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Metal News for February 6, 2003

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Katatonia's Viva Emptiness Press Release

London: Peaceville Records today confirms the US release date for Viva Emptiness, the sixth album from Sweden's KATATONIA. It is the band's third album for the popular English label, and follows the highly-acclaimed Last Fair Deal Gone Down.

Recorded at Soundtrade Studios in the band's hometown of Stockholm, the album was mixed by Jens Bogren with KATATONIA guitarist Anders Nystrom and vocalist Jonas Renske. The band also worked with Dan Swano for additional editing. Once again teaming with Travis Smith (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Death) for the album art, the album track listing includes, "Ghost of the Sun," "Sleeper," "Criminals," "A Premonition," "Will I Arrive," "Burn the Remembrance," "Wealth," "One Year from Now," "Walking by a Wire," "Complicity," "Evidence," "Omerta," and "Inside the City of Glass." More...

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Naglfar Set for Hell Itself

On the 24th of March 2003 Naglfars latest Album since 1998's Diabolical will be released: Sheol. It is said to be a must for Black Metal fans. At least the title promises that which is Hebrew and means nothing less than Hell itself. Songs like "I Am Vengeance", "Devoured By Naglfar" or "Force Of Pandemonium" shall prove that. For more information go to their website.

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Abdullah taps Walters for Drums

Jameson Walters (ex-Boulder) has taken over drum duties in Abdullah. Jamie is a long-time friend of the band and played bass on their debut. The band is already hard at work on new material and hopes to have a new record out by the end of the year.

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Scarvenger Update

An update from French old school death metal band Scarvenger: "The band has passed through severe line up changes the following months, loosing both their drummer and their bassist... But the previous bassist is now back in the band, and a new drummer is in the try. The band still anticipates the recording of a demo in some months."

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Magus Noctum Pull Off Tour

Magus Noctum has had to cancel the rest of their European tour with Lord Belial and Forlorn. During a case of bad weather, they crashed into Lord Belial's van. Lord Belial will repair their van and continue touring, whilst Magus Noctum's van is in bad condition, and they have been forced to return home. The guys in Magus Noctum say that these where the best gigs they ever had.

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Tourniquet DVD to be sold through website

Tourniquet’s first DVD, Ocular Digital, will be available through the band’s website from March 1st. Pre-orders are currently being accepted. The disc includes two live concerts and clocks in at over 75 minutes. Concert #1 was recorded live at the Flevo Festival in Eindhoven, Holland on August 17th, 2001. Concert #2 was recorded live at the Kit Carson Amphitheater in Escondido, CA on June 29th, 1991 (the band’s first show ever). Also included is the ‘Ark Of Suffering’ video.

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Impious CD to include Bonus Tracks

Impious’ new album, The Killer, includes the tracks ‘Dead Eyes Open’, ‘The Deathsquad’ and ‘Kill For Gory’, among others. The US release, due out through Hammerheart on March 18th, will include four bonus tracks unavailable on the European pressing. The bonus cuts include remakes of Metallica’s ‘Trapped Under Ice’, Running Wild’s ‘Soldiers Of Hell’ and Motley Crüe’s ‘Live Wire’.

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X-Mass Fest 2003 Update

Hypocrisy, Destruction, Vader, Nile, Dew-Scented, Misery Index, Disbelief and one other as-yet-unannounced act will team up for the X-Mass Fest 2003 European tour, set to take place Dec. 7-21.

Confirmed dates are as follows: More...

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Nicko Lays Down Maiden Vocals

Iron Maiden producer Kevin Shirley, who is currently working with the band at a London studio on their as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2000's "Brave New World", has posted the following recording update via his web site:

"We started the day [Tuesday, Feb. 4] trying to recut this tune of Steve and Dave's which we were busy with on Monday, but Bruce wasn't in, and the guys found it difficult to play without hearing the vocals. So... we took a break and they had a jam, a very rare occurrence for the band, and they got way funky too!!!!!! MAIDEN!!!!!! Yes sirree Bob!! And I recorded them, 4 jams in total, so look for them as B-sides somewhere down the track, and if you think they just throw-away tracks, you are mistaken - they may not be 'songs' as such, but you'll get a rare insight into their musicianship. Things got even sillier when Nicko (whilst doing some voices for a video-thingy) sang over a take of the previous day's song, without knowing the melody, and it is a riot!!! Finally Bruce arrived about at four, and we all got serious and nailed the track, as everyone was well warmed up, and then we all saw Nicko off with a bottle of vino at a neighborhood pub, once frequented by one Jimi Hendrix of Seattle when he lived in London. More...

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Akercocke Records Choronzon

The U.K. Satanic black/death metal band Akercocke have finalized the track listing for their third album, "Choronzon", tentatively due in late spring. The band completed the recordings for the CD in late December and currently are in discussions with "numerous producers" about mixing the effort, which is being described as "faster, heavier, more disturbing and much fucking nastier" than their previous output.

Says Akercocke guitarist/vocalist Jason Mendonca: " 'Choronzon' is the guardian of the abyss. With the tirade of pure sonic evil that we have recorded, we shall perhaps summon him and unleash hell. [laughs] The new songs feature all the classic Akercocke hallmarks: crushing holocaust blast beats, cacodaemonic vocals, apocalyptic guitar traumas and hideous bass and electronic rancor, but the band have developed the backbone of the sound by including new textures and elements to create new shades of darkness within a vortex of Satanic dissonance."

Unmixed versions of the tracks "Becoming the Adversary" and "Praise The Name Of Satan" can be downloaded from the group's official web site at this location. More...

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Insania Part with Keyboardist

Swedish melodic metallers Insania have parted ways with keyboardist Patrik Vastila. According to the group's web site, Patrik "decided to leave due to the lack of time for his studies. It's well known that Patrik is studying chemistry at the University of Stockholm and since it is a full-time job, it became evident [that] Patrik [had] to make a choice. The decision was taken by Patrik himself and there are no hard feelings between him and the rest of the band. The guys of INSANIA are greatful for the time they got with him and for what he did during the 10 years in Insania. So Insania wishes 'Dr Patrik' good luck with the studies and a great future life!" Insania's third album, "Fantasy", has just been released through No Fashion Records in Europe.

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Aeternus Complete Work on New Disc

Norwegian dark metallers Aeternus have finished work on the follow-up to 2001's Ascension of Terror effort. Titled A Darker Monument, the album was recorded at Greighallen Studios with producer Pytten (Enslaved) in Bergen.

"Only now, the darkness of Aeternus' music is so much more present than ever before and I promise you all real brutal stuff," states frontman Ares. "Totally heavy Death/Dark Metal...several tons of it my friends. Many of you know "Soulslayer" from the demo we did and it's on there of course, but there are eight other songs of darkened death metal too and these remains to be heard by all of you who really knows how to appreciate raw metal! If things goes as planned, you don't have to wait too long... I must speak with NAP before I dare giving you a month of release, but it won't be too long..."

A Darker Monument's track listing so far: More...

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Downthesun Seeking Guitarist

Downthesun are looking for a new guitarist, to replace the just departed Bruce Swink. If you’re interested, then email DtsGUITARsearch@aol.com. The band have also parted with co-vocalist Satone, but presently have no plans to replace him.

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Fear Factory Rarities CD

Fear Factory are to issue a rarities album in April. It’s to be called ‘Hatefiles’, and the track listing will be confirmed shortly.

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Headline News

Simmons Records Revived

Kiss’ Gene Simmons has resurrected his label Simmons Records, which briefly flourished in the late 1980s. The man is actively looking for new bands to sign. If you feel you fit the bill, then send a demo, biog and photo to:

Simmons Records,
PO Box 15097
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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Pissing Razors Evolves

Texan band Pissing Razors are to release new album ‘Evolution’ through Spitfire in April. This record marks the recording debuts of both vocalist Andre Acosta and guitarist Matt Difabio.

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