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Metal News for March 22, 2016

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Pit Stories: The Dude Who Owns The Pit

The time has come for another Pit Story straight from the heart of the metal scene! This week's story comes courtesy of Entheos (the new band featuring Evan Brewer and Navene Koperweis).

Drummer Navene Koperweis had this tale from the pit to share about that one guy who keeps the mosh going, no matter what the circumstances:

When My old band was on tour with Napalm Death, there was an epic beat in Denver, Colorado. There was this one dude owning the pit who very primal and animated. We decided to go up on the balcony to see what would happen if we poured a bottle of water on him. Turns out he loved it! He thrived off it and continued to be the number 1 pitter! Props to this guy!

Are you that guy at your local shows? Share your story of the one mosher who just won't stop in the comments below!

The new Entheos album "The Infinite Nothing" is slated to drop April 1st, 2016 via Artery Recordings, with several advance tracks already up for streaming. You can pre-order the release over here. More...

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Traces Releases New Lyric Video

Phoenix post-hardcore band Traces has released a new lyric video for the single "Of Servility." The title is in reference to a person who is fed up with those in power and the imagery of the video is very much in line with this theme, producing images reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel, "1984."

"The narrator within the song feels he is alone in how he feels and is trying to awaken those people around him who are blind to the lies and corruption he sees," says guitarist Nick Zieser. "To him, those people are sheep or slaves, if you will, to those in power."

"Of Servility" is the second single from the band's debut self-titled EP. The Matt Good (From First to Last, D.R.U.G.S.) produced effort will be released on April 8th. More...

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Entheos Releases New Song

Entheos just premiered the next new song from upcoming debut album "The Infinite Nothing." Check out the face-melting track "Perpetual Miscalculations" below.

New album "The Infinite Nothing" will be released on April 1st, 2016 via Artery Recordings worldwide. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Perpetual Miscalculations
2. New Light
3. The Infinite Nothing
4. Terminal Stages of Nostalgia
5. An Ever-Expanding Human
6. Bad Chemicals
7. Mind Alone
8. Neural Damage

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Textures Posts Drum Playthrough

The Dutch polyrhythmic metal maniacs from Textures have recently released the first of two albums, "Phenotype," via Nuclear Blast. The second record of the diptych, "Genotype," will be released next year.

While on tour with Amorphis and Poem, the band has now released a new playthrough video for "Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand." Watch the clip featuring drummer Stef Broks below.

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Incite Releases "No Remorse" Video

Incite is set to release bludgeoning new offering, "Oppression," on April 22nd via Minus Head Records, featuring production from Steve Evetts.

Today Incite offers fans a chance to visualize the brutality with a new music video for "No Remorse." The video is directed by Robert Sexton (Hellyeah, Death Angel, Soulfly) and stars pin-up model Shonda Mackey-Cavalera as husband Richie's never-remorseful murderess.

"The video for 'No Remorse' will definitely have viewers on the edge of their seats," states vocalist Richie Cavalera. "We brought back director Robert Sexton, who always tries to push boundaries, and he surely did on this one. We wanted a video that showcased powerful women killing men and doing it with no remorse. Each member of the band is killed a different way. The video ends with a final bloodbath as all four women hold their kill for the world to see. You'll definitely watch it over and over again trying to catch all the subtle details in each murder." More...

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Messa Announces "Belfry" Album

Messa will release "Belfry" via Aural Music this coming May 6th, 2016. Aural Music had this to say about the band:

"Messa plays obscure and evoking doom with deliciously haunting female vocals, influenced by Pentagram, Bellwitch, Windhand, Jex Thoth, Sabbath Assembly, Bathory. The debut album titled 'Belfry' mixes dark ambient drones with vintage heavy occult doom and mesmerizing female vocals that will drive you through a scarlet velvet trip."

1. Alba
2. Babalon
3. Fa°ro¨
4. Hour of the Wolf
5. Blood
6. Tomba
7. New Horns
8. Bell Tower
9. Outermost
10. Confess More...

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Teloch Vovin Releases New Single

On the 2016 vernal equinox, New York coven Teloch Vovin unveiled the second single in the "Psalms Ov Khaos" singles series, with "When Madness Tastes Like Love."

The prime intent of the "Psalms Ov Khaos" series is to further extend and shed black light upon the more electronic and ambient instrumentation and ritualistic elements which are typically only slightly present in Teloch Vovins death-influenced occult black metal.

The series began on the 2015 winter solstice with "Orobas Invocato," and continues with this seasonal merge as the band releases "When Madness Tastes Like Love," with additional psalms to be issued on the summer solstice, fall equinox, winter solstice and onward.

Issues Teloch Vovin: "The concept of the 'Psalms Ov Khaos' tracks are independent of the main theme entwined within the two full-lengths the band is currently working on, as the albums focus on the black metal aspects of the band intertwined with black ambience, and the psalms solely highlight the ceremonial, ambient aspects."

Catch some Teloch Vovin live rituals on these upcoming dates:

6/10/2016 The Backstage Pass - Ronkonkoma, NY @ Long Island Heathen Metal Fest
7/22/2016 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Acheron, T.O.M.B., Khaotika, Grave Gnosis, Mehenet
7/23/2016 Fete Music Hall - Providence, RI @ Anti-Cosmic Metal Fest
9/15/2016 Camp Hidden Valley - White Hall, MD @ Shadow Woods Metal Fest
11/11-12/2016 Wrath Of The Goat VI - Chicago, IL More...

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Brutus Releasing New Album

Today, Svart Records sets May 20th as the international release date for Brutus' third album, "Wandering Blind." The label comments:

"These days, too many so-called bands try their best to convey that 'we don’t belong to that decade' feeling, hoping that few bell-bottom jeans, plenty of facial hair, and a few vintage instruments will do. And then there are those who truly ooze of that natural yet unmistakable grit, that loose impression that they indeed fell through some lost wormhole directly from, say, 1971 and just belong here, in the good sense of the term.

"Oslo’s Brutus are one of those rare breed, a solid and non-corrupted pure blues/hard-rock powerhouse, started by three Swedes and two Norwegians ten years ago and openly in awe of Leaf Hound, Grand Funk Railroad, and Blue Cheer, right on the fence separating the '60s from the '70s when musicians were already letting their hair hang but had yet to compromise their vision to please the money-hungry business man." More...

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Giant Of The Mountain Releasing New EP

Giant Of The Mountain is pleased to announce the band will release new EP "The Empty Quarter" on May 27th, 2016. The band comments:

"We have worked harder and longer on our new release, 'The Empty Quarter,' than anything we’ve done so far. It’s without a doubt the most mature, energetic release we’ve conjured."

In addition to releasing "The Empty Quarter," the band will embark on a tour of the East U.S. with Krigsgrav. All tour dates can be found below.

04/01 - Little Rock, AR @ Vino’s
04/02 - Chicago, IL @ LiveWire Lounge
04/03 - Cincinnati, OH @ Yacht Club
04/04 - Buffalo, NY @ The Lair
04/05 - Albany, NY @ The Fuze Box
04/06 - Burlington, VT @ TBA
04/07 - Manchester, NH @ Shaskeen Pub
04/08 - Portland, ME @ Space Gallery
04/09 - Belchertown, MA @ House Show
04/10 - Brooklyn, NY @ Black Bear Bar
04/11 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
04/12 - Baltimore, MD @ The Depot
04/13 - Richmond, VA @ 25 WATT
04/14 - Chapel Hill. NC @ Local 506
04/15 - Atlanta, GA @ TBA
04/16 - Jackson, MS @ Big Sleepy’s
04/17 - Dallas, TX @ Reno’s Chop Shop More...

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American Head Charge Streams Full New Album

"Shoot," American Head Charge's 2013 EP, marked the band's rebirth, but now it`s time to do the full-length tango! Get ready for fourth album "Tango Umbrella," coming this Friday, March 25th via Napalm Records.

The album has now come online in full and can be heard below, courtesy of Loudwire.com.

"We touched upon different directions. Our influences come from the early 90s, Ministry, Tool, PJ Harvey and so forth. We cover a lot on Tango Umbrella. If people dig it - Cool. If not: Go F Yourself," says American Head Charge. More...

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Wormed Posts New Music Video

The sci-fi technical death metal masters from Wormed have released a new video for the track "Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy."

Regarding the video, Wormed comments: "Before this apocalyptic scenario took place, in the other arm of the galaxy, the Conektnity project foresaw it, activating the Neomorph Protocol, commonly called 'The awakening of the one hundred Chryms.' A cyborg army, saved for an event that would threat human existence. These powerful Chryms were designed to establish life in a safe planetary system. All woke up, all but one, Krighsu."

This track "Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy" is taken from Wormed's new album "Krighsu," which can be streamed at this location. More...

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Negative Voice Releasing "Cold Redrafted"

Negative Voice's "Cold Redrafted" builds upon what is found on the debut "Infinite Dissonance" and adds a lot of new elements as well. At its core, the album is still blackened doom in the vein of the genre giants, but "Negative Voice" expands on that, adding clean vocals, experimenting with song structure and textures for enthralling melodies and a progressive sound.

"Cold Redrafted" is hitting streets April 11th, 2016 through Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions. Check out the track "Karmic Pattern" below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Limitation
2. City of Decaying Gaze
3. Nightmare Everlasting
4. Instant
5. Impasse
6. Karmic Pattern
7. Lighthouse
8. Draft Life More...

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Rising Posts Recording Footage

Copenhagen-based group Rising has just issued a new trailer documenting the recording of impending third LP, "Oceans Into Their Graves," as the album nears release in late April.

Boasting nearly forty-five minutes of mega-infectious riff domination, the album was recorded by producer Jacob Bredahl (By The Patient, The Kandidate) at Dead Rat Studios in Aarhus, Denmark, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Sleep, Black Breath, Old Man Gloom), and bears cover artwork created by vocalist Morten Grønnegaard. More...

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Gorguts Kicking Off European Tour

The death metal pioneers from Gorguts are kicking off a headlining European tour in Norway as part of Inferno fest. This trek sees the band traveling throughout the rest of month, making stops in the Netherlands, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Poland and more before concluding on April 17th.

Support on this tour comes from Psycroptic, Dysrhythmia, and Nero Di Marte. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

Gorguts is touring in support of forthcoming new EP, "Pleiades' Dust," which runs as a single, continuous track that spans over 30 minutes of total run-time. The EP will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on May 13th. More...

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Headline News

Eis Comments On Brussels Bombing

After the Paris terrorist assault at Bataclan that rocked the music world, an attack took place today in Brussels, with ISIS claiming responsibility. According to reports from MSNBC several terrorists opened fire on passengers at a Brussels airport before detonating explosive devices.

Statements of support from various metal bands have been coming in, with some groups more closely affected by the attack than others. Alboîn from black metal outfit Eïs issued this statement via Facebook:

"I'm currently in Brussels staying with my wife. This is a day where black metal means truly nothing. This is Europe staring into the abyss, and what we see is: no music can be as nihilistic as these terroristic pieces of shit. All of my thoughts and strength go out to the victims of these cowardish acts." More...

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Rock 'N Derby Reveals More Band Additions

The inaugural Rock 'N Derby - presented by SLP Concerts and GameLoud - will take over the 35+ acre Schaghticoke Fairgrounds in Schaghticoke, NY (69 Stillwater Bridge Rd. just minutes outside Albany) on May 20 - 22, 2016.

This isn't just a festival, this is a three-day, 24 hour camping, demolition derby concert experience, and the bands keep on coming.

The lineup now includes Corrosion Of Conformity, Hollywood Undead, State Champs, Sebastian Bach, Enter Shikari, Born of Osiris, Avatar, For Today, Rings of Saturn, Cilver and Bad Case For Big Mouth.

They join previously announced bands Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, A Day To Remember, Halestorm, Megadeth, Coheed and Cambria, Sixx: A.M., Lamb Of God, Clutch, Parkway Drive, Anthrax, Ghost, Collective Soul, Extreme, Wolfmother, Sevendust, Dokken, Trivium, Memphis May Fire, We Came As Romans, Scott Stapp, All That Remains, Stray From The Path, Pop Evil, Thy Art Is Murder, Red Sun Rising, Wild Throne, Like A Storm and Currents, plus Tool tribute band Schism and '70's dirt rock cover band Chevy Metal.

The full currently announced three day lineup is below, with more groups still to be added ahead of the festival dates. More...

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Withered Streaming "Feeble Grasp"

Atlanta's Withered is streaming a vicious new track taken from forthcoming album, "Grief Relic." The track, titled "Feeble Gasp," is streaming below. Regarding the track, guitarist/vocalist Mike Thompson comments:

"This song was designed to capture the glory of of levity experienced at the peak of extreme emotional or physical suffering. It's the bright crisp moment when your psyche detaches from the suffering and you are afforded the opportunity to perceive beyond the limits of your pain. It's somewhat of a traditional energy for Withered so I think there is a sense of comfort that accompanies the experience."

Withered's new album "Grief Relic" will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on May 27th, 2016. The track listing is:

1. Leathery Rind
2. A Realm of Suffering
3. Withdraw
4. Feeble Gasp
5. Husk
6. Downward
7. Distort, Engulf
8. To Glimpse Godliness More...

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Ctulu Posts Re-Release Teaser

Five years after the initial release of "Sarkomand," the re-release of this album as an limited digipak will be published next week. Fans can celebrate with a Ctulu lives how at the Ragnarök Festival!

The band has also published a new documentary-style video for the re-release titled "Sarkomand, or: How the Antediluvian City Was Built." Check out the clip below, in which the band describes the background and genesis of the album.

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Novembre Streaming "Bremen"

Novembre, Italy's atmospheric death/doom metal outfit, just launched new track "Bremen" from upcoming seventh studio album "Ursa," which is due out on April 1st via Peaceville. Founding member and writer Carmelo Orlando commented on the track:

"'Bremen' is probably the most 'Death Metal' of all the songs on our new album, 'Ursa.' It starts with an early-Maiden-ian arpeggio and then it attacks with a crushing riff which takes good part of the song. There's plenty of vocal harmonies. Fifths mainly, so medieval! Lyrically I took inspiration from the novel 'Town Musicians of Bremen' by the Brothers Grimm, a bedtime story whose morals are about exploitation of our fellow man."

The album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Australis
2. The Rose
3. Umana (check out the lyric video here)
4. Easter
6. Oceans of Afternoons
7. Annoluce
8. Agathae
9. Bremen
10. Fin More...

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Surgical Meth Machine Posts Fourth Video Teaser

Ready for Surgical Meth Machine teaser video #4? Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen's new project recently inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records for a self-titled debut album.

The record, which was recorded primarily at Jourgensen's home studio in Burbank, California with his longtime engineer Sam D'Ambruoso, will be released on April 15th worldwide. Al has recorded a series of album trailers, with the fourth one being posted online today.

Check out the new clip below, where AL discusses the drumming on the new album, working on music without his Ministry comrades, and more. More...

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Mandroid Echostar Announces North American Tour

Canadian prog-metal band Mandroid Echostar will hit the road this spring for a co-headline North American tour with Auras and support act Native Construct.

The band is touring in support o recently released album, "Coral Throne" (reviewed here), which can be streamed in full below. Catch Mandroid Echostar live on these tour dates:

May 5 - Hamilton, ON - Absinthe
May 6 - Guelph, ON - Dstrct
May 7 - Oshawa, ON - TBA
May 9 - Joilet, IL - Bada Brew
May 11 - Winnipeg, MB - The Pyramid
May 12 - Saskatoon, SK - Le Relais
May 13 - Medicine Hat, AB - TBA
May 14 - Calgary, AB - The Gate (Sait)
May 16 - Edmonton, AB - Mercury Room
May 18 - Vancouver, BC - The Venue
May 19 - Seattle, WA - Studio 7
May 20 - Portland, OR - Ash Street
May 21 - Boise, ID - Shredder
May 23 - Grand Junction, CO - Mesa Lounge
May 24 - Omaha, NE - Lookout Lounge
May 26 - Valparaiso, IN - Big Shots
May 28 - Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall
May 30 - Ottawa, ON - Ritual
May 31 - Quebec City, QC - L’Anti Bar & Spectacles
June 1 - Montreal, QC - Bar Le Ritz
June 2 - London, ON - Rum Runners
June 3 - Barrie, ON - Roxy Side Room
June 4 - Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground More...

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Artillery Streams Full New Album

Danish power thrash metallers Artillery will release their new full-length, "Penalty By Perception," this Friday, March 25th, via Metal Blade Records worldwide.

To give fans a preview of the album, the band is now streaming "Penalty By Perception" in its entirety. Check it out below, and a new in-depth interview just came online about the release at NewNoiseMagazine.com here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. In Defiance Of Conformity
2. Live By The Scythe
3. Penalty By Perception
4. Mercy Of Ignorance
5. Rites Of War
6. Sin Of Innocence
7. When The Magic Is Gone
8. Cosmic Brain
9. Deity Machine
10. Path Of The Atheist
11. Welcome To The Mind Factory
12. Liberty Of Defeat (bonus track) More...

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Dead Register Premieres "Fiber" Video

It's a gloomy broken goblets and empty tables kind of day, which is why we're teaming up with Dead Register to exclusively premiere the new "Fiber" video!

This new clip is for the title track off the gothic / doom band's upcoming album of the same name, due to drop May 6th, 2016 via AVR Records. If you dig anything from Neurosis to The Cure or even Pinkish Black, you'll want to check out the killer music video below.

According to Dead Register, the album is "Centered around the dynamics of human relationships, particularly those of love and loss," while further defining the album title as "1. The fine elements woven together in the crafting of compositions. 2. The effects of the bass on the bowels."

The band also comments on this new clip: "'Fiber' highlights live shots of Dead Register playing interwoven with a desperate story of two souls failing to connect and falling back into their own miseries."

For more info on this Atlanta-based outfit, head over to Facebook here. The full "Fiber" track listing will be as follows:

1. Alone
2. Fiber
3. Drawing Down
4. Grave
5. Entwined
6. Incendiary More...

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Sorrows Path To Enter Studio In June

Greek doom metal act Sorrows Path has announced that the band will enter Fragile Studio in Athens in early June to record the third full length album. The new release will be entitled "Touching Infinity" and will be produced once again by Vangelis Yalamas.

The album is targeted for release in 2017 via Iron Shield Records. The cover artwork, layout and photography will be done by Nikos Markogiannakis (Rotting Christ, Anubis Gate).

The band will also shoot a videoclip for the opening track "Fantasies Will Never Die" with independent filmmaker Antonis Mandranis.

More information on the album is expected soon. More...

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Caligula's Horse Releases "Turntail" Video Clip

Australian progressive act Caligula's Horse released a new music video for the track "Turntail." The song is taken from the band's third and latest release "Bloom," which is available via InsideOutMusic.

On the video, the band commented: "After much hype, mystery and general social media nonsense, 'Turntail' is here! This song, and this clip, is all about taking a stand against external and internal pressure - it's a song of courage, defiance, and resistance.

"There was never a more appropriate time for 'Turntail' in our country. We should all take courage, and show the compassion the world needs, today.

"Many thanks to our incredible crew - our amazing dancer and choreographer Clare Burton, our *literally everything guy* Adrian Goleby, Camera Operator Luke McClean, and of course our incredible make-up artist Shanyn Patten for her hours of tireless work bringing our dream to life."

Check out "Turntail" here: More...

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