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Metal News for March 11, 2017

Last updated on September 21, 2018 at 3:43 AM ET

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Classic '99 Destiny's End Live Footage Unearthed

A classic is unearthed from the grave! YouTube user Falconrawk just uploaded footage of (sadly now-defunct) power metal outfit Destiny's End performing live at Wacken Open Air all the way back in 1999! Check out the full set below. The performing lineup for this show was as follows:

James Rivera - vocals
Perry Grayson - guitar
Dan DeLucie - guitar
Nardo Andi - bass
Brian Craig - drums

Destiny's End broke up after two albums, with guitarist Dan DeLucie going on to U.S. power metal group Crescent Shield, which itself broke up following two albums after the death of vocalist Michael Grant.

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Feral Finishes Writing New Album

Following the release of the "From The Mortuary" EP back in December, Swedish death metal group Feral is glad to announce today that the writing for the next full-length album is finally finished. Feral issued this statement:

"We have been working hard since the release of 'Where Dead Dreams Dwell' to not once again end up with a four year gap between albums, but you can all rest assured that this is not something that has been hastily thrown together in order to meet a deadline.

"On contrary, we have put more time in than ever before to fine-tune the material as much as possible in an early stage. 'Where Dead Dreams Dwell' is a though album to follow for us, since we are extremely satisfied with the final results which we landed on. But there is a togetherness in the new material that can only come from playing together for a long time, and doing it often. We are a rehearsing band, and would never write songs in the studio as we record them.

"At the moment we are rehearsing and making the finishing touches to all of the new songs, which are 15 in total. Most of them are already sounding like they should with no further tweaking needed and once all of the material is 100% know by heart and well thought through we will book the studio to record. After recording the songs that fit together the best will but assembled to make out the album. Some fitting album titles have been thrown around, but this will be announced at a later time.

"The new songs range from pure Swedish Death Metal with eerie leads to crushing mid-tempo and slower track as well as some of the fastest and most 'technical' songs Feral has ever put out, all with our punk and thrash influences clearly imbued. More...

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Au-Dessus Unveils Album Cover Art

After signing with LADLO Productions, the time has come to unveil the artwork for new album "End Of Chapter" by Au-Dessus. The impending opus is due to drop May 19th, 2017 and features cover art by Metastazis. LADLO Productions comments:

"On the shores of the Baltic sea at the crossroad between worlds, darker than the night, more hostile than the harshest winter, this album from those Lithuanians pushes the post-black metal borders out.

"'End of Chapter' blows a freezing wind with atmospheres full of negative waves in order to take the listener to lands unknown, where the elements are either taken from Sludge music or from mental torture, re-opens each and every wounds of the soul.

"With an enormous maturity for a first album, you will found nothing more ethereal, nothing more terrifying, because this one is Au-Dessus (above) everything else. More...

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Saille Posts Full Album Stream

Belgian black metal group Saille today streams the entirety of forthcoming album "Gnosis." Listen in via the Bandcamp player below. The band commented:

"We are extremely excited that we’re finally able to present our new album to the world. Months of hard work, resulting in copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears, but here it finally is: Gnosis, a conceptual album about mankind’s search for Godly knowledge and which dangers we may encounter during that quest.

"We venture into the realm of the Promethean ideal and its Luciferia counterpart, listen to a monologue performed by Frankenstein’s creature and reach out for the Wickedest Man in the World. Based on works on mythology, apocryphal writings and even H.P. Lovecraft’s 'The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath,' we’ve tried to push our boundaries, and not only lyrically.

"The music is harder, more dissonant and less easy-listening compared to the previous albums. No guarantees you’ll like it, but the better if you do." More...

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Lock Up: New Full-Album Streaming

Lock Up (Napalm Death, Ex-Brutal Truth) premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Demonization", out in stores now via Listenable Records.

Check out now "Demonization" in its entirety below.

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Invidia Premieres New Song "As The Sun Sleeps"

Invidia (In This Moment, Ex-Five Finger Death Punch, etc.) premieres the title track of the forthcoming new album "As The Sun Sleeps", which will arrive in stores March 31st on SPV Records.

Check out now "As The Sun Sleeps" below.

Comments guitarist Brian Jackson of the song: More...

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Norma Jean Debuts Music Video "1,000,000 Watts"

Norma Jean debuts a new music video for "1,000,000 Watts", taken from the band's latetst album "Polar Similar". Anthony Altamura directed the clip, which you can watch below. Norma Jean is currently touring North American with He Is Legend, Capsize and Comrades. Check out all dates after the jump.


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Flux Conduct (Monuments Etc.) Premieres New Song

Monuments guitarist John Browne's Flux Conduct premieres a new song entitled "In Pursuit of Happiness", taken from the upcoming new album "Yetzer Hara", which will be out in stores April 03rd, 2017.

Says Browne of it: "We love to see successful people fail. We will cast our opinion of their work in all places that our voice will be heard. We will ridicule them from their work to their personal life. All positive deeds this person has done will be shunned and we will force them out to be the pariah. We do this to feel a glimpse of what they have achieved for the smallest amount of time, because the envy in our hearts takes over from reason."

Check out now "In Pursuit of Happiness" below.

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Enterprise Earth Debuts New Song "Temptress"

Enterprise Earth debuts a new song titled "Temptress", taken from the upcoming new album "Embodiment", which will be out in stores April 14th through Attila frontman Chris Fronzak's Stay Sick Recordings.

Check out now "Temptress" below.

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