul In Sadness Calls It Quits

German Gothic act Soul in Sadness has issued the following statement about deciding to call it a day:

"It is like it is. We've come together to quit Soul in Sadness. There is nothing more to say, that is not already written down here anywhere. ZwischenWelt is our requiem, despite there is still the question if it made sense to release our last album that split our fans and drove us almost down the gap. It have been 10 years - it' all right now.

"There might be a farewell-concert, if it happens we will announce, but that's it. You are still able to download for free on jamendo.com or purchase a plastic copy. 'I am sorry captain. You sure had potential but ALL good things MUST come to an end' - Q in der letzten Folge von Star Trek TNG."

You can still hear Soul in Sadness tracks through the band's MySpace page.

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Testament Readying New Set For Carnage Tour

Testament is currently busy rehearsing a new set for the upcoming American Carnage tour. The new set will include songs from "The Gathering," "Demonic," and their most recent album "The Formation Of Damnation." Testament's upcoming tour dates with Slayer and Megadeth are as follows:

Canadian Carnage
7/23 Pavillon de la Jeunesse, Quebec City, QC CANADA
7/24 Heavy MTL, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, QC CANADA
7/26 Metro Centre, Halifax, NS CANADA
7/27 Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, NB CANADA
7/29 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ONT CANADA
7/30 John Labatt Centre Center, London, ONT CANADA
American Carnage
8/11 Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY
8/12 Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ
8/14 Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA
8/15 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
8/16 Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT
8/18 Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, OH
8/19 Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI
8/20 UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
8/21 Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN
8/23 Cap Fed Park @Sandstone, Kansas City, KS
8/25 Magness Arena, Denver, CO
8/26 Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM
8/27 Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
8/29 Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA
8/30 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
8/31 Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA
9/1 Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
9/3 Wamu Theatre, Seattle, WA
9/4 Washington County Fairgrounds, Portland, OR

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Ryan Knight Offering Guitar Lessons

The Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Ryan Knight has issued the following announcement about offering guitar lessons in the Chicago area:

"Hey peoples, Ryan here. I will moving to the Chicago area soon (Lakeview area specifically), and will be giving guitar lessons. Those who are interested in learning technique (palm muting, legato playing, tapping, sweeping, alternate picking, hybrid picking, hammer ons from nowhere), basic theory (scales/modes, intervals, relative major/minor, triads), song/solo structure, ear training, and timing I think will find these lessons quite useful.

"I am a mainly self taught musician myself, and I think this would be a fun opportunity to share what I have learned over the years. Lessons will be 25 for half an hour, and 30 for a full hour. I'm primarily interested in teaching those who consider themselves in the beginner to intermediate levels, but I'm not opposed to advanced students either. If you are interested, please contact me with your info and what you would like to learn here ryanktrade@gmail.com."

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Moonsorrow/Barren Earth Drummer Starts New Blog

Marko Tarvonen, drummer for Moonsorrow and Barren Earth, has started a new blog through Modern Drummer's website. An excerpt from the latest entry follows:

Marko Tarvonen is my name, and I’m writing from Detroit. I’m on tour with my band Moonsorrow. We come from Finland and play epic melodic metal with some black metal influences mixed with some folkish and progressive rock touches. On the bill are also Finntroll and Swallow The Sun, so this really is a Finnish metal tour. I believe it’s the first time something like this is going on in the North America. So far the response has been really great. Thanks so much to our fans in U.S.A. and Canada!

I started to play the drums when I was seven years old. My mother thought I had some potential to become a drummer, so my parents bought me my first drumset. That same year, 1985, I entered the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki. I took lessons there for just over ten years, until I decided to quit because of lack of time and a growing interest to form my own bands playing my own tunes and such. After my teenage metal years I really got into progressive rock and started to admire drummers like Bill Bruford, Carl Palmer, and Phil Collins—quite the obvious choices from the British prog scene. They influenced the playing style that I have today. Even though I hit hard playing in metal bands, I’ve kept my proper technique, and that really helps with the physics of your body—no problems with your hands, feet, or back when you keep the basic technique and posture together.

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To-Mera Changes Upcoming Tour Date

Progressive metallers To-Mera have checked in with the following statement about changing their upcoming London show from June 18th to July 16th:

"Change of date to Underworld show! Please note that, owing to logistical constraints, we have moved our London headline show from June 18th to July 16th. Tickets should still be valid. We have also added a new headline show in Birmingham on the 18th of July."

To-Mera's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

7/16 2010 The Underworld Camden London, London and South East
7/18 2010 Asylum 2 Birmingham, Midlands

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Vader Posts Performance Footage

Polish death metal act Vader has posted two new live videos online, which can be viewed below. The band also issued the following comment about the clips:

"Hail to all Vader Maniacs!! Below you will find two links to two great high res videos from Vader, playing live in Zaandam (NL) @ de Kade on 10/03/2010. Thanx to Sanne! Enjoy, Stay Sworn and Vader'ized."


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Mastodon Announces BlackDiamondSkye Tour

Mastodon will be embarking on the "BlackDiamondSkye" U.S. tour this coming September as support for Alice In Chains. The currently confirmed dates are as follows, with more expected to be announced shortly:

9/16 - Chicago, IL - Charter One Pavilion
9/17 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Center
9/18 - Toronto, ON - Molson Amphitheatre
9/20 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun
9/22 - Boston, MA - Agannis Arena
9/24 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
9/28 - Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheater
10/1 - St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Arena
10/4 - Denver, CO - Red Rocks
10/7 - Vancouver, BC - GM Place
10/8 - Seattle, WA - Key Arena
10/9- Portland, OR - Memorial Coliseum
10/16 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint

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Sonic Syndicate To Release New Single

Swedish act Sonic Syndicate has issued the following announcement about releasing a single ahead of their upcoming new full-length album:

"On May 5th, 2010 the revolution continues with the world premiere of the bands first single 'Revolution, Baby' off the up and coming album We Rule The Night to be released on Aug 27th. Bandit Rock Radio based in Stockholm Sweden will be the very first to unleash this beast to the world so tune into Bandit on May 5th and get ready to rumble."

You can also catch Sonic Syndicate live on the following dates:


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Revengia Issues Album Update

Sweden's Revengia has checked in with the following update about the progress on their new album:

"Hello folks. Been a time that passed since we recorded the drums. We have still not continued recording, but we have some small thing to take care of before continuing. We did not find a proper place to record the rest of the album, so we have found a small space in a basement that we will build into a temporary studio this weekend. After that is finished, we can go on and do the rest of the recordings. We are excited to produce the best Revengia record so far! Stay tuned, over and out!"

In the meantime, sample Revengia tracks can be heard here.

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Voyager Posts Updates On New Video and More

West Australian prog metallers VOYAGER has posted an update on their new music video, reactions to Peter Steele's death and more:

Voyager has announced that Singapore actor KEAGAN KANG will star in the band’s new music video for the song “LOST.” Working together with cinematographer Ben Berkhout, this video promises to be a dark journey through the information age and will be launched on June 18, 2010 at the Amplifier Bar in Perth, WA.

Keyboard and lead vocalist, Danny has posted a step by step tutorial on Youtube showing off how to shred on a keyboard.

Danny has also paid his respects to Peter Steele (Type O Negative, Carnivore) who passed away last week.

Finally, the band has a few shows coming up:

Friday 30th, April 2010 - Voyager @ The Enigma Bar, Adelaide w/ LORD, Truth Corroded and Universum
Saturday 1st, May 2010 - Voyager @ The Central Club, Melbourne w/Toehider, Iotah and 79 Revisited

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Mercenary Cancels Masters of Metal Appearance

Mercenary has issued the following message on the cancellation of the Masters of Metal Festival:

"Unfortunately, we have to cancel our show on the 'Masters of Metal' festival in Finland due to logistical problems. There was simply no way to get a flight schedule from Aalborg to Tampere without spending an obscene amount of money and 4-5 days total on the festival. (And that was before the Atomic Death Cloud hit Europe - as you can imagine, it didn't exactly make it easier to get tickets.)

"Since we’re also currently heavily engaged in the writing and preproduction our new album, we agreed with the kind promoters at SSG that it made a lot more sense to delay our return to Finland until the new album is out. Our apologies to everybody who were looking forward to our show."

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Metallica Announces Australia/New Zealand Tour

Metallica has announced dates for an Australia and New Zealand tour this fall. The band comments:

"We know, we know . . . it has been WAY too long since we visited this part of the world, but we're here to tell you that it is game on!!!! We can't wait to head over to New Zealand and many parts of Australia bringing the World Magnetic Tour to places it has not rocked yet. Starting October 13, 2010 in Auckland, NZ, we'll also be in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne . . . dates and venues are below.

"Tickets go on sale Thursday, May 13 at 9:00 AM in the local time zone. As usual, Met Club members should check www.metclub.com for all the pre-sale details.

"We look forward to seeing all our friends there who have patiently (or maybe not so patiently!) waited over six years!!!"

Tour dates are as follows:

Oct. 13 Auckland, New Zealand - Vector Arena
Oct. 18 Brisbane, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Oct. 22 Perth, Australia - Burswood Dome
Nov. 10 Sydney, Australia - Acer Arena
Nov. 15 Adelaide, Australia - Entertainment Centre
Nov. 18 Melbourne, Australia - Rod Laver Arena

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