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Metal News for February 25, 2004

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Download Mutilation's 'Conflict Inside' MP3

The title track of MUTILIATION's forthcoming album, "Conflict Inside", has been madeavailable for download here.

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Judas Priest Announce European Tour Dates

Judas Priest have announced a number of European tour dates for this summer: More...

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Hearse Set Release Date For Armageddon

Candlelight Records confirms April 6 as the US release date for the new album from Sweden's Hearse. Titled 'Armageddon Mon Amour', it is the second full-length album from the growing melodic metal band.

Recorded at Basement Audio System in Stockholm, Armageddon Mon Amour showcases the band's refreshing hybrid of musical styles - an embodiment of melodic death, classic metal and showing hints of a groovier, if one could say, stoner influence. Drummer Max Thornell says of the recording, "the aim was to have a natural, rough and heavy recording. The cooperation between us and engineer Jonas Edler worked out with the recording coming out quite close to plan." Continuing, "what can fans expect? Look for a round of rock n' roll adventures in death metal with ripping solos, licks and tricks. And on top of it all, Johan Liiva's voice."

Track listing for Armageddom Mon Amour: Mountain of the Solar Eclipse, Turncoat, Crops of Waste, In Love and War, Ticket to Devastation, Tools, Cambodia, Sodi, Play Without Rules, Determination, Armageddon Mon Amour.

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Manmadegod Have Tour Support Pulled

MANMADEGOD have had their tour support pulled out from underneath them and will not be able to tour with SOiL this March. Taking their place will be MY RUIN, who will act as direct support. Also added to the bill is Chicago's THE BLANK THEORY who will open the month long tour which kicks off March 3rd in Florida.

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Site Update

F***ing Censored Comments

As several people have pointed out, I recently implemented a script that translates swearing/cursing/vulgarity, etc. on the comments into "bleeped" versions. (E.g. "what the f*** is up with the f***in censoring of our f***in comments?")

I personally dislike censorship and did not want to do anything of the sort until it dawned on me that there are so many technologies out there trying to make the 'net a "safer place" [for kids], that by allowing mass amounts of swearing on the site would, in effect, result in this site being censored by other parties such as AOL, Google, and many other directories and third party software. Many of the search engines display "safe" results BY DEFAULT, which really sucks. Other sites or third party software may ban metalunderground.com content altogether if it were to contain excessive swearing.

So yes, part of me hates the script I put in place. But the fact that many of you have happened upon this site in the past 6 months (traffic has increased almost tenfold) makes me happy that I have made this site and the news and information we present more accessible for anyone to find in the long run. Afterall, one of the main goals of metalunderground.com is to get underground metal bands exposure, and that is not done by getting censored by a large percent of the 'net in the first place.

So go ahead, lemme hear what you f***in think about it! But in all fairness, I think you f***ing get the point even with the godd*mn f***ing "bleeped" profanity, so stop yer b****ing! ;-) If it makes anyone feel better, your unedited comments are actually stored as-is, so if I decide to update or remove the bad language filter, it'll all be shown just as you typed it.

In the end, like everything else on the web, "getting it right" is a technical endeavor. As such, I'd appreciate it if anyone becomes aware of a site or software that is filtering/censoring metalunderground.com, please let me know about it so I can look further into the situation for a possible resolution.

Thanks to all of our readers who've stuck around and exchanged ideas and opinions on this site (even when it's only a "F*** Slipknot", "F*** Phil" or "Linkin Park f***ing sucks!"). Trust that we know what you mean.


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Switchblade Signs With Deathwish/Icarus

Sweden's Switchblade has officially joined the Deathwish Inc./Icarus roster. Formed in 1998, the group has previously released a 10" Ep, a split (with Cult Of Luna), and two albums with Trust No One Recordings. Switchblade has since recorded a full-length with Carl Wikman (Kelly 8) at EAR studios, which is 47 minutes long, and, according to Deathwish/Icarus, "the definition of epic, a dense storm of ambient soundscapes, driving repetition, and dark instrumental passages." Look for the album to hit streets in early-May. For now, download one of the group's tracks here.

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Evanescence Pics From Ft. Wayne, Indiana Show

Evanescence performed in concert on Sunday (February 22) at Allen County Colliseum in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Check out pictures from WireImage. (Correction, they are all of Amy Lee, actually)

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H.I.M. Release Best Of Album

Finnish Goth metallers H.I.M. will release a 'best of" collection "And Love Said No - The Greatest Hits 1997-2004", which will include a bonus DVD with 6 bonus tracks. You can check out the cover here

On related news, H.I.M. are one of the seven bands competing this week on Fuse TV's Oven Fresh program where you, the viewer, get to vote for the show's best and worst videos of the week. They're the only metal band on the bill this week with their video for "Join Me In Death," from the 'Razorblade Romance' album, so stop on over fuse.tv to vote as you wish.

Back to the album- "And Love Said No - The Greatest Hits 1997-2004" , due on March 15, will feature the following track listing: More...

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