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Metal News for March 15, 2018

Last updated on July 16, 2019 at 1:45 AM ET

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Nervosa Discusses New Drummer, Music And Brazil

While the "thrash revival" of the of the mid to late 2000s may have come and gone, there are some young bands still proudly treating headbangers to the style and proving that like punk, hardcore and the smell of weed in the Bristol air, thrash metal is here to stay. There is perhaps no greater champion of modern thrash right now than Nervosa, an all female trio from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who since their debut album, "Victim Of Yourself" in 2015, have gone from strength to strength, touring with such bands as Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam and Sepultura and currently, with black metal pioneers, Venom Inc. and death metal favourites, Suffocation. Just prior to the first show of this monumental tour, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nervosa vocalist/bassist Fernanda Lira to discuss everything from the latest album, "Agony," the new album expected later this year, new drummer Luanna Dametto and how life has changed in Brazil since the coup which ousted leader Dilma Rousseff in 2016. You can watch the interview below.

Speaking about new drummer, Luanna Dametto, Fernanda stated:

"She's fitting in just perfectly. It's hard to find girls not only that want to play metal but who are willing to commit to being on tour and everything. She's brought a lot of aggression to our sound and she's super nice and super chilled, she's like our baby!"

On the upcoming third album:

"We can't say much but it's going to be out soon. It's all done and finished. We're happy with the result, the label loves it. It's going to be more aggressive than, "Agony," because of Luanna's drumming. It's also faster and has more death metal sound but we're still a thrash band and it'll still be a thrash album."

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Alien Weaponry Announces Debut Album

Three teenagers, known as ALIEN WEAPONRY, from a tiny town in New Zealand have managed to capture imaginations with their unique thrash metal sound and commanding live performances. This in itself is surprising, but perhaps the most unexpected element of all in their success is that many of the band's songs are delivered in a language that is unknown to international audiences - New Zealand's native language, Te Reo Maori.

Now, ALIEN WEAPONRY are ready to release their furious debut album "Tu" on the world. Short for "Tumatauenga," the Maori god of war, Tu also means to stand strong and proud, and to stand for something. The notion is reflected in the album artwork, which includes the tradtional moko kanohi (facial tattoos) of the Maori warrior.

Napalm Records released the single and video for the song "Holding My Breath" - the first single so far to be sung entirely in English. The song was written by Lewis (Vocals/Guitar). In it, he talks about the anxiety of being judged and socially ostracized by peers to the point of being unable to function.

"It's about something that actually happened to me. I felt so bad that I literally stayed in my room and couldn't bring myself to leave the house or talk to anyone," he says. "I wrote the song at that time, and it was one of the things that helped me work through it, so I hope it will resonate with other people going through similar things."

One of the people it has already resonated with is actress Rose van Wylich, featured in the video; who experienced similar feelings of isolation as a teenager.

"Holding My Breath" is the first single put out by Napalm Records in advance of ALIEN WEAPONRY's debut album "Tu" being released on June 1st. A month later, the band will head to Europe for a 3-month tour which includes the world's biggest metal festival, Wacken Open Air.
You can preorder "Tu" here.

Here is the track listing for "Tu": More...

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Sepultura Unveils The "Machine Messiah"

It's not yet festival season, which means metal fans are currently being treated to a number of tours at the moment, many of which come in big packages. It was only last week that Venom Inc. kicked off their tour in Bristol with Suffocation, Nervosa and Aeternam and it was in the same city that Brazilian metal titans Sepultura began their headline run of Europe, bringing with them a lineup with something for everyone.

Opening the show was American deathcore outfit Fit For An Autopsy. Fans of the style more likely than not enjoyed their set and those with a love of all things extreme no doubt will find something to like in their music, while those who tend to shy away from deathcore probably wouldn't have been converted by their sound. They're a highly energetic band, which can only be admired, who have been going for ten years already, thus possessing the rare combination of youth and experience. Not for everyone, but not bad. More...

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