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Metal News for April 1, 2016

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Just For Fun

Donald Trump Selects Phil Anselmo As Running Mate

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Controversial Down Frontman Phil Anselmo has accepted Donald Trump's request to be his running mate. Speaking to a crowd at a Trump rally at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Phil Anselmo had this to say,

“Hey y'all. I'm Phil Anselmo here. Just lettin' you guys know that I'm gonna help make America great again as your new Vice President. It's time to get fucking hostile with ISIS and if you come to this country illegally then you can walk on home, boy. Smoke weed, hail Satan.” More...

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Dave Mustaine Blames Obama For Batman Reception

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Megadeth frontman and noted conspiracy theorist, Dave Mustaine has once again taken to the internet to give his ever concise and insightful political opinion. This time however, the veteran thrasher turns to the world of movies and the recent blockbuster, "Batman V Superman."

The movie has been on the receiving end of some very harsh reviews from critics and many moviegoers, save for fans of DC Comics, who seem convinced that Marvel paid off all film reviewers because it's "just a fun superhero movie," whilst simultaneously criticizing the public for not liking it because it was "too intelligent and philosophical" for them. Mustaine however, is as usual, convinced he's got the true answer.

"There's been much made of the reaction to visionary genius Zack Snyder's latest movie, with many placing the blame on Marvel and Disney. While I don't think they're completely innocent, we the American people must wake up and realise that our own so called President, Barack Obama is behind it! It may seem a strenuous claim but look closer at his name and you'll notice that there's no D there. No D = No D.C! Obama is trying to destroy the American icon that is Superman by trying to get everyone to hate the character's movie, just as he hates America! Mark my words, it won't be long until critics are bashing the Statue of Liberty, bald eagles and Wal-Mart too!"

Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and Kid Rock could not be reached for comment, but did all like his post on Facebook.

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Just For Fun

Rob Zombie To Remake Everything You Like

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Shock rocker turned film maker Rob Zombie, who has directed such films as "House of 1000 Corpses," "The Devil's Rejects" and a reboot of the beloved Halloween franchise, has announced that he will once again be putting his "Broad Street Bullies" project on hold as following the release of his next movie, "31."

He will be tasked with once again breathing new life into seventies horror movies, including a third reboot of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and a second remake of "Last House on the Left." He also announced that he will be remaking other movies not in the horror genre and putting his own stamp on them, including "Shaft" starring Ken Foree and "Romper Stomper," the cult favourite Australian film about a gang of neo-Nazis, with Phil Anselmo rumoured to have a role.

"The Romper Stomper project is very dear to me," explained Zombie, "I've always thought it was great but it needed something more. I'd have believed it more if the movie took place in the seventies and the skinheads had Alice Cooper posters adorning their hideout.

"I've got a bunch of other movies in the pipeline too. Once I'm done with 'Romper Stomper' and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' I'll be working on my interpretation of 'Network,' which I always felt should have had a revelation that the TV companies were run by snake headed aliens." I'm also giving serious thought to re-imagining 'The Godfather.' I think the title role is one that Sid Haig was born to play!"

With all these films set to be made, as well as plans for remakes of "Trainspotting," "Schindler's List" and a "Fritz the Cat" inspired re-telling of "Hong Kong Phooey" among others, all starring Sheri Moon Zombie, hockey fans will have to wonder if such a legendary story of the sport will finally be told by another director.

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Just For Fun

Judas Priest Announces "Golden Epitaph" Tour

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Legendary metal act Judas Priest vowed to tour in every corner of the globe to spread the word of true metal. The band announced a string of tour dates in some of the most remote locations in the world. Dubbed, the "Golden Epitaph," the tour will launch with a performance at the Garvault Hotel in Sutherland, Scotland on July 1st and will come to an end on July 31st, with a performance at the Internet Cafe on the main island of Tristan da Cunha.

Vocalist Rob Halford commented: "I rarely read Facebook comments, but I scanned the Judas Priest page and it was filled with shouts from fans to come to their locations...'come to Botswana' and 'come to Indonesia' and the like. I turned to Glenn and we both agreed that the time was right to take Priest to the most remote locations in the world."

Confirmed dates and locations for the "Golden Epitaph" tour can be found on the poster below: More...

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Just For Fun

Bernie Sanders To Appear In New NYHC Documentary

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Presidential candidate and senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders has been confirmed to appear in a documentary movie about the legendary New York Hardcore scene, entitled, "NYHC - A Revolution." The politician, activist and native of Brooklyn, New York, has apparently long had a connection with the music that helped shape the area and the state and claims that some of his political beliefs were shaped by attending shows from the likes of Agnostic Front and Gorilla Biscuits.

"It just all made perfect sense," Sanders says in an excerpt from the film, "if someone falls in the pit, you help them up. Not everyone was six foot and built, most people couldn't get up when they were knocked flat on the floor so they needed a helping hand. I think that's true of life in America today, not everyone can be king of the pit, but we all deserve the opportunity to mosh."

The senator also confirmed last night at his rally in the Bronx, that he will be using "Us Vs Them" by Sick of it All as his campaign song, citing the values the song promoted as central to his message of co-operation and unity among the working class.

"NYHC - A Revolution" will be the full length successor the sequel, "NYHC," which was filmed in 1995 and released four years later and will feature the same director, Frank Pavich, as well as new interviews with previously featured bands like Madball and the recently reactivated Crown of Thornz, plus bands who only appeared in bonus scenes on the DVD edition such as H20 and Sick of it All.

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Just For Fun

Trump / Clinton Twitter War Erupts Over Anselmo

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

It's the Nazi salute heard round the world that just won't go away. We thought news of Phil Anselmo's yell of “white power” at Dimebash was finally over, but that all changed this morning when some dedicated Trump followers tweeted about the incident months after the fact.

Known for inflammatory tweets about other candidate's wives and making headlines by retweeting less-than-savory sources, it shouldn't come as much surprise that the GOP presidential front runner jumped on the opportunity to show his support for the 1st Amendment.

Things took an ugly turn when Hillary Clinton got involved, tweeting back a link to our own op/ed about the situation. More...

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Just For Fun

Death To Reunite With David Vincent

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Legendary U.S. death metal pioneers Death will return to the studio and live venues in 2017 with a revamped lineup featuring ex-Morbid Angel vocalist David Vincent. Joining the lineup is: ex-Death to All/Cynic (live) vocalist/guitarist Max Phelps and guitarist Shannon Hamm and Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy, both of who performed on Death's latest studio album "The Sound of Perseverance." David Vincent will assume both lead vocal and bass duties for the new lineup.

The new lineup was hand selected by manager/Chuck Schuldiner's estate lawyer Eric Greif, with assistance by drummer Richard Christy. A new album is currently being penned by Vincent and Hamm and is targeted for release in late 2017 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Greif was unavailable for comment, but Vincent was asked about whether he would continue Schuldiner's progressive vision of the band and continue in the same vein as "The Sound of Perseverance," which he replied: "I'm not sure yet. Its hard for me to approach this album trying to think what Chuck would have done had he been able to release another Death album. I'm just trying to write a great album that will respect the legacy he left, but also keep his spirit of innovation alive through our influences. I'd like to think Chuck would have moved the Death sound in all different directions given the way music has changed over the last 18 years. I will say this though - expect the unexpected."

As to why this happened now, Richard Christy replied: "A void has been left in the scene when Chuck was taken from us and we intend to continue the legacy of Chuck. I expect to see a lot of backlash, especially calling this band 'Death,' but lineups in bands change and in the modern era even the biggest lineup changes have been accepted over time. We hope people will buy into what we are trying to do and give us the benefit of the doubt. At first, we thought about a different name like 'Death*' or 'Death 2.0,' but Death is just Death, so we kept it Death."

More information is expected soon. More...

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Just For Fun

Danzig To Release Black Sabbath Covers Album

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

Heavy metal veteran Glen Danzig has confirmed that his eponymous band is following up the latest record, "Skeletons," which consisted of numerous cover versions including the Black Sabbath classic, "N.I.B." with a whole album devoted to Black Sabbath covers.

His cover of the aforementioned song received substantial feedback from social media as well as internet comment sections and the explicit music video for the song has thus far received over 150,000 views on YouTube.

With such a strong reaction to it, the singer, who claims he has found his definitive vocal style at last, will be returning to the studio to artistically interpret such classics as "Paranoid," "War Pigs," "The Wizard" and the previously instrumental piece, "Fluff," which he has penned lyrics for.

No confirmation has yet been received as to whether the videos for these songs will feature more porn stars.

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Just For Fun

Helloween Announces Lineup Reunion

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

German power metal pioneers Helloween have been long rumored to have a reunion of the band's "Keeper of the Seven Keys" lineup with former vocalist Michael Kiske at the helm. Today, the band confirmed a reunion is indeed in the works! However, the reunion is of the majority of the classic "Walls of Jericho" lineup, featuring Kai Hansen, Michael Weikath, Markus Grosskopf. Uli Kusch, who played with the band from 1994-2001, following the death of original drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg, will be tapped for the drums.

Guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen explained: "Originally, Weiki intended on having Michael back, but his commitments with Avantasia would have delayed this further than he wanted the fans to wait. Gamma Ray is currently writing new material, so the time was right to give the real early Helloween fans a treat."

The lineup was originally going to go under the moniker "Gorgar," but vocalist Andi Deris was so excited about the idea that he gave his blessing to just use Helloween. Deris commented: "I was pumped for the possibility of Michael Kiske returning, but to have Kai back on vocals...I mean, how can I argue with that!"

On whether this would affect the band's current lineup, band leader Michael Weiketh stated: "Not at all. Andi and Dani will get a well deserved break from action and we will regroup by Halloween 2017 to begin work on the follow up to 'My God Given Right.'"

Helloween plans to release one album under this lineup, which is due out by February 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records. It will be followed by a summer world tour featuring songs from both the new album and "Walls of Jericho." The album will be produced, engineered and mixed by Harris Johns, who worked with the band on "Walls of Jericho." The band has also tapped "Walls of Jericho" artists Uwe & Edda Karczewski to create the new album's artwork. More...

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Just For Fun

Iron Maiden's Wacken Performance To Be Last

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

U.K. metal legends Iron Maiden announced that the final stop of the "Book of Souls" tour on August 4th at Germany's legendary Wacken Festival will be the band's final live performance. The band promises that the performance will be the most special live event ever conceived in its 41 year history. Dubbed "The True Best Of The Beast," Iron Maiden will perform both new and classic material spanning its entire history with guest appearances from former vocalists Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bayley.

In a statement issued by long time band co-manager Rod Smallwood: "After over 40 years rocking the world so many times over, Iron Maiden will perform for the last time at Wacken on August 4th. The decision wasn't made overnight, but carefully planned out over the last year. If there was ever an Iron Maiden show you should see, this is the one. We have so many surprises in store for the fans."

Some of the surprises that Smallwood was able to reveal include:

- Every album in the band's history will be represented with at least one song in the set
- Special guest vocalists include Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bayley, both of who will perform material from their respective eras
- The stage show will be unlike any other Iron Maiden performance, featuring props and stage sets from the band's classic tours for "Powerslave," "Somewhere in Time," "Seventh Son of A Seventh Son"
- Special Iron Maiden "stage tickets" will be made available as a special side sale, which opens up opportunities for additional fans to attend this performance as Wacken is currently sold out. Each fan with a special stage ticket will receive a 150 page commemorative program, which features never published live and memorabilia pictures spanning the history of the band. More...

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Just For Fun

AC/DC Taps A. Rose - Guns N’ Roses Taps Vince Neil

This was obviously an April Fool's gag. For the full list of our 2016 jokes, head here.

There have been some rumors circulating recently that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has been tapped to finish out the postponed dates of AC/DC‘s North American tour. TMZ - as reported earlier this week - have photographed Axl Rose and members of AC/DC emerging from the same rehearsal studio in Atlanta, GA this past weekend.

Today both bands have made a surprising official joint statement, announcing Axl Rose as permanent new AC/DC frontman and revealing also retired Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil as Guns N’ Roses' new vocalist. The move comes as a result of AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson being forced to stop touring by his doctor or risk permanent hearing loss. More...

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