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Metal News for February 27, 2011

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Novembers Doom Reveals New Album Release Date

Novembers Doom has announced that its forthcoming full length album, titled "Aphotic," will be released on May 10, 2011 tthrough The End Records. Novembers Doom vocalist Paul Kuhr commented on the album by saying:

"One goal in Novembers Doom is to never repeat ourselves. We aim to constantly challenge our writing abilities to deliver something new each and every time, while maintaining what we feel is our signature sound. We feel we've not only accomplished that with Aphotic, but have pushed our creativity into new musical territory. The result is quite possibly the most unique Novembers Doom release yet.” The album has its roots in darkness and melancholic madness, reminiscent of the band’s early doom roots but bringing something new and modern to the listener."

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Ratt Drummer Issues Band Update

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has posted the following update online, responding to rumors of the band's demise;

"Let me first say that I regard the band Ratt as a national treasure and something I feel privileged to be a part of for 30 years. I feel like we create great music, and bring a signature sound different from other bands out there keeping rock and roll alive. It is my love for all things Ratt that makes delays in touring, and creating music that much more frustrating.

"It's no secret that keeping a band together for 30 years is a tall order to fill. We met 30 years ago, and despite spending the majority of our lives on stage together, we do evolve into different people with different wants and needs in life. The last decade of Ratt has been a collection of stop and starts. Given my love for the fans and music, it's been hard to wake up everyday not knowing if we were going to make another album or at least at a minimum tour the old catalog next to our fellow rockers.

"I am extremely proud of our new album, 'Infestation.' It was great getting back with my fellow Pi-Ratts and finding out that our magic is still there. I want to continue. I want to make more music. I want to hang with the fans.

"For the first time in 29 years, I avoided attending NAMM. With a book to promote and fans that I love to shake hands with, this was a tough decision to make. I skipped this event for one reason, I couldn't bring myself to gloss over the fact that at the time of NAMM, I didn't know whether or not Ratt was going to tour or make new music. I can't bring myself to lie about what I don't know. I apologize to those of you I missed.

"As of this moment, some members of the band have chosen to decide that they will choose whether or not we, Ratt, tour. What I'm personally trying to do 24/7 is get the decision made so we can start to schedule tour dates, perhaps make another new album, and get back out on the road keeping Ratt alive. Ratt, for me, always comes first. Even with my entrepreneurial aspirations, it's Ratt, baby!

"Currently there are a lot of messages coming out of areas of the internet that don't have all the information, but in their own frustration are trying to find a person to place the blame. I understand since I threw out the first volley of my own frustration, I drew in a lot of misunderstanding and speculation on my own actions. I want you to know that I simply want Ratt to continue year in and year out making great music and celebrating rock and roll with our fans.

"Regardless of any drama, know that Ratt is alive and well. We're just trying to figure out which flavor to frost the cake with!"

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Headline News

Machine Men Calls It Quits

Finnish traditional heavy metallers Machine Men have posted the following statement online;

"Things have been quiet for the past two years. During this time we have gone through many changes and we have been thinking about the future of the band. Unfortunately, we feel that the challenges as a band would be too hard to overcome. After long conversations we have decided that the story of Machine Men ends here. It's better to end what we started together without bitterness than to make a new album we couldn't put our hearts and souls into. We wouldn't be the five guys that stuck together no matter what. We would be something else, not Machine Men.

"This band has been the centre of our lives for over a decade. During these years we have experienced great and unforgettable moments on the road (and off). The thanks goes to all the people who have supported us and have come to see our gigs. It hasn't been an easy ride but yet we have taken all the shit with our heads held high. After all, we are from Suolahti, for fuck's sake!

"Even though it's sad, we end this with smiles on our faces and with loads of good memories to share over a pint. The story of the band ends here but we'll continue to make music as individuals. We are grateful to so many people but most of all we would like to thank our fans - without you we would have been nothing!"

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"In Autumnal Fog - Chapter IV" Comp For Download

A free compilation of dark-melancholic acoustic songs entitled "In Autumnal Fog - Chapter IV" was released earlier this month. You can download it as 192 kbit/s mp3s here.

Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Woodland Choir (HUN) – "Spring"
2. Draumar (GER) – "Herbstträume-Winteranfang"
3. Art Of Empathy & Q_Snc (BEL & GRE) – "Virile Earth"
4. Betray-Ed (FRA) – "Melancholy Mist"
5. Novemthree (USA) – "Soil Binds Breath And Bone"
6. Stormsterk (NL) – "Schemering"
7. Faelwa (NL) – "The Heron"
8. Eftwyrd (GER) – "An Den Tod"
9. Weidenbaum (GER) – "Ruf Der Schwingen (Akustik Version)"
10. Keldar (GER) – "The Jolly Sailor"
11. The Hare And The Moon (UK) – "The Rolling Of The Stones"
12. Skorben (UKR) – "When Forests Fall Asleep"
13. Obiymy Doschu (UKR) – "Samotni Nochi"

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Chimaira Guitarist Joins Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes has posted the following update online, announcing the addition of Chimaira's Rob Arnold to the group as its new rhythm guitarist.

"Just wanted to give you a Six Feet Under band update and let you all know that we would like to announce our good friend Rob Arnold will be joining Six Feet Under as second rhythm guitarist for upcoming touring duties, as well as collaborating on the new CD. I couldn't be happier about the new songs and lineup! Rob and myself have been collaborating on new songs along with the band's new drummer, Kevin Talley, for the past few months. We are all feeling really excited about the band's future, and the raw intensity of the songs that we have created together so far. This is the heaviest most exciting material that I've worked on since 'The Bleeding' [1994 Cannibal Corpse record], and I'm stoked that Rob will be helping out creating this CD with us! We've all known each other for a while and we're really looking forward to continue writing the new CD and future tours. We are committed to taking Six Feet Under to the next level of brutality!"

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Emmure's "Drug Dealer Friend" Posted Online

Emmure's new single "Drug Dealer Friend" has been posted online. The song is taken off of the band's latest release "Speaker of the Dead" and can streamed in the player below.

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The Way Of Purity Posts New Song Online

The Way Of Purity has posted a new song, entitled "Keep Dreaming," on their MySpace page. The song is off the band's upcoming EP, "Biteback," and will also be featured on Terrorizer Magazine (UK) and Nocture Magazine (Serbia) CDs. For now, you can check out the song on the band's MySpace player.

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Surpreme Pain Signs To Massacre Records

SUPREME PAIN, which features members of Sinister, Infinited Hate and Fondlecorpse, has signed with Massacre Records. The band commented on the signing:

"We are very proud to announce that Supreme Pain signed a deal with Massacre Records. It is great that they give us this opportunity that we are on the same roster as bands like, Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Legion Of The Damned and many more."

The forthcoming album was recorded at the Soundlodge Studio with Jörg Uken, who will also mix the album. The album features nine "blasting death metal tracks with an evil and twisted atmosphere." "Divine Incarnation" will be released on May 25, 2011.

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Candiria Issues New Music Update

Candiria has posted the following update online;

"Candiria is in the studio and in the process of putting together music for what will be their next full length release. At this point there is no official release date or working title but the band is considering an early 2012 release.. The band is optimistic and very excited to be working together again on new music. “We’re touching upon all different styles with this one but we want it to be really aggressive . We feel Candiria fans will be thrilled to hear where we’re taking it” John LaMacchia stated regarding the release.

"The music thus far has been recorded and engineered by Steve and Ken Schalk at Jupiter 4 studios in Rockaway, NY. Musicians Adrian Gonzalez of The Mars Volta and Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas are also slated to take part and create some magic on the record as well. The band is also planning to play 2 headlining dates in NYC next year to support the release. No dates have been set yet but the band wants to make it a very special 2 day event. Thats all for now, stay tuned for more regarding this release."

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Of Mice & Men Posts Footage From The Studio

American hardcore act Of Mice & Men has posted some new video footage online taken from the studio. You can view the clip below.

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Deftones To Release Covers Album

Deftones have revealed the tracklisting for its upcoming "Record Store Day" LP release featuring eleven cover tracks. The vinyl-only album, simply titled "Covers," will be made available at participating independent retailers on April 16th, 2011. The tracklisting for the special release can be viewed below:

Side A:
1. Drive (The Cars)
2. Caress (Drive Like Jehu)
3. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths)
4. No Ordinary Love (Sade)
5. Savory (Jawbox)
6. Do You Believe (The Cardigans)

Side B:
1. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
2. Ghosts (Japan)
3. The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)
4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (live) (The Cure)
5. Sleep Walk (Santo & Johnny)

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The Human Abstract Posts New Music Video Online

The Human Abstract has posted the official music video for its new single and title track of its forthcoming full length, "Digital Veil." The clip can be viewed below. "Digital Veil" is set for release on March 8, 2011 through eONE Music.

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Haeresiarchs Of Dis Posts New Album Artwork

Haeresiarchs of Dis has announced the new album "In Obsecration of the Seven Darks" will see release on April 19th, 2011. The cover artwork for the upcoming release is available for viewing here. Moribund Cult Records has now issued the following statement about the album:

"After blazing trails with his Denuntiatis Cinis debut for Moribund and reaping unanimously fanatic praise from the international press, one-man maelstrom of miasmic misery Haeresiarchs of Dis returns with his hotly anticipated In Obsecration of the Seven Darks.

"Taking the previous Moribund album to more epic and extreme ends, main man Cernunnos summons forth a frightening and bold vision of black metal: the complexity more entangling, the experimental touches even further out there, the violence absolutely mesmerizing. Haeresiarchs of Dis now enters the uppermost echelon of black metal."

Haeresiarchs of Dis also recently uploaded several new tracks from the upcoming album "In Obsecration of the Seven Darks."

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New Rebellion Guitarist Answers Fan Questions

Germany's Rebellion has posted a video clip online of new guitarist Oliver Geibig answering questions sent in by fans. You can check out the video below.

Rebellion also recently recruited a new drummer, and footage of the new member performing can be found at this location.

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Excrecor Issues Album Update

Excrecor has checked in with the following update about "Hypnotic Affliction," the band's upcoming album:

"We're drawing closer to the end! Recording process is going very well and it's all coming together... Hypnotic Affliction will feature 7-9 songs, we're still going over which ones but it hasn't slowed us down on the recording end. Many songs on the disc (Cry of contrition, Serpent's of wisdom, etc) were written around the start of Excrecor between 2001-2003 era. Over time, they change, get re-written, revamped, etc, until now when it's time to release it!

"So why has the fabled first album taken so long? A few reasons actually: One, we weren't going to release a CD without the final full lineup of Excrecor, it took a long time to get us together and was probably the biggest reason we hadn't released Hypnotic Affliction earlier. Another reason are technical issues, we do everything ourselves and have gone through about 3 computers in the last 10 years. Lots of trial and error, learning and testing got us to where we can produce our own CD and (hopefully) make it sound good without outside help. Technical issues kept us in the dark about a year or two ago, it stopped our recordings and we went on to continue playing shows without dealing with the frustration. It's one reason 'Synchronicity' was released last August, as those tracks were originally going to be on Hypnotic Affliction but got released as a demo ahead of time since they were the closest to completion. We did want to re-do a couple of them in the future but it hasn't worked out that way as of yet.

"In the meantime during all of this, we've been writing and have the songs for the next album mostly finished ('Upcoming Song Clip' on myspace for instance). Right now we're working like clockwork and almost done with this album, ready to spend the spring/summer/fall playing as many shows as possible. Artwork will be ready soon and we can't wait to show you!"

You can also check out a teaser video for the band's upcoming album at this location.

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Darzamat Working On New Album

Polish dark metal act Darzamat has issued the following announcement about working on a new album:

"In the summer 2011 Darzamat will get work underway on a new yet-untitled album. Sooner the band will give some shows on several concerts in South America and Mexico. Recently the female vocalist of Darzamat is making her solo album under the signboard NeraNature that will be released in May 2011.

"In her solo face Nera presents quite gentler music, which can qualify with name of atmospheric rock and metal. However part of other Darzamat's musicians have reactivated black metal band Mastiphal which after 10 years of break has come back on scene with a new album. The album entitled 'Parvzya' will be released by label Witching Hour Productions in May 2011."

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Conspires To... Announces Debut Album Title

Conspires To... has issued the following announcement about the band's upcoming debut album:

"Conspires To.. debut album 'Redemption' is just weeks away. We are now on the final straight, and are hoping to have something available to download from iTunes and other online stores to be confirmed, in the up and coming weeks.

"After having a working title of 'The Journey' through the writing and recording stages, the music has moved on significantly enough for us to settle on 'Redemption' as the albums final title.

"The track listing will be released next week with some more of the associated artwork. We are nearly there! Thanks for all the support and interest so far."

The album's artwork is available at this location, and the band also recently uploaded a new track titled "From the Deep."

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Hell Announces New Single Release

After recently announcing the release of a new album titled "Human Remains," due out May 13th through Nuclear Blast, U.K. act Hell has now revealed the title of the album's first single.

Hell will release the "Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us" single on March 4th, 2011. The track is the new album recording of the band's original single released in 1983. The single will contain the tracks "Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us" and on the B-Side "On Earth As It Is In Hell," for which the band recently shot a video with director Kristian Havard of Visual Concepts UK.

Limited to 666 copies, the single will be released digitally and on picture vinyl on March 4th, 2011.

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Sunday Old School: BMHM Part 4. Immortal

As many people are aware, February is Black History Month in the United States of America. Always one to respect cultures and take part in something, we here at MetalUnderground.com are dedicating this month to the history of Black Metal. We will be looking at some of the biggest names in the genre, those who helped to shape it, and some of the promising younger black metal bands in the underground.

The most ardent fans of the genre might say that black metal is immortal. Whether or not that’s true, Immortal is certainly black metal, and could be considered by some to be the poster boys of the scene, since practically every picture mocking black metal features the band and there’s even a Facebook group dedicated to inserting Immortal into any and every picture. Regardless of how they may be seen by some, there’s no denying that the group are one of the most popular that emerged from the Norwegian black metal scene in the early 1990’s. The origins of the band can be traced to one of the first extreme metal bands in Norway, Old Funeral, which featured future Immortal members Demonaz and Abbath, as well as including one Varg Vikernes in the lineup at one point. Abbath then began forming other musical projects, including Amputation, before deciding to form Immortal, which featured members of Old Funeral and Amputation, resulting in the demise of the former.

The band gained a following in the black metal underground after releasing a number of EPs and demos, but their popularity increased largely when their music video for the song, “The Call Of The Wintermoon,” from their debut full length album, “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism,” was shown on television. Although the station mocked the band and the video has been a source of parody ever since, it helped gain awareness for the group and they soon got to work on new material, culminating in “Pure Holocaust,” which received rave reviews and has since gone on to be considered one of the best black metal albums of the 90s, if not all time. It was a departure from the previous album lyrically, discarding the supposed Satanic themes and concentrating more on ice, snow and blizzards. The album was recorded solely by Demonaz and Abbath, as they had not found a drummer yet, which came a few weeks later in the form of Grim, though he was to be fired from the band before Immortal recorded their next album, “Battles In The North,” which is considered to be another outstanding work in the field of black metal. After filming two more music videos for the songs, “Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms” and "Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)" with Mayhem drummer, Hellhammer, the band finally found a permanent drummer in Horgh and the group recorded their next album, “Blizzard Beasts,” which featured a more experimental sound than their previous work, which was considered straight up black metal. More...

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Slayer Frontman Hospitalised

According to Slayerized.com, Slayer frontman Tom Araya has been taken into hospital, which means the band's schedueled performance in Sydney, Australia has been cancelled. An excerpt from Slayerized.com reads as follows:

"Tom Araya has been hospitalized after yesterdays show in Brisbane, Australia. Reports say that the hospital is keeping him in over the night. As a result of this Slayer's appearance today at the Soundwave Festival has been cancelled. Why this has happened is not clear so far, rumors say it has to do with his surgery early last year, but these are only rumors. Keep checking back here!"

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