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Metal News for February 5, 2003

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More Platinum

Many of you may know PLATINUM band from their 1990 debut release 'Iceman'. What you may not know is the band is alive and well and have a new record in the can and we are readying that for a release later this year. 'Iceman' will have an added bonus track and features the original artwork that was was painted by non other then Federico Castelluccio. Federico plays Furio on the HBO series premier 'Sopranos'. A full featured article in TV Guide (Dec 21-27 2002 issue) explains how Federico was tied in with Platinum during the 'Iceman' time period. Lastly, the band along with CR have talked about another new release to follow up the two releases so there is plenty of new Platinum to come.

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Bloodstock Confirms Masterplan

Another First for Bloodstock is the confirmation of Masterplan, the new outfit headed by Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch, ex-Helloween. The remainder of the lineup is comprised of Jorn Lande (vocals), Jan Eckert (bass) and Axel Mackenrott (keyboards).

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Summer Sanitarium Tour - More Details

Metallica announced their Summer Sanitarium Tour and MuDvAyNe will be on the bill along with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. The tour is slated to officially begin on July 4th.

In no particular order, here are the confirmed cities for Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003. Specific dates to be confirmed later. Most of these shows will go on sale February 22nd. More...

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New Tourniquet Album in March

On the 24th of March the long awaited new Tourniquet album Where Moth And Rust Destroy will be released. “In some ways it’d be really easy to just write a bunch of songs that sound like the last album; if they liked it the first time, why wouldn’t they like it again? We just can’t do that. We’ve never been a band that has been content to rehash our past work. We have always consciously tried to move ahead and cover new ground, musically and lyrically. In the process, we have created a body of work that showcases a lot of diversity. Fortunately, we have also developed a fan base that has come to expect nothing less from us”, says drummer Ted Kirkpatrick. More...

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The Crown Preparing New Album

Swedish metal band The Crown have booked studio time to record their next album for Metal Blade Records. The group, recently rejoined by original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, will be entering Studio Fredman in Gotheburg, Sweden on May 5th, and they expect to finish recording and mixing by June 15th.

Here's a quote from bassist Magnus Olsfelt regarding the new material: "The new material is pretty diverse, but in general, the songs have more power. Hard-hitting and straight forward, with more natural flow, so that the energy and force comes straight back to you." Look for the the as-of-yet untitled effort to hit stores in early-September. Among the tracks set to appear on the album are: More...

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Possessed to see Rerelease

Agonia Records and Jeff Becerra will release a special edition on 10" MLP, containing legendary Possessed demo "Death Metal", plus previously unreleased recordings such as Pentagram, Swing Of The Axe, Twisted Minds and Fallen Angel. And for all the die-hard fans, there will be also a brand new track recorded in November 2002 with Jeff's new band Side Effect (members: Jeff Becerra, Ken Bertoncini, Ed Varni and Rick Durocher).
This edition will be strickly limited to only 500 copies and 100 picture vynils so get your copies today!

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Paradise Lost's BBC Sessions Forthcoming

Paradise Lost’s website reports that UK label Strange Fruit will release the band’s BBC Sessions album in March or April. The release will include the following tracks: Sunday Rock Show - 4.12.93 (recorded at Liverpool Royal Court): ‘Embers Fire’, ‘Remembrance’, ‘Gothic’, ‘Mortals Watch The Day’, ‘Widow’, ‘Eternal’, ‘The Joys Of The Emptiness’,

‘As I Die’, ‘True Belief’ and ‘Pity The Sadness’. BBC Sessions: ‘Pity The Sadness’, ‘The Word Made Flesh’, ‘Mortals Watch The Day’, ‘As I Die’, ‘Shadow Kings’, ‘Once Solemn’, ‘Yearn For Change’ and ‘Sweetness’.

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The Black League Revisting in April

The Black League’s website, reports that the band’s new album has the tentative title Man’s Ruin Revisited. Recording will begin in April. Tracks to be on the release include: ‘The Healer’, ‘Crooked Mile’, ‘Steal Your Heart’, ‘Lost In The Shadows (I Walk Alone)’, ‘Mad Ol’ Country’, ‘Alive And Dead’ and ‘Black Water Fever’.

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Internal Bleeding Negotiating "Tricky" contract

Long Island death metallers Internal Bleeding are currently "negotiating a rather tricky recording contract with a major player in the underground industry," according to the group's official web site. "Please stay tuned for more information. The band is currently considering producers for the [upcoming 'Hatefuel'] release, including Josh Barohn of Suffocation fame."

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Dew-Scented to Enter Studio in April

German thrashers Dew-Scented will enter Stage One studios in Bühne, Germany in late April to record their next album, due in September through Nuclear Blast Records.

"We have some eight completely finished new songs and are still working on many more as well as spending time with good brainstorming about possible cover version-choices to use as special bonus tracks," the band said in an official press release. "We also plan to be re-recording a song from 'Ill-Natured' as bonus track."

"The first songs we have nailed down sound KILLER, so everything is looking very promising at present," the band previously stated on their official web site. "Don't expect Dew-Scented to switch styles...we leave that up to other bands...we are in it for deadly thrash metal and that's also gonna remain like that with the next record!!!!!!!"

Upcoming Dew-Scented tour dates: More...

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Cryptopsy Set Live Album Tracklist

Canadian death metallers Cryptopsy have set the track listing for their first-ever live album, None So Live, due in the spring through Century Media Records.

Recorded at the Medley in Montreal last June during the Week-end Extrême, None So Live is the first Cryptopsy release to feature the band's new vocalist Martin Lacroix (ex-Spasme), who replaced Michael DiSalvo in 2001.

The complete track listing for "None So Live" is as follows: More...

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Iron Maiden Complete Basic Tracks

Iron Maiden producer Kevin Shirley, who is currently working with the band at a London studio on their as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2000's Brave New World, has posted the following recording update via his web site:

"Hi folks! Tracked another Iron Maiden song yesterday [Monday, Feb. 3], one of [guitarist] Dave [Murray]'s, and [guitarist] Adrian [Smith] put a blistering solo down on [drummer] Nicko [McBrain]'s tune. [Bassist] Steve [Harris] couldn't make it in Thursday and Friday, so Nicko had to stay another couple of days to get his drum parts down, but he's off tomorrow — back to Florida, and so the whole album will therefore be tracked by tonight (not finished - just basic tracks). Gotta head in to the studio now, but I need to respectfully ask you again - please don't send me songs, lyrics, album art, setlists, etc. I will not pass them on to the band. If you want general studio info, e-mail the Brew at TheBrew@aol.com. They might be able to help you, and every now and again, when the vibe takes him, [vocalist] Bruce [Dickinson] has been known to answer a question or two, if at times a little rudely! Many thanks for all the kind support and enthusiam. It is very exciting, and I'm sure it's going to be a very fulfilling experience when you get to know the album well. It's very solid and pretty deep, in my opinion! And that's all folks - later!"

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Samael To Headline Metalmania and Ostrava

Swiss metallers Samael will headline the Metalmania festival in Katowice, Poland on April 4 and the Ostrava Fest in Ostrava, Czech Republic on April 5.

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Slayer DVD Pushed Back

Slayer's upcoming live DVD, titled "War At The Warfield", has been pushed back to a Feb. 25 release through UMVD (Universal Music & Video Distribution). As previously reported, "War At The Warfield" was recorded at San Francisco's The Warfield on Dec. 7, 2001 during the band's "God Hates The World" tour and marks one of the last live appearances with the group of drummer Paul Bostaph, who announced his departure from the band shortly before Christmas 2001 due to a "chronic elbow injury." Bostaph has since joined San Francisco Bay Area metallers Systematic, who recently completed work on their sophomore album, titled "Pleasure To Burn", for an April 15 release through Elektra Records.

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Katatonia's Viva Emptiness Update

Sweden's Katatonia have released the title of the follow-up to 2001's lauded Last Fair Deal Gone Down record as Viva Emptiness.

The album features 13 tracks and clocks in at 53 minutes. A look at the cover can be seen by clicking here. Viva Emptiness was illustrated by Travis Smith (Opeth, Nevermore).

The official track list: More...

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Deicide Rehearsing New Material

Florida death metal stalwarts Deicide are currently in the rehearsal phase for their upcoming full-length and follow-up to 2001's In Torment In Hell.

"Greetings Deicide fans. News from the bowels of the Deicide camp: Work proceeds on the new material and fans should expect a vicious and brutal release from the band sometime this summer," explains drummer Steve Asheim. "The new disc will contain brand new material with maybe a little surprise or two in store."

"Christians beware, Deicide will be hitting the U.S. highways this March thru April for a tour with some brutal bands from Europe so fans in the states should check their local listings and come out for the carnage. Fans in Europe should listen out for word on summer fest appearances by the band as well. Keep your ears peeled for more updates, DEI-freaks." More...

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Circle of Dead Children to Enter Studio

On February 7, 2003, Pittsburgh grindcore outfit Circle Of Dead Children will start the recording of their new album, Human Harvest, at Steve Austin's Austin Enterprises (Lamb of God) in Clinton, Massachusetts.

To be recorded over three days, Human Harvest is slated to be the group's "powerful, seething and urgent release yet." Circle Of Dead Children wrote the album as a trio and it will be recorded as such, without a bass guitarist.

"Ironically, these will also be the heaviest and most oppressive songs to date as well," explains a band press release. "Most notably, this release will feature new drummer, Mike Rosswog, who has elevated the speed, emotion and intensity to it's highest peak yet. The talents of Steve Austin (Today is the Day) as engineer will be exploited fully. Nihilistic. Dirty. Violent." More...

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