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Metal News for March 5, 2011

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Deathember to Record New Songs

Swedish metal act Deathember has checked in with the following update:

"We've also decided to hit the studio again late summer, to record 6!! new songs! It's gonna be crazy.

"We also got gigs pretty much every weekend around Stockholm, and we're
trying to plan a tour in Sweden / Denmark for this summer!"

For more information, check out the band's MySpace and Facebook.

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Bersererfox Announces New Live Dates

BerserkerfoX, who recently signed to Deadsets Promotions for touring/promotion, has announce some new live dates. To first announced that they'll be playing at Club LED, Newcastle on March 25th, and supporting WHIPLASH festival on March 26th at the Valve Bar, Tempe.

BerserkerfoX has also been added to the Skull & Bones Festival 2011 Lineup. Skull And Bones Festival is an all Australian metal touring metal festival. The Sydney show is all-ages this year and features:


The Show will be in Katoomba at Hotel Gearin on friday March 11 (18+ I.D. required) and in Sydney at The Factory Theatre Saturday March 12th.

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Dark Age Posts 3rd Making of "Acedia" Video

German melodic death outfit Dark Age has posted their third 'making of' video that was taken while they were recoding their last full length "Acedia" (reviewed here). You can find the second 'making of' video here.

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Al Jourgensen of Ministry Clarifies Chicago Event

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, Ministry and KMFDM will not be appearing at the Wax Trax! Records "Retrospectacle" in Chicago on April 15 and 16. The joint statement by Al Jourgensen And Sascha Konietzko (of KMFDM) is as follows:

This statement is being released in an effort to clarify the many concerns that have been expressed directly to us by our friends, fans, supporters and the media in regards to the Wax Trax! Records "Retrospectacle" being held in Chicago, IL, at the Metro on April 15 and 16, 2011.

We both wish to avoid any misunderstandings, miscommunication and misrepresentations regarding this event. To that effect we formally announce that the bands Ministry, KMFDM and Revolting Cocks will NOT be attending or performing at this event. Al Jourgensen was NEVER asked to participate, and Sascha Konietzko's (and KMFDM's) desire to participate and perform was DECLINED by the event organizers.

However, while we are both in no way associated with this event, we want to make it clear that we DO support the good works of the charity involved and honor the memory of Wax Trax! founders Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher.

Sincerely, AL JOURGENSEN, Founder & Leader of Ministry/RevCo (Revolting Cocks) and SASCHA KONIETZKO, Founder & Leader of KMFDM

Additionally please NOTE: The announcement that the film FIX: The Ministry Movie will be screened at the Chicago Music & Film Festival during the same time period as Retrospectacle is pre-mature and potentially false. Neither the proposed film nor the deals surrounding it have been finalized. For all official announcements and updates regarding FIX please refer to the 13th Planet Records Website (www.thirteenthplanet.com) or the Official Ministry Website (www.ministrymusic.org).

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Just For Fun

Iron Maiden Wearing Icarus Witch T-Shirts

Jason Myers, bassist and keyboardist for Pittsburgh-based trad-metal outfit Icarus Witch, recently posted a fun story about how Nicko McBrain had been spotted wearing Icarus Witch shirts in Iron Maiden photos. The first bits of the post are blockquoted here - for the full story, pictures of Iron Maiden in Icarus Witch T-Shirts and all things Icarus Witch, head on over to Icarus Witch's Facebook page.

In 2008, a friend of mine emailed me and said "Dude, how'd you get Nicko McBrain to where an Icarus Witch shirt?" I laughed. Honestly, have no idea how he got his shirt. But it appeared first in a spread in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine.

Shortly after, I was browsing the magazine section and noticed the June 2008 issue of Metal Edge magazine had Maiden on the cover. Nicko, once again sporting his Witch "True Pittsburgh Metal" T.

Unfortunately, he has his arms crossed in both pics, leading me to assume that either: A) Maiden also has a "No other band T-Shirts in our promo photos" rule and Steve reamed him out. or B) It was really cold in the photo studio that day. Haha. Either way, I've since noticed lots of photos of Nicko and this is a common pose for him in pix, so I'll assume the best.

The story continues at Icarus Witch's Facebook page....

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U.D.O. Reveals "Leatherhead" Track List & Art

Venerable rocker Udo Dirkschneider and his eponymous band U.D.O. have revealed the track listing and cover art for the new single, "Leatherhead." It features the title track, a couple video clips and a few other choice cuts. This single is set to be released on April 8, 2011, and is a follow up to 2009's full length "Dominator" (reviewed here). You can check the cover art out at U.D.O.'s MySpace Page.

LeadtherHead Track Listing
1. Leatherhead
2. Rock 'n'Roll Soldiers (album track)
3. Free Or Rebellion (non-album track)
4. Run! (non-album track)
5. Jingle Balls (Videoclip)
6. Leatherhead (Videoclip)

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Rex Brown Forms New Band With Vinny Appice

Down bass player Rex Brown, who is also a former member of Texas based heavy metal legends Pantera, has revealed that he has formed a new band with Vinny Appice, the former drummer for Black Sabbth/Heaven & Hell and Dio and guitarist Mark Zavon, who has been a member of Ratt and W.A.S.P. amongst others. Also in the band is lead singer Dewey Bragg. The band has described their sound as a mixture of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Alice In Chains and plan to begin recording music shortly.

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Dew Scented Announces Upcoming Live Shows

Dew Scented has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming live appearances and working on new material:

"Hey Thrashers! Dew-Scented has returned home from a loooooong but also very successful European tour supporting Nile! 19 countries, thousands of KM’s to travel, many new experiences made along the way and almost a 'hometown' show as last date in Hannover / Germany made an ending with style! We would like to thank our bus comrades of Zonaria and Darkrise for the good time as well as Melechesh and the almighty Nile for the intense weeks we managed to spend together on the road!

"Also, big thanks to the amazing Massive crew, our tour-soundtech Murph as well as the busdrivers (Rudi & Maren) and merchandisers (Darek & Rob) for the good atmosphere during these last weeks! Special thanks to all old friends we met and to all new friends we made on this tour as well as to all the people that came out to enjoy & support all the five bands at the shows! Very special thanks to Michi of Holy Moses for the help as second guitarist for this tour – You rule!

"Make sure to read the daily tour diary we kept via our Facebook page and check out some cool shots of the crowd/s there too… We had looked forward to play Rocktower festival in Lübeck / Germany on the Easter weekend as next show with Dew-Scented but unfortunately the festival got completely canceled all-together so that’s no longer gonna happen! More...

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Zushakon Announces More Lineup Changes

After previously announcing the recruitment of a new drummer, Zushakon has now issued the following update about more lineup additions:

"Zushakon welcomes the return of co founder Armaros in it's mighty ranks & also joining Zushakon are local underground stalwarts - Tremor (from Sihir, formerly from Cardiac Necropsy & Impiety), the Legendary Mike Priest (from Absence of the Sacred & Blood Division, former axeman for Impiety) & Belial Hatehammer."

The band's current lineup is as follows:

Armaros: Guitars
Belial Hatehammer: Drums
Imperator: Vocals
Mike Priest: Backing Vocals/Bass
Tremor: Guitars

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Insision Issues EP Update

Insision has issued the following update about the band's upcoming "End of All" EP:

"We are proud to announce that the cover and booklet for our upcoming EP 'End Of All' is almost done. The master of brutal covers/artwork is Toshihiro Egawa, who also have made covers/artwork for our brothers in Lividity, Dying Fetus, Mass Infection, Beheaded, and Devourment to name a few.

"Toshihiro has done an great job with 'End Of All.' Also our friend Fredrik Lindgren/Blackened Media has put down a huge and amazing effort in the booklet layout. 'End Of All' is the first release out of two on Sevared Records and everything has gone smoothly from the recording to getting the cover and booklet done.

"We are very eager to release 'End Of All.' Also to start working on new material for the next yet untitled full length album. We keep on doing this music for all the loyal brutal death metal fanatics around the world."

The band also recently posted a new song online from the upcoming EP, as well as uploaded a teaser trailer that can be found here.

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Barren Earth Gets Tattoos And Lets The Bus Burn

Finland's Barren Earth has checked in with the following 14th part of the band's North American road report, which again includes ever more bus problems:

"On Saturday morning we arrived in Manhattan, New York. We parked in front of the venue, the Gramercy Theater, only to find that the evening’s headliners were billed as Flinntroll. Perhaps Gramercy Theatre was expecting to host the Flinnish Metal Tour?

"Another prestigious city and venue, the New York gig stood out as one of the more memorable shows of the tour. An extremely supportive audience with people singing along to the lyrics, and in some cases even along to the guitar solos, made us feel right at home.

"After New York we drove a bit norther up to Worcester, Massachusetts, where we played at the Palladium. The Palladium has two venues, a small one and a big one. This package of ours was booked to the smaller one. In retrospect this was perhaps a mistake, since the show was sold out, and there were loads of people left without a ticket. The people who did get in proved to be the most energetic crowd so far.

"As has been established in this diary earlier, this trip has left little room for watersports of any kind. Yet in Worcester the gig proved to be a complete diving and surfing feast. Stage-diving and crowd-surfing, that is. Even though we have had the occasional mosh pit during some performances, this is an activity mainly reserved for the other bands on the bill, since our music has lots of mid-paced and lighter moments. But this didn’t seem to hinder the Worcestrians, to whom our gig was the perfect excuse for incessant stage-diving and crowd-surfing. Even in the quieter moments, there seemed to be an ever-flowing stream of enthusiasts surfing towards the stage, from where they then proceeded to stage-dive back to the audience. Bizarre, but a lot of fun, and a particularly high-level energy gig for us. Surfin’ USA, indeed.

"After Worcester, we were to be moving southwards for the remaining 4 dates. After having played a gig per day for two weeks, it was time for a well-deserved day off. On Monday morning, as we had just arrived in Philadelphia, we heard for the umpteenth time that there had been trouble with (surprise, surprise) the bus. Luckily for us, it was the other bus. During the night, the passengers had been awakened to the shouts of ‘The engine is on fire! Get out of the bus!’ Indeed, the motor had caught fire, the fire department and police were there, things had been chaotic, and they had been stranded at some gas station. On Monday morning they were still somewhere in Massachusetts. More...

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Wolvhammer and The Atlas Moth Touring To SXSW

Minneapolis, MN's WOLVHAMMER have just announced a string of March dates with brothers of the sonic cloth THE ATLAS MOTH. This series of live shows will take them down this year's edition of the SXSW Music Conference, where WOLVHAMMER will be appearing at a Brooklyn Vegan/Profound Lore day party as well as the official Profound Lore label showcase. This run will see the band sharing stages with the aforementioned The Atlas Moth as well as Howl, KEN Mode, Tombs, Dark Castle, Deafheaven, The Body, Batillus, Grayceon, Castavet, Altaar, and Slough Feg.

Wolvhammer's latest release, "Black Marketeers of WWIII," was released by Init Records.

Here are the latest Wolvhammer tour dates:

3.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock w/ The Atlas Moth
3.12 - La Crosse, WI - Warehouse w/ The Atlas Moth
3.13 - Milwauke, WI - Mad Planet w/ The Atlas Moth
3.14 - Indianapolis, IN - Melody Inn w/ The Atlas Moth
3.15 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone w/ The Atlas Moth and Howl
3.16 - TBA
3.17 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
3.19 - Austin, TX - Lovejoy's as part of Brooklyn Vegan/Profound Lore SXSW Free Day Party w/ Tombs, Dark Castle, Deafheaven, The Body, Batillus, Grayceon, Castavet, Altaar
3.19 - Austin, TX - Valhalla as part of Profound Lore's Official SXSW Showcase w/ Slough Feg, KEN Mode, Grayceon, Castavet, Bruce Lamont, Altaar
3.20 - Lawrence, KS - The Jackpot Saloon w/ KEN Mode
3.21 - Chicago, IL - The Double Door Basement

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