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Metal News for March 9, 2009

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Hydrogyn Announces European Tour Dates

Ashland, Kentucky based rockers Hydrogyn have announced a European tour date, starting the first of two legs planned for this year in London on April 21st.

Hydrogyn's touring partner for the UK will be Rise To Addiction and in France will be long time friends of the band Ellipsis. Julie and Jeff will be appearing on the new Ellipsis release on the song "Alchemy Kill Bomb." Italy and the rest of Europe's touring partners will be announced soon.

Here are the latest Hydrogyn tour dates: More...

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Figure Of Fate Releases New Single

Jordanian hardcore metal band FIGURE OF FATE recently released their third single titled by “Beauty Through The Eyes Of The Beast” on their MySpace player.

FIGURE OF FATE performed live in Lebanon in Saturday, 31st of January 2009 at the Hall (Nova's Pub) alongside with MOT, VenemY, FAWDA and opening act OVERLOAD and were nominated for playing on the Legacy Fest and MetalCamp 2009.

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Guillotine Added To SwedenRock Cruise Fest 2009

The lineup for the next edition of the SwedenRock Cruise has been announced. The cruise will tour the Baltic Sea. Party for 24 hours straight on 12 floors full of metal DJ’s, tax free-shops, bars and restaurants, relax in the pool and sauna or have fun in the game room in addition to checking out the six well known hard rock / metal bands that will perform onboard. The bands performing include:

Grave Digger
Pink Cream 69
Dream Evil

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Dope's "American Apathy Reloaded" European Release

Metal Mind Productions has announced the European release of Dope’s “American Apathy Reloaded.” The album contains remixes and alternate versions of songs taken from Dope's 2005 “American Apathy” album along with a DVD featuring nine live performances. The album will be available in a digipak edition on March 16 in Europe only.

Here's the tracklisting for Dope's “American Apathy Reloaded”: More...

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French Radio To Feature Indian Metal Compilation

Subhramani of Popular Indian Metal website/forum Headbangers India has released the following statement;

"Only about three months down, and Headbangers India is proud to announce its first major “association”.

Radio Metal, an internet radio station based in France got in touch with us a while ago. Radio Metal wants to play Indian metal!

So, Headbangers India is sending them a compilation CD of the best Indian metal songs, for broadcast on the radio station. All members of Headbangers India can log on to our forum, and check out the “Who gets to be on Radio Metal?” topic that has been created there. Choose the ten best songs from among those, and let us know if you think we’ve missed out on any bands or songs.

Once we are done with that stage, we go on to the second stage of this selection procedure, where the final ten are chosen from all those shortlisted in the first stage. After permissions are obtained and the final bands have given their consent, the compilation CD will be sent to Radio Metal."

All fans of Indian Heavy Metal are urged to support your favorite bands by Voting at Headbangers India's official forum.

Read the full article at Who Gets To Be On Radio Metal.

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Psychostick Announces "Sandwich" Album Track List

Comedy metal band Psychostick has issued the following announcement about their new album "Sandwich:"

"Hi there tasties,

"Your ears truly deserve delicious metal. Now that you've had a nice sample of what's coming on May 5th, 2009, you can now officially preorder Sandwich!

"Here's the official track listing of Sandwich in case you absolutely must know. And you do. Mmmm.

01. Metal?
02. Caffeine
03. Shower
04. A Lesson in Modesty
05. P is the Best Letter
06. Minimum Rage
07. Don't Eat My Food
08. The Hunger Within
09. Grocery Escape Plan
10. Too Many Food
11. This is not a Song, it's a Sandwich
12. Girl Directions
13. Orange
14. Beer, Part 2
15. Do you want a Taco?
16. An Attempt at Something Serious
17. Number 1 Radio $ingle
18. Vah-jay-jay
19. Die... a LOT!
20. You've Got Mail Enhancement
21. Passive Vengeance
22. 373 Thank Yous
23. Outtakes
24. We Ran Out of CD Space More...

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Threat Signal Issues Recording Update

Canadian band Threat Signal has issued the following recording update:

"I know I've been a little slow on the updates... But thats a good thing because I'm working my ass off in the studio!

"All of the music (drums, guitars, overdubs, solos, bass, and keys) are completely done and edited. I cant believe how siiiick this record sounds already, and its not even mixed yet. We plan to start mixing later this month.

"I've recently set up a little studio in a small room by myself, and I've been tracking vocals for the last few days. I find this is the best way for me to get the best performance from myself. I have no distractions, and I'm able to sing whenever I need to.

"We'll be working on part deux of the studio videos which will include bass tracking, guitar overdubs and solos, and some random partying. I may even film some of my vocals for you guys as well.

"Thanks for reading and my next blog will be telling you that this album is DONE!!! fuckin right"

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Antigama Streaming New Album "Warning" Online

Poland's Antigama are currently streaming their new album "Warning" online in it's entirety. The album was released in the U.S. on March 3rd and internationally on March 9th. The stream of the album can be heard here.

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Iron Maiden Manager Comments On Show Riot

Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood has issued the following statement about reports of rioting at the band's recent show in Bogota:

"The news from Bogota is wildly exaggerated. We are now in beautiful Quito for a show tomorrow. Everyone is just fine. The "riots" were basically a lot of kids trying to break into the Simon Bolivar Park to see the show and the park has a big perimeter to protect. There is a large military presence for all concerts in Bogota as can be seen in our forthcoming movie Flight 666. However in the last 13 months we have played 2 fantastic concerts there to over 75,000 passionate fans at this same venue, Simon Bolivar Park. Neither performance was at all affected by the incidents of people outside trying to break in. None of the enjoyment of the show or safety of the band or our audiences was at all compromised.

"We abhor the inane behaviour of a small minority of people outside. They do Iron Maiden, Metal and the real Colombian fans a disservice and sadly just provide a reason for the military to feel they need to be there.

"Our fans are there for the MUSIC. We definitely intend to return to Colombia and trust the authorities will not be swayed to banning Maiden and Metal because of a minority of trouble makers spoiling it for the huge majority of true Iron Maiden fans."

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Devildriver Issues Recording Update

Devildriver vocalist Dez Fafara has issued the following recording update about the band's upcoming album "Pray For Villains:"

"I've been doing a shit load of listening of mixes. Got back from the studio late last night. Logan and I spent about 10 hours just fine tuning some low end issues and worked on the kickdrum tone. Its getting close. Some of this stuff is gonna be really hard to pull off for me live, I had a hard time in the studio environment so I know its gonna be a bitch. Everyone has got it rougher this time around. Can't wait for you to hear it."

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Bonded By Blood Updates Daily Tour Blog

California thrashers Bonded By Blood have announced that they will be writing up a blog for every day of their current Masters of Disaster tour alongside Witchaven and Exmortus. The blog was updated today with the following two entries:

"3/7/09 Tempe Az-The Sets So here we are lovely hot AZ. I knew we were in AZ once we crossed the Nevada/Arizona border once the climate started to change. We ended up arriving in Chandler AZ around around 10 am. Right when we came in the door we knocked the fuck out. Woke up around one and was really excited for later on that night. Playing with ourbuddies Vektor and Deceptor we couldnt go wrong. So after everyone showers and have a couple of brews we head out to Tempe to play for what turned out to be a pretty bad ass crowd. The ride from Chandler to Tempe was a bout 30m minutes or so and it was a fun one. We were all anticipating this show since AZ is like a 2nd home to us. Once we arrive we we get greeted by all our Arizonian buddies and it felt great. This time there was a couple of locals that opened up the show and it was some of the best bands AZ has to offer. I got inside when Deceptor was playing and they had a great set and a great hometown crowd. Witchaven got up and anihhalted the crowd as people asked for more. More...

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Bassist, Gábor Ori, Quits Casketgarden

Lead guitarist, Balázs Tóth, of Hungarian metal band, Casketgarden, has issued the following update regarding their bassist, Gábor Ori, quitting the band:

"We regret to say for the fans that after 7 years of playing together out bassist Gábor Ori left the band. That is also our first line-up change since 2001. He quit in friendly way by mutual consent. We would like to thank him also in this way for his great efforts, energy, time and money he put in this band. He was a real character in Casketgarden, I think." More...

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Hacride Reveals New Album, "Lazarus," Details

French metal band, HACRIDE, has released the cover art of their upcoming album "Lazarus." The album is set for an April release on LISTENABLE RECORDS and has the following tracklisting:

1. To Walk Among Them
2. Act of God
3. Lazarus
4. Phenomenon
5. A World of Lies
6. Awakening
7. My Enemy More...

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Eluveitie Posts New Song, "Omnos," Online

Swiss folk metallers, Eluveitie, have posted the first single, "Omnos," off their upcoming folk/acoustic album, "Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion," on their MySpace page. "Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion" is expected to be released on April 10th through Nuclear Blast Records.

Eluveitie is currently on a European tour with Kreator and Caliban. Remaining European tour dates are as follows:

3/10 - Stuttgart, Germany - LKA Longhorn
3/11 - Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof
3/12 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
3/13 - Osnabrück, Germany - Halle Gartlage
3/14 – Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinenhalle

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Skinlab Inks Record Deal With Stand And Deliver

Stand and Deliver Records has issued the following announcement about signing a record deal with Skinlab:

"The dark horse rides again! After a 4 year hiatus Skinlab has inked a deal with Stand and Deliver Records.

"The California based metal band is back in the saddle after a 4 year hiatus, and this time they're pulling out all the stops. The band was formed in 1994, by Singer/bassist Steev Esquivel, former guitarist Mike Roberts and drummer Paul Hopkins.

"Skinlab quickly made a name for itself in the metal scene, with releases such as, Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded, and Revolting Room. In support of these albums the band has toured with the likes of Slayer, Hatebreed, Fear Factory, and Napalm Death.

"They are currently in the studio finishing the final tracks to the new album entitled “The Scars Between Us”. The album is scheduled to hit stores on July 7th, 2009. The band also plans to release a full length DVD. The release date and title of the DVD have not yet been confirmed. More...

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German Dong Open Air Tickets Sell Out In First Day

The 2009 Dong Open Air festival will take place from July 17 - 18 in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany. The official website for the festival has been updated with the following announcement that all tickets have already been sold out:

"Many, many thanks for that great reception of yours! The Dong Open Air 2009 is sold out after exactly 4 hours of pre-sales. We never thought of such a fast thing! We all are happily looking forward to seeing you all in best party-mood in front of our beloved stage on the Dong hill on the 17th and 18th of July!"

The line-up for the show will be as follows: More...

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Terror Syndrome Headlines Vancouver's Brutalfest

Vancouver metallers, Terror Syndrome, have confirmed that they will be headlining Vancouver's Brutalfest. They will be performing at two shows on Saturday, April 18th at the Maritime Labor Center in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Terror Syndrome explains, "We will first headline an All Ages show during the day starting at 2pm. Then we will headline a second show that will be 19+, starting at 7:30pm." More...

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Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Streaming New Video Online

Philadelphia thrashers Rumpelstiltskin Grinder have premiered the video for their song "Nothing Defeats The Skull" through MetalInjection.net. The video comes from their latest album "Living For Death, Destroying The Rest" and can be viewed below. More...

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Rising Dream Announces 2009 Tour With Destruction

Croatia based metal band Rising Dream has issued the following announcement about an upcoming tour alongside Destruction:

"Right after the official beginning of the Failed Tour 2009 in Arsenal Club, Zadar (HR), we're announcing 14 new tour shows!!! Beside the already confirmed headline shows in Exit Chmelnice, Prague (CZ) on March 19th, and Made In Zadar Zagreb edition on April 17th, we proudly present a brand new cooperation with German thrash metal legends – DESTRUCTION!

"Beginning the April 23rd, Rising Dream, together with Destruction (D), Imperious Rex (USA), Methedras (IT) and Figure Of Six (IT) begins a special leg of the Destruction world tour D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.. This leg will occupy 12 new shows in 8 countries! Stay tuned for more local and European club and fest show dates within Failed Tour 2009! See ya soon!!!"

Rising Dream's currently confirmed tour dates this year are as follows:

19.03 "Failed Tour 2009" w Desideria & Calidad - Exit Chmelnice Club - Prague - CZ
17.04 "Made In Zadar" w Postolar Tripper, Alergija & Sexymotherfuckers - TBC - Zagreb - HR
23.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Amalgame Club - Yverdon-les-Bains - CH
24.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Target Club - Bari - IT
25.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Palarockness - Rome - IT
26.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Sonar - Siena - IT
27.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Thunder Road - Pavia - IT
28.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - The Viper Room - Vienna - AT
29.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Randal Club - Bratislava - SK
30.04 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - The Silver Church - Bucharest - RO

01.05 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Blue Box - Sofia - BG
02.05 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Texas Necropolis - Athens - GR
03.05 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - Mylos - Thessaloniki - GR
04.05 "Failed Tour 2009" w Destruction - SKC - Belgrade - SER

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Update Given On Metallica's James Hetfield

msnbc reports:

Organizers say 16,000 fans of the heavy metal group METALLICA had to leave the Stockholm Globe Arena without seeing their heroes perform after lead singer James Hetfield was taken to the hospital.

Spokeswoman Carolina Satterwall says Hetfield caught a stomach bug Sunday and suffered dehydration but left the hospital that evening. He has returned to the United States with the rest of the band. More...

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Megadeth To Headline Golden Gods Awards

Megadeth has been confirmed as the headlining performer at America's first edition of the Golden Gods awards this year which takes place on April 7th at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. Other bands performing that night will be Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, All That Remains and Suicide Silence, plus Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson (AKA DJ Starscream) will be doing a special DJ set. Stay tuned for more details.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says: "Finally a heavy metal award, of the people, by the people, and for the people! This evening's line-up of talent is a heavy metal fan's wet dream! Only Revolver would have the credibility to make our dreams come true with the First Annual Golden Gods Awards. To see Ozzy get a lifetime achievement is long overdue. It is an honor to say, ‘YES! Megadeth will headline!’... I doubt Jethro Tull will be getting an award."

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She Said Destroy Posts "An Age of Leeches" Online

Norway’s She Said Destroy has posted a new song on their MySpace page entitled "An Age of Leeches." The song comes off their latest release entitled, "This City Speaks in Tongues."

The tracklisting for "This City Speaks in Tongues" is as follows:
1. This City Speaks in Tongues
2. We Will Never Learn
3. An Age of Leeches
4. Tea and Toast at the Very End of Time
5. No Zen
6. I Love This Place
7. Consider This a Warning
8. Servitude

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Quo Vadis Announces European Tour Dates

Canadian metal band, Quo Vadis, has announced a European tour. Quo Vadis will be returning to Europe with new members drummer Patrice Hamelin (Martyr), vocalist Trevor Birnie (Annex Theory, Damascus) & Bassist /Keyboardist Roxanne Constantin. The band will perform new music from their upcoming release still in production.

Quo Vadis European tour dates are as follows:

4/03 - Istanbul, Turkey - Kemanci
4/04 - Ankara, Turkey - IF Performance Hall
4/05 - Izmir, Turkey - PUNTA
4/06 - Bucharest, Romania - Live Metal Club
4/07 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Irish Music & Pub
4/08 - Split, Croatia - Kocka
4/10 - Sisak, Croatia - SKWHAT
4/11 - Golbey, France - L'Artiste -
4/12 - Chaulnes, France - Chaulnes Metal Fest at L'OMCSL

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Blaze Bayley Checks In From The Road

Blaze Bayley is currently on the road with his solo band in Europe. A message from the man reads as follows:

"So after a day off we rolled on down to Maddaloni and from there to Salerno. Now, being something of a WW2 historian it was cool to visit Salerno at last. A while ago I was in Anzio doing research on German Special Forces, this time it was just cool to hang out on the beach and drink coffee. We were playing in a bar called Mermaids, which was also a bit of a restaurant. Hmmm... we thought, a little strange. So it was a vocal PA and nothing else. By showtime the place had accumulated a good crowd, but I couldn’t help laughing when I watched Jay headbanging furiously beside a table that was fullo of people eating their dinner. Surreal it may have been, but it was also really cool. The crowd went nuts (almost choking on their Pizzas at the same time). Of course it wasn’t without its problems. We were into the first chorus of 'The Clansman' when Blaze sang ‘I am the Clansm...’ and then silence and darkness; with nothing but drums. Shit... a power cut. Now, although a gig of nothing but drums sounds mighty fine on the surface, there are some strange people that insist on such trivial extra things as guitars, bass and vocals. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.

"Apparently we had blown the main fuse so it took Thompson a few moments to run about like a mad herring and fix it. And then... presto! Back to the ‘Clansm...’

"After Salerno we bumbled along to Roccaforzata and the Go West Saloon. This was another strange one in that it was full of tables and more people eating. Speaking of which we were treated royally for food and drink. We had a massive meal and even Champagne! So we were very happy campers by the time we hit the stage and it was indeed a bloody great gig. The people went ape-shit which was cool. More...

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Panic Cell To Enter The Studio Next Week

Panic Cell are to go into the studio next week to commence production of their 3rd, as yet untitled album.

Work is expected to last March through to the end of May/begining of June with reknowned producer Will Maya (The Answer/Breed 77) at the helm.

The band have been working on new music for the album for the past 8 months and have whittled down the track listing to 11 songs, which in the bands opinion are the best songs the band have written to date. More details will be revealed soon.

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More Bands Added To Sonisphere Festival U.K.

Four more band have been added to the first edition of the Sonisphere Festival in Britain this year in the forms of Anthrax, Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke and Airbourne. The festival will take place at the famous Knebworth Park between August 1st and 2nd.

The lineup is now as follows:

Alice In Chains
Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet For My Valentine
Killing Joke
Lamb Of God
Linkin Park (Headliner)
Machine Head
Metallica (Headliner)
Nine Inch Nails
The Sword
Thin Lizzy

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Slipknot Announces Canadian Tour Dates

Iowa based nine piece Slipknot has announced that they will be heading out to Canada in April for a series of shows. These shows will be the bands first headlining gigs in Canada since the release of their 2004 album, "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses." Frontman Corey Taylor states:

“2009 is the 10 year anniversary of the world’s first taste of this band. To celebrate we are coming back out with a killer tour, a couple great bands and the same ferocity with which we attack life. We want all of our maggots to come and celebrate with us, because if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have been here for 10 years. Get ready for chaos!”

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Alarum to Support Death Angel in Melbourne

In the band's first live appearance since playing at ProgPower Europe in Holland last October alongside bands such as Cynic & Zero Hour, Melbourne prog/thrash/jazz metal band Alarum will be supporting Death Angel and Armored Saint on the bands' Melbourne show at Billboards. Alarum will be onstage at 8:30pm.

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Am I Blood Posts New Song Online

As the mixing of their new album, "Existence of Trauma," is in progress, Am I Blood has posted a new song from the album on their MySpace player. The song is called "Devil Of Your Head." Like the recently released "The Dawn Became Their Pride," this song is also an unmastered and raw-mixed version.

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KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer Gives New Album Update

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer recently spoke with Brazilian fan club KISS Killers Brazil about a number of topics. The subject of the new KISS album can be read below:

KISS Killers Brazil: Tell me about the new album from Kiss. Can you say something about it?
Tommy: "We're in the recording studio right now working. Your gonna love it!"

KISS Killers Brazil: Will you will sing a song in the album?
Tommy: "No plans to."

KISS Killers Brazil: With the release of the album, do you believe that the band would return to Brazil?
Tommy: "I think that's a great idea."

Read the full article at KissKillers.com.

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Anthrax Drummer Discusses New Album, Belladonna

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante recently did an interview with The Quietus.com. Some excerpts from the chat are as follows:

Thequietus.com: The new record Worship Music was scheduled for a May release, is that still going to happen? And what stage are you at?

Charlie Benante: "Well, that was always the plan and it’s possible that it’ll still happen that way, it kind of depends how things go. The drums are done, but the vocal parts and some of the guitar stuff is happening now, and we haven’t mixed it yet. We haven’t decided where it will even be mixed - LA and New York are possible. As far as how it will sound, it will have elements of Spreading The Disease type stuff and some elements of newer stuff like We’ve Come For You All."

Thequietus.com: Joey Belladonna sang on arguably your most commercially successful material. What exactly happened with Joey?

CB: "Honestly, I could name lots of different things on lots of different days but all in all the differences were musical and the direction that Anthrax the band wanted to go and the way Joey wanted were two different things. As far as being in contact with him I am not, but I mean it’s not like Joey doesn’t have all my numbers and everything..."

Read the full article at TheQuietus.com.

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Family Values 2009 Tour To Go Ahead?

Rumours are spreading that Korn will bring back their Family Values tour this year with themselves as headliners. The biggest rumour is that the recently reunited Limp Bizkit will be on the bill as co-headliner. Other names being thrown around include Suicidal Tendencies, Gojira, Serj Tankian, Haste The Day, Incubus and legendary rapper Ice Cube, who appeared on the 1998 edition of the tour.

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Whiplash Reveals "Unborn Again" Release Date

Reunited New Jersey thrash metal group Whiplash has revealed that they will be releasing their new studio album, "Unborn Again" on July 15th through Pulverized Records. The album will also feature a free bonus DVD. Stay tuned for more details.

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Plecto Aliquem Capite Releases New Single Online

Plecto Aliquem Capite from Sri Lanka has releases "Rewards Of Seeking Wisdom," online.

Deranged front-man Buddhika Karunasekara of Plecto comments; "This track is about Depression and Loneliness, what we perceive as the rewards of seeking wisdom."

The two offerings, "Rewards Of Seeking Wisdom" by Plecto Aliquem Capite and "Morbid Consciousness" by Yhdarl, are be featured on the split release that is set to be distributed via The SLUM Records and Hela Distributions And Promotions in the near future.

"Rewards Of Seeking Wisdom" is available to the public at the band's Myspace Page.

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