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Metal News for March 30, 2011

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Legend Posts New Song Online

Deathcore/Djent act Legend has posted a new song online for streaming. You can check out the song "Shut Down" in the player below. "Shut Down" is taken from the album "The Pale Horse" which is set to hit store shelves on May 17, 2011 through Rise Records.

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SXSW Music 2011 Day 3: Part 1

Friday, March 18th marked day three of SXSW Music. I attended the afternoon session entitled “Writing About Music in the Twenty Tens,” as it sounded like a great fit for what we do here. It was actually more geared toward the individual writer, but was applicable nonetheless. The panel of speakers had some prepared questions and discussed the need to learn multimedia and how writing professionally is a skill set in itself. Some of the examples about the latter were particularly interesting - writers get asked to do a wide range of things and the thinking is that rising to the challenge makes you a better writer. They also talked about saving your articles so that over time you’ll have enough material for a book or some sort, and discussed self publishing vs a book deal and how to find a good agent who works with your topic/kind of book (and recommended agentquery.com for searches).

There were two big day shows to choose from on this day: The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival at SXSW and MetalSucks’ “South by South Death.” I had planned to stop by the NEMHF before heading to the MetalSucks event. The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was being held across the street from Emo’s in a tent. Being highly visible on the main strip, and featuring more well known bands, it was already packed and there was a line to get in - no special treatment for having a badge even. That made it a no-brainer to walk a block down the street to Headhunters to check out the MetalSucks event.

When I arrived, it had yet to start, but Meek Is Murder was setting up just minutes later. The main floor of Headhunters is not very big, especially if you don’t count the stage, sound board, and bar. I’d guess there’s about 15’ x 25’ of usable floor space. Meek Is Murder began playing to the dozen or so people there at the time. Their sound lies somewhere under the progressive hardcore umbrella. I liked the more progressive parts, as well as the occasional cool riff or groove, but was not a big fan of the screamy hardcore parts. But it was still an enjoyable half hour set anyway. More...

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Midnattsol Announces Album International Releases

Midnattsol has announced the following international release dates for "The Metamorphosis Melody:"

20/04/2011 - Spain | Finland | Sweden
22/04/2011 - Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Belgium | Netherlands | Luxembourg | Italy
25/04/2011 - Europe
03/05/2011 - USA | Canada
25/05/2011 - Japan

You can also check out the second teaser trailer for the album below.

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Xerath Posts Michael Jackson Cover Song

Xerath has posted a cover of the Michael Jackson song "Speed Demon" online, which can be heard in the clip below. Xerath's new album "II" is set for release on April 25th through Candlelight Records.

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Annex Theory Posts "Beneath The Skin" Art

Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Annex Theory, which features in its ranks former Quo Vadis vocalist Trevor Birnie, has revealed the artwork for its upcoming debut EP, “Beneath The Skin.” The art was designed by drummer Adam Jefkins and can be viewed after the jump. The band has also announced a Canadian tour supporting Laika. Guitarist Sam Jacobs comments:

"Touring was something we had planned on doing from day one, so it’s an incredible feeling to finally have the chance to hit the road! We want to thank the guys in Laika for throwing us on this tour, it’s a great chance for us to start spreading the word and show people what Annex Theory is all about! It’s gonna be one hell of a time."

Confirmed dates are as follows:

August 11th - Winnipeg, Manitoba - The Royal Albert Arms
August 12th - Thunder Bay, Ontario - Kilroy's
August 14th - Toronto, Ontario - Blue Moon
August 15th - Windsor, Ontario - Coach and horses
August 17th - Montreal, Quebec - Katacombes
August 20th - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Coconut Grove
August 23th - Quebec City, Quebec - Bar Octobre
August 24th - Ottawa, Ontario - Cafe Dekcuf
August 25th - Sault ste. Marie, Ontario - The Rosie
August 27th - Thunder Bay, Ontario - Kilroy's - FINAL DAY More...

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Septicflesh Posts Fifth Studio Update

Greek act Septicflesh will be releasing "The Great Mass" on April 18th, 2011. The band has now checked in with a fifth studio report, which was conducted by Hard Rock Mag editor Sven Letourneur. The studio report can be read below, or you can check out Metalunderground.com's review of the new album here.

Sven: You left Peter Tägtgren work alone for a few days, how long did he work on the mix? Did he send you some tests regularly or just one final pre-mix to have your opinion before applying your changes? When you heard the first results of the mixing done by Peter, what was your opinion about it? Were there a lot of things to be changed? Is the final result close to what you had in your minds?

Sotiris (guitars / vocals): After a period of 5 days, Peter presented us his first pre-mix of the songs. It was his suggestion for the "skeleton" of the album, focusing on drums-bass-guitars. In this pre-mix, there were no vocals, as he wanted to focus on them after the decisions about the basic sound field were taken. On this mix the orchestral parts had a more general balance. That didn't work for all the songs as on the new album we experimented with different structures, using different combinations of instruments and dynamics from song to song. On the other hand, when we listened to it, we were very pleased, as the guitars were sharp and extremely heavy and the grooves of the bass and drums were sounding so damn powerful. Our suggestions were mostly focused on the orchestral parts, as it was obvious that the metal instruments were exactly as we wanted them to be.

Sven: After some remarks, Peter did a second mix with all your ideas taken into account. How did you feel when hearing this second test? Did you feel you were close to the perfect result? Is there a third mix already done?

Fotis (drums): Yes, there is a third mix already... The good thing about Peter is that even if he is who he is and has so many years of experience, he is always open to any suggestions and ideas. We had a great time working together and I believe that both sides are happy with the result of this album.

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Oathbreaker Signs To Deathwish

Deathwish Inc. has issued the following statement about releasing "Mælstrøm" by Oathbreaker:

"Oathbreaker are a brutal Punk/Metal band from Ghent, Belgium. To outsiders, Belgium is a country rich in cultural diversity and history. However to its residents it is also a country of crime, corruption, and political incompetence. For the Ghent based Oathbreaker, the festering blood that surfaces from these social cracks and fissures burns as fuel for their creative engine.

"After their formation in early 2008, Oathbreaker released a debut 7" EP on the British label Thirty Days Of Night Records. The release was well received by many worldwide and propelled the band to tour Europe. There they shared stages with Entombed, Amen Ra (whom they share a member with), Blacklisted, Trap Them, and more. There they honed their craft, developing into one of the most interesting metallic bands out there today.

"Deathwish are proud to announce the release of 'Mælstrøm,' the new album from Oathbreaker. Recorded in Belgium by Michael Neyt and Lander Cluyse, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge), and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan), 'Mælstrøm' is a swirling mix of Metal, Punk, and Hardcore destruction.

"Similarities in Oathbreaker's ferocity to bands like Cursed, Rise And Fall, and From Ashes Rise are apparent, but merely a flash point for them. Opener 'Origin' strikes hard of the gate, crashing down with swirling guitars, thunderous drumming, and vicious vocal stylings. From there, Oathbreaker push the limits of brutal with 'Hierophant,' a crushing mid paced masterpiece infected with a 'Wolverine Blues' spirit. While songs 'Thoth' and 'Glimpse Of The Unseen' carry a Doom Metal like candor that would even make Tom G. Warrior proud. Song after song, the chaos ensues within the Oathbreaker vortex as they explore all shades of heavy. Then, as suddenly as their rage appeared on the horizon, it recedes to reveal the album's mesmerizing title track 'Mælstrøm.' A dark acoustic passage that shows Oathbreaker's ability to not only unleash a fury, but control the musical super storm within.

"Without question, Oathbreaker's 'Mælstrøm' is one of the best debut albums we've ever heard, and we trust you'll feel the same way. A release date and specifics will be released soon via Deathwish." More...

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Norther Posts New Album Teaser Track

Norther has posted online a teaser medley track containing snippets from the band's upcoming album "Circle Regenerated." You can check out the teaser song by heading over to the Norther Facebook page at this location. "Circle Regenerated" is due out in April and the cover artwork can be viewed below.


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Wormrot Offering "Dirge" As Free Download

Singapore grindcore act Wormrot and Earache Records are currently offering the band's "Dirge" album as a free download. The 25 track album can be downloaded for free at this location. "Dirge" is set for release on May 3rd in North American and May 23rd in Europe. The band and label stated they decided to give the fans what they want and spare them the possibility of downloading viruses and malware from untrusted websites by offering a free MP3 download of the complete album.

Wormrot also commented:

"We realized that all you grinders were so excited for more 'Abuse' with Dirge that it's leaked, so we said 'what the fuck, here it is' - for you free in MP3 format to download right now. Get a t-shirt while you're at it you fucking cheapskates! Nabey cheebai!"

The download is a 40MB ZIP file, containing all 25 tracks in 320kbps MP3 format. All tracks are DRM free. The music video for "Spot a Pathetic" is also available at this location.

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Cypherseer Comments On Show With Overkill

Cypherseeer has announced that the band will be playing at the Best Buy Theater in New York City on April 16th with Overkill. Also on the bill are Accept and Sabaton. Cypherseer's new album "Origins" comes out four days earlier on April 12th via Nightmare Band founder Sergio Ribeiro spoke about playing with live with Overkill:

"Playing with Overkill (our fellow Jersians) is an absolute honor! We are all huge Overkill fans and I can personally tell you, that I have never missed a show when they are in the neighborhood, so for us to be in the same bill as them, is a dream come true. It's going to be a brutally epic show."

Cypherseer's video for the song "Dying Force" can also be viewed below.

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Conducting From The Grave Posts Music Video

Sacramento's Conducting From The Grave recently finished a run of shows on the “Spread The Venom Tour” alongside Kataklysm, All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth, and Abysmal Dawn. The band has now posted a music video online for the song "Her Poisoned Tongues," which can be viewed below.

John Abernathy (guitars) states: “Our tour with Kataklysm, All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth and Abysmal Dawn just ended in Montreal and this was by far the best tour we have ever done. The shows were all amazing, especially the five Canadian dates.

“The video for 'Her Poisoned Tongues' was shot at a local Sacramento area club that we play fairly often called The Boardwalk. We went with director Will DaRosa because we saw some of his work with our friends in Havenside and Hoods. We chose the song because we wanted to do a live music video to showcase our live performance and that song has the gang vocal part at the end, thus making it the best candidate for a wild live show. We also wanted our local fans to have a chance to be seen in the video, and a lot of them definitely are since there were non-stop stage dives during the shoot. It was one of the most intense shows we've ever played for sure, and we want to thank all the fans that came out and supported us. We hope you enjoy it.”

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Across The Sun To Tour With The Human Abstract

The Human Abstracted has announced a headlining run this spring called the "Pull Me From The Gallows" tour. Support will come from Across the Sun, Scale the Summit, This or the Apocalypse, Letlive, and No Bragging Rights.

Across the Sun will be on the first half of the tour, specifically May 13th – May 30th. The band's "Before the Night Takes Us" was released on March 15th, 2011. The single "Tipping The Scales" can be heard now at the Across the Sun Facebook page here.

The dates are as follows: More...

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Pain Of Salvation Posts "Where It Hurts" Video

Currently working on the final details for the "Road Salt Two" release and freshly returned from a successful trip to India, Pain of Salvation is now debuting a video clip for the song "Where It Hurts" (off "Road Salt One"). You can check out the edited version of the video below (the original has already been removed by YouTube).

Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw elaborates about the clip as follows:

"Finally the video for Where it Hurts is officially released! I have longed for this moment for months. With Road Salt I decided from the start to be insanely brave - always going where the music and lyrics would take us and never hesitate or consider the consequences. This approach was very dominant already when we first started taking photos for the album. I found myself in situations I had never expected to find myself in - we dressed in skirts, waded knee-deep in ice cold lakes, lying in freezing and maggot filled swamp water, making out with relatives in front of the camera - the whole three day shoot ending with a huge bonfire where we played acoustic music and burned furniture long into the cold Swedish night. More...

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Leaves' Eyes Posts "Meredead" Tour Trailer

Leaves' Eyes has posted a teaser trailer online for the upcoming release of the "Meredead" album and the tour dates in support of the release. You can check out the trailer below. "Meredead" is set for release on April 22nd, 2011.

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Darkness By Oath Issues Recording Update

Spain's Darkness by Oath previously announced the band's upcoming album will be titled "Near Death Experience." The band has now checked in with the following update on the recording process:

"Maybe some of you were wondering about what's going on with the DBO guys, so now it's time to inform you about our current activities. The band entered Auryn Studios some weeks ago to record the third full length album, that will be released hopefully by the end of 2011.

"The 'Near Death Experience' sessions have already started, and by this time we have some of the work done. All the drums are finished by now, and the guitars are being recorded as you read this. Alain, Tris and Asier have been working hard on the drum stuff in order to improve the sound and dynamics of the drum section. We wanted to improve the previous albums' drum sound somehow and we think that we've got it.

"Regarding guitars, 6 songs are done already and another 4 to go. Tris and Alain have written some cool riffs, melodies and arrangements for this album we can tell you, and we're quite sure you'll like them a lot. As far as Tris said today, the recording is going smoothly and will end in about a week or so.

"Next to record will be Gorka on bass, and last but not least, Aritz on vocals. Almost all the lyrics are finished too (Aritz took care of them mostly, with some help from Alain and Asier), and the artwork is also in progress, as we've stated previously. Well, all this sums up what we've been up to lately. We'll keep you updated about how the rest of recording is going."

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Pegazus Posts Final Sample From New Album

Pegazus will be releasing the new album "In Metal We Trust" on April 15th, 2011. Over the last few weeks the band has been posting sample tracks online from the album. The final sample, a cover of the Judas Priest song "Metal Gods," is now available for streaming through the Pegazus MySpace page here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Metal Messiah
2. Road Warrior
3. Old Skool Metal Dayz
4. We Live To Rock
5. Haunting Me
6. Eye For An Eye
7. Ghost Rider
8. Metal Gods
9. End Of The World
10. Death Or Glory
11. Old Skool Metal Dayz

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Full Blown Chaos Postpones Tour

Due to unforeseen circumstance the Full Blown Chaos European headlining tour has been postponed until October. A statement from the band's publicist indicated he tour is only postponed, however, and not canceled. Full Blown Chaos is currently lining up new European tour dates to support the band's self-titled album on Ironclad Recordings this fall.

Full Blown Chaos frontman Ray Mazzola had the following to say about the postponement:

"It is with deep regret that we must postpone our Spring tour of Europe. It is beyond our control at this time and we are currently rebooking the tour for the Fall. We apologize to all of our friends and fans. We will make up this cancellation with a super strong package and more dates than previously booked. A schedule will be posted very soon. Once again we apologize for rescheduling our tour."

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Morbid Angel Reveals New Album Artwork

American death metal legends Morbid Angel has revealed the front cover artwork for their forthcoming new studio album, "Illud Divinum Insanus." You can check it out below. The album will be the band's first record since 2003 and will be released through Season of Mist Records on June 7th in North America, with an international release date of June 6th.

Speaking on the artwork, designer Gustavo Sazes stated: "To create this cover we worked from several references, ideas, elements, and I would say a 'world' of options and paths. After a long brainstorming period and some [good and bad] ideas left behind we came up with the concept of this organic surreal insane being; a fallen God or a weird mirror image of our own madness. It is a different Morbid Angel cover for sure, but I think that's how Morbid Angel is... Deviant and different on each new release. They never repeat themselves. They are always pushing the boundaries and setting new standards. I'm really proud of the final results and hope the fans appreciate my work, while listening to the new album!" More...

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More Bands Confirmed For Hard Rock Hell V

The organisers of Britain's Hard Rock Hell festival has announced three more bands for this year's edition of the event. New Wave of British Heavy metal champions Tygers Of Pan Tang will be performing, as will their fellow NWOBHM comrades Girlschool, along with the also newly confirmed Magnum. The festival will take place from December 2nd-4th at Pontins in Prestatyn, North Wales and features the following lineup:

Black Spiders
Dan Baird
Little Caesar
Reckless Love
Tygers Of Pan Tang

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Ancient VVisdom to Release Debut Album

Ancient VVisdom will release its debut full-length recording "A Godlike Inferno" through Shinebox Records on June 7th. "A Godlike Inferno" follows their 12" LP split with Charles Manson (thee Charles Manson).

For the recording of "A Godlike Inferno," Ancient VVisdom enlisted additional instrumentation by Alex Hughes (Hatred Surge, Iron Age) on bowed stand-up bass, Wade Allison (Iron Age) on "machete percussion" and guest guitar, Chase VVarlow on bamboo percussion and Jason Buntz (engineer and co-producer) on select guitar and synth.

Forming in 2009 in Austin, Texas, Ancient VVisdom consists of Integrity members Nathan Opposition and Michale Jochum and Iron Age bassist Justin Mason. Front man Nathan Opposition describes the band's sound as, "...devil's blues, folk, and rock n roll. Chaos and control. Phantasy and reality. Life and death...the evolution of Satan's influence on modern pop culture. We are the beginning of nothing. We are the end of everything."

The track listing for "A Godlike Inferno" is as follows:

1.) Alter Reality
2.) The Opposition
3.) Necessary Evil
4.) Forever Tonight
5.) Lost Civilization
6.) Devil Brain
7.) World of Flesh
8.) Children of the Wasteland

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Asking Alexandria Experiences Problems In Seattle

Several hours ago Asking Alexandria posted the following statement on the band's Facebook page:

"We are so sorry Seattle. We will make this right. Once Danny wakes up from his nightmare that was tonight, he will face the music. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us through all of it and joined us on stage to keep the spirit alive. Forgive us Seattle. We will make this right."

The band then followed that message with this statement:

"We are NOT breaking up and we are all still 5 united brothers in this together. Tomorrow Danny will speak for himself to all of you about what happened tonight in Seattle. We love you guys, you are the best fans in the world!"

Although the band didn't specifically state what caused the problem, vocalist Danny Worsnop has now updated his Twitter account with the following string of messages (condensed into one paragraph here):

"I'm a fucking idiot. I should never blame my actions on my relapses but tonight made me realize I have a problem. I for the first time in my life want to fix myself. I now know what regret is! I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully I grow to have some sort of compassion to myself, I live for self destruction and that's wrong. Nothing changes when you're killing yourself with poison. I love you all. And I hope you can forgive me. I officially am quitting drugs and getting drunk here and now. I want to clean up and sort my fuxking life out. I'll never stop hating myself until I stop killing myself. Thank you all for standing by me. If any R&R shows get canceled, I'm away fixing Myself. I hope you understand."

Additional details on this story, and any additional announcements from the band, will be announced as they are made available. In the mean time, you can also check out the band performing on the Daily Habit at this location.

Updated: Here's a video from the show (it's gets better after the first minute or so) - props to our reader "meask": More...

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Amebix Posts "Sonic Mass" Studio Report

Amebix has announced that the band's new album will be titled "Sonic Mass," and the release will be the first full-length from the act since 1987. The band has now checked in with a video report from the studio, which can be viewed below.

Sonic Mass studio report

AMEBIX Official site | Myspace Music Videos

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The Cleansing To Play Metal Royal Fest

Denmark's The Cleansing has issued the following update about performing at the upcoming Metal Royal Festival:

"Just wanted to remind you all that we will be playing this Friday (1st of April) in Århus, Denmark at this years Metal Royal Fest!

"We are very proud to be sharing the stage with a lot of great metal bands, such as Malevolent Creation, Hail of Bullets, Obituary, Grave, Artillery, Exmortem and The Burning just to mention a few! We will be playing at 20:00 PM so be sure to be there in time! Hope to see you there!"

The Cleansing also recently announced the title of its new album will be "Feeding the Inevitable." The cover artwork and track listing for the album are both available here.

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Asbel Announces New Lineup

Colombian metal act Asbel has recruited new live session musicians to round out the band's lineup for 2011. The currently announced complete lineup is as follows:

Asbel - All Voices, Guitars
Astarte Baalit - Lead Guitars
Draugnazgul - Drums, Backing Vocals
Unholy - Bass

Asbel has also announced an upcoming split release with Cantus Soturnus, with details available here. Asbel's music can also be heard at this location.

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Claws Posts Unreleased Track Online

Finnish act Claws has made a previously unreleased song titled "Pestilent Scavenger" available online for streaming. The band commented on the track:

"Pestilent Scavenger was originally recorded for Relapse Records Underground Death Metal 7" Series. Time passed by and the next thing I knew was that Cyclone Empire Records was about to release the 7" Series but nothing came of that either so I decided to post the Claws track here on MySpace. Enjoy!"

You can check out the song by navigating over to the band's official MySpace page here.

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Mourning Caress Recruits New Guitarist

Mourning Caress has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist:

"Dear caressing mourners,

"We finally found a new guitarist and can officially call ourselves a five-piece again. The new guy is called Wolfgang 'Sandman' Sander, a skilled guitar player and insane metalhead.

"He joined the band directly after the recordings of the new album were completed. So you naturally can't hear him on the new output. In the meantime he got introduced to our friends and families on a very intimate and private gig we played in our rehearsal room some weeks ago. It was a blast! Please check our new facebook site for some pictures of the event.

"We're also happy to unveil the title of our third album: 'Deep Wounds. Bright Scars.' As mentioned above the recordings are done and we are now facing the mixing stage, the mastering is due in April or May. Once this all is finished we need to find a suitable label to release 'Deep Wounds. Bright Scars.' The result is sure enough a heavy and very intensive yet melancholic piece of metal which makes us proud to the bone. We can't wait to share the first songs with you, it's only a matter of time..." More...

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Headline News

Disfear Bassist Passes Away

Henrik Frykman, the bass player of Disfear, who joined the band in 1990 when the group was still known as Anti-Bofors, has passed away as a result of a longtime battle with cancer. A message from his bandmates Björn Pettersson, Marcus Andersson, Ulf Cederlund and Tomas Lindberg, reads as follows:

"It is with heavy hearts we inform you that on Friday, the 25th of March, Henrik Frykman passed away in his home after a long battle with cancer. Henrik will be greatly missed by family and friends."

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Interview With Jorg Michael Of Stratovarius

Through strife and hardship, one of Finland's legends has survived and thrived to be more powerful than ever. Stratovarius recently unleashed "Elysium" to the delight of fans and critics everywhere. And even though the band has been touring relentlessly for it already, Stratovarius isn't even close to being done; with the group still traveling to South America next month. I caught up with drummer Jorg Michael to talk about the new album, his own health, and the environment. More...

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Architects Posts New Music Video Online

British metalcore outfit Architects has posted a new music video online for the song, "Heartburn." You can check it out below. The song comes from the group's latest studio album, "The Here And Now," which is available now through Century Media Records.

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Cannibal Corpse Guitarist To Tour With Slayer

Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien will fill in for Exodus' Gary Holt when Holt leaves the SLAYER European tour to play with his own band Exodus at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile on April 4. Holt has been filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman since the tour kicked off February 26 in Australia.

Holt's last show with Slayer will be April 4 in Padova, Italy; O'Brien will join the band for the April 6 show in Croatia, and will finish the European dates with Slayer that wrap up on April 14 in Holland.

Hanneman has amazed his doctors with his speedy recovery from an infection thought to have been caused by a spider bite. Following surgery on his right arm, he continues his physical therapy and has already been practicing with his guitar.

The band's remaining tour dates are as follows: More...

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Devildriver Bassist Quits The Band

Devildriver bass player Jonathan Miller has announced that he has decided to leave the band after nine years. A message from miller reads as follows:

"I just wanted to thank all of the DevilDriver fans around the world for their die-hard love and support for the past 9 years. Yesterday, I decided to leave DevilDriver. It was the most difficult decision of my life but it is something that I needed to do for myself. I had the best times of my life hanging out with all of you guys but it is time for me to move on. Much love to everyone."

Devildriver released their new album, "Beast," earlier this year and is set to head out on tour with Danzig and 2Cents in April.

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The Wolves Of Avalon Reveal New Album Tracklisting

U.K. metal act The Wolves Of Avalon has revealed the tracklisting for its forthcoming full length album "Carrion Crows Over Camlan." "Carrion Crows Over Camlan" is expected to see its release on April 22, 2011 through Godreah Records. You can view the album's tracklisting below.

1. Intro - This Mighty Isle
2. The Wolves Of Avalon
3. Enchanted Spirits Of Warriors Slain
4. Lost Gods We Call On You
5. British Tribes Unite
6. The War Song Of Beli Mawr
7. The Siege Of Badon Hill
8. The Last Druid
9. Carrion Crows Over Camlan
10. Britain Is Fallen
11. Ravens Over Dumonia
12. Song Of The Graves

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Implode Posts Debut Music Video Online

Swedish metal act Implode has posted its debut music video online. The video was shot for the track "No Limitations" and can be streamed in the player below.

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Critical Solution Reveals New EP Tracklisting

Critical Solution has revealed the tracklisting for its upcoming EP "Evidence Of Things Unseen." The new five-track EP was recorded at Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train studios in Varberg, Sweden. You can view the EP's tracklisting below.

1. Dead Man Walkin'
2. Sad Hill
3. Crime Of Passion
4. Seek And Destroy (Metallica cover featuring Andy La Rocque)
5. War Machine

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Dripback Reveals Debut EP Tracklisting

U.K. hardcore act Dripback has revealed the tracklisting for its debut EP "Inhaling The Ashes." "Inhaling The Ashes" is set to be released on June 6, 2011 through Siege Of Amida Records. You can view the album's tracklisting below.

1. Hold Your Horses
2. Kick Out Time
3. No God, No Master
4. Dilapidated Soul
5. Distrust
6. Under The Floor

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Rush Posts "Moving Pictures" Reissue Trailer

Canadian progressive hard rock icons Rush have posted a new trailer online to promote the forthcoming release of "Moving Pictures: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition." You can view the trailer for the release below. You can expect to see "Moving Pictures: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" in stores on April 5, 2011.

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Death Wolf Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Death Wolf, formerly known as Devils Whorehouse, has revealed the track listing for its upcoming self-titled full length album. The new album is set to be released on May 27, 2011 through Regain Records. You can view the album's track listing below.

1. Circle Of Abomination
2. Weaving Death
3. The Other Hell
4. Morning Czar Shineth
5. Ironwood
6. Sword And Flame
7. Wolfs Pallid Sister
8. Ramsvart
9. Unto Dying Eyes
10. Black Mark
11. Coming Forth By Night
12. Dawn Of Flesh

The band is also streaming new songs online from the album. Details on the songs available for streaming can be found here.

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Mutiny Within Posts Band Update Online

Mutiny Within has posted a new video update online for its fans to catch up on recent activities going on with the band. You can view the clip below.

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