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Metal News for March 28, 2011

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Trapped Under Ice Frontman Apologizes For Attack

Trapped Under Ice frontman Justice Tripp has posted the following statement online through the band's official Facebook page in repsonse to his recent actions in Germany where he attacked a young fan in attendance at the 2011 "Rebellion" tour.

"First off I’d like to say I’m sorry for not getting this done sooner. We’ve had very limited Internet access over here in Europe. There are a lot of things being said about the events in Essen a few days ago. Some are true some are not.

"I would first like to clarify that I didn’t do what I did out of ANGER but what I thought was self defense. When I was knocked off the stage I hit my head, a lot of stuff after that is a blur. However it is clear that I took it too far and I’m sorry for that.

"I'd like to keep the other parties name out of this, as I’m not certain if he is comfortable with being named. At end of the night I got the chance to apologize to him face to face and he accepted my apology. I think a lot of people may be unaware of that at this point.

"In any case, I’m very sorry to the other party involved. Im sorry to anyone who had to witness my stupid behavior. This is not typical behavior for me or my band. Don’t feel discouraged to come out to the rebellion tour. Our actions do not represent the package. So again, I apologize.

Justice and Trapped Under Ice"

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SXSW Music 2011 Day 2: Part 2

On the second day of SXSW Music, there were more options for metal shows at night. I enjoyed bouncing around between shows on the first day and hoped to catch a few bands at different shows this evening, such as Christian Mistress, Agalloch, and the Alex Skolnick Trio. It didn’t pan out exactly as planned, but was a good night nonetheless.

As I wandered a few alleyways, looking for a few of the more obscure venues where these bands were playing, I stumbled upon the Barbarella Patio first, which is where Agalloch would be playing later that night. Upon entry, Amber Asylum was playing and I literally went back to the gate to double check the lineup posted there. They were so mellow that I thought I was in the wrong place. The band did have a couple of slightly heavier moments toward the end of their set, but overall they were far too mellow for my tastes. More...

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Ethereal Collapse Recording New Album

Ethereal Collapse has checked in with the following announcement about recording a new album and adding songs to the Rock Band Network:

"It's been some time since the last major update, but Ethereal Collapse is still here, and we have two major bits of news.

"First, all three songs from our 'Categories' EP have been charted for play on the Rock Band video games, and they'll be available for download on the Rock Band Network very soon. Needless to say, we're very honored to have our songs featured, and we hope that you all enjoy playing them. Their exact date of availability will be announced soon. To celebrate the songs' release, we'll be playing a show on April 30th at Bart and Urby's in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Scranton's Temptation Denied will open the show, and we'll close it with a full set of songs spanning our entire catalog, which we'll also record for a live CD.

"Second, we've begun recording a new full-length album. It's called 'The Precipice of Failure,' and it will feature ten brand new songs. The drum tracks are complete, and we're moving through the rest as fast as possible. The tentative track listing follows."

1. Towards the Asymptote
2. In the Absence of Consequence
3. Lake of the Black Swan, Pt. 1
4. Insights Intrude
5. The Oceans in Which We Drown
6. Diary
7. The Promethean Ethic
8. Lake of the Black Swan, Pt. 2
9. A Requiem for the Seasons
10. Comprehension Bubble

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Argus Reveals New Album Details

Italian heavy metal label Cruz Del Sur Music has confirmed May 3rd, 2011 as the official release date for the sophomore album from Pennsylvania-based Argus. Entitled "Boldly Stride The Doomed," this is the first release from Argus via Cruz Del Sur. The cover artwork for the album can be viewed after the jump, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Abandoning The Gates Of Byzantium
2. A Curse On The World
3. Wolves Of Dusk
4. The Ladder
5. Durendal
6. 42-7-29
7. Boldly Stride The Doomed
8. Fading Silver Light
9. Pieces Of Your Smile
10. The Ruins Of Ouroboros More...

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A Chat With Hadean About Debut Album "Parasite"

Germany's Hadean unleashed the debut album "Parasite" last year, which was a perfect storm of thrash and melodic power metal, with a few prog elements for good measure, that can be appreciated by pretty much any metal head.

As the band works on new material for a follow-up album and gears up to spread the music at live shows, guitarist Nicolao Dos Santos took out some time to discuss the band with Metalunderground. Explaining the concept of "Parasite, Nicolao commented, "On a macro level... the album dives into a social context with focus on the humanity as a whole and its cruelty against the planet and everything on it. We just have to look back into the past to see where we are heading, and that scares me."

During our discussion, Nicolao also covered the history of the band, recording the debut album, and Metallica's "One" getting him hooked on metal music. More...

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Svartsot Issues New Recording Update

Svartsot has checked in from Lasse Lammert's LSD Studios with the following recording studio update:

"Day 15: Today started off with Uffe and Cris doing some extra spoken samples before the Les Paul was re-strung for the clean parts. Uffe had to leave during the afternoon, just slightly after Hans-Jørgen arrived in town. After a late lunch break the recording of the clean guitar parts commenced. Then it was Hans-Jørgen's turn to lay some bagpipes. But unfortunately the pipes presented some technical problems which had to be relieved by buying brass tubing to extend and reinforce the mouth piece. Pipe recording should continue tomorrow.

"Day 16: The pipes are still teasing us. So we decide to record the whistles instead. Recording of the acoustic guitar has been pushed until later in the week, allowing us to concentrate on whistles and bagpipes – Hans-Jørgen has expressed a wish to get home reasonably soon. Thor arrived after recording had finished this evening – just in time to eat with us. Cris and Hans-Jørgen had cooked a huge pot of gulasch.

"Day 17: Hans-Jørgen has to spend the day practicing the pipe parts on the altered and repaired bagpipes – it's amazing how much difference the few extra centimetres of tubing makes on the air pressure needed. So work commenced on recording the 6-string western guitar parts. This took all day, but all of these parts were laid by the end of the day. There are a lot more acoustic parts on this album than on the previous Svartsot albums! After eating the remainder of the gulasch, Hans-Jørgen, Thor and Cris head off to the biker bar, finally getting home early in the morning and in varying states of not very sober. Frozen pizzas are baked and consumed before all three of us crash.

"Day 18: Hans-Jørgen has to leave later today, so work commences on the bagpipes from early on. The bagpipe parts are finished around early afternoon, and Hans-Jørgen can return home. The rest of the day is spent recording nylon and 12-string acoustic guitars. Lasse, who has been coughing for the past few days, is looking quite worn out now. Thor and Cris sit up drinking beers and watching dodgy B-movies before crashing. More...

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Ice Vinland To Reissue Debut Album On Vinyl

Ice Vinland's self-released debut album "Masters of the Sea" will see re-issue on vinyl through Pure Steel Records. The vinyl edition is set for release on April 29th, 2011 at the Keep It True festival. The re-issue features new cover artwork by Chris Verwimp, which can be viewed below.


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Vampires Everywhere! Covers Katy Perry

Vampires Everywhere! will release the full-length, "Kiss the Sun Goodbye," this May. In the mean time the band is now offering fans a chance to hear an exclusive new song through the Vampires Everywhere! Facebook page. Head over to this location and click "Like" to hear the band cover Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."

The band is also hitting the road heavily in support of "Kiss the Sun Goodbye," which is due out on May 17th. The dates are as follows:

4/14/11 US NM Albuquerque Launchpad
4/15/11 US TX Dallas The Door
4/16/11 US TX Houston Numbers
4/18/11 US GA Atlanta The Masquerade
4/19/11 US SC West Columbia New Brookland Tavern
4/20/11 US NC Charlotte Tremont Music Hall
4/21/11 US MD Baltimore Ottobar
4/22/11 US NY New York Gramercy Theatre
4/23/11 US PA Allentown Crocodile Rock
4/25/11 US PA Pittsburgh Smiling Moose
4/26/11 US OH Cleveland Peabody's Downunder
4/27/11 US MI Pontlac Pike Room
4/28/11 US IN Indianapolis Emerson Theatre
4/29/11 US IL Tinley Park Mojoes
4/30/11 US MN Minneapolis Triple Rock
5/1/11 US NE Omaha Sokol Underground
5/2/11 US CO Denver Marquis Theatre
5/3/11 US UT Salt Lake City Club Sound
5/5/11 US CA Sacramento Ace of Spades

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Ealdath To Enter The Studio

Ealdath has issued the following announcement about entering the recording studio:

"On April 11th we enter the studio for 5 days with Billy Anderson to record the debut full length. Two new tracks and a rerecorded version of 'Age of Ice.' We also hope to finish the mix with Billy of the recording started 3 years ago and finally release the older tracks. Then in May we hit the road for the first time with our friends in the mighty Anhedonist."

The tour dates are as follows:

May 11th - Seattle, WA @ The Mercury w/Ealdath, Shadow of the Torturer
May 12th - Portland, OR @ Plan B w/Ealdath, Shadow of the Torturer, and Ritual Necromancy
May 13th - Eureka/Arcata, CA @ TBA w/Ealdath
May 14th - Oakland, CA @Victory Warehouse w/ Ealdath, Vastum, and Dispirit
May 15th - LA, CA @The BLVD w/Ealdath, Destroy Judas

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While Heaven Wept Streaming New Track

"Destroyer Of Solace," a track off the new album by While Heaven Wept, is currently available for streaming online. Click here to check out the new song. Guitarist, song writer and founding member Tom Phillips gives a little insight on the track:

"Jim [Hunter] totally nailed the sick bass run in one take. Clearly, this is Bathory and Immortal inspired yet totally WHW nonetheless. And of course, as with all WHW material, it is rooted in real life events and relationships. Or, rather specifically, one. The bottom line is the album comes from the deepest wells of my heart, and it really requires several listens to understand... even for me. Anyway, it is the beginning of the end of a process of bereavement that began with the VOL album."

"Fear Of Infinity," the Virginia based band’s Nuclear Blast debut, will be released in North America on May 3rd and April 22nd in Europe. The release is the follow-up studio album to 2009’s "Vast Oceans Lachrymose."

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Pain Reveals "You Only Live Twice" Artwork

Swedish industrial metallers Pain have revealed the cover artwork for the bands upcoming album "You Only Live Twice," which can be viewed below.

Commented main man and producer Peter Tägtgren: "I really wanted something 'Nightmare Before Christmas' meets 'Alice In Wonderland' kind of feeling but with our mascot, the painhead in it. And Heile created that after what I wanted. And he did it in his own way. It really has this kinda Tim Burton feel to it. It will be really crazy with a big backdrop. We also gonna do some inflatable stuff with our Painhead. Its gonna be our Eddie, like Iron Maiden has it."

"You Only Live Twice" is set to be released June 3rd, 2011 via Nuclear Blast.


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Virgin Steele To Reissue "Noble Savage"

American heavy metal act Virgin Steele will be reissuing the classic 1986 album "Noble Savage." The album will released May 17th in North America on SPV/Steamhammer. This deluxe reissue will be available as a double CD digipak as well as a double gatefold LP. "Noble Savage," the third album Virgin Steele, was released in 1986 by Cobra Records. The track listing of the reissue is as follows:

CD 1

01. We Rule The Night
02. I´m On Fire
03. Thy Kingdom Come
04. Image Of A Faun At Twilight (instrumental)
05. Noble Savage
06. Fight Tooth And Nail
07. The Evil In her Eyes
08. Rock Me
09. Don`t Close Your Eyes
10. The Angel Of Light
11. Obession (It Burns For You) - bonus track
12. Love And Death - bonus track
13. Where Are You Running To - bonus track
14. Come On And Love Me - bonus track
15. The Spirit Of Steele - bonus track
16. The Pyre of Kings (instrumental) - bonus track

CD 2 - Extra Noble Ingredients More...

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Plaag Posts "Blessed By Fire" Song Online

Plaag has posted a video clip online containing the song "Blessed By Fire," which is off the band's new album "UGH!" You can check out the song in the clip below.

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Havok Streaming Entire New Album

The folks at MetalSucks.net are currently streaming Havok's upcoming "Time Is Up" full-length in its entirety. You can listen to the album by heading over to this location. "Time Is Up" will be unleashed to the North American masses tomorrow, March 29th, 2011, via Candlelight Records. Footage of the band in the studio is also available at this location.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Prepare For Attack
2. Fatal Intervention
3. No Amnesty
4. D.O.A.
5. Covering Fire
6. Killing Tendencies
7. Scumbag In Disguise
8. The Cleric
9. Out Of My Way
10. Time Is Up

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Lazarus A.D. Thanks Fan For Support

Lazarus A.D. has posted a video clip online with bassist Jeff Paulick in Spain thanking fans for their support. Lazarus A.D. was recently the victim of a van robbery in the U.K. having both money and personal items stolen. The incident took place the night of Tuesday March 15th in Southampton, U.K. where a person or persons broke a window to enter the band's van. The burglars got away with roughly $1,500 in cash, all of the bands personal items, including Social Security cards, birth certificates, clothing, and even personal hygiene items.

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Omission Streaming Songs From New Album

Spanish act Omission is now streaming several songs online from the band's latest album "Merciless Jaws From Hell." You can check out 10 of the 11 songs off the album (with the song "We are the Dead" being omitted) by heading over to the band's Last.fm page at this location.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Erotic Nightmares
2. A Field Sowed Of Coffins
3. Northmen Wrath
4. We Are The Dead
5. Architects Of Fear
6. Fuckin' Alone
7. The Light In My Dark
8. Here We Stand
9. Day Of Your Death Arrives...
10. You Can't Hide
11. Ianus Rex Infernorum

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Katana To Release "Heads Will Roll" In Japan

Katana has checked in with the following update about releasing "Heads Will Roll" in Japan:

"That's right, people - Come May 25th, the Samurai will come home at last. Katana has signed a deal with the biggest heavy metal label in Japan - Marquee/Avalon Records - and thus, the entire world will finally be Katanized, right down to the very heart of Tokyo!

"In light of the current situation for those of you who live in Japan, we offer our condolences for all the losses that you're experiencing and hope for a speedy recovery. We believe in your strength! Always remember: Whenever you want to cheer yourselves up with some classic heavy metal, be it now or in the future, Katana will be there!

"The Japanese edition of 'Heads Will Roll' will, of course, feature a special bonus track. More info on that at a later date!"

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Derelict Posts New Song

Montreal technical death metallers Derelict have begun streaming the third of three tracks from their new promo EP. You can check out the song "Yours To Surpass" in the video clip below. "Yours to Surpass" is the first song for the band composed by guitarist Max Lussier. "The track is pretty fast and technical from a guitar standpoint," comments Lussier. "I tried to write the music as organically as possible, like a stream of consciousness from part to part."

"We worked with Chris Donaldson (Beneath The Massacre, The Agonist, etc) again for the mix and master, and we got Sébastien Pittet (ex-Augury touring bassist) on fretless bass duties," explains vocalist Eric Burnet. "All in all we're pretty psyched and we hope this gets people excited for our next album."

The previously uploaded song "Expiry" is also available at this location.

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W.A.S.P. Announces Festival Appearances

W.A.S.P. has announced a string of upcoming summer festival appearances, including the Bloodstock Open Air fest. The details of the appearances are as follows:

29-7-2011 Kuopio RockCock Festival (FIN)
12-08-2011 Bloodstock Open Air (UK)
13-08-2011 Skogsrojet Festival (SWE)

You can check out W.A.S.P. tracks and find more information on the band by heading over to the group's official MySpace page.

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Shadowside Comments On Iron Maiden Show

As was previously announced, Iron Maiden had to cancel last night's show in Brazil due to the security barricade collapsing. Shadowside has now issued the following statement about the show:

"Brazilian female-fronted metal band Shadowside performed last night at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The band was supporting Iron Maiden, that was unfortunately forced to cancel the concert and reschedule it to tonight due to problems with the security barricade.

"Despite several websites confirming that Shadowside will play again tonight, the promoter company Mondo Entretenimento, trying to solve all problems and organize the new concert, could not tell for sure if there would be technical conditions to keep the Brazilians on the event, thus deciding to keep only Maiden on the rescheduled show.

"Dani Nolden (lead singer), Raphael Mattos (guitars), Ricardo Piccoli (bass) and Fabio Buitvidas (drums) would like to thank everyone around Iron Maiden, Mondo Entretenimento and HSBC Arena for the opportunity, attention and cordiality, as well as the crowd for such a warm reception. All Shadowside members wish Iron Maiden and the fans a great gig tonight.

"On the occasion, Shadowside performed for the first time three new songs that will be on their upcoming album 'Inner Monster Out,' to be released on June 7 on SHP/Universal Music worldwide. 'I'm Your Mind,' 'Disrupted Reality' and 'Gag Order,' the last one already been played during their latest European tour as W.A.S.P.'s special guests, had excellent acceptance during their performance in Rio."

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Saxon Comments On Upcoming Shows

Saxon has issued the following statement about changing venues for upcoming shows and inviting fans to come to sound checks:

"Hi, hope you are all well. I would like to do something for charity on the upcoming tour. We are going to invite approx. 20 people a day to watch the sound check and meet the band after. The idea would be to turn up at the back stage door at 4pm. You must pay 10 pound/15euros in cash into the charity box. The first twenty people to confirm they want to do this to the address below: leo@saxon747.com will have a place reserved at a venue of their choice. All proceeds will go to Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy and Childline and the money will be handed over in London on the 23rd April for the UK leg and the last day of the tour for Europe. I think this is a first and I would like to make it happen.

"P.S.: We cannot do this at festivals and Leamington Spa because this is our first show. Because so many of you are already registered for the newsletter lots of places are already gone. BUT It is not too late to register and sign up for the newsletter and we promise you that more things like this are coming.

"People had this info already for three days and a lot of places are already gone and if you want to get the advantage for newsletter in future: Sign up!

"Further we would like to say that we are very sorry that the very beautiful venue Elysee Montmartre got damaged by a fire. We will definitely play the date in Paris. The gig has been moved now to the Bataclan where we're gonna rock in Paris. One more thing is that the venue in Milan (The Limelight) is closed. We are playing the Alcatraz instead."

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Art Of Dying Discusses Band Name

Art of Dying has posted a brief video clip online, which features the band members discussing the meaning behind the band's name. You can check out the clip below.

You can also check out Art of Dying's music and find a listing of upcoming tour dates by heading over to the band's Facebook page.

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Evile Posts New Studio Video Online

British thrash metal outfit Evile has posted a new video online documenting the recording of the band's third album, which will be the first with new bassist Joel Graham, following the tragic death of the group's original bassist Mike Alexander in October of 2009. You can check out both the new video and the previous clip below.


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Black N Blue Bowl 2011 Lineup Revealed

The lineup for this year's edition of the Black N Blue Bowl event has been revealed and boasts some of the biggest names in hardcore music. You can check out the list of bands below. The concert will take place on May 28th at Webster Hall in New York City.

The lineup is as follows:

Gorilla Biscuits (Headliners)
Agnostic Front
Sick Of It All
Maximum Penalty
Down To Nothing
Take Offense
No Turning Back
Bottom Out

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In Flames Reveals New Album Release Dates

Swedish melodic death metallers In Flames have announced that they have signed a new record deal with Century Media for their forthcoming new studio album, "Sounds Of A Playground Fading," which will be released on June 20th in Europe and June 21st in North America. Speaking on the signing, Antje Lange of Century Media stated:

"We are very happy to make In Flames part of the Century Media Family. The band has a very loyal international fan base and has found a partner with an international set up."

Anders Fridén of In Flames also added:

"This is number 10... Album number 10! That we even made it this far, that is amazing. Then, to deliver the album of our career that is something else... It's fast, slow, heavy and mellow. It's happy, sad, angry and calm. Sounds Of A Playground Fading is everything we ever done on crack (it’s a metaphor boys and girls), it's cask strength whiskey when it's THAT perfect moment. Use and abuse! By the way, we are happy to be in bed with Century Media. They know the business, we know the music, a perfect match. What can possibly go wrong... ha, ha, ha!!!!!!"

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Leaves' Eyes To Release "Melusine" EP

On the 19th of April 2011 the new May edition of Sonic Seducer magazine will be out including a special musical highlight: the exclusive 5 track "Melusine" EP from Leaves' Eyes.

The "Melusine" EP contains exclusive tracks and versions of songs which have not been released in this form previously. The title track was recorded only for this EP and this edition of Sonic Seducer magazine. The cover artwork for the EP can be viewed after the jump, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Melusine (Exclusive Non-Album Song)
2. To France (Sonic Mix)
3. Tell-Tale Eyes (Alternate Version)
4. The Battle Of Maldon (Remastered Version)
5. Legend Land (Acoustic Version) More...

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Marduk To Release New EP

Regain Records has checked in with the following announcement about Marduk releasing a new EP:

"Marduk just finished the recording of 3 songs for an upcoming EP set to be released on the same day as the bands appearance at the Maryland Deathfest on the 27th of May. So the first chance to get your hands on it will be during that festival and the dates coming up during the 7 Bowls of Wrath tour. Release for the rest of the world has been set for the 30th of May. The songs included differ from the concept that is being created for the next full-length album, therefore this EP will be made available as a special treat for all Marduk Legionaries out there. The tile is set for Iron Dawn."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Warschau 2: Headhunter Halfmoon
2. Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats Of Death
3. Prochorovka: Blood And Sunflowers

You can also check out Metalunderground.com's review of the latest Marduk full-length album "Wormwood" by heading over here.

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Illdisposed Posts New Song Online

Danish band Illdisposed has posted a new song online titled "Sunday Black," which is off the band's upcoming album "There is light (but it's not for me)." The song is available for streaming through the band's MySpace page. Illidposed also recently announced upcoming European shows and posted another new song online titled "Heaven Forbid."

The new album is set for release on April 1st, 2011, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Your Own Best Companion
2. Heaven Forbid
3. Our Words Betrayed
4. The Taste Of You
5. As The Day Rottens
6. Reality To Fall
7. Step Into My Winter
8. Rape
9. Sunday Black
10. We

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Niklas Kvarforth Comments On Quitting Bands

It was previously announced that vocalist Niklas Kvarforth has parted ways with the band Bethlhehem. Niklas has now checked in with the following announcement about leaving all other projects, including his post with Den Saakaldte, in order to focus on the band Shining:

"A lot of things have been happening recently with Shining, and the rapid growth of the band over the last year, and the commitment that Shining now requires of me has meant that it has become impractical for me to continue working as vocalist with other bands.

"This includes my work with Bethlehem who themselves realized that the band could not continue with myself on vocals. Bethlehem is still my all-time favorite band and I wish them all the best for the future. I will also be quitting as front man for Den Saakaldte.

"From now on, therefore, I will only be making occasional guest vocal appearances on albums by other bands, and my priority will be Shining. My work with Maniac's band Skitliv will not be affected, however, as the vocals and the bulk of the creative work is in his hands.

"As always, myself and the band very much appreciate all the support the fans are giving Shining and their patience in waiting for the release of VII, and there will be some very good news regarding this very shortly"

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Band Lineup Announced For Dong Open Air

Ukranian metal act Balfor is the latest band to be confirmed for the upcoming Dong Open Air festival, which will take place from July 14th - 16th, 2011. Additional details on the festival are available here. The currently announced band lineup and running order can be found below.

18:00 - 18:45 Crosshead (DE, Thrash)
19:05 - 19:50 Shraphead (NOR, Heavy Rock)
20:10 - 20:55 Bloodwork (DE, Melodic Death)
21:15 - 22:00 Motorjesus (DE, Heavy Rock)
22:20 - 23:20 Evile (UK, Thrash)

12:00 - 12:45 Harasai (DE, Melodic Death)
13:05 - 13:50 Past M.D. (DE, Hard Rock)
14:10 - 14:55 Ichor (DE, Death)
15:15 - 16:00 Contradiction (DE, Thrash)
16:20 - 17:05 Vogelfrey (DE, Folk Metal)
17:25 - 18:10 Virgin Snatch (PL, Thrash)
18:30 - 19:15 Balfor (UKR, Black Metal)
19:35 - 20:20 Artas (AUT, Thrash)
20:40 - 21:40 Hackneyed (DE, Death)
22:00 - OE Iced Earth (USA, Power Metal)
OE - ??:?? Ranz Böllner (DE, Heavy Metal)

12:00 - 12:45 Shellycoat (DE, Punkrock)
13:05 - 13:50 Symbolic (DE, Melodic Death)
14:10 - 14:55 Red Circuit (DE, Power Metal)
15:15 - 16:00 Canopy (SWE, Melodic Death)
16:20 - 17:00 Vulture Industries (NOR, Avant-Garde Black)
17:25 - 18:10 The Rotted (UK, Death / Grind)
18:30 - 19:15 Orden Ogan (DE, Power Metal)
19:35 - 20:20 Dew Scented (DE, Thrash)
20:40 - 21:40 Hatesphere (DK, Death/Thrash)
22:00 - OE Overkill (USA, Thrash)
OE - ??:?? After-Show

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Arch Enemy Posts "Khaos Legions" Showcase Footage

Sweden's Arch Enemy is currently preparing for live dates to unleash the new album "Khaos Legions." In the meantime you can check out live footage of the "Khaos Legions" showcase which took place at the AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen in front of 150 selected fans on March 14th. The clip can be viewed below.

The documentary includes some unheard snippets of the new song “Yesterday Is Dead And Gone,” which will be made available to the public on Friday, April 1st as a free download.

Arch Enemy also has the following upcoming live shows: More...

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Kamelot Changes Bogota Show Venue

Kamelot has issued the following announcement about changing venues for the band's upcoming show in Bogota, Columbia on April 12th:

"Bogotá news! The Teatro Metropol has frozen its concert activities due to negotiations with a film studio purchase.

"The Kamelot show will now take place at the Teatro Metropol on the same evening. Tickets that were sold for the Teatro Metropol will definitely be honored. Paris venue update coming!"

Kamelot also recently announced a full North American tour in support of the "Poetry for the Poisoned" album. Details are available here.

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Redemption Announces European Tour Dates

California based act Redemption has issued the following update about performing European shows:

"Hello everyone! We have been very, very busy working on new material -- so busy, in fact, that we haven't really had time to comment on the brief release about our upcoming headlining performance at ProgPower Europe this coming October. It's a long way off, but we are very excited to be able to perform for our European fans and play material not just from Snowfall but also from our upcoming release, This Mortal Coil.

"I'm extremely excited to confirm that in addition to ProgPower Europe, we'll be playing several other dates so we will finally have the opportunity to perform in several countries in Europe, where we know our fans are awesome! The dates, which are still being finalized, are as follows:

1 Oct - London, UK, The Underworld
2 Oct - Baarlo, The Netherlands, Progpower Europe
4 Oct - Basel, Switzerland, z-7
5 Oct - TBA
7 Oct - Essen, Germany, Turock
8 Oct - Copehnagen, Denmark, Denmark Rock Festival

"Again, we can't wait to get over there and perform for you. We appreciate your patience!! And, as always, your interest and support."

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Xero Sum To Play May Day

Indiana's Xero Sum has issued the following announcement about playing the upcoming "May Day" show with Seether and Bullet For My Valentine:

"Coors Light and X103 presents May Day featuring Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, Ed Kowalczyk, Middle Class Rut, Halestorm, She Wants Revenge w/Xero Sum, Stereo Deluxe, The Last Good Year, Beta Male on the Indy X-Files Local Stage. Tickets go sale Friday, April 1, 2011. Tickets $42.50/$29.50 pavilion and $19.50 lawn."

Additional details on the event are available at this location.

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Wormrot Releases New Music Video

Singapore based grindcore outfit Wormrot has posted a new music video online for the song, "Spot A Pathetic." You can check it out below. The video was filmed a few weeks ago in San Diego, California and the song comes from the group's forthcoming new studio album, "Dirge," which will be released in North America on May 3rd, with a European release of May 23rd to follow.

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Just For Fun

Miku Hatsune Goes Metal

The world famous computer program/pop star Miku Hatsune has apparently been put to good use... by having her voice pitch shifted into a low rasp. Is this a sign of a new wave of Miku Hatsune metal videos or possibly just somebody with too much time on his/her hands? It's hard to say but few things please me more than taking something sickeningly cute and cuddly and then corrupting it.

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Unearthing the Metal Underground in Connecticut

Each week in Unearthing the Metal Underground we take a look at unsigned bands gracing a given locale. This week we will glance at the scene from Connecticut. Often viewed as the vast wasteland between New York and Boston, Connecticut often gets overlooked in terms of it's metal scene. Particularly distressing, considering many acts such as Fates Warning, Nasty Disaster, The Breathing Process and Liege Lord have heralded from there. Currently there are well over a couple dozen unsigned indie metal acts actively blazing the scene, but today we will take a look at three of the best.

Curse the Son

Coming at you from Hamden is stoner doom metal monster Curse the Son. Fronted by scene veteran and NWOBHM aficionado Ron Vanacore on vocals and guitar and completed by Cheech and Rich Lemley respectively, they describe their music as "the sound of dinosaurs walking the earth." Laying down slabs of riffs and mind-warping song lyrics, they purport to be influenced by valium, MJ and zoloft. Their music will take your higher conscious into one trippy journey. They released a full-length, "Klonopain," on their own last year. To listen to Curse the Son's music, check out the band's My Space Page.

Curse the Son - "Pulsotar Bringer"

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Metalhit.com Completes Free Download Series

Between October 2010 and February 2011, Metalhit.com launched a series of six free monthly music samplers showcasing various genres of extreme metal: Thrash, Death, Folk, Gothic, Doom and Black Metal.

The "Metalhit Free Download Series" was made available exclusively in the USA via Amazon.com and to eMusic subscribers worldwide. Metalhit now has the compilations posted online and available for free download worldwide.

Some select artists featured on the samplers include:

Abominable Putridity, Asphyx, Behexen, Diathra, Doom:VS, Evoken, Hirax, Inquisition, Lifelover, Manegarm, Moonspell, Nunslaughter, Obtest, Ophis, Pathology, Possessed, Sacred Reich, Sig:Ar:Tyr, Sinister, Skepticism, Skyforger, The Howling Void, Urgehal, and many more.

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Slayer To Tour With Rob Zombie

American thrash metal legends Slayer have announced that they will be embarking on a co-headlining tour of North America this Summer along with shock rocker and movie director Rob Zombie. The two big names will also be joined by Bay Area thrash metal legends Exodus.

"We haven't toured with Zombie since Ozzfest 1999, so you can expect no less than 'hell on earth,'" said Slayer's Kerry King. "Total sonic annihilation and a visual bludgeoning. Bring your own body bag..."

"Total destruction on stage and off is what this combination promises," states Zombie, "Seriously, how much more Hell could you ask for? The answer is none more Hell."

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Evocation Posts New Music Video Online

Swedish death metal outfit Evocation has posted a new music video online for the song, "Psychosis Warfare." You can check it out below. The song comes from the group's most recent studio album, "Apocalyptic," which was released last year.

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Onslaught Speaks On Drummer's Departure

British thrash metal veterans Onslaught has posted a message online regarding the departure of drummer and founding member Steve Grice, who will be replaced on the band's upcoming tour dates by Desecration/former Extreme Noise Terror drummer, Michael Hourihan. The message reads as follows:

"Steve Grice's contribution to Onslaught was priceless, From it's original inception And subsequent rebirth. We're sad to see Steve leave over what we felt was a genuinely Small issue and on the eve of one of the longest tours in the bands history. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Steve for his tireless work and wish him every success In whatever path he chooses for the future, and just to say, as Steve moves on, so does Onslaught! See you all on the Scream For Violence tour!"

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Trapped Under Ice Frontman Attacks Fan In Europe

Updated: Trapped Under Ice frontman Justice Tripp has issued an apology, which you can read here.

Bootleg video has surfaced online showing the frontman of Baltimore, Maryland hardcore act Trapped Under Ice attacking a fan during a recent tour stop in Europe on the "Rebellion" tour. You can view the video footage of the incident below. More news on this story will be posted as it becomes available. The uploader of the video commented on the incident by saying:

"Trapped Under Ice played a show and a kid who loved the band jumped over the singer (aka pile-on / stagedive) so he could sing-a-long, they both fell down the stage (absolutely no harm to the kid NOR the singer because of this), the singer then hit the kid two times in the face, the kid in defense not really knowing what was going on hit back, then chaos ensued, another member of the band left the stage and together with his singer started severly beating and stomping the kid resulting in a broken jaw that needed surgery. Back on stage the singer says

"I'm not a fucking superhero, don't jump on me, don't you fucking hit me"

"Well this is bullshit because if you are into Hardcore you know that singers get jumped on ALL THE TIME by enthusiastic fans. and the "Don't fucking hit me" shit, well on the video you can clearly see that the singer hits the kid first!"

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Barricade Collapses At Iron Maiden Show

Video footage has been posted online showing a surging crowd of Iron Maiden fans that caused a security barricade to collapse during the band's concert earlier tonight (Sunday, March 27) at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, forcing the group to cancel its performance. The incident happened during the first song of the band's set, "Satellite 15...The Final Frontier." You can view the video below.

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