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Metal News for February 7, 2010

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Suffokate Posts New Music Video Online

California death metal band SUFFOKATE has posted a new music video for the song "Not The Fallen" online. The song comes off their upcoming album entitled "No Mercy, No Forgiveness." watch the video below:

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Sleep To Reunite For U.S. Tour Dates

Legendary Californian doom metal band Sleep has announced that they will be reforming to perform some shows in the United States later this year. These shows will happen around September time with the only confirmed show taking place on September 3rd in Monticello, New York. The band performed some reunion shows in Europe last year but were unable to tour the States due to guitarist Matt Pike's involvment in the band High On Fire. Stay tuned for more information and tour dates.

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Canvas Solaris Posts New Song Online

Georgia instrumental progressive metallers CANVAS SOLARIS have recently posted a new track from their forthcoming LP, "Irradiance." Check out the unmastered "Conveyance of Flux" here. The band will be posting a mastered version soon. The record is slated for an early May release via Sensory Records.

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Agrypnie Announces Lineup Changes

Agrypnie has issued the following update:

"Because AGRYPNIE are planning a massive live presence for 2011, the band is now looking for new musicians."

"Due to his duties in the alternative metal outfit CHEENO, Carsten has decided to quit his position as bass player in AGRYPNIE. Besides, AGRYPNIE are still looking for a session keyboard player."

"If you are playing either bass guitar or keyboard, do not hesitate to write to the band directly: superstar@agrypnie.de."

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Angra Issues New Album Update

Brazilian progressive/power metal band Angra has issued the following pre-produciton update:

"We are very excited to bring you these news! We are almost done writing the songs for the new album, and we couldn't be happier! There is a general feeling that this is gonna be a really great album. Every time I listen to ourselves playing the songs, I can't help smiling. We are totally into every little detail and small part to make this one of the best Angra albums ever."

"The rehearsals are taking place at Ricardo's country house, near São Paulo. We don't have TV or internet, and phone signal is very poor, so we can't help but concentrate fully on the composition process, and this is intentional. We have a whole new set of challenges in the new arragements, since every part of them is being taken to the next level, both technically and musically."

"We will enter the studio in mid February, and we'll keep you posted on the latest news."

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Therion Names New Album

Swedish metal band Therion has issued the following update:

"I'm happy to announce that Therion are now entering the later phases of the recording of the new album, which will be mixed at the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm. The album title will be 'Sitra Ahra.' 13 songs are being recorded, but it is at this moment not certain which, or if all, of those will end up on the actual record. Oh, and Therion is going to Graspop!"

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Ex-Threshold Singer Joins PowerWorld

German metal band PowerWorld has issued the following update:

"We are proud that we have a new strong voice on the microphones. Please welcome Mr. Andrew McDermott: 'Mac' is the Ex-Singer of the german band Sargant Fury and the Ex-Singer of the UK-Progband Threshold. He is a man with a lot of experience. Our songs got exactly the power and spirit what they need. We want to finish the work on the album as fast as possible to play on the festivals this year."

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The Project Hate Begins Work On New Album

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has issued the following update:

"As you all know we are currently writing the next album, our first with Ms. Ruby. Last week I finished up the lyrics for the completed songs and now I am working on the next piece of the puzzle songwise. Ruby is working on her lyrics and vocal lines for the already finished tunes and we sure are taking our time with this album to make it as perfect as humanly possible. Tobben has already started to rehearse the songs he’s got so far and we are all certain this will be the best album we have ever done. So far. Until the next one. As always."

"There will be a lot of small updates for you as we go along and this post is just to make you aware of the fact that we are hard at work and things are going great. It will take some time before you get to hear anything though, that’s for sure. Just hang in there, keep an eye on our forums and praise Father Satan in the meantime."

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Mutiny Within Posts First Webisode Online

Metal newcomers Mutiny Within have compiled various installments of the footage documenting each step along the way of their career thus far. The result is the band debuting webisodes every Friday. Check out part 1 below:

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Holy Grail To Enter The Studio

California metal band Holy Grail will head in to the studio this month to record their debut album, "CRISIS IN UTOPIA," due out on Prosthetic Records in late Spring. Acclaimed producer/remixer/musician Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle) will be at the production helm.

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WarCall Announces New Vocalist

Montreal melodic death metal band WarCall has announced new vocalist Christ. Christ previously played with Montreal thrashers Damnation. The band is currently writing the second album that will be recorded this spring and summer. In the meantime, WarCall has released a pre production video of "War Against War," a song, which features the new lineup and can be seen below. The pre production version of "War Against War" can be seen and heard at the band’s MySpace page for a limited time, as it will be re-recorded for the yet-untitled second album.

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Allegaeon Posts Live Video Of New Song Online

Colorado's ALLEGAEON is currently recording their Metal Blade Records debut album, "Fragments Of Form And Function," with Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage) in Denver, CO. In the meantime, the band has posted a live video for a new song entitled, "Biomech." Watch it below:

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The Lucifer Principle Parts Ways With Bassist

Dutch metal band The Lucifer Principle has issued the following update regarding the departure of bassist Michael Grunwald from their lineup:

"After 5 years of writing, retuning, detuning, recording, doing promo, traveling in a van with 4 other crazy stomping freaks, Mike has decided that the time has come to move on. As one of the initiators of THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE, Mike not only brought something new to the table (playing a Stand-up Bass), but also provided a steady and intense live performance as well."

"We wish Mike all the best for the future, and thank him for the great times we had on the road. You will always stay a part of the monster we’ve created!" More...

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Disdained Posts Video Tour Report Online

Disdained has issued the following video tour report from the "Infinite Brutality Tour 2009:"


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Tarot Reveals New Album Cover Artwork Online

Finnish metallers TAROT have unveiled the new artwork of their forthcoming CD "Gravity Of Light." The successor of the 2007 release "Crows Fly Black" is due out on April 23rd via Nuclear Blast Records (excluding Finland).

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Callejon Reveals New Album Details Online

The German based Videometal band CALLEJON has finally unveiled the new cover artwork of their new CD called "Videodrom," which will be out April 3rd via Nuclear Blast records. The artwork once again was done by singer Basti Basti!

Album trailer can be seen below:


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Salem Posts New Album Trailer Online

Israeli extreme metallers SALEM have posted a trailer for their new album, "Playing God And Other Short Stories," which includes a few audio excerpts from the upcoming offering. Check it out below:


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Pain Link Names New Album

Kentucky thrash metallers PAIN LINK have set "Descendants Of Defiance" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in early 2010. "Descendants Of Defiance" is PAIN LINK's first new studio album since 2007's video-enhanced EP "Uncivil Servant." The CD is currently being recorded at Vigilante Studio in Hebron, KY. This will mark the bands fourth independent release since 2003.

"Descendants Of Defiance" deals with political unrest, self perseverance, self empowerment, and self preservation. It will also include a few other topics such as the first person perspective of America's Armed Forces in battle. According to guitarist Chris Brown, "This album showcases our band at its finest hour, a true representation of what we have always aspired to catch on disc. It mixes elements of thrash, death, & black metal to form a crushing auditory experience that will not disappoint even the most hardened of metal fans." More...

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Rush Working On New Material

In a recent interview with QMI Agency, legendary drummer Neil Peart of Rush confirmed that the band has begun work on their next studio album. An excerpt from the interview reads as follows:

QMI Agency: What’s happening with Rush? I read on your blog that you were going to meet in November to discuss your future. What happened?

Peart: "Well, in fact, we’ve just started working on new material. So we plan to get some writing and recording done. And we’re considering doing everything this year - maybe even a bit of touring. We are in action. And we feel a bit liberated by the state of the music business. Even since 2006, when we started Snakes & Arrows, the album has become less significant in these times of iTunes and shuffle settings and whatnot. But perhaps we can take advantage of that and work in a whole different way. So we decided, when we did meet, that we’re not constrained by the patterns of the past, where you spend a year writing and recording, and the next year touring. Anything’s possible now; we can record a couple of songs and put them out and then go on tour if we want. So at this point, we’re just embarking on writing, but keeping ourselves open to all those other possibilities. One of our early titles for this year was Research and Development. That’s where we’re at."

Read the full article at TorontoSun.com.

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Sunday Old School: 25 Years of Deliverance

In the mid-1980s, Jimmy P. Brown had a question: Could the style then being perfected by thrashers like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer be made to do the Lord's work? Brown provided a definitive answer of “yes,” forming Deliverance.

Sure, Christian metal had been done before — most notably by the yellow-and-black-bedecked Stryper, but never quite as heavy. Deliverance's sound was righteously angry, as were the song titles and lyrics. Thanks in part to a video that got MTV play, the band was able to cross over and gain fans in the mainstream metal crowd.

The band's great influence on the Christian metal scene will be celebrated this year with “Temporary Insanity: A Salute To Deliverance,” a two-disc tribute album featuring contributions from members of bands including The Crucified, Vengeance Rising and Darkness Falls. The album will also include a new Deliverance recording.

Deliverance first made its appearance on a compilation album called “California Metal.” Their debut album didn't make many waves, but their second, 1990's “Weapons Of Our Warfare” did — even spawning a video that appeared on MTV.

The band's third album, “What A Joke,” was less successful, and the band then underwent a musical overhaul, becoming less of a thrash band and moving more toward a progressive direction. The result was the album “Stay Of Execution.” The band kept the progressive bent on their next disc, “Learn.”

Deliverance released “River Disturbance” in 1994 and “Camelot In Smithereens” in 1995.

“Assimilation” came out in 2001, followed by another long break. Brown, the group's only constant member, reformed Deliverance in 2006, with the result being 2007's “As Above – So Below.”

This year, the band will release “The Annals Of Subterfuge” through Retroactive Records.

Weapons Of Our Warfare

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Ludicra Booking Replacement Tour

As was previously reported, Mayhem have canceled their North American tour, which was to feature Ludicra as a supporting act. Ludicra have now issued the following statement about planning on booking replacement dates on their own:

"Dear friends of Ludicra: You may have heard about the disappointing cancellation of the Mayhem / Ludicra / Tombs / Krallice tour in April. Ludicra will still tour in April. Serious inquiries to book a Ludicra show in your area should be directed to nanotear@hotmail.com.

"For any other queries about the new Ludicra album to be released March 2, please contact Profound Lore Records at info@profoundlorerecords.com.

"Yours in fever, Ludicra"

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Revolting Comments On Their Music

Swedish death metallers Revolting have issued the following update about their upcoming album and comment about their music:

"Revolting does NOT fit in with today's 'old-school' death metal scene. Everybody today is trying to be more 'black and white' and 'Nekro Kvlt' and 'limited to only 666 copies on vinyl' and only being influenced by Nihilist, Repugnant, and demos from 1989. This is such a fake mentality and most of these people grew up listening to rap music or Biohazard!

"Revolting is about fun, gory horror worship, and remembering the real old-school death metal bands of the past. We don't worship anybody and don't try to be the most 'Kvlt' band around. It's meant for people who love to listen to metal and enjoy remembering what this music was always meant to be!

"Thanks to all who have supported the band and the first album, and keep looking for the 2nd album because it's on the way and it's loaded with tons of great Putrid art and bonus tracks...and we won't charge you ridiculous prices to hear our music either or try to keep it hidden with FAKE 'limited' releases meant to rip you off on ebay 5 years from now! Support metal MUSIC, not stupid trends or gimmicks!"

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Somnae Recruits New Keyboardist

Washington's Somnae has issued the following update about releasing a new EP and recruiting a new keyboardist:

"After many months of relentless wait, we finally get to unleash our first debut EP release titled 'Forever More', which consists of three intense and powerful 'obscure' compositions of unforgettable and yet memorable dark melodic metal. Driven by cold and dense atmospheres, strongly fueled by death and doom elements, we deliver a limited 500 copies full color limited digipack edition perfect for collectors featuring somber artwork by Belgium artist Niels Geybels from Depraved Designs. Mastering duties were delivered by mastermind legendary swedish producer/engineer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swano from Unisound Studios. Truly a collector issue!

"We are also proud to announced the welcome to our new session keyboard player Jeffrey Stephens (Wyndkold, Mainfred) to the band. Welcome to the space-death crew bud! Somnae's full line up consists of Jesse Heidner (Inquinok) now on vocals and bass, Rob Steinway (Inquinok, Shaded Emnity, Fallen Angels) now switching to guitars, Brian Stephens (Semesus, Inquinok, Sol Negro) on drums and EJ Oropza (Dolens Aegrus, Sea of Nectar, Spellforest) on guitars and production duties. Check us out live soon! Thank you for the wait and we hope you enjoy the tunes."

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Unleashed Confirmed For Summer Breeze

Unleashed have announced they will be performing at the Summer Breeze festival in Dinkelsbühl, Germany between the 19th and 21st of August 2010. The actual date of Unleashed's performance will be announced as soon it becomes available. More information on the Summer Breeze festival can be found at this location. Other confirmed bands for the festival include Suffocation, End of Green, The Black Dahlia Murder, Undertow, Macabre, Agnostic Front, Raised Fist, 1349, Anathema, Barren Earth, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, and Children of Bodom.

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Conteched Comments On Canceled Show

Amsterdam based metallers Conteched have issued the following statement about canceling their February 6th show:

"To all people which showed up 6th of February at The Kaktus Rockbar in Mönchengladbach. We want to apologize for not playing last night. We were waiting for 5+ hours for microphones and cables, monitors didn't work and there was still no sound coming from the PA. At that point we had it, and left without playing. We are very sorry, we didn't had a change to present ourselves. Maybe soon in the future we will have our revenge."

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Five Days Of Rain Checks In From The Studio

Italian deathcore act Five Days of Rain recently entered the studio to record their new album "Taste My Breath After The Fallout." The band has checked in from the studio with the following update:

"Hi lads, we finally ended recording at Authoma Studios here in Alessandria. Now we take a couple of weeks for hear it all and the we will fly to 16th cellar door studio in Rome, where Stefano Morabito will wait us for the magic process of production/mix and master. In next weeks maybe we will give you a pre-mix version of a song as a big present. Peace."

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Interview with Suffocation's Mike Smith

Drummer Mike Smith has had a fundamental influence on the death metal genre by his idiosyncratic drumming. He has pioneered some of the most innovative drumming of the death metal genre known by fans as the "Smith Blast," which utilizes the bass drums, cymbals, and snare, all in unison. I would consider Mike Smith to be very versatile in the music industry because he has an eclectic catalog of musical talents. Indeed, Mike Smith is very talented. He can play drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and even is a producer and engineer. Even though he has contributed to Suffocation for twenty years, Suffocation still is awaiting for the opportunity to play on bigger tours like Mayhem Festival and more Ozzfests. Despite missing some of the bigger experiences, like Mike Smith says "Suffocation still bashes other bands know matter how big they are." More...

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Red Sparowes Posts New Album Preview Online

Los Angeles quintet Red Sparowes offers a preview of song snippets from its forthcoming epic, heavy and sprawling third album in a video trailer posted a couple of days ago. The disc, titled "The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer" will be released via Conspiracy Records in Europe and through Sargent House in the USA. Check out the teaser video below.

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Chthonian Posts "You Will Not Lie To Me, Christ!"

Chthonian, the black metal act featuring FINNTROLL frontman Vreth, has posted a new song off their upcoming album on YouTube. Check out "You will not lie to me, Christ!" below.

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Big Business Posts "The Drift" Music Video

A year after the release of their latest album, Big Business has released a video for the album's title track, "The Drift." The video itself was created by Wesley Belak-Berger. Check it out below.

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