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Metal News for April 19, 2011

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Hate Eternal Posts Second Studio Clip

The second clip in a series of six Hate Eternal "In The Studio" video clips is currently live through Metal Injection and can be viewed below. Check out the latest "In The Studio" clip featuring footage of Erik Rutan and co. as they recorded their upcoming opus, "Phoenix Amongst the Ashes," which will be available everywhere May 10th.

Click Here To Watch The Video

The previously posted studio video clip from Hate Eternal is also available at this location.

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Omophagia Splits With Drummer

Omophagia has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band's drummer:

"Hello my friends. I have the sad duty to tell you that Lehmä won't be part of Omophagia anymore.

"It has not been by far an easy decision but in the end we all came to the conclusion that it would be the best for everyone of us that way. This is possibly the worst point of time to happen but the reason why we decided this is the direction of Lehmä's career bracket which turned out to be more and more time-intensive so that Lehmä will probably not be able anymore to spend enough time to keep Omophagia at the same level. This fact won't change in near future and it really makes no sense to all of us to continue that way.

"I am very sad to lose Lehmä for Omophagia since he is an absolutely great musician but also because he is such a great and correct person, a real friend to all of us! We have spent such a great and unforgettable time together and I'm really thankful for that. Also I'm really thankful for what Lehmä has done to the band, Omophagia wouldn't be at the point where we are without the strong effort of Lehmä. Lehmä, we wish you all the best and much success for all your aims you have in mind and hope to see you still regularly!

"As a consequence we are looking for a new drummer, if you are interested please leave a message at www.omophagia.ch or contact us via myspace. It is probably important to say that our release-party won't be endangered by this. Deniz from Disparaged will play the drums at the 14. mai. We are very glad that Deniz will help us out! See ya at the 14th of May."

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Pit Stories: Poster Pranks And An Awkward Ending

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories from metal shows. This week Teloch of Nidingr, and now also of Mayhem, sent in a pit story along with some photo evidence:

Ok, this was back when I was doing guitars in 1349. We played a festival here in Europe; I don't remember what festival it was, but I'm guessing this was in 2007. Celtic Frost played the same festival, and we were just back from doing a tour with them in North America, so we got to know them pretty well. As soon as CF started their gig at this festival I was starting to get drunk, hence I was having a good time and wanted to raise some hell.

Together with Mustis from Dimmu Borgir, I went to the production office and got some tools to work with. I ended up with a poster with a message to Franco their drummer, as I also did a couple of times when we did the tour with them. I think one of the posters read: "Franco, I have AIDS," which I was waving around in the pit, hiding my face so that none of the guys in CF could see who the idiot with the poster was.

At this time I took it a step further; since I was playing at the festival I had a backstage pass. So I went up onstage, started to mosh around the Celtic guys with the poster taped around my body. For the finale, I stagedived head first with my hands to my side, headbutting at least two other heads before I landed, fainted, woke up with no shoes, and had to take the van back with Celtic Frost to our hotel after the gig. Tom G. did not seem very happy with my stunt, but I for one, had a good time.

Photo evidence after the jump: More...

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Samael Returns To Form And Forges Ahead

After a brief excursion into "Above," which was originally meant to be a side project, Swiss metal pioneers Samael have both returned to form with the upcoming "Lux Mundi" album (reviewed here) and forged ahead into new territory. Bringing to mind some of the band's best work from the '90s, but with a modern slant and an extra decade of experience behind the music, "Lux Mundi" sees the act again gracefully melding electronic and metal elements.

Following-up our last interview after the release of "Above," front man Vorph has again given Metalunderground a look into Samael's creative process for the recording of the new album. Explaining how the band approached the new material, Vorph commented "With 'Lux Mundi' we wanted to start afresh and do an album as if it would be our first one, we had no intention to link it to anything we’ve done before."

Below you can find Vorph's thoughts on writing music that fits a live environment, the change in sound from "Above," and the plans for an upcoming music video for the song "Luxferre." More...

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Sepultura To Release Live Orchestra CD/DVD

It has been revealed that veterans Sepultura will be releasing its very own special live CD/DVD set in the near future, featuring a full orchestra. The band was joined at a concert on the streets of downtown Sao Paulo by the Orquestra Experimental de Repertório of Brazil. You can view video footage of the event in the player below.

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I Set My Friends On Fire To Release New Album

Miami's I Set My Friends On Fire will release a sophomore album, "Astral Rejection," on June 21st via Epitaph Records.

“This time around it felt like we were actually writing a record rather than writing in pieces,” vocalist Matt Mehana responds when asked about the recording process. “It was definitely a new kind of experience because we were writing music that was unlike anything we’d heard before, but that’s been our goal in this band all along… to push the envelope and create something new.”

The "Astral Rejection" track listing is as follows:

1. It Comes Naturally- 3:36
2. Infinite Suck- 3:45
3. Excite Dyke- 3:04
4. My paralyzed brother taps his foot to this beat- 2:37
5. Astral Rejection- 4:07
6. Developer, the horn- 3:45
7. Narcissismfof- 2:06
8. Kief Catcher- 3:09
9. Erectangles- 2:14
10. Life Hertz- 3:05
11. CACAFUEGO, Nuestra Señora de la Concepción!- 3:37

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Wednesday 13 To Release Remix Album

Wednesday 13, known for his work in the group Murderdolls, has revealed the details behind his forthcoming remix album. The release, titled "Re-animated," will feature five songs taken from his previous "Skeletons" CD. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the album's first month of release will be donated to the American Red Cross. The tracklisting for the effort can be found below.

1. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed (remixed by Koichi Fukuda/Static X)
2. No Rabbit In The Hat (remixed by Ross Smith)
3. Put Your Death Mask On (remixed by Koichi Fukuda/Static X)
4. Scream Baby Scream (remixed by Ross Smith)
5. All American Massacre (remixed by Ross Smith)

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In Solitude Streaming New Single

Uppsala Sweden's In Solitude has set the track "Serpents Are Rising" as the group's first single off the upcoming debut full-length "The World.The Flesh.The Devil," in stores everywhere May 24th. Decibel Magazine is hosting the exclusive premier on the single, which can be heard at this location.

Vocalist Hornper comments: "Certain fragments of Serpents are Rising are among the oldest parts of The World.The Flesh.The Devil and the song was steadily taking form throughout the whole writing and recording process, and the last parts were put together just minutes before it was recorded. It is certainly one of the more straight-forward and stabbing-paced songs on the album and I think it's a worthy representative of that erupting energy of the album, as well as the self-sacrifice made. The poem was written by Viusiudad (of Reveal) and was given a title and put in song-context myself. And like everything with brother Viusiudad; a strange, holy and collaborative effort. Blessings to him! And the poem deals with the ever-present, ever-guiding and ever-rising inner serpent."

"The World.The Flesh.The Devil" cover artwork can be found here and the track listing is as follows:

1. The World, The Flesh, The Devil
2. We Were Never Here
3. Serpents Are Rising
4. Poisoned, Blessed, and Burned
5. Demons
6. To Her Darkness
7. Dance of the Adversary
8. On Burning Paths

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Interview With Erlend Hjelvik Of Kvelertak

Kvelertak has become well known to many with just one full-length album under the band's belt. Kvelertak's brand of metal, a sound influenced by many genres of metal and rock, has impressed audiences everywhere, earning the band great tours with like-minded individuals.

I had a quick talk with vocalist Erlend Hjelvik, who has also been busy with other projects like the black metal band Djevel, who’s debut album “Dødssanger” releases June 13th. Erlend and I discussed Kvelertak’s hectic tour schedule, albums, and what his favorite metal might be. More...

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The Chariot Posts Australian Tour Footage Online

American metal act The Chariot has posted some live footage taken from its recent stop in Perth, Australia. You can view the footage in the player below.

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Evil Survives Streaming Re-Issued Album

Evil Survives has re-issued the "Metal Vengeance" album today through Heavy Artillery Records. In celebration of the re-release, the entire album is now available for streaming through the Heavy Artillery Bandcamp profile here. Evil Survives also recently announced an upcoming North American tour, with full details available at this location.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Evil Will Survive
2. Metal
3. Lords of Harmony
4. Vampire Ambush
5. Masonic Enforcers
6. Poseidon
7. The Plains of Ilium
8. Beasts of the Odyssey
9. JPL (bonus demo track)

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Norther Posts Entire New Album Online

Norther is currently streaming the band's entire new album "Circle Regenerated" online. To check out all the tracks from the album, head over to the Record Shop X website at this location. You can also view the "Circle Regenerated" album artwork below.


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Black Skies Announces U.S. Tour Dates

North Carolina trio Black Skies is pleased to announce a near-month long U.S. tour set to commence on May 12th in Charlotte, North Carolina. The trek will steamroll it’s way through 22 cities – including several East Coast locales the band has yet to play — before drawing to a ceremonious close in Savannah, Georgia.

Said guitarist/vocalist Kevin Clark of the upcoming bout of live dates: “We are extremely pleased to be spending some time playing across the Eastern part of the country. The last several tours required us to make our way West as quickly as possible due to time constraints, so we haven’t been to some of the places we will be hitting on this tour in far too long. We are also thrilled to spend a good portion of the trek with some of our favorite bands and people: Backwoods Payback, Caltrop, Royal Thunder, and US Christmas. We hope to have a few more songs ready to go for this trip as well. Tim had just joined the band before the last tour — we literally had four rehearsals together before leaving on tour for a month — so we were limited to the same set pretty much every night. Since then, we’ve had time to rework some of those songs and write a few new ones. This will allow us to keep things fresh and interesting, while also being able to play songs we feel would be more appropriate to the audience’s energy at any given show.”

The band will be touring in support of the soon-to-be-issued new full-length, "On The Wings Of Time." The dates are as follows:

5/12/2011 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Trade, Towering Pyre
5/13/2011 The Crayola House – Harrisonburg, VA w/ Backwoods Payback, Earthling, Trade
5/14/2011 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Backwoods Payback
5/15/2011 Mojo Main – Newark, DE w/ Backwoods Payback, Holy Dirt, Bubonic Bear
5/16/2011 AS220 – Providence, RI w/ Woozy, She Rides, Villainer
5/17/2011 O’Brien’s – Boston, MA w/ Phantom Glue, The Proselyte, Jack Burton vs David Lopan
5/18/2011 Flask Lounge – Portland, ME
5/19/2011 Elm Bar – New Haven, CT w/ Atrina
5/20/2011 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
5/21/2011 31st Street Pub – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Rogue Vessel, Oktober
5/22/2011 Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Prosanctus Inferi, Witchaven, Nocturnal, Locusta
5/23/2011 The Green Lantern – Lexington, KY w/ Stampede, Below
5/24/2011 Southgate House – Indianapolis, IN w/ Mala In Se, New Third Worlds
5/25/2011 The Pilot Light – Knoxville, KY w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers
5/26/2011 The Get Down – Asheville, NC w/ US Christmas, Generation of Vipers, Caltrop
5/27/2011 King’s – Raleigh, NC w/ US Christmas, Caltrop, Royal Thunder
5/28/2011 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder, Druid Lord, Junior Bruce
5/29/2011 C-Level – Panama City Beach w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder, Death Before Dying
5/30/2011 Siberia – NOLA w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder
5/31/2011 Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder
6/01/2011 The Nick – Birmingham, AL w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder
6/02/2011 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Caltrop, Royal Thunder, Sons Of Tonatiuh
6/03/2011 Caledonia Lounge – Athens, GA w/ Caltrop
6/04/2011 The Jinx – Savannah, GA w/ Caltrop

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Days Of Anger To Shoot New Music Video

Days of Anger, which recently signed to Massacre Records, has issued the following brief update about preparing to shoot a new music video:

"The video for 'One Way Ticket Down (To Hell)' is on the writing table. The shooting starts in couple of weeks! Cheerz!"

"One Way Ticket Down (To Hell)" is off the band's "Death Path" album, which was released on February 25th, 2011.

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Alpinist To Release Two Vinyl Albums Together

Alpinist will be releasing two previous vinyl albums together, titled "Lichtlærm/Minus Mensch," in CD format through Southern Lord Recordings this May 24th, 2011. The record label commented on the release:

"Alpinist hail from Munster Germany, and produce crushingly dark hardcore/crust with blinding intensity. The band is meant to be understood by those who are sick of people following musical trends, those who want to live out music with dedication and those who believe in expressing their own ideals through their own art, and their socio-political lyrics are openly and strongly against all forms of fascism, racism, sexism and homophobia.

"Southern Lord will release Lichtlærm/Minus Mensch on CD this May 24, in a limited edition run of 2,000 copies. The disc contains both of the band's albums that were previously only available on limited vinyl releases, making this the first ever CD release from Alpinist."

You can also check out Alpinist's music by heading over to the band's MySpace page.

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New Episode Of VicTorV Posted Online

Victory Records has posted the latest episode of VicTorV online, which can be viewed below. The label also commented on the video:

"In this episode of VicTorV, we are live, on site at the Names Mean Nothing Tour with Carnfiex and Within the Ruins in Chicago. We also have a trio of brand new videos from Within the Ruins, Otep & Destrophy. Enjoy this killer episode and the new era of VicTorV. Best of all, it is still free."

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Solar Fragment Streaming Whole New Album

After recently premiering the title track for the new album "In Our Hands" through Metalunderground.com, Solar Fragment is now streaming the entire new album online. Head over to AOL Music to stream the entire album "In Our Hands."

The track listing is as follows:

1. In Our Hands
2. With Empty Eyes
3. Inside The Circle
4. At The Harbor
5. Race The Seas
6. Come Hell Or High Water
7. Homecoming
8. Moana's Return
9. The March Of The Golems
10. Once Again

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Xerath Streaming Entire New Album

Terrorizer Magazine is currently streaming Xerath's upcoming "II" full-length in its entirety. Set for release in North America via Candlelight Records on May 3rd, 2011, "II" is the second full-length from the UK-based experimental progressive metal outfit. You can check out the album by heading to this location. A track-by-track walkthrough of the album is also available here.

"II" was produced by Jacob Hansen (Destruction, Heaven Shall Burn, Volbeat) and features artwork from Colin Marks (Strapping Young Lad). The album also includes a guest performance from Emil Werstler (Daath).

A clip of Xerath covering the Michael Jackson song "Speed Demon" is also available at this location.

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Periphery Posts Video Clip Discussing EP

Periphery has now released the band's new "Icarus" EP in stores everywhere. This offering features a brand new unreleased track, bonus tracks from previous album, as well as a series of remixes and video clips. A video clip of guitarists Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen describing how the EP came together can be viewed below.

Bowen states: “We are very excited to unleash the new Icarus EP on the world. It's been a very busy year for us so far and we hope the EP will hold everyone over until we finish writing and recording our new record. In show news, we're excited to say that we've been given the great opportunity to play this year's Sonisphere Festival in the UK. Needless to say, we're very stoked to go back to the UK to play for fans old and new, and to share the stage with some of the world's greatest bands.

"We're also extremely grateful to have such strong support from all of our friends at Guitar World - make sure you check out the newest issue to see what gear we're using and read what they have to say about the 'Djent' movement. Matt Halpern, our drummer, will also be appearing and performing live on drumchannel.com with Terry Bozzio on April 29th at 4pm PST, so make sure to log on for that.

"It's crazy to see 2011 is moving so fast, but there is plenty more in store for PERIPHERY coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open! Talk soon.”

Halpern further comments: “I couldn't be more excited for this amazing opportunity to hang out and jam with one of the best drummers that has ever lived. I've followed drumchannel.com and Terry Bozzio for a long time now, and I'm humbled to be performing in the same studio as some of the greatest drummers who have ever lived. Terry, who will be hosting the broadcast, is one of the most well known, super creative and insanely well respected drummers in the world. I've sat down and traded licks with tons of amazing drummers over the years, but I gotta say, i'm REALLY looking forward to this one! Make sure you tune in to drumchannel.com, next Friday, April 29th at 4PM PST (7PM EST) for the free live performance.”

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Splattered Mermaids Announces New Tour Dates

Splattered Mermaids has issued the following announcement about upcoming tour dates and working on a new album:

"What's up grinders out there? Here comes some news from the Splattered camp! First of all we just wanna let you know that we have an upcoming European tour with Rectal Smegma. The tour starts May 25th, see dates below! If you live near the places we will play, enjoy our shows and grab a beer with us! Support the grind scene and get wasted! We have plans to enter the studio in July to record our second full-length album 'Reforged In Gore,' to be released later this year! More details coming soon!"

The dates are as follows:

May 25 – Willemeen – Arnhem - The Netherlands
May 26 – La Rumeur – Lille – France
May 27 – Triangel – Weert – The Netherlands
May 28 – SVJH Ost - Wolfsburg – Germany
May 29 - Wagon Club - Wroclaw - Poland
May 30 - Hard Cafe - Karvina - Czech Republic
May 31 – The Escape - Vienna - Austria
June 1 – Menza pri Koritu - Ljubljana – Slovenia
June 2 - T.B.A - Brescia - Italy
June 3 – Feierwerk – Munich – Germany
June 4 – Soapboxclub – Nancy – France
June 5 - T.B.A
June 18 - Antitrend Festival, Brná
June 22 - Brooklyn Club, Brnó
June 25 - Carnivale Festival, Kocvary (near Prague)

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Winterus Posts "Harmonious" Video

Michigan black metal act Winterus has partnered up with MetalInjection.net to debut the music video for “Harmonious,” the first single from Winterus’s forthcoming album, "In Carbon Mysticism." The video can be viewed below.

“The song to all of us represents an extremely challenging time,” said vocalist, Christopher Erich Neu. “I think every band should make a song or two that the listener can relate to, or just cheese out. A big thing with this video that we all agreed on was that we love watching videos where you just watch the band jam. So we kind of wanted to do that with this song, since it's much more naturally emotional compared to the rest of the songs on the album.”

"In Carbon Mysticism," Winterus’s Lifeforce Records debut, will hit stores on April 26th, 2011.

Click Here To Watch The Video

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Neranature Streaming Cover Of Garbage Song

Neranature will be releasing the new album "Foresting Wounds" on May 9th in Europe and July 12th in North America (via MVD). The band is now streaming a new song from the album, a cover of the Garbage track "The World Is Not Enough," through the Neranature MySpace page. You can check out the cover artwork and a teaser for the album below.


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Djerv Offering New Single As Free Download

Djerv will be releasing a new album through Indie Recordings later this year. The band is now offering the first single from the album, titled "Madman," as a free download. You can download the track through Indie Recordings by using the widget below.

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Art Of Dying Posts Third Avalanche Tour Video

Art Of Dying has checked in from the road on the Avalanche Tour with a third video tour report. The video clip can be viewed below.

The previously posted second tour video from Art of Dying is also still available by heading over to this location.

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Symfonia Streaming Entire New Album

Symfonia is the new melodic metal project featuring guitarist Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius), vocalist Andre Matos (ex-Angra), drummer Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween), bassist Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius) and keyboardist Mikko Harkin (ex-Sonata Artica). The band is releasing the new album "In Paradisum" in North America today, April 19th, 2011.

In celebration of the new album's release, all the tracks from the album are now available for streaming through AOL Music. Head over here to check out the full album. The track listing is as follows:

1. Fields Of Avalon
2. Come By The Hills
3. Santiago
4. Alayna
5. Forevermore
6. Pilgrim Road
7. In Paradisum
8. Rhapsody In Black
9. I Walk In Neon
10. Don't Let me Go

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Impious Music Video Available Online

Impious has posted a music video online for the song "I Am The King," which is off the band's "Death Domination" album. You can check out the new music video in the clip below.

You can also check out the Impious addition to Metalunderground's Pit Stories by heading over to this location.

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Pain Uploads "Dirty Woman" Video

Pain is set to release "You Only Live Twice" on June 3rd, 2011 in Europe and June 21st, 2011 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records. The band has now posted a music video online for the song "Dirty Woman," which can be viewed below.

A studio trailer for the new album "You Only Live Twice" is also available at this location.

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Acephalix To Release "Interminable Night"

Southern Lord Recordings has issued the following announcement about releasing the "Interminable Night" album by Acephalix:

"San Francisco-based Acephalix spew forth a stripped-down and tonally obliterating old-school Nihilist/Entombed death metal style infused with West Coast crustpunk angst.

"Featuring members of Depressor and other hellish Bay Area acts – including three members who also do time in Vastum, another act currently gaining worldwide attention from the death metal underground – Acephalix already have a diehard cult following, and plan to take their terror worldwide as Southern Lord releases the band's seven-track bulldozer Interminable Night in a one-time CD pressing of 2,000 on May 24."

The band's music is also available to be heard over at the Acephalix MySpace page.

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Amberian Dawn Announces Album's U.S. Release

Amberian Dawn has checked in with the following brief announcement about releasing the band's "End of Eden" album in the US:

"Hello. Finally we have some good news for our US fans. The digital U.S. release of our latest album, End Of Eden is now confirmed. Universal Music Group will release it on the 10th of May 2011. CD release will follow later… Stay metal."

Amberian Dawn also recently added the song "Lost Soul" to the Xbox 360 edition of the Rock Band Network. Additional details are available here.

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Terror Adds Two More Tour Dates

TERROR has added more dates to their current touring schedule. The monster North American trek, dubbed the "Stick Tight 2011" tour, sees the band headlining with support coming from Stick To Your Guns, Trapped Under Ice, Close Your Eyes and Your Demise. The new additions are below:

5/27 New London, CT @ El N Gee (w/ Death Threat playing between Trapped Under Ice & Stick To Your Guns)
5/29 Boston, MA @ Wonderland Ballroom

The latest "Stick Tight 2011" tour dates are now as follows: More...

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Volbeat Bassist To Miss Rest Of U.S. Tour

Volbeat has issued the following announcement about finishing the rest of the band's U.S. tour dates without bassist Anders Kjølholm:

"Due to recent developments, our bassist and friend, Anders Kjølholm, has taken a necessary break from the U.S. tour and returned home to Denmark to be with his family. Everyone is doing well, and we ask that you understand this is a personal matter and give Anders and his family the privacy they need...

"Filling in for Anders and pulling double duty will be our good friend Josh Newton from The Damned Things. We want to thank Josh and The Damned Things camp for stepping up and helping us out.

"Only 4 more shows in the US, before we head back to Europe to play at various rock festivals during the summer. But fortunately, we won't be gone for long: Volbeat returns to Canada in July to join the HEAVY T.O. FESTIVAL in Toronto! We are thrilled to be in the awesome company of Slayer, Megadeath, Motörhead and many more of the best heavy bands in the world. Thanks for a great time so far in North America, and see you again in July!"

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