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Metal News for March 11, 2016

Last updated on September 21, 2018 at 4:11 AM ET

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The Glorious Rebellion Streams New Song

Following our premiere of the "Benaquyl" track, The Glorious Rebellion is now streaming brand new song "The Dirtiest Dream Jobs."

Band leader Billy Myers III commented about the track: "Being in a band is actually a pretty terrible idea. For most of us, and definitely in my experience thus far, it's a life of poverty and frustration. And then there's all the idiots you have to deal with.

"This song is a very tongue-in-cheek, cynical jab at the music business. It's a combination of random thoughts and things I've heard douchebags in bands say. Stay in school, kids." More...

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Teramaze Posts New Music Video

Melbourne, Australia’s Teramaze today releases a new video titled "For The Innocent," taken from the album "Her Halo."

"For The Innocent" tells the story of the ill-fated trapeze artist who has to navigate the tormenting path of sacrifices to fulfill her dreams of being the world greatest performer, following on from the narrative on "Her Halo" and "Out of Subconscious."

Discussing the concept, guitarist/songwriter Dean Wells elaborates" “We chose to do 'For the Innocent' as a band video based on the response we get from the song at our shows, it has a really great energy and is really fun to play, so we were trying to capture that in this performance based film clip.” More...

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Oryx Releases "The Singularity" Video

A new video for "The Singularity" from Denver-based doom/sludge outfit Oryx has come online and can be seen below. The thundering track hails from the band's impending split LP with Tucson grinders Languish, which is nearing release via Battleground Records.

The track's visual counterpart, directed by Micah Schultz, captures the duo performing in lush Colorado surroundings. You can also catch Oryx live on these dates:

3/14/2016 Rhinoceropolis - Denver, CO w/ Wovoka, Toadz, It's For A Cop
4/07/2016 Mutiny Info Café - Denver, CO w/ A Light Among Many, Stone Giant, In Loo, Distended
4/23/2016 Rhinoceropolis - Denver, CO *record release show w/ Athamé, 908, Modok, Hellhound

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Plebeian Grandstand Streams New Track

Today you can stream a first track off the new Plebeian Grandstand album - check out "Tributes and Oblivions" below.

The French black metal/noise outfit will release "False Highs, True Lows" on April 29th via Throatruiner Records (LP & CD) and Basement Apes (CD) and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Mal Du Siècle
2. Low Empire
3. Tributes And Oblivions
4. Volition
5. Mineral Tears
6. Oculi Lac
7. Tame The Shapes
8. Eros Culture More...

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Ne Obliviscaris Posts Drum Video

Dan Presland, the drummer for Australia's fast-rising progressive metal outfit Ne Obliviscaris, is streaming a live performance playthrough for the track "Devour Me, Colossus."

The video, shot while the band was in North America for the very first time, is streaming now below. Ne Obliviscaris is fresh off a first-ever North American trek, supporting latest album "Citadel."

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Arcana 13 Streaming Full New Album

The spellbinding "Danza Macabra" debut LP from Italian occult doom rock collective Arcana 13 is now playing online in full in celebration of its release through Aural Music.

"Danza Macabra" is available through Aural Music on CD, double LP, and digital download, as well as a special handcrafted music box covered in black velvet with gold print with a poster signed by cover artist Enzo Sciotti and card signed by the band. More...

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Fear Factory Gears Up For U.S. Tour Dates

In less than two weeks, the pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal from Fear Factory will kick off their U.S. headlining tour, which will see the band perform classic second album "Demanufacture" in its entirety.

The trek will commence on March 21st and run through May 7th with support provided by Swedish metal unit Soilwork.

"To me, this album sounds not one day older today than it did in 1995," stated Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, "It's a metal classic for the ages and I'm excited that we are finally going to be able to perform it live in its entirety and songs from 'Genexus.' Play fearlessly."

Adds vocalist Burton C. Bell, "I am looking forward to the upcoming tour where Fear Factory will be performing 'Demanufacture' in full for the first time since we released it in 1995. We have some good friends joining us for everyone's enjoyment. Please come and support the bands that tour hard, and play harder!" More...

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Zealotry Announces "The Last Witness"

Lavadome Productions has announced the addition of Boston-based death metal unit Zealotry to its roster. The label has set an April 22nd release for the band’s sophomore album, "The Last Witness." Lavadome comments:

"An album that hits on all fronts with a progressive, yet schooled brand of death metal mastery, 'The Last Witness' is carved from the same flesh as some of the genre’s most important releases. Zealotry is a band that walks its own path, one that’s paved by a desire to push death metal to new levels, while staying true to the genre’s traditional elements.

"'The Last Witness' brings to life a series of massive and unsurpassable musical movements dense and complex enough to require repeated listens. The album tells the story of humanity's end, as imagined by Arthur C. Clarke (among others). It speaks of our species' forced ascension and assimilation, compelled by the unseen, unknowable mind that tends to the cosmic clockwork and has decided the fates of countless other races.

"Lavadome is proud to present such irreversible art which stands out above the norm instead of following it in hopes there are still ears out here, thirsty to listen on repeat and slowly uncovering the mesmerizing scales of the nature presented by 'The Last Witness.'" More...

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Murdryck Releasing "Antologi MMXV"

Nicely textured and more varied than the average black metal release, "Antologi MMXV" is another fist in the face of your god, due out April 1st via Black Lion Productions.

Check out several tracks from the album below, or pre-order your own copy right here. The track listing is as follows:

01. Intro - The Sombre Angel
02. As the Moon Bleeds...
03. The Ascension
04. Swallowed by the Ages
05. Slaves Under a Dying Sun
06. Metamorphosis
07. Blood on the King's Hands
08. Hymnens Svarta Toner
09. Under Torn Constellations
10. Throne of Shattered Divinity More...

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Deitus Releasing "Acta Non Verba"

Embodying the true sinister essence of black metal, U.K. three-piece Deitus is due to release debut offering "Acta Non Verba" on April 22nd via Ulthar Records. The label comments:

"Casting away ties to the flesh and ego. Liberation through self-abuse and depravity. Terror towards mankind. Deitus provide five tracks of genuine diabolical black metal with transcendental intent. This is maniacal vitriol for fans of MGLA and Dissection."

The band says: "'Acta Non Verba' is the knife in the back of man and represents a path of utter devotion. It is a monument to the murder of the ego; an odious hymn to liberation. Rejection. Depravity. Sacred Art."

1. Manifest
2. Fallen
3. Lightbearer
4. Ladder of Divine Ascent
5. Todestrieb More...

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Die Young Enters The Studio

Houston, Texas hardcore machine Die Young enters the studio today to record new album "No Illusions," the band's first release for new label Good Fight Music. The label further comments:

"Thrash metal intensity and hardcore values unite in Die Young – a Slayerized brand of hardcore, in line with Integrity, Ringworm, and Earth Crisis, and boosted by the thinking-man's lyrics of vegan straightedge frontman Daniel Albaugh. With producer Craig Douglas (Bitter End, Venomous Maximus) at the helm, the band commences recording today."

Albaugh describes the album as "a fun ride through various realms of human disappointment, irrationality, violence, nihilism and pessimism." Following the recording of "No Illusions," the band hits the road for an Eastern U.S. tour, including numerous dates with New York hardcore royalty Madball. More...

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Katatonia Comments On New Guitarist

Katatonia this week announced details on 10th studio album "The Fall of Hearts" and today reveals more information about new guitarist Roger Öjersson.

Formerly the lead vocalist and bassist in Swedish power trio Kamchatka and currently also the guitarist in Swedish metal band Tiamat, Öjersson joined Katatonia just in time to briefly appear on parts of the new album.

Roger comments: "I feel honored and priviledged to get to be a part of the Katatonia family. I hold these fellow musicians' artsmanship in very high regard and I am looking forward to setting out on this journey with eager anticipation."

Öjersson replaces Per "Sodo” Eriksson who left the band in 2014. Since that time a couple of temporary guitarists have stepped into the fold such as Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief) and Tomas Åkvik (Nale, Lik), but Roger is effectively a full time member of Katatonia with his first show taking place at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival in Norway next month.

Anders Nyström states: "We’re delighted to welcome our neighbour Roger, a true multi-musician extraordinaire, into our spiralling ways of darkness. Currently with this 5-piece, there’s nothing hold back or limiting Katatonia’s potential neither in the studio nor on stage. Our ever growing ambition may now begin to manifest our vision." More...

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Sourvein Streaming "Aquanaut"

Last month, it was announced that decade-spanning doom/sludge metal vets Sourvein would be back with Metal Blade Records debut, "Aquatic Occult."

Featuring guest performances by Lamb of God's Randy Blythe (vocals, organ), Amebix's Stig Miller (guitar), Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin (drums) and many others, the album is described by frontman T-Roy as the record he wanted to make at a time when his life was at its bleakest.

Scheduled to hit stores on April 8th, 2016, "Aquatic Occult" is an album about trudging through the depths of a dangerous, mythological underwater world inspired by T-Roy's home surroundings of Cape Fear, NC.

Today you can hear an advance track titled "Aquanaut" below, courtesy of MetalSucks.net. The album's full track listing is:

1. Tempest (Of Desire) (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix)*
2. Avian Dawn*
3. Ocypuss (feat. Randy Blythe-Lamb of God, Mike Dean-Corrosion of Conformity)*
4. Aquanaut (feat. Dean Berry-Iron Monkey, Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
5. Hymn to Poseidon*
6. Mermaids*
7. Urchins (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
8. In the Wind*
9. Cape Fearian (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up, Randy Blythe spoken word-Lamb of God)*
10. Capsized (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up)*
11. High Tide (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
12. Bermuda Sundown (feat. Keith Kirkum-ex Weedeater)
13. Coral Bones*
14. Oceanic Procession (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix, Randy Blythe on organ-Lamb of God)*
*Reed Mullin on drums More...

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Entheos Posts Lyric Video

Entheos - Chaney Crabb [vocals], Malcolm Pugh [guitar], Evan Brewer [bass], and Navene Koperweis [drums] - will release debut album "The Infinite Nothing" on April 1st, 2016. Today a new lyric video comes online for the blistering title track, which can be seen below.

"'The Infinite Nothing' is a relentless track that serves as a wonderful bridge between our first single, 'Neural Damage', and the rest of the album. Be prepared to bang your head," says vocalist Chaney Crabb of the new song. The full track listing is:

1. Perpetual Miscalculations
2. New Light
3. The Infinite Nothing
4. Terminal Stages of Nostalgia
5. An Ever-Expanding Human
6. Bad Chemicals
7. Mind Alone
8. Neural Damage More...

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Fear Of Domination Streaming "Adrenaline"

"Adrenaline" is the second digi-single from the upcoming Fear Of Domination album "Atlas" (originally scheduled for release today, but pushed back by a few weeks). You may not be able to pick up "Atlas" today, but you can hear "Adrenaline" below.

Vocalist and lyricist Saku Solin comments: “As a story 'Adrenaline' is as pure Fear of Domination as possible. We are adrenaline-junkies, who love the feeling that the live shows bring. If you take a little peek behind the curtain, you can see a person, who has no colors, no taste or no hope in life. Therefore, he is unwillingly sucking them from the others, to get at least some of the golden adrenaline, to feel alive.”

Guitarist Johannes Niemi adds: “In all its gloominess it follows the theme of the end of the world, but there is a nice, lively and vivacious chorus melody.” More...

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Oddland Signs With Sensory Records

Finnish progressive metal quartet Oddland has signed with New Jersey-based Sensory Records for the impending release of the band's second album, "Origin."

Oddland recorded "Origin" at Fantom Studio (Insomnium, Korpiklaani, Oranssi Pazuzu) after which it was mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir). Containing over forty-five minutes of music, the album bears a theme which ties deeply into the lyrics and extensive artwork, with a separate piece of art being created for each of the nine songs, currently being completed by Egyptian artist Mohammed Essam.

Declares Oddland on signing with Laser's Edge division Sensory Records: "It has been a very long process writing and recording the second album and we are extremely excited to be working with Laser's Edge/Sensory Records in finally releasing it. They have a great roster and we just feel right at home." More...

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Hammer Fight Streams "Good Times In Dark Ages"

Following the recent release of the "Gods Of Rock 'N' Roll" video, Hammer Fight today streams another track from upcoming album "Profound And Profane." Check out "Good Times In Dark Ages" below.

Hammer Fight's Napalm Records debut "Profound And Profane" is coming March 25th, 2016 and will feature the following track listing:

1. Picking Up Change
2. Target Acquired
3. Into the Dark
4. Good Times in Dark Ages
5. Gods of Rock n' Roll
6. Low & Broken
7. Private Stock
8. The Ultimate Sacrifice
9. Cell Mates
10. West Side Story
11. The Crate
12. Cult of Conceit More...

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The Wretched End Releasing New Album

It is well beyond time: the follow-up to 2012's "Inroads" (reviewed here) is finally coming from Norwegian death / thrash band The Wretched End! The group issued this brief announcement online:

"Finally, after a long wait, we are excited to announce our new album, 'In These Woods, From These Mountains.' It is scheduled for release through Indie Recordings on the 22nd of April, 2016. Album cover design by Trine + Kim Design Studio."

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Incantation Releasing "XXV"

Incantation: a megalithic entity of the death metal underground, whose New York scene association heads into a new/old chapter with the band's first-ever release chronicling 25 years on this foreboding, doomed planet.

Ever-precise to its origins, Incantation has witnessed, and experienced, the ebb and flow of a scene which they helped create. With ten studio albums under the band's bullet-adorned belt (which includes numerous videos, and even a TV commercial), those early, primeval years saw a slew of releases, in various forms, that are as relevant today as the day they were released.

Through it all, the band has amassed an army of supporters and fans who have eagerly endured a quarter century of blasphemy. As testament to this, the band decided it was high time to give something back to the Incantation legions worldwide. This very special 12" gatefold vinyl release draws form a robust collection of work - dawn to the present. Included are select live songs, a brand new track, and the re-recording of three classic songs that combine to represent a band unafraid to revisit the demons of old.

Bare witness as the "XXV: A Quarter Century Of Blasphemy" vinyl approaches. Let John and Kyle explain the details over the first listen to the songs within. More...

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DevilDriver Comments On Upcoming Album

California groove metal band DevilDriver will unleash 7th studio album, "Trust No One," on May 13th via Napalm Records. Today, the band has revealed the tracklist and launched a pre-order here for the new record.

On this forthcoming record the band teamed up with producer and previous collaborator, Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Coal Chamber, Holy Grail) at Audio Hammer Studios. "Trust No One" features 10 ferocious tracks that snarl and snap their jaws on listeners with an infectious and unrelenting force.

Dez Fafara comments: “'Trust No One' is a vicious record filled with huge grooves and big hooks, guitar bass assery and thundering drums! Lyrically it goes to a realistic space exploring a ton of different emotion and headspaces regarding being human and what it means to exist. The band worked long hours writing as well as in the studio along with our producer to forge Trust No One! I hope you turn it the Fuck up and enjoy this record from start to finish!” More...

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Germ Releasing New Album

Australian blackened shoegaze artist Gern (aka multi-instrumentalist Tim Yatras) will release new album "Escape" on April 29th via Prophecy Productions. The fourth release from Germ is touted as "the darkest yet" and builds on the self-described "experimental depressive black music" found on 2012's "Wish" full-length and "Loss" EP.

A sampling of what "Escape" holds in store can be heard now as the new Germ track "I'll Give Myself to the Wind" has been posted online.

"I can honestly say this has been the hardest album to ever complete for me, and it's also the darkest ('I'll Give Myself to the Wind' can be considered the pop song of the album for reference)," says Yatras, formerly of Woods Of Desolation, Austere, Naxul, etc. "At the end of the day, it stands as a moment in time in my life, and I truly believe it contains the strongest songwriting of any Germ album thus far."

Decisively autobiographical, "Escape" tackles a feeling of both internal and external imprisonment which strongly influenced Yatras during songwriting. On the one hand, there is a mental illness that haunted him for years, suggesting he was trapped within his own mind. More...

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Corrosion Of Conformity Gearing Up For Tour

Long running metal icons, Corrosion Of Conformity, will kick off an epic North American live takeover next month.

The first leg of the journey kicks off on April 6th in Huntington, West Virginia and will run through April 15th in Poughkeepsie, New York with support provided by Mothership. The following evening the band will play a special one-off show with Eyehategod in Richmond, Virginia.

Following a short breather, Corrosion Of Conformity will head back out for more than two dozen dates with Lamb Of God and Clutch. See confirmed performances below. The latest excursions will include some never-before-heard tunes slated for a forthcoming full-length.

Comments guitarist Woodroe Weatherman: "We've all been working hard writing and demoing new riffs for the next album but we thought it would be a good idea to jump on the road a bit and let some of these new ideas sink in." More...

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Metal On Metal Records Signs Wildhunt

Metal on Metal Records announced the signing of young Austrian technical thrash metal band Wildhunt. The debut full-length will be entitled "Descending" and will issued on April 29th. A trailer clip for the release can be viewed/heard in the player below.

Metal On Metal Records commented: "We are always on the hunt for young talented bands (and when we come across one that really stands out from the crowd, they have our full attention), but in this case Wildhunt were the hunters, as it was the band who got in touch with us a couple of months ago, sending us their debut full-length. These thrashers from Austria started out in 2011, but their music and sound harkens back to the late '80s/early '90s when some technical thrash gems were released in Germany and Switzerland... to the point that if we hadn't known what album it is and somebody played it for us, we would have thought it actually IS from that era! We can hear many influences from bands like Deathrow, Despair, Coroner or Grinder, but they have managed to create their individual sound and give their music a unique feel. These guys have impressive technical skills, but what's even more important, their songwriting is very strong, too."

More information on the album is expected soon. Check out the trailer clip here: More...

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Cadaveric Poison Signs With Metal On Metal

International act Cadaveric Poison - an old school death/thrash metal project featuring Master's Paul Speckmann and Witchburner's Simon Seegel and Felix Darnieder - signed on with Metal On Metal Records for the release of the debut full length album this Spring. The release, simply entitled "Cadaveric Poison," will be issued on April 29th.

Metal On Metal Records CEO Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi commented: "We are proud to announce the co-operation with Cadaveric Poison, an old school death/thrash metal project. Even though as a band they're a newcomer (formed in 2014), the three musicians involved in it are far from being new to the scene. Guitarist (and now also bassist) Simon Seegel has been in the German thrash institution Witchburner for 22 years now, drummer Felix Darnieder has been his band mate in Witchburner since 2002, and finally, the vocalist, Paul Speckmann, living in Czech Republic since the end of '90s, doesn't really need much introduction - he's a true veteran of the death metal scene, known mostly for his bands Master, Abomination and Death Strike, but he has also been in several other acts, including Czech death metal pioneers Krabathor.

"When we heard Cadaveric Poison's "Fight for Evil" EP, and Seegel asked us if we'd be interested in releasing their album, we didn't have to think twice. Their self-titled debut is a true old school death metal manifesto - it will take you back to the time when the genre was just emerging and often had some thrash metal elements.

"I've personally had a good working relationship Seegel for about 10 years as the artist who painted the last four WITCHBURNER covers, and being also a big fan of Master, Abomination and Death Strike, I'm truly happy and honoured to be working with Cadaveric Poison."

More information on the album is expected soon. More...

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The Foreshadowing Shows "Two Horizons"

Italian gothic doom act The Foreshadowing issued a track stream for the new song "Two Horizons." The song is taken from the new album "Seven Heads, Ten Horns," which is set to drop on April 15th via Cyclone Empire.

"Seven Heads, Ten Horns" was recorded at OuterSound Studios (Rome) and mixed and mastered in Bialystok (Poland) by Wieslawski Bros at Hertz Studio.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Ishtar
2. Fall Of Heroes
3. Two Horizons
4. New Babylon
5. Lost Soldiers
6. 17
7. Until We Fail
8. Martyrdom
9. Nimrod (The Eerie Tower /Omelia/Collapse/Inno al Dolore)

Check out "Two Horizons" here: More...

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Jaded Heart Releases Music Video For New Track

German hard rock/traditional metal act Jaded Heart released a music video for the new track "Rescue Me." The song is the first single from the new album "Guilty By Design," which is set for release on April 22nd via Massacre Records.

Check out the clip here:


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Kadavar Releases "Pale Blue Eyes" Video Clip

German classic rock act Kadavar released a music video for the track "Pale Blue Eyes." The song was taken from the latest release "Berlin," and represents the first clip in the band's year long "Visual Album," which will feature 12 short films accompanying each of the album's songs, to be released once a month throughout the entirety of the year.

On the clip, Nuclear Blast commented: "Lupus Lindemann wrote the song 'Pale Blue Eyes' when Kadavar visited the Salton Sea on their first trip through the United States, playing the stage of the infamous 'Range' at the Slab City Prom 2013. Slab City or 'The Slabs' is a snowbird campsite in the Californian Sonora Desert 156 miles northeast of San Diego, where RV-people, outlaws and squatters from across North America formed a wild and lawless 'city' from debris around the famous and colorful Salvation Mountain build by Leonard Knight in the 1980s.

"There are no rules in the slabs (besides 'don't be an asshole') and during one of those memorable Slab City nights, the Kadavar guys found themselves dancing around the fire alongside this wild desert bunch, dressed in discarded ball-gowns, and watching the sunrise from atop the salvation mountain. This song, an ode about 'a mysterious lady with pale blue eyes,' is actually about cross-dressing drummer Tiger in his purple dress, looking so fine..

"For the first video release of this visual album, Nathini van der Meer traveled back into the desert to find a real Slab City original - Mopard the Wizard of East Jesus - whom she followed on one of his walks through the desert."

Check out the clip here: More...

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Almanac Streams New Lyric Video "Tsar"

Victor Smolski's new band, Almanac (the result of the split with Peavy Wagner of Rage and Lingua Mortis Orchestra), released a lyric video for the track "Tsar." The song is the title track of the upcoming debut album, which is set for release on March 18th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The tracklist for "Tsar" is as follows:

1. Tsar
2. Self Blinded Eyes
3. Darkness
4. Hands Are Tied
5. Children Of The Future
6. No More Shadows
7. Nevermore
8. Reign Of Madness
9. Flames Of Fate

Check out "Tsar" here: More...

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