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Metal News for March 19, 2009

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Blood Corps To Play At Flight Of The Valkyries

Blood Corps, a Virginia based metal band, will be playing at this years "Flight of the Valkyries" for their first show out of the DC area. Flight of the Valkyries is the US's only female fronted metal band festival, and will be at Station 4 in St. Paul Minnesota this June.

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Amebix Vocalist Talks Punk, Past and Present

Brittain's Amebix is one of the first bands to blend anarcho-punk and heavy metal music. Formed in 1978, and split in 1987, they recently reunited as of 2008.

Crusties both young and old packed the Trocadero venues to capacity for the legendary hardcore punk band Amebix, uniting to go on tour for the first time in twenty-two years. This was a dream come true for punks young and old who have wanted to see the glory that is Amebix, live.

The heavily influential sound of Amebix laid the foundation for crust punk. It's hypnotic and haunting melodies merge the harsh cold brutality of metal with the raw punk edge of anger, calling out injustice. All over the US, punks united to witness their unforgettable shows. The venues were flooded with a sea of black leather and metal studs as the crowd sang along with Amebix singer Rob Miller, “Arise!”

We were honored enough to be able to interview vocalist, Rob Miller, from the island of Skye, after their highly anticipated US tour. More...

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Dark Funeral Checks In With Songwriting Update

Lord Ahriman, guitarist of Swedend's Dark Funeral, has checked in with the following update:

"Ave everyone!

"Though it was about time to let you know what’s going on...

"Chaq Mol [guitar] and I are still hard at work on a pre-production for the new full-length album at my (yet unnamed) home studio. The song-writing process are moving along just fine, perhaps not as fast as I could hope, but new and killer songs are at finally beginning to take some real shape. And it all sounds totally fucking KILLER (of course!).

"At this point we have the core for 6 songs completed, and another 2 under progress.

"So far I haven’t really got a more in depth or an overall picture of what we have written other than that it all sounds DARK FUNERAL in the flesh, but with more groove and variety then before. I have also a feeling that we have brought back a bit more of our melodic side aka “Diabolis Interium” era, which was something I initially wanted for this album.

"Beside the ûber melancholic Russian funeral symphony I told you about earlier, we will offer you a couple of more heavy songs this time around. And with that said, I think this may become our most varied album thus far.

"No exact date has been set when we will enter the Abyss Studio, but as soon as it’s nailed in stone we’ll let you know of course.

"I would also like to take this opportunity too to thank all of you who have written to me in response to a name for my home studio. Honestly, I didn’t really expect any response to that at all, but apparently I was dead wrong. Damn, I’ve been overwhelmed with suggestions, some totally killer, while others, hmm, well, not so good…but I totally appreciate them all anyway. As you might have understood already, my main focus right now lies on getting the new album together, so I haven’t had any time whatsoever to even think about a name for my home-studio, but when I eventually do, I’ll let you know of course."

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Epica Reveals Live Album Details

Dutch female-fronted symphonic metallers Epica will release a double live CD, titled "The Classical Conspiracy" (view cover) on May 8, 2009 (Europe) and May 19, 2009 (North America) through Nuclear Blast Records.

The album was recorded in Miskolc, Hungary, on June 14 2008 during the Miskolc International Opera Festival. The band performed a 45-minute set of metal adaptations of classical songs and movie soundtracks, accompanied by the orchestra and choir as well as symphonic versions of its own songs (including a few orchestral songs from singles and "The Score," which had never been played live before).

"The Classical Conspiracy" track list is as follows: More...

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Thyrfing Announces New Guitarist Fredrik Jansson

Thyrfing has announced the addition of a new guitarist. The band writes:

"We are glad to welcome Fredrik Jansson (ex-Dysplasia) as new full-time member and guitarist of Thyrfing. Fredrik has been helping us out as session member during the shows we made in 2008 and it has been working out extremely well on all levels. So from today, the band is back as a six-piece again!"

Thyrfing had parted ways with singer Thomas Väänänen and guitarist Henrik Svegsjö and added singer Jens Rydén in 2007.

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Trivium Frontman Matt Heafy Breaks Up A Fight

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy apparently verbally broke up a fight from the stage at New Oasis Sparks in Nevada. A concertgoer was there to capture it all on video, which can be seen below.

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Orphaned Land Posts New Studio Diary Online

Israel’s progressive folk metal masters ORPHANED LAND are currently recording the highly anticipated follow-up to 2004’s “Mabool.” Vocalist Kobi Farhi states:

"Hello there to all the ORphaned warriors of light - we are very happy that we finally entered the studio to deliver you the long awaited concept album – 'ORwarriOR'!

"The album is going to be more than 70 minutes long and as usual many traditional instruments and languages will be involved in the process. In my opinion this is the best ORPHANED LAND album ever! We can't wait for you to put your hands on it and we look forward to tour and meet you all on the road! Check out our diary from the studio at our Ultimate Metal forum and see you all soon!"

"ORwarriOr" will be mixed by legendary producer Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Opeth) and he comments as follows:

"Finally! I am very happy and look forward to mix ORPHANED LAND's new album, I'm sure this will be one of the greatest and most original albums in the metal scene!"

The album is expected to surface on Century Media Records in early autumn 2009.

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Obituary To Release Live Album On Regain Records

REGAIN RECORDS has announced the co-operation with US Death Metal masters OBITUARY. Frank Watkins(bass) has issued the following statement:

“OBITUARY is very excited to announce a new Live DVD we'll release thru Regain Records! We did over 30 festivals last summer and the Party San Festival in Bad Barka, Germany was the very last and best one for Obituary...fortunately the show was filmed....it was like a Live Xecution!! The tentative Title!!!
OBITUARY “Live Xecution”
Bad Barka 2008
DVD on Regain June 2009”

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Revolution Renaissance Posts "Making of" Videos

Revolution Renaissance has posted "The Making of 'Age of Aquarius'," a documentary in which you can see how the album is being put together piece by piece starting from drum tracking at Sonic Pump studios and ending at Finnvox Studios for mastering. You will be able to take a look at how records are made and also witness some of the crazy humor the two month process of recording necessarily generates. You will also hear bits of new songs you've never heard before.

You can watch the documentary here.

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Hatebreed Posts Slayer And ST Cover Teasers Online

Hardcore metal group Hatebreed has posted two audio teasers online for their covers of "Ghosts Of War" by Slayer and the Suicidal Tendencies classic, "Suicidal Maniac." You can check them both out by heading to the bands official Myspace account. The band will be releasing a collection of covers of May 5th entitled, "For The Lions" and will also feature covers of bands such as Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Sepultura, Metallica, Obituary and many more.

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Metallica Reveals New Single Details

In a post on their official website, Metallica has revealed that the third single from their latest studio album, "Death Magnetic" will be the song, "Broken, Beat and Scarred." The posting reads as follows:

"We've got another one of those groovy CD single collector's packs in the works for you and next up from Death Magnetic is 'Broken, Beat & Scarred'. Just like when 'All Nightmare Long' came out, you can pick up just the single CD or go for one of the digi-packs and collect 'em all starting April 3rd.

The digi-collectors edition will be available all over Europe and the CD "maxi" single will be available in South America and Southeast Asia. For our friends in Australia and New Zealand, we will have more info for you later, to everyone in North America please check your favorite import store/sites.

Here's the tracklisting. All the live tracks were recorded in London at the O2 Arena on September 15th, 2008 at the Death Magnetic release event." More...

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Warbringer Posts New Song "Severed Reality" Online

Young thrash metal band Warbringer has posted a new song online entitled, "Severed Reality." You can check it out by heading to the bands official Myspace page. The song comes from the bands forthcoming new studio album, "Waking Into Nightmares" which will be released on May 19th through Century Media Records.

The band states: "’Severed Reality’ is one of the first songs we wrote for Waking Into Nightmares. Some of the riffs even date back to before we did the first record. When we started writing for the new album this was one of the first songs to come together and has been a favorite of ours since. We have been playing this song live since the Overkill tour last September-October, and it's always gotten a great live reaction. It's a really heavy, fast number with some of my favorite lyrics we have. You figure it out."

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Powerdrive Releases Debut Album On iTunes

Texas based band Powerdrive, who recently signed on to Killzone Records, have announced that their album "Freedom Of Speech" has been released exclusively on iTunes. The band issued the following announcement about the release:

"Hellyeah!!!!! The wait is finally over!!! Our debut album, "Freedom of speech", is out!!!!! What are you waiting for? Go and grab it, if you are a true metal fan you won't be dissapointed.............if you are a fan of bands like Pantera, Metallica or Megadeth, this album is a MUST for U!!!!!

"We will post a banner on the top of the site later with a direct link to Itunes so you can buy Freedom of Speech with just one click, in the meantime you just need to download ITUNES for your PC/Mac and once your account has been created search for POWERDRIVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH and buy the full album or single songs if you want but please help us to spread the word!!!!

"If you want us to go on tour, it's up to you.Sales will determine our future as a band , the more we sell the faster we will visit your town.......many thanks in advance guys, as I always say we are who we are BECAUSE OF YOU"

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Ajattara Announces New Album Release Date

Finnish metal band Ajattara have announced that their upcoming album "Noitumaa" will be released on April 15th through Ranka Recordings. The album cover art can be viewed here.

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Faith No More To Perform At Rock In Idro Festival

Recently reunited alternative rock legends Faith No More has been confirmed as the latest band added to Italy's Rock In Idro festival which takes place between June 12th - 14th in the city of Milan. Other bands confirmed to perform are Limp Bizkit, Lacuna Coil, Bring Me The Horizon, Babyshambles, Gallows and Flogging Molly amongst others.

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Motorhead To Headline Guilfest

Rock legends Motorhead will be headlining the Guilfest this year which will be held at Stoke Park, near Guildford in England. Motorhead will be headlining the Friday which is July 10th. Stay tuned for more details.

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Download Alerion's New Promo For Free

Dutch female fronted progressive gothic Metal band Alerion has released the new promo "Turn of Fate" online as a free download here. Production was done by Kevin Storm of Cardamon. The free promo includes the songs " Turn of Fate "and "Clash with Eternity." More...

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Bring Me The Horizon Parts Ways With Guitarist

Bring Me The Horizon has issued the following announcement about parting ways with their guitarist:

"hey, so you may of heard, and the rumors are true. Curtis Ward is no longer a member of bring me the horizon. This decision has been a long time coming, and although everything can look fine from the outside, theres been a problem for a long time. Over the last year especially, our touring schedule has been crazy, we are hardly ever at home, and for curtis, this proved very hard. we could see that curtis wasn't enjoying this band like the other 4 of us were anymore. It was nothing personal it was a decision that wasn't made lightly, but one that we believe is best for the band's future and for curtis's life.

"we wish curtis all the best in whatever he chooses to do in the future.

"but no one fear! the band will not be splitting up, this is something that we did to prevent the band from splitting up. we will still be doing all our future tours, currently finishing up taste of chaos with our good friend and guitar tech dean, who also looks abit like donkey kong."

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Lacrimosa Streaming New Song Online

Swiss gothic metallers Lacrimosa are now streaming a new song online from their upcoming album "Sehnsucht," which will be released on May 8th. The track "Die Sehnsucht In Mir" can be heard on the band's official MySpace page.

The track listing for "Sehnsucht" will be as follows: More...

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Interment Confirmed For Thunders Over Miriquidi

Pulverized Records has issued the following announcement about bands being confirmed for the 2009 Thunders Over Miriquidi Festival in Germany:

"The wait is over !! Two years since the last live-ritual (Party.San Festival 2007) but now it's time again: The living death metal legends INTERMENT are confirmed for an exclusive show at the Thunders Over Miriquidi Festival in Elterlein, Germany on August 14th-15th 2009. Other bands on the bill are, among others, Death SS, The Exalted Piledriver, KAT, Törr and TRIBULATION."

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Tribulation Confirmed For Icons Of Evil Tour 2009

Swedish death metal band Tribulation has been announced as a new supporting act for the 2009 Icons of Evil tour, which will also feature Vital Remains, Order of Ennead, and Sludge.

The currently confirmed dates are as follows: More...

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Cannibal Corpse Announces Japanese Tour Dates

Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse will be heading far east for a series of shows in Japan this June. Joining them on the bill will be The Faceless and Misery Index.

Bass player Alex Webster states: "We haven’t played in Japan since 1996 so we are completely psyched about our three show tour we will be making there in June. We are also looking forward to playing with The Faceless and Misery Index; two killer bands that will add a lot to an already exciting tour. Our Japanese fans have been waiting for us for a long time so we plan on giving them our best and putting on the heaviest show we possibly can."

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Armored Saint Frontman Misses Final Tour Date

Armored Saint frontman John Bush was forced to miss the bands final tour date in Australia recently after falling ill. Bass player Joey Vera informed the crowd of the situation but the band performed a full set with Vera and guitarist Phil Sandoval sharing the vocal duties. The band are expected to record and release a new studio album later this year.

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Arkaik Signs To Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records has announced the signing of Riverside, California progressive death metal band Arkaik. Here is a statement from the band.

"We're very proud to announce we have been added to the Unique Leader roster! We have signed a two album deal and we will be entering Seahorse Sound Studios this summer to record our full length debut album 'Reflections Within Dissonance' due out later this year. After the release, we plan for extensive touring to promote the album. Unique Leader has always been home to some of the best death metal acts around which is why we feel being apart of a death metal label of this caliber is the best move for us. We're looking forward to working with Erik and Unique Leader to help establish Arkaik as a formidable musical force."

You can check out a few songs from Arkaik on their MySpace page.

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Vader And Marduk Announce European Tour

Polish death metal legends Vader has announced that they will be doing a two month tour of Europe beginning at the end of September along with black metal group Marduk. More bands will be added to the bill nearer the time and tour dates will be revealed shortly.

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Ex-Celtic Frost Mainman Faces Name Disupute

Legendary metal frontman Tom Fischer (aka Tom G. Warrior), who founded the bands Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Apollyn Sun and most recently, Triptykon, has been sent an email requesting he cease using his long time alias "Tom Warrior." A message from Fischer reads as follows:

"Late one night in May of 1982, bassist/singer Urs Sprenger and I founded HELLHAMMER and adopted the stage names Steve Warrior and Tom Gabriel Warrior. I still use that name - in parallel with my actual surname - as I have done on and off for 27 years. In many ways, it has become synonymous with significant parts of my life and work, and it is the name our audiences invariably call me.

"This week, I received the following e-mail to my personal MySpace account:

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AC/DC Posts "Anything Goes" Video Online

Rock legends AC/DC has posted their new music video online for the song, "Anything Goes." You can check it out below. The song is the second single released in support of their bands latest studio album, "Black Ice" which has seen the band reach huge sales so far. More...

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God Dethroned Posts New Song Online

Dutch metallers, God Dethroned, have posted a new song on their MySsace page entitled, "Under a Darkening Sky." The song comes off their upcoming album, "Passiondale." "Passiondale" will be released on April 24th in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, April 26th for the rest of Europe, and April 28th in the US.

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Insidious Decrepancy Posts New Song Online

Houston death metal band, Insidious Decrepancy, has posted their title track off their new album, "Extirpating Omniscient Certitude," which will be release on July 31st 2009 through Brutal Bands. More...

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Imperial Posts Two In-studio "Webisodes" Online

Orlando's IMPERIAL has posted their first two webisodes in an ongoing series of in-studio footage as they work on the follow-up to their previous album, 2006's "We Sail At Dawn." Check it out on the band's MySpace page.

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Europe Releases New Album Title

Classic metal band Europe has announced that their new album title will be "Last Look At Eden." Track listing and release date are forthcoming.

Europe's last album, "Almost Unplugged," was released in the UK in September 2008, and is finally going to be available stateside April 7, 2009. The album is currently available for pre-order through Amazon at a nice little price of $7.99. Those who can't wait for the US version can order the import now through Amazon.

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The Blackout Argument Parts Ways With Bassist

Germany's The Blackout Argument has issued the message regarding the departure of bassist Sascha Laumann:

"There's always two sides of a coin and so we are sad and happy at the same time to tell you that Sascha Laumann, bassist, founding member and best dude in the world is leaving THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT whilst Eric Eller is joining the band as bassist and new fulltime member." More...

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Another Black Day Partners w/ Florida Panthers

Another Black Day's song "Stand Up" has been chosen by the Florida Panthers as the theme song for their playoff push. The song will be featured in upcoming TV and radio spots as well as played in-house during Panthers' home games.

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Unanimated Readies New Album

UNANIMATED, the reunited Swedish melodic death metal band featuring former members of ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER, will release its new album, "In The Light Of Darkness (The Covenant Of Death)", in April via Regain Records. The CD was mixed by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios (WATAIN, FUNERAL MIST). The album layout was handled by Erik Danielsson (WATAIN).

UNANIMATED's first two albums - 1993's "In the ..Forest.. of the Dreaming Dead" and 1995's "Ancient God of Evil" - were remastered and re-released in June 2008 with bonus tracks.

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Wolf Posts "Ravenous" Album Online

Swedish heavy metal group Wolf has posted their entire new studio album, "Ravenous" online at MetalKult.com. You can listen to the record by clicking here. The album will be the bands fifth and is scheduled to be released on March 24th.

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Rich Ward Discusses New Fozzy Album

Rich Ward, the guitarist for rap metal legends Stuck Mojo and heavy metal band Fozzy, was recently interviewed by Australia's PyroMusic.net. When asked about the forthcoming new Fozzy album, "Chasing The Grail" here's what he had to say:

Rich Ward: "The record is really cool man, it's one of the best records I've ever written and I'm really fired up about it. So in any case, I came off tour in late November with Stuck Mojo in Europe and ever since then I've been working on this record and just finally finished, putting the final touches on it. (Chris) Jericho wrote all the lyrics and it was nice because I had the lyric sheets to work off of to start with, because unless I have something really that I want to talk about, something that's either impacting my life or experiences that I've gone through or just topics of interest. Sometimes lyrics are difficult for me, it's like, what do you want to write about? When I'm writing, usually it's about heartache or I hate the president, or something, and it's like, I don't want to write another song about how the president's stupid, just like, good grief. There's so much territory, there's so many paths that are so worn down, you just want to find something fresh to write about. And Jericho's got a really cool mind, and he likes lots of kind of fantasy stuff, he reads a lot of fiction books, so it's really cool to get his lyric sheets. And of course I have to do some arrangement stuff sometimes to make his prose fit into the song structure, but it's been fun. I love writing and recording, it's one of my favourite things to do. And then today I have a keyboard session to work on some big, nasty Hammond B3 Organ stuff on some of the material, some of it has kind of a classic, DEEP PURPLE on steroids kind of feel. There's going to be a couple of songs that are going to have a bit of that. And then I start tracking guitars tomorrow, so fun, fun."

PyroMusic: How is the new Fozzy material shaping up compared to previous releases?

Rich Ward: "It's just as heavy, it's probably... well actually there are moments on the record that are really, really heavy and then there's a couple of moments on the record that are a little more like... did you have the first Fozzy record, the self-titled one that had all the covers on it?" More...

Read the full article at PyroMusic.net.

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Vektor Signs To Heavy Artillery Records

HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS has announced the signing of Phoenix, AZ based futuristic thrashers, VEKTOR. Refusing to be pigeon-holed into any metal sub-genre, VEKTOR employs an array of intricacy, virtuosity and a wholly unique sound that sets them apart from other thrash bands. Their debut full length album, "Black Future" on HEAVY ARTILLERY, is tentatively slated for release in August 2009.

Conceived in 2004 by front man / guitarist David DiSanto and lead shredder Erik Nelson, VEKTOR quickly forged a formidable name for themselves amongst the Phoenix metal contingent for their unique mix of technical, speed thrash and progressive influences. Going against the grain of the Phoenix metal scene, VEKTOR created a wave of interest with their self released CD "Demolition" (2006) and the two track demo "Hunger for Violence" (2007). After four years of local and regional gigging opening for such national acts as TESTAMENT, HIRAX, ICED EARTH and MUNICIPAL WASTE, VEKTOR is preparing to hit the road for their first national tour alongside label mates EXMORTUS in support of Black Future.

You can check out some of Vektor's material on their MySpace page.

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