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Metal News for February 9, 2011

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Macabre Streaming Song From New Album

Chicago's Macabre recently release the new album "Grim Scary Tales" in North America through Willowtip Records. In celebration of the album's release, Rue-Morgue Magazine is hosting the premiere of a new track from the album. You can check out the new song "The Bloody Benders" at this location.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Locusta
2. Nero's Inferno
3. The Black Knight
4. Dracula
5. The Big Bad Wolf
6. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)
7. Burke and Hare
8. Mary Ann
9. The Bloody Benders
10. Lizzie Borden
11. The Ripper Tramp From France
12. Bella the Butcher
13. The Kiss of Death
14. The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor

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Falconer Comments On New Album

Swedish act Falconer has finished recordings for the band's upcoming seventh studio album. 11 tracks in Swedish, of which four will also be included as English versions for the limited 1st edition, have been nailed down and once again the creation was done at King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden.

Comments Falconer guitarist Stefan Weinerhall: "The album is embracing the Swedish folk music to a greater extent than before making it sound slightly more down to earth. The music spans from acoustic songs with cello, flute and fiddle to songs with blastbeats and really heavy riffing. As said before this is a 'one time only' album and does not define the future sound of Falconer, but it was about time to pay full notice to the influence that has always made us different. Now we have that out of our system!"

Some song titles include "Svarta änkan," "Dimmornas drottning," and "Herr Peder och hans syster." The new album will be released early June of 2011 via Metal Blade Records in Europe.

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Anterior Checks In From The Studio

Anterior has begun recording the follow up to 2007's "This Age Of Silence" at Grindstone Studios with Scott Atkins (Stampin' Ground, Sylosis, Gamma Bomb, Man Must Die). James Britton has now provided the following update about the recording process:

"Hey guys n dolls, thought I would entice your cream buds with a studio update! I have recently finished tracking the bass to the new AnterioR record and now with the completion of drums, 4000 rhythm guitars, bass and some lead lines it sounds more pleasing than Brazilian fart porn! Not to much to say about the bass really, only that with the help of Scott Atkins at the helm we got a sound so heavy and nasty that it would actually make Satan weep! Scott has been a great help with this new album and has really brought out the best in us and in the new songs.

"From my personal view I would say the songs on the new record are definitely more driven and more aggressive but with bigger melodies than found on 'This age of silence.' It is a natural progression from our first album and has some different edges that we felt needed exploring to keep things fresh. This has also been influenced by the gap between the albums and how our music taste has matured and varied during this time. Leon and Nixon are currently putting all of the lead work on the album as we speak and it sounds more epic than a weed cloud full of free Johnnie Walker and hookers! The main thing is that we are all extremely happy with the way things are sounding and literally cannot wait to unleash this beast on the planet.

"We will be playing mostly new songs on our upcoming Metal Hammer Razor Tour in February so make sure to get to a show and provide yourself with an eargasm! In a recent review, someone actually said ‘Has the interest died down too much over the past few years, or can Anterior reignite a withering flame? I can openly say that, it has been a few years and line up changes but, with the power and aggression of these new songs, the line up we have now, and the new found drive, fuck the withering flame, we will be setting fire to everything in sight! Love, sex wee and some cliche metal saying."

Anterior also has the following upcoming tour dates with Sylosis, Bleed From Within, and While She Sleeps:

15/02/11 – UK – Southampton – Joiners
16/02/11 – UK – Bristol – Thekla
17/02/11 – UK – Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach
18/02/11 – UK – Exeter – Cavern Club
19/02/11 – UK – Birmingham – HMV Institute
21/02/11 – UK – Manchester – Academy 3
22/02/11 – UK – York – The Duchess
23/02/11 – UK – Glasgow – Cathouse
24/02/11 – UK – Sheffield – Corporation
25/02/11 – UK – London - Underworld

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The Famine Posts New Song

North Texas technical death metal group The Famine has teamed up with Noisecreep.com to premiere a brand new track from the band’s forthcoming full-length, "The Architects of Guilt." The new song “The Crown and the Holy See” can be streamed at this location.

According to a recent chat with Noisecreep.com, “The Crown and the Holy See” was the first song that The Famine vocalist, Nick Nowell, tracked on the new record, after moving from bass to vocals following the departure of the band’s original vocalist, Kris McCaddon, last summer. “I may be projecting, but I think you can hear a little bit of extra aggression and attack on this track, just because I was so excited to leave my mark on the record,” he said.

"The Architects of Guilt," The Famine’s sophomore Solid State Records release, will hit stores on February 15th and the track listing is as follows:

1. The New Hell?
2. Ad Mortem?
3. We Are The Wolves?
4. Turner Classic Diaries?
5. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains!
6. The Crown and The Holy See?
7. VII The Fraudulent?
8. A Pavement Of Good Intentions?
9. A Fragile Peace?
10. Pyrithion House?
11. To The Teeth

You can also check out a recording studio video from the band here.

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Destrage Posts "Neverending Mary" Video

Italian act Destrage has completed a second music video off the band's album "The King Is Fat'N'Old." You can check out the clip for "Neverending Mary" below, or watch the previously uploaded video for "Jade's Place" at this location.

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Sabaton Comments On Album Re-Issue

Sabaton is re-releasing the band's first four albums for the first time as non-imports in North America on April 14th, 2011. The band has now announced the details for the re-release of 2008's "The Art of War (Re-Armed)."

Sabaton assist Pär Sundström discusses his relationship to Sun Tzu’s classic book of war strategy, his best memory from The Art Of War recording sessions, and why he believes “Cliffs Of Gallipoli” has secured its place in the band’s live set:

“The Art Of War album is based upon and inspired by the book - or war manual - written by Sun Tzu. We carefully read through the book which describes strategies in war and then tried to find actual events where the strategies from the book were used. It was a lot of work, but very interesting. My personal best memory from the recording sessions is that the song ‘The Price Of A Mile’ just appeared out of nowhere. The song was not intended to be part of the album, but I am glad it became a part of it. The song ‘Cliffs Of Gallipoli’ is definitively one of SABATON’s strongest songs, both due to the musical part but also to the lyrical part. We were also invited to Gallipoli where we learned the history of this battle during the First World War on location, which made the song even more emotional for us.”

The track listing for The Art Of War (Re-Armed) is as follows:

1. Sun Tzu Says
2. Ghost Division
3. The Art Of War
4. 40:1
5. Unbreakable
6. The Nature Of Warfare
7. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
8. Talvisota
9. Panzerkampf
10. Union (Slopes Of St. Benedict)
11. The Price Of A Mile
12. Firestorm
13. A Secret

Bonus Tracks:
14. Swedish Pagans
15. Glorious Land
16. Art Of War (Pre Production Demo)
17. Swedish National Anthem (Live at Sweden Rock Festival)

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Redemption Issues New Album Update

California's Redemption has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming album:

"Hello everyone. Time for a long overdue update on a few things! So sit down with this when you’ve got a few minutes .... it's an extensive update! First off, we are hard at work in pre-production for our upcoming fifth studio CD, which carries the working title of This Mortal Coil. The band was really happy with Snowfall on Judgment Day and so when it came time to put together new material, with our own expectations for ourselves always on the rise, we gave a lot of thought to how to deliver the goods and step up our game yet again.

"We have worked well with some excellent producers in the past and they have put their mark on our sound, especially Tommy Newton with whom we did two records and who we tried to involve early enough in the production process to help shape the records. But even with Tommy, most of the involvement came after we were finished with songs.

"For this record, I thought we could bring in an outside producer very early on. Someone to help shape the music and raise the bar for us, challenging our ideas and getting the best from the band. I knew I wanted somebody with a depth of experience that reflected the many things Redemption pursues in its music: melodic but heavy; intricate and complex when called for, but accessible; a bit of virtuosity but always in the service of the song. This is a tall order, when you think about it. We would need a producer, ideally, who had extensive experience in pop music but also maybe jazz fusion, had worked with somebody like Kansas, had worked with somebody like Nevermore, had extensive experience in heavy technical music (like, say, Spiral Architect or even somebody like Nile) and hopefully also had particular domain expertise in prog metal (maybe someone like Queensryche).

"Fortunately, such a producer exists! I am delighted to announce that we will be working on This Mortal Coil with Neil Kernon, whose extensive CV includes all of those bands. He has immense experience in song craft, creating compelling intricate music across a variety of genres. It's a great fit for what we are looking for right now. He is, simply put, a legendary producer and we are really fired up to work with him. More...

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Solstafir Posts Song From 2002 7" EP

Icelandic act Solstafir has posted the song "Myrksvefn" online, which is off the band's limited release 2002 7" EP "Black Death." You can check out the song in the clip below.

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Cipher System Posts Studio Footage

Swedish metal act Cipher System has uploaded video clips from the recording of the band's sophomore album "Communicate The Storms." Mixing will once again be handled by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg Sweden in the beginning of April. You can check out the first clip below and the second can be found after the jump.


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Shadowside Announces Guest Musicians

Brazil's Shadowside has issued the following announcement about guest musicians from Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, and Dream Evil appearing on the band's upcoming album:

"We have great news to share! Shadowside recently received three very special guests in the studio. Singers Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Björn 'Speed' Strid (Soilwork) and Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil) have been at Fredman Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, to record their performances on 'Inner Monster Out,' song that is going to be on the track list of the band's new album.

"At this moment, we have just finishing all recordings and are finishing touching up the last details on the third album. In charge of the production is Fredrik Nordström, one of the most important Rock/Metal producers nowadays. Record label SHP Records, distributed by Universal Music, has scheduled the release date for June 7th.

"We have uploaded videos from the recording process on YouTube and more will be available in the upcoming days. Visit this location to view them! See you all soon."

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Nile Posts Bus Breakdown Tour Video

While traveling across Europe, Nile and Melechesh experienced an unfortunate bus breakdown. The bands have posted a video clip online from the breakdown, which can be viewed below.

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Sonic Syndicate Announces Club Show

Swedish modern rock / metal metal act Sonic Syndicate has announced the band's one and only club show for 2011. The band will headline the 6 years Bleeding Nose anniversary party in Stuttgart, Germany on May 13, 2011 at Universum.

Nuclear Blast commented on the show:

"Since the bands friendship with the Bleeding Nose crew lasts for ages now it was obvious Sonic Syndicate would be part of this event. Fans can expect an absolutely exclusive club gig with a special set list! The tickets for this show will be limited to 300 – so prepare for a packed sweaty metal concert! Tickets can be ordered at this location, Bleeding Nose and/or at the Universum/Goldmark’s. Tickets cost 19,50 EUR incl. all fees & Bleeding Nose Party. If you just want to visit the Bleeding Nose Party tickets cost 5,00 EUR and will also be available through the above mentioned channels."

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Wooden Stake Posts New Track Online

Wooden Stake recently recorded the band's new album "Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades." You can now check out a new song from the album, titled "Skullcoven," in the clip below.

The "Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades" track listing is as follows:

1. Cadaverum Caecorum Liber
2. Salem, 1692
3. Tortured Into Eternal Repose
4. Die Rache Der Hexen
5. Six Feet of Earth... And all that it Contains
6. Cemetery Closes At Sundown (instrumental)
7. Skullcoven
8. Anguished Atonement
9. Bleeding Coffin

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Crimfall Announces New Album Details

Finland's Crimfall has announced the band's new album "The Writ Of Sword" will be released on March 23rd, 2011. You can check out the artwork for the new album at this location. The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Dicembré
2. Storm Before The Calm
3. Frost upon Their Graves
4. Cáhceravga
5. Shackles Of The Moirai
6. The Writ Of Sword
7. Geadgái
8. Silver And Bones
9. Son Of North

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Sirenia Comments On New Album Chart Positions

Norwegian/Spanish Gothic metal act Sirenia has announced the following chart positions for the band's new album "The Enigma of Life:"

Germany: #73
Switzerland: #53

Commented Sirenia main man Morten Veland: "We would like to thank our fans for all your support. Knowing that you appreciate our work is a big inspiration and motivating factor for us. We are looking forward to seeing you all on tour soon, and to perform the songs from 'The enigma of life' for you live in concert. A very special thanks to our ever loyal fans in Germany and Switzerland, you guys rock! Cheers!"

The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. The End of It All
2. Fallen Angel
3. All My Dreams
4. This Darkness
5. The Twilight in Your Eyes
6. Winter Land
7. A Seaside Serenade
8. Darkened Days to Come
9. Coming Down
10. This Lonely Lake
11. Fading Star
12. The Enigma of Life
13. Oscura Realidad

North American Bonus Track:
14. El Enigma De La Vida (acoustic version)

iTunes Exclusive Bonus Track:
15. El Enigma De La Vida

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Powerwolf To Play Masters Of Rock Festival

Powerwolf has issued the following announcement about performing at this year's edition of the upcoming Master of Rock Festival:

"While we still are working off our claws and fangs in the studio, the first festival shows for 2011 are getting confirmed: First up we can announce that the wolves are confirmed for this year's Masters of Rock festival in Czech Republic. We had a great time in Czech Republic last year at the Metalfest Open air and can't wait to get back ever since, so we're looking forward to returning."

You can find additional details on the upcoming Masters of Rock festival here. Powerwolf also recently issued a new recording studio update, which can be found at this location.

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Lineup Announced For Emperor Tribute Album

Metal Wamp and Tryzna Production will release a tribute dedicated to the legendary Norwegian black metal band Emperor. Titled "In Honour Of Icon E," the tribute album will feature several bands presenting cover versions of various Emperor songs.

The currently announced bands taking part in this new tribute are: Taake, Helheim, Troll, Horna, Setherial, Demonical, Saltus, Mesmerized, Necrodeath, Midnight Odyssey, Silva Nigra, Infer, Ancestroal Volkhves, and Karpathia.

A promotional poster for the upcoming Emperor tribute album release can also be viewed at this location.

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Kamelot Announces Cover Contest Winners

Kamelot has checked in with the following announcement about revealing the six winning entries for the band's recent cover artwork contest:

"Cover contest winners announced! Congrats to all the entries that were sent it! We couldn’t choose just one so we are giving these 6 winners free tickets to the concert of their choice and a meet and greet with the band at the show! We will be contacting all the winners with details of the prize."

You can check out the winning entries here. Kamelot also recently announced new tour dates and guest vocalist information, which can be found at this location.

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Bloodiest Announces New Album Details

Chicago, IL's Bloodiest will release its debut full-length, "Descent," on March 29th in North America (April 4th internationally). "Descent" was recorded with engineer Sanford Parker at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studios in Chicago. The album art is viewable here along with pre-order options.

Bloodiest has also posted one of the album's six tracks, titled “Pastures,” online now via the band’s official MySpace profile. Professionally shot footage of the seven-piece band rehearsing new material can also be viewed here.

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Hemoptysis Talks "Misanthropic Slaughter"

Arizona act Hemoptysis is set to release the new album "Misanthropic Slaughter" on March 8th, 2011. The members of the band recently conducted an interview with Welovemetal.com to discuss the new album. Excerpts from the interview can be found below. You can also check out Metalunderground.com's interview with guitarist Masaki Murashita here.

WLM: Can you tell us about the stunning and frightening images on the art work of the cover?

Travis: The artwork is supposed to depict the title track of the album, “Misanthropic Slaughter.” We knew we wanted to continue using the beast we call “Vetis” on the artwork and we wanted Evil Dave of Incision Tattoo in Glendale, Arizona, to do the artwork. We dreamed up the idea of the beast for our EP, “Who Needs A Shepherd?” and Evil Dave did an amazing job with the artwork for that album so we couldn’t imagine using the beast idea for this album unless Evil Dave was the one creating it. We wanted Vetis to be in the sky as some anonymous person killed the last person on earth, while the bodies of the rest of humanity were piled up in the background. Evil Dave had a better idea where he would have the beast be the one doing the killing instead of some anonymous person. He drew people in various stages of dying and he made it his most detailed piece of art he has ever done!

WLM: In your opinion: Why doesn’t Hemoptysis have a major label record deal?

Masaki: Nowadays, most labels want to take every penny from bands and give zero tour support and it is just not worth it. We didn’t work this hard and come this far just to have a label rip us off and take everything we own and give us nothing in return. Many labels are ripping bands off more than ever and we will not sign a label contract just for the sake of “being a signed band”. If it happens it happens and if it doesn’t we are just going to keep moving ahead.

WLM: Is “desertcore” a real genre?

Masaki: Yes and no. Almost every band doesn’t want to be categorized into just one type of genre. Our sound is rooted in thrash metal but there are more elements to our music than that. Calling our music Desert Core was just us having fun with the idea of making our own genre. And hell why not, we live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Read the full article at We Love Metal.

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Arson Anthem Holds A Meeting In New Orleans

The Hangar was ready for the AA meeting; the floors were redone in a slick finish to make the mess easier to clean, the bar was stocked with booze, and the flasks were full. I’m talking about the Arson Anthem show, of course. I had to prepare for such an event as any Louisianian would, a tailgate complete with fried chicken, fold-out chairs, and good friends. We all had a great time before the show, but the best was yet to come. The crowd wasn’t the a-typical metalheads I thought would show up, although quite a few did. There were younger Down fans, older yuppie Pantera fans, and the curios onlooker all wanting to see what Phil Anselmo looks like behind a guitar, no doubt. I knew what to expect from Arson Anthem, but the show took some strange turns indeed. More...

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Kataklysm Adds New Song To Rock Band

Montreal based extreme metallers Kataklysm have uploaded another song to the Rock Band Network from their latest album "Heaven’s Venom." The track, “At the Edge of the World," is now available here and is compatible with the new double bass drum application. The following songs are now available for purchase and game play:

“At the Edge of the World”
“At the Edge of the World” (double bass version)
“Determined (Vows of Vengeance)”
“Determined (Vows of Vengeance)” (double bass version)
“Numb & Intoxicated”
“Numb & Intoxicated” (double bass version)

Kataklysm recently announced, in cooperation with Decibel Magazine and SickDrummerMagazine.com, the North American leg of the "Spread the Venom 2010 – 2011 World Tour." Joining the band will be groove ladden death shredders All Shall Perish, technical/progressive death act Decrepit Birth, Sumerian Records‘ touring juggernaut Conducting From The Grave, and Relapse Records‘ modern death metal merchants Abysmal Dawn. The currently announced dates are as follows:

02/24/11 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
02/25/11 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
02/26/11 Harpo’s – Detroit, MI
02/27/11 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
02/28/11 Park Theatre – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA
03/01/11 The Distrikt – Regina, SK - CANADA (KATA + ASP ONLY)
03/02/11 The Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
03/03/11 Lake City Bowl – Kelowna, BC – CANADA
03/04/11 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC – CANADA
03/05/11 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
03/06/11 Branx (Loveland) – Portland, OR
03/07/11 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA (NO ABYSMAL DAWN)
03/08/11 The Whisky – Hollywood, CA
03/09/11 SOMA – San Diego, CA 03/10/11 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM (KATA + ASP ONLY)
03/11/11 Sorority – Amarillo, TX
03/12/11 Trees – Ft. Worth, TX
03/13/11 The White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
03/15/11 The State Theatre – St. Petersburg, FL
03/16/11 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
03/17/11 Jaxx – W. Springfield, VA
03/18/11 AlRosa Villa – Columbus, OH
03/19/11 Evening Star Music Hall – Niagara Falls, NY
03/20/11 Club Soda – Montreal, QC – CANADA

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Septicflesh Posts New Album Digipack Artwork

The upcoming album from Greek extreme metal act Septicflesh, titled “The Great Mass,” will hit the stores on April 18th (one day later in North America). The band has now posted the artwork online for the album's jewel case dition, which was designed by front man Seth Siro Anton himself.

You can check out the artwork here. The main artwork for “The Great Mass” will appear on the limited Digipak edition, the gatefold LP, and the dust jacket of the collector’s book, which will be revealed later.

Seth explains: “This is a small fragment of the artwork that will dress the new artistic experiment of Septiclfesh, ‘The Great Mass’. It is a small part of an occult machine made from marble and flesh, fantasy and reality, order and chaos. A great machine composed from the blasphemous union of strange figures, creations of Man, the creator of the gods and demons. Their grotesque purpose will be revealed soon, when all the cover editions of the new album will be presented and will be combined together… Let the great self-cannibalistic symposium begin.”

You can also check out the band's first studio report for "The Great Mass" at this location.

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Coldworker Posts Live Footage Of New Song

Coldworker has posted live footage of a new song, which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the track and the recording process for the new Coldworker album:

"The final mix and track order is yet to be done, but in the mean time we can announce the title of the third Coldworker album... It's 'The Doomsayer's Call.'

"The album is soon finished, the mix sounds amazing and we're very anxious to hear the final result, and even more anxious to hear what others think of it. More info is coming soon. In the mean time, enjoy this live clip of 'Becoming the Stench' recorded this past Saturday."

You can also check out a list of currently announced song titles for the album here.

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Madball's Freddy Madball Does Fight Song

Madball frontman Freddy Cricien continues his foray into hardcore rap with a track with Boston's BlackNBlue productions that will be unveiled Saturday night as former UFC heavyweight champ Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski's new theme song.

The track, called "The Real Deal," features Freddy Madball and Boston rapper Jaysaun and will be unveiled when Arlovski hits the cage at the Strikeforce MMA World Heavyweight Grand Prix at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Cricien, half-brother of Agnostic Front's Roger Miret, has straddled the line between hardcore and hip-hop for years and embraced his gangsta rap roots on 2009's "Catholic Guilt." He's teamed up with BlackNBlue in the past, most recently for his 2010 "Gunshots" video, which was filmed in Boston and features BNB's KO and Big Chris, Jaysaun and Slaine, a rapper/actor who recently starred in "The Town" and is also in La Coka Nostra with Ill Bill and House of Pain's Everlast and Danny Boy.

Madball fans can check out the new track and watch Arlovski fight on Showtime Saturday at 10 p.m.

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Solid State Records Offers Free 10 Song Sampler

Metal imprint Solid State Records is offering a 10-song sampler on Facebook. All you need to do it "Like" the Solid State Page on Facebook, and you're good. If you already like Solid State, just go to the offer tab to get the sampler, which has songs from Underoath, August Burns Red, Haste The Day, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, The Showdown and more.

Check it out on Solid State's FaceBook Page.

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Coronatus Splits With Vocalist

Coranatus recently announced the band would be entering the studio in August. The group has now checked in with the following message about parting ways with vocalist Natalie Kempin:

"Time for news. We have some good, and some bad news! First the bad news: After some months of work and rehearsal with Natalia Kempin, we realized, that the different opinions about music and band are too far away from each other, and does not support the creative band life for the upcoming tour dates and the new album. For this reason, Coronatus and Natalia split, she will not be Coronatus singer anymore from this point. We wish her all the best for the future!

"Now the good news: For the upcoming gigs and the tour with Haggard (more info coming soon), we where able to reactivate an old friendship from the Lux Noctis times. Viola Schuch, singer on Lux Noctis, will fill the empty space for a part of the tour! This is a very rare opportunity for all Coronatus fans, to see an unexpected line up, and an exceptional experience on the upcoming concerts! For the other part of the tour, we will announce another surprise very soon. Stay tuned!

"A short note for the upcoming tour with Haggard: We will play a part of the Haggard European Tour, mostly Germany. Exact locations and dates will be announced soon. In our next radio show 'It's Coronatus time' on Newcomerradio Deutschland, we will present you more news, along with personal info of Viola Schuch and the 2nd soprano voice for the tour. So don't miss the next radio show on March 8, at 22:00 German time!"

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Zemial To Release New Single

Front man Vorskaath of Zemial has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming album and the release of a new single:

"Realizing that a delay was forthcoming for the completion of NYKTA, I suggested to Hells Headbangers that we release a 7” single in the meantime. It is symbolically titled: DUSK.

"I chose two pieces: the pre-production version of 'In the Arms of Hades' (which will feature certain new parts recorded for the album) and 'Cries Behind the Golden Walls.' This last piece was composed in 1991, just as things were taking the direction that Zemial would follow in the coming years. It is in fact the companion to 'Words from The Temple of Shadows' as they were the two new pieces that we were practicing back then and the two new pieces that caused the dissolution of that 2-year line-up and turned Zemial into a one man project.

"Thanks to all of you for the positive feedback. I am glad that this music is still reaching deep. A word of warning to the collectors out there: this edition will be strictly limited.

"I know that there has been no update regarding NYKTA and this is as good as any time to shed some light into why. The craziness of the last half year has not allowed me to properly concentrate on finishing NYKTA.

"Aside from (other) music and teaching commitments, in October 2010 I began the long process of relocating my entire studio. Aside from the arduous process of sorting through the cable salad and moving all the equipment, we have had to completely renovate the new studio room and start from 'scratch.' It has taken very long but we are almost done. With all installations complete and the studio up and running I will entirely focus on completing NYKTA and moving on to some other music for Zemial. This I can guarantee. In the meantime, many thanks to all of you for being patient and I do hope that DUSK will at least partially satiate your thirst for new Zemial music. Good things take time."

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Saxon Seeking Fans To Perform On New Album

U.K. act Saxon has issued the following announcement about seeking fans to come to the studio and perform on the band's new album:

"Get the chance to be on the new Saxon album! Band are in the studio in Brighton finishing of the album. If anyone lives nearby or if anybody can get there tomorrow night Thursday 10th of February at 8pm the band need a quire for one of the songs! Called 'Back in '79'

"Brighton Electric Recording Co Ltd, Tramway House. 43-45 Coombe Terrace, Brighton, BN2 4AD. Thursday 10th of February at 8pm!

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ReThink Records Formed by LoG Drummer, Manager

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and manager Larry Mazer have formed ReThink Records, a joint venture with The End Records with distribution through RED. The label’s first signing is Portland, Maine based band Too Late The Hero. The band's debut CD, "Statement of Purpose," was produced by Josh Wilbur and is scheduled for an April 12th release date. Following the release, the band will be touring throughout 2011, beginning with a show on April 14th at New England Metal Fest.

Starting Monday February 14th, the band will be streaming a track from the album with a new track debuting each subsequent Monday. The tracks will be streamed on the band's Facebook page, MySpace and official web site.

The track listing for "Statement of Purpose" is:

Hold Your Applause
Still Insists She Sees The Ghosts
Life As Fiction
The Hunt
Dead And Gone
The Ground Is Lava
Statement Of Purpose
Scary How Fast
Left As Your Reflection
Requiem Of A Scenester
Wicked Self

Too Late The Hero is comprised of:

Aaron Caple - drums
Kevin Billingslea - guitar
Jack Stolz - guitar
Nate Duckworth - bass
Jared Wilbur - vocals

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Cold Announces New Tour Dates

Jacksonville, Florida alternative metal act Cold has revealed the dates for its forthcoming United States tour. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below:

03/15 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
03/17 Baltimore, MD – Ram’s Head
03/18 Albany, NY – Northern Lights
03/19 Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock
03/21 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club
03/22 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
03/24 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
03/25 Hartford, CT – Webster Theater
03/26 Manchester, NH – Rocko’s
03/27 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
03/29 Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
03/31 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
04/01 Columbus, OH – Al Rosa
04/02 Detroit, MI – Harpos
04/05 St. Louis, MO – Pop’s
04/06 Chicago, IL – Mojoes
04/08 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave

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Music As A Weapon Tour Heading To Canada

The Music As A Weapon tour is scheduled to make five Eastern-Canadian stops. The Music As A Weapon features Co-headliners Disturbed and Korn with support from Sevendust and In This Moment. You can view the Canadian stops on the tour below:

03/30 Ottawa, ON – Scotiabank Arena
03/31 Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre
04/02 Quebec City, QC – Colisee Pepsi Arena
04/04 Saint John , NB – Harbour Station
04/05 Halifax, NS – Halifax Metro Centre

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Legend Posts Footage From The Studio Online

American deathcore act Legend has posted new video footage from the studio. You can view the lengthy clip below:

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CKY Announces U.S. Mini-Tour

CKY has revealed a small batch of tour dates set to take place across the United States. You can view the upcoming CKY concerts below:

03/02 West Hollywood, CA – The Viper Room
03/04 Costa Mesa, CA – Orange County Fairgrounds
03/18 Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
03/19 New York City, NY – Blender Theater
03/21 Hartford, CT – The Webster

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Tombs Announces New Tour Dates

Blackened hardcore act Tombs has revealed the dates for its forthcoming headline tour of the United States. Support on the trek will come from extreme metal act Wormrot. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below:

03/22 New Orleans, LA – Siberia
03/23 Panama City, FL – C Level Bar
03/24 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
03/25 Miami, FL – Churchhill’s
03/26 Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
03/27 Atlanta, GA – Archive Gallery
03/28 Charlotte, NC – The Milestone
03/29 Richmond, VA – Gallery 5
03/30 Washington, DC – The Red Door
03/31 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
04/01 Worcester, MA – Club Oasis
04/02 Allston, MA – O’Brien’s

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Your Demise Posts Touring Footage Online

U.K. hardcore act Your Demise has started a new tour video series and has posted the first video online. You can view the video below:

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Ken Mode Announces New Tour Dates

Canadian progressive hardcore act Ken Mode has revealed the dates for its forthcoming North American tour. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below:

Mar 11 - Sioux Falls, SD - Latitude 44
Mar 12 - Denver, CO - Blast-O-Mat
Mar 15 - San Antonio, TX - the 1011
Mar 16 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
Mar 17 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
Mar 18 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
Mar 19 - Austin, TX (SXSW)
Mar 20 - Kansas City, MO - Scion Lab
Mar 21 - Champaign IL - Dan Aykroyd's House
Mar 22 - Windsor, ON - Coah & Horses
Mar 23 - Hamilton, ON - Casbah
Mar 24 - Toronto, ON - the Garrison
Mar 25 - Ottawa, ON - Cafe Dekcuf
Mar 26 - Quebec City, QC - Le Scanner
Mar 27 - Montreal, QC - Katacombes
Mar 28 - Sherbrooke, QC - Bar Le Magog
Mar 29 - Burlington, VT - 242 Main
Mar 30 - Boston, MA - O'Brians Pub
Mar 31 - Syracuse, NY - TBA
Apr 1 - Long Island, NY - Ethical Humanist Society
Apr 2 - NYC, NY - Webster Hall
Apr 3 - Brick, NJ - Bricktown Moose Lodge
Apr 4 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
Apr 8 - Tampa, FL - Transitions Art Gallery
Apr 9 - Orlando, FL - Will's Pub
Apr 10 - Tallahassee, FL - The Farside
Apr 12 - Birmingham, AL - The Firehouse
Apr 14 - Chattanooga, TN - JJ's Bohemia
Apr 16 - Rochester, NY - Monty's Krown
Apr 19 - Buffalo, NY - The Funeral Home
Apr 21 - Indianapolis, IN - The Melody Inn
Apr 22 - Chicago, IL - the Mutiny
Apr 23 -Minneapolis, MN - TBA (venue change)
Apr 24 - Fargo, ND - The Aquarium
Apr 26 - Boise, ID - The Shredder
Apr 27 - Portland, OR - Rotture
Apr 28 - Seattle, WA - The Comet
Apr 29 - Victoria, BC - Logan's Pub
Apr 30 - Vancouver, BC - Funky Winkerbean's
May 1 - Kamloops, BC - Pogue Mahone
May 2 - Edmonton, AB - Filthy McNasty's
May 3 - Calgary, AB - the New Black (all-ages)
May 3 - Calgary, AB - Dickens Pub (18+)
May 4 - Saskatoon, SK - Amigos
May 5 - Prince Albert, SK - PA Arts Center
May 6 - Regina, SK - O'Hanlon's Pub
May 7 - Winnipeg, MB - the Royal Albert (hometown record release)

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Architects Behind-The-Scenes Footage Available

Behind-the-Scenes video footage has been posted online from the recent Architects music video shoot. The footage comes courtesy of Kerrang and documents the filming of "Learn To Live." You can view the footage below:

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Paul Rodgers Offers Thoughts On Gary Moore

Current Queen member Paul Rodgers has posted the following statement online regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

"Gary was a friend and a truly great man. I respect that he played the game his way... no time for B.S. He was focused and passionate about music and was one of the best.

"The last time that I jammed with Gary, he came on as my special guest at London's Royal Albert Hall and proceeded to take it to another level... the place imploded! When he played, he was a man on fire.

"If there hadn't been an ocean between us and Gary didn't mind flying, we absolutely would have created more together. We've lost a great British blues man and I am very, very sad."

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Ommatidia Posts New Album Trailer Online

Ommatidia has posted a new trailer online to promote its forthcoming studio album "In This Life, Or The Next." The new album was recorded at Tour Fine Studio and was mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street. "In This Life, Or The Next" is set for release on March 21, 2011 through Season Of Mist. You can view the album trailer below:

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Evergrey Posts New Music Video Online

Swedish metal act Evergrey has teamed up with MetalInjection to debut its new music video. The video was shot for the track "Wrong," which is taken from the band's forthcoming album "Glorious Collision." "Glorious Collision" is set for release on February 22th, 2011. You can view the video and the album's track listing below:

1. Leave It Behind Us
2. You
3. Wrong
4. Frozen
5. Restoring The Loss
6. To Fit The Mold
7. Out Of Reach
8. The Phantom Letters
9. The Disease ...
10. It Comes From Within
11. Free
12. I'm Drowning Alone
13. ... And The Distance

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The Faceless Comments On Upcoming Album

The Faceless guitarist Michael Keene has posted the following update online about working on a new album:

"After five years and two successful albums, we've decided to sign on with the sphinx-obsessed, record-pedaling Sumerian Records for some more! We've worked together from the start of both of our respective careers and have grown together the whole way.

"That brings me to the question, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

"There is no doubt that Sumerian has been there for us time and time again when we've needed them and they continue to grow and expand as a label every day. I'm very confident in their work for us and am proud to not only call everyone at Sumerian our business partners, but also our great friends.

"This next record is going to be the most musical and progressive record we've made. Since recording 'Planetary Duality', the goals of The Faceless have changed a bit. You can still expect a fast, technical and blistering record, but I personally am less focused on a musical aesthetic and more on musicality and making an expressive, unique, moody and expansive record. Speed picking, flying double bass and skin melting guitar solos are certainly still in order. However, you can also expect more clean vocals with big harmonies, some unique instrumentation, dark moody passages, interesting keyboards, synth guitars, vocoder and sequenced segments. It's going to be the most focused and depressive 'Faceless record to date.

"I'll also be filming as much of the recording process on my FlipCam and posting frequent webisodes along the way.

"I'm really excited to show our fans a glimpse into the daily life of The Faceless, the recording process and my little world at Keene Machine Studios. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

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Advent Of Bedlam Posts New Music Video Online

Costa Rican extreme metal act Advent Of Bedlam has posted a new music video online. The video was shot for the track "The Stench Of Your Faith," which is taken from the band's latest album "Behold The Chaos." "Behold the Chaos" was recorded at Cavan Studio with producer Max Gutierrez. You can view the video below.

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Hellyeah To Tour Japan With Anthrax

Hellyeah has revealed that it will be heading over to Japan for a short tour in early May. The band will be the direct support act to thrash veterans Anthrax. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below:

May 05 - Tokyo, Japan - O-East
May 06 - Tokyo, Japan - O-East
May 07 - Nagoya, Japan - Diamond Hall
May 09 - Osaka, Japan - Big Cat

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Blackguard Posts New Song Teaser Online

Canadian hybrid metallers Blackguard have posted a new song teaser online for the track "Firefight." The song is the title track from the band's forthcoming full length album. The new album is set for release on March 29th, 2011 through the band's new label home in Victory Records. You can check out the song teaser below:

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