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Metal News for March 14, 2017

Last updated on September 20, 2018 at 7:52 AM ET

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Pit Stories: Dollarama Weapons And Slam Poetry

Happy Tuesday metal fans! Ready for another bout of Pit Stories?

Most of our tales involve out of control pits, drunk fans, and unexpected violence, but sometimes the pit is less a bloody place and more a gathering for silly fun.

That's the sort of tale we've got this week from Marc Bourgon of Cancelled / Greber / Fuck the Facts, who shares these stories of several memorable gigs:

Years ago, while I was playing in a now defunct band called tugnut, we would regularly play the sleepy industrial border town of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. There must have been something in the water of the St. Clair river that seeped its way into the veins of the average Sarnian underground metal concert-goer because every show was perpetually more crazy than the last. Not in a “wall of death” or “crowd punishing” manner but something far sillier.

Early on in my years with tugnut we befriended a band by the name of Sarnia. We knew this band was a true titan of soul when they let loose the infectiously anthemic song entitled: “Sarnia.” The song's lone lyric was the word "Sarnia" and the pre-chorus included it being spelled one letter at a time in a gang vocal. They were the ones who put Sarnia (the city) on the map for us and soon invited us to come play there.

The first show we did was at the Eagles hall if I remember correctly. It all started like any other show but once in full swing the show was like a miniaturized version of Obscene Extreme. Costumes. Toy weapons. Acrobatics. Not to mention that when any riff slower than 85bpm was played by any band, someone would yell out: “BIIIIIG STEP!!” and everyone would just start taking giant steps to the music. It was off the fucking chart.

Anyhoo, the show that comes to mind for me was Sarnia (the band)’s CD release. Prior to them playing was all the insanity that we had come to love and expect from a show there but it wasn’t until they took the stage (floor) that it got completely out of hand. A contractor grade garbage bag full of Dollarama weaponry was dumped into the middle of the pit, everyone eyed up their choice of arms and poised themselves for battle. Sarnia started and chaos erupted. Everyone was fighting everyone else and whoever was left was moshing. At one point a shopping cart that had been turned into a tank plowed into the pit and started attacking anyone who dare step into it’s path. Their set ended with a 13 musician rendition of Sarnia (the song).

Now I realize this all seems juvenile and silly but it was one of the rare times in life that everyone was on the same page with each other and having a great time at a show. Can’t figure out why this is what came to mind when I read “Pit Stories” but it did. Thanks for reading.

Epilogue: There was a dude who called himself Shmagnet who became a good friend over the years. I recall some generic metalcore band bombing and him forcefully grabbing the mic from the singer and doing some slam-poetry. That uninvited yet crucial move ended up getting the whole crowd chuffed into a frenzy and saving the rest of the band from their already half-over set. By the looks of it the band was into it as well. The singer, not so much. That dude was a fucking hero.

Cancelled is the experimental recording project of Marc Bourgon that just released three song EP "Tenebrific." You can stream all the songs below or grab your own copy at Bandcamp here. More...

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Enisum Releasing "Seasons Of Desolation"

Avantgarde Music just announced April 27th as the international release date for Enisum's "Seasons of Desolation," the spectacular and intense follow-up to "Arpitanian Lands" from 2015.

Having spent most of the last two years playing live in Europe, the Italians' popularity has scaled up incredibly. Enisum shared stages with Nocturnal Depression, Psychonaut 4, Primordial, Blaze of Sorrow, and many, many others.

Check out a first sample off the album with the track "Snow Storm" below. The full "Seasons Of Desolation" track listing is as follows:

1. Autumn Of Melancholy
2. Road To My Home
3. Seasons...
4. ...Of Desolation
5. Snow Storm
6. Balance Of Insanity
7. Nameless Sadness
8. Obscure Depths
9. Dead Star
10. Lake Of Tears More...

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Dodsengel Unveils New Album

The mighty Dodsengel is finally about to release a highly-anticipated successor to the monstrous "Imperator" full-length album (2012).

This brand new album, entitled "Interequinox," will be released via French label Debemur Morti Productions this coming May 19th on Digipack CD, Gatefold 2x12" LP, and digital formats.

This cathartic new offering contains 11 glorious pieces of truly esoteric black metal bearing artwork by Anders Røkkum. The full track listing is as follows:

01. Pangenetor
02. Prince Of Ashes
03. Værens Korsvei
04. Emerald Earth
05. Opaque
06. Illusions
07. Palindrome
08. Ved Alltings Ende
09. Rubedo
10. Gloria In Excelsis Deo
11. Panphage More...

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Abatuar Streaming New Song

Today, the bestial blackgrinders from Abatuar premiere new track "Los Efectos de la Gangrena y Putrefacción," hailing from the band's debut album, "Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta," which is set for international release on April 17th via Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Panama's preeminent extreme metal export, Abatuar is the work of one madman named Cadaver. He burst onto the scene in 2014 with the debut demo "Vejación de la Bestia," which was followed a year later by another demo, titled "Fosa Común." So impressed with Abatuar's raw 'n' rabid savagery, Dunkelheit compiled both demos onto CD format and released it toward the end of 2015, thereby giving this cult the international exposure it so requires.

However, from those humble beginnings explodes Abatuar's sickest and most depraved work yet: "Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta." In a mere 31 minutes across a dozen disgusting tracks, the release encapsulates the Abatuar experience: ceaselessly violent, virulent blackgrind with a swarming-from-all-sides sensation.

1. Los efectos de la gangrena y putrefacción
2. La noche de los muertos vivientes
3. La bestia, el monje, el cura y el loco
4. Decapitación letrinal
5. Relaciones necrofecales
6. Adoctrinamiento colectivo genocida
7. Deidades sepultadas con restos humanos
8. Sacramento antropofágico
9. Ordalías de hierro fundido
10. Descuartiza al hijo de puta
11. Acompañados a la tumba
12. En la necrópolis del totalitarismo More...

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Days Of The Dead 2017 Band Submissions Open

Halloween may be about putting on a costume and trick or treating around your city block, but in Red Deer, AB it's about so much more. The rumors in the area describe a mass pilgrimage, a collective gathering from across Alberta and beyond, a zombie mosh pit coming alive.

Are the rumors true...? Well at the very least during the Days of The Dead Fest, a heavy metal music festival and costume party extravaganza takes over!

Founded in 2014 by local Red Deer resident and music scene contributor Justin Shadows of Shadows Productions, plus vocalist of Leave The Living, Days Of The Dead Fest celebrates the heavy sounds of metal, punk, and hardcore along with the ritual of transforming yourself in to another character during the Halloween weekend.

Shadows explains: "At first it was an excuse for a costume party with the bands I've developed friendships with, but has gradually changed into something that I feel Red Deer deserves to call its own. The crowds here are so supportive and I love giving them a gigantic event they can look forward to. Days of The Dead came to be because the first year we held it, the festival fell on the Day of the Dead - November 1st." More...

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Green Meteor Streams "Mirrored Parabola Theory"

U.S. space sludge crew Green Meteor today reveals cover artwork and a first single from forthcoming new album "Consumed by a Dying Sun."

The song “Mirrored Parabola Theory” can be heard below, while upcoming full-length album “Consumed by a Dying Sun” will be released in CD/DD formats by Argonauta Records on April 21st, 2017. Pre-orders are available here and the track listing is as follows:

01. Acute Emerald Elevation
02. Sleepless Lunar Dawn
03. In the Shadow of Saturn
04. Mirrored Parabola Theory
05. Consumed by a Dying Sun More...

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Xaon Signs With Sliptrick

Swiss group Xaon was formed in home town of Sion, with a music that reflects the surrounding mountainous region. Today Xaon is proud to announce its signing with Sliptrick Records, with the label commenting:

"The band's core of Rob, Vinc & Flo create a symbiotic melodic dark metal sound influenced by bands such as Soilwork, Paradise Lost & Type O Negative. For live shows, they are augmented by extra musicians to faithfully re-produce the band's style and substance. In 2016, the band recorded 'The Drift,' ready for release on Sliptrick Records in May and we’ll have more news on that very soon." More...

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Cult Of Erinyes Announces New Album

The third concept album from ritualistic black metal crew Cult of Erinyes will be titled "Tiberivs" and is due out via Code666 Records on April 27th. The label comments:

"Spawned with the intention to distill artistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belongs to the forbidden experience, where music is merely a symptom of a higher truth. Ritualistic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious rhythmics and ambient digressions are only a few weapons which make Cult of Erinyes a special band in the black metal scene."

1. Achaea, 41 B.C.
2. Nero (Divine Providence)
3. Casus Belli
4. Bred for War
5. Loner
6. Germanicus
7. First of Men
8. Damnatio Memoriae
9. For Centuries to Come More...

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Warbringer Announces More Tour Dates

Warbringer's new album "Woe to the Vanquished" will be released on March 31st, 2017 via Napalm Records.

Currently on tour in North America co-headlining with Havok, and next across Europe in April, Warbringer is pleased to announce a next batch of U.S. and Canadian shows as direct support to Destruction with Jungle Rot. Hellbender and Demons Within will appear on select dates.

The tour kicks off May 22nd in Oakland, CA and runs through June 11th in Los Angeles, CA. A complete list of dates can be found below. Frontman John Kevil comments on the upcoming tour:

"We are pleased to announce our second USA tour to date with the thrash-knights of the Teutonic Order, Destruction! Also slaughtering the weak on this extremely heavy tour will be the barbaric death metal of Jungle Rot and of course WARBRINGER is bringing a new, upgraded arsenal of our own, made ever more lethal with the release of our new album, Woe to the Vanquished.

"It's been a long time and we've taken many wounds on the way, but the war machine is still rolling, and still destroying all in its path. See you out on the road and prepare for a broken neck. Vae Victis!" More...

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Sludgehammer Posts New Video

Toronto's Sludgehammer just unleashed a new video for "Demons From The Woodwork," one of 11 tracks presented on debut album "The Fallen Sun," which was released during June of last year.

The video is a band playthrough demonstrating mind bending guitar solos, devastating heavy riffs, blistering drum fury, and dynamic vocal performances from lead vocalist Chris Szarota plus bassist Dan Ayers.

1. Demons From The Woodwork (4:02)
2. Intestines Entwined (5:02)
3. The Black Abyss (6:29)
4. Ectogenesis (4:34)
5. Carrion Eater (5:56)
6. Consuming Afterbirth (4:34)
7. Carnivorous Forest (5:08)
8. Utopian (5:45)
9. Revolting (4:46)
10. Organ Harvester (4:51)
11. Casualties (4:34) More...

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Nazghor Working On Album

Following last year's "Death's Withered Chants" full-length release, Swedish black metal crew Nazghor is now working on a new album. The band comments:

"By the power of the anti-christ, we announce the making of a new Nazghor album! We are rehearsing new tones at the moment. Stay tuned and praise the darkness. More information to come" More...

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Mayhem Gearing Up For Spring Tour

The Norwegian black metal icons from Mayhem are commemorating the release of their 1994 landmark "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" full-length with a worldwide live takeover performing the monumental record in its entirety.

The band recently wrapped up the "Purgatorium Americæ Septentrionalis MMXVII" tour with support from Black Anvil and Inquisition and will return to the road for a near-month-long European jaunt in just a handful of days.

Set to commence on March 24th in Karlstad, Sweden and run through April 16th in Munich, Germany, this European leg of the tour includes stops at the Vienna Metal Meeting and Dark Easter Metal Meeting. Support will be provided by Dragged Into Sunlight on select dates. See all confirmed dates below.

"Mayhem brings 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' to Europe once again," comments the band. "After hugely successful tours in South and North America, several festival shows, as well as a short tour in France, Netherlands, and Poland last year, the band now embark on a longer European run. In addition to main support Dragged Into Sunlight, who will be present for most of the shows, other local supports have been specially selected to ensure the right atmosphere." More...

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Jason Walton Unveils New Band Snares Of Sixes

Crucial Blast today confirms an early May release for the debut EP by Snares Of Sixes - a volatile and exploratory new entity created by Jason Walton, founding member of now defunct Agalloch - titled "Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass."

Fusing an intense and eclectic range of extreme and experimental approaches into a disjointed hybrid of sounds, "Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass" features contributions from members of Lawnmower Deth, Winds, Sculptured, Blekspetl, Hollow Branches, Self Spiller, Barrowlands, Age Of Silence, Dolven, Musk Ox, The Night Watch, Maestus, and more.

While renowned for his work as bassist for Agalloch and Sculptured, Jason Walton has also frequently ventured into other, stranger and more experimental regions over the past two decades, offering a range of baffling and captivatingly weird sounds with bands like Self Spiller, Especially Likely Sloth, and Nothing.

Stand by for audio previews, pre-order info, and more in the weeks ahead. The full track listing will be as follows:

1. Urine Hive
2. Lions To Leeches
3. The Mother's Throat
4. Retroperistalsis More...

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Former Worlds Streaming Single-Song EP

Former Worlds is a sci-fi sludge band from Minneapolis, originally formed in winter 2015 when J.J. Anselmi (former drummer of In the Company of Serpents and author of "Heavy: A Memoir of Wyoming, BMX, Drugs, and Heavy Fucking Music") moved to Minneapolis and joined forces with Mike Britson (guitarist in Earthrise and Minor Tides), and Boone Julius (bassist/vocalist in Maeth and Grogus).

The band's latest release "Photos of Eve IX-XVI" will be made available on Friday, March 18th, but before it is, you can listen to an exclusive stream of the EP below.

As a three-piece, the group played a handful of shows and recorded the instrumentation, as well as Julius' vocals, for "Photos of Eve" in May of 2016. But then Erin Severson joined on vocals, adding the missing piece so Former Worlds could morph into a proper band.

The quartet has since played alongside Wreck & Reference, Psalm Zero, Anybody But The Cops, and several of Minneapolis' finest bands. Severson tracked her sandpaper screams and hypnotic singing for "Photos of Eve IX-XVI" in January of 2017, providing listeners with a portent for Former Worlds' upcoming full-length, for which the band is currently finishing up the writing process.

"Photos of Eve IX-XVI" consists of one epic track. Lyrically, the song imagines the Eve figure in a distant future. More...

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Ghost Horizon Streaming "Radiant Eyes"

Black metal band Ghost Horizon today reveals "Radiant Eyes," a new track from forthcoming album "The Erotics of Disgust."

Band founder Dan Stollings comments that the track "is a very different type of song for me, not just musically, but lyrically as well. Instead of writing about something mysterious or evil in nature, I decided I wanted to write about a more real and relatable idea--something that you could tell genuinely came from the heart and wasn't 'put on.' The track is (abstractly) about having an intense love for someone, losing that love, and then, consequently, fighting to get that love back."

In further news, Ghost Horizon has signed with Tridroid Records to release "The Erotics of Disgust" on April 7th, 2017. More details will be revealed soon. More...

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Last Leaf Down Releases New Video

Today, Last Leaf Down releases a third single from upcoming album "Bright Wide Colder," which is set to drop on March 31st. Check out "Purple Skies" in the player below.

For fans of Petter Carlsen, Anathema, Katatonia, Alcest, Olafur Arnalds, and Mogwai. If you missed them, you can still the previously released video for "Ghost Trails" here as well as "The Path" at this location.

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Closer To Found Releases New Video

Montreal, QC's Closer To Found brings melody, heart, and intellect with a dual vocal approach. Debut album "Always Just As Lost" was released during November of last year and has seen the band consistently touring and unleashing music videos.

Now kicking of 2017, the band premiered a next video for their album's opening track "Listen Close And You Hear The Ocean," which is also the title of Closer To Found's upcoming USA tour with Cincinnati group Lift The Medium and New Jersey band Silence In Solitude.

07/04 - Jamestown, NY - Mojo's
10/04 - Long Branch, NJ - Brighton Bar
11/04 - Murfreesboro, NC - Zakk's Coffeehouse
12/04 - Carrollton, GA - Alley Cat
13/04 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbit's
15/04 - Marietta, GA - Swayze's Venue
16/04 - Nashville, TN - Springwater
18/04 - Austin, TX - Texas Mist
20/04 - Houston, TX - Acadia Bar & Grill
21/04 - Lawton, OK - The Railhead Saloon
22/04 - Kansas City, MO - Prohibition Hall
23/04 - Chicago, IL - Lilly's
24/04 - New Haven, IN - Carl's Tavern
26/04 - Hazel Park, MI - Phoenix Cafe
28/04 - Kittanning, PA - Club Radioactive
29/04 - Rochester, NY - Monty's Krown More...

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Classhole Announces West Coast Tour

New Orleans' hardcore punk misfits from Classhole are pleased to announce a West Coast tour. Slated to take place from March 27th to April 12th, the sixteen-date journey includes performances alongside Swedish hardcore punk miscreants, DS-13, and Cleveland, Ohio-based hardcore merchants, Fuck You Pay Me.

Additionally, Classhole will be joined by drummer Jorge Herrera (Despise You, ACxDC) this run filling in for Paul Webb. See all confirmed dates below. The band released a self-titled debut via The Compound Recs in conjunction with band's own Terror Cult imprint last year.

3/27/2017 Parlor Tattoo - Little Rock, AR
3/28/2017 The Middle East - Kansas City, MO
3/30/2017 Metro Music Hall - Salt Lake City, UT
3/21/2017 Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
4/01/2017 Sheas Tavern - Reno, NV
4/02/2017 Café Colonial - Sacramento, CA w/ DS-13
4/03/2017 The Metro - Oakland, CA w/ DS-13
4/04/2017 The Appleton Grill - Watsonville, CA w/ DS-13
4/05/2017 Dynamite Vinyl - Fresno, CA w/ DS-13
4/06/2017 The Horn Bar - Lancaster, CA w/ DS-13
4/07/2017 The Garage - Ventura, CA w/ DS-13, Fuck You Pay Me
4/08/2017 Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA w/ DS-13, Fuck You Pay Me
4/09/2017 Programme Skate & Sound - Fullerton, CA w/ DS-13, Fuck You Pay Me
4/10/2017 The Green Room - Flagstaff, AZ
4/11/2017 Moonlight Lounge - Albuquerque, NM
4/12/2017 Barracuda - Austin, TX More...

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1476 Releasing New Album

Salem, Massachusetts’ 1476 creates isolationist sound stories, heavy in atmosphere, that draw upon elements of many genres including metal, punk, neofolk and ambient. 1476 will release new album, "Our Season Draws Near," on March 31st via Prophecy Productions.

Today new album track "Winter of Winds" comes online in the form of a lyric video featuring art from 19th century Norwegian painter Theodor Kittelsen. Check it out below.

The band's fourth LP (and first full-length for Prophecy) strips away the dense layers and production from past albums and delivers the most raw, intimate and urgent record 1476 record to date. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Our Silver Age
2. Ettins
3. Winter of Winds
4. Solitude (Exterior)
5. Odessa
6. Sorgen (Sunwheels)
7. Solitude (Interior)
8. By Torchlight
9. Winter of Wolves
10. Our Ice Age More...

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Final Drive Releases New Video

The St. Louis thrashers from Final Drive just unleashed a brand new music video for the track “Six Feet Down," which can be seen below. The band comments:

“We’re stoked to team up with Ghost Cult to drop our video for 'Six Feet Down.' We set up in the foothills of Albuquerque NM to knock this one out. A straight forward in your face video, definitely a hell of a lot of fun to film and director Jeshua Booth did a killer job!”

Released February 3rd, 2017 new album "Dig Deeper" made it’s debut entrance at #12 on the Billboard Heatseekers albums chart. If you missed it, a full stream of the album can be found right here.

On the live front, select spring dates have been announced while even more U.S. tour dates will soon be revealed. The "Dig Deeper" track listing is as follows:

1. This Is How
2. Built To Break
3. The Last Time
4. Six Feet Down
5. Want It All
6. Life Decided
7. Follow The Curse
8. Beneath Us
9. Of A Killer
10. Black Out More...

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Entheos Enters The Studio

Entheos (featuring ex-The Faceless member and solo musician Evan Brewer) is now recording the follow-up to debut album "The Infinite Nothing."

Recording is taking place at Castle Ultimate Productions / Sharkbite Studios, and you can check out some pics from the process and find the latest recording updates at Facebook here. Stay tuned for full info to arrive on this impending album release.

Entheos consists of:

Chaney Crabb
Evan Brewer
Navene Koperweis
Travis LeVrier More...

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Replacire Posts Full Album Stream

Boston's explosive, multi-faceted technical metal band Replacire is now streaming forthcoming album "Do Not Deviate" in full ahead of the official release via Season Of Mist worldwide on March 17th, 2017.

Regarding the album stream, Replacire founder and guitarist Eric Alper comments: "Every note on this record was scrutinized for intent and purpose. This resulted in shorter, heavier songs, but they still retain the density that heavy music fans can appreciate over multiple listens.

"We would devote entire weeks to writing/arranging. Some songs came together after a couple hours, some took days on end before they were complete. Several songs never made it to the record despite several re-writes. We ended up with an intense record; a weird, cerebral, and crushing metal album that hopefully people will latch onto."

Replacire recently announced an album release tour. The live trek, beginning on April 1st in Boston, runs through the North East and Mid Atlantic: More...

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Slagduster Posts "Peeping Ron"

Isolation has most certainly bred inspiration in the shape of Slagduster. Hailing from Grand Forks, B.C, the band is named after a local slang term for a piece of machinery that was used in the mines over a hundred years ago.

“We are the only four musicians in our small town driven to form a progressive metal band,” says vocalist Shane Sherman. Inspired by such giants as Goijira, Sikth, Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Between The Buried And Me, the Slagduster crew offers a progressive, groovy, creative, unique and heavy sound.

It's been a few years since debut album "Nature.Humanity.Machine" and Slagduster is now ready to unleash follow-up album "Deadweight" out on May 5th, 2017. Sherman further comments:

“Naturally our sound has come a long way since our debut release in 2010. The music is more complex, and much more developed, still heavy, but even more groove based. Listeners can expect to be challenged by focusing on the compositions, or lost in the musical landscape.” More...

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Dynfari Posts New Song

Icelandic black metal band Dynfari today reveals "Sorgarefni segi eg þér," a new track taken from forthcoming album "The Four Doors of the Mind."

"The Four Days of the Mind" will be released on April 14th via Code666 and can be pre-ordered here. Alternating between post-rock vibes and black metal atmospheres, the album explores fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss' theory on the mind's abilities to cope with pain, by weaving it together with over 100 year old lamentations on human existence by early 20th century Icelandic existentialist poet Jóhann Sigurjónsson.

The combination of the two writers' thoughts is embodied in the union of the drive of black metal with more traditional soundscapes of acoustic guitar, accordion, flute and bouzouki. Artwork was handled by Metaztasis (Watain, Behemoth). More...

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Avenged Sevenfold Adds More Headlining U.S. Shows

Avenged Sevenfold will return to the U.S. for some more headline shows, with pre-sales coming up this Friday. The newly announced headlining dates are as follows:

JUN 19 - Mt. Pleasant, MI
JUL 10 - Cincinnati, OH
JUL 18 - Gilford, NH
JUL 31 - Sacramento, CA
AUG 03 - Albuquerque, NM
AUG 11 - Salt Lake City, UT
AUG 12 - Nampa (Boise), ID

You can also catch these previously announced Avenged Sevenfold 2017 festival appearances and tour dates: More...

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Sawthis Releases 360 Degree Video

Sawthis soon returns with a hybrid metal onslaught entitled "Babhell," which is due out March 24th, 2017 via Denmark-based label Might Music. Today the band premieres a brand new 360-degree music video for album track "Start A New Game," which can be viewed below.

The video was directed by UnderRoom Studios and features lead vocalist Alessandro Falà and his "puppet" counterpart trying to rise above societal confusions and the lies of the media. The band chose to film in 360-degree to create the illusion of a "virtual square," allowing the viewer to control their own vantage point.

Bassist Gaetano Ettorre states, "'For the 'Start A New Game' music video, we created a modern square full of confusion and solitude. This square seems crowded by virtual people projected on the protagonist through the monitors, but at the end it's just a bare and sad room. The protagonist can't stop watching the monitors as he is essentially fed by that media, so he eventually becomes a puppet under virtual oppression."

Sawthis regards "Babhell" as the group's best work to date. Ettorre states, "'Babhell,' in general, touches upon themes of poor human communication and its negative result. Everyone is talking, and no one is listening or looking at what's happening right in front of them. Ultimately, in a world where everyone is talking and no one is listening, honest dialogue becomes impossible and thoughts become just noise like a Babel, a hellish Babel, hence the name Babhell. If I had to choose a term to describe the sound of the record, it would be 'multi-emotional chaos.' Our music is a balance of rage and happiness, resignation and reaction, love and hate-Babhell represents a perfect mix of everything." More...

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Ohhms Premieres New Song "The Magician"

Ohhms premieres a new song entitled "The Magician", taken from the upcoming new album "The Fool", out March 31st via Holy Roar Records.

States the band: "We have tackled the subject of GMOs contaminating the food we eat on our debut EP in the song ‘Bad Seeds’, which highlighted corporate greed and the huge amounts of cash that can be saved by cutting corners. I was shocked that the information was out there in the public domain, and yet we just ignore it and continue to eat poisons day after day. I started reading university papers on the subject, and one that really affected me was a whistleblower type book named ’Seeds of Deception’ by Jeffrey M. Smith. It wasn’t full of technical jargon and I read it in one long and harrowing sitting. I wrote the lyrics for ‘The Magician’ the very next day. I have to admit, it was an utterly inspiring read. Musically, it was the first ‘fast’ song that we had ever written, although in reality its pretty much mid-paced and even though it lasts a little over eight minutes in total, I only managed to fit in one verse, one middle eight and a killer chorus at the end. It’s all it needed. It’s disgusting and angry enough, so any more riffs or anymore vocals would have been sensory overload."

Check out now "The Magician" below.

Ohhms on tour w/ Hark More...

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Just For Fun

Mastodon’s Hinds Thinks Judas Priest Is Not Metal

Mastodon guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds has caused quite a stir again with his assessment that Judas Priest is not a "metal band", but rather a rock and roll band. Hinds made his comments on an episode of Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show‘ streaming below. Explains Hinds on the show:

"I don’t. I don’t really (like metal). (I grew up listening to Judas Priest, but) Judas Priest is not metal, people, it’s rock ‘n’ motherfuckin’ roll! Who in their right mind that has a brain in their head thinks, that Judas Priest sounds like a metal band?"

The Mastodon frontman already raised some eyebrows back in 2015 with his comments about "hating heavy metal"...

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Theotoxin Streaming New Playthrough Video

Austrian blackened death metal outfit Theotoxin is streaming a brand new playthrough video for a track titled "Devoured By Sin", taken off the band's upcoming debut album "Atramentvm", which will be released later in the year. The band is featuring former band members of Zombie Inc., Raising the Veil and Dismal Lumentis. The release was recorded, mixed & mastered by Norbert Leitner.

Check out now "Atramentvm - the album preview" below.

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Acrimonious Debuts New Song "Elder Of The Nashiym"

Today Greek black/death metal outfit Acrimonious premieres another new track titled "Elder Of The Nashiym" - listen in below.

The track hails from the band's third full-length album, "Eleven Dragons" set for international release on March 20th via W.T.C. Productions.

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Antropofagus Premieres New Song "Spawn of Chaos"

Italian death metal horde Antropofagus premieres a new track called "Spawn of Chaos", taken from the band's upcoming third full-length, "M.O.R.T.E. - Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration", which will arrive in stores on May 12th, 2017 through Comatose Music (CD) and Everlasting Spew (vinyl).

Explains guitarist Francesco Montesanti the changes the band has made concerning writing and recording the album: "We decided to go with a warmer and "fatter" sound this time. Tunes are more straight to your face than the ones in AOL, more groovy, I'd say this is the most old schoolish and evil Antropofagus album to date. Me and Dave Billia (drums) worked hard to make sure this album would've had a deeper, sanguineous sound and I've also went from a 6 to a 7 strings guitar this time."

Check out now "Spawn of Chaos" below.

Adds vocalist Tya De Fazio: More...

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Dynfari Premieres "Sorgarefni segi eg þér"

Icelandic atmospheric black metal band Dynfari premieres a new song entitled "Sorgarefni segi eg þér", taken from the upcoming new fourth full-length "The Four Doors of the Mind", which will be released on April 14th in both vinyl and CD editions, as well as digitally, via Code666.

Check out now "Sorgarefni segi eg þér" below.

The full track list is as follows: More...

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Metallica Shares New Official Live Footage

Metallica has shared new official footage performing "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" and "The Call Of Ktulu" during the band's February 09th show at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Check out now "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" below and "The Call Of Ktulu" after the jump.


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Lòdz Releases New Music Video

French post-metal collective Lòdz just shared a new music video for the title track off newly announced second album “Time Doesn't Heal Anything,” which is set for release this Friday via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist.

The video was filmed and directed by Mehdi Kadjouj - check it out below. Recorded by Fabrice Boy and mastered by Nick Zampiello (Caspian, Cave In, Converge, Isis), “Time Doesn't Heal Anything” followsthe band’s debut effort "Something In Us Died” released in 2013 and once again sees the Lyon-based quartet exploring a dark, melancholic and emotionally intense sound that will be familiar to fans of Cult Of Luna, Katatonia, and Ghost Brigade.

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Devin Townsend Adds Second Melbourne Show

It seems Australia and New Zealand can’t get enough of Hevy Devy. Melbourne’s 170 Russell Show on the 24th of May has completely SOLD OUT and a second show at the same venue has now been announced for Tuesday the 23rd of May.

Tickets for the additional show are now on sale here. Prog / post-rock group sleepmakeswaves will be taking the stage with DTP on the whole tour and will have new album “Made of Breath Only” out in time for the trek.

Wednesday 17th May - Powerstation, Auckland
Saturday 20th May - The Triffid, Brisbane
Monday 22nd May - Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tuesday 23rd May – 170 Russell, Melbourne
Wednesday 24th May - 170 Russell, Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Friday 26th May - Capitol, Perth More...

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