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Metal News for March 22, 2011

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Memphis May Fire Posts New Song Online

Memphis May Fire has posted a new track online for streaming. The song, titled "The Sinner," is taken from the band's forthcoming studio album "The Hollow" which will see its release on April 26, 2011 through Rise Records.

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New Devin Townsend Song Posted Online

A new Devin Townsend track has made its way online from his forthcoming "Ghost" album, which is planned for release sometime during the summer. The track, titled "Feather," is available for streaming in the player below.

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Create Avoid Signs With Blkheart Group

Thrash/Metalcore crossover act Create Avoid has announced its signing with the Blkheart Group. The band commented on the signing by saying.

"Create Avoid is very excited to announce it’s signing to BlkHeart Group. I’ve known Jason personally for several years and have worked with him on a professional level on a variety of projects. It’s really fun that we’re finally getting to work together on something that one of us is involved in musically.

"As someone who been around music along time I’ve seen few people as motivated as Jason and I feel that he’s really making great strides in the world of heavy music. Create Avoid is about fun, positive, heavy tunes and BlkHeart backs what we’re about and we’re excited to release some new material and do some touring this fall."

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Anal Cunt Announces U.S. Tour Dates

The masters of offensive extreme music, Anal Cunt, have announced that they will be heading across America on a headlining tour, which will kick off on April 1st. The band is touring in support of the latest studio album, "Fuckin' A," which is more in the vein of "cock rock" bands like Motley Crue than the group's traditional grindcore style. A European tour is also currently being planned.

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Vader Updates Tour Schedule

After entering Hertz Studios to begin recording a new album and recently announcing lineup changes, Polish death metal act Vader has now announced the "Summer Campaign" 2011. This string of tour dates will include stops at the Hellfest, Summer Breeze, Death Fest Open Air, Metal Hammer Festival, and more. The upcoming Vader tour dates are as follows:

11.04.2011 (POL) Lodz / Atlas Arena (with Slayer and Megadeth)
28.05.2011 (HOL) Dokkem / Dokk'em Open Air
10.06.2011 (GER) Gahlen / Gahlen Moscht Festival
11.06.2011 (POR) Grandola / Festival Metal GDL
13.06.2011 (UK) Liverpool / The Masque
14.06.2011 (UK) London / The Underworld
15.06.2011 (HOL) Eindhoven / Dynamo
16.06.2011 (BEL) Brussels / Magasin 4
17.06.2011 (FR) Clisson / Hellfest Festival
18.06.2011 (CH) Zurich / Dynamo
19.06.2011 (CH) Bulle / Ebullition
20.06.2011 (ITA) Bologna / Blogos
21.06.2011 (ITA) Gorizia / Pieffe Factory
22.06.2011 (GER) Darmstadt / Steinbruch Theater
23.06.2011 (HOL) Leiden / LVC
24.06.2011 (GER) Osnabruck / Bastard
25.06.2011 (GER) Hunxe / Death Fest Open Air
26.06.2011 (GER) Aalen / Rock It
22.07.2011 (GER) Bertingen / R.U.D.E. Festival
23.07.2011 (BEL) As / Vlamrock Festival
30.07.2011 (ITA) San Giacomo degli Schiavoni / Armageddon In The Park
10.08.2011 (POL) Katowice / Metal Hammer Festival
13.08.2011 (CZ) Trutnov / Brutal Assault
17.08.2011 (GER) Dinkelsbuhl / Summer Breeze
20.08.2011 (POL) Nowy Staw / Metal Time Festival
26.08.2011 (ISR) Tel Aviv / Sublime

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Just For Fun

Death Metal Cover Of Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Proof that grunted vocals and down-tuned chugging can improve any song.

You can also check out the previously uploaded All My Friends At Sea cover of the song at this location.

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Pagan's Mind Signs To SPV/Steamhammer

Norway's Pagan's Mind has announced a worldwide collaboration with SPV/Steamhammer for the future, commencing with the band's upcoming album, entitled "Heavenly Ecstasy." The fifth studio album from the melodic metal outfit will be released on May 31st in North America and the cover artwork can be viewed below.

Guitarist and producer Jørn Viggo Lofstad says: "After considering offers from various labels, we decided to be a part of the new SPV family. Signing with such a respected label gave us the spark to come up with what we think is the most cohesive album we have done, and probably our best offering so far. We can't wait to get back in action and present these songs to you all."

SPV / Steamhammer A&R Olly Hahn also stated, "I'm very happy that Pagan's Mind decided to join the SPV family. The band always delivered some of the best and most exciting metal music and with the new album they even put up a dash more!"


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Believer Posts New Song Online

Believer will be releasing the new album "Transhuman" on April 11th in Europe through Metal Blade Records. The band has now posted another song from the album, titled "Mindsteps," which can be heard in the player below. The previously uploaded song "G.U.T." is also available here.

Believer "Mindsteps" by Metal Blade Records

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Lie Awake
2. G.U.T
3. Multiverse
4. End of Infinity
5. Transfection
6. Clean Room
7. Currents
8. Traveler
9. Ego Machine
10. Being No One
11. Entanglement
12. Mindsteps

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Evil Survives Announces North American Tour

In support of the upcoming release of their 2008 debut album "Metal Vengeance" on CD and digital formats for the first time, Canadian heavy metal traditionalists Evil Survives are preparing to hit the road for a jaunt across Canada and the United States. Originally released on vinyl format only by Canadian label War on Music Records, "Metal Vengeance" hits store shelves on April 19th in North America and April 26th throughout the rest of the world care of Heavy Artillery Records.

The currently announced dates are as follows:

March 26 - Winnipeg MB @ The Zoo - w/ Nuclear Assault
April 25 - Winnipeg MB @ Royal Albert - w/ Cauldron, Holy Grail
April 28 – Minneapolis, MN @ Secret Space
April 29 - Appleton, WI @ BFG
April 30 - Milwaukee, WI @ Doghouse
May 1 - Chicago, IL @ TBA
May 2 - Dayton, OH @ TBA
May 3 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
May 5 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
May 7 – Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s
May 8 - St Catherines, ON @ Celtic Pub
May 9 - Pembroke, ON @ TBA
May 11 - Quebec City, QC @ Bar le scanner
May 12 - Montreal, QC @ Katacombes
May 13 - Hamilton, ON @ Club Absinthe
May 14 - Toronto, ON @ The Bovine
May 20 - Brandon, MB @ TBA w/ Striker
May 21 - Winnipeg, MB @ Deathtrap w/ Striker

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Kastasyde Posts New Song Online

Chicago based metal act Kastasyde has posted a new, previously unreleased song online titled "Release." The new track, which was recorded in December 2010, can be heard in the clip below.

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Winterborn Posts Tour Footage

Winterborn has posted a tour diary compilation video online, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"We thought it was about time to put out even some kind of a video and we had a lot of video footage from the tour so we thought, what a hell! Let's make a sort of tour diary type of thing. These are the type of videos that we always enjoy watching from our favorite bands. We think it came out the way we wanted. It's really 'raw,' really honest feel type of video.

"Vapola and Koskela did the whole thing from scratch. And it was a lot of fun doing it, re-living the tour at the same time. And when we started doing this, we thought that we really do owe it to the fans to give them some new material musically too. They've been more than patient with us. So we took one of the demo recorded songs for the next album, and used it for this video. We think it fitted the context really nice."

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Bring Me The Horizon Posts New Video Online

British metalcore outfit Bring Me The Horizon has posted their new music video online for the song, "Blessed With A Curse." You can check it out below. The track comes from the group's latest studio album, "There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret," which is available now. More...

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Sammy Hagar Claims To Have Been Abducted By Aliens

In a recent interview with Eric Spitznagel of MTVHive.com, Sammy Hagar discussed topics such as his sexual escapades, doing coke until the sun comes up, and his belief that he was abducted by aliens. An excerpt from the interview follows.

Eric: Okay, let’s just cut to the chase. I’m just going to come out and ask it. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

Sammy: I think I have.

Eric: What? Really? I was kidding. You seriously believe that?

Sammy: [Laughs.] Now you’re making me sound like a crazy person.

Eric: How is that crazy? I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened to you.

Sammy: Remember the story in the book, where I have a dream about being contacted by aliens in the foothills above Fontana?

Eric: Yeah, yeah, I’ve got the page right here. “I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship… And they were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection.” You’re telling me that wasn’t a dream?

Sammy: That’s right. It was real. [Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren’t even wireless telephones. Looking back now, it was like, “Fuck, they downloaded something into me!” Or they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment. “See what this guy knows.”

Eric: And this actually happened?

Sammy: That happened. That friggin’ happened, I’ll tell you right now. Another thing happened when I was about four that I didn’t put into the book. One time I saw what I considered to be, well, at the time I thought it was a car with no wheels. We lived out in the country and I saw this thing floating across a field, creating this big dust storm. I threw rocks at it and shit. And I don’t know what happened after that.

Eric: You blacked out?

Sammy: I guess. I just have no memory of it. And that wasn’t a dream. It was during daylight.

Eric: I can understand your apprehension. Alien abduction is a tough sell.

Sammy: Especially back a few decades ago, when this stuff happened to me. I couldn’t talk about it because I didn’t know how to explain it. I didn’t understand the technology. But now I’m pretty sure it was a wireless situation. Either a download or upload. They were tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth. I could see them and everything while it was happening. There was a visual involved, almost like … I don’t know. [Laughs.] Don’t get me going!

Eric: If they were downloading something from your brain, I guess the joke’s on them. Unless they were hoping for the lyrics to “Rock Candy.”

Sammy: Oh yeah, I’m sure they were. [Laughs.] Montrose was a very special band.

Read the full article at MTVHive.com.

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Akkadian Posts New Song Online

Akkadian has posted a song online titled "Ascension Of The Nephilim Child," which is off the band's "Obsidian Dawn" EP. You can check out the track in the clip below.

The previously uploaded music video for "Obsidian Dawn" is also available at this location.

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Sleeping Giant Finishing New Album

Sleeping Giant, which recently signed to Ain't No Grave Records, is currently putting the finishing touches on the band's first record of the partnership, "Kingdom Days In An Evil Age." Bassist JR Bermuda had the following to say:

"We are very excited to be working with Ain't No Grave Recordings. For the type of thing we are trying to do, to be more ministry than band, to release a sound that not many people are doing yet, ANGR was the clear choice. We knew we had to completely surpass the first two albums in any way possible. It needed to be heavier, angrier, and bolder. We love those songs, but this new album has a different energy on it. We all have urgency and stirring in our spirits. That may be a phrase thrown around in Christian culture, but this album to us represents what we live for: the kingdom of God - which is bigger than church, bigger than Sleeping Giant, bigger than whatever culture or people group we are a part of.

"The Kingdom is now, and the world needs God's justice to come, which is always FOR people, and never against them. So with the authority we have been given in Jesus, and the platform we have been blessed with in the band we thought, if the whole world was watching, what would we say, or better yet, what would we do? The answer is declaration of the glory and goodness of God to a world filled with injustice against peoples, and nations in peril, miracles to display His power, physical and emotional healing to display His love, and break the chains of the captives. "

Eric Gregson (guitars) added, "'Kingdom Days In An Evil Age' is everything you love about Sleeping Giant amplified. It's more aggressive than our last 2 albums. Its heavier, its faster, and the worship is deeper and more brazen than it has ever been. We definitely got more ambitious about this one. We pulled out all the stops."

Sleeping Giant also took a quick break from the studio to play a few dates on the Atticus Metal Tour III alongside Darkest Hour, Born of Osiris, As Blood Runs Black, and The Human Abstract. The band will be announcing more touring plans in the coming weeks as well.

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Pit Stories: The Bar Room Brawl

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories from metal shows. This week's pit story comes courtesy of Jeannie Saiz from sludge metal trio Shroud Eater, who shared the following story of a bar room brawl.

At one of the last gigs we played, the evening started with two ladies at the bar breaking out into a sudden brawl - bar stools to the face and everything! As the second band of the night played, there was a whirlwind of like six fights breaking out at once. People were jumping on the bar to get out of the way and the cops showed up, lights went on, and the show almost got canceled on the spot as you can imagine the owner was pretty upset.

Luckily, we had an awesome friend who helped us book the show talk to the owner and he let us play. We did a killer set amidst some high tensions, so it was definitely a crazy evening.

Shroud Eater is currently streaming the entire debut album "ThunderNoise" online via the band's
Band Camp profile. You can also check out Metalunderground.com's recent interview with Jeannie at this location.

Check back next Tuesday as we share more Pit Stories.

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Bonded By Blood Issues Road Report

Californian thrashers Bonded By Blood are currently shredding their way around Europe on a co-headlining tour with Lazarus A.D. The tour is Bonded By Blood's first outing in Europe with new frontman Mauro Gonazalez. Following the first leg of the tour in the UK, the band is now in mainland Europe where bassist Jerry Garcia has been keeping a tour diary of the band's antics.

An excerpt from Jerry's latest tour update follows:

"Hey what's up guys! Just checking in here from Vienna in Austria. We had some incredibly epic nights recently and the highlights without a doubt are Zurich, Switzerland and Prague, Czech Republic! The fans out there absolutely kick ass. We had fans hanging from the ceiling, singing our songs, jumping on stage, buying us all sorts of alcoholic beverages, buying us pizza! Great times in both of these countries. It is such an honor to be able to come halfway across the globe and meet people that want nothing more than to spend some time with you and have a beer or two. It is an incredibly humbling experience and one I will never forget.

"The scenery out here is rad! Everything looks so epic that it is hard to explain. After touring nothing but North America I am happy to see a forest where different kinds of trees grow and animals live, or buildings that were built hundreds of years ago compared to the skyscrapers of New York.

"Lately we all came down with a bit of a cold and cough. We're doing better now and the great catering we get every night is helping us get back to 100% way faster than any of the times we've been sick on tour in the States when all we have to eat sometimes is a McDouble and tap water." More...

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Agnostic Front Posts Last Track By Track Breakdown

New York Hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front released their new album "My Life My Way" today through Nuclear Blast. Front man Roger Miret has now given his third and final track by track descriptions of "My Life My Way," which can be read below.

The Sacrifice - This one goes out to the people who sacrificed their lives one way or another to make this a better place for us to live in today. Never forgetting about the ones who made a difference. We won't forget!

A Mi Manera - This is our title track to the Latin Hardcore scene! I'm Hispanic and I wanted to give back some respect to my peeps living and overcoming oppression!

Your Worst Enemy - Self destruction is what sums up the meaning of this song. Making the wrong decisions and blaming them on everyone else. You choose your own destiny. Don't become your own worst enemy!

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THQ Offering Free Homefront Soundtrack

THQ is giving away 25,000 digital promotional copies of the exclusive soundtrack for the new video game Homefront on a first come / first served basis. Submit your email address here to receive an email confirmation with a link to download your copy.

The track listing is as follows:

War Ensemble - As I Lay Dying
Fight the Power - The Dillinger Escape Plan feat. Chuck D
Uprising - iwrestledabearonce
War Pigs - The Acacia Strain
One - Periphery
Fortunate Son - The Ghost Inside
For What It's Worth - Winds of Plague
Us and Them - Misery Signals
Masters of War - Arsonists Get All the Girls
War - Oceano
Sunday Bloody Sunday - Veil of Maya

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More Bands Added To Bloodstock Lineup

The organizers of the Bloodstock festival have issued the following announcement adding Finntroll, Wintersun, and Forbidden to the lineup:

"One of the leading names in the folk/pagan metal scene, Finntroll returns to Bloodstock after a rapturous reception back in 2007. Originally conceived as the result of a night of alcoholic carnage, when in a moment of inspiration, original guitarist Teemu 'Somnium' Raimoranta (RIP) and former vocalist Jan 'Katia' Jamsen conceived of a band that fused the darkness and grandeur of black metal with the traditional Finnish hoedown-music. The resultant sound was Finntroll.

"Joining them will be Fellow Finnish folk-freaks Wintersun, who’s set at Bloodstock this year will be highly anticipated after they were forced to pull out the 2009 event to complete their still to be released 'Time' album, expected later this year. Featuring members from some of the top names in the Finnish metal scene including Ensiferum, Rotten Sound and Norther, Wintersun are something of a super-group, with the various members influences combining to create a unique blend of melodic death and power metal with a heavy folk flavour that is bound to go down a storm with the Bloodstock crowd.

"Also added to the line-up are reformed US Thrash legends Forbidden. The recently reformed thrashers released their first album in over 13 years last October, after too-long a hiatus. 'Omega Wave,' released via Nuclear Blast records, received rave reviews in the British metal media and was rapturously received by fans, who lapped up the 12 tracks of no nonsense, back-to basics thrash on offer. Find out why Forbidden is one of the most highly regarded acts of the 80s/90s US thrash scene at this, their first ever UK festival appearance."

Additional details on the Bloodstock festival, which takes place from August 12th - 14th, are available here.

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Autopsy To Release Vinyl Edition Of New Album

San Francisco Bay Area death metal act Autopsy has completed recording its long-awaited fifth studio album, "Macabre Eternal," which is due out May 31st on Peaceville Records. The band has announced that it will release a special vinyl edition of the forthcoming musical massacre before the CD and digital versions hit stores, available exclusively through the Peaceville web-store on May 16th.

Autopsy drummer/vocalist, Chris Reifert, states, “We've brewed up the sickest and heaviest material that our rotten souls could possibly spew forth, and we are confident that it's our best stuff yet. The EP was a taste of what's to come, but now it's time for the full assault from beyond the grave. The album will contain no repeated EP tracks, no re-recorded old songs, no triggered trickery, and nothing less than the pure death metal brutality that Autopsy has always delivered."

The band will play several 2011 festival dates in support of Macabre Eternal. The track listing is as follows:

1. Hand Of Darkness
2. Dirty Gore Whore
3. Always About To Die
4. Macabre Eternal
5. Deliver Me From Sanity
6. Seeds Of The Doomed
7. Bridge Of Bones
8. Born Undead
9. Sewn Into One
10. Bludgeoned and Brained
11. Sadistic Gratification
12. Spill My Blood

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Love.Might.Kill Signs To Massacre Records

Massacre Records has issued the following announcement about signing Love.Might.Kill:

"Love.Might.Kill was founded in 2009 by Michael Ehré (Firewind/Uli Jon Roth/Metalium drummer). After touring all around the world with several bands and writing songs for Metalium, Japanese female metal vocalist Saeko or ex-Zed Yago-founder Jutta Weinhold, he realized his vision of an own band by writing, recording and producing Love.Might.kill's debut album 'Brace For Impact.'

"In addition with the brilliant Italian singer Jan Manenti as a co-writer, long-time-friends Christian Stöver and Stefan Ellerhorst (who were both playing in German-based-metal band Crossroads) on guitars and Jogi Sweers on bass Love.Might.Kills outstanding line-up was completed.

"Brace For Impact features 13 stunning melodic metal tracks in the tradition of the band's longtime favourites like Rainbow, Judas Priest, Dio or Black Sabbath. Michael's production and Markus Teske's mix (Saga, Vanden Plas, Spocks Beard) underwrite the fact that Love.Might.Kill's debut album will convince all melodic metal maniacs around the world! 'Brace For Impact' will be released on June 17, 2011!"

You can also check out the trailer for the new album below. More...

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Echoterra Posts New Album Artwork

Echoterra has issued the following announcement about revealing the cover artwork for the band's new album:

"We have recently completed all of the recordings for our new album which is titled; Land Of The Midnight Sun. We are now in the mixing and mastering stage and are anticipating a late May completion of the album and a mid-summer release date. We are also planning on shooting a video for the first single, After The Rain, and will debut it around the release date of the album."


The "Land of the Midnight Sun" track listing is as follows:

1. After The Rain
2. The Best Is Yet To Come
3. All The Lies
4. Midnight Sun
5. The Ghost Within My Heart
6. Welcome My Friend Of Misery
7. Memories Of Another Time
8. A Different Story
9. From The Gutter To The Throne
10. Unleash The Flood
11. Genes Of Isis

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Lineup Announced For Enslaved Tribute

Dawn ov Hate has issued the following announcement about two members appearing on an upcoming Enslaved tribute:

"Greetings all you there, we are pleased to announce Fiar's Foscor, and Bastard's Lux Divinia will participate in the forthcoming Official Tribute to Enslaved 'Önd - A Tribute' scheduled for late 2011 through the French label Pictonian Records.

"The Tribute gathers 20 bands covering tracks from 'Yggdrasil' to 'Vertebrae' albums, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Norwegians masters. Keep an eye in the band's sites or in the labels site for next announcements concerning dates, track list, Artwork, etc..."

The lineup is as follows:

DORDEDUH (Romania)
ISLAND (Germany )
ASMODEE (France)
ANGANTYR (Denmark)
FOSCOR (Spain)
ANGMAR (France)
EL REGN (Norway)
VREID (Norway)
JANVS (Italy)
BELENOS (France)
KRAKOW (Norway)

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Enforcer Splits With Guitarist

Enforcer has announced the departure of guitarist Adam Zaars. Adam checked in with the following statement about leaving the band:

"After 5 years, 2 albums and almost 200 gigs in the band I have decided to tread new paths in life hence leaving Enforcer behind. I made this decision in January and told the band in China, on the way home from a truly memorable visit in South Korea and Japan. A good ending I figured. The decision was inevitable, yet of course a difficult one to make. I would like to thank the rest of the guys in the band for everything we've been through, the trials and the tribulations and the simply good times. I would also like to thank all the people that have helped us through the years. I want to wish Enforcer all the best for the future! 'Before the rise of the World, old curses speak to you now. Before I leave to reach the spiral I will leave you my legacy.'"

Enforcer also commented on upcoming shows:

"All shows and tours will however continue as planned. Even though it is a great loss for the band we must emphasize that this will not affect our future plans of world domination even perceptibly. The band will continue, head on without speed limit as planned without any change of style, musically or stylewise. From now on, Enforcer will continue as a four piece band where Olof will play both guitar and handle the vocal duties. Enforcer would also like to thank Adam for his time in the band and for all his contributions that made Enforcer what we are."

The band also has the an upcoming April tour with Bullet. Details on the tour dates are available at this location.

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Logic Of Denial Cancels The Wretched Pathways Tour

Logic of Denial has issued the following announcement about canceling the Wretched Pathways tour and appearing at the upcoming Neurotic Death Fest:

"We regret that, due to personal problems of Sarcolytic, 'The Wretched Pathways Tour 2011' has been deleted. We do not have words to express our sorrow and our anger, but we hope to organize as soon as possible new shows across Europe.

"However, we are still proudly confirmed at Neurotic Death Fest (Holland) on 29 April 2011, where we can share the stage with huge bands like Aeon [SE], At The Gates [SE], Incantation [US], Septycal Gorge [IT], Beneath The Massacre [CA], Decapitated [PL], Hate Eternal [US], Prostitute Disfigurement [NL], and more!

"Thank all those who had already confirmed their presence in the shows of the tour that would pass in their respective countries: we'll see you soon, metalheads!"

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Inmate Checks In With Recording Update

Slovenian metallers Inmate have issued the following update about recording bass parts for an upcoming release:

"It has been a while since we first posted our report about how things are developing in studio. Well, so far so good. After the rhythm and lead guitars had been recorded it was time for me to lay down bass tracks. Tat Purusha and I started on the 31st January 2011 at 5pm. We usually started at that time and work for like five to six hours. On the first day we checked the tuning on bass and set the preamp and the compressor that we used. Actually these were the only two things we used for record bass because for now, these tracks are only 'clean' tracks. And then we hit the red button.

"Recording went really well for me if I think that this was my first time in a professional studio and working with a professional producer. A good producer knows that bass is like a red thin line between guitars and drums, so if the bass sucks, everything sucks. We did quite good tuning on bass tracks so it fits in even more perfect than I could have imagined at the first time. Ohhh and I didn't even know that slapping and popping would fit in. Tat Purusha somehow took me to the limits and we did it. We used everything in every song, from standard picking with the guitars we went to some harmonic scales and to some slapping parts. Like I have said… sounds perfect.

"Now when all the songs are finished, we can only wait for re-amping to be done. We are going to use my live rig which is all tube power amp, sansamp RBI preamp, BBE maximizer, compressor and David Eden 410XLT bass cabinet. But what will happen and how… I'll let you know next time, mates!"

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Withered Comments On Upcoming Tour Dates

Blackened doom Georgian act Withered has confirmed a slew of shows this spring, including appearances at MACrock and New England Metal Fest, as well as dates with Krallice, and some headlining shows. Withered continue to support "Dualitas," which was released in October of 2010 and made Decibel's Top 40 Albums of the Year list. Since then, the band has supported Danzig on his "Blackest of the Black Tour," and toured with label mates, Skeletonwitch.

Singer/guitarist Mike Thompson commented on the April dates: "Our tour dates this April will harbor a monsoon of dynamics, venues, and participants. It feels very chaotic, just the way we love to work. It'll begin with a one-off date April 1st as we participate in the return of the MACRock festival this year. It'll be rewarding to bring our new music to this part of the country again, which we've neglected unintentionally for several years now. Following that, we've also been invited to participate in NEMF once again. This is always a good opportunity for Withered to bring our music to more diverse crowds than we're used to. Plus, we'll get to share the stage with some great bands and friends as well.

"After that we have a mix of headlining dates and a northeast US/Canadian run with Krallice. We've been talking about doing something together for quite a few years now so it's great to see this materialize. We'll be offering quite a mix of withered material for these dates from all three albums. We're excited about playing some songs from 'Memento Mori' that haven't been performed in several years in addition to reaching into the deeper compositions from 'Folie Circulaire' and 'Dualitas.' It will feel great to be on the road again."

The dates are as follows:

4/1 Harrison, VA- Blue Nile (MACrock)
4/15 Wilmington, DE- Mojo 13 (w/ Dying Fetus)
4/16 Worcester, MA- The Palladium, NE Metal and Hardcore Fest
4/19 Trenton, NJ- Championship Bar and Grill
4/20 Kingston, NY- The Basement
4/22 Buffalo, NY- Broadway Joe's
4/23 Rochester, NY- Montage Music Hall
4/24 Allston, MA- Great Scott #
4/25 Montreal, QC- Katacombes #
4/26 Toronto, ON- Sneaky Dee's #
4/27 Cleveland, OH- Now That's Class #
4/29 Baltimore, MD- Talking Head #
5/1 Frederick, MD- Krug's Place
5/2 Richmond, VA- Strange Matter
#w/ Krallice

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Napalm Death Posts New Song Online

British grindcore legends Napalm Death have posted a new song online entitled, "Legacy Was Yesterday." You can check it out below. The song was made for Decibel magazine's Flexi Disc series, the fifth installment of which is on sale now and will be the only place where "Legacy Was Yesterday" will be available for purchasing.

Napalm Death "Legacy Was Yesterday" by Decibel Magazine

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Threshold Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Threshold has issued the following announcement about the band's upcoming live shows:

"Don't miss Threshold's first live shows of 2011 coming up from 24 March to 2 April.

24/03/2011 The Rock Temple, Kerkrade, Netherlands
25/03/2011 Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
26/03/2011 Zeche, Bochum, Germany
02/04/2011 Fused Festival, Lydney, England (festival headline)

"Threshold will be performing a two hour show of live favorites such as Mission Profile and Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams alongside rare classics such as Eat The Unicorn. Support at the first three shows will come from Dutch progressive metallers Day Six, who will also perform at Fused Festival alongside a wonderful array of bands including Threshold, Vanden Plas, Kingfisher Sky, Winter in Eden, Toxic Smile, To-Mera, After-Math, Hookah the Fuzz, Awake by Design, Hanging Doll, Loreweaver and Haken."

Threshold also recently announced an appearance at the Night of the Prog festival. Details are available at this location.

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Netherbird Announces Upcoming Releases

Netherbird has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming release schedule:

"Greetings all, I just felt an urge to write a bit about what is going on in the Netherbird camp! First off, let me say that 2011 will be one hectic year from us! Last year we finally got Netherbird going for real with some live shows and we are currently more ready than ever when it comes to doing more shows, we simply cannot wait! So we sure hope to be able to gig both in Sweden and abroad. Though these days it is always tricky to know when things start moving, the music business is strange nowadays, but we will keep our focus on live shows and we will always do our best to accept any gig offers we get.

"When it comes to recordings we have decided to step back to the original idea we had back in the day when Netherbird was formed: to record and release our music through the Internet. It gives us a lot more freedom to make releases the way we want them, well worked through shorter things, what was once called EP (Extended Play, a long single). So our next release will be a three track EP that will be released through the Internet. It will be made available on Spotify, iTunes, all other online stores and as a standalone free download mp3+pdf package.

"Why do we choose to do this? Simple: it makes it easier for us to get our music out, we can focus to make more numerous releases and it makes our creations available to everyone instantly. This is what we always wanted to do, to get our music out, and we see the huge figures of our download versions and that is what is leading the way. We also collect the three future EP:s into a third album that will be released also on CD for those that still want that format, all members of the band is among those that still are CD-collectors. But times have changed drastically and we now see the physical album is more a thing of the past and we have always had the idea of keeping Netherbird as a band that is keeping its focus on the future. So there will be online releases and we will collect them on CD's when there is enough material available. More...

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Lay Down Rotten Announces New Guitarist

German melodic deathsters Lay Down Rotten have posted a message to their MySpace blog about the departure of old guitarist Daniel Jakobi and the addition of new guitarist Daniel "Kensington" Seifert. Jakobi was the original founder of Lay Down Rotten, but the rest of the band will carry on with the band and name without him. The English translation of the post is as follows:

Hello together,

it's a long time since we postet [sic] some news here, but time didn't stand still and we wanted to give you some news again.

Unfortunately our guitarist Daniel quit the Band for personal reasons.
We are really sorry for that, but it was his decision to leave.

But ... we already found a new guy for his job.
Our old buddy Daniel "Kensington" Seifert is on the axe now !!!!

We already wrote some new songs and we are pleased to present them on the one or another live-show in the future.

You can read the post in English and German at Lay Down Rotten's MySpace blog or their main website. Lay Down Rotten last released a full-length album in 2009, entitled "Gospel Of The Wretched" (reviewed here).

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Quiet Riot Announces Australian Tour

The recently reunited heavy metal veterans Quiet Riot have announced that they will be heading down under for a headlining tour of Australia, with one stop in New Zealand. Joining them on the trek will be L.A. Guns (fronted by Phil Lewis) and Warrant, who now feature former Lunch Mob vocalist Robert Mason behind the mic. You can check out a trailer for the tour below.

The tour dates are as follows:

April 29 - The Palace - Melbourne, Australia
April 30 - Anu Bar - Canberra, Australia
May 2 - The Powerstation - Auckland, New Zealand
May 5 - HQ Complex - Adelaide, Australia
May 6 - Metro City - Perth, Australia
May 7 - The Tivoli - Brisbane, Australia
May 8 - The Metro - Sydney, Australia

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U.D.O. Streaming New Song "Leatherhead"

Veteran trad-metal outfit U.D.O. and indefatigable front man Udo Dirkschneider have made their new single "Leatherhead" available to stream off their official site in the player on the left side of the homepage.

The new single "Leatherhead" is a followup to 2009 studio album "Dominator" (reviewed here).

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Solution .45 Posts Second "Making Of" Video

Solution .45, which peddles melodic death metal with a motley crew of Gothenburg vets, has posted another "Making Of" video for the song "Gravitational Lensing," as a follow up to the first "Making Of" video.

The band has recently started a YouTube Channel, and the debut Solution .45 album "For Aeons Past" dropped last spring.

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Judgement Day Updates Tour Schedule

Judgement Day has updated the band's tour dates, adding Milwaukee and Omaha in the process. Here are the latest Judgement Day tour dates:

Monday, March 21 - Tulsa, OK - Soundpony Lounge
Tuesday, March 22 - Fayetteville, AR - George's Majestic Lounge
Thursday, March 24 - Indianapolis, IN - Big Car Gallery
Friday, March 25 - Chicago, IL - House Show
Saturday, March 26 - Minneapolis, MN - 400 Bar
Sunday, March 27th - Milwaukee, WI - BTW Lounge
Tuesday, March 29 - Omaha, NE - Barley St. Tavern
Wednesday, March 30 - Englewood, CO - Moe's BBQ
Thursday, March 31 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
Friday, April 1 - San Francisco, CA - The Rockit Room
Thursday, April 14 - Santa Rosa, CA - Arelene Francis Center
Saturday, April 16 - San Jose, CA - Streetlight Records

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DeathDestruction Posts Studio Footage Online

Swedish metal act DeathDestruction has posted the first video in an ongoing series that documents its recent time spent in the recording studio. You can check out the footage in the player below.

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Lake Of Tears Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Swedish metal act Lake of Tears has revealed the tracklisting for its upcoming full length album "Illwill." "Illwill" is set to be released on April 29, 2011 through AFM Records. The tracklisting for the CD is as follows:

1. Floating In Darkness
2. Illwill
3. The Hating
4. U.N.S.A.N.E.
5. House Of The Setting Sun
6. Behind The Green Door
7. Parasites
8. Out Of Control
9. Taste Of Hell
10. Midnight Madness

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Echoterra Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Symphonic metal act Echoterra has revealed the tracklisting for its upcoming studio album "Land Of The Midnight Sun." You can view the album's tracklisting in the list below.

1. After The Rain
2. The Best Is Yet To Come
3. All The Lies
4. Midnight Sun
5. The Ghost Within My Heart
6. Welcome My Friend Of Misery
7. Memories Of Another Time
8. A Different Story
9. From The Gutter To The Throne
10. Unleash The Flood
11. Genes Of Isis

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Sumerian Records CEO Talks Piracy

Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen has posted a new video advertisement online talking about music piracy and the impact it has on music. You can check out the video below.

Our friends at MetalSucks have a good analysis of this video as well.

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Scar Symmetry Talks New Album "The Unseen Empire"

Swedish progressive death metal act Scar Symmetry has posted a new track-by-track breakdown online for its forthcoming album "The Unseen Empire." You can check it out in the player below.

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Amon Amarth Covers System Of A Down

Audio has surfaced online of Amon Amarth's cover of the System of a Down track "Aerials." The track is featured as a "Surtur Rising" downloadable track on copies ordered through FYE stores in the United States. You can stream the track in the player below. "Surtur Rising" will arrive in stores on March 29, 2011 through Metal Blade Records.

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Skeletonwitch Parts Ways With Drummer

Skeletonwitch has posted the following update online, announcing the addition of Tony Laureano to the band after the departure of drummer Derrick Nau:

"Our good friend Tony will be playing drums on our April tour, new album, and for the foreseeable future. We’re fucking stoked to have a drummer of his caliber and experience on board. He’s a beast behind the kit and a great fucking guy as well. You can’t ask for more than that!”

"After our last tour Derrick informed us that he is putting down the drum sticks and picking up the paint brush. He is returning to art school and does not wish to be a musician anymore. We would like to thank Derrick for his years of dedication to Skeletonwitch. Though we will miss him, there is no bad blood. We will always remain great friends and wish him the best with his new endeavor."

Skeletonwitch also recently announced upcoming tour dates with 3 Inches of Blood. Details are available at this location.

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Emery Posts New Song Online

Metalcore act Emery has posted a new song online for streaming. The track, titled "Scissors," is taken from the band's upcoming new album "We Do What We Want," which will see its release on March 29th, 2011.

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Endwell Reveals New Album Tracklisting

American metalcore act Endwell has revealed the tracklisting for its upcoming full length album "Punishment." The new album is set to be released on April 26, 2011 through Mediaskare Records. You can view the album's tracklisting below.

1. Greater Haste
2. Anxiety Bath
3. Depression Party
4. Dark Waves
5. Forgotten Wolves
6. Manson Lamps
7. High Friends In Low Places
8. Living Reverie
9. Black Horns
10. Negative Pressure
11. Plague Wielders
12. Laments

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Otep Posts New Song Sample Online

Otep has posted a new song sample online of its forthcoming new single "Drunk On The Blood Of Saints." The song is taken from the band's new studio album, titled "Atavist," which will hit store shelves on April 26, 2011. You can check out the sample below.

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The Crimson Armada Posts New Studio Footage

The Crimson Armada has started a new series of videos, featuring footage taken from the band's recent time spent in the recording studio. You can view the second video below.

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