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Metal News for March 16, 2017

Last updated on September 21, 2018 at 4:11 AM ET

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Deficiency Streaming "Uncharted Waters"

A little more than three years after previous conceptual album "The Prodigal Child," French group Deficiency is back with new concept album "The Dawn of Consciousness," due out via Apathia Records on March 24th.

A lyric video for advance track "Uncharted Waters" has come online and can be seen below. Apatha Records also comments:

"Deficiency musically goes further in melodic, agressive and technical aspects of songwriting. Heavy parts, modern patterns, furious leads or catchy chorus are meeting to join a thrash ,etal basis and to form an efficient alliance for fans of extreme music. 'The Dawn Of Consciousness' is a new concept album describing men’s rebirth after chaos and the way they seize this second chance through six primitive emotions shared by every human being on earth: surprise, sadness, joy, anger, fear and disgust." More...

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Doyle To Star In Horror Movie

Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is set to star in "Death Ward 13," a remake of the cult-classic film "Don't Look In The Basement."

With his iconic devilock hair and impressive physical build, Doyle will play the most terrifying character in the film. Now in pre-production, "Death Ward 13" is directed by award-winning horror filmmaker Todd Nunes and produced by The Readmond Company.

”I’m looking forward to starting my movie career with a starring role in 'Death Ward 13,'" says Doyle. “It’s time to release the beast on the big screen. Let the killing begin!”

“With Doyle’s horror punk background, we’ve always been looking for opportunities to have him cross over into film, but nothing has sparked his interest until now," adds Bruce Miyaki (Insane Management). “'Death Ward 13' is a great breakout film for Doyle – his fans are going to love it.”

"I'm excited to work with Doyle,” says director Todd Nunes. “Doyle will be portraying a ruthless killer called The Duke - a psychopath and the most twisted and terrifying character in the movie. I’m a big fan of Doyle and his music and always thought he would make a menacing horror movie villain. With his threatening looks and massive build, this man will scare the crap out of everyone. Get ready for a horrifying ride!" More...

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Ascended Dead Streams "Subconscious Barbarity"

Today the American death metal cult Ascended Dead streams new track "Subsconscous Barbarity," taken off the band's impending "Abhorrent Manifestation" full-length release.

"Abhorrent Manifestation" is set for international release tomorrow (March 17th) via Invictus Productions in conspiracy with Dark Descent Records (Invictus will handle the album's European release while Dark Descent will handle its North American release). The full track listing is as follows:

1. The Promised Time
2. Blood Thirst
3. Perdition
4. Ensnared for Eternity
5. Dormant Souls
6. Subsconscous Barbarity
7. Fissure of Chaos
8. Dawn of Armageddon
9. Last Ritual
10. Inexorable Death More...

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Wanderer Announces "Way Of The Blade"

Portugal's Wanderer was formed in 2010 and is now gearing up to release "Way Of The Blade" via Helldprod Records. An advance song can be heard below, and the band's label comments:

"Heavy metal has to be the most unstoppable force ever. It's amazing how after all these years we still listen to its origins played faithfully by the younger generations. Epic and powerful Wanderer manages to invoke the soul of steel within this play through. No false preaching is allowed on this one. Raise your fist and scream for Metal!!!"

Wanderer consists of:

Nuno Machado (Guitars/Vocals)
André Ribeiro (Guitars/Back Vocals)
Rui Freitas (Bass/Back Vocals)
Luís Ferreira (Drums) More...

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Nargaroth Posts New Album Teaser

Inter Arma Productions is gearing up for the May 16th release for Nargaroth's seventh album, "Era of Threnody." A teaser trailer is available below, and the label comments:

"Ever aptly titled, 'Era of Threnody' burns with rage and repose - a war cry from a battlefield long forgotten, a remembrance of sorrows past, present, and future. Across its 65-minute landscape, the 10 songs which comprise 'Era of Threnody' paint a portrait of Nargaroth at its most dynamic: nearly every unique era of the band is represented, but executed with a startling sense of professionalism.

"But let it be known that 'professionalism' in no way should be conflated with mainstream ambitions, for this is still pure 'n' pristine BLACK METAL in all its monochromatic grandeur. More accurately, perhaps, 'Era of Threnody' is the sound of Nargaroth at the height of its powers, well rested from the studio hiatus and eager 'n' emboldened by an upcoming European tour with Absu and Hate. The time of reckoning is at hand, and it is indeed the 'Era of Threnody!'"

1. Dawn of Epiphany
2. Whither Goest Thou
3. Conjunction Underneath The Alpha Weel
4. ...As Orphans Drifting In A Desert Night
5. The Agony Of A Dying Phoenix
6. Epicedium To A Broken Dream
7. Love Is A Dog From Hell
8. Era Of Threnody
10. My Eternal Grief, Anguish Neverending More...

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Medieval Demon Reactivates For New Album

Hells Headbangers just announced the signing of reanimated Greek black metal cult Medieval Demon. As one of the true purveyors of the ancient black metal sound - whose 1998 debut album, "Demonolatria," is a highly sought-after classic of grimy mysticism - the first fruit of this union shall be Medieval Demon's second album, "Medieval Necromancy."

Medieval Demon formed in Greece in 1993 by brothers Lord Apollyon and Sirokous. Necrochrist and Muerte joined the band and entered the glorious Storm Studio to record first demo tape, "Night of The Infernal Lords." After releasing some more demos, the group recorded debut album, "Demonolatria," in 1995 and released it on Unisound in 1998.

Satanism, necromancy, occult practice, an air of darkness and mystery, meetings in dark forests and forgotten places: all played a significant role in the lives and inspiration of the members. Medieval Demon is beyond the mundane - no human civilizations, no modern Life, no politics. The only value is chaos eternal, and eternal resistance against God!

Says drummer/keyboardist Lord Apollyon, "We are honored to release 'Medieval Necromancy' through Hells Headbangers, an original label that is dedicated to the underground for so many years. 'Medieval Necromancy' is a creation from the '90s: old-school, necromantic spiritual black metal from the Abyss." More...

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Sektarism Announces New Album

Today, Zanjeer Zani Productions sets May 19th as the international release date for Sektarism's second album, "La Mort de l’Infidèle."

A cavernous prayer laid in darkness by a strangled voice: this is what Sektarism has been for the last 12 years. Formed in 2005 by eminent members of the Apostles of Ignominy brotherhood, the drone/funeral doom congregation has since spawned its incantations over the French and international underground.

Check out a first audio sample with the track "Brûle L'Hérétique" below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Ô Seigneur
2. Brûle l'Hérétique
3. Conscience, Révolte, Perte du Moi More...

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Hessja Releasing "Planet Sedam: ISON"

Hessja was formed in 2012, eventually releasing a self-titled first record in 2014 via Devils Eject Records. Now follow-up EP "Planet Sedam: ISON" is coming, with vinyl and digital editions available at Bandcamp here.

WOOAAARGH Records comments that the release "imagines the comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) in the role of liberator in the endless fight between living will and eternal silence, hope and finality. From the first second until the end of the EP, you will become part of this fight. The EP is a masterwork, that erases all of the typical limits of metal. Besides the atmospheric samples and synergetic sounds, you will hear blast beats mixed with post rock parts." More...

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Muro Posts Full Album Stream

Originally released back in 2013 via Leyenda Records, Muro's "El Cuarto Jinete" has now seen worldwide release via Fighter Records. With the re-release out now, a full stream has also come online and can be heard below. The full track listing is as follows:

01. Apocalipsis 6.2
02. El Cuarto Jinete
03. Otra Batalla
04. Maldito Bastardo
05. Sobrevivir
06. En el Ojo del Huracán
07. La Voz
08. Hermanos de Sangre
09. Honorable
10. Muero por ti
11. Fratricidio
12. Kill the King (Rainbow cover) More...

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Dodecahedron Streaming Full New Album

Experimental black metal band Dodecahedron is now streaming new album "Kwintessens" in its entirety before tomorrow's (March 17th) official release date. Dodecahedron comments:

"We are very pleased to finally show you our full musical narrative that is 'Kwintessens.' A story about enlightenment, megalomania and visions getting out of hand. As with all stories concerning man, this one will also end in an obliterating tragedy. Every composition is part of a greater plan and embodies the concept - the sum of small parts is what makes 'Kwintessens' a distinct album."

1. Prelude
2. Tetrahedron - The Culling of the Unwanted from the Earth
3. Hexahedron - Tilling the Human Soil
4. Interlude
5. Octahedron - Harbinger
6. Dodecahedron - An Ill-Defined Air of Otherness
7. Finale
8. Icosahedron - The Death of Your Body More...

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Amenra Selected For Roadburn 2017

Roadburn Festival and the Church of Ra are certainly no strangers, and when Roadburn's 2017 curator John Dyer Baizley was enthusiastic about having Amenra as part of his event, the band knew it was a no-brainer to return to the Roadburn stage.

Baizley comments: "As I round out the lineup for my curated stages at the upcoming Roadburn Festival 2017, I'm again thrilled to announce one of the last acts I've booked: the uncontested visionary of monochromatic heaviness, Amenra.

"The last time I witnessed an Amenra performance was at Roadburn 2013, when they could still fit (barely) inside Het Patronaat. The line out the door was hundreds of show-goers long, and I was somehow able to force my way inside to see the band perform. To say they blew us all away would be a grossly undersold miscalculation. They set a new standard for me that afternoon, demonstrating just how forward-thinking and discovery-rich DIY music can be; a transcendent marriage of heaviness, artistry, non-linearity, energy, and soul which vaulted from AMENRA's stage and through the audience. More...

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Karma Zero Releasing New Album

Formed in 2008, Karma Zero released first album "Architecture of a Lie" a handful of years later during 2013, after which the group performed a series of tours and concerts forging a name in the French metal scene.

Those shows would see Karma Zero sharing stages with the likes of Sepultura, Madball, Betraying The Martyrs, and Whitechape as well as playing festivals such as Hellfest, Motocultor Fest, and Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Now Karma Zero is about to release second album, "Monsters." Angrier than ever, the band will return with this release on the 12th of April, 2017. More...

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Vices Posts "Broken"

On "Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible," Vices has taken things up a notch, and the results are arresting. Developed over more than a year, the tracks adopt a personal and political tone. Check out the "Broken" video taken off this release below.

Written amongst a backdrop of global political and social upheaval and relationship breakdowns closer to home, the band crafted a raw and righteous release the forefront of local hardcore, aimed at delivering comfort and solidarity. Thematically, it addresses threats to human rights, religious divisions and mental health struggles.

Produced by Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane, Verse, Counterparts), this LP is the band's first project working with a professional producer. Vocalist John McAleer says “Jay is a savage when it comes to making music. He keeps it real, he likes the imperfections but also knows when to push for something better, and he understood what we were trying to do and made the whole thing come to life." More...

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Throne Of Malediction Announces Two Releases

For 2017, Throne of Malediction has finally begun work on not one but two new releases. The first will be a retrospective, of sorts, tentatively titled "Perfect Tragedy" and including a few new songs, as well as select tracks from the last decade.

The album will be offered as a download release on Bandcamp this coming summer, 2017. Next up will be Throne Of Malediction's fourth full-length album, due out at the tail end of 2017 or early 2018. Release dates and more details are to be announced in the near future.

Throne Of Malediction's Eric Horner comments: "I'm also happy to announce that there will be new guest musicians who will be helping out with both releases. I am a fan of their work, so it's an extra treat, to have the help.

"For female vocals, Kas Sinclair (Serpent and Seraph, Miss Led) will be helping out. In addition, Claudeous Creamer (Possessed, Dragonlord, Serpent and Seraph) will be adding guitars. As well as a long time Throne collaborator, Kevin George (At Home in Hell, Martiden) will provide bass tracks.

"I've begun working on a single, already. All is not quiet, in Montana USA. Stay tuned for more information and such..."

The band's latest album was 2014 full-length offering "Dead In Dreams" - check out the title track below. More...

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Krehated Releases New Video

Stockholm, Sweden's Krehated has released a powerful new music video for the song "Awaken Ignorance," taken from latest full-length album, "The Venomous Mind." The video was directed and produced by David Andersson, Dennis Andersson & Johan Hallman and features lead actor Andreas Vrenning.

Krehated recently inked a deal with Zombie Shark Records, the new label founded by Noah "Shark" Robertson, (Motograter, Ex-The Browning). The band wields a devastatingly heavy, groove-oriented sound that is reminiscent of nu metal-era bands.

The group record "The Venomous Mind" at JV Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. It was mixed and mastered by Christian Svedin (The Unguided, Vildhjarta, Imminence) and artwork was created by Tomas Lacke.

The band comments: "We all have demons inside our heads. It doesn't matter how successful you are, how wealthy you are or how sane you seem to be. Everyone has been through rough times at some point in their lives and then carried around the aftermath... demons or venom in their minds. 'The Venomous Mind' is all about that. Our inner demons. Our inner fears. Our infected minds. The world of today is a disgusting place at times. This world brought us this hate. This world created us. We are the Krehated." More...

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Mean Streak Unveils New Album

Swedish traditional heavy metal band Mean Streak today reveals the cover artwork and track list for 4th studio album "Blind Faith," produced by Peter Andersson and Max Norman, mixed by Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Armored Saint, Megadeth, Y&T) and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (Soilwork, Onslaught, Armageddon, Degradead, Dynazty).

The record is set to be released in Europe via Rock Of Angels Records on June 2rd, in Japan via Marquee/Avalon (including one exclusive bonus track on May 31st), and in USA via HighVolMusic on June 16th.

1. Blood Red Sky
2. Animal In Me
3. Retaliation Call
4. Settle The Score
5. Tear Down The Walls
6. Tears Of The Blind
7. Love Is A Killer
8. Come Undone
9. Fire At Will
10. Caught In The Crossfire
11. Gunnerside
12. Smile Of A Clown (Japan Bonus Only) More...

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A Mournful Path Releases New Single

Australian black metal band A Mournful Path is currently in pre-production stages for a debut release on Inverse Records later this year, with more details soon to come.

For now, a single titled "From The Wreckage Of Humiliation" has come online and can be heard below or picked up over at Bandcamp here.

Conceived in July of 2016, A Mournful Path is the product of a long standing collaboration between brothers David and Michael Romeo. Born of a mutual love of Scandinavian metal, A Mournful Path is a unique coalescence of modern black, atmospheric, and death metal. More...

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Uncommon Evolution Signs With Argonauta

Argonauta Records just inked a deal with stoner rock / metal outfit Uncommon Evolution. The label comments:

"Uncommon Evolution hails from high in the mountains of North West Montana USA. Since forming in the spring of 2013, they have traveled all over the country and had the honor of playing the South by South West Festival in Austin Texas, where they also love to record at the Machine Shop Recording Studio.

"With fiery vocals, big ballsy riffs and grooves thick enough to shake mountains, these guys have honed a sound truly all their own, though their wide ranging influences shine through in a cornucopia of flavor.

"Most recently, the legendary producer, Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Crobot, etc.) produced, mixed and mastered their new EP, Junkyard Jesus, to be released by Argonauta Records early this summer." More...

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Striker Announces Record Release Shows

Striker will be returning to the band's shredding grounds of Alberta in April for first Canadian shows since unleashing a fifth studio album last month on February 24th. The band has been on tour across the USA plus Europe with Sonata Arctica in support of the album for last three months.

April 13th in Calgary at Dicken's Pub, hometown return on April 14th in Edmonton at Starlite Room, and April 15th in Red Deer at The Vat will be CD release events for Albertan fans that have been loyal over the years supporting Striker's career in the province and beyond.

"This is 35 minutes of your life you'll be glad you can't get back. A potent mix of shred that will remind you why you fell in love with metal in the first place," comments the band.

Mar 16 Antipode Rennes, France
Mar 17 Engine Rooms Southampton, United Kingdom
Mar 18 Marble Factory Bristol, United Kingdom
Mar 19 Tramshed Cardiff, United Kingdom
Mar 20 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, United Kingdom
Mar 22 Club Academy Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar 23 Corporation Room 1 Sheffield, United Kingdom
Mar 24 The Classic Grand Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mar 25 Limelight 2 Belfast, United Kingdom
Mar 26 The Academy Dublin, Ireland
Mar 28 Slade Rooms Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Mar 29 Le Splendid Lille, France
Mar 30 X Hereford, Germany
Mar 31 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg, Germany
Apr 01 Effenaar Eindhoven, Netherlands
Apr 02 Tivoli Pandora Utrecht, Netherlands
Apr 04 Essigfabrik Cologne, Germany
Apr 05 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg, Germany
Apr 06 Hellraise rLeipzig, Germany
Apr 07 KB Malmö, Sweden
Apr 08 Frimis Salonger Örebro, Sweden
Apr 09 Pustervik Göteborg, Sweden
Apr 13 Dicken's Pub Calgary, Alberta
Apr 14 Starlite Edmonton, Alberta
Apr 15 The Vat Pub Red Deer, Alberta More...

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Xandria Announces North American Tour

Xandria is ready to bring a breathtaking live show back to North America for a headline tour this May. Support on the tour will come from label mates Kobra And The Lotus and Once Human.

The tour kicks off May 9th in New York, NY and runs through May 30th in Mesa, AZ. A complete list of dates can be found below, all supporting latest album "Theater Of Dimension" (reviewed here).

The band cannot wait to tour North America and comments: "We are super excited to go on our first ever North American headline tour in May, playing east to west coast, along with the wonderful Kobra and the Lotus as well as Once Human. Let's get these places rocked!" More...

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Omrade Announces New Album

Two years after the success of "Edari," Omrade has extended the band's contract with My Kingdom Music and is ready to come back with new album "Nåde". My Kingdom issued this statement about the coming release:

"Recorded with Edgar Chevallier at Lower Tones Place Studio, Bargnatt XIX and Arsenic created a new eclectic, modern, and visionary release pushing the extreme limits.

"Once again the word 'vision' is the heart of the duo's artistic proposal and with 'Nåde' you'll enter into the most astonishing modernism, avantgardism and post-industrial universe in the vein of the best Ulver, Manes, and God Is An Astronaut.

"The impressive artwork by Jeff Grimal and Stan W Decker's layout will complete the essence of 'Nåde,' ready to be released on May 26th, 2017 in different formats." More...

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Hyborian Posts Full New Album Online

Tomorrow marks the release of Hyborian's debut album, "Hyborian: Volume I," via KC-based label The Company. After gracing heavy music fans with several singles and a music video, today the band is streaming the entire album online a day early - listen in below.

Guitarist/frontman Martin Bush says: "We can't wait to have this record out and into people's hands. We put a lot of heart into this record so we're stoked to see such positive reaction so far and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it! Our tour kicks off today, so catch us on the road! Can't wait to see you guys out there."

1. As Above, So Below
2. Maelstrom
3. Blood for Blood
4. Dead Lies Dreaming
5. Ajna
6. Dross More...

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Kvelertak Releases New Video

Roadrunner Records group Kvelertak just released an official music video for “Bronsegud,” taken from latest LP "Nattesferd." The video, which was directed by Stian Andersen, documents the band’s life on the road traveling the world and performing neck-breaking sets to sold-out audiences.

Furthermore, Kvelertak has been announced as special guest for the entirety of Metallica’s upcoming "WorldWired" European tour. Dates are set to kick off September 4th at The Netherlands’ Ziggo Dome and continue through May 2018. A full listing of upcoming Kvelertak tour dates is available after the jump.


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Dimmu Borgir Posts 2nd Trailer For Blu-Ray Release

A second trailer has now come online for the impending "Forces Of The Northern Night" double DVD / Blu-Ray from Dimmu Borgir, which is due to drop April 28th, 2017.

On this soundtrack of the apocalypse, you can witness two different live shows: a concert in Oslo, showing Dimmu Borgir on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir, as well as an entire performance at Wacken Open Air with almost 100 musicians in action.

These monumental live rituals mark the beginning of the band's epic return planned for 2017. If you missed the previous trailer, it can still be viewed over here.

Both the show in Oslo and the show at Wacken contain the following live tracks:

01. Xibir (orchestra)
02. Born Treacherous
03. Gateways
04. Dimmu Borgir (orchestra)
05. Dimmu Borgir
06. Chess With The Abyss
07. Ritualist
08. A Jewel Traced Through Coal
09. Eradication Instincts Defined (orchestra)
10. Vredesbyrd
11. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
12. The Serpentine Offering
13. Fear And Wonder (orchestra)
14. Kings Of The Carnival Creation
15. Puritania
16. Mourning Palace
17. Perfection Or Vanity (orchestra) More...

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Fates Warning Releasing New DVD

Legendary progressive metal act Fates Warning celebrated the 30th anniversary of third album, "Awaken the Guardian," in 2016.

To celebrate this milestone, Jim Matheos (guitar) reassembled that era's lineup for two special festival appearances last year: Keep it True XIX and Prog Power USA XVII. Fortunately for fans that were not able to attend, each show was filmed for the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray due out April 28th via Metal Blade Records.

For a preview of "Awaken the Guardian Live," a video for "Fata Morgana" from Keep it True XIX can be viewed below. Directed and edited by Oliver "Bomber" Barth, the Keep It True XIX footage was recorded on April 30th, 2016 in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany; the Prog Power USA footage was recorded on September 9th, 2016 in Atlanta, GA with sound recording and video editing by Kent Smith, plus audio and video recording services provided by Lucid Lounge Studios - Atlanta. More...

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Isolert Premieres Full-Album Stream Of New CD

Greek black metal band Isolert premieres the full-album stream of the band's brand new self-titled album, out now via Bandcamp. The album was recorded during November 2016 through January 2017, and mastered by Dionisis Dimitrakos at Descent Studio. The last track on the album is a cover version of Slayer’s "Evil Has No Boundaries".

Check out now "Isolert" in its entirety below.

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Nine Shrines Debuts New Music Video

Metalcore outfit Nine Shrines (Ex-Attack Attack!/Life On Repeat) debuts a new music video for "King Of Mercy", taken from the band's upcoming new EP, "Misery", which is en route for an April 07th digital release and an April 21st physical release through Mascot Label Group.

Check out now "King Of Mercy" below.

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Eddie Hermida Says TAIM’s CJ McMahon Is A Sellout

Speaking with live-metal.net, Suicide Silence’s frontman Eddie Hermida opens up on the "feud" with Thy Art Is Murder that recently sparked off online. Hermida in particlar criticized Thy Art Is Murder for being stuck in a deathcore rut and spoofing U.S. President Donald Trump‘s campaign hats with TAIM's new "Make Deathcore Great Again"-hats.

Offers Hermida: "Thy Art Is Murder absolutely saw an opportunity and ran with it, and honestly, they did the silliest thing you could ever do in mimicking somebody like Trump and say that they are not selling out. They are literally going, “Hey, we’re not sell-outs, but please buy this hat. You need to buy this hat.” It’s completely backwards thinking. They’re looking for their fans to feed into the chaos. They’re looking for the attention, and that’s fine. It goes exactly with what I said—we don’t need that kind of attention anymore. I praise them for jumping on an opportunity just like they should. When you’re desperate for making money, you’re going to serve the fans, you’re going to create the same music so that they can feel safe in their sound, and you’re going to try your hardest to maintain in that world. More...

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Homewrecker Premieres New Video For "Prophet Liar"

Homewrecker premieres a new music video for "Prophet Liar", taken from the band's latest EP "Extinction By Design", out in stores now via Good Fight Entertainment. The clip features footage shot by hate5six.com and was edited by Dalton Edwards.

Check out now "Prophet Liar" below.

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Just For Fun

Watch A7X Jamming To A Nearly Empty Hard Rock Cafe

Avenged Sevenfold took some rest at Hard Rock Café in Helsinki, Finland during a day off of the band's "The Stage Tour". After some alcohol consumptions they got the brilliant idea of performing "Nightmare" on the bar's instruments. You can watch the results below and see if the win over the "crowd"...

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