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Metal News for March 12, 2017

Last updated on September 18, 2018 at 11:44 AM ET

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Dewar PR Releases Free 15 Track Compilation

Southern Ontario-based Dewar PR just released this year's winter digital compilation for streaming and free download.

The 2017 compilation features some of the best metal/hard rock bands of the past few years and is available to stream below or can be downloaded at Bandcamp here.

The full 15 song track listing is as follows:

1. Allfather - Inherit the Dust
2. Napalm Ted - The Deadline
3. Pseudo/Sentai - Werewolf Casey
4. Volunteer - Walk
5. Final Sign - Burn the Temple Down
6. Yeti on Horseback - Tree of Death
7. Arriver - Liquidators
8. Dead Register - Grave
9. Engraved Darkness - Ritualistic Sins
10. Flidais - High Stakes
11 The Glorious Rebellion - Bitches Hate Misogyny
12. Czar - Too Many Yetis
13. Siderian - Lizard Method State
14. Ascentia - Catharsis
15. Nihilo - Death Swamp More...

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Valentine Berlin Releases Self-Titled Album

Ghoul rocker Valentine Berlin has released a self-titled record via Limelight Records. His music is reminiscent to Alice Cooper in many ways, but listeners of bands like Type O Negative, HIM, Marilyn Manson, and even Smashing Pumpkins will enjoy the record.

The ten songs that represent the album feature spooky sounds and infectious chorus lines. Berlin, the mastermind of Bob Dee (who many know from such songs as "Social Awkward" from his Bob Dee With Petro band) has created songs with such catchy refrain listeners will have a difficult time putting down the record. "Ghost Hey Hey" and "Dance With A Vampire" were both made into videos and can be seen below.

"Valentine Berlin" follows a tragic storyline: while driving along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Val fell victim to a motorcycle accident that killed his longtime girlfriend Petra. Val isolated his self into the mountains where he fueled his pen with grief and sadness and wrote the 10 moribund tracks as a tribute to his fallen love. This dreadful story has been documented in a comic book enclosed in the album created by Japanese manga artist Ruyu.

01. Ghost Hey Hey
02. Dance with a Vampire
03. Bats Bats Bats
04. Sons & Daughters
05. Daria
06. Ghost Squad
07. Freaks & Geeks
08. Witch Hunt
09. Goth Girl
10. Salvation More...

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Morass Of Molasses Streaming "My Leviathan"

The self-described swamp master generals from Morass Of Molasses - consisting of The Beard, The Mountain, and The Beast - have revealed "My Leviathan" today, a new track from their forthcoming album "These Paths We Tread."

The band comments: "Like the sea-bound mythic beast of old, this song broods in the shadows only to rise from the deep to consume all those who have dared to sin."

New album "These Paths We Tread" will be released on May 19th, 2017 via HeviSike Records. Morass Of Molasses consists of:

Vocals/Baritone - Bones ‘The Beard’ Huse
Lead Guitar - Phil ‘The Mountain’ Williams
Drums - Chris ‘The Beast’ West More...

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Fleshgore Releases New Video

Ukrainian brutal death metal crew Fleshgore just launched an official video clip for the song "Talk to Me About God," taken from the band's 5th labum "Denial of the Scriptures." Check it out below.

"Denial of the Scriptures" was released in February 2016 through Xtreem Music. If you missed it, the full album can be heard over at this location.

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Sunday Bloody Sunday - Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower’s name does not refer to the Greek god of thunder, Zeus. It is in fact a large crossbow, a medieval batiste. It is the perfect moniker for a band who writes exclusively on the topic of war, or at least most of the time they’re writing on that sordid topic. War is something grand, whether you support it or not, it changes the fabric of our society.

A bolt thrower could change the fabric of society, too, ripping and impaling ranks of soldiers. How do you defend against the bolt thrower? How do you defend against the band Bolt Thrower? You can’t, their music will pound you, ground you, and light you on fire. It is melodic guitars. It has groove. The vocals are growly, but you can understand every word Karl Willetts speaks of, every bloody-muddy scene. Sometimes it’s pure fast hardcore, but it’s always on the topic of martial ways—battles won, battles lost, lives lost, lives survived, loss, pain, grief.

Karl knows grief all too well when his band mate Martin "Kiddie" Kearns passed and decided to pursue his loss combined with Benediction regulars, Frank Healy and Scott Fairfax and former Bolt Thrower drummer Andrew Whale joined the group as a way to fuel their bereavement into the ultimate English death record, Memoriam, which will come out on the 24th of March, 2017.

This interview, however, isn’t about Memoriam. There is a great video of Memoriam posted below, but this interview focuses exclusively on Karl Willett’s influences on how he shapes Bolt Thrower. Sit back and read the following interview concerning BOLT THROWER and don’t let the tunnel rats pongee your ankles.


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New Bands Added To Brutal Assault 2017

A bunch of new bands have been announced for the 22nd edition of Brutal Assault, which takes place this year in Fortress Josefov near Jaromer in the Czech Republic on August 9-12. Returning once more are heavy-weights Hatebreed, who last graced the fortress stages in 2012 and 2013. This is reportedly in response to festival-goers requests for more hardcore in the line-up.

The Dillinger Escape Plan will be including the festival in their series of farewell dates. It looks like the band's appearance here won't be affected by the bus crash that caused some European tour dates to be cancelled last month. Dillinger last played Brutal Assault in 2015.

Thrash veterans Overkill, touring in support of their recently released 18th studio album, "The Grinding Wheel", have also been added. No stranger to the fortress stage, Overkill last appeared at the festival in 2013.

Helsinki's Wintersun are newcomers to Brutal Assault, appearing for the first time. Can we assume they will be playing material from their long-awaited third album? There's no official word as yet. More...

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Sunday Old School: Grave

Sweden is a country that often gets brought up in metal circles. The Scandinavian nation in between Norway and Finland has become known as one of the more liberal countries in the world, with a highly developed welfare state, one of the highest life expectancy and satisfaction rates in the world, a long list of famous names such as scientist Alfred Nobel, writer August Strindberg and one of cinema's most revered directors, Ingmar Bergman, as well as, quite frankly, one of the sexiest accents in Europe. So why then, with so much going for it, has the country developed such a talent for extreme music, death metal in particular? We may never know, but we can be grateful that they do, otherwise we wouldn't have such classic groups as today's featured outfit, Grave.

Grave as we know them, began life in 1986 under the name Corpse, in Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland. They recorded one demo, "Black Dawn" the same year before changing their moniker to the now familiar, Grave in 1988, in time for the release of their second demo, "Sick Disgust Eternal." They released a string of demos while building up a live reputation, which eventually caught the attention of German label Century Media, who signed the band in 1991 and included them on a compilation featuring some of the most exciting young bands of the time, including Asphyx and fellow Swedes, Unleashed and Tiamat. More...

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Beast Modulus Premieres New Song "Barnburner"

New York City thrash metal band Beast Modulus premieres a new song entitled "Barnburner", taken from the forthcoming new second album "Being", which will be released on April 7 via Bandcamp.

Check out now "Barnburner" below.

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NervoChaos Debuts New Song & Music Video

Brazilian band NervoChaos debuts a new song and music video titled "Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam", taken from the upcoming new album "Nyctophilia", which will be released by Greyhaze Records and Cogumelo Records on April 7th.

Check out now "Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam" below.

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Mountains Crave Premieres New Song "Istigkeit"

Based in Leeds, UK Mountains Crave premieres a new song entitled "Istigkeit (We Saw Them Of Old)", taken from the upcoming new album "As We Were When We Were Not", which will be released by Avantgarde Music later in the year. The cover art was created by Adrian Baxter.

Check out now "Istigkeit (We Saw Them Of Old)" below.

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