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Metal News for April 2, 2017

Last updated on August 22, 2017 at 3:02 PM ET

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April Fools! Did We Get You?

Falling on a Saturday this year we didn't have quite the same level of contribution for April Fools 2017 as normal, but we still had fun and hopefully got a few of you - happy April Fools metal fans!

Sadly, we didn't send any PR folks into a lawsuit-threatening tizzy like last year, but if the comments on Facebook are any indication, we got a couple of folks believing Steel Panther's surprise feminist album is a reality!

Between Mayhem using a Euronymous hologram on stage, Brexit screwing up Paradise Lost's tour schedule, Darkthrone needing a whole lot more cowbell, and Winger finally changing a questionable song title, it's clear the rock and metal world won't be low on April Fools gag material any time soon. What's been your favorite Metalunderground April Fools prank throughout the years?

If you'd like to check out our past years' April Fools stories, you can do so at the links below:

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Upheaval Wins Wacken Metal Boston Round

Wacken Metal Battle USA is proud to announce Boston round 3 winner Upheaval. The band will now join previous round 1 and 2 winners Coffin Birth and Goblet at the city final being held on April 19th at Once Somerville.

Boston round 3 was held on Tuesday, March 29th along with other competing bands Lung Leather, Birnam Wood, Concilium. The winners of the Boston final will join Philadelphia round winners Power Theory and Corpse Hoarder at the national final (city and date to be determined). Remaining rounds are as follows:

Boston, MA
Final – Wednesday, April 19 @ Once Somerville (156 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts)
Round 1 Winner - Coffin Birth
Round 2 Winner - Goblet
Round 3 Winner - Upheaval
+ Wild Card Band To Be Determined

National Final (city and date to be determined):
Power Theory (Philadelphia Winner)
Corpse Hoarder (Philadelphia Winner) More...

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Killing Addiction Posts Lyric Video

Florida group Killing Addiction just launched a lyric video for "Cult of Decay," taken from acclaimed mini CD "Shores of Oblivion."

"Shores of Oblivion" was released in October of 2016 through Xtreem Music on CD format. The EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Engine of Ruin
2. Cult of Decay
3. Extinction Agenda
4. Into Shadow More...

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Roxx Records Turns 15

Christian metal distro Roxx Records is officially celebrating 15 years of existence today, with the label commenting:

"We are very happy to announce Roxx Records has made it to 15 years! From our very first release which was put out back in 2002 to promote the 'Extreme Mardi Gras' which was a 15 year anniversary to the first 'Metal Mardi Gras' in 1987.

"These had actually been sold out a long time ago, but we recently found a case of 30 that were in hiding. We have come a long way since then and have released quite a few new albums and many classic reissues through the years. Check them all out here if you like…

"We are not going to have a huge celebration around this because quite frankly we have never really been about self-promotion it’s all about the music and the higher purpose of what we do. But we are happy about this significant milestone so we are going to do a couple of things just to mark the occasion.

"First we have to thank Dave Kruse for creating this very special and cool new logo for us to mark this occassion, we quite like it! So we are going to print a handful of these on black t-shirts.

"We will only be ordering exactly as many pre orders as we get placed. Get those orders in now, we plan on placing this pre-order up from now until April 14th. April 14th the order will come down and then we will work on printing the shirts up for those that really want one! More...

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Sunday Old School: Black Death

It's funny how bands can create a legacy for themselves, especially if they've only released one album. The Sex Pistols are probably the most famous example of a band which only released one (proper) album but their influence is still heard in music today. There were renowned groups associated with the grunge scene who went on to be regarded highly after one studio effort too such as Mother Love Bone and Temple Of The Dog, while side projects such as Nailbomb from Sepultura's, Cavalera brothers and Fudge Tunnel singer Alex Newport, as well as Control Denied from Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner also have become cult favourites. Today's article will look at another band who only managed one album before breaking up, though in their time, they were able to gain mainstream attention and even be credited with opening doors for black musicians in rock. That band was named, Black Death.

Black Death began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1977, starting out as a trio comprising of guitarist Greg Hicks, bass player Clayborn Pinkins and drummer Phil Bullard, before recruiting vocalist/guitarist Siki Spacek (real name: Reginald Gamble.) In 1979, before the musicians had even recorded a demo together, Pinkins was murdered by gunfire and the group began recruiting a series of bass players, eventually settling on Darrell Harris. They made their first recording together in 1981, which included the song, "Outcast," a track which was to earn heavy airplay on a local college radio show hosted by Brian Sergents. More...

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