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Metal News for March 17, 2016

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Blakk Old Blood Releasing "Greed"

Blakk Old Blood will release "Greed" via Clavis Secretorvm on May 13th, 2016. A song from the release is available below, and the label also comments:

"Switzerland's Blakk Old Blood continue their campaign of sin with a 12" MLP for Clavis Secretorvm entitled 'Greed.' Blakk Old Blood was originally born in 2012 as a project of experienced and devoted musicians from such bands as Asag, Deathcult, and Antiversum, with the aim to resurrect the old blood & spirit of the black metal they grew up with - names such as Morbid, Treblinka, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Urgehal, and Khold.

"With that framework firmly in place, in less than a year, Blakk Old Blood had revealed the first of the seven cardinal sins in Pride, which was self-recorded and self-released as a demo consisting of five unholy and Satanic chants. In 2014, the band once again self-recorded and self-released their next tape, 'Wrath,' further developing their traditionalist black metal agenda.

"At last, they now reveal 'Greed,' fittingly to be released on vinyl by Clavis Secretorvm. Across its four tracks, Blakk Old Blood travel through the depths of moral depravity in sonic form, raging through two tracks of primitive, dead-cold black metal interspersed with a tortured 'Intermezzo,' and then concluding the record with an exquisitely eerie lament appropriately titled 'Seed of Greed,' bringing the record to an unsettling close and setting the stage for more sins to come. But 'Greed' is still the beginning for Blakk Old Blood. More...

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Avatar Streaming New Tracks

Avatar has released the first two tracks off a forthcoming LP today. The songs "Regret" and "House of the Eternal Hunt" are being released in tandem and can be heard below.

"What you have is the beginning of the story and all the light and darkness of things to come!" says frontman Johannes Eckström. "We meet our protagonist, Owl as she lies dying, looking back on the night that would be her last. Regret is about, well regret! Staring into the cold eyes of Death, she wishes to change everything, to go back, to live again.

"This leads us to House of Eternal Hunt. It is how things used to be; how they were supposed to be. That is how the tale starts, with a predator ruling the sky on the night that would turn out to be her last! With this concept and these tracks, we want to give you the past, present and, more than anything else, the future of metal as we see it. It is the beginning of an epic journey and we're glad to have you along for the trip."

Avatar will release the band's very first concept album, titled "Feathers & Flesh," on Friday, May 13th, 2016 via Entertainment One (eOne) in North America and Another Century overseas. More...

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Tusmörke Releasing New Album

Tusmörke's "Fort Bak Lyset" is coming via Svart Records on April 1st, 2016, with Svart having this to say:

"The Norwegian lords of dark psychedelic folk prog return! Tusmørke's third album is a stone cold killer. These songs turn heavy metal wallflowers into dancing nymphs and satyrs.

"The group explore ancient folk lore of Oslo, the spheres on the far side of death and space and the pathless lands off the beaten track. 'Ført Bak Lyset' means 'led behind the light;' follow Tusmørke through the falling dusk and disappear in the night, reappearing at dawn with weird wisdom and strange leaves in your hair.

"The lavish analogue production of Lars Fredrik Frøislie sets vintage synthesizers at the forefront of a sound dominated by infectious grooves and lashings of flute. For lovers of Turkish 70s psychedelic funk, Black Widow and (old) NRK." More...

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Devilish Impressions Finishes New Album

Devilish Impressions has finally completed work on a forthcoming new album. The band issued this announcement online via Facebook:

"It’s been a long way to be finally able to share this news with you Devils. Can’t actually believe it myself but… it’s fucking ready!! It took us way over a year to wrap it all up, countless nights spent on writing the music, than working on pre-production, followed by proper recordings afterwards.

"Did it pay off? Well, we’ll see. We surely worked our asses off, pushed things back and forth to get the best out of it. As a result we’ve got something we are damn proud of, something that we believe surpasses everything we’ve done in the past on all possible levels. Details on the album shall be unveiled in due course so watch this space for further announcements." More...

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Ordem Satanica Releasing Debut Album

On May 1st, Altare Productions is proud to present the debut album of Ordem Satanica, titled "Ventos de Odio."

Hailing from the rawest core of the thriving Portuguese black metal scene, Ordem Satanica is possessed by a hideous grimness that's utterly hypnotizing. The new album's track listing will be as follows:

-Side A-
1. Ventos de Ódio
2. Portal da Morte Eterna
3. O Fogo da Condenação

-Side B-
4. O Negro e Eterno Vácuo More...

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True Black Dawn Releasing New Album

After a massive wait, True Black Dawn will release "Come The Colorless Dawn" via W.T.C. Productions on May 17th, 2016. The label comments:

"It's been 15 long years since Finland's True Black Dawn released an album. Back then, the band was simply Black Dawn before a no-name American band threatened legal action and forced a change to True Black Dawn.

"During the '90s, the band had made its name in the black metal underground with a handful of demos, most significantly 1993's 'War Against Christians.' But come time for their debut album, 2001's 'Blood For Satan' became an immediate classic in that underground with its cryogenic distillation of filth and fury, a horrific and histrionic beast of dead-cold dread. Very much 'just' a black metal record but by no means hindered by this stark and simple fact, 'Blood For Satan' helped kickstart Finland's dominance of the black metal scene during the new millennium. More...

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Bloodshot Dawn Announces Upcoming Shows

Bloodshot Dawn has recruited a new guitarist, who will be revealed soon, but for now the band has issued this announcement about upcoming live shows:

"Bloodshot Dawn are back!! We will playing 3 special shows in May! Two of which are in Japan with our good friends in Serenity in Murder!!!

"We will have a few new faces on this tour as we have been working behind the scenes to do some shows and begin writing and getting our third album ready!

"We are also playing the incredible Incineration Festival in London details of which we will announce tomorrow! Thank you for your patience with us!" More...

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Bright Curse Streaming "The Shore"

Bright Curse has signed to HeviSike to release the "Before The Shore" album this spring, with new track "The Shore" now online and available for streaming below.

Recorded and produced by the band with J.B Pilon at Rock Of London Studios and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios, "Before The Shore" dives headfirst into the deep and darkened sea of brooding rock ‘n’ roll and will drop May 13th. More...

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The Juliet Massacre Posts New Video

The Juliet Massacre has released a second official video from latest full-length album "Human Abuse."

The track "Chocking The Last Breath" features Alessandro Falà from Sawthis, and the clip was directed by UndeRoom Studio. Check it out below.

If you haven't heard it yet, the entire "Human Abuse" album is still available online for streaming at this location.

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Uttertomb Releasing EP, Announces New Album

The Chilean death metal destructionists from Uttertomb have released a brand new track titled "Excarnation," taken off from the group's upcoming two-track EP "Sempiternal."

"Sempiternal" will see a 7-inch vinyl EP release packaged in an elaborate gatefold sleeve with a limited run of 300 copies, coming April 29th, 2016. The track listing is:

Side A:
1) Excarnation
Side B:
2) Incarnation

In other news, Uttertomb is preparing to enter the studio for the band's debut full-length album. More details on the new album will be announced shortly. More...

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Teramaze Working On New Album

After releasing "Her Halo" last year, Teramaze is gearing up to record a new record. The band comments:

"We have 10 brand new songs written and demoed! We will be looking at entering the studio around June/July to record our follow up to 'Her Halo.'

"We can't wait to show you guys this new music and we will do our best to keep you updated with behind the scenes videos and snippets. we love what we do and we thank all of you for the ongoing support. Onwards!!"

More details will arrive as they become available, but for now you can check out two videos taken off the previous album below. More...

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Nocturnal Breed Seeking Fan Footage From '97

Nocturnal Breed is seeking fan-filmed footage that may be floating around the Internet or sitting on some camcorder from an old tour back in '97. The band comments:

"In regards to Nocturnal Breed's 20th anniversary. I would like to ask you all if you can help us out a bit... We still (after 19 years) haven't got any live video material from our 1997 tour with Emperor and Bal-Sagoth. This is a shame, since some of those shows was by far some of our best and wildest ever.

"Any we really would like to get them out there for all of you to enjoy. So if you have some clips laying on an old tape, or you know someone who's got it. Please let us know, or just contact me here about it.

"We will pay you for it and make sure it's worth your troubles manifold! This also goes if you got some killer personal photos we can use! Thank You, Cheers and to the Bone." More...

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Zhrine Posts New Track

Icelandic death metal cult Zhrine is streaming another deadly new track off forthcoming album, "Unortheta." The track, titled "Utopian Warfare," can be heard below.

Regarding the new track, Zhrine comments: "Seductive strings lull the listener into a psychedelic mire of notes both lavish, lush, and alien, before the blitzkrieg of 'Utopian Warfare' erupts like a maelstrom of crushing death painted in layers of black, blue and blood - thus setting the tone for the aural beat-down to come."

"Unortheta" is Zhrine's debut recording, and will be released worldwide on April 8th. The full track listing is as follwos:

1. Utopian Warfare
2. Spewing Gloom (streaming here)
3. The Syringe Dance
4. World
5. Empire (streaming here)
6. The Earth Inhaled
7. Unortheta More...

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Volker Releases New EP

Formed in 2015 by three Otargos members and an ex-Noein singer, Volker is all about mixing cold wave, dark goth, and metal, playing with dead things in the dark of night during the cold of winter.

After a couple months spent on heavy song writing and rehearsing, Volker started hitting the road to test this cadaveric rocking formula and quickly entered the studio to record a debut, self-titled EP.

That new EP is out now and can be heard below. Stay tuned for more info as the band gears up to record a full-length due out next year via Kaotoxin Records. More...

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Operus Posts Guitar Playthrough

Following the four-track debut EP "Opus I" released back in December, Toronto, ON based-Operus has posted a new guitar playthrough video for "The Book of Shadows," featuring the shredding talents of Rangel and guitarist Rob Holden (ex-Left Hand Creation).

In addition, Operus will be local support for Sonata Arctica's Toronto tour date on March 31st at The Opera House. Full details on the event can be found here. The "Opus I" track listing is as follows:

1. Agmen Inis (5:27)
2. Fate’s Pantomime (5:17)
3. The Book of Shadows (3:56)
4. Maya & The Wolf (6:38) More...

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Wrvth Gears Up For U.S. Tour

California's ethereal tech death perpetrators from Wrvth are readying to kick off their first U.S. live takeover of the year. The band's latest journey will commence next month with a short string of headlining dates from April 8th in Riverside, California through April 13th in Austin, Texas.

From there, the band will join Seeker and Forty Winters for a fifteen-date pillage through the end of the month. The onstage debauchery continues with four more headlining dates from May 1st in Spokane, Washington through May 4th in Cupertino, California with additional live abrasions in their plotting stages. More...

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Drudkh Releasing Split With Hades Almighty

The enigmatic Ukrainian black metal pioneers from Drudkh have announced a new split album with inimitable Norwegian outfit Hades Almighty.

The split, titled "One Who Walks With the Fog / Pyre Era, Black!" will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on June 3rd. Pre-orders for the album are available at the Season of Mist E-Shop here.

Drudkh is now streaming the first new track taken from "Pyre, Era, Black!" - check out "Fiery Serpents" in the player below. The split's full track listing is as follows:

1. Drudkh – Golden Horse
2. Drudkh – Fiery Serpent
3. Hades Almighty – Pyre Era, Black!
4. Hades Almighty – Funeral Storm
5. Hades Almighty – Bound More...

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Night Demon Announces Tour With Visigoth

Southern California's Night Demon just announced the first leg of the "Final Curse Tour" alongside Metal Blade recording artists Visigoth. Select dates will also see Against The Grain performing. Night Demon comments:

"It's been a fulfilling experience for Night Demon touring the world in support of our most recent effort, 'Curse of the Damned.' We were fortunate enough to have the album honored as album of the year in five different publications, and make the top ten albums of 2015 in over thirty publications, worldwide.

"To honor our fans who now have had the time to sit with the album and get familiar with it, as well as the fans who have yet to see these songs performed live, Night Demon will be hitting the road this Spring for what we are calling the 'Final Curse' tour. We will be performing Curse of the Damned in its entirety every night of the tour in over thirty cities across the United States.

"We are also pleased to be bringing out Visigoth as support on their first national tour. Thanks for the endless support! This one is for the fans and all the people out there who have continued to make Curse of the Damned a very successful album for the band."

Jake of Visigoth adds: "We are pleased to embark on our first ever Eastward conquest alongside our brothers-in-arms in Night Demon! We are looking forward to the many nights of riff-fueled madness and heavy metal camaraderie that lie Ahead. Unfortunately, both our lead guitarist Lee and drummer Mikey are unable to join us for this run. We would like to welcome Noah Hadnutt and Connor Carlson onboard as they step in and take up arms in their absence and help us continue to die for rock'n'roll! See you on the Road!"

The "Final Curse Tour" kicks off April 8th in Albuquerque NM at Launchpad and tickets are on sale now. Dates below and more to be announced! More...

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Black Shape Of Nexus Streams Full Album

The pummeling filth displayed by German sludge metal nihilists Black Shape Of Nexus, on their massive 2xLP "Carrier" album, can now be experienced by all who dare to endure the record. Listen in below!

The fourth massive Black Shape Of Nexus studio effort, "Carrier" transfers more than fifty minutes of the band's contagion into the population through six massive tracks - including a cover of Hellhammer's "Triumph Of Death" - mastered by engineer Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

New album "Carrier" will see its traumatizing official release through Exile On Mainstream this Friday, March 18th, 2016. More...

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Silverstein Premieres New Music Video

Metalcore outfit Silverstein premieres a new music video for "The Continual Condition", taken from the band's latest album "I Am Alive in Everything I Touch", out in stores via Rise Records.

Check out now "The Continual Condition" below.

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Bog Of The Infidel Premieres "Coils of the Noose"

Rhode Island’s black metal outfit Bog Of The Infidel premieres a new song entitled "Coils of the Noose", taken from the upcoming new second album "Asleep In the Arms of Suicide", which will be out in stores April 8 via Eternal Death Records.

Check out now "Coils of the Noose" below.

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Walls Of Jericho Previews Each Song From New CD

Walls Of Jericho premieres preview snippets of all the songs from the band's forthcoming album "No One Can Save You From Yourself" in the video below. Walls Of Jericho will have the album out in stores on March 25th via Napalm Records.

Check out now the preview below.

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