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Metal News for April 22, 2011

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Cult Of Erinyes Posts New Album Trailer

Cult of Erinyes has posted a teaser trailer online for the band's new album "A Place To Call My Unknown," which is being released through Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions. The trailer can be viewed below, or you can check out the album artwork here.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Call No Truce
2. Insignificant
3. Ísland
4. A Thousand Torments
5. Permafrost
6. Velvet Oppression
7. Black Eyelids
8. Thou Art Not
9. Last Light Fading

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The Meads Of Asphodel To Broadcast New Album

This weekend, in “celebration” of the Easter Holiday, Candlelight Records and Calgary’s Megawatt Mayhem will broadcast the entire 63-minute long epic, "The Murder Of Jesus The Jew," the latest album from English avant-garde black metal bastards The Meads of Asphodel.

The festivities will kick off at the stroke of midnight (EST), for the first moments of the Easter holiday, this Sunday, April 24th. Megawatt Mayhem is broadcast online via CJSW 90.9FM’s official website, so thrill-seeking metalheads worldwide are invited to take part in the festivities. Tune in at this location.

A press release about the album states, "The album details the historical life of Jesus (Yeshua), the Jewish rabbi who was slaughtered on a tree by the Romans on a cold Winter day 2000 years ago, and thereafter his people condemned to be pariahs of the earth due to Christian hatred. It is ironic that the Jewish roots of the Christian church have been erased and the blame of their man-god’s death cruelly placed upon a people already broken by the yoke of Roman imperialism. Truth is often blinded by faith, none more so than the story of Jesus and his maligned people."

Metalunderground.com's review of the album can be read at this location, and an interview with front man Metatron is also available here. More...

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Alan Robert Talks "Wire Hangers" Movie

Besides handling bass duties for Life of Agony and heading up Spoiler NYC, Alan Robert has also recently formed the Wasted Talent Entertainment production company to make a live-action version of the New York City based Wire Hangers horror comic series.

I had the opportunity to chat with Alan about the upcoming movie, as well as his new comic series Crawl to Me, which leaves the big city behind to focus on a terrified family in a secluded house. During our talk, Alan discussed topics such as the search for a director, putting together the production company, the creepy inspiration behind the Crawl to Me story, and the many different types of horror. More...

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Noctem Posts Single From "Oblivion"

Noctem has posted the first single online from the band's upcoming album "Oblivion." You can check out the new song "Invictus" by heading over to the band's MySpace profile. "Oblivion" will be released through Rising Records in Spain on April 25th and worldwide on June 13th. A teaser trailer for the album can be found here and the track listing is as follows:

1. Popol Vuh
2. The arrival of the false gods
3. Universal disorder
4. Abnegation and brutality
5. Invictus
6. Sons of Hun-vucub
7. Seeking the ruin of souls
8. Unredemption
9. Q'uma'rka'aa'j
10. A borning winged snake
11. Oblivion

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Silence The Messenger Posts Performance Footage

San Antonio, TX act Silence the Messenger recently kicked off the “Road to Retribution” tour alongside Within Chaos. Silence the Messenger has now posted a video clip online of the band's performance on April 17th, which can be viewed below.

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Icon In Me Posts Studio Video Report

Russia's Icon in Me has posted a video report online from the band's time in the studio recording the new album "Head Break Solution." You can check out the video clip below.

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Betrayal Posts "Without A Doubt" Video

Betrayal has debuted a music video online for "Without A Doubt" through Altpress.com. The video can be viewed below, and the song comes from the band's upcoming full-length, "Abandonment, which drops April 26th via Mediaskare. More...

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Lake Of Tears Posts Songs From New Album

To give you a foretaste of the upcoming Lake of Tears album “Illwill” (to be released on April 29th), four new songs are now available for streaming. You can check out the tracks “U.N.S.A.N.E.,” “House Of The Setting Sun,” "Midnight Madness,” and “Illwill” in the player below. ”Illwill” will be released on April 29th, 2011 through AFM Records.

Lake Of Tears by AFM Records

The track listing is as follows:

1. Floating In Darkness
2. Illwill
3. The Hating
4. U.N.S.A.N.E.
5. House Of The Setting Sun
6. Behind The Green Door
7. Parasites
8. Out Of Control
9. Taste Of Hell
10. Midnight Madness

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Massakren Posts "Threshold" Video

Chiacgo, IL black metal act Massakren has posted a video clip online from the band's self-titled EP. At the time of the EP's recording, the members of Massakren were between the ages of 16 and 20 years old. A music video of the band’s track "Threshold" is available now for viewing below.

Self-produced by the band and recorded at Bota Studios (Born of Osiris, Oceano) in Lake In The Hills, IL, the band’s self-titled "Massakren" EP is now ready to take the heavy metal world by storm.

The track listing is as follows:

1. New Infernal Rebirth
2. Threshold
3. Champions of Slaughter
4. Under Cover Of Darkness
5. This Is Our Battle, This Is Our Day

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Mayan Offering Free Song Download

Mark Jansen of Epica formed the project Mayan around tales of the Mayan culture predicting world wide change on December 21st, 2012. The band's debut album "Quarterpast" will be released on May 20th. The album includes guests such as Floor Jansen (Revamp) and Simone Simons (Epica), as well as musicians of the Dutch elite, such as God Dethroned, Pestilence, and others.

The band is now offering a free download of the track "Drown The Demon," which can be found at this location.

Mark explains why the band has chosen this track, "This is the song on which Simone and Floor sing together. Fans of After Forever and Epica have been asking for years about a cooperation on an album between both singers, and now it finally happened. Besides that 'Drown The Demon' shows what MaYaN stands for: heavy riffs, guitar solo's, lots of grunts and still enough room for melodic parts."

Clips of the band recording the new album are available at this location.

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Twisted Tower Dire Streaming New Track

Today metal webzine Apoch's Metal Review has posted a track from Twisted Tower Dire's upcoming fifth full-length release, "Make It Dark." Tune in to hear the fifth track from the album, "White Shadow," at this location.

"Make It Dark" is set for North American release by Italy's Cruz Del Sur Music on May 3rd, 2011. The band has also confirmed a concert on May 20th in Raleigh, North Carolina, and will be announcing more live actions over the coming months. The details are as follows:

5/20/2011 Kings - Raleigh, NC w/ Colossus, Volture, Sex Panther

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Interview With Arkan Founder/Drummer Foued Moukid

Arkan is s rising star in the "eastern" metal genre. Led by bands like Orphaned Land and Melechesh, this genre has exploded recently, because, as Arkan founder and drummer Foued Moukid says, "the listener needs now more originality in music and wants cultural innovation," instead of, say, more blast beats and screaming. Moukid was kind enough to take some time and answer our questions via email from Arkan's home base in France, and his thoughtful and reasoned answers are excellent insight into a rising band's mentality. Please enjoy.

Bloodofheroes: Why/How did you come up with the idea to mix death metal with oriental and other similar styles of music?

The idea of combining metal and oriental music in this project goes back a long way. I have always wanted to mix my cultural origins with the music I like most. Except a small number of bands, oriental music was not represented in the European Metal scene. I thought this project might bring a breath of fresh air as we try to mix two very different styles: Oriental music including chaabi, which is the most popular musical style in the Maghreb and a powerful metal with growls and hard riffs.

I must confess that it's difficult to find good musicians to form a metal band, but it’s even more difficult to find great musicians playing both metal and North African music. In 2005, Mus and Samir, former members of an Algerian death metal band named Worth, and Florent, a former member of Whisper-X, joined me with the same desire to try something new.

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Death Angel Answers Fan Questions In Video

Death Angel has posted another video clip online in which the band answers fan submitted questions. You can check out the new clip below.

Death Angel will also be touring with Dark Tranquillity in October. Details on the shows can be found at this location.

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Gotham O.D. Posts New Song Online

After previously posting a new song online titled "Escape to Salvation," Gotham O.D. has now uploaded another new track.

You can check out the new song "In a Shell" by heading over to the official Gotham O.D. website here. The band's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

22.04.2011 Pashafest, Next Step, Varkaus
23.04.2011 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä
30.04.2011 Music Bar Corona, Pieksämäki
07.05.2011 Alexia, Loviisa
13.05.2011 Castro Pub, Vesileppis, Leppävirta (Semi-Acoustic)
14.05.2011 Savonsolmu, Pieksämäki
21.05.2011 Euro Bike Fest, Pasohlávky, Czech Republic
27.05.2011 Happytime, Savonlinna
28.05.2011 Mopo Rock, Leppävirta
01.06.2011 PimpeRock, Wanhat Weturitallit, Pieksämäki
17.06.2011 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä (w/ Lionsex (UK))
18.06.2011 Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (w/ Lionsex (UK), The Fallen(UK), Dirty Dealers)
23.07.2011 Backyard Rock, Loviisa
05.08.2011 Mao Live House, Beijing, China
06.08.2011 TBA, Bao Tou, China
07.08.2011 TBA, Huhehaote, China
10.08.2011 TBA, Tian Jing, China
12.08.2011 TBA, Taichang, China
13.08.2011 191Space, Su Zhou, China
14.08.2011 Mao Live House, Shang Hai, China
27.08.2011 Theft City Rock 2011, Varkaus
07.10.2011 TBA, Helsinki

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The Rock Band Network Gets New Metal Tracks

This Friday sees a few new rock and metal tracks hitting the Rock Band Network just in time for the weekend. The Xbox 360 version gets kicked into high gear with more Amberian Dawn, Andromeda, and Nightshade. On April 26th the PS3 also gets new music from Taproot, Wretched, and Sister Sin.

The new songs coming to the Rock Band Network on the Xbox 360 today, including the non-metal tracks, are as follows:

"Hair Trigger" - The Acro-Brats
"The Curse" - Amberian Dawn
"Chameleon Carneval" - Andromeda
"Veil of Illumination (Part 1)" - Andromeda
"Veil of Illumination (Part 2)" - Andromeda
"(pin)Ballz" - Insomniac Games
"Everyone" - Madlife
"The Depths of Memory" - NightShade
"The Depths of Memory (2x Bass Pedal)" - NightShade
"Zig Zag Talk" - Steven Fister

Coming to the Rock Band Network on PlayStation 3 on April 26th (May 4th in Europe):

"Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)" - Taproot
"The Way You Move" - The Audition
"The Body" - Close Your Eyes
"Do Yourself a Favor" - Comeback Kid
"Cimmerian Shamballa" - Wretched
"Anybody Else" - Audible Mainframe
"Ice Cold" - Audible Mainframe
"Radioland" - Audible Mainframe
"On Parole" - Sister Sin
"Model Ships" - Rosaline

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I.C.S Vortex Returns To Borknagar

Borknagar mainman Oystein G. Brun has posted the following statement online, announcing the return of I.C.S Vortex to the band.

"Even though Mr. Vortex has been absent from the band for almost a decade due to other musical endeavors, he has always remained a good, loyal and supportive friend of the band. Personally, I have always had a feeling that our paths would cross again — and now they do. I would like to welcome Mr. Vortex back in the fold, and I am really excited to get another opus done with the strongest lineup Borknagarhas ever had.

"Just imagine the musical potential having two of the best and most renowned vocalists in the scene in the same band. This is surely a huge step forward and another exciting chapter in the musical legacy of Borknagar — and I feel like a lucky bastard being part of this. The new album will surely knock your socks off and set some new standards in the world of metal!"

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Primal Fear Issues New Album Update

German metal act Primal Fear has posted the following update online regarding its forthcoming studio album.

"Just a short hello from the pre-production of the new Primal Fear album. We've written 15 songs so far and are thrilled and excited about the new stuff so far. But we can already promise to deliver a pure Primal Fear album with all the trademarks, heavy riffs and melodies our loyal fans want to hear, spiced with a splendid musical journey and garnished with two outstanding ballads. We will start with the drum recordings soon!

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Alestorm Films Video For New Single

Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm have announced that they filmed a video for its new single "Shipwrecked." The band commented on the video by saying;

"We've just got back from sunny Belgrade in Serbia, where we've been filming the music video for our new song 'Shipwrecked'. No expense was spared in the making of it, and I can confidently say that it's gonna be the best damn music video ever. 'But how can you be so sure?' I hear you ask. Here's why: violin playing midgets! Hot medieval babes! Ridiculous CGI! Rampant alcohol abuse! All this and much much more! The video was directed by the mighty Ivan Colic, and should be released sometime in May, a month before our forthcoming album, 'Back Through Time', hits the stores! I'm sure like us, you can't wait to see the finished thing!" More...

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Kamelot Officially Splits With Vocalist

After vocalist Roy Khan was forced to drop out of Kamelot's tour dates due to health issues, the band has now issued the following announcement about officially parting ways with Khan:

"With a heavy heart we can now announce that Roy Khan has chosen to leave the band. We wanted to give him ample time for this kind of decision, due to his recent burnout and also the amount of amazing times we have shared with him in Kamelot. We respectfully accept his resignation from the band and wish him the best in his future endeavors. The timing is actually good since we feel the uncertainty the fans have had can now be laid to rest and the band can move on to finding a new singer."

"The tour is going great so far and the fans have been amazing throughout this entire process," adds keyboardist Oliver Palotai. With the new tour already in progress, Kamelot has already begun the search for a new vocalist.

"I have a few guys in mind," said band founder Thomas Youngblood. "And as you can imagine, it is a very important decision. There are some amazing singers that have already contacted us on this but we will take our time to find the right person. Due to the overwhelming success of the recent shows in South America, we are pleased to announce new shows in November/December for Europe (stay tuned). The band headlines* the Print de Temps Festival tonight and will play a Amsterdam (nearing sold-out) concert tomorrow followed by a full headliner tour with special guests Evergrey, Amaranthe and Sons of Seasons. (* Guest vocalists Fabio Lione and Tommy Karevik). Thank you for your support and see you on tour!"

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David Ellefson Checks In With Video Update

Megadeth's David Ellefson has checked in from Hollywood, California with a new video update to discuss the birthplace of the band and the Golden God awards. The video clip can be viewed below.

Megadeth also recently announced the commemorative 25th anniversary release of "Peace Sells… But Who's Buying?" Details are available at this location.

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Trivium Posts New Album Teaser Online

American modern metal act Trivium has posted a new video trailer online to promote its forthcoming new studio album. The as-yet-untitled release is expected to hit store shelves sometime in the late summer of 2011. You can view the teaser in the player below.

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Bloodbath Posts Song From Upcoming DVD

Sweden’s Bloodbath has joined forces with Noisecreep.com to premiere a track from the band’s forthcoming live DVD "Bloodbath Over Bloodstock." The decimating performance of “Eaten,” filmed during Bloodbath’s August 2010 set at the famed Bloodstock Festival, can be viewed below.

"Bloodbath Over Bloodstock" will be released next week on April 25th, courtesy of Peaceville Records. The deluxe mediabook-packaged release will feature Bloodbath’s full performance from Bloodstock 2010. The set consists of songs from "The Fathomless Mastery" (2008), as well as other classics and fan favorites.

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Wasteland Posts Demo Song Online

Croatian black metal act Wasteland has posted a segment online from the band's "Mracne dveri Baranje" demo. You can check out the music in the player below.

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LastDayHere Posts New Sample Track

LastDayHere has issued the following update about the band's activity and announcement about streaming a new sample track online:

"Maybe some of you think: is LastDayHere alive and kicking? And the answer is yes. Sure we are. There has been a lot of things in our camp lately to deal with. Recently we returned from Canada and already we had to deal with the recording of the new album as soon as we came home. And we are still kicking at live shows.

"But no worries. We have got a small gift for you. We decided to post a small 30 sec (rough mix) of one songs that will be on the new album. This is not even a mix. It's just a rough track and for us it is already a kicker. It's something new. The whole new album will have some fresh things.

"We have recorded 15 tracks. And we believe there will be 13 tracks on the new record. The 2 songs will be kind of a bonus material. Like we said there will be surprises on the album. One of them is an acoustic song. We are already playing the new songs LIVE so many of you have heard it before. We are getting positive response so we are looking forward to finishing the album.

"There are so many things in our minds that we want to do for this album. And like for every hard working musician who is struggling to be better is always the money issue. And we are in a tight spot at the moment but who isn't. Just trying to come up with positive solutions for all of us. Because when the album is finished we would want to release a video along side the album. We kind of picked a nice spot to record the video. Also a new LOGO and the new art work is in the making.

"So yes guys we are kicking. Definitely this is going to be a 'new' LastDayHere. Stronger that before. One more thing: Happy Easter holidays to all our friends."

You can check out the new sample track by heading over to the LastDayHere MySpace page.

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General Surgery To Re-Issue "Necrology"

Relapse Records will re-issue General Surgery's 1991 debut EP "Necrology" this June. The long out of print EP has been completely remastered by Scott Hull and repackaged with three previously unreleased bonus tracks. The "Necrology" re-issue will be available on June 21st on CD and digitally.

General Surgery, one of the first bands to carry on along Carcass' gore-grind path, formed in 1988. After releasing "Necrology," the band was mostly inactive until 2003 when General Surgery began recording and touring again. The band's upcoming live shows are as follows:

May 27 Liverpool, UK The Masque
May 28 Leicester, UK The Sumo
May 29 London, UK The Purple Turtle

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Chat With Rigor Mortis & Warbeast's Bruce Corbitt

Bruce Corbitt jump-started the Texas thrash scene when he joined Rigor Mortis in 1986. The group recorded a series of demos and singles that would later comprise the material for the band’s 1988 self-titled debut. Corbitt’s blood curdling screams and maniacal yelling recreated the macabre scenarios of gory, cult cinema such as “Wizard of Gore” and “Re-Animator.”

Along with Possessed, Rigor Mortis’ brand of ferocious speed and rotten lyrical imagery, captivated a budding death metal scene. Many regard them as the first death metal band to sign to a major label when Capital Records released their initial full-length. The Dallas/Ft. Worth band became a staple in the Texas metal scene and the group even released “Foaming at the Mouth” on the soundtrack for the Hulk Hogan film “Mr. Nanny.”

Rigor Mortis bowed out in the early ‘90s, and members pursued other musical paths. Bassist Casey Orr played, and still plays, in Gwar. Guitarist Mike Scaccia had a stint with Ministry. Rigor Mortis reformed in 2005 and has played numerous shows including a performance on the Texas Stage as part of the only date on Ozzfest 2008.

Not long after reforming Rigor Mortis, Corbitt began another thrash band, Warbeast. Originally called Texas Metal Alliance, Warbeast features members of Gammacide, another Dallas-area thrash band. The group signed to Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records and in 2010 released its debut recording “Krush the Enemy."

Corbitt is currently working on new material for each band and has an upcoming U.S. tour with German thrash icons Destruction. Metal Underground.com spoke to the candid Corbitt on the phone just a few days after an epic show with Exhorder in Austin, Texas. Read onward to find what this gore hound had to say. More...

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Kittie Posts Rehearsal Footage Of New Material

After recently announcing the band will be recording a new album, all-girl act Kittie has posted a brief video clip online of the band rehearsing new material. You can check out the clip below.

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Leaves' Eyes Posts "Meredead" Video Report

Leaves' Eyes has posted a video clip online in which the members of the band discuss the new album "Meredead." You can check out the clip below, or watch the band's recently posted music video for "To France" at this location. "Meredead" was released today, April 22nd, 2011.

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Gwydion Cancels Menhir Chevelu Appearance

Gwydion has issued the following announcement about canceling the band's previously announced appearance at the Menhir Chevelu festival:

"Sadly, Gwydion has been forced to pull out from the Festival Menhir Chevelu II this weekend. After intense communication with the organization we found out that they didn't book our flight-tickets which were promised to us by contract.

"We have done everything in our power for many months to convince the organization to book our flights as soon as possible and they have waited till the very last moment and have told us now that the tickets are too expensive at this point. We hope to catch you soon on a show which is organized by people who actually have their shit together as we don't like at all how the festival treated our fans! Horns up!"

You can also check out Gwydion's music video for "From Hel to Asgard" at this location.

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Lanfear Posts "This Harmonic Consonance" Trailer

Lanfear has recently finished recording a new album, which the band has announced will be titled "This Harmonic Consonance." A brief teaser trailer for the upcoming album can be viewed below. Details on the track listing and release date will be announced as they are made available.

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Benedictum To Play Warriors Of Metal Fest

Benedictum recently released its third full length album "Dominion" in North America through Frontiers Records. The band has now announced an upcoming festival appearance in support of the album, which will take place on June 18th at the Warriors of Metal Festival in Pataskala, OH. Additional details on the festival can be found at this location. Footage of Benedictum playing at a previous Wacken festival can also be viewed below.

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Attila Announces New Tour Dates

American "death metal party rockers" Attila have revealed the dates for their upcoming headline tour of the United States. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below.

05/15 Evansville, IN – Boney Junes
05/16 Bloomington, IL – Castle Theatre
05/17 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
05/18 Indianapolis, IN – Emerson Theatre
05/20 Scranton, PA – Eleanor Rigby’s
05/21 Buffalo, NY – Extreme Wheels
05/22 Holyoke, MA – Waterfront Tavern
05/23 Portland, ME – The Big Easy
05/24 Providence, RI – Firehouse 13
05/25 Trenton, NJ – Backstage at the Championship
05/27 Huntington, WV – HYAMP
05/28 Cookeville, TN – Amps and Ramps

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Summer Slaughter 2011 Tour Dates Revealed

The full list of dates have been announced for the forthcoming 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour. The touring festival is set to run between July 22nd and August 21st, 2011. You can view the announced dates as well as the festival lineup below.

The Black Dahlia Murder
Darkest Hour
Six Feet Under
Dying Fetus
As Blood Runs Black
Fleshgod Apocalypse

07/22 Los Angeles, CA – House Of Blues
07/23 Anaheim, CA – The Grove
07/25 Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre
07/26 Seattle, WA – King Cat Theatre
07/28 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
07/29 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
07/30 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues
07/31 Scottsdale, AZ – The Venue Scottsdale
08/02 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
08/04 Louisville, KY – Expo Five
08/05 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews
08/06 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
08/07 Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues
08/08 Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
08/09 Toronto, ON – Sound Academy
08/10 Montreal, QC – Olympia
08/11 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
08/12 Worcester, MA – The Palladium
08/13 Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
08/14 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
08/16 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
08/17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution
08/19 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
08/20 San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
08/21 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues

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Clutch And Corrosion Of Conformity Announce Tour

Heavy metal veterans Corrosion Of Conformity and Clutch have revealed the dates for their forthcoming co-headline tour of the United States. Support on the trek will come from Groundscore. You can view the currently announced list of dates, cities and venues below.

07/20 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
07/22 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
07/23 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
07/24 Traverse City, MI – Ground Zero
07/26 Columbia, MO – Blue Note
07/27 Urbana, IL – The Canopy Club
07/31 Louisville, KY – Expo Five

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Toxic Holocaust Reveals New Album Details

American thrash revivalists Toxic Holocaust have revealed the details for their upcoming new studio album. The new album, which has been titled "Conjure And Command," is set to be released on July 19th through Relapse Records and will come in various different formats. You can view the artwork below.

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