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Metal News for March 14, 2004

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More Bands Confirmed For 2000 Decibel Festival

More bands have been announced for this year’s 2000 Decibel-festival, which will be held May 21st and 22nd in Bengtsfors , Sweden (180 km north of Gothenburg). Five of the bands will play on the festivals two main stages. They are Amaran, Beseech, Merciless, Naglfar and last but definitely not least The Haunted, who at the festival probably will do their first ever show (at least in Sweden ) with original singer Peter Dolving back in the band.

We can also present all the bands that will play on the tent stage. They are Beyond, Electric Earth, Gorefight, Ironware, Repulse, Shattered, Shiftlight, Silent Scythe, Sovereign, Syconaut, Trendkill and The Generals.

Already confirmed for the festival are Cans, Hypocrisy, Pain Of Salvation, Vintersorg, Ablaze My Sorrow, Arise, Astral Doors, Count Raven, Draconian, God Among Insects, Grand Magus, Lefay, Morifade, Månegarm, Notre Dame, Persuader, Tad Morose and Wolf.

There is only one more band to book before this year’s line-up is finalized.

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New Songs From The Moor Posted Online

Nathan Adajian (formerly of Nientara) wrote in to say that his new band The Moor has posted a couple of songs for download at this location. The songs for download are To 'Chain The Fenris' and 'The Gorgon's Vanity'.

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Newsted/Voivod Early Sessions Posted Online

Years before officially joining VOIVOD, former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted (a.k.a. Jasonic) jammed with Away (drums) and Piggy (guitar) at Jason's The Chophouse studio under the project name TARRAT. In 1998, the three VOIVOD instrumentalists regrouped at The Chophouse for five days of improvisational metal. These sessions produced tons of great sounds, including the initial structure of the song "M-Body" (which can be found on the VOIVOD LP "Phobos") as well as this recording entitled "One Reason", featuring the vocal stylings of Sophia Ramos. Taped a few months after TARRAT had laid down their music tracks, her vocals added a distinctive and unexpected touch of class to the original composition. Check out a two-minute clip in Real Audio format at this location.

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Domine Post 2 Mp3s From Latest Album

Italian "epic power metal" band DOMINE have posted two full-length MP3s from their recently released fourth full-length album, "Emperor Of The Black Runes", at their official web site. Check them out:

The follow-up to 2001's "Stormbringer Ruler", "Emperor Of The Black Runes" was recorded at New Sin Audio Design studios in Loria and is said to have "exceeded" the band's expectations, according to a posting on their web site.

Here's the "Emperor Of The Black Runes" (view cover here) track listing: More...

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Entombed, The Coffinshakers Split Single Details

Primitive Art Records will release a split single of ENTOMBED and THE COFFINSHAKERS covering LEE HAZLEWOOD songs. ENTOMBED will contribute their version of "Some Velvet Morning" (taken from their 2002 release "Sons Of Satan Praise the Lord"), while THE COFFINSHAKERS will appear with "Dark in My Heart" (a track previously released as a bonus track on the vinyl version of "We Are the Undead") and "The Man Who Made An Angel Cry" (a previously unreleased recording taken from the "Walpurgis Night Session"). An exact release date has yet to be announced.

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iTunes To Offer Queensryche Exclusive

iTunes will be selling QUEENSRYCHE's latest single, 'Rhythm Of Hope' on April 5th. For a limited time the service is offering up a free acoustic version of the song. Go to iTunes for more info.

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4 More Confirmed For LA's Gates Of Metal Festival

ATHECY, CRUELTY, DIZKORD and PURGATORY'S GATE are the latest confirmations for the 2004 edition of LA's Gates Of Metal Festival which is slated for June 6th, 2004 at the Ibiza Theater in Whittier, CA.


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Slipknot Singer Gets Married!

SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has posted the following message at StoneSourBoard.com:

"On March 11th, 2004, [longtime girlfriend/fiancée] Scarlett and I became Mr. & Mrs. Corey Taylor in a small ceremony @ the Botanical center in Des Moines, Iowa. The wedding was small, attended by family, both bands and a few friends. The reception was held @ the house, with karaoke carrying on well until 4AM (we tried to get [SLIPKNOT guitarist] Mick [Thomson] to sing 'Safety Dance', but he threatened to kill us all).

"Just wanted to post a little something about it and say the wait is over, we did it, now we can fight like a normal couple — happily ever after in holy matrimony."

Corey and Scarlett have an 18-month old son named Griffin Parker Taylor.

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David Draiman Of Disturbed Slams The Darkness

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman has slammed THE DARKNESS as "a joke" and has taken issue with the British rock band's characterization of DISTURBED as a band that symbolizes "this whole wave of nu-metal that is near its death."

Speaking to Metal Edge magazine for its May 2004 issue, Draiman said,

"To be perfectly honest with you, I think that THE DARKNESS is a joke, and that's, unfortunately, exactly what the world wants. The world wants rock bands to be idiots. The world wants rock bands to be these bumbling buffoons, these morons who made fun of themselves and their music and their art and don't take themselves seriously in any way. It's all supposed to be a joke. It's all supposed to be a joke. It's unfortunate. I think that there's always a time to be tongue-in-cheek, and there's always time for humor, but there's a time to be serious and a time for emotional content.

"And it's funny, I wouldn't even go ahead and say anything about them per se, unless they had already laid down the gauntlet. I heard of late that they have decided to start slinging shit in our direction, that we are an example of one of the bands that they're completely against. That to them, we symbolize this whole wave of nu-metal that is near its death. Are you fucking kidding me? The irony is that they opened up for us in London at Brixton Academy, and here they are talking shit about us. I like the (single). I have nothing against the song. I can't argue that it's (not) a catchy goddamn song, but it's not metal. It's pop-rock! How dare they call themselves metal? That's not metal! It'll never be metal!

"They're a great band. I have nothing against them. But don't claim to be something you're not. Don't claim to be metal. Don't claim that you're authentic and we're not. Fuck you! Who the hell do you think you are? You consider yourselves and you treat yourselves and you conduct yourselves like clowns. And I enjoy laughing, because it's funny and the music is catchy. I even enjoyed them when they opened for us, even though the crowd was booing them to high hell. They were ready to lynch them! We're not looking to pick fights with anybody. We respect everybody. We don't talk shit about anybody."

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Interview With 40 Below Summer

Tonight, March 11th, I sat down with the lead singer of the band 40 Below Summer. Max Illidge. Before interviewing him I watched their set and it was amazing. They always seem to get better and better every time I see them. This time though they added a little something extra, right before playing their song ‘Fuck Everyone’ Max said “This song is for all of these shitty fucking bands out there, you all know what I’m talking about too! Bands like The Vines, The Strokes, The White Stripes, and most of all that annoying fucking band The Darkness! So say it with me, Fuck The Darkness!!!” Sure enough all of the fans chanted along with this one. Then the song started and everyone went nuts, the pit was huge and no one was standing still. A very amazing night and I look forward to seeing these guys every time they come around, and everyone reading this should check them out too. They’re such an amazing band live and it’s worth whatever you have to pay to see them!

The interview went as follows: More...

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