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Metal News for April 1, 2019

Last updated on August 17, 2019 at 3:59 AM ET

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Metallica Officially Removed From "The Big Four"

Long before the phrase "Big four" was applied to every single sub genre of heavy metal, it was used only to describe the biggest bands in thrash metal; Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. However, over the years, across comment sections, forums, chat rooms and blogs, metal fans and even musicians have questioned who truly belongs in the collective, with even Slayer guitarist Kerry King once claiming that Machine Head should replace Anthrax.

Today, it has been confirmed that Metallica, the most commercially successful American metal band, has had their membership of this prestigious club revoked. The decision has been attributed to a number of reasons, including Metallica's shift away from thrash metal, beginning with the hugely successful "Black Album," in 1991, which led them to experiment more with alternative music, a covers album which included renditions of songs by Nick Cave, Bob Seger and Lynyrd Skynyrd and home video release "S&M" which saw them team up with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra. Other reasons believed to have been a factor in their exclusion include modelling, celebrity appearances, arguably lacklustre new material and "barbecue rock vocals." Thus far Testament, Exodus, Overkill and Death Angel are being considered as their replacements.

While no comments have been made by other bands from the "Big Four", close sources claim that Dave Mustaine plans to use Megadeth's studio time to create an album which will see them "dropped from the Big Four harder and faster than Metallica," while Anthrax are still pretty happy to be there.

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Black Metal and Antifa Sign Peace Treaty

After a tumultuous past couple of years, Antifa and the newly formed black metal coalition group, Standing All Together As Norwegians (S.A.T.A.N.), gathered in Portland, Oregon for peace talks during the past weekend in hopes of reaching a peaceful resolution. Gaahl of Gorgoroth/God Seed/Gaahl’s Wyrd fame, led the talks for S.A.T.A.N. Antifa members remained anonymous and refused to identify themselves essentially covered up head to toe in black hoodies and bandannas.

Gaahl stated that it took several hours convincing Antifa representatives that even though he’s from Norway, and has played in several famous black metal bands, he is NOT a fucking Nazi. Both sides agreed to sign a treaty not to attack each other on social media outlets. They also established a top secret Facebook Messenger group in order to establish dialog before Antifa runs metal blogs to have shows and tours cancelled. S.A.T.A.N. in turn agreed to denounce anything that Vark Vikerness has ever said or done and to refer him by his birth name, Kristian, for now on. More...

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Slayer Cancels Retirement Plans

American thrash metal legends Slayer has decided to cancel plans to retire, according to a source close to the band. The band has been performing a series of tours, with their upcoming European run originally scheduled to be their last, but not it seems that the quartet will no longer be calling it a day. Instead of disbanding, Slayer will decrease their workload, performing one off shows and small tours from time to time in the USA and Canada, with future European, Asian and South American shows unlikely.

The source goes on to claim that the band feels that they need to live up to the name of their box set "Soundtrack to the Apocalypse," as, "In a world which many expect to either end or have a bleak future soon, Slayer really is the only band to write an album for the dead world. As Earth faces an eleven year time limit to stop climate catastrophe, in addition to the rise of political extremism and populism and social division, no one else could sum up the darkest side of humanity and nature."

Whether or not Exodus guitarist Gary Holt takes part in the writing of the album remains to be seen, as Exodus has begun work on a new album and the guitarist had a public disagreement with frontman Tom Araya over the latter's support for President Donald Trump. Drummer Paul Bostaph is still expected to be part of the recording process however.

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