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Metal News for February 28, 2008

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South By Southwest (SXSW) 2008 700 Song Torrent

The annual music festival, South By Southwest (SXSW) 2008 put together another annual torrent download of songs to go along with this year's annual indie band show. While the amount of metal music in this batch of mp3s is surely questionable, it's free music - 700 SXSW DRM-free mp3s to be exact.

I know we've reported on a few metal bands and labels headed to SXSW, but if anyone can comment on hardcore/metalcore/metal songs in this torrent, please do so in the comments.

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Khann, Giant, and Ganon Tour Dates

Khann, Giant, and Ganon will team up for a two-week tour in April. The following dates have been confirmed so far:

4/15 Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn (early show)
4/16 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Pub
4/17 Doylestown PA, PA @ Siren Records
4/18 New York, NY @ The Haunt
4/19 Endicott, NY @ The Downtown
4/20 Akron, OH @ Annabelles
4/23 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
4/25 Athens, OH @ For Real Fest

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Mastodon Song Used In Video Game Ad Campaign

MASTODON's cover version of the THREE DOG NIGHT track "One" is currently being used in the ad campaign for the upcoming multiplatform videogame "Army of Two". A trailer for the game featuring the song can be viewed below.

"Army of Two" will arrive in stores on March 6.

MASTODON is tentatively scheduled to enter the studio in the spring to begin recording its follow-up to 2006's "Blood Mountain". A late 2008 release via Warner Bros. Records is expected.

In a recent interview with UK's Rock Sound magazine, MASTODON drummer Brann Dailor stated about the songwriting process for the group's new album, "It's a long, arduous process. We've got a skeleton for the whole record and these huge chunks of music four of five different segments that don't have a beginning or end yet... We're just basically in the middle of the record, adding stuff, giving it a taste then adding a little more 'pepper' or 'salt.' Once all the ingredients are in there, you have to bake it — which is just playing it over and over again until it feels right. The main goal is to get the songs right so you don't have to think about the time changes — so you can relax with it and play it how it should be played. There's a level of difficulty to our stuff and if you're too wrapped up in trying to remember how many times something goes and the timing for the next riff, you can't examine the song for being a song. So it takes a while."

So far, only one new songtitle has been revealed: "The Ghost of Karilla".

Commented Brann: "I dont want to give the theme away but I think the song title will leave a few people guessing. It's top secret. I can't divulge that information. It's more fun keeping it under wraps, but you can be assured that it's definitely another MASTODON record which is going to further in a couple of different directions and the stuff we've written so far is heavier than I expected." More...

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Kingdom Of Sorrow Film New Video

KINGDOM OF SORROW — the band featuring Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Kirk Windstein (DOWN, CROWBAR) — recently shot a video for the song "Lead Into Demise" with director Kevin Custer (MADBALL, OVERKILL, THE CONFESSION, THE DESTRO). It is expected to begin airing in the coming weeks.

Remaining KINGDOM OF SORROW dates:

Feb. 28 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
Feb. 29 - Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
Mar. 01 - Albany, NY - Valentines
Mar. 02 - New York, NY - Knitting Factory
Mar. 04 - Toronto, ON - El Macombo
Mar. 05 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's Down Under
Mar. 06 - Chicago, IL – Reggie's Rock Club
Mar. 07 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick

The self-titled debut album from KINGDOM OF SORROW sold 6,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 131 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was recorded at Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts with producer Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL).


Kirk Windstein (DOWN, CROWBAR) – Vocals, Guitars
Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED, ICEPICK) - Vocals
Derek Kerswill (SEEMLESS, UNEARTH) - Drums
Matthew Brunson - Bass

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Soul Embraced To Release Debut Album In April

SOUL EMBRACED, the Little Rock, Arkansas-based band featuring ex-EVANESCENCE drummer William "Rocky" Gray, has set "Dead Alive" as the title of its first studio album since 2003, due on April 29 through Solid State Records.

The tentative track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. To End It All
02. Into Darkness
03. Everything Reminds Me Of You
04. A Curtain Of Deceit
05. The Devils Reflection
06. Judas I've Become
07. La Fin Absolue Du Monde
08. The Breaking Point
09. Kill This
10. In Memory
11. Dead Alive

Originally a side project of drummer David Sroczynski and William "Rocky" Gray from SHREDDED CORPSE, SOUL EMBRACED dissolved after creating one song for a metal compilation. Rocky would reform the band with fellow LIVING SACRIFICE member and Christian metal legend Lance Garvin (drums) and his brother in-law Chad Moore (vocals). When Rocky and Lance weren't busy with LIVING SACRIFICE, they would hammer away at making material for their death metal side project. The band released an EP (1999's "The Fleshless" EP), and three albums (2000's "For The Incomplete", 2002's "This Is My Blood", and 2003's "Immune") over a five-year span. SOUL EMBRACED's debut album, "For the Incomplete", was re-released in 2003 by the independent label Blood and Ink Records.


Rocky Gray - Guitar
Chad Moore - Vocals
Lance Garvin - Drums
Devin Castle - Guitar
Jeff Bowie - Bass

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Anthrax Guitarist To Be On Battlestar Galactica

According to Mark Strigl of "Talking Metal", ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian will appear in the upcoming "Battlestar Galatica" half-hour special "Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon", which is described as a "celebrity-studded celebration" of the show's impact on pop culture. The program, which is scheduled to air on Friday, March 28 at 10:30 p.m., will also include interviews with such other celebrities as Seth Green, country music's Top Male Vocalist of 2007 Brad Paisley and "Talk Soup"'s Joel McHale.

Video footage of Scott Ian prepping a Viper for takeoff during a visit to the set of "Battlestar Galactica" can be viewed below.

When asked what got him hooked on the show, Ian said, "The webmaster for ANTHRAX is a huge fan and he kept raving about it to me in the first season, about how great it was, but I just couldn't get past the title: it's so cheesy. Then he sent me the series on DVD, and he said, just give it 15 minutes, and as soon as I started watching it, I was hooked. From the first minute, you see it has nothing to do with the original show except character names." More...

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Disturbed To Film New Video

DISTURBED has set "Inside The Fire" as the first single from its upcoming album "Indestructible", which is tentatively due in May. A video for the song will soon be filmed with director Nathan Cox (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, MARILYN MANSON, LINKIN PARK).

In a recent interview with RollingStone.com, DISTURBED frontman David Draiman stated about "Inside the Fire", "That's a real racy song. It's about me standing over the body of my girlfriend, who just killed herself, and the Devil is standing over me, whispering in my ear to kill myself."

DISTURBED has posted a snippet of another new song, titled "Perfect Insanity", on its MySpace page. The track is supposed to appear on "Indestructible", which will be a heavier, angrier, more aggressive record than either 2005's "Ten Thousand Fists" or 2002's "Believe", according to Draiman. He's also hoping for a more "aggressive" marketing campaign to get the word out about the set, saying, "We will continue to try and do things, and we're still going to do things this record cycle as well, to try and make it where there's a reason to buy it that's beyond what we're doing just musically."

Draiman told MTV.com that he's had rough couple of years, which will most likely be reflected in some of the new music. He said, "All kinds of horrible stuff went on. Bad breakups; I've had my garage burn down with all of my vehicles in it; I had a bad motorcycle accident that took off a whole bunch of skin from my forearm... just bad luck. It's been a fierce past couple of years."

Other songtitles set to appear on "Indestructible" include "The Night", "Run", "Deceiver", "Enough" and "Torn". There's also the title track, which Draiman calls "an anthem for soldiers" — specifically American soldiers fighting overseas. "It's meant to be something that would make them feel invincible, take away their fear, make them strong," Draiman told RollingStone.com. "And that's what this whole body of work on this record does. It's music to help you feel strong."

DISTURBED will be out with SLIPKNOT and other bands on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour later this year.

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P.O.D. Announce Tour Dates

Spiritual rockers P.O.D. (a.k.a. PAYABLE ON DEATH) have scheduled the following dates:

Mar. 25 - Hollywood, CA - Hard Rock Café
Mar. 28 - Miami, FL - House Of Blues
Mar. 29 - Washington DC - Hard Rock Café
Mar. 31 - Chicago, IL - Hard Rock Café
Apr. 01 - St. Louis, MO - Hard Rock Café
Apr. 02 - Denver, CO - Hard Rock Café
Apr. 03 - Phoenix, AZ - Hard Rock Café
Apr. 07 - San Diego, CA - Hard Rock Café

A two-and-a-half-minute video clip of P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval talking about the band's new single, "Addicted", can be viewed below.

"Addicted" comes off the group's new album, "When Angels & Serpents Dance", due on April 8 via INO/Columbia. The CD features guest appearances from the MARLEY SISTERS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES singer Mike Muir and HELMET guitarist Page Hamilton. The song "Kaliforn-Eye-A", which features vocals from Muir, allowed P.O.D. to collaborate with an "iconic punk rock figure that played an influence on us as a band," guitarist Marcos Curiel, who rejoined the band in 2006, told Billboard.com. "It's a more upbeat song about where we came from."

Curiel exited P.O.D. following 2001's "Satellite" (Atlantic), which has moved 3.2 million units in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "We were at the height of our career and all of a sudden this big mess happened," the guitarist said, declining to give specifics about leaving the band. "It was just business." More...

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Arson Anthem Frontman Speaks On Bands Detractors

Keith Carman of Canada's Exclaim! magazine recently conducted an interview with vocalist Mike Williams (EYEHATEGOD) of ARSON ANTHEM, the hardcore punk-influenced project also featuring drummer Hank Williams III (ASSJACK, SUPERJOINT RITUAL), guitarist Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN, SUPERJOINT RITUAL), and bassist Collin Yeo. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Exclaim!: Do you have any aspirations for ARSON ANTHEM?

Mike: I'd like to inspire people. I can't say we're the first band to be doing this because there are a lot of bands that play heavy hardcore like a throwback to that era. I want to at least inspire people to seek out those older bands and do some research. That was such a great time for me growing up. I had no responsibility, running free listening to that type of music and riding my skateboard. Hopefully people who didn't live through it can do it vicariously. We have future plans and some new songs to record but first we just wanted to put out the record. Overall though, this is just about fun. The people who take it too seriously and say it doesn't sound like "Vulgar Display Of Power" don't get it.

Exclaim!: There's always backlash against a "new band" from established artists though.

Mike: Just because of the members of the band, people are gonna dig to find something to start an issue with. Phil's already getting the brunt of things. They kick down on him for no reason sometimes. It seems like some people don't even listen to the record before they judge. There's prejudice. I don't understand it. He gets these people who are jealous, hating on him or something. Some people hate for no reason.

Exclaim!: He is a magnet for controversy though, sometimes by his own actions.

Mike: Right. Sometimes controversy can be exciting but sometimes it's a pain in the ass. Sometimes I'd rather have chaos in my life than be bored but it can become too much. With the Internet now, everything is taken as fact. Rumours start and it's taken as truth, starting controversy. It's ridiculous. I don't get people who just bitch all of the time about what they hate. If they're doing that, they're bringing attention to it. Why waste your time? If you're gonna put energy towards something, support it. If you don't like it, ignore it.

Exclaim!: What do you have to say to detractors?

Mike: We just want you to listen and judge for yourself. We have a right to put out any type of record we want. Freedom of speech. I'm happy to be doing this now but at times I wish this band had been together in the '80s. It would have been taken in a different light. ARSON ANTHEM isn't that complicated of a concept. It's just raw, in-your-face music. I love a lot of different stuff but it's great to put out this record and say, "Hey, this is the kind of music that I love."

Read the entire interview at Exclaim.ca. More...

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Slash Speaks On Scott Weiland's Rehab Stint

TimeOutDubai.com recently conducted an interview with VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On surviving the '80s and '90s excess:

"Oh yeah, there are moments when I stop and think of that, I definitely feel like I'm blessed because I'm still here, and I really had every reason to not be. . . Either someone's been looking out for me or it's just sheer luck, but because of that I decided that I should probably stop taking it for granted. That I should put my nose to the grindstone and do what my whole purpose for being here is."

On the fact that GUNS N' ROSES never seemed to fit in with the '80s L.A. scene:

"As soon as the '80s started, there was not a lot going on to be influenced by. Everything that inspired me was the stuff I listened to while growing up, and there was a dramatic shift in the '80s — GUNS N' ROSES was a proponent of change. We were a result of what the '80s was all about and the antitheses of it."

On the height of GUNS N' ROSES' success:

"We got to a point where it was really huge and it was fun in lots of ways, and in a lot of ways it was very overwhelming. But I enjoyed it, especially given where we all came from, which was basically nothing, to becoming this huge band on a global level."

"It had its moments where it became a little excessive. Luckily there was always some semblance of clarity which basically won out in the end. When I was working I never felt as destructive as when I wasn't working, and that was my problem — I figured that one out over the years."

On his decision to quit GUNS N' ROSES in 1996:

"It was a huge relief when I made that decision. From the early '90s onwards it was a very stressful situation, so I relieved myself of that burden, but then it was a hell of a lot of work to keep that all going, because from then I was out on my own. It's a tough business, I learned a lot about it, and I learned that without the umbrella of the whole GUNS N' ROSES name, I needed to be a bit more alert on a regular basis to stay afloat — it was slow learning . . . The one thing I learned? To take charge of everything to do with my career… and really not to trust anybody."

On the perceived wisdom that NIRVANA and the Seattle grunge scene overtook hard rock (and bands like GUNS N' ROSES) in the early 90s:

"That's pretty much a line of bulls*** right there, that never happened. Basically the band broke up right around the time that all that was happening, and a lot of the grunge bands — who are majorly influenced by GUNS N' ROSES — all of a sudden thought they'd taken over. But we just broke up and it had nothing to do with what was going on [with grunge], because in 1994 we were still the biggest stadium band, so it didn't really have any effect on us."

On how touring now compares to the days of intoxication, other than the obvious:

"It's not that much of a change. Some things have changed, but y'know the basics of it stay the same. Sure, there were some great times in the '80s too, but I just enjoy what I do — it's a very rock and roll family, so it kind of reminds me of my childhood."

On singer Scott Weiland's recent rehab stint:

"He's in rehab so I think he's doing OK. We helped him in the very early days, and we are always there if he needs support, but at this moment he's being taken care of."

Read the entire interview at TimeOutDubai.com.

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Tygers Of Pan Tang Reveal New Album Tracklisting

NWOBHM legends TYGERS OF PAN TANG have set the tentative track listing for their new album, "Animal Instinct", due on April 21 through Livewire Records via Cargo distribution. The CD sees the band "go back to their early roots, playing hard-edged rock in the manner of 'Wildcat' and 'Spellbound'," according to a press release.

"Animal Instinct" track listing:

01. Rock Candy
02. Cry Sweet Freedom
03. Live for the Day
04. Let it Burn
05. If you see Kay
06. Hot Blooded
07. Devils find a Fool
08. Winners & Losers
09. Cruisin
10. Bury the Hatchet
11. Dark Rider

TYGERS OF PAN TANG' "Back & Beyond" EP, which came our last year, features two new songs — "Live For The Day" and "Bury The Hatchet" — as well as three reworked classics ("Hellbound", "Take It" and "Rock And Roll Man"). The EP was mixed by Ben Matthews of THUNDER and released through THUNDER's record label.

TYGERS OF PAN TANG's current lineup is:

Robb Weir - Guitar
Dean Robertson - Guitar
Jacopo Meille - Vocals
Brian West - Bass
Craig Ellis - Drums

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Sahg Reveal New Album Tracklisting

Norwegian metallers SAHG are gearing up for the release of their sophomore effort, appropriately dubbed, Sahg II, which is due out on March 18th via Regain.

The album (artwork pictured) will feature the following tracklisting: 'Ascent To Decadence', 'Echoes Ring Forever', 'From Conscious Sleep', 'Star-Crossed', 'Escape The Crimson Sun', 'Pyromancer', 'Wicked Temptress', 'By The Toll Of The Bell', 'Monomania'.

“This album is definitely a big step forward for us, both musically and technically/sound-wise,” commented guitarist/vocalist Olav Iversen. “The songs are more diverse on Sahg II because we have allowed ourselves to think more freely and be more receptive to a wider range of inspiration. There are so many directions we want to explore with this band, and this is just what we had time for in this round.”

While the band focused on learning from past mistakes, the recording process itself turned out to be a bit of a challenge for Sahg, with the recording studio being torn to the ground by the landlord after recording just three songs. Undeterred, they used a tiny rehearsal room as a temporary studio while seeking out another location. They soon settled at Audiopilot Studio in their native town of Bergen, Norway, a studio by the ocean, full of vintage guitar amps, effects, tape machines, and a Fender Rhodes piano. It was the perfect summer setting for Sahg to record. And then the technical problems started.

“It really felt like being under some vicious spell,” Iversen said. “But, finally, we landed it, with a bunch of pretty intense recordings in our hands that are very much colored by the strife and frustration we were in. All the hardship turned into something good.”

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Deathmarch To Support Opeth In Canada

DEATHMARCH have been tapped for the opening slot for OPETH’s two eastern Canadian "off dates" from the DREAM THEATER Progressive Nation tour; May 23rd at Le Medley in Montreal, QC and May 24th at Sound Academy in Toronto, ON. Also performing on both dates will be Metal Blade’s 3.

Hailing from Hamilton Ontario, Deathmarch have released one album via Northern Storm Records in October 2007. Self titled and clocking in at 50 minutes, Deathmarch showcases an eclectic mix of blackened melo-death metal.

Since their inception, Deathmarch have shared the stage with DARK FUNERAL, ENSIFERUM, CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, CANNAE, PROFUGUS MORTIS, as well as embarking on a week long tour of Ontario and Quebec with MACABRE in December 2007.

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Helmet Introduce New Guitarist

US hardcore/punk icons HELMET have issued the following update:

"Say hello to Dan Beeman: our new guitar player, and legend in his own lunch time."

Upcoming Helmet dates include:

13 - Red Seven - Austin, Texas
14 - Viper Room - Austin, Texas
15 - The Playground - Park City, Utah

17 - Canes Bar and Grill - San Diego, California
18 - Key Club - Hollywood, California
24 - Coolangata Hotel - Gold Coast, Australia
25 - Great Northern Hotel - Byron Bay, Australia
26 - Hoey & Moey - Coffs Harbour, Australia
30 - Gaelic Club - Sydney, Australia

1 - Uni Bar - Wollongong, Australia
2 - Anu Bar - Canberra, Australia
3 - Hi Fi Bar - Melbourne, Australia
4 - Fowler’s - Adelaide, Australia

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Thunder Added To Def Leppard Tour

DEF LEPPARD's Official website reports:

"Little by litte, more dates are being added to Def Leppard's 2008 World Tour. Here are some that have been mentioned in various outlets, but please note that not all of them have been fully confirmed! We are still working on this.....

The three UK dates mentioned below have now been fully confirmed and will feature the double bill of Def Leppard and WHITESNAKE, and special guests THUNDER.

16 - Bangalore, India - TBA
18 - Mumbai, India - MMRDA Grounds

2/3/5 - Smederevo, Serbia - Castle Festival
4 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Arena Muzika Festival
6 - Istanbul, Turkey - Masstival
14 - Cardiff, Wales - International Arena
15 - Liverpool, England - Echo Arena
17 - Nottingham, England - Nottingham Arena


Members of the Def Leppard Fan Club will be able to buy presale tickets for many shows on the 2008 tour before the general onsale date. The last presale for the first leg of the tour, for the April 27th San Jacinto show will start February 29th, but at this time we have not received full confirmation about the presale times. Please check back for updates soon!"

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Exodus Thrash Classics Back In Print

Caroline Records has announced the March 11th release of two classic remastered Exodus albums, "Impact Is Imminent" and "Force Of Habit," as limited edition Japanese-style mini-vinyl CDs, offering a scaled down replica of the original vinyl release in CD format, complete with inner sleeves. Both albums will be available digitally as well.

Arguably the first American Thrash band (Metallica’s Kirk Hammet was a founding member), Exodus came from the Bay Area scene that created Metallica, Megadeth, Death Angel, Testament and Vio-lence. Exodus jumped from Combat Records to Capitol in the early 90’s, supporting these releases on tours with Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Megadeth. Both "Impact Is Imminent" and "Force Of Habit" have been out of print for over ten years and command high prices on the secondary market.

Exodus has just completed a US tour and will start European dates in London on April 8th.

Here are the album reissue track listings: More...

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FFDP's "The Way Of The Fist" Back On Top 200 Chart

Los Angeles metal band FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH released their debut album, "The Way Of The First" on in July of 2007. The CD hit
stores and the band hit the road to headline the RedOctane “Guitar Hero” second stage of the 2007 FAMILY VALUES TOUR. Later outings with Korn and HellYeah road-tested their lineup for subsequent headlining dates. Seven months later, as the band prepares for the ROCKSTAR MAYHEM TOUR with Slipknot and Disturbed, their record increases in sales by 35% then again by 45% and vaults itself to #144 on the Billboard Top 200.

“The Bleeding,” Rate The Music’s #1 testing song in the country, has climbed the Active Rock Charts, arriving at #9 this week. The track is the only one from a brand new band in the Top 10. The video for the single, directed by Bradley Scott, can be seen on the band’s Myspace age. The video for “The Bleeding” was one of Headbangers Ball’s Top 20
videos of 2007, as voted on by the viewers.

"The Way Of The Fist" was recorded at Next Level Studios by Stevo "Shotgun" Bruno (MOTLEY CRUE, PRONG) and at No Name Studios by Mikey Sarkisyan (SPINESHANK)with mixing and mastering duties being handled by Logan Mader (MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY).

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Cavalera Conspiracy Announce More European Shows

Additional dates have been added to Cavalera Conspiracy's forthcoming summer European tour in support of Inflikted, which will be instores all everywhere in the world beginning on March 25, 2008. All of the dates which exist so far are listed below:

May 30th at Electric Weekend Festival in Madrid, Spain

June 1st at Pinkpop Festival in Landgraf, Netherlands

June 2nd at Rockhal in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

June 3rd at Osnabrueck Hyde Park in Osnabrueck, Germany

June 5th at Bataclan in Paris, France

June 6th at Rock Am Ring in Nurburgring, Germany

June 7th at Rock Im Park in Nurnberg, Germany

June 9th at Stodola in Warsaw, Poland

June 13th at Nova Rock in Austria

June 18th at Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 20th at Kobetasonik Festival in Bilboa, Spain

June 21st at Hellfest in Nantes, France

June 22nd at Fields Of Rock in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

June 23rd at Docks in Hamburg, Germany

June 24th at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark

June 26th at Hove Festival in Norway

June 27th at MetalTown Festival in Sweden

June 28th at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium

July 1st at Castle Fest in Belgrade, Serbia

July 2nd at Dom Sportova in Zagreb, Croatia

July 3rd at Lieberec Arena in Czech Republic

July 4rth at Hohenems Event Centre in Austria

July 5th at Eurocké enness in Belfort, France

July 6th at With Full Force Festival in Germany

July 6th at Weisbaden Schlachtoe in Germany

July 11th at Evolution Festival in Milan, Italy

July 12th at Zurich Xtra Limmathaus in Switzerland

All dates are subject to change, and more tour dates will be added in the forthcoming weeks.

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Speaks On Malmsteen Job

As reported yesterday, Tim "Ripper" Owens" (ex-ICED EARTH, ex-JUDAS PRIEST) has officially joined Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen as his new lead vocalist. D.X. Ferris from Cleveland's Scene spoke exclusively to Owens where he had this to say:

"Yes, it is official, I will be singing on the next Yngwie Malmsteen CD, and I couldn't be more excited about working with him. We have known each other for a while and we have never had the opportunity to work together (aside from the 'Mr. Crowley' song) until now. Back when I was in PRIEST, we had tried to get together to do something but we couldn’t get our schedules to align."

In addition, Ripper told the Cleveland Scene that he'll just be singing for the project, and won’t be writing material, but expects to tour behind the record. He says he's learning old and new material including "You Don’t Remember".

As far as his other band, BEYOND FEAR, is concerned, Owens added: "I'm still doing BEYOND FEAR [a group of locals that records for international indie Metal label SPV Records], but not sure of the timing of everything. To all the fans who are writing in expressing their congrats and concerns, please know that BEYOND FEAR will always be a main focus of mine, but I now have a great opportunity to work with one of the greatest guitarists ever... I AM A VIKING... LOL!"

A message previously posted on Malmsteen's website stated: "Yngwie's long-awaited CD is now in its final stages of creation, with a tentative release date of July 2008. The new lineup that will take Yngwie's new album on the road will be Yngwie on guitars (of course!), Tim 'Ripper' Owens on vocals, Bjorn Englen on bass, Michael Troy on keys, and Patrik Johansson on drums."

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Gama Bomb Check In From The Studio

Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB have posted this latest studio report on their MySpace page:


It seems like the GAMA BOMB boys have done nothing but inhale each others' farts in the car for an eternity, but we have managed to make it all the way home from deepest, darkest Suffolk at last. Thursday saw a late night of churning out killer screams, backing vocals and bass that cleared the way for two days' hardcore fret-spanking by the mighty Domo, who even demanded an extra day's time to perfect his shredology. We salute him. And ourselves.

Now that we're back in our respective dens of iniquity, it's hard to believe we've spent almost a month in the lab, stitching together such a savage monster of an album. Scurvy, alcoholic poisoning and malnutrition may have taken their toll, but by Friday morning we were still standing, bleary eyed and disbelieving as we heard the best thrash for 20 years come screaming back at us from Scott Atkins' bass woofer.

As with all the best things in life (ketchup, scabs, tortoise racing) good things will come to those who wait: there'll be no preview for a while and certainly no sly CD-Rs of this bad boy, but when 'Citizen Brain' drops we'll be ready. We've discussed how the album might be received by writers, reviewers, tastemakers and shakers a million times, but the end sum of all this work is that we don't give a shit. As long as there are thrashers out there tossing away half of their collection and replacing it with a solitary disc of 'Citizen Brain', we'll be happy. That isn't too much to ask, is it?

Here's how 'Citizen Brain' finally worked out in figures:

Tracks: 15
References to brains: TBC
Instances of profanity on album: Over 30
Times Rats: Night Of Terror watched: 12
GBP spent on alcohol: £500
Blocks of cheese: 10

We have been mostly eating: Crisps, Toast, Cheese, Bacon, Eggs, Beef, Noodles, Soap, Whatever's Handy.

Ailments / injuries accrued by bad diet / alcohol abuse / stupidity during recording: Unexplained facial wounds, allergic reactions to permanent marker 'comedy' glasses, puncture wounds to soles of feet, acne, halitosis, skits, skats, gripe, loss of sense of direction, e.coli, upsetness, brain death

GAMA BOMB - Faster Is Gooder." More...

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3 Inches Of Blood Announce West Canada Shows

Vancouver, BC-based metallers 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have announced these new Canadian tour dates:

Apr. 9 - Golden, BC - Roadhouse Tavern
Apr. 10 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
Apr. 11 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall
Apr. 15 - Banff, AB - Wild Bill's
Apr. 16 - Fernie, BC - The Royal Hotel
Apr. 17 - Kelowna, BC - Okanagan Mission Community Hall
Apr. 18 - Victoria, BC - Sugar Nightclub

Fans will be able to purchase tickets in advance with a pre-sale beginning tomorrow (February 29) at 3PM at . Note that this is a first come first serve basis, so make sure you log in on time in order to get your tickets.

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H.I.M. Post DVD Trailer Online

Finnish "love metallers" HIM will release their new CD/DVD, "Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre", on April 1 through Warner. The live portion of the DVD was recorded/filmed at the band's November 14-15, 2007 concerts at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. According to the HIM newsletter, "you'll go on stage and behind the scenes with Ville [Valo, HIM frontman] and the band as they give one of their most heartfelt shows to date. Also featured on the DVD, watch the journey of HIM's biggest fans as they go to Seattle to meet the band, see the heartagram photo gallery and watch as Ville recounts the journey that was 'Venus Doom'. 'Digital Versatile Doom' also features a second disc, with the full live performance from The Orpheum Theater and the package contains a 16-page booklet of original art and images."

An exclusive sneak peek at "Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre" is available at this location.

HIM's latest video, "Bleed Well", which features footage for from the Los Angeles shows, can be viewed below.

HIM frontman Ville Valo recently spoke to Straight.com about his songwriting process. "It's very hard to sing about sunshine and ice cream and birds in fast cars . . . I'm a miserable bastard when it comes to writing music," he said. "I love melancholy music, and I love the darker aspects when it comes to, like, popular music. I've always been a big fan of [BLACK] SABBATH and all that, so obviously they've been a big influence on me, and I wanted to write music that would have a similar kind of gloomy atmosphere to it."

In 2003, HIM released an album called "Love Metal", which featured a gold "heartagram" — a cross between a heart and a pentagram — on the cover. The group has trademarked that yin-yang symbol, which Valo created the day after his 20th birthday, and has taken the "love metal" concept to heart.

"When we started out, a lot of people had a hard time deciding which category we belonged to, because we had the sort of SABBATH-y thing, but at the end of the day we're singing love songs," Ville said. "It wasn't goth and it wasn't rock and it wasn't metal–it was something in between. One of the first songs we ever played was 'Wicked Game' by CHRIS ISAAK, where we put all the really fuzzy, heavy guitars on it, so I guess love metal just sounded good. And you actually have to be a proper man to be able to say that you like love metal." More...

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Cryptopsy Frontman Checks In From The Studio

Canadian masters of brutality CRYPTOPSY are currently putting the finishing touches on their sixth full-length studio album, "The Unspoken King". The group recently announced the addition of new frontman Matt McGachy (3 MILE SCREAM) and keyboards/samplist Maggie Durand to its lineup.

Commented McGachy: "The studio process has been very fulfilling. We have just recently finished all of the vocal tracks and the samples are in the process of being completed. The songs are just as brutal as on the previous albums while being far more concise. We have even brought in ex-ION DISSONANCE vocalist Gabriel McCaughry to add some vocals to a track called 'Anoint the Dead'. Some of the other tracks on the album are called 'Worship Your Demons', 'The Headsmen' and 'Bemoan the Martyr'."

Regretfully, CRYPTOPSY has been forced to cancel its previously announced tour of South America in March after drummer Flo Mounier broke his knee cap. Mounier had completed the drum tracking process for the group’s new album prior to the incident, so it did not affect the recording. The tour of South America is expected to be re-scheduled later in 2008.

European CRYPTOPSY fans will be delighted to hear that the band will be touring Europe right on time of the release of their highly anticipated new effort in May-June 2008, supported by DECREPIT BIRTH and UNMERCIFUL. More...

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Seeks Musicians For New Band

Sadie Rene's nightclub in North Canton, Ohio and Canton/Akron's Rock 106.9 are forming Northeast Ohio's "ultimate band." According to a press release, "Tim 'Ripper' Owens [ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH] will be the lead singer and we want three instrumentalists to join him — a bass player, a guitar player and a drummer.

"The contest takes place at Sadie Rene's on Whipple Ave. each Sunday night.

"Doors open at eight on Sundays and the competition starts at 9 'till midnight.

"Everything kick[ed] off on February 24 when the Ripper [had] a concert at Sadie Rene's. Then March 2 the contest begins with the first auditions. There will be three judges each week. The judges will be all professional musicians."

Below is the list of songs that will be randomly chosen each night for auditions:

JUDAS PRIEST - "Green Manalishi"
JUDAS PRIEST - "Grinder"
JUDAS PRIEST - "Breaking the Law'
KISS - "Cold Gin"
PANTERA - "Walk"
ALICE IN CHAINS - "Man in the Box"
MEGADETH - "Peace Sells… But Who's Buying?!"
BLACK SABBATH - "Paranoid"
GODSMACK - "Awake"
GODSMACK - "Forever"

For more information, go to this location. More...

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Toxic Holocaust Announce More Shows

Other than their previously announced slot on the upcoming HATE ETERNAL and SOILENT GREEN tour, Seattle thrashers TOXIC HOLOCAUST have lined up the following upcoming shows:

February 28 - Seattle, WA @ King Cobra w/ Book of Black Earth
February 29 - Spokane, WA @ The Blvd w/ 3 Inches of Blood
March 1 - Tacoma, WA @ Hells Kitchen w/ 3 Inches of Blood
March 2 - Tacoma, WA@ Hells Kitchen w/ 3 Inches of Blood
March 5 - Corona, CA @ Showcase Theater w/ 3 Inches of Blood More...

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Throwdown Added To Australian Korn Tour

THROWDOWN have been added to KORN’s upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, which will also feature BIOHAZARD (original lineup’s 20th-anniversary reunion), CHIMAIRA, and BLOODSIMPLE. The dates are as follows:

April 15 - Perth, AUS @ Robinson Pavilion
April 17 - Adelaide, AUS @ Entertainment Centre
April 18 - Melbourne, AUS @ Vodafone Arena
April 20 - Sydney, AUS @ Entertainment Centre
April 22 - Brisbane, AUS @ Riverstage
April 24 - Auckland, NZ @ Vector Arena

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Suicide Silence Prepare For Tour WIth Nile

One of the extreme metal genre’s most talked about new bands, SUICIDE SILENCE, will kick off a massive co-headlining North American trek with NILE early next month. The month-long tour, which starts on March 8th, also features THE FACELESS and WARBRINGER in the support slots. This will lead Suicide Silence into a run on the summer’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour alongside SLIPKNOT, DISTURBED and MACHINE HEAD, among a slew of others. Be sure to visit www.myspace.com/suicidesilence to view their complete touring schedule.

Mitch Lucker (vocals) states: “We’ve hardly had a chance to breathe since The Cleansing was released this past September. Our last minute addition to the Behemoth tour in Europe this month was amazing and we’re equally enthused about the Nile U.S. tour right around the corner. At the same time, we’ve just launched a 2nd music video from the record; this one for the track, ‘Bludgeoned to Death.’ After MTV banned the first video, we’ve decided to give it another go without really sacrificing any creativity or intensity. Hopefully, we’ll get lucky and people will actually air this one somewhere. Either way, this onslaught of touring never seems to end and we’re looking forward to every bit of it leading into this summer’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour. Come out to a show and hangout!”

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Dark Tranquility Comment On Upcoming Tour

Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY have issued the following update:

"We're very pleased to let our growing hordes of US fans know that we'll once again return to your shores to serve you in metal.

Starting in the beginning of May, we'll head out as main support for our long-time buddies in ARCH ENEMY. Also included on the bill are Gus G.'s FIREWIND and Dino Cazares' new band DIVINE HERESY, so it'll be a powerful and diverse package that will satisfy everyone.

We'll also do a couple of headline shows on the off-dates of the Arch enemy tours as well as continuing on the road for additional shows together with Divine Heresy and Firewind. Further information will follow in the near future, but the following dates are confirmed as of writing:

9 - Philadelphia PA - The Fillmore
10 - Towson, MD - Recher Theatre
11 - New York, NY - The Fillmore at Irving Plaza
13 - Montreal, QC - Le Medley
14 - Quebec City, QC - Imperial
16 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
17 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Theater
19 - Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
20 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
23 - Calgary AB - MacEwan Ballroom
24 - Edmonton AB - Starlite
27 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at The Market
29 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
30 - Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues

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Daath Announces New Singer, Enters The Studio

Georgia-based, forward-thinking metal band DAATH, who spent the summer of 2007 kicking up dirt on Ozzfest’s side stage, have completed their search for a new vocalist. Daath are pleased to announce Sean Z. as their new frontman.

The band, who parted ways with Sean Faber after Ozzfest, spent the autumn season holding open auditions for the position, with the unwavering goal of finding a diverse singer with enough range and power to match the band’s progressive style of metal. Fellow Atlantan Sean Z., who filled in on vocals during the band’s late Fall tour with Dark Funeral, fit the bill. Says drummer Kevin Talley, “Sean Z. brings the whole package and destroys in every aspect of the word. He sounds killer on the new material. Now, we are stronger than ever and we look forward to hitting the road this summer.”

Daath are slated to enter the studio on March 1 to record "The Concealers" with producer Jason Suecof (Trivium, Chimaira) and Mark Lewis of Florida’s Audio Hammer studios manning the boards. Guitarist Eyal Levi is thrilled about finally moving forward saying, “We’ve been biding our time for 4 years in order to be able to finally make an album the right way. We’re looking forward to making a record that reflects what Daath is truly about.”

Indeed, Daath are a conceptual act, with the lyrics from "The Hinderers" revolving around the spiritual concept of the Tree of Life/Death. On the forthcoming The Concealers, the band will explore the shadowy world of deception, the forces concealing truth and how the human psyche weaves a web of illusion. With the new vocalist in place and a new album in the works, Daath are more than prepared to expose their
brand of thinking man’s metal to the masses.

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Democide Call It A Day

Young British metal act Democide have posted the following message on their Myspace page:

"Democide have broken up.
Thanks to everyone who watched us play and for all bands and promoters that invited us to play gigs with them.

Joe, Dan and Rich are working together on a new project and will be back in the summer with something new.

Nath has taken time out to focus on other areas of his life.

Ben is working with a project of his own.

Jamie is at uni and is part of a band called RED SEAS FIRE.

Thanks again for all the support, stay in touch for updates on what everyone is doing. "

Democide's final show was as replacements for Ventflow, supporting Malefice in Swindon.

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Disturbed Post New Song Teaser Online

A short audio sample of a new DISTURBED song, entitled "Perfect Insanity", has been posted on the group's MySpace page. The track is expected to appear on the band's fourth studio album, "Indestructible", due in late May via Reprise/Warner Bros.

The group is reportedly working on a number of promotional ideas to support the record. Singer David Draiman, a strong proponent of making music a purely digital product, told The Pulse of Radio that the band will nevertheless add a lot of extra features to the CD.

"I definitely am all for any record companies being as aggressive as they can about moving towards just completely digital-based media," he said. "But we will continue to try and do things, and we're still going to do things this record cycle as well, to try and make it where there's a reason to buy it that's beyond what we're doing just musically."

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Helstar Vocalist Checks In

Vocalist James Rivera (HELSTAR, SEVEN WITCHES, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, VICIOUS RUMORS) has posted this message on his MySpace page:

"I hardly write blogs, but felt compelled to do so, since I have never smiled so much in my life. The guys (my band mates) have even noticed it in pictures. The momentum of HELSTAR is probably at its peak right now and rising!

We just got back from doing the Play It Loud Festival in Italy, which was an awesome show!! The fans were in a complete frenzy! Great venue, all of the bands were exceptional, and the hospitality was unbelievable without a doubt. Guiliano, the promoter, has the right idea and will go long way with this festival.

Before that we did a run through Austin, TX, and Juarez, Mexico, which were our first shows of the year. Again, what can I say? Austin gave us a very warm welcome after so many years. Took us back to the old days! Room 710 was very nicely packed, which made me feel really good since their staff are extremely nice and easy to work with, thus we got to pay them back with a good show! All I can say is it's all in the HELSTAR name baby!!!

K.P. productions brought us to Juarez for the home run! It was HELSTAR's first performance there and what a surprise to see such die hard fans. Some said they have waited for 20 years to see us and asked why it took so long? Our answer is that we never encountered the right promoter. And when I say the right promoter, I mean the most professional, thorough guy I have ever met. His business tactics will make him king promoter for the Juarez Metal market. Thank you Kenneth!!!!

As I move forward, I'm looking forward to my tribute show with SABBATH JUDAS SABBATH this Saturday, March 1 at the Concert Pub, followed by a HELSTAR performance in Houston at FBI Rock Club on March 29, and three more festivals HELSTAR is scheduled to play so far this year: Keep It True - Germany, Rock Hard Festival - Germany, and Total Metal Television (TMT) Metalfest - New York.

I just wanted to share my inner feelings at this moment. Now that several of the shows have passed and I'm feeling normal again after the tiresome traveling, I opened my eyes to see how blessed I am to be back home where I've always belonged. In the driver's seat of a war machine called HELSTAR!"

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In Flames Announce Omaha Show

IN FLAMES have announced another headlining "off-date" show on May 8 at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, NE during their run on this year's Gigantour. Here are the rest of the band's upcoming tour dates:


* off-date

Apr. 12 - Denver, CO - The Fillmore
Apr. 13 - Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion
Apr. 15 - Dallas, TX - Nokia Theatre
Apr. 16 - Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Pavilion
Apr. 17 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theatre
Apr. 18 - Little Rock, AR - The Village (w/ JOB FOR A COWBOY) *
Apr. 19 - Louisville, KY - Louisville Gardens
Apr. 20 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
Apr. 22 - New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
Apr. 24 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory (w/ CHILDREN OF BODOM) *
Apr. 25 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
Apr. 26 - Baltimore, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Apr. 28 - Quebec City, QC - Pavilion De La Jeunesse
Apr. 29 - Montreal, QC Bell Centre
Apr. 30 - Toronto, ON Arrow Hall
May 1 - London, ON - John Labatt Centre
May 2 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall (w/ JOB FOR A COWBOY) *
May 3 - Detroit, MI - DTE Music Center
May 4 - Cleveland, OH - Time Warner Cable Amphitheater
May 6 - Chicago, IL - Aragon
May 7 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom
May 8 - Omaha, NE - Sokol Auditorium (w/ JOB FOR A COWBOY) *
May 9 - Minneapolis, MN - Myth
May 10 - Winnipeg, MB - Convention Center
May 11 - Saskatoon, SK - Prairieland Exhibition Hall
May 12 - Edmonton, AB - Shaw Conference Center
May 14 - Calgary, AB - The Corral
May 16 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
May 17 - Salem, OR - Salem Armory
May 19 - San Jose, CA - Event Center at San Jose State
May 20 - San Diego, CA - Cox Arena
May 21 - Los Angeles, CA - Long Beach Arena
May 22 - Phoenix, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre

Festival shows:

June 7 - Nürburgring, Germany - Rock Am Ring
June 8 - Nürnberg, Germany - Rock Im Park
June 13 - Interlaken, Switzerland - Greenfields
June 14 - Burgenland, Austria - Nova Rock (Pannonia Fields)
June 20 - Clisson, France - Hellfest
June 21 - Finland - Nummi Rock Festival
June 26 - Borlänge, Sweden - Peace & Love Festival
June 27 - Tromøy, Norway - Hove Festival
June 28 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Metal Town

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Darkest Hour Forced To Cancel Remaining Dates

DARKEST HOUR guitarist Mike Schleibaum has posted this bulletin on the band's MySpace page:

"DARKEST HOUR regrets that we have to cancel the last remaining days of our Doomsayer's North American Tour. However, all of the shows will go on as scheduled (with THE RED CHORD headlining New York City, NY, and Allentown, PA) except for Washington, DC, which has been outright canceled.

The tour has been an amazing time but, guitarist Kris Norris has been summoned home to attend to the early birth of his first little baby. It is with great joy that we wish Kris and his wife Christina luck with their new addition to the family.

Sometimes when you live out on the road life back home has to be put first. We couldn't have asked for a better tour package on this tour and our hearts go out to EMMURE, WHITE CHAPEL, and CEPHALIC CARNAGE. We only hope to be blessed with their mighty rock again sometime soon.

Utmost, we apologize to all the fans, friends, dudes and dudettes out there in (NY, DC, and PA). We will be back to make it up to you for sure! We will see ya this summer with a surprise that we can't wait to

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Disturbed To Perform At "Operation Myspace" Show

DISTURBED and FILTER are among the artist who will perform at Operation MySpace, a landmark concert event designed to bring troops serving in Kuwait a taste of home and enable the MySpace community to show their support for troops serving overseas.

On March 10, MySpace co-founders Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, along with some of today's most popular musical acts, will participate in a three-hour plus MySpaceLive! concert in Kuwait that will be streamed in high-definition flash video using Kulabyte's XStream Live Solutions exclusively on the official Operation MySpace profile. The MySpace community can watch the entire concert webcast starting at 11 a.m. PT/ 2 p.m. ET.

"For years troops stationed all over the world have utilized MySpace as a lifeline to communicate with their loved ones back home. Many of them have been generous enough to share their unique experiences with me through messages on MySpace," Anderson said. "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to thank them in person and bring along the entire MySpace community."

Operation MySpace will be the largest MySpaceLive! concert to date with additional performances by the PUSSYCAT DOLLS, JESSICA SIMPSON, DJ Z-TRIP and the comedic genius of Carlos Mencia.

"We're incredibly proud to host this one of a kind concert," added DeWolfe. "Unlike past variety shows or concerts of this nature, Operation MySpace will connect people, content, and culture a world apart through the live webcast of the show and interaction on the Operation MySpace profile."

Starting today, the Operation MySpace profile will serve as a communication hub where troops' families and friends, along with the entire MySpace community, can post videos and messages of support via a video blog section. The profile will also feature a scrolling ticker of goodwill messages uploaded to the community during the live stream. A condensed one-hour version of the show, featuring the best and most stirring moments, will be nationally broadcast on FX on April 12.

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Apocalyptica Announce More U.S. Tour Dates

Russia Today has posted a two-minute video report on Finnish metal cellists APOCALYPTICA's recent trip to Russia for concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Watch the clip below.

According to Ticketmaster.com, APOCALYPTICA has scheduled the following U.S. dates:

Apr. 26 - Fine Line Music Café - Minneapolis, MN
Apr. 27 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
May 02 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
May 05 - The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza - New York, NY
May 12 - Dallas, TX @ House of Blues

More shows will be announced soon.

As previously reported, APOCALYPTICA has had the U.S. release date of its new album, "Worlds Collide", pushed back once again — this time to April 15. The CD, which entered the Finnish chart at position No. 8 and also landed on both the German and Swiss charts at No. 10, was made available in standard and "deluxe" versions, the latter of which is described as "truly a work of art both in its artwork and its content." The "deluxe" edition contains two bonus tracks — "Ural" and "Dreamer" — as well as a DVD. The DVD contains the "I'm Not Jesus" video along with the "making of" footage, plus an interview from the listening session in Berlin and a photo gallery.

"Worlds Collide" features guest appearances by Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR), Till Lindemann (RAMMSTEIN), Cristina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), and Adam Gontier (THREE DAYS GRACE). More...

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Deep Purple To Release DVD Box In May

According to DEEP PURPLE fan-site The Highway Star, a new box set titled Around The World Live is being prepared for release by Edel. The Deluxe Edition four-DVD box set is slated for release in UK on Edel’s subsidiary Eagle Vision on May 19th. As of now, there is no info on availability and release dates in other markets.

The box set contents includes the following four-DVDs:
DVD1 – Bombay Calling, India 1995
DVD2 – Total Abandon, Australia 1999
DVD3 – Live At The NEC, England 2002
DVD4 – Access All Areas

More info including complete tracklistings can be found here.

An excerpt from a press release reads as follows: "This stunning set features three full Deep Purple concerts, highlights of a fourth, interviews with the band members and a new documentary telling the full Deep Purple story from their beginnings up to the present day with an emphasis on the Steve Morse era; presented in a hard-back bookstyle picture sleeve complete with a 32-page specially commissioned book written by Joel McIver [Classic Rock magazine] and is illustrated with photographs from the era covered by the concerts)."

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Meshuggah Streaming New Album Online

Swedish math-metal pioneers MESHUGGAH’s latest album, obZen, can now be streamed in its entirety at the group's MySpace page.

obZen is scheduled for release in Europe on March 7, 2008 and in North America on March 11, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The tracklisting for obZen is as follows: 'Combustion', 'Electric Red', 'Bleed', 'Lethargica', 'ObZen', 'This Spiteful Snake', 'Pineal Gland Optics', 'Pravus', 'Dancers To A Discordant System'.

Meshuggah will support MINISTRY on the North American leg of "C U LaTouR" which is now beginning on March 25 in Spokane, WA. Also appearing on the bill is HEMLOCK.

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God Forbid Guitarist Slams Metalcore

Over the coming months GOD FORBID guitarist Dallas Coyle will be writing a weekly column, The Hard R, for MetalSucks. Dallas has a lot to say about politics, life, music and an assortment of other topics, and lucky for you, you'll get to read all about them at MetalSucks. For the first installment, Dallas shares his feelings on the meaning of the word "metalcore" and the misuse and overuse of that term. An excerpt from the blog follows:

"When I go to the supermarket I like to buy Nathan’s or Sabrett hot dogs. Not the supermarket’s brand of hot dogs. I would like to hope that I have enough money to buy the higher quality product. Hence metal to metal-core. Metal-core to me is the poor mans choice for heavy, aggressive music.

Let’s bring up the ‘breakdown’. Most like to say metalcore is metal and hardcore put together but it’s more about the ‘breakdown’ that gets real metal, like God Forbid, labeled with this bullshit term. If that’s the case, let’s go back in time to SEPULTURA’s Chaos AD which has breakdowns galore. Is that then the first metal-core record? Everyone says of course not. I say ‘fuck you’ ’cause if we’re metalcore then Sepultura’s Chaos AD is too. For the record, Chaos AD is metal as fuck.

One of the ideologies that I live by is: Everything relates to everything. Metaphors are infinite. The metal to metal-core debate relates to everything in art; torture porn horror versus horror, cheap tricks versus real strategy, etc. Where’s the beef?

Obviously metal-core has none. I don’t fault the supporters who describe us as metal-core but I do fault their support of ‘journalists’ to try and reinvent the wheel that wasn’t broken in the first place. God Forbid isn’t doing anything but trying to make good metal for true metal heads. We’re not reinventing the wheel and we’re not responsible for that dump in the pants genre called metal-core. Can we please move on from re-labeling music that already has a label?"

Read the rest of this entry here

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Dublin Death Patrol Cancel Modesto Show

The DUBLIN DEATH PATROL - featuring TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy and former EXODUS singer Steve "Zetro" Souza, Andy Billy (guitar - SACRED DOG, RAMPAGE, GUILT), Greg Bustamante (guitar - Rampage), Steve Robello (guitar - OUT OF CONTROL), Philthy Demmelition (aka Phil Demmel, guitar - MACHINE HEAD, VIO-LENCE, DEATH PENALTY, METAL WARRIOR), Willy Langenhuizen (bass - Rampage, LAAZ ROCKIT), John Souza (bass) and Danny Cunningham (drums) - have cancelled their March 2nd show at the Fat Cat in Modesto, CA.

The band's debut, DDP 4 Life, is available via Godfodder Records.

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