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Metal News for February 4, 2007

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Karnivool Covered On Australian Idol

Recently Autralia's Karnivool was launched into international limelight when "Themata" was covered on Australian Idol, Australia's version of the wildly popular American Idol. You can watch a video of that performance online here.

As previously reported, Karnivool have launched an E-card to preview their upcoming debut album "Themata". The E-card features two songs from the record as well as the mind altering video for the first single and title track "Themata".

Themata will hit stores in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom on April 10th.

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Still Remains Begin Recording "The Serpent"

Still Remains have been hard at work for the last 9 months writing and preparing for their 2nd studio album tentatively titled The Serpent. On January 21st the band entered an LA studio with acclaimed producer, Steve Evets (Story of the Year, He Is Legend, Saves the Day), to begin the recording process. "It's been a long wait for us," comments band front man, TJ Miller. "It's such a refreshing feeling to finally be in the studio again, working on all the material we have been writing for the past year. But our patience is now, finally paying off. We have been in LA for the past 2 weeks working on pre-production, and the drums are almost finished. The Serpent is a lot darker, and more honest of an album as we have ever written. Expect the unexpected as these songs are faster, darker, heavier, and more melodic than anything we have ever written as a band."

The album is slated for a Summer '07 release but the band won't be waiting until then to hit the road. Expect to see Still Remains on tour in early spring and continuing the worldwide conquest throughout the year into 2008. "We feel that it is very important for the entire world to hear this record," says Miller, "This album is going to be monumental, so we plan on touring on it until our bodies quit functioning."

Throughout the recording process Still Remains will be filming and posting photos and videos for podcasts.

The tentative tracklisting for "The Serpent" follows in no particular order: More...

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Guns N Roses To Tour South Africa

As the world continues to wait for Guns N' Roses' long-promised, oft-delayed album "Chinese Democracy," Axl Rose and company have rolled out dates for the group's first-ever visit to Africa. The band is scheduled to headline My Coke Fest 2007, which takes place April 27 at Johannesburg's New Market Racecourse, and May 1 at Cape Town's Kenilworth Racecourse, according to South African radio station 5FM. The event will also feature Evanescence and Hoobastank, among others.

"Chinese Democracy" is tentatively due in stores March 6.

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Testament's Peterson Working w/ Barker On Material

Bay Area bashers Testament have been out of the loop for a while, but the band is working to change that. Guitarist and main songwriter Eric Peterson has recently been working in a Northern California practice space with ex-Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth drummer Nick Barker on songs for the band's first album of original material since 1999's The Gathering. "It's feeling pretty good so far," commented Peterson. "Nick's playing has sparked some fire in me like [Slayer drummer Dave] Lombardo did back in '99 when he played for us on The Gathering." Not only are Testament back, they're back with the crux of their powerhouse '80s lineup: Peterson, guitarist Alex Skolnick, bassist Greg Christian and singer Chuck Billy. Next week they'll leave for a tour of Australia but plan to resume work on the new album when they return.

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Bloodsimple Aim For Longevity

MTV.com reports: It was important for former Vision of Disorder frontman Tim Williams to establish his latest project, New York hard-rockers Bloodsimple, as a band with its own identity, and not just VOD: The Sequel. And thanks to Bloodsimple's 2005 debut LP, A Cruel World, they accomplished just that, Williams believes. These days, though, the singer is more concerned about longevity.

"In any standard career, the first record puts you on the map," he explained. The second one — which Bloodsimple have been working on since August and have tentatively titled Red Harvest — "is when the haters come out. That's the true moment of a band's career and determines whether a band makes it to that third record.

"This is the hump right here," he continued. "I do think a lot of people will see our sound has truly evolved into our own brand of heavy music with this record. That's what we set out to do. We really have come into our own on this record — that I can say with confidence. Whether or not it's going to blow us up, or take us to that next level, remains to be seen. But ... the band as a whole has really grown into a tight unit. It's a little bit different than what I think people are going to expect, which is always good."

Red Harvest, which is being mixed at the moment and was produced by Machine (Lamb of God, White Zombie), should surface before the summer, Williams said. The LP will contain around 11 tracks, including "Dead Man Walking," "Dark Helmet," the title cut and "El Myr" — the name of an Atlanta burrito bar the band loves to visit while on the road.

"With the first record, we really just had to get it out," he explained. "We put down some really amazing songs, too. But this record, we really purposely were like, 'Let's try not to do the run-of-the-mill Bloodsimple number two — let's focus on expanding our horizons.' We wanted to make a more organic record, rather than just a set, themed, heavy record. We wanted to bring out some different colors that are going to scare some fans away but bring in a whole new element of people. There are a handful of songs that are for the typical Bloodsimple listener, but there's a good five songs that are out there on the edge. They're still heavy, but they're different. ... We're really going to make our mark with this one."

Williams said the album title was inspired by Dashiell Hammett's 1929 novel of the same name. In that book, "blood-simple" is when, in a situation where a person is surrounded by murder, murder becomes a viable solution to practically any problem. Hence, life is devalued, and killing begets even more killing.

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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A Second From The Surface Sign w/ This Dark Reign

This Dark Reign have announced the signing of noise-metal trio A Second From The Surface. Hailing from Minneapolis, ASFTS will be releasing their debut album in early 2007. Watch for the band to be on an extensive and intensive national tour following their debut release.

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Asguard Record Follow-up To "Dreamslave"

The dark lords from Belarus, Asguard have written and recorded their follow-up to last years Dreamslave. The new work is actually an extension to the album with the working title; Dreamslave... Awakening. The new album will also come with a 10 Year Anniversary DVD featuring live footage from the bands extensive Eastern European tour of 2006. There are twelve original tracks, plus two bonus cover songs, "Golden Age" from Kreator and "Run Through the Night" by Accept and will be released early this year.

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Black Market Hero Announce Tour Dates

Black Market Hero, which features members of Flaw and 40 Below Summer, have announced the following tour dates:

February 15th in Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter
February 16th in Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys
February 17th in Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
February 21st in Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
February 22nd in Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
February 23rd in Thomasville, SC @ The Soundvent
February 24th in Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues

The band has been working on their debut which should be released later this year. You can hear some of their material on their MySpace page.

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Arcane To Release New Album

Arcane, local prog-metallers of Brisbane, Australia, are preparing for the cd launch of their new album, "Ashes". If you live in Brisbane and get right into prog/melodic metal/rock, head over to Club Pheonix on the 10th of Feburary to catch Arcane supporting the likes of The Kidney Thieves, Sky Pi, 'neath and Never.

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Gospel Of The Horns Reform

Only a few weeks ago, Australian metallers Gospel Of The Horns disbanded for the indefinite future. Now they're back together and ready to keep on kicking jams. The only difference this time 'round is that during the short-lived hiatus, Hexx left the band. Taking is place is Marauder, who will join Howitser, Hellcunt and Masochist on their quest for hell-bent fury. The bands' pre-split plan of touring Europe is now back in the diary, with shows continuing to go on as planned. Gospel Of The Horns will now also be able to promote the release of their upcoming second studio album within Australia.

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Black Majesty Recording New Album

Black Majesty, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, have kicked off the recording process of their third studio album, which is as yet untitled. The recording is taking place at Palm Studios in Melbourne, and Endel Rivers is once again on-board as producer of the project. The album is expecting a mid-2007 release in order to fall in line with the bands' European tour, which will include such gigs as the Masters of Rock festival in the Czech Republic, and a performance at Wacken Open Air in Germany.

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Battered Norwegian Tour Dates Announce

BATTERED, the Norwegian band featuring former EINHERJER members Frode Glesnes (a.k.a. Grimar, vocals/guitar), Aksel Herløe (guitar) and Gerhard Storesund (a.k.a. Vivar, drums), has scheduled the following dates:

Mar. 02 - Tribute - Sandnes, Norway
Apr. 26 - Garage - Oslo, Norway
Apr. 27 - Scene 37 - Horten, Norway

BATTERED is currently writing material for its second full-length effort, tentatively due later in the year. "While the bandmembers may have been spread out all over Norway for some time, all members have been busy writing material for our next album, pumping out riffs, lyrics and rhythms for a richer, fuller and more BATTERED experience in our sonic attack!" the group previously wrote on its web site . "Songs are already starting to take shape, and we will not stop until we all feel we have done our best, delivering an album worthy of the live energy we perform it with, whether we play for 20 or a 1000 people!"

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Watch Live Performances Of Car Bomb On UVTV

There is a live performance video of Car Bomb playing their tracks “Whyte Glorie” & “Rid” available for viewing on the Underground Video Television Website. The footage was taken before the band inked their deal with Relapse Records during a benefit for Handicapped Children that was held in the Binghamton NY area. Last night on Headbanger’s Ball Car Bomb’s new video for “M6” premiered.

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King Diamond To Begin Mixing New Album In March

Vocalist King Diamond is currently writing lyrics to his band's as-yet-untitled 12th studio record, which he expects to begin mixing on March 5 in Dallas, Texas. If everything goes according to plan, the CD will be completed by April 1 for a tentative late summer release.

Revolver magazine recently reported that KING DIAMOND's new album was inspired by a painting called "My Mother's Eyes" which the band's distributor in Denmark stumbled across while surfing the Net (and which Diamond has since bought for the new CD cover). The more Diamond looked at the image of a battered blond girl with blood covering her white dress, holding out palms affixed with protruding eyeballs, the more it captivated and inspired him. "I can feel the energy of the front cover in all the songs we wrote, and it will definitely affect my lyrics," he promised.

Diamond wrote the music for the new album from December 2005 through February 2006, then recorded the basic tracks in his basement. Now all that's left to add are the vocals, which he will complete in the upcoming weeks.

"It classes over anything I've ever done," Diamond beamed. "The arrangements are more intricate, the production is better, and for the parts where there are violins, it sounds like we hired the Royal Philharmonic. As long as I don't fuck up the vocals, this should be our best record."

KING DIAMOND's follow-up to 2003's "The Puppet Master" will contain 13 tracks (including an intro), five of which were written by the band's guitarist, Andy La Rocque.

KING DIAMOND in 2005 completed a U.S. tour with NILE, BEHEMOTH, and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. A live CD, "Deadly Lullabyes Live", was issued in 2004.

KING DIAMOND current lineup:
King Diamond - Vocals
Andy La Rocque - Guitar
Mike Wead - Guitar
Hal Patino - Bass
Matt Thompson - Drums

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Twelve Tribes Plan European Headline Tour

Upon Twelve Tribes completion of their extensive UK tour with 36 Crazy Fists the Dayton, OH natives will set out on a full European Headline Tour with Bridge To Solace and Raging Speedhorn. The guys will hit Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Rep, Poland, and more. Here are the latest Twelve Tribes tour dates: More...

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Metal Lap Dancing Club Opens In Manchester

Metal Hammer reports: The Caged Asylum has really excelled itself with two events that have proved to be a major turning point in the world of UK Metal, so much so, it’s about to go weekly. Gone are the days of ankle deep toilet floors and anaemic looking punters, Vegas-Style Slick And Stylish Metal is here, and its here to stay!!

If you’ve not yet been lucky enough to witness a Caged Asylum event, then believe me your in for a treat. The Caged Asylum Team certainly know how to throw a party! And the emphasis is on PARTY!! Imagine a stylish slick venue, wall-to-wall Naked Rock Chicks with legs longer than the M1 dancing and performing in especially constructed cages and poles, the lighting so disorientating you can forget where you are and the sounds so powerful they throw you across the club ! Welcome to the Caged Asylum The atmosphere is electric and extremely friendly which is an essential ingredient to the Caged ethos.

The staggering 40k sound system is awesome for any kind of music event, let alone a Metal night where squeaky ear-splitting mid-range tones are usually the order of the day, the system sounds like it has been installed by Bang And Olufsen. The DJ's will be dropping the tracks just right every week and they promise not to let up with their onslaught of high adrenaline sounds to send everyone into a frenzy. The toilets are Spotless at Ohm Nightclub and we even have an attendant, how posh eh!! In association with Vodka 666.

Caged Asylum: Metal Club And Lap Dancing Lounge Goes Weekly!!!!
Time And Date: Every Saturday Launch 3rd February 2007, 10pm – 4am
4am Drinks License
Place: Ohm Nightclub 28-34 High Street Manchester UK
Admission: £5 members / £6 Before 11pm / £6 Nus / £7 after 11pm
Capacity: 400
Dress Code: Slick, Stylish and Metal, as Risque as you dare!!!

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Krokus Survive Bus Accident In Denmark

Krokus has posted the following message about their experience in a recent bus crash while on tour in Europe:

"Angel of my dreams" is their current single off the "Hellraiser" album. They met their "Guardian Angel" in form of their female bus driver through Sweden during the band's current extensive European Tour. A new bus driver took over in Oslo/Norway and the "Guardian Angel" pointed out that the weight distribution in the bus and trailer was unbalanced and made sure that equipment was shifted accordingly before them taking off from Oslo via Denmark on their way to Hamburg Germany.

The band had looked forward to a day of rest on the 22nd of January on their day off. And then it happened without warning. Outside Rodby, south of Copenhagen/Denmark, a car slid into a truck. Trying to avoid a collision with the tour bus and the small car, the tour bus driver hit the back of a steel truck with the front window shattering and slid into the railing of the highway on the icy highway instead. If there would not have been the railing, the bus would have overturned.

It was a miracle that no one was seriously hurt. Just some cuts & bruises (which adds to the image of a hard rock band, I guess!). The musicians exited the tour bus through a side window. Tony and Stefan helped the tour bus driver to exit the bus through the driver's door. His leg was jammed between steering wheel and body of bus.

The tour bus company sent right away a new bus to drive the band safely to Hamburg, so they could get some rest and their rattled nerves calmed down. Our tour manager Carlo and crew stayed with the damaged bus to make sure that equipment was transferred properly and ready for the show today in Hamburg/Germany.

"The show must go on", as they say in show business. And we are sure that KROKUS will give an awesome show in Hamburg and the concert stops that follow. After all, they can thank their lucky stars and their "Swedish Angel Tour Bus Driver". This could have ended up really ugly.

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Evidence One Sign To AFM Records

German melodic metallers Evidence One just signed a contract with AFM Records. The successor of the great "Tattooed Heart" album will be released on June 22. The band is very proud of the new material and the name of the album will be "The Sky Is The Limit". The album will include the classical E1 Sound and it was written and produced by songwriter Robby Böbel. Robby quite his job as the lead guitar player in Evidence One and will act in the background from now on. The new lead guitar player will be Jörg "Warthy" Warthmann who will also play the live gigs in the future. Shortly, the band will work together with LowLife Media (Masterplan, Primal Fear, Exodus u.a.) to shoot a videoclip of the titeltrack "The Sky Is The Limit".

The new Evidence One album will include the following tracklist: Can't Fight The Past", "Gallery Of Broken Glass", "Into The Depths Of My Soul", "Mindmines", "Mr. Madness", "Propaganda", "Raging Winds", "Rain Road", "The Luxury Of Losing Hope", "The Sky Is The Limit" und "Won't Sleep Alone."

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Tankard To Re-Record Songs For Best-Of Album

The end of March will see Frankfurt´s finest, the Thrash Metallers of TANKARD, enter the Stage-One-Studio of producer Andy Classen (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Legion Of The Damned, Holy Moses, Disbelief) to record new versions of their biggest "hits", from "(Empty) Tankard" and "Chemical Invasion" to "The Morning After" and "Space Beer." The release date for "Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers" is scheduled for late June/early July with a special limited first edition including the bonus-CD "A Tribute“ to Tankard" where 18 bands (inculding Sacred Steel, Manticora, Abandoned, Pradox, Courageous and Scornage) salute and contribute with a cover-song.

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King Diamond Guitarist Guests On Elvenking Album

Swedish guitar hero Mike Wead (KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, FIREGOD, ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA) will guest on the new album from the Italian folk/power metal band ELVENKING, to be released this fall via AFM Records. Wead will provide solos on two tracks.

Commented the band: "It's an honour to have Mike soloing on our songs. It's always amazing having one of your heroes playing in your album. And the leads he played are amazing - pure guitar art!"

ELVENKING released its third album, "The Winter Wake", in Europe in January 2006 via AFM Records. The CD was issued in the U.S. in March. The follow-up to 2004's "Wyrd" was recorded at Sherpa Studios (Italy), mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne and was mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussilla.

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As Eden Burns Sign to Willowtip Records

AS EDEN BURNS have officially signed with Willowtip. Formed in February 2006 in Houston, TX, AS EDEN BURNS play a blend of thrashy, melodic death metal at it's very finest. Sometimes technical, at other times straight-forward and raw, AS EDEN BURNS seem poised to become one of the biggest and best bands in the genre while still being a relatively young group.

The band plans on entering the studio in late Spring / early Summer to record their currently untitled debut full length. They plan on touring extensively starting in the Summer of 2007.

AS EDEN BURNS released Trace The Artery themselves in June 2006. You can hear songs from that ep at www.myspace.com/asedenburns.

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