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Metal News for March 28, 2005

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Prototype Finishing Up New Album, "Continuum"

Los Angeles-based progressive thrash metal band PROTOTYPE are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their second album, "Continuum". Drums for the CD were recorded at Steve Vai's Mothership studio in Hollywood, CA by original drummer Damion Ramirez, while the remaining tracks were laid down at the band's own Utopia studio. Producer Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE, QUEENSR?CHE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE) will mix "Continuum" in April and artwork will once again be created by artist Travis Smith. Songtitles for the new album include "The Way it Ends", "With Vision", "Probe" and "Devotion". PROTOTYPE hope to have "Continuum" available worldwide by late summer or early fall 2005.

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Hostile Breed To Support Soulfly In Russia

Russian "angry" metallers HOSTILE BREED will be supporting SOULFLY on their upcoming Russian tour beginning on April 21.

Confirmed SOULFLY/HOSTILE BREED tour dates:

Apr. 21 - S-Petersburg, RUS @ Port
Apr. 22 - Kaliningrad, RUS @ City Park
Apr. 23 - Moscow, RUS @ DKG
Apr. 24 - N.Novgorod, RUS @ Matrix

HOSTILE BREED's latest album, "The Second Cut", was released last April via top Russian metal record label Irond Ltd. "The Second Cut" includes a guest appearance on vocals by SKINLAB frontman Steev Esquivel on the song "Show Me the Road", a guitar solo by INVOCATOR's Flemming C. Lund on "Civilization of Hatred", and an appearance by the singer from Danish band SACRIFICIAL on the song "Color of Freedom". Production on the album was handled by Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR, MNEMIC, RAUNCHY, HATESPHERE). The CD cover artwork was conceived by the Moscow art studio Traum.

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Damageplan, Pantera Unreleased Recordings, Video

According to a recent online posting by DISTURBED drummer Mike Wengren, several DAMAGEPLAN- and PANTERA-related products are currently being planned for future release. Among the items that will reportedly see the light of day — either individually or as part of a box set — are the following:

*DAMAGEPLAN DVD "Damagevision"
*DAMAGEPLAN second album
*DAMAGEPLAN "New Found Power" outtakes
*PANTERA Home DVD Part 4
*PANTERA - Unreleased studio tracks from:
"Cowboys From Hell"
"Vulgar Display of Power"
"Far Beyond Driven"
"Great Southern Trendkill"
"Reinventing the Steel"
Tracks from what would have been PANTERA's next studio project after "Reinventing the Steel"
*REBEL MEETS REBEL (Dimebag and Vinnie Paul's side project with legendary country/western music artist David Allen Coe)

It should be noted, however, that — with the exception of a second DAMAGEPLAN studio album (consisting of recordings originally meant to be used towards the band's follow-up to "New Found Power") — there has not yet been any confirmation from the PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN camp that the above-mentioned recordings will ever be made available to the public.

In other news, Krank Amplification has a section on their web site dedicated to "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, featuring exclusive photos and video footage of the late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist. You can check it out at this location.

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Darkest Hour Set Release Date, Announce US Tour

DARKEST HOUR have posted the following studio update on their official web site:

"Lots of news happening in DARKEST HOUR world right now.

"We have begun mixing the record and should be ending our session in Vancouver on April 2nd. We cant wait to get these songs out there. Chris Taylor (aka Chris Crude of Pg. 99 fame) will be handling the artwork for the new record. He and our good friend over at Victory have been hashing out the art and we should be able to post the record cover sometime in the next week or so. The record is slated to come out June 28th, so get stoked!

"Mike 'the Mother Fucking' Murphster (of DARKEST HOUR merch fame) has begun a website redesign for us. I guess we can see what the hell his 4 years of college was for. Also in the first major touring news: We will be hitting the road as part of the Strhess Fest with BLEEDING THROUGH, ZAO, MARTYR AD, and FIGHT PARIS starting July 8th! The dates will be up soon. So hopefully Strhess Clothing will give us some new clothes (I mean, have you seen the DARKEST HOUR lately?). Combine that with a makeover from the dudes in BLEEDING THROUGH and we will be on the cover of GQ in no time!"

DARKEST HOUR recently issued a DVD, entitled "Party Scars and Prison Bars - A Thrashography". Described as "a behind-the-scenes look at the musical prowess and outrageous humor that have made DARKEST HOUR famous in the metal scene," the disc includes an autobiography spanning DARKEST HOUR's 10-year existence, footage from their very first show, live performances, backstage banter, music videos, European tour footage and more.

DARKEST HOUR's latest album, "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation", was released in May 2003 through Victory Records. The CD includes guest appearances from Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES, THE CROWN), Anders Björler (AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED), Peter Wichers (SOILWORK) and Marcus Sunesson (THE CROWN).

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Suffer The Living Recording Demo

Suffer The Living, which features members of Shattered Realm and Redline, have begun recording a four-song demo at Trax East in New Jersey. The group will be shopping the material around, so any labels interested in more information should contact them at suffertheliving@hotmail.com.

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DiAnno: Dickinson Doesn't Have Voice To Replace Me

Original IRON MAIDEN vocalist Paul Di'Anno gave an in-depth interview to Classic Rock Revisited Editor Jeb Wright about MAIDEN's past going all the way back to the band's club gigs. In true Di'Anno style, the answers are honest and to the point. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow: More...

Read the full article at Classic Rock Revisted.

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Into Eternity Fall off Amorphis Tour Due to Illnes

Into Eternity have been forced to drop off the ongoing AMORPHIS US tour, which also features the likes of Single Bullet Theory in support, due to sickness. An official statement from the bands reads below:

"After the Atlanta show on the 25th, where Tim (Roth - guitars/vocals), Troy (Bleich - bass) and Adam (Segan - drums) played as a three-piece (!), because Stu (Block - vocals) and Rob (Doherty - guitar) were still being treated in the hospital (according to fan-posts on the forum for strep throat), the guys had no other choice but to leave the tour - they are (still) on their way home as we speak. That's all the info I (webmaster Marlies) have right now. Get home safe boys, and get well soon!"

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A Javelin Reign Find New Drummer

A Javelin Reign have now found a new drummer. The new guy's name is Dan Donald, of Winnipeg. The group expects to begin playing shows again by mid-summer. The band had been inactive since the departure of their former last year.

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Sirenia Signs To Nuclear Blast Records

Nuclear Blast Records has announced the signing of Norwegian metal/gothic/rock band Sirenia. The band is currently writing new material for a new full-length, which should be available in early-2006.

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Cipher Complete New Album

New York's Cipher have finished their new album, entitled "Children's of God's Fire." According to the band, this is "by far the best material Cipher has ever released." The record will hit stores on June 14th via Uprising Records. In related news, the group will embark upon a two-month tour of the U.S. and Canada this summer. For booking information, send an email to ciphersummertour@cipheronline.com.

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Candlemass Prepare New Album

Candlemass have announced plans to release a new album with Nuclear Blast Records on May 2nd. Here's a statement from the band:

"Time to tell you some more happy news after the fantastic revelation that Candlemass are back in the studio after all these years. After some time of negotiations it is Nuclear Blast that will release the new album this spring... Nuclear Blast is of course a major player on the metal market and a company that can take Candlemass even further up the ladder to mega stardom!!"

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