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Metal News for March 24, 2012

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Escape From Posts New Single

Polish metal band Escape From has released a new single titled "Zainfekowany Obledem (Infected by Madness)," which will be featured on the bands first full-length album. Escape From already has a promo CD, "Ciemna Strona Duszy," from 2007 and the 2009 EP "Opetani Okrucienstwem" to its credit. You can stream four more songs from the latter over on Soundcloud. Check out the new single below.

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The Order Of Apollyon Posts New Demo Track

The Order of Apollyon has posted a studio report on the recording of its second album, which is due to drop later in 2012 on Listenable Records. The studio report also features a short interview and a few sound samples. The Order of Apollyon also posted a demo version of "Judgement Rejoiceth Against Mercy," which is streaming below.

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Devour The Unborn Streaming Two Tracks

Brutal slam band Devour The Unborn is streaming a couple of songs from its debut album "Consuming the Morgue Remains," which was recently released on the Texas label Ossuary Industries. The track "Bitch in a Ditch" is featured below, plus you can listen to the song "Dissected Inhumation" by going here. Devour The Unborn splits its time between El Paso and Bari, Italy - where one of its members is from. The band plans to bring a gig stateside with Coprophiliac, Exhumer, Vomit God and Carnal Decay on June 20th at the Cafe Berlin in Columbia, Missouri.

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Two More Dates Added To Mudfest Tour

Dutch heavy rock band Pendejo! has announced a couple of more dates will be added to the Mudfest Tour on its Facebook wall. The two new dates will feature Pendejo! and the other three artists: Cultura Tres, Banda de la Muerte and Undersmile. The dates follow below, along with an upload of Pendejo's official video for the song "Flotadores" from its debut "Cantos a la Vida."

Pendejo! is an interesting stoner rock band, since they are all from the Netherlands and decided to pick Spanish as the language they would sing in instead of English (two of the members do have Latino lineage in them, though). Their sound also infuses a horn section into it. Visit the Mudgate site for more dates and tour information. Also check out Pendejo's MySpace page to listen to songs from its first album.

March 28th Amsterdam (Winston)
March 29th Arnhem (The Stage)

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Apparitions Posts Lyric Video Online

U.S. act Apparitions has posted a lyric video online for the single "Burn Alive," which will be included on the band's debut album "Kiss Me Sleeping." You can listen to the song in the player below. For more details on Apparitions, head over to the group's Facebook profile.

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SXSW 2012: Tone Def Touring Showcase with C.O.C.

After Pallbearer marched its audience toward a giant, gaping abyss at ND, I hustled a couple blocks west to Dirty Dog Bar. I learned an important lesson last year: If you don’t have a badge or wrist band, show up early to ensure you get into the venue. Last year, I showed up a band or two into the Metal Alliance show and missed Saint Vitus and Crowbar. Once the doors opened, the bar’s staff allowed a few badge and wrist-band holders in first and then opened the flood gates to everyone else.

The Atlas Moth did not bide its time in leisurely boredom like me. The Chicago-based space sludge masters were busy setting up for their second show in the span of a couple of hours. The group filled in the vacancy left by Rwake, who also bowed out of The Atlas Moth’s earlier show. Without their planetary light show that illuminated ND’s, The Atlas Moth’s performance was not as visually stunning. Their keyboards, effects and coarse tones updated the flowery texture of traditional psychedelia. Although they call Profound Lore home, The Atlas Moth could fit right in on Neurosis’ Neurot label. More...

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Bloodshot Dawn Posts Tour Footage

Bloodshot Dawn has posted a tour video online showing the band's time on the road for a U.K. tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dyscarnate, which can be viewed below. Bloodshot Dawn also commented:

"Beers, brutality and bonding, 9 days on the road around the UK and Ireland with our brothers in Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dyscarnate! We drink till we're sick mate."

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Meshuggah Streaming Entire New Album

Meshuggah will be releasing the album "Koloss" on March 23rd, 2012 (EU) and March 26th, 2012 (North America) through Nuclear Blast Records. The entire album is now available for streaming online at this location, where the band originally revealed the "Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion" track.

The track listing for "Koloss" is as follows:

1. I Am Colossus
2. The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance
3. Do Not Look Down (stream this at this location)
4. Behind The Sun
5. The Hurt That Finds You First
6. Marrow
7. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
8. Swarm
9. Demiurge
10. The Last Vigil

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Embreach Releases New Album Recording Footage

Finland's Embreach has officially begun the recording process for the band's upcoming debut full-length album. Embreach has now posted a short studio video diary online chronicling the guitar recording sessions, which can be viewed below. Further details on the upcoming Embreach album will be announced as they are made available.

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Desecravity Checks In From Tour

Drummer Yuichi Kudo of Desecravity, which signed with Willowtip Records last year, has checked in with the following post-tour recap:

"Hi! we just came back to Tokyo from the tour. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and came to see DESECRAVITY performance on the tour and appreciate all promoter/organizer as well! I had a great time on every stage and look forward to seeing you again.

"Thank you all so much! If anyone can provide any pictures related to the tour, please send us via email or another way. Thanks."

For more details on Desecravity, check out the band's official Facebook profile.

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A Wanted Awakening Issues Recording Update

Lowell, MA based act A Wanted Awakening, which recruited a new drummer earlier this month has issued the following studio update about recording a new album:

"Just finished Ricks first vocal session for the new record! Also was joined by some close friends Ronnie from Manifest, Vito from Still Silent, and Ben Veau for gang vocals and some of their own cameos on our upcoming full length."

You can also find a previously posted studio video update from A Wanted Awakening at this location.

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Germ Posts Reworking Of Austere Song

Germ has posted an orchestral reworking online of the track "Just For A Moment" from the now-defunct band Austere, which broke up back in 2010. Listen to the song in the player below.

Unfortunately for Austere fans, the video also included a statement from Tim Yatras that "Austere will not be getting back together, so please don't get the wrong idea."

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Kryn Releases In-Studio Footage

Croatian act Kryn has posted a brief video update online from the band's time in the studio recording new material, which can be viewed below. For more details on Kryn, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

Kryn is:

Karlo Horvat - Vocals
Rade Malobabic - Guitar
Neven Vukic - Guitar
Marko Vladilo - Bass Guitar
Igor Malobabic - Drums

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Shreddertron Posts New Song Online

West Sussex four piece metal band Shreddertron has posted a new song online titled "Prepare For Boost!" Check out the song below. Shreddertron also commented on the track:

"Recorded in Feb 2012 with Rhys from 'Tied to the Mast,' at the Unit Studio in West Sussex. This is a live tracked recording. One take = More Power! All music, riffs, un-music and noise by Andrew Everitt, Duve Pendleton, Rob Brindle and Alex Brindle."

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I.N.C. Posts Music Video Photos

Connecticut/New York thrash metal act Indestructible Noise Command, which recently recruited 19-year-old Berklee student Kyle Sheperd as the band's new drummer, has finished work on a new music video to see release next week. I.N.C. has now issued the following brief update about posting photos online from the upcoming video release:

"I.N.C to debut new video Monday! We will be debuting our animated video for Fist of Fascista on the Revolver website. This video was animated by More Frames Animation, who also did the Ghost Walking video for Lamb of God. Check out the screens here!"

You can also catch I.N.C. live on the following dates:

4/7 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar w/ Onslaught – Doors @ 8pm
4/14 Orlando, FL @ WJRR’s Earthday Birthday at Tinker Field w/ Godsmack, Trivium
4/19 Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz w/ M-16 “Jose Mangin's Hard Attack Thursdayz”

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Fortress Under Siege Posts "Deeds Of All Disgrace"

Greek act Fortress Under Siege has posted the song "Deeds Of All Disgrace" online for streaming, which is included on the album "The Mortal Flesh Of Love," released last year. You can listen to the song in the player below, or find the previously posted video clip for "Blind Faith" at this location.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Deeds Of All Disgrace
2. Last Temptation
3. Holy Communion
4. My Foulest Sin
5. Gods Of War
6. Night Caress
7. The Mortal Flesh Of Love
8. Alexander
9. Blind Faith
10. Faithless

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The Dead Lay Waiting Posts Studio Footage

Footage has been posted online of U.K. band The Dead Lay Waiting recording the group's next release at Rising Records Studios, Barbabos in January of 2012. Check out the video clip below.

You can also hear the song "Always Ask Why" off the band's previous album "Almost Heaven" at this location.

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Fisthammer Posts New Album Breakdown

Vocalist Max Svalgard of Philadelphia's Fisthammer has teamed up with Metalholic to release a track-by-track breakdown of the band's "Devour All You See" album. An excerpt from the breakdown follows:

Razorwaves - ”Razorwaves” was written about “The Great Flood of 1889? in Johnstown PA. It was a dam failure which caused 20 million tons of water flood the town. In the beginning of the flood’s path it destroyed Cambria Iron Works in Woodvale, PA which unleashed waves filled with barbed wire on Johnstown.

Aten: Fear the Obliteration of Earth - ”Aten” is about the “ancient alien” concept of the Bhagavad Gita. If you read the Bhagavad Gita there are many instances where they are describing what sounds like a nuclear weapon attack, and so the theory is that the scripture is really a man writing his experience of aliens coming to earth and disintegrating a city. Although the song is mainly based off of the Bhagavad Gita there are almost identical stories all over the world, and the word Aten comes from Egyptian mythology which is the word for “The Sun Disk” god, Akhenaten when in rule made Aten the only god and if you look at the symbol for Aten it resembles a flying saucer.

Kull the Conqueror - This song is based on the movie Kull the Conqueror starring Kevin Sorbo. It is a movie about the battle between a man and his wife…..a demon queen. I was listening to a lot of black metal at the time and really wanted to write a fast melodic song and I was watching the movie with a guitar in my hands so I wrote the song while watching it.

Bullet Raped - ”Bullet Raped” was pitched to me by our former guitarist Eric, he told me the title and said GO! So “Bullet Raped” is about a man with a sniper rifle on top of a building patiently waiting for this woman he knows to walk home so that he can penetrate her orifices with bullets and then end her life.

Read the full article at Metalholic.

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Dark End Streaming New Track

After previously posting the track "Decrepitude: One Last Laugh Beside Your Agonies" online, symphonic horror metal act Dark End has now released another new song from the band's new album "Grand Guignol - Book I." The track "Bleakness: Of Secrecy, Haste And Shattered Crystals" is available for streaming through the player below.

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Fire In The Cave Streaming EP

Orlando doom band Fire In The Cave is streaming its two song self-titled EP over on Bandcamp, or listen to it in the player below. The artwork on the EP was done by Jean Saiz of Shroud Eater, and the release should be available in physical form on NK Tapes soon. Fire In The Cave is scheduled to play at the You Are Doomed Fest in Orlando on May 5th. For more information on the fest, go to this site.

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Aegrotum To Release Compilation

Germany's Aegrotum has announced a 12 track compilation album titled "Hostimentum" will be released, featuring all three of the band's previous demos. The compilation is set to drop on April 20th, 2012 via Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur and will be limited to 100 copies. For more on Aegrotum, check out the band's MySpace page.

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Undersmile Announces Tour Dates

Dual female fronted sludge/doom band Undersmile has announced a series of concert dates in its homeland of the U.K. as it gears up to drop its first album, "Narwahl." This will be the first full-length for the band, who already has an EP, "A Sea of Dead Snakes," and a split with Caretaker to its credit on Blindsight Records. The debut album "Narwahl" was mastered by Billy Anderson and should drop in May on Future Noise recordings. Stream some of Undersmile's songs over on the band's Facebook band page, and a video upload of "Big Wow" from its split EP with Caretaker below.

23rd March - Alma Inn, Bolton w/Conan, Serpent Venom, Grimpen Mire and Volition
24th March - The Black Heart, Camden w/Conan, Serpent Venom, and Grimpen Mire
25th March - The Croft, Bristol w/Conan, Serpent Venom, Grimpen Mire and Volition
30th March - Gouda, NL w/Cultura Tres, Banda de la Muerte and Pendejo
31st March - Roermond, NL w/Cultura Tres, Banda de la Muerte and Pendejo
1st April - Middelburg, NL w/Cultura Tres, Banda de la Muerte and Pendejo
8th April - ???, Camden
11th May - The Unicorn, Camden - NARWHAL ALBUM LAUNCH
14th May - The Black Heart, Camden w/Dylan Carlson (of Earth)
16th May - The Purple Turtle, Oxford - Oxford Punt
13th June - Brighton w/Witchsorrow More...

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Manowar Announces German Show

Manowar will perform an exclusive show for 2012 in Germany's prestigious Signal Iduna Park Stadium (aka Westfalenstadion) in Dortmund on July 9th, 2012. This will be the band's only show in Germany in 2012.

The band will celebrate the release of a new studio album and also the 10th anniversary of "Warriors Of The World."

"Germany is like a second home to us. After all, this is the country of Richard Wagner, the father of all heavy metal and the German fans are unique in their devotion for true metal! We can't wait to be back!" said Joey DeMaio. "We are calling all our warriors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and from all over the world to join us and party louder than hell!"

Manowar has the following upcoming shows:

Sat, June 16, 2012 – Ost Fest – Bucharest, Romania
Thu, June 21, 2012 – Gods Of Metal – Milan, Italy
Fri, July 6, 2012 – Getaway Rock Festival – Gävle, Sweden
Mon, July 9, 2012 – Dortmunder Music Week Festival – Dortmund, Germany

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Agalloch Announces European Tour

Agalloch has now announced the dates for the band's upcoming "Marrow of the Spirit" European tour dates in April. The tour poster can be viewed below, and the dates are as follows:

03.04.2012 - BEL, Antwerp
04.04.2012 - GER, Hamburg
05.04.2012 - DEN, Copenhagen
07.04.2012 - FIN, Helsinki
08.04.2012 - SWE, Gothenburg
09.04.2012 - DEN, Oberhausen
10.04.2012 - FRA, Paris
11.04.2012 - GBR, London
14.04.2012 - SUI, Dietikon
15.04.2012 - ITA, Retorbido
16.04.2012 - AUT, Vienna
17.04.2012 - CZE, Prague More...

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The Bunny The Bear Announces New Album

Buffalo, New York’s The Bunny The Bear has announced the release of the band's sophomore album, "The Stomach For It," this coming May 22nd, 2012. Watch the special announcement and see the new album artwork revealed in the player below.

The band comments, “I'm extremely excited about this album and I think our fans will really enjoy everything The Stomach For It has to offer. I'm extremely content with the direction I took with the writing this time around and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, thus far!”

Fans can expect to hear new tracks live before the album is released on upcoming tour dates with Blood on the Dance Floor and Brokencyde. A full list of dates can be found below. More...

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