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Metal News for February 3, 2014

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Arkona Finishes New Album

Arkona has checked in with the following update about completing a new album:

"We can proudly announce, that the work on our new album 'Yav' is finished and master CD was sent to Napalm rec. few minutes ago!

"Those 70 minutes of music took a lot of nerves, time and power, and now we finally can say: 'Yes, we made it!'

"All musicians, who took part in album recording, showed the highest level of their musical skills. Sometimes we had to go back and learn how to play an instrument again, but now, when the whole work is behind, we can tell, that it is new step in our art and this 3-years long path is finished!"

Further details on the new album's release are forthcoming.

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Prostitute Disfigurement Streaming Full Album

On the eve of its imminent unveiling, today Decibel Magazine vomits forth a full stream of "From Crotch To Crown," the latest long player from Dutch death metal miscreants Prostitute Disfigurement. Give the full album a listen in the player below.

"From Crotch To Crown" was recorded in multiple locations throughout The Netherlands including Split Second Sound Studio in Amsterdam, guitarist Frank Schiphorst's home studio in Zwolle, guitarist Martijn Moes' home studio in Meppel, and Final Focus Studio in Tilburg, and was re-amped, mixed, and mastered by Yuma Van Eekelen and Bart Hennephof (also at Final Focus).

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Nepal

Known mainly in the West as home to the arresting Himalayan heights and neighbor to every misguided hippie’s favorite destination of Tibet, Nepal is a unique little country that, like many Asian enclaves, bears a richly extensive history that belies its pin-on-the-map size.

Viewed in a metal context, Nepal’s growing foothold in the headbanging underground proves an even greater curiosity – though thanks to the Sam Dunns of the world and our great global network of online journalism, that curiosity is transforming from a novelty to the norm before our eyes. Cultural and language barriers can only hold back the equalizing brotherhood of metal for so long.

The twenty-first century has thus far seen a rapid expansion in the local metal scene of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital and largest city. It’s primarily an extreme affair. Inspired by trailblazing death metal acts such as UgraKarma and championed on regional web communities KTMRocks and Nepal Underground, the bands here tend to embrace aggression and brutality with a fresh enthusiasm that conjures a strange, sweet, almost innocent nostalgia.

According to Davin Shakya, audio engineer and founder of symphonic black/death metal act Kalodin, the reasons are as much technological as cultural. “The production here is not up to par compared to the international bands we listen to,” he explains. “Mainly because there aren’t many musical production courses. Engineers here have to study everything on their own and find their way out by trial and error. It’s improving, though.”

Such a grassroots-by-necessity approach calls to mind the trials by which Western engineers learned to produce thrash and death metal throughout the ‘80s. Innovative leaps in musicianship were forced to wait for the technology to catch up. This period of exploration was the perfect breeding ground for exciting, energetic, envelope-pushing music, and more than two decades later, Kathmandu is experiencing its own evolution and refinement of extreme metal.

It’s also placing its own unique stamp on the genre. Playing the heaviest and darkest of metal offers a special opportunity to entwine it with regional culture, whether through sound or attitude, and enrich the ever-expanding genre web. Take a look at some of Kathmandu’s highlights and rising stars since the dawn of the millennium. More...

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Ulcerate Announces New Tour

In support of fourth LP, "Vermis," New Zealand death metal innovators Ulcerate will bring audio terror to North American fans this Spring.

Sponsored by Metal Injection, Ulcerate will inundate the American and Canadian peoples for nineteen days and nights on the "Vermis North America MMXIV" tour, which will include the band's first shows on the West Coast.

Support for Ulcerate will be provided by Relapse label mates Inter Arma on the majority of the dates, joining the tour in Philadelphia on the 9th and pushing through until May 21st, the final date of the tour before MDF.

Ulcerate comments: "After months of planning we are now in full lockdown mode with rehearsals for what is going to be one of the most intense tours we've done to date. We can't wait to bring the Vermis material to life and finally attack both East and West coasts of the continent - particularly with Inter Arma joining us for the second half of the run." More...

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Bitterness Exhumed To Release New EP

Bitterness Exhumed is back with a brand new 12“ EP titled "Desperate & Miserable" as a follow-up to the 2013 release "A Place Of Many Ghosts." Demons Run Amok Entertainment comments:

"The 5 songs featured on this one-sided piece of plastic were recorded by Role at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg (Alpinist, AYS, Black Shape Of Nexus, Omega Massif...) and are by far the fastest, shortest, and best sounding recordings BXE ever banned on wax.

"More pissed than ever, BXE deliver a raw and energetic 10-minutes-package of fast hardcore, blasting parts as well as their unique mosh attacks. With a screen printed artwork on the records B-side, a huge A2 poster and a dismal, stunning artwork, the whole packaging serves perfectly to the musical output. The vinyl-only release is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies." More...

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Final Depravity Releases New Music Video

Final Depravity has released a new music video for the title track to "Thrash Is Just The Beginning." Check it out below, or you can listen to the entire album at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Thrash Is Just The Beginning 04:04
2. Tale Of Woe 03:42
3. The Prediction 04:06
4. Dementia 04:57
5. Gates To Nothingness 01:48
6. Garden Hate 05:54
7. Vengeance 07:59
8. Create Havoc 04:11
9. Requiescat In Pace (R.I.P.) 03:43
10. Pleasure To Kill 04:31

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Mire Announces Album, Posts New Video

Rising out of Montreal, QC's vibrant music scene, Mire is proud to announce the official release of debut album "Inward/Outward" on March 18th.

Two years in the making, "Inward/Outward" is a 10 track reflection of ideas flying every which way around the recording studio, ranging from cognitive science to a military stint in Afghanistan by guitarist Dave Massicotte.

“We created this with our guts and have dared to explore a less common style of metal where the music is less obvious and sometimes requires the individual to have more than one listen before being able to grasp and really appreciate every musical element,” says guitarist Massicotte of the album. “From big chunky guitar to light piano melody, every song will take you on a different journey and set of emotions."

The band has released the first music video "Limitless Pt. 2" in support of the album, which can be seen below. More...

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Sonic Prophecy Recruits New Bassist

Salt Lake City outfit Sonic Prophecy has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new bassist:

"We are proud to announce that Ray Opheikens is our new bass player. Ray is a veteran of the Utah music scene and is a great addition to the band. Our first official show with Ray will be this month at Barbary Coast."

The band also recently commented on getting a new endorsement: "We are proud to announce that we are now endorsed by Gilmore Custom Cases. If you need a custom guitar case, rack case, speaker encloser, etc... They can build anything to your specs. From simple to exotic. Go check them out and give them a 'Like.' Here is the link to our artist profile on their site."

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Ulver And Sunn O))) Streaming Collaborative Album

Finally available to the public this week is "Terrestrials," the collaborative work created by the members of Sunn O))) and Ulver on an improvisational nocturnal whim.

As Southern Lord launches "Terrestrials" this week -- the album officially available to North American audiences tomorrow, Tuesday, February 4th -- you can hear the entire release at Pitchfork.com. The following press release was also issued:

"Following their 200th gig, playing before 2000 people at the Øya Festival in Oslo, Norway, August 10th, 2008, Sunn O))) ended up in Ulver's studio, Crystal Canyon, and over the course of the night they created three live pieces which faded out at dawn as the northern sunlight began creeping into the space.

"Featuring the shared efforts of Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson, Daniel O'Sullivan, Kristoffer Rygg, Jørn H. Sværen and Tore Ylwizaker, with ghost appearances by Ole-Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv (viola/violin), Stig Espen Hundsnes (trumpet) and Tomas Pettersen (drums), Terrestrials was produced by Stephen O'Malley and Kristoffer Rygg, mixed by Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon during February and March 2013, and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone, London.

"Art direction was handled by Stephen O'Malley, featuring a portrait of our sun, captured in the wavelength of hydrogen alpha light -- 656.3 nanometers in the deep red -- on June 10, 2012 by Alan Friedman." More...

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Orcultus Posts EP Teaser

The mysterious and misanthropic Orcultus premieres a promotional video today for a forthcoming self-titled 7" EP, set to be released on February 28th via Forever Plagued Records. Check it out below, and the track listing will be as follows:

1. Unus
2. Duo
3. Tribus
4. Untitles More...

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Human Fortress Posts Lyric Video

Human Fortress has released a brand new lyric video for the track "Under Siege," which is available below.

The track comes off "Raided Land," released late last year via AFM Records. You can also watch the band's previously posted music video for "Wasted Years" over at this location.

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Structures Teases New Album

Structures has announced a new album is on the way later this year, and now the band has posted a brief teaser trailer for the release. Check it out below, and keep your eyes peeled for further forthcoming announcements on the album.

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Fuoco Fatuo Streaming New Track

Today Fuoco Fatuo premieres the new song "Eternal Transcendence Into Nothingness," which can be heard below thanks to Noisey.Vice.com.

The song hails from Fuoco Fatuo's forthcoming album, "The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains," to be released by Iron Tyrant on February 17th for the CD version and March 31st for the gatefold vinyl version. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ancestral Devouring Anxiety (12:06)
2. Junipers of Black Iridescence (9:38)
3. Inner Isolation in a Sea of Mist (6:25)
4. Eternal Transcendence into Nothingness (11:56)
5. Requiem for Nulun (12:22) More...

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The Grotesquery Working On New Album

The Grotesquery has checked in with the following update about recording a new album:

"Work on the third upcoming full length has begun... the title for the new album will be called 'Tome of the Skinless Bride' - the storyline behind the lyrics will conclude the Coffin Born Trilogy - some slight edits and changes have been made from the original script for the story, but the same atmosphere and tone to the base story have been kept in tact.

"Fans who have followed closely the story from both the debut album 'Tales of the Coffin Born' as well as the follow up 'The Facts & Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales' will find 'Tome of the Skinless Bride' shall bridge a gap between the two, and should be considered a sequel to 'Tales...' and somewhat of a prequel to 'The Facts...'

"Musicially - we are keeping with the tone and direction that also bridges between the two album, with a slight hint at the direction the band will be taking in the future. Keeping with our original ideas to make The Grotesquery a band based in traditional death metal roots, yet being able to move in more avant garde musical taste and influences to express an even broader range of dark atmospheric tones and gothic horror expressions."

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Black Cobra To Play Stumpfest

Black Cobra, the devastatingly heavy duo hailing from the bay area and backed by Southern Lord Recordings, has been added to Stumpfest 2014.

Black Cobra's recent album, "Invernal," was described by The Sleeping Shaman as "the sound of a schizophrenic octopus, high on speed, hard liquor and murderous hatred trapped inside the body of a man locked in a darkened jail cell."

The three-day festival, organized by Rynne Stump, will churn out heavy tunes from the city's legendary metal acts and their closest friends at Mississippi Studios on April 24th - 26th. Links for prices and more info through the venue website will be provided in two weeks, so stay tuned! The currently announced Stumpfest lineup features: More...

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Mantram Signs With Sliptrick

Mantram has inked a deal with Sliptrick Records, and the label issued the following statement:

"Mantram started out in 2001 as a crossover/European rock band, releasing a handful of demo recording between 2003 and 2007.

"The band went legit after a few line-up adjustments and the release of their self-released debut full length 'Silent Steps Outside' the same year. Some time off, several shows and few line-ups later in 2012, they decide to release the EP 'Time to Run' due to be followed by this year upcoming release 'Gone' through Sliptrick Records.

"Rome's own Mantram are a powerful alt/metal workhorse you won't feel disappointed whether you're looking for melody, sorrow, or deep atmosphere for your life soundtrack!" More...

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Rivers Of Nihil Splits With Drummer

Rivers of Nihil has parted ways with drummer Ron Nelson and brought on new member Alan Balamut. The band comments:

“After five years as Rivers of Nihil we have come to the mutual decision to part ways with our drummer and friend Ron Nelson.

"Ron is the guy who started this band back in 2009 and most of us have been playing in bands with him since we were sixteen years old. He recorded two EPs and a full length with us, toured all over the country, farted many times in our van, and has left an enormous space to be occupied.

"Without Ron we absolutely would not be the band (or people) that we are today. Ron will be sorely missed by us and we wish him the best in his future endeavors!"

“With the departure of such a monster of a player as Ron we knew that we had to carefully select our newest member; that guy is Alan Balamut. Alan has learned our live set in record time and with frightening accuracy. We are proud to have him as part of the Rivers of Nihil family and we look forward to the times ahead." More...

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The Black Dahlia Murder Announces New Tour Dates

The Black Dahlia Murder has just announced the band is returning to Europe this summer, performing at festivals and clubs in June and July including Download Festival, Graspop Metal Meating, With Full Force, and more. The confirmed dates are available below.

The Black Dahlia Murder comments: "This summer is going to be another awesome European adventure! We are looking forward to seeing you all at the festivals as well as the more intimate headlining shows. You had better start doing some neck exercises now to prepare for the molten melodic metal onslaught… Lookout Europe! Here we come!"

13/06/14 NL - Ysselstein - Jera On Air
14/06/14 UK - Castle Donington - Download Festival
15/06/14 FR - Chelles - Les Cuizines
16/06/14 FR - Toulouse - Connexion Live
17/06/14 ES - Madrid - Boite Live!
18/06/14 ES - Barcelona - Razzmatazz3
20/06/14 FI - Kauhajoki - Nummirock Festival
22/06/14 FI - Clisson - Hellfest
23/06/14 CH - Geneva - L'Undertown
24/06/14 CH - Lucerne - Konzerthaus Schüür
27/06/14 DE - Montabaur - Mair1 Festival
28/06/14 DE - Hamburg - Logo
29/06/14 BE - Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting
01/07/14 DE - Köln - MTC
02/07/14 DE - Augsburg - Kantine
03/07/14 CZ - Prague - 007 Strahov
04/07/14 DE - Rojtzschjora - With Full Force Festival
05/07/14 DE - Münster - Vainstream Rock Fest
06/07/14 DK - Roskilde - Roskilde Festival

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Delain Announces New Guest Musician

After previously revealing that Alissa White-Gluz will be making an appearance on upcoming album "The Human Contradiction," now Delain has also announced Marco Hietala (Nightwish) as another guest musician. The band comments:

"We are very excited about the much anticipated return of vocal force Marco Hietala on our upcoming record. After our collaboration with Marco on our first two albums we can’t help but hearing his voice in some of the songs we write! We love his contributions on The Human Contradiction: Marco adds greatly to the power of 'Your Body Is A Battleground' as well as to the melancholia of 'Sing To Me.'"

Marco states: “I´ve done quite a few visitations on select albums during my career. Delain and their albums are among the most frequent. If you listen to their stuff, you´ll know why. Martijn and his group seem to have plenty to say both musically and lyrically. Keep it up mates!” More...

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Entrails Announces Vinyl Single

Swedish death metal band Entrails has just finished recording two songs to be released on a limited 7” vinyl single on the 28th of February. Side A will feature the title track “Berzerk,” while side B features a cover of Heavy Load's “Dreaming.”

The single will be available in black (300 copies), green (100 copies) and white (100 copies). Comments Entrails:

“With a small sidestep from our work in the massive rehearsals for the new album we decided to do a halfway release. The new song 'Berzerk' is a straight forward fist of fury and Death metal terror, with some eerie elements. It´s a natural step from our latest album 'Raging Death.' It will also appear on the next long player, slightly different in every term as this single was recorded and mixed by Jimmy in Entrails own studio. We also decided to do a cover of Heavy Load's classic 'Dreaming' though we did this one the Entrails way with D-beats and massive sound!”

Pre-order “Berzerk” in green and black vinyl at this location and in white vinyl here. You can also catch the band live: More...

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Eyeconoclast Releases Music Video

Italian death metal maniacs Eyeconoclast are excited to share their brand new music video for "Rise of The Orgamechanism," which can be seen below.

The song appears on the band's 2013 Prosthetic debut "Drones of the Awakening." The band also comments:

"We wanted to give life to our apocalyptic vision of the future. The song is about a time when man will stop being merely human and will give birth to a new, stronger and improved version of himself through genetic manipulation and integration with technology. The new post-human being starts an evolutionary arms race with his predecessor, and humanity is no longer the dominant race on this planet." More...

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Downfall 2012 Posts "Face To Face" Video

Houston, Texas three piece band Downfall 2012 has released a new music video for "Face to Face," which comes off "Everyman for Himself, Issue One," the first part of a concept album package that will feature three albums. Check it out below. The band also comments:

"The character Mr. EVERYMAN symbolizes any person struggling for order in chaos. The story takes you through the process of embracing the good and evil inside him and finding true purpose and reason for being. Thus: 'Everyman for Himself.'" More...

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Secret Illusion Reveals New Album Details

Secret Illusion has revealed the cover artwork for new album "Change of Time," which can be seen below. The band also comments:

"We are happy to announce the release date of their 2nd album 'Change Of Time!' Even more, we uploaded the album’s artwork for public viewing! The new album will be self-released and will hit the streets on March 17th 2014, containing the following tracks - 'Northern Lights,' 'Born Once Again,' 'Point Of No Return,' 'Perfect Fantasy,' 'Beauty Queen,' 'Winter Poem,' 'Change Of Time,' 'Love Lies,' and 'Words Left Forgotten.'

"Due to the economic crisis that plagues us all and its impact in the music industry, we decided that this time we should take all matters, concerning all aspects of our music, in our own hands.

"Change Of Time was produced by Nigel Foxxe and Filippos Papakyriakou and mixed/mastered by Nigel Foxxe at The Foxxe’s Lair in Athens and features the guest appearance of Spyros Lambrou’s Children’s Choir on two of the tracks! 'Change of time' will be available for purchase through all the web stores (Amazon, Itunes, CdBaby, etc.) and our official website, in physical and digital form. The amazing artwork of the album is, once more, the work of Thass Jillion." More...

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Dream Theater Releases New Video

Dream Theater has premiered a new music video for "The Looking Glass," which can be seen in the player below or over at Blabbermouth.net here.

"The Looking Glass" is featured on the Grammy nominated band's latest, self-titled album, which debuted at #7 on The Billboard 200 chart this past fall.

Later this month Dream Theater will embark on the North American "Along For The Ride" tour, set to pick up on March 20th in Toronto, Ontario and then continue through the end of April where it will eventually wrap up in Guadalajara, Mexico on April 26th. Full dates are available after the jump. More...

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Exorcism Posts Video Message To Fans

A new video message from singer Csaba Zekan and drummer Garry King of Exorcism has been posted online. Check it out below to see the band's announcement about an upcoming festival appearance and a new endorsement. Exorcism's yet-untitled debut album will be released this March via GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music.

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Abhor Gearing Up To Record New Album

Long-running Italian black metal cult Abhor today reveals the band will soon be entering the studio to record a new album for Moribund Records.

Set to be titled "Ritualia Stramonium," the album will be recorded at Vinum Sabbati Studio and will feature on drums Wildness Perversion from black metal act Mortuary Drape.

Expected to land by the end of the year, "Ritualia Stramonium" will be the band's sixth album to date, and second for Moribund, following 2011's "Ab luna lucenti, Ab noctua protecti." In other Abhor news, "Ab luna lucenti, Ab noctua protecti" has also been released on limited-edition vinyl with new artwork.

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Hundredth Posts New Song Online

Hundredth’s new song “Demons,” taken from upcoming EP "Resist," can now be heard in the player below.

"Resist," which is the companion piece to 2013’s "Revolt" EP, is set to hit stores and digital retailers on March 25th through Mediaskare Records and on limited edition vinyl from No Sleep Records.

“Resist is much more melodic and at times more laid back,” stated vocalist Chadwick Johnson. “Revolt was fast and captured the dark and heavy parts of Hundredth. Resist moves just as steadily, while capturing the more melodic side of the band. Thematically, Resist is more about the evolution of the Self whereas Revolt is more about collective consciousness.”

The "Revolt / Resist" EP set was recorded with producers Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Black Flag) and Jason Livermore (Stick To Your Guns) at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. Explaining what the the experience was like, Chadwick offered the following: “It was a great environment. So many classic records have come out of The Blasting Room, it was a bit surreal walking down the hallways.” He added, “Both of them were very on board with the project. Jason was a stickler, which helped both of the EPs to be the best they could be. Bill kept morale up, had a ton of great input and I believe captured the best version of Hundredth to date.” More...

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Hark Streaming New Song

Hark is now streaming another track from the "Crystalline" album. Give "Black Hole South West" a listen in the Soundcloud player availalble below, courtesy of Lambgoat.com.

"Crystalline" is due out on March 18th in North America (March 14th worldwide) via Season of Mist and the track listing is as follows:

1. Palendromeda (streaming here)
2. Hounded By Callous Decree
3. Sins On Sleeves
4. Black Hole South West
5. Breathe and Run
6. Mythopoeia
7. Scarlet Extremities
8. All Wretch No Vomit
9. Xtal 0.6
10. Clear Light Of... More...

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Meshuggah Comments On 25th Anniversary

Tomas Haake has checked in with the following statement about Meshuggah celebrating its 25th anniversary:

"You try to wrap your head around it but comprehension fails - it's been twentyfive years since the first official Meshuggah release! The self-titled (though often referred to as 'Psykisk testbild') EP came out on the small local Umeå label Garageland Records in 1989, making 2014 the big TWO FIVE for the band!! Hoooly shit!!

"Who would have thought huh!? - That our small group of young guys would get to - not only write and record our own quirky, deviant style of metal - but that we would still be doing it a quarter century later, making our living off of what we love to do!! Now in our forties we can't but look back at it jawdropped and baffled at the fact!!

"We always set out to do something new, something different from the music we heard around us - something that would be a challenge to ourselves to write, learn and perform. Something truly unique. Looking back at our career we feel that we have actually been successful in doing just that!!

"We have for so many years been blessed with a super loyal fanbase and a still-growing one at that, allowing us to continue to create freely and without boundaries! For this we sincerely thank all of our fans that have stood by us all this time! More...

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Edguy Unveils Album Artwork

On April 18th, Edguy's 10th studio album "Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown" will hit stores worldwide, followed by a world tour starting in September.

The band has just released the cover artwork, which is available below.

Eguy's tour management has also confirmed the kick off date for the upcoming European “Space Police Tour“ on September 19th. In Germany Edguy will headline the Hamburg Metal Dayz, kicking off the band's first full-fledged European tour since the Age Of The Joker run in 2011.

Further tour dates will be announced soon. More...

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Sonata Arctica Announces Single, Posts Trailer

Finnish melodic metal heroes Sonata Arctica will release the track "The Wolves Die Young" from upcoming eighth full-length album "Pariah’s Child" on February 7th, 2014.

The single will be available digitally and on CD, and can be pre-ordered here.

Today Sonata Arctica releases a 3rd studio trailer for "Pariah's Child" featuring Elias Viljanen. Check it out below.

The full album is due out this coming March 28th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Beneath Announces New Album

Iceland's Beneath has issued the following announcement about releasing an upcoming album:

"Our new album 'The Barren Throne' will be released on Unique Leader Records on April 29th. Below is the track list. We are also thrilled to announce that we will premiere a lyric video for 'Chalice' very soon so keep your eyes peeled!"

01. Depleted Kingdom
02. Chalice
03. The Barren Throne
04. Putrid Seed Of Affection
05. Iron Jaw
06. Sovereign Carnal Passion
07. Sky Burial
08. Veil Of Mercy
09. Mass Extinction Codex
10. Storm Drainer
11. Unearthed More...

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Fleshgod Apocalypse Posts New Music Video

Symphonic death metal outfit Fleshgod Apocalypse has now released a new music video for "Pathfinder," which can be seen below courtesy of Decibel Magazine.

"Pathfinder" comes off the band's latest album "Labyrinth" (reviewed here), and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Kingborn
2. Minotaur (The Wrath Of Poseidon)
3. Elegy
4. Towards The Sun
5. Warpledge
6. Pathfinder
7. The Fall Of Asterion
8. Prologue
9. Epilogue
10. Under Black Sails
11. Labyrinth

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