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Metal News for March 14, 2016

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Convulse Streaming Full New Album

Today Convulse streams the entirety of "Cycle of Revenge," the band's new album for Svart Records due to drop on March 18th. Listen in below. Svart Records comments:

"As one of the oldest Finnish death netal veterans, Convulse has a somewhat interesting history, to say the least. Beginning as a full-on death metal band in 1990, the debut demo, 'Resuscitation of Evilness,' as well as the 1991 debut album, 'World Without God,' were more or less successful attempts from Convulse to flex their death metal muscles for the whole world.

"In 1993, Convulse returned to the limelight again, offering two new songs on the 'Lost Equilibrium' CD-single – and at the same time, giving a taste of what was to be expected on their second album, 1994's 'Reflections.' Convulse had started incorporating some rock 'n' roll elements into their murky and uncompromising death metal sound, much like some of their Finnish extreme metal comrades (Xysma and Disgrace primarily come to mind).

"The band's 'death 'n' roll' sound on the sophomore album divided the Convulse fanbase, with some embracing the new direction while facing rejection from others. It's both difficult and pointless to speculate at this point whether the drastic musical change led to Convulse’s downfall, but perhaps it was one of the reasons behind the split up in 1994. Only the original band members can say for sure...

"Fast-forward nearly two decades, and new life had been breathed into the old Convulse corpse. Who would have expected to see Convulse making new music in 2012?! A year later, in early November 2013, Convulse's third album, 'Evil Prevails,' was unleashed by Svart Records onto the death metal world. The album introduced eight songs of dark, wicked and true death metal - the true Convulse style. Churning out dogmatically heavy, untamed, and aggressive death metal, seeing the band return to its true roots was exactly what death metal maniacs needed. More...

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Zamboni Releasing Self-Titled Album

The NJ/NY crossover thrashers from Zamboni will release a rowdy, self-titled debut album on April 15th.

Zambonie began recording this debut in 2014, with a myriad of issues and time constraints leading to drummer Robert Padilla's unofficial departure and a plethora of delays. Two years later, the album is finally complete and ready to cause riots in the streets.

Due to the band's longstanding drummer dilemmas, Robert Orr and Chris Butera have decided to go the route of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and both record and play live with programmed drums – proving once and for all that no band is more awful than the dreaded Zamboni. Pre-orders are up here now and the track listing is as follows:

1. The Meaning of Life
2. The Greater Evil
3. Nuclear Hatred
4. Brain Hemorrhage
5. Norman Bates
6. Killer Croc
7. Stick em
8. World War Z
9. Zamboni More...

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In The Presence Of Wolves Announces U.S. Shows

Prog rock / metal hybrid In The Presence Of Wolves released debut full-length album "Thalassas" back in 2014, and after spending time performing locally and writing new music in 2015, the band is please now to bring some energetic live performances to more U.S. audiences.

In The Presence Of Wolves will kick off an upcoming east coast U.S. tour on March 26th in Rockaway, NJ - visiting a total of six cities before closing the tour in Philadelphia, PA on April 2nd. Currently announced dates are as follows:

"The Week Off From Work" U.S. Tour
3/26 - Rockaway, NJ @ Backroom Studios
3/28 - Chesapeake, VA @ Riffhouse Pub
3/29 - TBD
3/30 - Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium
3/31 - Washington, DC @ The Electric Maid
4/2 - Philadelphia, PA @ Hard Rock Cafe More...

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Reps Announces "Poisoned Youth" Album

Hailing from Rochester, New York, the hardcore clan Reps incorporate raw elements of metal, rock, post hardcore, and punk genres to infuse a sound all of its own.

Today, Reps is thrilled to unveil new details on forthcoming debut album, "Poisoned Youth," a masterful 10 track album due out April 29th and filled with lessons for today's youth. The track listing is as follows:

1. Something We Love
2. Rust
3. Valor
4. No Demons
5. Dead In The Water
6. Courage Has No Color
7. Patsy
8. Deathbed
9. Face To Face
10. Vigilant More...

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Phalloplasty Re-Releasing Debut Album

Coming April 22nd through Gore House Productions, the debut album by Las Vegas brutal slam band Phalloplasty has been completed redone.

"Necrophagic Funeral Ritual (Redux)" consists of 12 tracks of extreme brutality, re-recorded, mixed, and mastered by the one-man operation Zack Shaw.

The album features art by Nev of Gruesome Graphx, and like the original press, "Necrophagic Funeral Ritual" includes a cover of "Drenched in Gasoline" by Putrid Pile. Check out the track "The Sick Room" below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Butchered for Sustenance
2. The Sick Room
3. Cannabis Induced Cannibalism
4. Liquefaction Necrosis
5. The Sadist Manifesto
6. Bound and Bludgeoned
7. Mastication of Dead Cunts
8. Tenderizing Fetal Flesh
9. Drill Bit Lobotomy (The Dahmer Song)
10. Intracranial Ejaculation
11. Curb Stompin the Scene Kids
12. Drenched in Gasoline (Putrid Pile) More...

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Apocalyptica Announces U.S. Tour

Apocalyptica is returning for another round of U.S. touring. The band is stoked to welcome 10 Years from Tennessee as special guests, as well as Failure Anthem from North Carolina taking over the support slots of every show. Dates for the "Shadowmaker 2016" tour are as follows:

04/23/16 Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
04/25/16 The Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI
04/26/16 House of Blues – Chicago, IL
04/27/16 Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
04/29/16 Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO
04/30/16 In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT More...

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Steel Inferno Inks Record Deal

Denmark's Steel Inferno has inked a deal with Inferno Records to release a debut album. The label comments:

"If you're following Inferno Records regularly, then this band name Steel Inferno ain't no stranger to you - since we helped them in the past with the promotion of their demo and later 7" EP! Today we are proud to announce that Danish heavy metal heroes Steel Inferno will release their debut full length album 'Aesthetics of Decay' through Inferno Records on CD. LP/MC versions will be released by Deadbangers Productions in Denmark."

Guitarist Lars Lyndorff says: “We are so happy finally to be able to release this album. We feel that we have captured the raw and yet melodic tone that defines Steel Inferno. We cannot wait the hit the stages with the new songs. Heavy Metal is best when played live and loud. All the people who have been involved in the making and production of this album are driven by an immense passion for metal music. So we could not have chosen better partners for releasing this album.”

Expect the album to be out during summer 2016 and you can hear an advance track titled "Flashing Reality" below. More...

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Painted Wives Signs With Century Media

Painted Wives has inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records for the remixed and remastered version of "Obsessed With The End," set to drop on April 29th. The band also drops a new lyric video for the "Hollow Bones" track, which can be seen below.

These Huntington Beach, CA based doomsayers cast aural allusions from a grotto where Mastodon, Cave In and Alice In Chains cavort and coalesce while orchestrating nightmares in sound as provocative as they come.

Guitarist Justin Suitor and lyricist Ryan Williams state: "We are beyond excited to be a part of the Century Media family! We have a great respect for their history and their influence on the heavy music scene. To be associated with all of these great artists is truly humbling and an honor. We immediately felt a connection with the label and the staff. There is no better feeling than to be able to work with people that want to be creative and work hard to make things the best they can be. We are constantly trying to refine our ideas, and Century Media encourages that.

“We also couldn't be happier with Machine's work on 'Obsessed with the End.' He opened up a whole new realm of sonic possibilities for us. He definitely made this album come alive. We had lived with these songs in various states for awhile and the dreaded 'demo-itus' had already set in. Hearing his new mixes erased that immediately. Machine truly emboldened the songs and allowed them to communicate the deeper meaning we had attempted to instill in them. More...

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Static Tension Recordings Releases Compilation

Static Tension Recordings is celebrating the label's one year anniversary by releasing free compilation "Brain Damage."

Containing tracks from the label's first year in business, the album features everything from thrash (Reign of Fury, Biotoxic Warfare, Lucis Absentia, Tormenter) to black metal (Dead River Runs Dry, Curezum) and more.

You can download/stream the compilation for free through Bandcamp here or listen in below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Sharp Weapons - Eat Another Chord
2. Reign Of Fury - Harbinger Of Decay
3. Curezum - The Top
4. The Wolf Council - The Day I Cleared The Debt
5. A Light Within - Between Shores
6. Curse of the North - Sleep While You Can
7. Dead River Runs Dry - Revenge Upon Fate
8. Biotoxic Warfare - Proclaim The Gospel Of Lies
9. Tormenter - Critical Stasis
10. War Curse - Severed Crosses
11. Biotoxic Warfare - Baptized In Blood
12. Allfather - Blood Red Sunset
13. Lucis Absentia - Colossus More...

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Rockstar Frame Posts "Cherry Boobs" Video

“Cherry Boobs,” the new video from hard rock/metal band Rockstar Frame, has come online and can be seen below. The clip was filmed in Italy at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Club in Milan by Elena Mazzei.

This is the second single from Rcokstar Frame's debut album “Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia,” which is now available worldwide via Musicarchy Media.

“It all started as a joke during rehearsals," states Faith Blurry (vocals), |I was looking at my boobs and complaining…you know…I wish they were bigger! That’s what guys like right?! And then I said: ‘Shit they really look like two cherries! I got cherry boobs!’ And that’s how I got the idea for the title. But then I realized that society is really hard on people. I mean: we have to look like this, we have to look like that, all of these models and actresses, while most of the time that is just an image. In the end being pretty or handsome is just a matter of attitude and how you feel in your own skin. We all have self esteem issues and we shouldn’t ‘cause we’re all special. That’s the message behind the song and the video. We can all be attractive if we believe in ourselves, despite sizes, height, etc.” More...

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Diamond Head Announces New Album

Heavy metal band Diamond Head today confirms June 3rd as the North American release date for a new, self-titled album. Recorded at Vigo Studios in Birmingham, the album is the first to feature new vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen and ends an eight-year silence for the NWoBHm outfit. Direct pre-orders for the album will launch shortly.

Prior to 2014, the thought of a new album was bleak. Guitarist and band founder Brian Tatler reveals: “I had no interest in doing another record but after working with Ras on the 2014 European tour that suddenly changed. I wanted to make a record with him. He’s a confident singer and he’s not trying to fill anyone’s shoes.”

Recording of the album commenced last July with the band and engineer Adam Beddow at the helm. Tatler notes, “I gave Rasmus some music to listen to last January. He selected songs or riffs that he wanted to work on and we began rehearsing. We whittled things down to fourteen songs by April.”

Eleven songs were selected in the end for the album; all mixed by Dave Nicholls and mastered by John Davis at London’s Metropolis. The album’s lyrical focus details political and environmental themes. Its opening and closing songs specifically draw attention to the world’s self-destructive path. More...

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Vibrion Posts Entire Album Online

One week before its official release date, the new album by Argentinian death metal band Vibrion - titled "Bacterya" - can be heard here (two tracks are also available in the player below). The full track listing is:

1. Day of Replication
2. The Wrath of the Beast
3. The Worm Immune
4. The Walls of Caffa
5. Ill Essentia
6. Of My Burning Brothers
7. Hidden Plague Disseminator
8. Bacterya
9. Circles are Closed
10. Mutant More...

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Erra Details New Album

Erra's new album "Drift" is due out on April 8th, 2016 and pre-order bundles are available in various configurations through Sumerian Records here. Today the band also reveals the track listing will be as follows:

1. Luminesce
2. Irreversible
3. Skyline
4. Hourglass
5. Orchid
6. Drift
7. Sleeper
8. Continuum
9. Safehaven
10. The Hypnotis More...

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Magma Rise Releases New EP

Today - March 14th, 2016 - Hungarian doom metal band Magma Rise sees a new EP release via Nail Records / Hammer Music. The “False Flag Operation” EP comes out 3 years after previous CD “The Man In The Maze.”

Vocalist / bassist Holdampf Gábor comments on this freshly released mini-album: "The new songs are a bit more gloomy unlike the tracks of 'The Man In The Maze.\ That’s the extract of all the things which sorrounds us know. We live in a World in what everything is about juggling with people, rushing them into dreams then crushing them up...

"The Trouble cover was in our mind for many years and finally we worked it out. The apropops is just that that our friend Butch - the doom legend, singer of Penance erstwhile, and the member of Argus nowdays - mentioned before that he would like to record this song and looking for partners in that. I told him that Magma Rise would happily take part in it. Then for some different reasons we held over this project. But the time has come now!” More...

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Dperd Posts Full Album Online

Dperd is back with the grandest and most elegant album of the band's 15 year career. Dark as it is beautiful, sparse as it is complex, its decadent powers will overtake the remote reaches of your imagination.

Fans of The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Mira, Lycia, This Mortal Coil and Cranes should check out the full album stream below as "V" sees release today - March 14th - via My Kingdom Music.

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Overtorture Announces New Tour Dates

One year ago, Overtorture released “A Trail Of Death” via Apostasy Records. After several shows in the band's home country, Overtorture is now preparing to attack Germany.

Teaming up with fellow Swedes LIK on the “A Trail Of Mass Funerals” tour, they are providing the perfect Swedish death combo. Dates are as follows:

27.05. Jena, Rosenkeller
28.05. Berlin, Blackland
29.05. Osnabrück, Bastard Club
30.05. Kassel, Moshpit Crew
31.05. Hamburg, Bambi Galore

The Overtorture line-up 2016 consists of:

Joel Fornbrant – Vocals (ex-Coldworker)
Magnus Marrtinsson – Guitars (ex-Grave / ex-Insision)
Andreas Hemmander – Guitars
Joakim Antman – Bass (The Ugly / ex-Decadence)
Oscar Krumlinde – Drums More...

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Atala Releasing "Shaman's Path Of The Serpent"

Atala's "Shaman's Path of the Serpent" is set for release on May 20th, 2016 and is a journey through the mind of guitarist/vocalist Kyle Stratton.

Lord of heaviness Billy Anderson (Sleep, Mastodon) engineered the album, capturing the raw emotion and sonic heft that the band delivers in speaking to the listener. "Shaman's Path of the Serpent" will leave the listener wondering if Stratton is lamenting the idea of death or reveling in the joy of its inevitability.

Pre-orders are online here and the full album's track listing is as follows:

1. Gravity
2. Levity
3. King Soloman
4. Shapeshifter More...

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Southwest Terror Fest V Announced

The initial lineup for Arizona's Southwest Terror Fest V: Houses Of The Unholy has been announced, as early bird tickets for the event have been made available this week.

For the fifth installation of the annual Southwest Terror Fest, this year's edition will once again overthrow Tucson, the 2016 installment of the annual gathering running from October 20th through 23rd.

Forty-five artists from across the U.S. and Canada care onverging on three stages, including venues 191 Toole, Club Congress, The Flycatcher, and Gary's Place. This first wave of announced bands features Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Infest, Nails, Power Trip, Final Conflict, Full Of Hell, Sumac, Kowloon Walled City, Khemmis, CHRCH, Behold! The Monolith, Theories, Wake, and The Drip.

The second wave of artists set to play Southwest Terror Fest V: Houses Of The Unholy will be announced April 18th, the same day VIP passes and individual tickets go on sale. More...

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Statues Posts "Dogswamp" Video

2016 sees Statues move on with a new vocalist (Alex Shom) and drummer (Matt Unkovich), and ready to write and release new music.

The first offering from the chaotic hardcore act, titled "Dogswamp," is an unrelenting and technically advanced piece of aural brutality, with riffs oozing from everywhere. If you like your music tormented and tumultuous then this band is for you. It also comes with a killer music video, available below.

Guitarist Scott Kay recently told TeamRock.com: "We're excited to release our first offering for 2016, and our first song with our new members, Alex and Matt. It's aggressive as always, but we wanted to experiment with a more conventional song structure. We hope you dig it. The video was directed by Drew Kendell and the song was mixed by Matthew Templeman and mastered by Simon Struthers. We’re also proud to say all production elements were kept within our home city of Perth." More...

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Foul Body Autopsy Posts New Video

The latest works of U.K. one man extreme metal outfit Foul Body Autopsy, an EP entitled "Perpetuated By Greed," has been out for two weeks and now a video comes online for the title track.

Esteemed artist Costin Chioreanu is the man responsible for the video, famed for his work with Arch Enemy, At The Gates and more. Tom Reynolds comments:

"People may be pleased to know that this video is a little more tame in comparison to the 'So Close To Complete Dehumanization' video I released with the last record. It turned quite a few heads, so it served its purpose I guess. For this release I wanted to think of something different. As it's only me in the band, you have to think of new ways to release video and hold interest.

"I could have done a performance style video, but like I said, it's just me in the band, and there's only so much you can do with that type of video. I've always liked Costin's work so I got in touch to see if he would like to work with me on creating an animated video. There's a story in the lyrics so he had plenty to work with and so I left it to his imagination to flesh it out. He came back a few weeks later and showed me what he'd done and I have to say I'm really happy with the final cut." More...

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Nadja Releases New Album

Essence Music is proud to announce the release of Nadja’s new full-length album "Sv," which is a derived unit used to measure the ionizing radiation on the human body. The 41 minute track can be heard below or picked up at Bandcamp here.

The much follow-up to the dreamgaze masterpiece “Queller” was originally composed to be performed at a pair of music festivals in Berlin and is comprised of a long, single 41-minute track combining Nadja’s layered, textured noise ambiences with polyrhythmic drum patterns that, in structure, approach an industrial sound.

Pounding, punishing machine-like hypnotic pulses, harsh cymbals and caustic textures grow together and collide in a massive metallic maelstrom of fierce doom-dirge heaviness. Featuring the stunning artwork of Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Earth, Jesu, Isis) and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD) “Sv” is set for worldwide release today on limited-edition CD. More...

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Bestial Deform Premieres Full New Album

Starting way back in 1992 with the "Worship To Madness" demo, the one and only Bestial Deform has continued to deliver the goods when it comes to brutal, uncompromising death metal.

The group's newest album "...Ad Leones" is no different, opening with a brief atmospheric intro and then getting into the goods with a bludgeoning metallic attack. You don't have to wait for the release tomorrow to hear it though, as we're premiering the full album online right now!

This is simply a fine representation of the genre with pitch-black atmosphere, and some absolutely wicked guitar work. "...Ad Leones" is superbly performed Swedish-style death metal that just happens to come from Russia.

The new album is scheduled for release March 15th through Satanath Records and can be ordered here. Be sure to also give the band a like on Facebook here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Intro / Ad Patres
2. In Maxillis Bestia
3. Chariots
4. Symbol Of Salvation
5. Spirit. Rage. Flash
6. Together We'll Destroy The World
7. Severed To Pieces
8. Hoc Est
9. I Am Alone. I Exist. I Am God
10. Christianos Ad Leones More...

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Katatonia Posts Audio Sample From New Album

Katatonia today reveals the track listing and first audio sample from upcoming album "The Fall Of Hearts."

Check out the audio below (or head over to the band's Facebook here if you have trouble with the player).

Pre-orders for different configurations of "The Fall Of Hearts" can now be made right here. The band comments:

"Harken up, sunset choir! The moment you've been waiting for... We hereby reveal the tracklist, a little audio teaser as well as the formats/bundles/pre-order details."

The new album's track listing will be as follows:

1. Takeover [07:09]
2. Serein [04:46]
3. Old Heart Falls [04:22]
4. Decima [04:46]
5. Sanction [05:07]
6. Residual [06:54]
7. Serac [07:25]
8. Last Song Before The Fade [05:01]
9. Shifts [04:54]
10. The Night Subscriber [06:10]
11. Pale Flag [04:23]
12. Passer [06:25]

Bonus Tracks:
Vakaren [04:54] (CD/DVD & Deluxe Edition)
Sistere [04:11] (LP & Deluxe Edition)
Wide Awake In Quietus [04:59] (Digital & Deluxe Edition) More...

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Seele Releases New Music Video

Finnish band Seele today releases the "Enkelten Luona" music video, available below and taken from the forthcoming album "Jos Vain Kaiken Jättäisin."

Founded by the singer Julia Mattila and guitar player Riku Mäkinen, Seele originally started out as a two person project. During the summer of 2015 they began recording debut album “Jos Vain Kaiken Jättäisin” and in December the final recordings were finished.

The album will feature ten songs, including the first single release “Enkelten Luona.” During the album process, the bands lineup also took form following the joining of Samuli T. Mäkelä (second guitar, graphic design) also known from the band Kara Darahu, Jyri Vesterinen (bass, backing vocals) and Samuel Tähkä (drums).

"Jos Vain Kaiken Jättäisin" will be released April 15th through all major digital distributors like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. Seele comments on the "Enkelten Luona" track:

"This song is a story about struggling against past. It reminds us that you should never quit, no matter how hard life gets. This was the first song that came to us, when we started making our record. The story for our music video we made together with director Miika Hakala."

Director Miika Hakala adds: "'Enkelten Luona' is a song with many sides to it. We originally had a whole different concept in mind for the video but eventually it just didn't feel right. It just didn't work out the way we wanted so we scrapped it and took a fresh look at the song and came up with what you see now. A story of a person trying to escape her past. We filmed everything in one pretty intense day and it was a lovely experience." More...

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Necronomicon Posts Full New Album

Delivering a lethal dose of symphonic, blackened death, the Montreal outfit Necronomicon returns in 2016 with latest offering "Advent of The Human God" set to be unleashed via Season of Mist on March 18th for Europe and March 25th for North America / rest of the world.

The brutal assaulting soundtrack is the follow-up to previous Season Of Mist release - 2013's "Rise of The Elder Ones." Today you can hear all of the |Advent of the Human God" via the player below. Vocalist Rob The Witch comments on the album:

"Humanity can challenge the imposed system that have been forced and imposed on us since birth. Most humans are forced into religion and politics, a system based on religion controlling what you think, how you should think and believe what is good or not accordingly to their rules.

"Laws have been made based on moral dictated by religions and with time applied in governments and politics. How long will mankind will stay a slave and refuse to embrace is own power to become one with the great all. We are part of the universal creation, we are one with all and all in one. We are gods, dark gods, and it is our duty to thin the herd." More...

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Booze Control Issues "Gravelord" Lyric Video

German metal act Booze Control issued a lyric video for the new track "Gravelord." The song is taken from the band's upcoming third release "The Lizard Rider," which is set for release on Apri 15th via Inferno Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. The Wizard
2. Vile Temptress
3. Lead the Trail
4. Nevermore
5. Rats in the Walls
6. Gravelord
7. Metal Frenzy
8. Vera
9. Fury Road
10. Exciter More...

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Crematory Is "Misunderstood" With New Music Video

German gothic/industrial death metal act Crematory issued a music video for the new track "Misunderstood." The song will appear on the band's upcoming new release "Monument," which is set to drop on April 15th via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

The track list for "Monument" is:

1. Misunderstood
2. Haus mit Garten
3. Die So Soon
4. Ravens Calling
5. Eiskalt
6. Nothing
7. Before I Die
8. Falsche Tränen
9. Everything
10. My Love Within
11. Die letzte Schlacht
12. Save Me

Check out "Misunderstood" here: More...

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Rampart Introduces "Codex Metalum"

Bulgarian metal act Rampart will issue the new album "Codex Metalum" on April 8th via Iron Shield Records, with distribution via Pure Steel Records.

The album is the band's fourth full length and follow up to the 2013 release "??????" ("Conspiracy"). It marks the first studio release for guitarist Yavor Despotov, who joined in 2014, and the return of bassist Alexander "Sashe" Spiridonov, who rejoined after leaving in 2010.

The track list for the album is:

1. Apocalypse Or Theater
2. Diamond Ark
3. The Metal Code
4. Of Nightfall
5. Sacred Anger
6. Into The Rocks
7. Colors Of The Twilight
8. Crown Land
9. Majesty (Blind Guardian Cover) More...

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Talamyus To Release New Album This Spring

Canadian melodic death metal act Talamyus will issue the new album "Honour Is Our Code, Death Is The Reward" on April 12th via Deathbound Records.

With a new solidified lineup, Talamyus mixes in new influences from bands like Dissection and Enslaved, and carries with it a stylistic shift from death/thrash metal to melodic black metal, all while retaining that familiar viking flavor.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Victory or Valhalla
2. Blood Eagle
3. Loki's Punishment
4. Hall of the Bravest Souls
5. Honour to Wotan
6. Nine Nights (Odin's Sacrifice)
7. Abode of Myst (Instrumental)
8. Jörmungand
9. Bring the Weak to Their Knees
10. I Bow to No Man
11. Until Death, We Ride More...

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Gallows Pole Details "Doors Of Perception" Album

Austrian metal act Gallows Pole announced the new album "Doors Of Perception." The album will be released on May 13th through Pure Rock Records, a division of Pure Steel Records. Pre-orders will be made available on April 29th.

Since the middle of the 70's, Gallows Pole have been active. The influences of the last decades are on "Doors of Perception," but the musical direction is still along the lines of the last two albums.

The track list for "Doors of Perception" is:

1. Burn It Down
2. Angel Eyes
3. Learn To Fly
4. Watching The Sun Go Down
5. Bring Me Through The Night
6. Someday Soon
7. Your Own Demons
8. A Rainbow Just For Me
9. Doors Of Perception More...

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Autokrator Announces New Album

French death/doom act Autokrator has completed the work on the second full-length album entitled "The Obedience To Authority." The album is scheduled for release on April 22nd via
Godz ov War Productions.

The new album contains eight tracks which continue and develop the style presented on the debut album "Autokrator." Intense, uncompromising conglomerate of suffocating death metal with industrial influences, enriched with drone elements, has been presented in a much more diversified and clear form than ever. Autokrator's most important features continue to be brutality, thick atmosphere and crushing vocals, while the lyrical concept of the album has been based on considerations regarding human inclinations towards obedience to authority.

The material was recorded by L.F (guitars, bass, sampling) and David Bailey (vocals). Mixed and mastered by L.F. The track list and the cover (by Nestor Avalos) can be seen below:

- Chapter I
- Chapter II
- Chapter III
- Chapter IV
- Chapter V
- Chapter VI
- Chapter VII
- Chapter VIII More...

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Slave One To Release Debut Full Length

French death metal act Slave One issued details on the band's upcoming debut full length album "Disclosed Dioptric Principles." The album is set to drop on March 25th via Dolorem Records.

Slave One mixes influences, even exotic ones, to present a foot-tapping, highly catchy and rhythmic form of death metal music. While the structures remain convoluted and challenging, the music is laden with myriad hooks and tempo changes, and despite it all, it's music that you can latch on to and derive a lot of pleasure and satisfaction out of. All the members of this highly talented band contribute equally to push the limits but in a manner that it remains comprehensible, which is important. It's music that will have you keep coming back to for more.

There's passion, which is lacking in most other bands of this ilk, and yet this one has copious amounts of it. The music is constantly pulsating of this rare energy and when combined with an innovative flair, it's just sonically devastating. This is an ingenious album that takes the template of older, classic bands like Atheist, Pavor and Cynic, and renders it contemporary by mixing in modern influences of bands like Obscura, Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession in a way that the overall sound is homogeneous. The sheer talent, innovation and indeed passion is what makes this a highly stimulating and engrossing affair.

The track list for "Disclosed Dioptric Principles" is:

1. Deus Otiosus
2. The Antikythera Mechanism
3. Obsidian Protocol Achievement
4. For Shiva Whispered the Universe
5. Aeon Dissonance
6. Liquid Transcendental Echoes
7. Degenesis More...

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Frost* Announces New Album "Falling Satellites"

Frost*, the brainchild of keyboard player and song-writer Jem Godfrey, has announced the release of their long-awaited new album "Falling Satellites," which drops on May 27th, 2016 via InsideOut Music. Joined by guitarist & vocalist John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, It Bites), drummer Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson) & bassist Nathan King (Level 42), "Falling Satellites" is the band's first album in eight years and the follow-up to the acclaimed "Experiments In Mass Appeal."

Comprising eleven songs, the final six forming a 32-minute long suite, this album also sees a guest appearance from Grammy-nominated guitar legend Joe Satriani, who Godfrey played with on the G3 tour in 2012. Jem had this to say about the album:

"It's been a long time coming, but we got there in the end. I think this is our strongest album to date and moves the sound forwards whilst still referencing what's gone before. It's also great to have finally co-written some songs with John in a Frost* context. The end results were better than either of us could have imagined, we just can't wait to get out and play it all live now."

The album will arrive on limited edition CD digipak (incl. 2 bonus tracks), gatefold 2LP/CD and digital download.

The full track-listing is as follows:

1. First Day
2. Numbers
3. Towerblock
4. Signs
5. Lights Out
6. Heartstrings
7. Closer To The Sun
8. The Raging Against The Dying Of The Light Blues
9. Nice Day For It...
10. Hypoventilate
11. Last Day
12. Lantern (bonus track)
13. British Wintertime (bonus track) More...

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Circus Maximus Releases "Remember" Music Video

Norweigian progressive metal act Circus Maximus released a music video for the new track "Remember." The song is taken from "Havoc," the new album due out March 18th via Frontiers Music srl.

The track list for the album is:

1. The Weight (song streaming here)
2. Highest Bitter
3. Havoc (watch the lyric video here)
4. Pages (song streaming here)
5. Flames
6. Loved Ones
7. After The Fire
8. Remember
9. Chivalry

Check out "Remember" here: More...

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Great Master Re-Signs With Underground Symphony

Underground Symphony is proud to announce the renewal of deal with Italian epic power metal band Great Master for the release and distribution of the third album "Lion & Queen." The band's third album follows the success of the 2009 release "Underworld" and the 2013 "SerenissimA," published in 2013. "Lion & Queen" will be available in June 2016 as a limited edition digipak.

"Lion & Queen" was produced and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Sounds Studio, with the participation of distinguished guests as Mularoni (DGM) and Yackson (Shadows of Steel) on guitars, Andreas Wimmer (Final Chapter) and Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon) on orchestral parts and piano, SY (Armonight) on vocals. More...

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Surya Reveals Artwork, Track List For New Album

London based experimental doom metal outfit Surya revealed the cover artwork and track list for the forthcoming new album "Apocalypse A.D." In addition, the new track "Resurrection of Care" can be heard streaming in the player below.

“Apocalypse A.D.” will be released May 27th by Argonauta Records and will be available as a CD and digital downloas. You can pre-order the album at this location.

The track list is as follows:

1. Dark Clouds Gathering
2. Aghora
3. Prometheus
4. Dark Light
5. Apocalypse A.D.
6. Resurrection of Care

Check out "Resurrection of Care" here: More...

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Deathkings Streams "All That is Beautiful" In Full

Los Angeles experimental/doom/rock group Deathkings has partnered with Invisible Oranges for the exclusive stream of new album "All that is Beautiful." Stream the album at this location or in the player below.

"All that is Beautiful" was finished in early 2014 at Donley's Ox Cave Studios. Uniting with the Midnite Collective for the third time, both entities have grouped to carefully craft a visually stunning package, deserving of the music contained therein. The band will unleash aural and visual ruin on digital, CD, cassette tape, and vinyl (later in the year) formats on March 18. Pre-order it via Bandcamp at this location.

DEATHKINGS will be embarking on Spring Tour MMXVI. Confirmed dates are below:

March 30 Que Sera, Long Beach, CA
April 1 The Merrow, San Diego, CA
April 2 Starlite Lounge, Sacramento, CA
April 3 High Water Mark, Portland, OR
April 4 Blacklodge, Seattle, WA
April 5 The Golden Bull, Oakland, CA
April 6 Complex, Glendale, CA

Check out the album in full here: More...

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Wormreich Names Thorgrin As New Guitarist

U.S. black metal act Wormreich has announced that live guitarist Thorgrin has been added permanent to the fold.

Founder/guitarist Vulk stated: "Wormreich wishes to announce that beginning this week, Thorgrin (ex-Blood Stained Dusk, ex-Chaos Inception) will be joining Vulk and Wyvern on guitar. Thorgrin has taken to the stage with us live in the past, and will now be taking a position as a permanent member. Our lineup is now complete."

Wormreich was formed in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Vulk and joined by current and former members of Blood Stained Dusk, Ancient (Nor), and Hallows Eve, and despite tragedy and death, Wormreich has returned to unleash Satan’s will upon the Earth. Wormreich is an established touring band, currently signed to Moribund Records, which has a reputation for putting on air-tight and intense live performances, gaining them great respect and admiration within the extreme metal underground. Currently Wormreich is working on the next full-length album, to be emtitled “Vril: Elixir of Death and the Void”.

On the upcoming album Vulk reveals: “As of now, we are currently in the process of writing and recording our next full-length album, to be titled 'Vril: Elixir of Death and the Void.' We will also be putting out three split releases through various labels this year: a split 12? LP with Florida’s legendary Kult ov Azazel, a split 7? with Texas black/death titans Hod, and a split CD with North Carolina’s Vesterian and two other artists yet to be announced. More details will be released in due time. We also wish to announce that our first full-length album, 2011’s 'Edictvm DCLXVI,' will be reissued sometime this year through Black Plague Records.” More...

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Asking Alexandria Premieres New Song "Here I Am"

Asking Alexandria premieres a new song entitled "Here I Am", taken from the upcoming new album "The Black", which will be out in stores March 25th via Sumerian Records.

States guitarist Ben Bruce about parting with ex-frontman Danny Worsnop: "We hadn't reached our destination yet, and Danny had. I think it was necessary. When it happened, I was devastated. I lost my best friend. We even started referring to this part of our career as 'the black period.' It was the darkest time, but we weren't going to give up. If he hadn't left, I don't think we would've been as inspired as we were. I also don’t think Asking Alexandria would still be around. Instead, we're more excited than ever about this band."

Check out now "Here I Am" below.

See the band live on these upcoming Asking Alexandria tour dates: More...

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Wormed Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Wormed premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Krighsu", which will be out in stores March 18 through Season Of Mist.

Check out now "Krighsu" in its entirety below.

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Solothus Premieres Pre-Release Full Album Stream

Finland’s Solothus premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "No King Reigns Eternal", which will be out in stores soon via Doomentia Records.

Check out now "No King Reigns Eternal" in its entirety below.

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