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Metal News for February 26, 2012

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Piet Sielck Tells The Tale Of His Rebirth In Metal

Four years had passed before Iron Savior landed with the latest release “The Landing.” In the time since “Megatropolis,” founder/guitarist and producer/engineering mastermind Piet Sielck, unknown to many, was struggling to balance two bands, two record labels and three children. The collapse of his label Dockyard due to betrayal of trust with his partners, Sielck was abandoned with mounting debt which ate at his love of music to the point where he had consciously decided he might give it up.

However, AFM Records struck a deal to buy out the failing label giving Piet the light at the end the tunnel he needed. Then in late 2010, Piet picked up the guitar, the same one he picked up a year prior having found he lost the passion, and wrote half of what would become, ironically, the song “RU Ready.” The first song complete with lyrics would also foreshadow and embody the new Iron Savior, the true metal track “Heavy Metal Never Dies.” Piet had found his passion again and love for metal. In 2011, he managed to leave the nightmare of Dockyard behind, sign a new deal, shed one band (Savage Circus) and release one of the finest Iron Savior albums ever, “The Landing” (see Metal Underground’s review at this location).

Piet checked in with Metal Underground to tell the story of his re-birth in true metal. More...

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Asspera Releases Video

Argentinian bizarre metal band Asspera has released an official video for the song "Pogo Al Corazon," which comes from its latest EP "Pijo." Asspera is currently on tour in support of that four song EP, hitting Uruguay on March 10th and Cordoba on April 14th. Listen to music from Asspera's latest and previous efforts on MySpace and also check out many more songs of theirs on YouTube, including the live track "De Lo Bueno Muy Poco".

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Ecnephias Releases Video

Italian occult metal band Ecnephias has released an official video for the track "A Satana." The song comes from Ecnephias' latest release, "Inferno," which was released in December on Scarlet Records. Stream other material from Ecnephias' two previous releases over on MySpace.

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Antropofagus Posts Teaser

After a ten year hiatus, Italian brutal death metal band Antropofagus has re-emerged with a new line-up. Original guitarist Meatgrinder put together a new roster of musicians starting in 2009, composed of vocalist Tya, bassist Jacopo and drummer "Davide Brutal Dave" Billia. They set about recording a follow-up to 1999's full-length "No Waste of Flesh." Below is a teaser for the new album Antropofagus will be releasing, titled "Architecture of Lust." It will be out on April 17th on Comatose Music. Check out some of their new material over at MySpace.

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Omission Posts "We Are The Dead" Video

Omission has posted a video clip online for the song "We are the Dead," which can be viewed in the player below. The band also commented:

"Hi demonic souls. Omission is currently pre producing the 3rd opus to be released in September. The new album will have 9 tracks of Satanic speed thrash metal. The new official video of the track WE ARE THE DEAD is now available." More...

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Primal Fear Guitarist Karlsson To Miss Tour

German power metal band Primal Fear announced that guitarist Magnus Karlsson will be temporarily absent from the upcoming Metal Nation Tour due to family obligations. The band has recruited Mystic Prophecy guitarist Constantine (also with Constantine & Nightfall) (seen below).

The following was posted on the band's Facebook page:

On a less happy note we need to announce that Magnus will be temporarily absent from the forthcoming live shows due to family obligations. Don't ask reg. the matter, this is serious and very private - Bottom Line!

It's tough for us to replace Magnus on the next shows as a guitarist, but it's even harder to replace his wonderful character. We've searched for the last couple of days for the best possible substitute and decided to recruit Constantine - a 24 year old phenomenal talent from Greece. Check out his FB page and his songs and give him a warm welcome. After the current rehearsals we're sure he will NOT disappoint!

CU on tour - Unbreakable!


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Headline News

King's X Drummer Gaskill Suffers Heart Attack

Jerry Gaskill, drummer and vocalist for Houston progressive hard rock band King's X, had a heart attack Saturday night, according to a Facebook post by his bandmate Doug Pinnick:

The Houston Press reports that King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered a heart attack last night and underwent emergency surgery. Gaskill is in stable condition at the hospital. Vocalist/bassist dUg Pinnick reported the event on twitter with the following message:

Jerry had a heart attack last night. He was operated on and is in stable condition at the hospital. Were all waiting for more info. I will keep you posted.

The band is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first self-titled release this year and the "First Church of Rock and Roll" North American Tour was scheduled to start in March.

More information is expected shortly. To read the entire article, head over to this location.

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Ensiferum Posts Studio Diary Week 2 Video

Finnish viking/folk masters Ensiferum are currently recording the band's yet untitled fifth release and follow up to the 2009 release "From Afar." In the second installment of studio videos, keyboardist/vocalist Emmi Silvennoinen plays the grand piano, Janne Parviainen plays more drums and Sami Hinkka slaps the bass.

Check out the video here (click "CC" for English subtitles):

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Hirax Posts Rehearsal Video

Hirax has posted a new rehearsal track for the song "La Boca de la Bestia." This is the first time Hirax has released a rehearsal recording since 1986, filmed on an old school zoom mp3 recorder with raw sound quality. Hirax will officially enter Bill Metoyer's Skull Seven recording studio in June to record its fourth full-length album.

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Wretch Splits With Vocalist

Northeast Ohio based metallers Wretch have parted ways with longtime vocalist Colin Watson. Guitarist Nick Giannakos issued the following statement:

"I have been in this band with Colin on and off for 26 years. I am very sad to see this day come. He told us he does not want to be in a band full-time anymore. I will miss his vocals but most of all I will miss having him around on a regular basis. Not only have we been in a band together for that long, we have also been friends for just as long.

"We are going to continue finishing the new album. We are currently looking for a new vocalist with the same type of vocal ability who is good at writing lyrics. I am not sure if we will continue with the name WRETCH but we will definitely keep playing and writing the same type of power metal that we love to play."

Interested vocalists can contact Giannakos at nshred1@yahoo.com.

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Haken Posts Bass Instructional Clip

Haken has posted a bass instructional video clip online for part of the the title track off the band's new album "Vision" (reviewed here). The video is available below, and the band commented:

"By popular request, here is a demonstration of the tapped bass lick from the second verse of 'Visions' by Haken. Enjoy!"

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The Reset Streaming New Song

Florida based metal act The Reset has posted a new demo track online for streaming. Check out the song "Relativity" through the player provided below. You can also listen to The Reset's previously posted track "Imperium" at this location.

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Iced Earth Posts Video Road Report

Iced Earth has posted a second video road report online from the band's time touring North America, which can be found below. Iced Earth also commented:

"Ready for Freddie's exclusive North American road report part 2? Ready or not, here it comes! And this one is a sight to behold.

"In this installment, you get to watch Iced Earth hang out with Symphony X, Into Eternity, and of course each other everywhere from a bowling alley (?) to partying in Vegas to a Russian attack sub (!) built in 1972. It doesn't get any better than this. THANK YOU, Freddie! Well done."

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Acherontas Recording New Material

Acherontas has checked in with the following announcement about recent and upcoming releases from the band:

"Acherontas is already in studio recording the new ritual. It is a ten minute opus based in 2 parts. The first one is a physical ritual recording dedicated to Naamah and Lilith. The second part is an ode dedicated To LAYIL. For sure the creativity behind this creation and the evolution was in highest form....

"This split release will be out at the magical night of 30/4/2012 in digipack cd and 10 ep Vinyl by Agonia Records.

"A cult release of Summerian Blessing will be released by Nihilwards productions on 21/6, Summer Solstice. Acherontas/Crimson Moon/Akrabu/Shibalba have raised the serpentine force and invoke the gods of desert & sand in a 4 way split under the title: 'Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat.' A 10" Vinyl version will be announced soon.

"Finally the Theosis album is now out by Darker Than Black records, as a Gatefold double lp including poster."

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Sunday Old School: BMHM - Primordial

Black metal has certainly come a long way over the years. Starting from the almost sloppy sounding thrash of Venom and Hellhammer, it has incorporated many other elements into its sound as time’s gone by, including traditional folk music, a combination worked to perfection by Irelands own, Primordial. The earliest incarnation of Primordial was formed in 1987 by brothers Pól and Derek MacAmlaigh, along with guitarist Ciáran MacUiliam under the name Forsaken in Skerries, a small seaside town in County Dublin, where they began life by performing covers of popular extreme metal bands such as Death before recruiting vocalist Alan Averill (aka A.A. Nemtheanga) in 1991 and adopting a much darker approach, more inspired by the proto black metal bands of the time such as Celtic Frost and Bathory. The band released a demo in 1993 entitled, "Dark Romanticism" which attracted the attention of numerous labels, including Candlelight, but ultimately it was Cacophonous Records, then home to British extreme metal outfit Cradle Of Filth, who successfully signed the group. Through the label, Primordial released their first album, "Imrama" in 1994. The album was noteworthy for its focus on medieval Irish folklore and use of the Gaelic language, in addition to combining the black metal sound with traditional Irish melodies, becoming one of the first Celtic Metal bands (along with Cruachan and Waylander) in the process. Despite some difficulties faced after the release of the record, including performing only one show in 1996, which was stopped half way through by the police, things began to take an upturn for the band in 1997 when they found a new drummer in Simon O'Laoghaire and performed with the recently reformed Mayhem in the United Kingdom.

The melodic aspect was expanded upon by the time Primordial released its second album, "A Journeys End" through Misanthropy Records in 1998, which featured the use of whistles and mandolins in order to accentuate their nationality and heritage. Right after releasing their sophomore effort, the band had decided that Misanthropy was not the right record label for them, and signed with Hammerheart Records, immediately getting to work on new material, which surfaced a year later in the form of an EP entitled, "The Burning Season," before releasing their third album, "Spirit The Earth Aflame" in 2000. Once their fourth album, "Storm Before Calm" was released, Primordial knew that some changes were needed to be made, and started by recruiting a new guitarist named Michael O Floinn and began the search for a new label, which they found following tours with the likes of Enthroned, Rotting Christ and Ancient Rites, when they signed with Metal Blade Records and got to work on their darkest album yet. More...

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