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Metal News for February 28, 2012

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Druknroll Releases New Album

Russian modern heavy metal band Druknroll has just released its second album, "On the Knife Blade," via Metal Scrap Records. The album follows 2010's "Brownian Motion" and features ten songs. The tracklisting and cover art for the release follows below. Druknroll is also the name of the band's core member, who plays bass, rhythm and keyboards. The band is rounded out by Jester on drums, Knip on lead guitar and Horror on vocals. We have also posted an upload of the title track following the jump.

01.Face To Face
03.Light Of The Night Star
05.Live Outlaw
06.On The Knife Blade
07.5 Seconds
08.To Infinite
09.Don’t Kill
10.Whirl By Cloud


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Indefiance Streaming New Song

Romanian female-fronted melodic death metallers Indefiance will be releasing their debut album "Your Widow" in the summer of 2012. Indefiance is streaming a song from that upcoming release titled "Pt. 3 - Erratic Existence." The band recently added guitar player Jancsi to the band and will continue as a six-piece act. In other news, Indefiance will take part in the Full Of Anger Fest in Debrecen, Hungary, sharing the stage with Christ Agony, Castrum, Angerseed, Dim Vision and Phantasma.


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Accept Streaming New Track Online

German legends Accept are streaming the title track from the band's forthcoming LP "Stalingrad." The album is set for release on April 6, 2012 through Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing for "Stalingrad" is:

1. Hung, Drawn And Quartered.
2. Stalingrad
3. Hellfire
4. Flash To Bang Time
5. Shadow Soldiers
6. Revolution
7. Against The World
8. Twist Of Fate
9. The Quick And The Dead
10. Never Forget (bonus track)
11. The Galley

Check out "Stalingrad" here: More...

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Mother Of God Streaming Songs

Swedish stoner doom band Mother Of God is streaming songs from its recent EP "Forging a New Path" over on its Facebook bandpage. Mother Of God has also uploaded the first track from the EP, "Four Wanderers," to YouTube. "Forging a New Path" was recorded at the Boom Room in Borlange, Sweden.

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The Mound Builders Streaming Album

Lafayette, Indiana stoner metal band The Mound Builders is streaming its entire recent album, "Strangers in a Strange Land" over at this location. The Mound Builders' sound is influenced by the likes of Clutch and Fu Manchu, and this marks their debut release. The Mound Builders released this album after recruiting new vocalist Jim Voelz, who replaced Jason Gilkey. Check out all nine songs from "Stranger in a Strange Land" below.

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Pale Divine Releases New Album

Pennsylvania doom band Pale Divine has finally released its new album "Painted Windows Black" on Shadow Kingdom records. This marks the first album from Pale Divine in five years, not counting the split release with Spiritus Mortis last year or the reissued "Crimson Tears" a few years back. Below is an upload of the song "Shadow Soul (The Awakening)" from the new album.

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Frozen Remains Issues Album And Reveals Tour Dates

Villahermosa, Mexico metalcore band Frozen Remains has released its debut full-length album "In the Horizon of Death." Frozen Remains is issuing the eight song album for download to its fans by heading over to this location. The band also posted a preview video on YouTube for this new album, which you can view after the jump. Frozen Remains also will be spending the entire month of March crossing Mexico on its "Nunca Muere Tour 2012." Below are the dates, all of which feature Mexican hardcore band NDM (Nunca Digas Muere) as the support act:

Mar 02 Guerrero, Mexico
Mar 03 Puebla, Mexico
Mar 09 Coatzacoalcos, Mexico
Mar 10 Villahermosa, Mexico
Mar 11 Carmen, Mexico
Mar 16 Campeche, Mexico
Mar 17 Merida, Mexico
Mar 25 Cozumel, Mexico
Mar 26 Cancun, Mexico
Mar 30 Xalapa, Mexico
Mar 31 Pachuca, Mexico More...

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Masterpiece Streaming New Single

After streaming "Revenge" recently, Brazilian metal band Masterpiece is back with another single from its upcoming album "Heirs of Freedom." This second single is for the track "Mr. Disgrace," which you may also get the lyrics to by going here. The album “Heirs of Freedom” was released via Digmetalworld. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Regisson Silva at RVB Records and mastered by Caio Duarte at BroadBand Productions, both in Brazil. The cover art it was designed by Denisson Silva.

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Weregoat Releases Album

"Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity," from Portland-based trio Weregoat (featuring members of Ritual Necromancy, Aldeberan and more) has been released via Dark Descent Records. "Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity" features cover art by Putrid and was mastered by VK. The LP version of "Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity" is out via Parasitic Records. Check out one of the several video uploads from the album below, this one for the song "Nuclear Cunt."

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Dreaming Dead Reveals Album Release Date

Los Angeles-based progressive/melodic death metal act Dreaming Dead has set April 20th as the release date for its highly anticipated sophomore effort, "Midnightmares." The follow up to 2009's "Within One," "Midnightmares" melds elements of black, death, thrash and progressive metal."Midnightmares" was recorded in part at the band's home studio, with vocals, drums and mixing completed at North Hollywood's Architeuthis Sound.

Cover artwork for "Midnightmares" was done by renowned artist Travis Smith (Opeth, King Diamond, Devin Townsend). Dreaming Dead are working with director Thomas Mignone and Peter Leininger (known for their work with Morbid Angel, Sepultura and Megadeth) on a video for the track "Corpse Mtn." Details on the video shoot are forthcoming.

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Power Theory To Play Special Secaucus Date

Heavy metal band Power Theory will be playing "An Evening of Pure Steel" on March 24th at The Blue Room in Secaucus, New Jersey in celebration of Sleepy Hollow's new release "Skull 13." Joining Power Theory and Sleepy Hollow will be Pure Steel Records labelmates Exxplorer along with very special guests Voo Doo Terror Tribe and Scars Of Envy. Power Theory, who will also be performing at the Warriors Of Metal V Open Air Festival in Ohio on June 29-30, will unveil its new album "An Axe To Grind" at the event. Below is an upload for the title track from Power Theory's recent album.

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Gravehill Issues Band Update

Drummer Rhett "Thorgrimm" Davis of California death horde Gravehill has issued the following update: "2012 began with a line-up change for Gravehill. We added two new full-time guitarists known as CC DeKill & Hell Messiah to replace Matt Hellfiend & Bodybag Bob due to their momentous schedule for Exhumed. These new guitarists will participate in the next full length record and all live commitments for Gravehill here forward." Gravehill also shared some new tour dates for the coming months, in support of its new album "When All Roads Lead to Hell":

03/02/12 - Las Vegas, NV @ Yayo Taco
03/03/12 - Los Angeles, CA w/ Nails @ The Black Castle
06/21/12 - San Francisco, CA w/ Destroyed In Seconds, Mortuous @ Sub/Mission
06/23/12 - Portland, OR - Goregon Massacre III Fest w/ Cianide, Cardiac Arrest & more @ Garage Land (Go here for details)
06/24/12 - Oakland, CA w/ Destroyed In Seconds @ Eli's Mile High Club
10/26/12 - New York, NY @ TBA
10/27/12 - Buffalo, NY - A Day Of Death Fest w./ Mutant Supremacy, Cardiac Arrest, Absconder & more @ Club Infinity (Go here for details)

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Wykked Wytch Streaming Entire Album

Wykked Wytch is streaming its entire new ten-song release "The Ultimate Deception" over at this location, or you may check it out below in the player. "The Ultimate Deception" was released via Goomba music earlier this month.


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Antikythera Releases New Music Video

Pennsylvania brutal death metallers Antikythera have released a new music video for the song "Element Nexus," from the forthcoming album "Cosmicism."Check out the clip below, which was directed by Rich "Bebo" Abraham.

Formerly known as Her Virgin Womb, Antikythera was formed after the members of HVW could not agree on which direction the band's future writings would take. In early 2011, with a completed lineup, the band began to immediately play shows and record a three-song demo, which would later become 3 of 7 tracks that make up the "Cosmicism" release.

Antikythera is:

James Dorton - Vocals (Nightfire)
Joe Boccuto - Guitar (ex-Her Virgin Womb, ex-The Black Dahlia Murder)
Kevin Elliott - Guitar (ex-Her Virgin Womb)
Dave Spencer - Bass
Jess Beahler - Drums (Jungle Rot, Nightfire, ex-Her Virgin Womb) More...

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Fomento Reveals New Album Details

"To Persevere Is Diabolical," the new full-length album by Italian metallers Fomento, will be released on March 12th, 2012 via Coroner Records. Frontman Marco Krasinski commented:

"The new album is entitled 'To Persevere Is Diabolical' because we wanted it to be a continuation and evolution of the previous record. For this reason the artwork also incorporates the theme of Cerberus that on 'Either Caesars Or Nothing' was only hinted at and now it's the main concept.

"The first record was about all the mistakes that the modern man does so well, if to err is human, to persevere in error is diabolical.

"Unlike the first album, which was mostly written by me, this new one was born as a band project, trying to let all band members music tastes and background will flow in each song. There is a new black and especially death metal vein that pervades the album that before was not so obvious and that added some evil stuffs to what we already did."

The album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Society 1 Releases "Kill Me" Music Video

The new video and single "Kill Me" (Directed by Amy Sampson and Lord Zane) from Society 1 has officially been released and is the first song from the upcoming EP "Screams Of A Sadist." Check out the clip below. The sound and direction of the music is a return to the earlier industrial roots of Society 1, yet the video breaks new ground conceptually compared to previous efforts of the band. Lord Zane commented:

“This video ties in directly to the lyrical content where every other video Society 1 created had a very vague connection to the song if any at all. I really wanted the images to reflect what I am singing about so I made the scenes very literal yet interesting. The song is called Kill Me and that’s what is happening in the majority of the video. I’m being killed through erotic asphyxiation, I’m bleeding out during an orgy after getting my wrists slashed, I'm dying through crucifixion which is the most famous way of being murdered thanks to Jesus Christ so on and so forth.“

These scenes when understood within that context make perfect sense but there is the one role Zane plays in the video that is bound to raise some questions of his intentions. “I actually play Adolf Hitler in the video. It is the first time I acted out a role as someone else. It was an interesting transformation I had to go through in order to be able and do it. You have to drop all social stigma associated with the symbols and history and approach it from the other direction. As if it’s something you believe in or the character wouldn’t really come across well. “ More...

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Ephel Duath Posts Recording Footage

Ephel Duath has posted a video clip online from the recording of the band's upcoming EP, due in summer 2012 for Agonia Records.

In this video Marco Minnemann plays an extract from the song called "Stardust Rain" and Steve Di Giorgio performs the intro of the song "Black Prism." At the end we enter Sharkbite Studios and get a glimpse of what’s coming up next…

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Borknagar Announces New Drummer

In the wake of the release of their upcoming album, "Urd," on March 26th in Europe and in North America, Norwegian metallers Borknagar have announced a new drummer for the band's line-up. The exceptionally talented youngster Baard Kolstad is now joining Borknagar as the new drummer, and he will perform his first show together with the band at this year's Inferno Festival during April 4th-7th in Oslo, Norway. Kolstad's extreme drum abilities have been proven through several YouTube clips, TV-appearances in Norway and just recently, he won the world championship in V-Drums in Los Angeles.

In regards to Kolstad joining the band, Borknagar's mastermind Øystein G. Brun comments: "First and foremost I would like to welcome Baard into the fold, may our journey ahead become a joy able ride. We are all very excited about Baard teaming up with the band. He has proven to be an immensely talented drummer with skills and a technique that is simply breathtaking. Our first encounter was late last year when he stepped in and recorded drums for ICS VORTEX's cover version of METALLICA's song 'Don't Tread On Me'. Since then we have kept an eye on him. When we spilt with David Kinkade a bit later on, the road ahead was obvious. We are all very much looking forward to pull off the very first gigs..."

Kolstad adds : "I'm really happy for this opportunity and the fact that I have earned the respect to play with BORKNAGAR. Really looking forward to the musical adventure that the future holds and will do my best to deal with the challenge in the most respectful and creative way. Now, I just want to play!" More...

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Cap De Craniu Posts Lyric Video

Bucharest, Romania based act Cap De Craniu has posted a lyric video online for the song "You Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It!" Check out the clip below. The track comes off the band's first full-length album "I'll Kill If I Live," released earlier this month. You can also check out the band's previously posted video for "I'll Break You Again Tomorrow" at this location.

The track listing is as follows:

01. The Autumn Bodycount
02. All That Glitters Is Sold
03. Don't Wake Up Memories When They Aren't There
04. Time Made Me Hate Eternity
05. Old Habits Die Hard
06. You Made Your Bed, Now Sleep In It! Forever!
07. Reason Is Dead
08. Tales of Dead Men
09. Death and Taxes
10. Every Bird Lives By It's Own Song
11. The Stone Thrower
12. I'll Break You Again Tomorrow
13. I'll Kill If I Live More...

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Pit Stories: Unassisted Stage Diving

Each Tuesday we share the best mosh pit stories from metal fans and band members from across the globe. This week we have another tale from Dark Empire's lead guitarist Matt Moliti about a Destruction fan with apparently alcohol related depth perception problems:

I think it was in 2005 or 2006 I saw Destruction (at the Knitting Factory in NYC) and I remember seeing this one crazy drunk guy during one of the opening bands who insisted on trying to stage dive even though no one was catching him. I though that was funny enough, but then I saw that he had climbed up onto the balcony area. The guy actually dove down into the crowd from that height, slamming into the solid concrete floor! I have no idea how that guy got up, but he did (probably all the alcohol in his system).

Dark Empire also shared a story with us about dueling guitarists in the pit, which can still be read here. The band's new album "From Refuge to Ruin" hits stores on March 27th via Nightmare Records. To get a taste of the album, check out the new song "The Crimson Portrait" at this location.

Be sure to check back in again next Tuesday for another dose of brutal mosh pit stories.

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Truckfighters Announces U.S. Tour

Örebro, Sweden "desert rock kings" Truckfighters have announced March U.S. tour dates. The highly respected trio - recently called "the best band that's ever existed" by Queens of Stoneage front man Josh Homme - will kick off a two week trek on March 1 in Charlotte, NC. The tour will hit Pittsburgh (March 2), Chicago (March 5), Austin (March 8), Raleigh (March 14), Philadelphia (March 16) and more before wrapping on March 17 in Brooklyn, NY. More...

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Voice Of Ruin Posts Video Clip

Swiss act Voice of Ruin has posted a new video clip online for the track "Dépendances," which is taken from the band's debut self-titled album. Watch the video clip below, or find more Voice of Ruin music available online through the band's Facebook profile.

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Graf Orlock Streaming New Song

MetalSucks has premiered Graf Orlock's new track, "Couples Seeking Comfort/No Point," the first new music to be revealed off the band's upcoming EP, "Los Angeles." Head over to MetalSucks here to check out the song.

Of Graf Orlock's Hollywood-obsessed hardcore, sometimes referred to as "cinema-grind," MetalSucks writes, "Not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you'd want it to be, but their incorporation of elements from action films in brilliant."

MetalSucks has also unveiled the "Los Angeles" cover art, consisting of three separate covers, each a "shooting range target" depicting a scene from Michael Mann's Heat and riddled with bullet holes. As with previous Graf Orlock releases (including last year's "Doombox," which earned the title of "Packaging of the Century" from Revolver Magazine), the "Los Angeles" artwork was created entirely by the band.

With Los Angeles set for an April 10th release on Vitriol Records, Graf Orlock prepares for yet another year of DIY world touring, including Japan in the spring and Europe in the summer. Dates are as follows: More...

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Dol Ammad Reveals New Album Details

Dol Ammad has now revealed the cover artwork for the new album "Cosmic Gods: Episode I - Hyperspeed," which can be viewed below. Pre-orders are now available at this location, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Magus Invicta
2. Noctis Labyrinthus
3. Golden Phantasma
4. Titan Warriors
5. Xenocide
6. Stargate Pyramid
7. Hyperspeed
8. Supernova
9. Caravan Of Mars
10. Seeds Of Life More...

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Hemina Streaming New Song Online

Today Hemina is premiering the epic closing track to the new album "Synthetic." This thirteen minute track entitled "Divine," is the longest track on the album and summarizes the presentation of Hemina best. Get a first listen to "Divine" through the player below. The band's publicist also commented:

"Hemina puts melody, songwriting and atmosphere before any of the instrumental histrionics one may typically think of in today's world of progressive music whilst still maintaining the level of technical proficiency listeners have grown accustomed to. From Australia, the band takes you on an 80 minute aural journey into the life of an angel born onto the world, forced to live through our modern world and beyond with this, their debut concept album, Synthetic. The album will be released March 27th on Nightmare Records.

"With a crystal-clear mix provided by Progressive Metal Veteran, Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark (Helloween, Circus Maximus, Redemption, Seventh Wonder, Jorn), the band deliver a dynamic and sumptuous adventure packed full of wailing guitars courtesy of Douglas Skene and Mitch Coull, atmospheric keyboards by Phill Eltakchi, passionate vocals led by Douglas Skene, a thundering and dynamic rhythm section paved by Mathew Irsak on Drums and Jessica Martin on bass, as well as beautiful harmony vocals from Douglas, Mitch, Phill and Jessica covering a wide range of timbres.

"Synthetic is an eclectic journey of fresh and exploratory sound ranging from multi-part epics such as 'To Conceive a Plan' and 'Divine,' to passionate ballads in 'For All Wrong Reasons', and hard hitting rockers like 'With What I See' and 'Haunting Me!'. The album presents itself as a 79+ three-dimensional adventure through segued tracks of varying dynamics." More...

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Architects Finishes Work On New Album

U.K. act Architects has just completed work on "Daybreaker," the follow-up album to "The Here And Now." "Daybreaker" was produced with John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys at Outhouse Studios in Reading [Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend, Exit Ten, Your Demise, Lower Than Atlantis, Kids In Glass Houses], the same team that worked on "Hollow Crown" (2009).

The artwork for the album, viewable below, was done by Paul Jackson. "Daybreaker" will be released on June 5th in the USA and May 28th in Europe.

Right before embarking on a European tour supporting Rise Against, Architects is releasing "The Here And Now" 2012 Special Edition in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Benelux, France, Australia and New Zealand. The special edition will include "Devil's Island" and "Untitled," all video clips ("Day In Day Out," "Learn To Live," "Heartburn," "Delete, Rewind" + "An Open Letter To Myself"), making-of's for "Learn To Live" and "Heartburn" and several online clips. More...

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Abnormal Thought Patterns Posts Video Clip

Instrumental metal act Abnormal Thought Patterns has posted a video clip online for the song "The Machine Within," which can be viewed below. "The Machine Within" is taken off the band's debut self-titled EP (reviewed here), which is also currently streaming in full through Metalunderground.com at this location.

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Paradise Lost Posts Second Studio Report

Paradise Lost has teamed up with Metal Hammer to release a second studio video report online for the new album "Tragic Idol." Check out the clip below.

"Tragic Idol" will be released on April 23rd in Europe through Century Media Records and April 24th in North America.

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Fallujah Involved In Van Accident

Fallujah has checked in with the following announcement about being in a van accident and seeking donations to help cover the costs:

"Last night on hwy 80 the band flipped their van and trailer which are now completely destroyed. Everyone is okay, more updates soon...

"Though we hate having to do this, we unfortunately are about to seriously be in the hole financially from this accident. If any of you would be so kind as to make a donation or just pick up a shirt, it would help infinitely.

"You can donate here or pick up some merch here."

For more on Fallujah, head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Western Massacre Streaming Debut Album

"Freedom Through Violence," the nine-track "DeathGroove" debut from Florence, Massachusetts' Western Massacre, is now available for streaming in full below. It will see a physical release in select stores on March 13th, and can be pre-ordered through the band's official website. A review of the album can be found here.

The album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Joe Rogers at MAS Studios, and features reworked versions of material found on the band's 2010 self-titled EP and 2009 "Demolition" demo - plus several brand new tracks.

The complete "Freedom Through Violence" track listing is as follows:

1. Steel Casket
2. Brazilian Carnival
3. Facelift
4. Roadhouse
5. Blood and Stone
6. Western Massacre
7. Defector
8. The Recession
9. Freedom Through Violence

Silk City TapRoom in Florence is hosting a CD release party for Western Massacre on Friday, March 2nd at 9:00 PM. According to guitarist Kyle Leary, "We're going to be doing raffles, door prizes, and all sorts of good stuff!" A $10 cover includes a physical copy of the album, which the band will perform front to back, along with additional songs. Regional acts Spoken Like A True Hero, Defy The Relic, and The River Neva will offer support.

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Eths Streaming Preview Of New Album

A clip featuring song previews from French metal act Eths' new album "III" (reviewed here) has been posted online and can be heard in the player below. Eths also recently announced that the release date of "III" is being postponed to April 6th (North American date to be announced later).


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Blacklodge Inks Deal With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Blacklodge:

"Season of Mist is proud to announce the fresh addition of French act Blacklodge to the Underground Activists roster. The industrial black metallers' fourth album is already in the can and should hit the stores later this year."

The band also comments: "Blacklodge uncovers with fervour a new conspiracy with Season of Mist to release their forthcoming album in 2012. The band is proud to join the label's quality squadron in order to weave a stronger web worldwide and push the venom of Industrial Black Metal to a higher level of toxicity." More...

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Carach Angren Reveals New Album Title

Carach Angren has named the band's forthcoming album "Where The Corpses Sink Forever." The Dutch symphonic act's third album has now officially been slated for a May 18th release date. You can watch the first webisode of the recording sessions through the player below. Details on the track listing and cover artwork will be revealed shortly.

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Inquisition Signs With Season Of Mist

Black metal powerhouse Inquisition has just inked a deal with Season of Mist Records. The Americans' sixth album will be released on the Underground Activists division. Frontman Dagon issued the following statement:

"For many years INQUISITION has loyally walked upon the path of Black Metal deeply devoted to its spirituality and magic while growing and maturing our craft, yet always preserving the essence that ignited us since our beginning, always keeping us rooted in the elements that make us what we are now and who we were in the past. Time is relativity and this relativity is affected by choice and selection during our time of existence as INQUISITION.

"Therefore our careful choice of a new label as a means to take us further into our journey, and your journey, extending this path we walk upon into deeper dimensions and allowing us to heighten our potential will be placed in the hands of Season of Mist. At this time we are heavily devoted to the composition and arrangement of our next opus.

"We know what we want, we know what you expect and we look forward to 2012 being the year of creation and production of this upcoming ritual. With pride we announce this new relationship and with pride we will continue to deliver INQUISITION at its finest... Hail the cult."

Further details on upcoming new material from Inquisition will be announced as they are made available.

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Video Footage of Entire Eyehategod Set Posted

Eyehategod's entire set from their January 21, 2012 show at Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland has been posted online. Check it out below.

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To-Mera Posts New Album Guitar Clip

U.K. prog metallers To-Mera have been recording a third full-length album, and they have now posted a video clip online featuring some guitar riffs from the upcoming release. Check out the clip below, and the band also commented:

"You want riffs? We got 'em: Here's a selection of riffs from the recording of To-Mera's 3rd full length. From one song in fact."

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Riotgod Illuminates New Album "Invisible Empire"

Riotgod members Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino planted the first seeds of Riotgod while on tour with Monster Magnet in 2006. Because the two artists play in Monster Magnet—a group with resume that includes several radio hits—people are bound to compare the two bands. Both have retro-rock fittings, but there is no confusing the two. In fact, Bob and Jim started Riotgod as a vehicle to express ideas they couldn’t in Monster Magnet. The result is a collusion between 70s rock, modern stoner rock and alternative (grunge) influences.

“Invisible Empire,” Riotgod’s sophomore full-length release, may contain symbols and a title (as did their self-titled debut) that reference secret societies and Illuminati conspiracies, but the group seems to be using these ideas for show only, which is fine because these ideas aren’t tailored for radio-rock listeners. Although Riotgod keeps building on its fan base through touring, the band hardly boasts a large following. Having been compared to rock icons such as Chris Cornell, Robert Plant and Layne Staley, Riotgod certainly has the tools for its music to find regular rotation on your local radio station.

Metal Underground originally scheduled a live interview during Riotgod’s recent performance in Austin, Texas, but this didn’t happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, singer Mark Sunshine answered questions via email. Sunshine takes an humorous approach on many of his answers, and without the ability to offer follow up questions, some ideas may appear confusing. He did, however, provide honest answers concerning Riotgod’s professional goals, use of Illuminati symbols, association with Monster Magnet and other topics of interest. Read on to find out more about this group destined for stardom. More...

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Devolved Streaming New Demo Song

Devolved has uploaded another new demo song online for streaming. Check out the track "Systematic Avenger" in the player available below, or listen to the previously posted "Collateral Damage" track at this location. Additional details on Devolved can be found via the band's Facebook profile.

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Every Time I Die Streaming New Album

Every Time I Die is now streaming the band's new album "Ex Lives," which hits stores this March 6th care of Epitaph Records. The album was produced by heavy rock producer Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age) and according to a press release, "offers a beautiful barrage of brilliantly composed and executed heartrending hardcore."

To stream the album in it's entirety, head over to the Epitaph Records SoundCloud page here.

You can also currently view the band’s brooding and highly atmospheric new video for the song “Revival Mode” by going to this location.

The band is now on a tour of North America and will spend the coming summer months unleashing punk infused metallic mayhem upon audiences on the annual Van’s Warped Tour. Upcoming Every Time I Die tour dates are as follows: More...

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Amberian Dawn Posts "Circus Black" Trailer

Amberian Dawn has posted a teaser trailer online for the new album "Circus Black," which can be viewed below. "Circus Black" is set for release on the following dates:

Finland 29.2.2012
Europe 2.3.2012
Canada 6.3.2012
US 24.4.2012 (Digi)
UK 29.2.2012 (Digi)
Japan & Asia May 2012 More...

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Blodarv Announces New Album

Danish black metal act Blodarv has announced a new full-length album titled "GÂST" will see release later this year, featuring all brand new tracks. Further details will be announced as they are made available, and in the mean time you can check out Blodarv's music through MySpace.

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Nightrage Announces Shows With Psycho Choke

In addition to supporting Demon Hunter for European tour dates in May, Nightrage has also now announced a string of upcoming shows in Greece alongside Psycho Choke. Details are as follows:

Nightrage @ Kittaro in Athens, Greece Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 7:00pm
Nightrage @ Vox in Volos, Greece Friday, April 27, 2012 at 7:00pm
Nightrage @ Eightball in Thessaloniki, Greece Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 7:00pm
Nightrage @ BOXX in Ioannina, Greece Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 7:00pm

Further details on the run of tour dates are available via Facebook, and you can check out more info on Psycho Choke at this location.

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Anger As Art Finishes Recording New Album

LA thrashers Anger As Art have completed the recording of their 4th album "Hubris, Inc." Mixing is currently underway, and the band is looking for a late spring/early summer worldwide release.

Says mainman Steve Gaines: "We approach every album like it might be our last, so we put everything we had into it. It is a 14 song epic. 2 of the songs we consider to be bonus tracks – in that they illustrate the history of where Anger As Art came from.

"One is actually a song called 'Speed Kills' that was written for Abattoir in 1984 by Dan Oliverio and me. This was while we were still finishing the Vicious Attack album. Juan Garcia had just left to join Agent Steel, and Dan was a new member. He had the basic riff, and I added music and lyrics to it. Fast forward 28 years, and Mark 'the Shark' Caro (Abattoir lead guitarist) contributed the solo for this song. Nonetheless, this is an Abattoir song performed by all Abattoir members. A nice capstone for a band that had a hand in shaping what thrash became.

"The other one is a song originally done by Pagan War Machine. PWM was a short-lived band featuring myself and Jim Durkin (Dark Angel). It is actually the band that Anger As Art evolved from. Anyway, the song is called 'Rage And Retribution'. Jim was kind enough to offer the guitar solo for the song. In addition to Jim, bass guitar was played by my brother Timothy Gaines from Stryper! This is the first time he and I have ever worked together musically. And… the lead vocal is a trade off between me and Betsy Bitch. While on tour as Bitch last year, Betsy offered 'If you need female vocals, I am your gal.' Seriously, did you ever think you'd see the day when members of Dark Angel, Stryper and Bitch would appear on the same song? Somewhere, Al and Tipper Gore are choking.

"Also, Winterthrall / Semtex Vest/ Evil Dead vocalist Steve Nelson came in and dropped some epic black metal growls and screams on the song 'The Evil You Create.' A complete honor to be able to share this album with such luminaries in the metal world."

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