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Metal News for April 1, 2017

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Winger Changes Title Of "Seventeen" To "Eighteen"

We barely recognized Kip at the Goodwill, but there he was, clean shaven and perusing through a bunch of beaten up cassettes. We noticed that he had a few already picked out, most notably Extreme, White Lion and Abba.

We asked him what new and exciting things he was up to and he nonchalantly said "Sup" along with a head bob. Not meaning to interrupt his walk through memory lane, we cut to the chase and asked him whom "Seventeen" was written about.

Almost violently, Kip's body tightened and he clenched his fists. He whipped his head around (His rat tail hit him in the mouth), and he looked us straight in the eye and said, "It's now called 'Eighteen' brah! Too many registered sex offenders have been caught with that song blaring on their Ipod." Well, that settles that! Have a nice life Kip! More...

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Brujeria To Star In Animated Show

Brujeria, the self-styled Mexican cartel, deathgrind supergroup featuring members of Napalm Death, Carcass and Pentagram Chile, has been confirmed to be starring in their own late night cartoon show, "Brujeria... IN SPACE!" which will be airing on Cartoon Network's late night animated block, Adult Swim this July. The series is a collaboration between Metalocalypse creators Brendom Small & Tommy Blacha with Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro and was put forward as a project to continue and develop the style of their beloved shows.

The first series will feature ten episodes, each roughly ten minutes in length and will centre on the band running a store which sells medical Marijuana and accessories in El Paso, Texas, while getting into surreal adventures involving the supernatural, the law and their landlord, who will be voiced by professional wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin. As expected, there will be guest appearances from other metal musicians, carrying on the tradition of Metalocalypse, with Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway, Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton and Melechesh leader, Ashmedi all confirmed, as well as Babymetal, who will appear in the anime themed episode, "Brujeria Super Fun Smoking Time," while rapper and death metal fan, Necro will have a regular role voicing the band's dog, Coño.

As of yet, no trailers have been posted online, though one is expected to premier on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel by the end of the week. The band themselves will be promoting the show and their new album, "Pocho Aztlan" on an upcoming tour of Europe with Napalm Death, Lock Up and Power Trip, where guitarist Shane Embury will be pulling a triple shift.

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Breast Obsessed Bill Barnes Goes Into Loony Bin

Bill “Cuckoo Brains” of Death Metal Bird Song has once again been locked up in the “chicken coop.” This time he went back to his favorite place (best one he’s found, he hates the loony bin) Rock Quarry Behavioral Health for an obsession with breasts. More...

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Darkthrone's Fenriz Says "More Cowbell"

Fenriz of Darkthrone doesn’t hesitate to tell you how much of a fan he is of Blue Oyster Cult, in particular, their greatest hit, “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” That influence plays out well on the bands recent record “Arctic Thunder.” "Boreal Fiends" features interesting play on the cow bell. More...

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Mayhem To Use Euronymous Hologram

In recent years, it's becoming increasingly (and frighteningly) common for dead musicians to be brought back to the stage using holographic technology, with the likes of Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley and even Ronnie James Dio all being seen by live audiences again. While the use of these projections a great deal of debate and controversy, mostly owing to the ethics of using the likenesses of musicians who died before they could give any consent to such use of their image and the argument that the holograms cheapen both the memories of the musicians and the live experience overall, it is nevertheless becoming a more common sight. It has now been revealed that the latest band to use the technology will be Norwegian black metal legends, Mayhem, who will use it to recreate the image of deceased guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth.

Mayhem will be hitting the road this year to perform their classic debut full length, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" in full and to mark the occassion, the group has teamed up with Eyellusion, who worked on the Ronnie James Dio hologram to bring back Euronymous and give fans who never got the chance to see him in person the opportunity to do so. No word has been given yet on whether his image will be used for one song or for the whole performance, but it's sure to be a decision which is divisive among fans.

Aarseth was infamously killed in 1993 at the hands of Burzum mastermind and former bandmate, Varg Vikernes, who performed bass on the "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" record. He was given the maximum Norwegian prison sentence of 21 years, but released in 2009. More...

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Paradise Lost Cancels Tour Due To Brexit

This week, British Prime Minister Teresa May triggered the Article 50 clause in the European Union membership rules, triggering the departure of Great Britain from the EU. While the long term economic and social effects may not be seen for some time, one section of people already struggling are lesser known musical acts from Britain, with gothic metal band Paradise Lost, indie rockers Elbow and rapper Stormzy already having to cancel scheduled shows in the continent due to travel restrictions.

Membership of the European Union grants the right of free movement to the citizens of the included countries and as such, the ability to work in other member states. The uncertainty created by the decision of the referendum held last year in the United Kingdom has led to promoters being unable to assure artists that planned shows will go ahead and in many cases, scrapping scheduled dates altogether.

One band hit hardest and said to be most outraged by the events is Scottish "pirate metal" group Alestorm. As Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union, the band feel that they are being punished for something their nation didn't do and thus are being unfairly deprived of paying gigs.

More on this story as it develops.

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Steel Panther To Release Surprise Feminist Album

Mere days after releasing latest collection of misogynistic rock anthems "Lower The Bar," and less than a week before heading out on the road with the express intent to bang 2017 girls in a row, everything has now changed for Steel Panther.

When Satchel's mom shared a particularly on-point meme from Everyday Feminism, Michael Starr and Lexi Foxx officially got woke and knew they had to make things right with the ladies.

There was only one thing to do: record a surprise album letting cock rock fans around the globe know about the Panther's sudden change in world view.

"Sexism Sucks... Harder Than Your Mom" will be released tomorrow - April 2nd - in honor of the anniversary of Jeannette Rankin being the first woman formally seated in the U.S. House of Representatives. Cover artwork can be seen below, and the track listing will be as follows:

1. All Female Magic Mike Remake For Equality
2. Susan B. My Bitch
3. Penetrating the Patriarchy
3. Emily Spankhurst
4. Suffrajizz
5. Glass Ceiling Glory Hole
6. Friend Zone Fapfest
7. Angela BAEvis
8. Hairy Armpit Babe
9. Rosa Parks (Let's Create Some Sparks)
10. I'll Make You A Sandwich (With Extra Meat)
11. Men's Rights Massacre More...

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