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Metal News for March 25, 2006

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Eyes of Fire Update On New Video and Touring

Eyes of Fire spoke to MTV.com about their latest video and touring situation:

The only thing Eyes of Fire frontman Dan Kaufman knows about the video for "It All Dies Today" — the first single off the Orange County ambient-metal quintet's sophomore disc, Prisons — is that it's "f---ing bizarre."

Of course, there's an underlying plotline to the clip — girl moves into creepy apartment building, deranged spirits haunt girl, girl loses mind. But Kaufman said Gary Smithson's warped vision is responsible for the entire video — so don't ask him to explain, say, the one scene involving a collection of old men gathered at a birthday bash for a pampered feline.

"I'm just glad there's not a whole lot of us in it," he joked. "You can see we're playing and tell who we are. We're in there when we need to be I guess. But when I watch it, all I can think is 'The Grudge' meets 'The Shining' with a David Lynch twist."

Kaufman said much of the video's imagery was inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon. Smithson — who has worked with Exodus, the Eagles of Death Metal and High on Fire — is a fan of the English artist. Kaufman — who, with bassist Matt Fisher, spent much of the late '90s in Mindrot — added that he's hoping the disturbing clip will help Eyes of Fire keep their collective asses in a van, traveling from one city to the next.

Playing a steady stream of shows has been something of a problem for the band in the past, according to Kaufman. Eleven months after Eyes of Fire dropped their 2004 debut, Ashes to Embers, they secured their first national tour — an opening slot on Glenn Danzig's Blackest of the Black run.

"We were bidding on tours left and right [but] for some reason nothing came together," he explained. "We were in the process of recording Prisons with [producer] Matt [Bayles, who has worked with Mastodon and Isis] when Danzig got a hold of us for the tour, and so we had to relearn all of the old songs. It was stressful. As soon as we got done recording, we had a week and a half to practice before we had to head to St. Louis, where the tour started. And we played with Danzig, Trivium, Apocalyptica and Kataklysm for a month."

Eyes of Fire's headlining run with Losa in the support slot wrapped up a few weeks ago, and now they're waiting to see what fate will hand them next tourwise. Kaufman said it's possible they'll head out with one of the bands on Roadrunner's roster, and they've expressed interest in participating in Sounds of the Underground or Gigantour 2. "We just want to stay on the road for as long as we can," he said. "Being a band like us, we're not going to get radio play. You just need to be in everybody's face and be out there."

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Metallica Video Of Black Sabbath Induction

Video clips of METALLICA inducting BLACK SABBATH into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and performing a medley of SABBATH songs during the induction ceremony held on March 13 at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel have been posted online at YouTube.com. Check them out:

Performance ("Hole in the Sky" / "Iron Man")
Speech (Lars Ulrich / James Hetfield)

The following is the full text of Ulrich's and Hetfield's induction speech:

Lars Ulrich: "Let me start off by saying that, if I'm doing my math right, we are gonna celebrate BLACK SABBATH tonight a decade or so late, but that's another conversation and another argument.

"Oh, by the way, Sharon, if I fuck this up in any way, please no eggs. This is my finest leather, this is my finest leather.

"Anyway, I wonder how many times on this very night in the last 20 years that the words 'If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here' have been uttered. Well, here we go once more. Bill, Geezer, Ozzy and Tony, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here. Obviously if there was no BLACK SABBATH, there would be no METALLICA. If there was no BLACK SABBATH, hard rock and heavy metal as we know it today would look, sound and be shaped very, very differently. So if there was no BLACK SABBATH, I could possibly still be a morning newspaper delivery boy — no fun, no fun. So thank you for meeting, thank you for knowing each other, and thank you for forming a band so I would have something relevant and important to do on this Monday night in 2006. More...

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H.I.M. Bassist Comments On Bam Margera

Beat magazine caught up with H.I.M. bassist Migè (real name: Mikko Heinrik Julius Paananen) and asked if he ever finds the "Viva La Bam"/Bam Margera craze that has sewpt up his band a little suffocating. "Well, there are lots of smart people who say 'all publicity is good publicity,'" he said. "Um, how should I put it? Perhaps this genre of our band is part of this kind of uh... entertainment that he does. All the 'Jackass' stuff and Steve-O stuff, perhaps it's not exactly what we represent — he's a skateboarder and comedian basically and we are this sort of tongue-in-cheek, serious heavy metal band, so I think it's kind of interesting to see what comes out when these people get together and do things. So I don't see it as a burden or as a negative thing; it's more like an experiment. And we've been hanging around with Bam so much that it's actually more of a friendship between us instead of combining our poor talents." Read more at Beat.com.au.

Read the full article at Beat Magazine.

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Two New Bloodfreak Tracks Online

Razorback Records has posted 2 special Blood Freak sneak-peek tracks. You can check out "Toxic Tomb" and "Mucouspewing Lungslasher" on the Razorback Records home page. The album has been completely finished and mastered and will be sent to the pressing plant in the next 2 weeks.

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Dismember Drummer Discusses New Album

Chris Kee of Live4Metal recently conducted an interview with DISMEMBER drummer Fred Estby. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Live4Metal: How was the whole recording experience this time [on "The God that Never Was"], compared to your previous studio work?

Estby: "The difference was that this time we recorded in one stretch, like we used to do ten years ago. Last time we recorded like, here and there. This one was a very intense recording. Also Martin, our new guitar player, has been very much involved in the music writing for this one. He was also in the studio the whole time so there were more people to react to and talk about the sounds."

Live4Metal: How do you feel the new album stands up next to your back catalogue? Where would you put it?

Estby: "Well, of course, if you ask anyone who has done a new album, they are always going to put that one first, but one thing I do really like about it is the sound. I'm really pleased with that. I would put it in our top three easily. Hopefully I will still say that in two years time, but I think I will because the songs are strong and the sound is good too."

Live4Metal: Your press release makes a point of stating that you used no computers, triggers or digital enhancements when recording the album. Is that really important to you?

Estby: "Yeah, sure it is. Like today, this is the first time ever I actually have to use a trigger on my bass drum and it fucking sucks. I hate it. Hearing that sound makes me think of a computer. It's not a dynamic sound that I am concentrating on bringing out of the fucking drum kit. So tonight I am going to play without any bass drum in my monitors which won't be great but it's better than hearing that computerized sound. All the bands have the same kind of drum sound these days. All the bass drums sound the same! Like the guy providing the drum kit today didn't even have a hole in the front head."

Live4Metal: How has the whole touring experience changed since the early days?

Estby: "Oh, it is very different. I have got three kids and a wife, so it's a different story. It's not fun in the same way. It's fun to be on stage and it's fun to meet people, fun to travel and see the world, but still you have something back home that is giving you a kind of bad conscience about the whole thing. Being away you miss so many responsibilities, so when I am home I really concentrate on catching up on everything I missed, trying to make up for everything that I haven't done at home while I've been away. We have tried to make the tours shorter. Also with the longer tours you don't feel you are getting a better financial agreement. On shorter tours you can concentrate on playing better venues, venues you really want to play at, where the people really want to see you. The venues that show the most interest are the ones where the band most wants to play and that makes it fair for the band and the audience."

Live4Metal: How much ambition is there still in the band to take things to a higher level?

Estby: "Of course, we would like to be bigger, but not at the cost of being a band that plays for people who actually don't care. I would like to expose the band to a wider spectrum so that people could realise that this kind of music has a lot of potential. Not only that but this isn't the kind of music that is going to disappear in a couple of years. We've been here for eighteen years."

Live4Metal: And what would you say have been the happiest and most enjoyable parts of those eighteen years?

Estby: "I think now. We have more time and we are actually living from our music right now. We managed to a bit in the early '90s but not much. That was when we actually built the credibility that we have now. We did a lot of touring, we had debts, we just lived the life and there was no other way. For many years we had very bad financial status so we had to work, we had to have day jobs. Then we have had families and member changes, we've been through a lot of harsh periods. Apart from now there was the time when we actually got to put out an album, to tour and we actually sold albums too. That was also a very exciting."

Read the full article at Live4metal.com.

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"A Headbanger's Journey" To Receive DVD Release

Heavy Metal has long been a stigmatized musical genre characterized by aggressive rhythms, dark lyrics and satanic worship. "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" is a ground-breaking film that explores the history of how these stereotypes came to be and explains the motivation and truth behind the music through candid interviews with metal icons, including Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickison, Lemmy Kilmister, and many more.

"Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" two-disc set will be released by Warner Home Video on May 23, 2006 for $24.98 just in time for metal's most popular music festivals such as Ozzfest, Gigantour and Sounds Of Underground kick off. Order due date is April 18, 2006.

Sam Dunn, a thirty-year-old anthropologist, has been fascinated by the culture of heavy metal since he was twelve years old. In an effort to study its origin and cultural impact, he sets out on a global journey to find out why this music has been consistently stereotyped, dismissed and condemned and yet is loved so passionately by its millions of fans. Along the way, Sam explores metal's obsession with some of life's most provocative subjects - sexuality, religion, violence and death - and discovers some things about the culture that even he can't defend. Shot on location in the U.K., Germany, Norway, Canada and the U.S., this documentary is the first of its kind. It is both a defense of a long-misunderstood art form and a window for the outsider into the spectacle that is heavy metal.

"Heavy metal music has an enormous worldwide following that many people are unaware of because it has been overshadowed by images of violence and mosh pits," said Tehya Kopp, WHV Senior Director, Special Interest Marketing. "This documentary digs into the stereotypes and misconceptions about the artists' motivations behind the lyrics and harsh sound and explores the real side of metal in a way that appeals to metal and non-metal fans alike. It's an eye-opening documentary that is both informative and enjoyable to all audiences."

"Metal: A Headbanger's History" contains over 87 minutes of special features including:

* 16 extended interviews with metal rock icons!
* 20-minute mini-documentary on Norwegian black metal
* Footage with Lemmy from MOTORHEAD at the Rainbow
* Director's commentary.
* Travel outtakes
* An awesome interactive metal history family tree, created specifically for the DVD.

You can watch the trailer, find more information about the release and read the directors' blog at metalhistory.com.

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Manifest Part Ways With Bassist

Norwegian noise-thrashers MANIFEST have parted ways with bassist Cato Iversen. "During the last weeks we have been working with a new guy on bass," guitarist Ole Marius Larmerud writes on the band's web site. "No decision has been made if he will join MANIFEST full-time, but he will be plaing bass on the upcoming gig with WITCHHAMMER in Halden on April 8th. Hope to see a lot of metalheadz there!" More...

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Former Cold Members Resurface in The Witch

Former COLD members Scooter Ward (vocals) and Sam McCandless (drums) have set THE WITCH as the name of their new project. No further details are currently available regarding the band's lineup or musical direction.

COLD officially called it quits in February after nearly a decade as a band. Ward wrote a post on the band's web site titled "The Day the Music Died," which read in part, "When you put a song out on the radio, it is what it is. It's a gamble on your life and your career and your hope. People just didn't react the way we had hoped they would. ... But instead of having someone tell us that it's over, we choose to tell them instead. We bled on those tracks and the label just didn't see what they had. The industry today is too jaded and fake." Ward also hinted that a COLD DVD could be forthcoming.

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Pump Part Ways With Drummer, Seek Replacement

PUMP, the German heavy rockers featuring ex-BRAINSTORM singer Marcus Jürgens, have parted ways with drummer Achim Keller, who left the band to join the reformed VICTORY. "We feel sorry for his departure, but we wish him all the best and good luck in VICTORY," the group write in a statement.

PUMP are currently seeking a replacement drummer. If you feel you're the right person, please contact the band's management at eddy@rocks.de. "You don't have to be German, but you should have a passion for '80s U.S. heavy rock musically and visually," the band's statement adds. "You also should also be ready to work as hard as all the other members for the maximum of success."

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Novembre Post New Album Sample Online

Italy's NOVEMBRE will release their fifth album, "Materia", on April 17 via Peaceville Records. The complete track listing is as follows:

01. Verne
02. Memoria Stoica / Vetro
03. Reason
04. Aquamarine
05. Jules
06. Geppetto
07. Commedia
08. The Promise (ARCADIA/DURAN DURAN cover)
09. Materia
10. Croma
11. Nothijngrad

Check out a sample of the track "Aquamarine" at this location. The album artwork can be viewed here.

NOVEMBRE will be supporting KATATONIA on a European tour beginning on April 20 in Glasgow.

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Laaz Rockit To Release DVD In May

Reunited San Francisco Bay Area thrashers LAAZ ROCKIT have posted the following message on their official web site, laazrockit.com.

"LAAZ ROCKIT is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their official DVD. It will feature rare old footage as well as new live footage of the band along with other cool stuff. We hope to have it in stores world wide in May 2006. It will also be available for purchase on the web site. The band is really excited about this release and hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as they do. Stay posted for release date."

LAAZ ROCKET, formed in 1982, were a mainstay in the Bay Area thrash scene for nine years. In May 2005, the original lineup reunited for the first time since 1991 to play two shows with TESTAMENT, including the prestigious Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland. Their appearance at the Thrash Against Cancer benefit concert in July 2005 was their first U.S. show in over 14 years.

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Austrian Black Metallers Abigor Are Back

According to the Austrian black metal webzine BlackMetal.at , Peter Kubik (a.k.a. Virus 666) has put his HELLBOUND and ST. LUCIFER projects to rest and has reformed the acclaimed Austrian black metal outfit ABIGOR. "There're different reasons for this decision, and some might hate me about it, but I give a shit on them," Kubik is quoted as saying. "I know, I wrote that I am pissed by the black-metal scene as I split ABIGOR back in 2003, and still I am, but maybe this 'not being involved' made me thirsty again. However, I don't feel the need to justify my point of view anymore. Accept it or not, ABIGOR is back! Currently it's me and Lukas Lindenberger on drums, but T.T., Thurisaz and Silenius are still invited to join the band again, time will tell. Don't expect a rise of the 'old' ABIGOR, it's 2006. ABIGOR is reborn, and it'll be a new area - we're back, still hell!"

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Celestial Season To Reissue "Solar Lovers"

Nineties doom band Celestial Season will reissue their most popular disc, Solar Lovers, March 28. The Dutch band's third album was recorded in 1995 and includes "Body as Canvas," "Fandago" and "The Holy Snake." Celestial Season broke up in 2002.

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The Haunted Comment On New Material

Swedish thrashers, The Haunted, who played last summer's Ozzfest, will enter a Danish studio in May to start recording their still-untitled LP, which is being eyed for a late October release. Tue Madsen (Aborted, Panzerchrist) will produce the disc. "We're going forward," frontman Peter Dolving wrote on the band's Web site. "This is exciting and scary. So far we've got 12 songs that are evolving smoothly. ... I'd say the stuff is much heavier than previous records; I get a feeling like [At the Gates] meets King Crimson. It's hard to describe, but personally I think we're coming up with some heavy sh--. Sometimes I feel like, 'Whoa! This is turning into a Pink Floyd record for the dysfunctional.' "

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Hydrogyn Releases "18 & Life" Single

Chavis Records has sent the following release:

"In yet another monumental turn of events radio and media giant Clear Channel pick up the newly released single ’18 & Life’ recorded by HYDROGYN. Radio stations WAMX 106.1 FM, WKEE 100.5 FM, and WKLC 105.1 FM and others throughout the western region will spin ’18 & Life’ in regular rotation. Chavis Records / DA Records are proud to announce our association with Clear Channel and look forward to expanding our music throughout the US."

"‘18 & Life’ gained high profile notoriety by rockers Skid Row whose debut was released in 1989 and produced by Michael Wagener. Call your local radio stations and request HYDROGYN – ’18 & Life’."

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Anathema Will Record New Internet-Only EP

British metallers ANATHEMA have posted the following message on their official web site:
"We are going into Les Smith's Sewerside studios next week to record three songs to be released on the Internet in time for the U.K. tour with H.I.M.

"It's looking good at the moment. The songs are good, there is interest from a label we are interested in, and it looks positive. The three tracks will be available on our web site (not iTunes, as previously reported - we feel PayPal will help it to be more available to all who want it). And there will be a donate option if people wish to help the band by paying for the songs.

The songs are:
01. One Day
02. Everything
03. Angels Walk Among Us More...

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Type O Negative Will Enter Studio In Early April

TYPE O NEGATIVE will enter the studio in early April to begin recording their long-awaited new album, tentatively due in September via SPV Records. The band, whose first LP, "Slow, Deep and Hard", was issued in 1991, fulfilled their contractual obligations to longtime label Roadrunner with the release of 2003's "Life Is Killing Me". That album debuted on The Billboard 200 chart at No. 39 in June 2003 after registering a first-week sales tally of 27,000 copies. TYPE O NEGATIVE's best-selling album to date is 1994's "Bloody Kisses", which has shifted around a million copies in the U.S. More...

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From Autumn To Ashes Writing New Material

Contrary to recent rumors, From Autumn To Ashes are not breaking up. Instead, the band is writing material for their next album and will perform as part of the Warped Tour package. Drummer/singer Francis Mark has issued the following statement:

"It's true that we were expecting a break up, mainly because over the past two years the band has been pointed in a direction that we never meant for it to go. Not musically, mind you. It's easy to say "I don't like this, I can't relate to it anymore so it's over". Thankfully we went on hiatus for the last few months and had a chance to clear our heads. We realized that at the end of the day we are all still very close friends and we love playing music together. We just needed to get back in touch with the fundamentals that this band was founded on. The main goal was always to have fun and the most fun times were when we were five guys in a van playing music because we loved it. There was no other reason to do it. This genre wasn't popular and there was no money to be made. We played in houses and basements with Bleeding Through. We played in coffee shops with Taking Back Sunday. We played shows with Avenged Sevenfold where the band members were the only people there. I'm not trying to give a 'keep it real' speech on the ethics of underground music. I'm just saying it's important to remember where you came from because for a while I forgot and I was miserable. Breaking up is the easy way out. I'd rather look at all the bad decisions that have been made and try to fix them."

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High On Fire Recruit Zeke Bassist For Tour

Bassist Jeff Matz of Zeke will be playing bass for High On Fire during their spring tour with Goatwhore and Watch Them Die. Matz is filling in for bassist Joe Preston, who left High On Fire for undisclosed reasons earlier this year.

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Headline News

Stone Sour Part Ways With Drummer

STONE SOUR, featuring SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor, have posted the following announcement at their MySpace page:

"Things are going really well in the studio and we'll have a more in-depth update next week, but for now, we wanted to let you know about a change in the band. Sadly Joel Ekman, Stone Sour’s original drummer, is no longer going to be part of the band. This is something that we all discussed and feel is best for the five of us and for the future of Stone Sour. This has been the most intense recording process of our career and the next year of touring will be equally, if not more, intense. Our world tour kicks off June 2 in Germany and our goal is to play as many cities and countries as possible. We're in discussions with a few drummers now and will let you know who that person will be as soon as we come to a decision.

We wish the best to Joel and to his family."

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