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Metal News for February 5, 2009

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More On Sigh Female Vocalist Recording In The Nude

SIGH's Mirai Kawashima recently penned the first of several exclusive studio blogs for MetalSucks. The band is currently in the studio recording their 8th studio album "Scenes From Hell" which will see a release by The End Records later in 2009. In this blog entry, Kawashima talks about female vocalist Dr. Mikannibal's bizarre vocal recording habits, among them getting naked and drinking cow's blood. An excerpt follows:

"At the moment, we are recording the vocal parts. This time, a half of them are taken care of Dr. Mikannibal.

"To get the best result, she sets several strict strange rules on her during the recording.

"The first rule is: Get naked when you record the vocals.

"As you can see in the above photo, she always takes off her clothes in the studio during the vocal recording sessions. Definitely this perplexes the recording engineer and other band members, but she claims that this is extremely important to her.

"It was one hot day that I took my clothes off during the recording session for the first time. I've stopped doing vocal recordings with my clothes on since then, as the first naked recording worked out really well for me."

"She claims that being naked is extremely important to her because "I don't wanna sweat. Also, my lungs and throat need to be wide open, and I feel more energy."

"The second rule is: Drink cow's blood during the recording.

"She eats anything. Here are a few examples of 'food' she has tried: Cockroach, moth chrysalis, bee larva, bull balls, and pig penis. No, this is not a typical shocking story made up for a band image, but she eats these things for real. And during the recording, cow's blood is something she can't miss."

Read the full article at MetalSucks.net.

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More Bands Confirmed For Music As A Weapon Tour

The Music As A Weapon tour has announced that Suicide Silence and Bury Your Dead will be a part of the trek alongside Lacuna Coil, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage and headliners Disturbed. More bands are expected to be announced soon.

The tour dates are as follows:

March 20 - Madison, WI @ Alliance Energy Center
March 21 - Waterloo, IA @ McCelroy Arena
March 23 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Ford Center
March 25 - Denver, CO @ The Fillmore
March 28 - Phoenix, AZ @ Jobbing.com Arena
March 29 - Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Auditorium
March 31 - Dallas, TX @ Nokia Theatre More...

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All Shall Perish Parts With Guitarist Chris Storey

Oakland CA’s extreme metallers ALL SHALL PERISH have parted ways with guitarist Chris Storey. According to the band both sides felt it was time due to many long standing internal issues. ALL SHALL PERISH has issued the following statement:

"We WILL be doing all upcoming tours and fests! We have an unbelievable replacement named Jason Richardson. Can't wait to see everyone on the road! We will be doing a small headliner, the Atticus Clothing tour and then a ton of major fests in Europe. We have some surprises in store as well!"

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Ankla Lines Up a Few More Shows

Ankla has lined up some new shows for the month of February, including the previously announced Rock In Rio show in Puerto Rico. The planned dates are as follows.

Feb. 11 - Rock In Rio 2009 - Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Feb. 19 - Key Club - Hollywood, California
Feb. 21 - Modesto Virtual - Modesto, California

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Gorgoroth Trial Details Revealed

RevolverMag.com has issued the following update about the recent trial between the members of Gorgoroth over who will take the band's name:

"The two-day trial over the Gorgoroth band name took place January 28 through 30 in Oslo, Norway. The trial involved vocalist Gaahl, bassist King ov Hell, and recently departed guitarist Infernus. Infernus claimed that King had gone behind his back and applied for trademark protection on the Gorgoroth name and logo, which he’d been using since 1992."

The witnesses called to the stand include:

• Torgrim Øyre (former Gorgoroth member, booking manager at Hole In The Sky Festival)
• Anders Odden (ex-Celtic Frost, Cadaver Inc.)
• Tormentor (former Gorgoroth member, now member of the Infernus lineup)
• Espen Solheim Røhne (Norwegian distributor Indie Distribution, who has sided with Gaahl and King Ov Hell)
• Per Gyllenbäck (Regain Records, who has sided with Infernus)
• Asbjørn Slettemark (from Norwegian music industry magazine Faro Journalen)
• Gro Narvestad (Inferno Festival)

Read the full article at RevolverMag.com.

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Fierce Allegiance Reveals Album Art, Making Of Vid

Washington, DC based metal band Fierce Allegiance is wrapping up the recording of their new album, "The Meaning of Sacrifice" and has issued the following update:

"We are nearing the completion of the recording of our new record. This weekend, we're heading back to Kris Norris' studio in Florida to make some minor mixing adjustments and master the record. We'll update the songs on our myspace player later this week! FUCK YEAH!

"We have been working with Brandon Copeland from Visual Poetry studio on the album artwork. Brandon is an awesome artist - he has recently completed merchandise and album art for Shadows Fall, ABACABB, We Were Gentleman, etc...."

You can check out the cover art for the new album here.

In related news, Fierce Allegiance has posted the latest "Fierce in the Studio" MetalInjectionTV Webisode online. You can watch it below. More...

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Manowar Comments On Upcoming Norwegian Shows

Manowar has issued the following statement about an upcoming show in Norway:

"A Norwegian hero has risen!

"MANOWAR has found a promoter with the balls to bring us to the country of Norway! His name is Kelly Aamodt. He and his team are TRUE viking warriors!

"Kelly along with The Atomic Agency have sworn to bring MANOWAR'S TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO NORWAY with very special guests HOLYHELL. On July 10, 2009 MANOWAR will headline the Norway Rock 2009 set to take place in Kvinesdal.


"We call all warriors from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the world over to stand beside our Norwegian brothers in our battle against false metal. The Kings Of Metal will crack the earth in Kvinesdal! More tour dates for 2009 will be announced shortly, including the third edition of the Magic Circle Festival."

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Metallica Confirmed For Optimus Alive! 09 Festival

Metallica is filling in the blank dates between their European tour dates and festival appearances by confirming additional festival appearances. The latest additions are (some previously reported):

July 5 - Rock Wercter in Belgium
July 9 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Optimus Alive!09 festival
June 19 - Nickelsdorf, Austria @ Novarock Festival

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Dead Eyed Sleeper Signs To Supreme Chaos Records

Supreme Chaos Records has issued the following statement about signing Dead Eyed Sleeper:

"DEAD EYED SLEEPER sign with Supreme Chaos Records! The band emerged from the former LEGACY and features some known faces: Sam from Fragments of Unbecoming on vocals, Stephan from AHAB on guitar and Corny - also from AHAB - on drums.

"The first result of the collaboration with this sophisticated Death Metal outfit will be the album "Through Forests Of Nonentities"; available in stores from May 2009. It offers technical progressive Death Metal which places the five-piece somewhere between Necrophagist and Opeth.

"We are really looking forward to this collaboration! Additional information and some samples of this upcoming release will be posted shortly. The album will also be available as limited collectors edition in a classy wooden box."

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One Man Army & The Undead Quartet Issues Update

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet has issued the following band update:

"Hey all you metal heads out there!!

"Are you wondering what's happening in The Army camp? Well, at the moment we are working hard to get a new good booking agency, a new partner that can book us some more tours and festivals. This band needs to get out and play and I know that a lot of you guys want this to happen as much as we do. All I can say right now is that we might have a couple of interesting partners that we are in contact with right now. Time will tell if anything will go our way. Other than this we have like 2 more shows booked in Germany later this year. More on this when showtime approaches.

"And to all the Swedish fans out there! KOM TILL TROLLHÄTTAN PÅ LÖRDAG FÖR FAN!!!!!! DET BLIR ETT JÄVLA ÖS!!"

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Zonaria Selling Guitar To Highest Bidder

Swedish death metal act Zonaria has issued the following statement about selling their guitarist's touring guitar:

"Hey everyone! I'm selling away my guitar to the highest bidder. I've had it on four tours and now its time for me to move on. I had it on tour with Pain, Grave, Vader, Satyricon, Marduk and a bunch of festivals. Its a salmath Lucifer and really nice and easy played guitar. The sound is heavy and suitable for any metal guitarist out there. The pickups are Eagle but they sound really good, i know Dismember plays with them as well.

"I will sell it to the first one whos interested or if someone offers me a hell lot of money. The price starts at 400 euros or 4000 sek. If you live in america or europe i can send it but you will have to pay the shipping and customs. Send us a message if you are interested."

A picture of the guitar can be seen here. Extra information about the guitar is below. More...

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Megadeth Issues Another Studio Album Update

Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine has issued the following update about the recording of their upcoming album:


"I am sitting in my office at 5:30ish AM and am typing this as I try to wake up. Yesterday, Andy Sneap went back to the UK for a while, as we are preparing to go out on the Priest Feast Tour. This means effectively that the recording has stopped, until we return in March/April.

"We finished all of the rhythm and bass guitars, as well as the drums being finished for a couple weeks now, and I think I even heard some acoustic layers. The reaction from our management, family, friends (the real critics), and my number one judge and coach Justis, has been pretty positive. Onward, I have a furious next few days of getting ready for the tour, as well as making sure that I am ready for this 'switch' from studio to stage.

"I want to let ya know that we are going to be taken portable recording devices, like we did last time (that seemed to work out just fine), and finish preparing for the last recordings on "Studio Release number 12."

Everyone is done with their basic tracks, and all of the songs have been arranged. Its just a matter of singing with my voice AND my fingers. So, until tomorrow (or later today), Long Live Metal!"

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Bonded By Blood Comments On Upcoming Tour Dates

Earache Records has issued the following statement about the upcoming Bonded By Blood tour:

"BONDED BY BLOOD will be playing their first cross-country shows on the Masters of Disaster tour. Alongside fellow thrash acts, EXMORTUS and WITCHAVEN, BONDED BY BLOOD vocalist, Jose "Aladdin" Barrales looks to take a little bit of the LA thrash scene to every town they play. As the excitable frontman explains, "This is our first Full US tour and we are really excited to play all over the US as more and more fans seem to want us to play their hometown."

"However as sweet as the tour is for each band on the bill, there is always the inevitable sour. Metal Maniacs magazine, as has been reported, has closed its doors. Before the esteemed metal institution went out of business, they had lent their name as the main sponsor for the tour. "Im honored and saddened that Metal Maniacs is sponsoring this tour" says Jose, who elaborates his position. "I'm honored that its a metal mag for metal fans that has always kept an eye out for smaller bands and I'm saddened that they are closing their doors. Thats one less mag of a scarce few there is that metal fan can get his hands on."

"Despite the bittersweet feelings that the closing of Metal Maniacs has brought to the tour, all of the bands intend to keep the underground spirit of the magazine alive by personally making sure that at each show no head is left unbanged and each body has been thoroughly thrashed.

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Devildriver Guitarist Posts Album Update

Devildriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick has posted the following report online: "Hey guys, I must say that the record is turning out better than I had ever imagined. The tones, performance and overall vibe has been great! I was not so sure about recording in LA, but so far everything has been fucking awesome and we are very blessed and pleased to have Logan Mader producing. In particular, I cannot wait for everyone to hear the guitar tone. WOW! See you guys soon.

Bassist Jon Miller also checked in with the following:

"As of February 1st, I have finished my bass and guitar parts for the fourth DevilDriver studio album. I could not be happier with how well things have gone thus far in regards to the tones of the guitars, bass and drums but especially the vocals. Not only is this the best music we have written but it is Dez's best vocal performance... hands down. Logan Mader is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has brought the best out in all of the members in DD. This album will not disappoint... in fact, it may hurt you."

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Korpiklaani Launches Online Store

Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani have just announced the arrival of their new online store. You can visit it at www.korpiklaanishop.com. The store ships globally.

"To celebrate the opening of our new website, you get an autographed card and a button for free with every order."

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Madder Mortem Announces Album Release Date

Norwegian progressive metal band Madder Mortem has just announced that their new album (which might be titled "The Eight Ways," though it's not totally certain) will be released on May 11th.

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The Answer Posts "On And On" Video Online

Northern Irish rockers The Answer has posted their brand new music video online for the song "On and On." You can check it out below. The song comes from the bands forthcoming new studio album, "Everyday Demons" which is scheduled for release on the 31st of next month in North America. More...

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Headline News

After Forever Calls It A Day

Dutch metallers After Forever has decided to break up. A message from the band reads as follows:

"Dearest fans,

"After nearly 15 years and with heavy hearts, we have decided to call an end to a great and exciting time as After Forever.

"We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished, and especially of the road we took to get here.
After Forever has never been a band that repeated itself; we always tried out new things, even though many of them were certainly done at a risk. We think that that has been one of the reasons we’ve always enjoyed enormous support from all our loyal fans. More...

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Anthrax To Perform With Chuck D Tonight

Fans going to see Anthrax tonight in New York City at Red Bull's Snowscrapers will be in for a treat as the band has revealed that rap legend Chuck D will be joining them on stage to perform "Bring Tha Noize." Chuck D is the frontman of Public Enemy, one of the biggest and most important hip-hop groups of all time, who collaborated with Anthrax to cover the song "Bring Tha Noize."

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Amoral Members To Appear On Finnish Radio Station

Finnish metallers Amoral have issued the following statement about an upcoming radio show:

"Ben and Ari will be guesting on Radio X3M Next tuesday, February 10th at 4:30 pm (Finnish time). You can listen to the interview online at X3M's website."

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Paul Di'Anno Announces More Tour Dates

Former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di'anno has updated his tour schedule. The tour is scheduled to begin in a couple of days and the tour dates are as follows:

7 - Alte Brauerei - Annaberg, Germany
8 - Musikbunker - Aachen, Germany
14 - Ginásio Clube De Corroios - Lisbon, Portugal (special guest appearance)
19 - Dante’s Highlight - Helsinki, Finland
20 - Yö-Talo - Tampere, Finland
21 - Henry’s - Kuopio, Finland

18 - Scene 37 - Horten, Norway
19 - Old Sportsman - Sandefjord , Norway
20 - Comback - Drammen , Norway
21 - Norway Rock Festival - Arendal , Norway (kick off show)
22 - N Senteret - Larvik, Norway

2 - Electric Avenue, Waterford, Ireland
3 - Dolans Warehouse - Limerick, Ireland
4 - Cyprus Avenue - Cork, Ireland
5 - The Spirits Store - Dundalk, Ireland
6 - Whelan’s - Dublin, Irelend
11 - Rocktower Festival - Lubeck, Germany

29 - The Governer Hindmarsh - Adelaide, South Australia
30 - The Hi Fi - Melbourne Victoria, Australia

1 - The Basement - Canberra Australian Capital Territory, Australia
2 - Waves - Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
3 - TBA - Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
5 - Hi Fi QLD - Brisbane Queensland, Australia
6 - TBA - Sydney, Australia

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Burst Announces Extra European Tour Dates

Sweden's Burst has announced extra tour dates on their tour with Bison B.C., Medeia, and The Ocean. The band issued the following statement about the tour:

"So, the European tour we have tried to tell you people about a bunch of times is now complete. Please note that there are new additions in Germany and Switzerland, not to mention some extra tail dates in Scandinavia! Oh, Motherland!"

The full tour schedule can be viewed below. More...

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Blessed By Death Splits With Guitarist

British metal act Blessed By Death has posted the following message online via their official Myspace:

"With immediate effect, Jawz has left the group.

"He had been unhapy in the band for a few months and has lost enthusiasm. He just generally felt as though his heart wasn't in it anymore.

"We wish him luck as he his still a brother!

"With the recent departure of James as well, Mon, Nath and Joel will still be working on new material and a new direction.
A drummer and/or a guitarist is now required."

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Steel Attack Parts With Guitarist Simon Johansson

Swedish heavy metal act Steel Attack has announced that they have parted ways with guitarist Simon Johansson. A post from the band reads as follows:

"We're sad to announce that (guitarist) Simon Johansson has left the band... "due to personal reasons.

"There's no bad feelings between us, it just didn't work.... simple as that! We bow and thank you Simon, for your time and efforts!!

"At the same time, we're very glad to announce the return of Johan Jalonen Penn! Welcome back Johan."

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Mortification Reveals New Album Title

Steve Rowe of Australian metal act Mortification has checked in with the following update:

"Hi everyone out there.

"I guess most of you are in winter right now, but here in Australia we are in the middle of a summer heat wave. It is currently the hotest week in 100 years here in Melbourne, so we are struggling with all the bushfire problems once again. I am glad that we live in the suburbs but even a house 2 minutes from here was burned down from out of control grass fires last week. Scary!

"In Mortification recording news, all the bass and vocal parts have been completed. Drums, guitars and mix will be completed next month. The new Mortification album will be called The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine. Look out for an initial release through us here at Rowe Productions in June. CDs will be available from Rowe Productions through the soundmass.com webstore. More...

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Vile Completes Drums For New Album

Vile guitarist Colin Davis has checked in with the following studio update:

"Drums are finished. Tyson (Jupin) really shined during his time at the Imperial Mastering studio and we got some really beautiful tracks. His playing is more mature and more polished than ever and we feel really happy about what has been recorded. The next four months will be dedicated to finishing the album which is yet to be titled and will be released sometime during the summer by the band themselves. We feel that if there was ever a time for a band to take control over its own destiny, it is now. The new album will be released by us and we are currently setting up the necessary distribution channels."

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Morbid Angel Guitarist Questions The Metal Scene

Morbid Angel guitarist Trey Azagthoth has posted a lengthy blog on his Myspace asking whether or not the Metal scene is close minded. You can read the blog below.

"Is the metal scene close minded????

"Well, is it????
My purpose with this blog is that I have a desire to create some live performance concerts sometime in the future that include a set of Morbid Angel along with sets of the most extreme representatives of industrial, hardcore, terrorcore, jungle drum and bass etc DJs and groups.


"Well, so it seems there are certain promoters and so called "authorities of the scene" who have some idea that such a gig wont work. Saying that metal people are narrow-minded and hate the various forms of Hardcore DJ Music for one reason or another. Is this true???
People who know me know I am already a freaky freak artist and so then such an idea for crossing over such types of music is amazing,. Exciting!!! More...

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Korn, KSE And More To Perform At Rock Am Ring

The lineup for this year's Rock am Ring and Rock Im Park festivals are shaping up quite nicely as the organizers have announced some more additions. Korn, Marilyn Manson, Dragonforce and Killswitch Engage have all been confirmed to perform at the festivals, as have the returning Limp Bizkit. Rock Am Ring will be held in the town of Nurburgring and Rock Im Ring will be held in Nurnberg with the shows being held over June 5th-7th.

The lineup is now as follows:

Billy Talent
Bloc Party
Bring Me The Horizon
Enter Shikari
Flogging Molly
Jan Delay & Disko No.1
Juliette Lewis
Killswitch Engage
Limp Bizkit
Mando Diao
Marilyn Manson
Middle Class Rut
Peter, Bjorn and John
Peter Fox
Polarkreis 18
Scouting For Girls
The Gaslight Anthem
The Killers
The Kooks
The Prodigy
The Script
The Subways

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Cannibal Corpse Wins "Greatest Death Metal Song"

Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse has won the award of "Greatest Death Metal Song Of All Time" for their staple track, "Hammer Smashed Face" in a poll on the German website Metal-Hammer.de. In second place was Swedish act Arch Enemy with their song, "We Will Rise" and third place was given to Death for the song "Crystal Mountain."

The full top ten is as follows:

1. Cannibal Corpse – ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ (TOMB OF THE MUTILATED, 1992)
2. Arch Enemy – ‘We Will Rise’ (ANTHEMS OF REBELLION, 2003)
3. Death – ‘Crystal Mountain’ (SYMBOLIC, 1995)
4. Amon Amarth – ‘Pursuit Of Vikings’ (FATE OF NORNS, 2004)
5. Vader – ‘Carnal’ (BLACK TO THE BLIND, 1997)
6. Sepultura – ‘Arise’ (ARISE, 1991)
7. Carcass – ‘Heartwork’ (HEARTWORK, 1993)
8. In Flames – ‘Only For The Weak’ (CLAYMAN, 2000)
9. Kataklysm – ‘In Shadows And Dust’ (SHADOWS & DUST, 2002)
10. Behemoth – ‘Christians To The Lions’ (THELEMA.6, 2000)

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Megadeth Completes Bass Tracks For New Album

Megadeth has revealed that the bass tracks for their new studio album have been fully recorded. Bassist James Lomenzo has checked in with the following update:

"Just finished my last set of bass tracks. Last night. I'm really pleased and excited for you all to hear the new stuff. At this stage, it's very cool with an old school kind of 'thrash-y' vibe. Some of it calls to the old Megadeth style, which is cool and some of it is just plain HEAVY! Dave's guitar is sounding mean and when I left yesterday, Chris was just fixin' to put in some leads...

"That's it for now, gotta pack for the Priest Feast."

My best (as always),

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HCE Readies "Echoland" For US Release

HCE delivers to the U.S. their latest album entitled "Echoland," which will be released on Reversed Records March 24th, 2009.

HCE is a trio based in Winnipeg, Canada, featuring Matt Laberge (vocals/guitar) Matthew Powers (drums/vocals) and Roger Arsenault (bass/vocals). With an extremely wide range of musical influences, HCE arrived somewhere between Melvins and Pixies; heavy, noisy and experimental, yet catchy and memorable. The group was founded in 1998 by Laberge and Powers.

The critically acclaimed "Echoland" was originally released in Canada and was very well received by college radio. The album charted in the top ten albums of the year on Canadian college radio stations. "Echoland" also caught the attention the film industry with the song "Blue Chairs" to be featured in an up and coming film by English writer/director Christian Piers Betley (Pale Faces and Stranger Looks, Harry) – the film is titled "Rampage."

HCE has also strengthened their online presence and fan interaction with HCE TV, a series of web-shorts featuring absurd skit comedy, tour silliness and updates from the band. The self-produced music video for the single Satire is set for release in April 2009.

In the meantime, you can check out the band on their Myspace page.

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Ex-Necrophobic Guitarist Issues Demo Update

Ex-Necrophobic guitarist David Parland has issued the following update about the upcoming demo from his as yet unnamed band:

"Well, this is just a short update on things and what we are up to right now...

"Right now, me and Tomas (Asklund) have finished about 90 % of the core material for the first demo. Things are going faster than expected and pretty well. The demo will be recorded within two months, and as soon as it is finished, we will put up excerpts/trailers on this myspace website for people to hear. We may even do a website only for this project, but so far we will use this (my personal website) for this new band/project.

"The yet nameless demo will contain 3 tracks (4 - if you count the one minute intro) and will have the following song/titles:

1) The Darkside Calls (intro)
2) Of The Seven Gates
3) Killing Christ
4) Godforsaken (With Hate I Burn). More...

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