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Metal News for February 8, 2009

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Xandria Reveals New Vocalist

German goth metal band Xandria has issued the following statement about their new vocalist:

"We all have waited long for this moment, and without putting you on the rack anymore we just introduce her to you now:

"The new Xandria singer's name is Kerstin Bischof, and on our official homepage you now can find more infos on her and a greeting from her to you all!"

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Psyopus Streaming New Song "Medusa" Online

Psyopus has issued the following update about streaming a new song on their MySpace page:

"Hey loving friends, Check out the song "Medusa" off our new album "Odd Senses" which will be released 2.17.09.

"If you want to really help us out, PLEASE preorder our disk from www.metalblade.com. First week record sales are huge in the record industry. Because of this, there is no bigger way you could help us out. You can also preorder it at any record store. We have Sony/RED distibution. That's a pretty big deal. Because of this, you can go to the counter of any record store in your town and ask them to order the disk for you - even if it' the record stores that you think will only sell Fall Out Boy. THANKS"

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Metallica Announces Sonisphere 2009 Festival

Metallica has issued the following statement about headlining the 2009 Sonisphere festival:

"Summer is around the bend and what would summer be without Metallica playing a few European festival shows?? This year we're going to be part of the brand spankin' new Sonisphere festival, the first and only touring European Rock festival which hits six cities for a total of seven shows. We hear that while the usual festival madness will be going on, Sonisphere will have two alternate stages so you don't have to miss a minute of the music.

"Lamb of God and Mastodon are along with for the fun at all the shows and on August 1 Linkin Park will headline the first of the two Knebworth shows (we take the stage for the second one on August 2).

"As you can see below, our friends from Slipknot and Die Toten Hosen are hitting a few select cities, with Linkin Park also joining us in Finland: More...

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Steel Nation Embarks On Tour

STEEL NATION is on tour again with No Turning Back (2/18-2/26) and No Truce (2/20-3/8). Here are the latest tour dates.

Feb 8 The Brickhouse, St. Albans, West Virginia
Feb 9 Skull Alley, Louisville, Kentucky
Feb 10 The 1511, Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb 11 Metal Shaker, Chicago, Illinois
Feb 12 Billiards Blue Room, Springfield, Missouri
Feb 13 Cactus Jack’s, Belton, Missouri
Feb 14 Blast-O-Mat, Denver, Colorado
Feb 18th-25 with No Turning Back and No Truce
Feb 18 King Cobra, Seattle, Washington
Feb 19 Buffalo Jump, Vancouver, Washington
Feb 20 The Fire Escape, Citrus Heights, California
Feb 21 The HQ, Reno, Nevada (No NTB)
Feb 22 The Castle, Soledad, California
Feb 23 China Town Youth Center, Fresno, California
Feb 24 Casa De La Raza, Santa Barbra, California
Feb 25 Kimbara Bar, Tijuna, Mexico
No Truce only
Feb 27 East Side Joe’s, Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 28 Drive River, Tuscon, Arizona
Mar 1 The Worhol, San Antonio, Texas
Mar 4 The Hi-Tone, Memphis area, Tennessee
Mar 5 The Coup, Clarksville, Tennessee
Mar 7 Bagel Czar, Richmond, Virginia
Mar 8 The Champ, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

In related news, the Steel Nation/Crucified 7" began shipping last week.

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The Haunted Posts "Behind The Scenes" Video

The Haunted will premiere their promo video for "Trenches" soon, but very shortly. In the meantime, they've posted some behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot from December 2008. You can check out the video below. More...

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Ventriloquist Ecard Available Online

Lancaster, PA metal band Ventriloquist's label, 13 Star Recordings, has posted an e-card in support of the band's self-titled debut album. "Ventriloquist" was recorded and produced by Carson Slovak at Century Studios and is due out on February 10, 2009.

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Lionheart Joins The Hatewear European Tour

Lionheart has joined the Hatewear European tour, which also features, SWORN ENEMY (Centrury Media), FREYA (Victory Records), and CDC (Filled With Hate
Records). The latest Hatewear 2009 tour dates are as follows:

12.02. Frankfurt - Nachtleben (Germany)
13.02. Bochum - Zwischenfall (Germany)
14.02. Haarlem - Patronaat (Netherlands)
15.02. Eindhoven - Dynamo (Netherlands)
16.02. Paris - Gibus (France)
17.02. Nantes - Le Ferrailleur (France)
18.02. Durango - Plateruena (Spain)
19.02. Lisbon - Mans Ruin (Portugal)
20.02. Madrid - Sala Live (Spain)
21.02. Barcelona - Sala Mephisto (Spain)
22.02. Montpellier - Secret Place (France)
23.02. Rillieux La Pape (Lyon) - Salle O Totem (France)
24.02. Colmar - Le Grillen (France)
25.02. Stuttgart - Landes Pavilion (Germany)
26.02. Solothurn - Kofmehl (Switzerland)
27.02. San Giorgio in Bosco (Pd) - La Gabbia (Italy)
28.02. Pinarella di Cervia (Ra) - Rockplanet (Italy)
01.03. München - Feierwerk (Germany)
04.03. Copenhagen - Loppen (Denmark)
05.03. Hamburg - Logo (Germany)
06.03. Magdeburg - Blow Up (Germany) + FINAL PRAYER
07.03. Mons - Maximum HC Fest (Belgium) + CRUSHING
08.03. Sheffield - Cooperation (Great Britain)
09.03. Leeds - Rios (Great Britain)
10.03. Edinburgh - Studio 24 (Great Britain)
11.03. Plymouth - White Rabbit (Great Britain)
12.03. Middlesbrough - Crown (Great Britain)
13.03. London - Underworld (Great Britain)
14.03. Antwerp - Trix (Belgium)
15.03. Rotterdam - De Baroeg (Netherlands) + BORN FROM PAIN
16.03. Köln - t.b.a. (Germany)
17.03. Saarbrücken - Garage (Germany)
18.03. Weinheim - Café Central (Germany)
19.03. Hof/Zedtwitz - Fernverkehr (Germany)
20.03. Vienna - MFF Festival @ Gasometer (Austria)
21.03. Salzburg - Spring Metal Festival (Austria)
22.03. Prague - Chmelnice (Czech Republic)
23.03. Ostrava - Tancima (Czech Republic)
25.03. Berlin - SO 36 (Germany)
26.03. Bydgoszcz - Estrada (Poland)
27.03. Wroclaw - Firlej (Poland)
28.03. Chemnitz - AJZ (Germany) + BORN FROM PAIN
29.03. Schweinfurt - Alter Stattbahnhof (Germany)

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Eddie Van Halen Hopeful For New Music and Tour

Billboard.com reports: Almost nine months since Van Halen wrapped its first tour since 1984 with original lead singer David Lee Roth, guitarist Eddie Van Halen is hopeful there will be future activity for the group.

Van Halen tells Spinner.com that after he and girlfriend Janie Liszewski get married in June and his son Wolfgang (who played bass on the reunion tour) graduates from high school, he plans to discuss recording new music, which he says he has "tons of."

"If Dave's up for singing ... then do another tour, and just see where it takes us," Van Halen said. "Actually, next week or the week after Wolfie, Alex and I are gonna start jamming. Maybe we'll give Dave a call and see what he's up to. He's off, always doing his own thing, and he checks in every now and then to see how we're doing."

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Rock of Love Tour Bus Episode 5 Recap

As the Rock of Love tour buses roll into St. Louis the first stop is naturally Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. Big Beverly immediately becomes defensive, “Another strip club?” Ashley sees the stripper poles, and says sincerely, “I’m home!” More...

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World To Ashes Issues Recording Update

German melodic death metal band World To Ashes has issued the following recording update and release date for their upcoming album:

"At last weekend Christoph finished the recording of his vocals. And Roland, Lorenz and Christoph composed a real beautiful interlude. So everything is ready right now and Roland is mixing the stuff at the moment. In a few days Claudio of Sacrificium, Thy Bleeding Skies and My Darkest Hate will do some special guest vocals at Hard Drive Studio in Stuttgart. At the same time Lorenz and Christoph will join Roland to get a first impression of the mixing.

"We'll most likely have another great guest appearance, which we can't make official yet, because we're not sure if it's going to happen or not. You see, it will be worth to wait on our record.

"'In Contemplation Of Decease' by World to Ashes will hit the stores in May 2009! Tracklist and cover will follow soon...stay tuned."

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Pica Fierce Calls It Quits

Norwegian death thrashers Pica Fierce have issued the following statement about calling it a day:

"We’re sorry to inform you that from now on, Pica Fierce no longer exists. We wish to thank all fans who have followed us through the years and constantly been giving us those memorable moments. Also a huge thanx goes to all bands and people we’ve been playing and partying with and all people who have been helping us in different ways. -Ingen nevnt, ingen glemt-

"It’s really nothing dramatic about the split, it may not even be the right word to use, maybe ”long break” could be more describing. The point is that what term we use doesn't really matter, but people should not be waiting for more Pica in any way soon. We’re still best friends who talks to each other each day, and the ONLY rason for this decision is lack of creative stimulation through Pica. By that we mean, avoiding Pica Fierce to end up sounding like four bands, the four of us needs a creatively and musically blow-out.

"We are all ready, and will be involved in new projects together. The Pica-spirit carries on though making the best songs possible, so watch out.

"So what would have been the status on Pica in February 09? Well, we had all ready written half of the next record…"

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Soilwork Launches Tour Video Blog

Swedish metal band Soilwork has issued the following update about launching a new video blog of their tour:

"Sweden's SOILWORK and Royal Artist Club (powered by Nokia!) have teamed up to bring you, the fans, regular video and picture updates from the road (on the bands current North American tour) exclusively here.

"Tune in regularly to view the bands latest updates from the road!"

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Asphyx Issues Recording Update

Asphyx has issued the following update about the legendary Dan Swano mixing their upcoming album:

"Swedish Dan Swanö will mix the upcoming Asphyx album entitled " Death...The Brutal Way".The album is recorded in the Sonic Assault studio and engineered by Frank Klein Douwel,who is also the live sound mixer of Asphyx.The new album will be Asphyx' heaviest so far for sure.We know,that's a cliché,but it's simply true and if we say this, you bet it's the truth. Some titles: Death...the Brutal Way,Cape Horn,Der Eisenbahnmörser,Scorbutics,Riflegun Redeemer,Black hole Storm, Asphyx II (They died as they Marched)...........

"The album will be released in May/June this year by Century Media records.War Anthem records will release the lp version. Linear notes will be presented by Martin."

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God Forbid On Album: It's "Blowing People's Minds"

GOD FORBID guitarist Dallas Coyle has written the latest entry for his weekly column on MetalSucks, “The Hard R.” This week Dallas talks about the impending release of the new GOD FORBID album "Earthsblood," outlines touring plans for 2009, and takes shots at Internet detractors on Blabbermouth. An excerpt follows:

"I bet a lot of you are wondering why I haven't been doing my blog lately. Well, let me tell you. Our album comes out very soon and I say a LOT of fucked up shit when I'm writing these blogs. I guess it's not as fucked up as what the BlabberBitches say but I guess I can get people all riled up. Maybe they have no lives. Maybe their user name handle is out of date and they just can't change it because their anxiety of being un-"famous" prevents them from doing so. I don't know.

"I slowed down on the blogs for a bunch of reasons. 1) I had a baby. 2) I got a job. 3) I wanted to quiet myself before the album came out so you can pay attention to the music. Of all the shit I say, in the end, none of you would know me if it weren't for God Forbid so I think it's respectful to let GF have the spotlight while the record is set to be released.

"Now that the record is about to come out there's been some press, you've heard some songs and you've seen the artwork. Most of you are probably familiar with the fact that we're touring with Ill Nino in Europe in March, Lamb Of God in the states in April, doing the festivals in Europe in June and doing MAYHEM in July and August. That is a lot of touring. And to the BlabberGrundles who said we're washed up: Yeah, we also got fabric softener with our sick tours... Fuck off.

"How did all this happen? To tell you the truth, I have no fucking clue. I think it might be the fact that the record is blowing people's minds. Or we're a career band and we've always had momentum that is mounting. Or maybe we have friends in very high places. It's gotta be one or all of those things. I'm not too sure but I'll tell you this: I am fucking relieved, I am fucking happy and I am fucking content."

Read the full article at MetalSucks.net.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Announces Secret Show

The Dillinger Escape Plan has issued the following statement about their secret basement show occurring today:

"Three shows in, some of the best US DEP shows in a long time. Baltmore and NYC....WHEW!!!! You guys go off!!!!! The New Jersey show today is happening at:


Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles has reported that the location of the show is 26 Baldwin St in New Brunswick.

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Slavior Drummer Announces New Clinic Dates

Slavior drummer Mark Zonder has announced the following new drum clinic dates and locations:

3/24/09 Guitar Center, 10831 Pico Blvd, West LA, CA 90064
3/26/09 Guitar Center, 12479 Foothill #G Etiwanda CA, 91739 Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91739
3/31/09 Guitar Center, 8825 Murray Dr. La Mesa (San Diego) 91942

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Throne Of Malediction Working On New EP

U.S. black metal band Throne of Malediction has issued the following update about an upcoming EP:

"The Throne will release a 8+ song EP soon. We are still mastering and working on art...A lot of work and effort has been put in to this. We recorded most songs(track by track)in 1 take, we were kicking ass in the studio.We know the songs good..We are using our brainiac,cool friend Ryan Johnson and his Semi-Mad scientist lab as producer and engineer...We recorded the 1st 8 songs (all tracks) in 2 weeks:) There will be songs of every tempo, from a softly sung ballad by Jessica to the moshing style of Devoured!!!!Anyways, we are thrilled and like the masters so far...These 1st songs will be with 5-6 new songs on an upcoming full-length CD!!!!!FYI If you don't care, why did you read this hahahahaha"

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Flatlands Issues "Black Sluice" Album Update

U.K. based metallers Flatlands have issued the following statement about their upcoming album:

"'Black Sluice' is almost here. Over a year in the works now... Yes, we're slow. But we're British damn it! This is a huge progression from the mini-album/EP 'Vermuyden'. We may do a package deal for those who are new to Flatlands and want both. Pre-orders should be up soon."

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Ehnahre Preparing For European Tour Dates

Sound Devastation Records has issued the following update about Ehnahre's latest album "The Man Closing Up" and their plans to tour Europe:

"'The Man Closing Up' has been our best release so far in terms of the critical plaudits heaped upon it. There have been very few negative reviews, with the majority of doom and death metal fans lapping it up in equal measure. You can order the CD (in rather stunning packaging, if we do say so ourselves) from the SD shop.

"That said, Ehnahre are coming to the UK and Europe!!! Yes, titans of sonic terror, are coming over to bludgeon you... If anyone would like to book them please email ehnahrebooking@gmail.com

"The 2xLP version of the album will unfortunately not be ready for the tour, due to the unfolding issues had at the label recently. However, we are working double time on it, so that once you've seen the band, you wont have to wait too long before you can order it! We're doing a limited edition and standard edition, as we did with Amenra and Kongh. Limited edition will be white (limited to 200), and the standard edition will be on black wax (limited to 400)."

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Soijl Signs To Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music

Swedish doom metal band Soijl has issued the following statement about signing a record deal with the Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation:

"Good Evening,

"I'm glad to announce that I have signed a 2 album deal with Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation. The first chapter with Soijl is entitled "And The Darkness Grows.." and will be recorded during this spring in EPM Studios. When it will be released is to early to tell, but I will keep you all posted.

"Be prepared for an album in the vain of true Doom, filled with melancholy and dark melodies."

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Parkway Drive Announces US Tour Dates

Austrailia's metalcore band Parkway Drive will make their triumphant return for a headlining spring tour and performances at Bamboozle and Bamboozle Left in support of the band's sophomore album, "Horizons." The band recently wrapped up the Thrash & Burn Tour as well as an excursion with Killswitch Engage, Every Time I Die and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Parkway Drive first stormed the US metalcore scene in 2006 with their debut album "Killing with a Smile," which was followed shortly-thereafter by 2007's critically heralded release "Horizons."

Here are Parkway Drive's latest US tour dates with Stick To Your Guns and MyChildren MyBride: More...

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Isis Reveals New Album Details and Release Date

ISIS will release their fifth full-length album, "Wavering Radiant," on May 5 via Ipecac Recordings.

The album, recorded over the late summer and fall of 2008 in Los Angeles, was produced by Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Melvins) and will also see a vinyl release on Apr. 21.

Aaron Turner recently discussed the new album with Billboard, saying "This is a better sonic representation of what the band actually sounds like. In the past I think some of the recordings were a little too clean in their final form. There was something about the energy that seemed to be lacking. It seems to feel more like us than anything else has."

"I feel a sense of completion with this record that I've never felt before,” Aaron Harris adds. “We spent more time creating this record than we have with any other, and I feel in my heart that this record is in many ways our best."

The cover art was once again created by Turner.

The track listing for "Wavering Radiant" is:

1. Hall Of The Dead
2. Ghost Key
3. Hand Of The Host
4. Wavering Radiant
5. Stone To Wake A Serpent
6. 20 Minutes / 40 Years
7. Threshold of Transformation

ISIS is currently planning extensive worldwide touring behind Wavering Radiant with more details to be announced shortly.

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