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Metal News for February 4, 2006

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Andreas Kisser Doesn't Rule Out Reunion w/ Max

In a recent interview with MTV News, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser said he's heard all the rumors about SEPULTURA reuniting with founding member and current SOULFLY frontman Max Cavalera for a spot on this summer's Ozzfest. He's even heard the one that involves the band's "plans" to perform three different sets from the main stage — one featuring SOULFLY material, a second of just "Roots" and "Chaos A.D." tracks, and the last consisting of songs off the band's upcoming CD, "Dante XXI". But at this point he said they're nothing more than rumors, period.

"Nothing is really set," he told MTV News. "We need to go on tour with this new album, but nothing's set. There's a lot of talking going on, but nothing's being done as far as I know. A lot of people are working for these things to happen, but so far nothing's going on. People are excited to hear that there's a possibility for us to get back [together], and it would be cool to play with Max again, to jam together. It would be great and it's cool to see that everyone thinks it's a good idea. The way I see it is, if you do this shit, we're only going to do stuff that we recorded up to 'Roots' and hopefully maximize — do a DVD or something. I haven't talked to Max [about a reunion]. So far it's just really rumors — which is a start."

With regards to his upcoming solo album, Kisser said, "I've been working on it for the past three years," he said. "It will be a double album — the first [disc] will be related to the electric guitar, with different musicians, and the second will be acoustic. I'm taking my time with it, and it should be out by the end of this year, [although] nothing's set. It won't be a masturbation guitar album; it will explore different tones, different guitars and different instrumentation."

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Skyclad Sign With Black Lotus Records

British "folk metal" act SKYCLAD have inked a deal with Greece's Black Lotus Records. The band are currently working on a special EP that will be released in time for the band's tour dates in April. The CD will feature a brand new recording of the instrumental track "Jig-a-Jig", along with the songs "The Roman Wall Blues", "They Think It's All Over - Well Is It Now?" and "Mr Malaprope" from the "A Semblance Of Normality" sessions. This EP will not be available in any record stores — it will only be available from the band's webshop and on tour. Meanwhile, SKYCLAD are also working on a new album which is to be recorded over the summer and released before the end of the year.

Upcoming SKYCLAD shows:

Jan. 28 - Athens, GRE - Another Club
Feb. 18 - Corroios, POR - Cine-Teatro
Feb. 19 - Porto, POR - HC Rio
Feb. 24 - Irun, SPA - Tunk
Feb. 25 - Vigo, SPA - Iguana
Apr. 09 - Paris, FRA - L'Espace Curial
Apr. 12 - Naples, ITA - Duel Beat
Apr. 21 - Giessen, GER - Jokus
Apr. 22 - Merseburg, GER - Gasometer

More dates will be announced soon.

SKYCLAD's most recent album, "A Semblance Of Normality", was released in 2004 through Demolition/Dreamcatcher Records. The album was mixed and mastered at the Damage Inc. Studio in Italy by Dario Mollo, who has previously worked with ANATHEMA, CRADLE OF FILTH, TONY MARTIN and GLENN HUGHES, among others.

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She Said Destroy 'Time Like Vines' Track Listing

Norwegian extreme metallers SHE SAID DESTROY have finalized the track listing for their debut album "Time like Vines", due in Europe on April 10 via Nocturnal Art Productions. A U.S. release date has yet to be announced. A preview of the album cover can be viewed at this location.

"Time like Vines" track listing:

01. Armageddon, Anyone? (I)
02. Time like Vines
03. Der Untergeher
04. I Sense a Tempest Arising (II)
05. Beyond the Borders of Our Minds (III)
06. Joy to the World: The Coming of Kali (V)
07. Shapeshifter
08. Swallow My Tongue (IV)
09. Becoming the Morningstar
10. Morituri Te Salutant (V)

You can download the song "Shapeshifter" at this location.

SHE SAID DESTROY have announced a release party on April 12 at Elm Street in Oslo, Norway. Support at the show will come from NIDINGR.

SHE SAID DESTROY, who have been an active live unit and have made many impressive live appearances, made strong impressions on fans and media alike with their latest demo, "Armageddon Anyone?" Metal Hammer Germany declared it demo of the month, and Metal Hammer U.K. gave it 8 out of 10 points, stating, "This is heavy fucking metal, not Paris Fashion Week!"

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Ozzy In 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' Campaign

U.K.'s Checkout magazine is reporting that Unilever UK Foods is launching a TV campaign for its "I can't believe it's not Butter" brand featuring Ozzy Osbourne and impersonator Jon Culshaw.

The 7-million-pound campaign goes live this month and is designed to support the relaunch of the product, which has a new recipe, and a new pack design.

The campaign will also include press and poster advertising.

Brand manager Noam Buchalter said: "The aim of the activity is to communicate the improvements made to the spread and to highlight the new packaging."

Jon Culshaw impersonates Ozzy Osbourne in the TV ad, which plays upon the fact that it is as difficult to tell the two Ozzies apart as it is to distinguish between "I can't believe it's not Butter" and butter.

"'I can't believe it's not Butter' now tastes so much like butter that the two Ozzies can't tell the difference," added Buchalter. "'I can't believe it's not Butter' has always been a great impersonator of butter and proud of it. Who better to star in the ads than the U.K.'s best impersonator? Jon and Ozzy make a great double act and their infectious personalities will have a great impact on consumers."

You can check out a photo of Ozzy and his impersonator at this location.

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7th Plague To Sign With Metal Blade Records

7th Plague have accepted an offer from Metal Blade Records for a four-album recording contract. The band will be signing the record deal on Wednesday, February 8th. The band is extending an invitation to all interested press to come to the signing.

7th Plague came into full form in July of 2004. All of the members are currently 17 years old, still in high school and have made huge advances with their music and talents in less than two years. In a short amount of time the band has performed with bands such as Chimaira, Machine Head, DevilDriver, The Haunted, Byzantine, All That Remains, The Agony Scene, 3 Inches of Blood, Children Of Tragedy, Still Remains, and others.

Recently, the band completed a demo with Hardcore Marketing in house-producer Don Debiase (Gatlin, APG). The band then had their Manager Neil Sheehan from HM, Inc. shop the demo to several record labels. In October of 2005 the band learned through Sheehan that Metal Blade was putting an offer in on the band. In January 2006 the band received initial copies of their negotiated contracts and accepted the mutually agreed upon terms. The band will sign the official agreement alongside Manager Neil Sheehan and their respective parents on Wednesday February 8th during a dinner at Westlake, Ohios Dave and Busters.

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Interview with Leif of Dew Scented

On Noverber 7th I had the opportunity of interviewing Aborted's guitarist Tace, Cryptopsy's vocalist Lord Worm, and Dew Scented's guitarist Leif at BB Kings in New York City. Leif was a very nice guy, very relaxed and willing to answer any questions I had for him. Also, he was very kind and made sure I got something to eat after the interview, I had not eaten since lunch. Overall, Leif was a very personable individual. Dew Scented is an amazing band and I would reccomend them to anyone and Leif is a very nice person and seems very approachable, any fan that would like to meet him, but is nervous, I reccomend you approach Leif. During a part of the interview, I noticed playing the tape back to myself, his accent rubbed off on me for a question or two. Anyway, the interview is as follows: More...

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Cult of Luna Complete New Album

Swedish outfit Cult of Luna have completed work on their latest album entitled "Somewhere Along The Highway."

Slated for an April 24th release date via Earache Records, the initial tracking took place over seven days in a wooden octagon barn surrounded by "Blair Witch" scenery close to the bands hometown of Umea in Northern Sweden.

According to Magnus Lindberg the remote location coupled with the spotting of "Wicca witch women dancing in the woods" and the actual acoustics of the barn itself all contributed towards creating the perfect ambiance to lay down the basic tracks which were done primarily live, as a unit - a departure from previous Cult of Luna recording protocol.

Further recording and mixing happened in Tonteknik studios where both the bands 2004 album "Salvation" and its predecessor "The Beyond" (2003) were recorded. And the result promises to more raw and unpolished then the bands previous releases.

"Somewhere Along The Highway" contains 7 tracks, namely:

- Marching To The Heartbeats
- Finland
- Back To Chapel Town
- And With Her Came The Birds
- Thirtyfour
- Dim
- Dark City, Dead Man

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Bolt Thrower Apologizes For Cancelled Italian Show

Bolt Thrower has issued the following statement about the recent cancellation of a show in Italy:

"Due to serious problems with the electricity supply in the venue BOLT THROWER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, NIGHTRAGE AND NECROPHAGIST had to cancel the show in Prato, Italy. The club's electricity supply was unsafe with bad/no earth and after one of the crew members was electrocuted for the 4th time the bands made the decision to pull the show. All bands apologize to all the fans who had traveled to see the show, but they are not prepared to put themselves in a life-threatening situation. Hopefully the Anomalia Club will take notice of their dangerous electricity problem and make sure there will be no accidents in the future."

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The Absence To Shoot Video For "From Your Grave"

Metal Blade Recording artists The Absence is set to shoot their first professional video for the title track off their debut record, “From Your Grave”, on February 3rd, 2006. This journey will take them from the greater Tampa Bay area up some 1200+ miles to Toledo Ohio to film in one of the largest and oldest structures in Toledo's historic Old West End “The Collingwood’s Arts Center.” The Collingwood’s started out as the convent for The Ursuline Order of the Sacred Heart, opening its doors in 1905. It is now a registered historical site, and claimed to be haunted.

The Absence were approached by the directors of Ignition Films LLC, Brian Taylor and Dave Ayling, whose previous works had already caught the attention of the band. “I remember seeing the Sacred Nothing video by SUMMON (Moribund Records) on FUSE TV and thought for sure these guys would understand what we’re looking for with our video.” says Jeramie Kling.

“Yeah, we’re not going for some over the top super imposed full concept video,” claims Patrick Pintavalle, “We just want to shoot somewhere interesting and have the main focus on us, meaning our music, not some silly story line.”

Taken from the History archives of the Collingwood’s: “Contrary to the opinions of various paranormal enthusiasts, very few incidents of paranormal activity have been witnessed by the residents. Although "orbs" (said to be a deceased person's energy or life force) can be captured in photographs quite routinely… If such paranormal activity exists, it merely adds to the unique flavor and ambience of one of the largest and oldest structures in Toledo's historic Old West End.”

The band concurs, “Orbs would make a nice touch, and the unique flavor sounds delicious!”

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