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Metal News for February 20, 2017

Last updated on September 24, 2018 at 7:43 AM ET

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Svartanatt Announces New Tour, Single

There is a "Killer On The Loose!" Svartanatt returns with a new tour and single following the group's debut album from back in August of 2016.

This new single will be a stepping stone on the way to writing for a second album, which will be recorded during the summer of 2017. "Killer On The Loose" and the b-side called "Heavy Metal" will be released on the 14th of April. Be sure to also catch the band live:

28 February - Malaga, Spain
1 March - Granada, Spain
2 March - Baeza, Spain
3 March - Secret Show, Spain
4 March - Don Benito, Spain
5 March - Valladolid, Spain
25 March - Åre, Sweden
1 April - Linköping, Sweden
7 April - Gävle, Sweden
8 April - Stockholm, Sweden
12 May - Karlskoga, Sweden
13 May - Skövde, Sweden More...

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Extrema Featured On "Rust 'N Dust" Compilation

Italian thrash metal group Extrema, currently embarked on the 30 Years Of Headbanging tour, has been featuring on the "Rust'n'Dust" giveaway compilation with the song "Carcasses." Check out the track below.

Extrema comments: "We're happy to announce that our song 'Carcasses' out of our latest effort 'The Old School EP' will be featured on the 'Rust'n'Dust' compilation together with our friends Underneath, alongside many French and Canadian bands."

The full compilation can be streamed or downloaded for free at this location and was created to promote the featured bands outside of their respective regions. Fans can also catch these remaining Extrema tour dates:

24.02.17 – Segrate (MI) – CSA Baraonda
25.02.17 – Vogogna (VB) – La Loggia del Leopardo
08.07.17 – Gaggiano (MI) – Grave Party Open Air More...

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Viletale Releases "From The Depths Ov Mind"

Brazilian black / death metal band Viletale has released new EP "From the Depths ov Mind," which was recorded at Takeout Studio and mixed and mastered by Roberto de Lucena. You can hear the full album below.

Viletale was formed in January of 2016 at Blumenau, Brazil by Bruno Jankauskas (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Alan Ricardo (Rhytim Guitars/vocals), Filipe Oliveira (Bass) and Matheus Lunge (Drums).

1. Innsmouth 01:47
2. Shattered Existance 03:17
3. Reign Upon Ulthar 03:44
4. Chant Of The Mountain 05:11
5. O Espasmo e a Sabedoria 01:23
6. Tentacle God 03:47
7. Arise, O Guardian 08:35 More...

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Crohm Signs With Sliptrick

Italian metal band Crohm has inked a deal with Sliptrick Records to release "Humanity" on March 21st, 2017. Sliptrick comments:

"The original line-up dates back to 1986-88 and after splitting up for 26 years, the band re-grouped once again to start playing live shows and finally release first album, 'Legend and Prophecy,' in 2015. The momentum has continued and now the band is ready with a brand new album titled 'Humanity,' which will be released through Sliptrick Records next month. Never quit, never surrender!"


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King Woman Streaming "Shame"

Bay Area group King Woman will release debut full-length album "Created in the Image of Suffering" next Friday, February 24th via Relapse Records. Today a new song from the album, titled “Shame," can be heard below.

"Created in the Image of Suffering" was recorded with engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Wreck & Reference, Oathbreaker) at the Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, CA. Each of the 7 songs evoke rich, gloomy imagery with crumbling washes of blurred, billowing distortion densely layered atop hazy, psychedelic atmospheres. More...

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Gruesome Reveals New EP Details

Gruesome - the Death worshiping band that took the metal world by storm and won our "Best Newcomer" award back in 2015 - has announced a new EP titled "Fragments of Psyche."

This EP further continues the homage to legendary band Death and offers a glimpse into the next era of Gruesome. "Fragments of Psyche: is due out March 31st on CD/7”/digital formats via Relapse Records and features a brand new studio track with special guest drums from Sean Reinert (Death, Cynic) along with a reworking of Death’s “Choke On It” from second album "Leprosy."

The CD and digital versions include five deliciously raw bonus demo tracks of the band’s first ever recordings, and pre-orders are now online at this location. More...

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In Thousand Lakes Streaming "Age Of Decay"

Spanish group In Thousand Lakes today unleashes the "Age Of Decay" album via Xtreem Music. In celebration of that release, all the songs have come online for streaming and can be heard below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Death Train 03:29
2. Fall Into the Void 04:14
3. I Rise 04:30
4. True North 03:14
5. Age of Decay 04:38
6. Hunter of Souls 04:06
7. Blind Eyes 03:19
8. Ethereal 03:27
9. Vanished 03:40
10. Wolfzeit 04:10
11. 4 Walls (Scars) 02:51 More...

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Alastor Releasing "Black Magic"

Twin Earth Records is pleased to announce the release of "Black Magic" - the debut EP by Swedish doom merchant Alastor due out March 24th.

The band is cryptic about its background and has revealed little info about the lineup, preferring only to state "DIE IN FIRE!" Check out the EP's title track below.

1. Enemy
2. Nothing to Fear
3. Black Magic More...

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Electric Age Streaming Full Album

Louisiana southern metal / sludge outfit Electric Age will release new album "Sleep of the Silent King" on February 27th through Agonia Records. Now a week ahead of that release date, the full album has come online for advance streaming - listen in below.

1. The Threshold
2. Shepherd and the Raven
3. Robes of Grey
4. Cold Witch
5. Priestess pt.1
6. Black Galleons
7. Sleep of Winter
8. Silent King
9. Elders
10. Priestess pt.2
11. Electric Age
12. The Dreaming More...

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Smile Empty Soul Announces "Rarities"

Smile Empty Soul just announced the release of "Rarities," a compilation album built out of previously unreleased tracks written over the course of the last 14 years. Due out March 10th, "Rarities" is available to pre-order on the band's official website in multiple bundle opportunities.

Sean Danielsen comments: "I'm happy to be releasing all these songs we've recorded over the years that never made our regular albums. its gonna be cool to see them get out there to our fans and maybe play a few of them at our live shows"

1. One at a Time
2. Something New
3. Alone
4. Goodbye
5. This is War
6. Wasted Town
7. Whats Going Through My Head Right Now
8. For You
9. Who I Am
10. Finding Myself
11. Precious Things (Tori Amos Cover)
12. Aneurysm (Nirvana Cover)
13. Possession (Sarah McLachlan Cover) More...

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Ghoul Kicking Off European Tour

The Creepsylvanian masked misfits in Ghoul will devour the dead overseas on a near-two-week tour next week. Slated to commence on February 25th, Ghoul will feast on the entrails of the deceased though the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Germany, and Austria, with a stop at the Netherlands Death Fest.

Proclaims Digestor of the band's latest incursion: "We are excited to travel once again through the socialist hellscapes of Europe. Cinch up your dirndles and prepare yourself for the impending bloodbath, you sausage eating noodnicks. Ghoul is coming and we can't be reasoned with!" More...

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Venereal Baptism Streams "Death March Of Glory"

Today the black/death violators from Venereal Baptism premiere new track "Death March of Glory." The track hails from debut album, "Deviant Castigation Liturgy," which is set for international release on March 24th via Osmose Productions.

Venereal Baptism was spawned as a solo project of Adversor (Nethermost, Grieving Mirth, Mysteria Inframundi, Gibbet) in 2014 in Laredo, Texas, right at the border of USA and Mexico, with the intention of creating dark and fast music that would blur the line between black and death metal.

Later that year, D.H. (Exaltatio Diaboli, Grieving Mirth) joined the ranks on vocals, and they recorded their first work, "Progenitor of all Aberrations," a self-produced five-track EP released under Throats Productions the following year. Now we're nearing the release of first full-length "Deviant Castigation Liturgy," which features the following track listing:

1. Lecherous Immersion Sacrament
2. Centuries of Wrath
3. Impure and Perpetual
4. ...Victorious!
5. The Winds of Nullification
6. Command
7. A Grand Liberation
8. Gothrapemachine
9. Death March of Glory More...

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Darkapathy Parts With Vocalist

Vocalist Dennis John Glinski from Darkapthy has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band:

"An open letter to fans and friends of Darkapathy - this has been a hard decision to make but do to personal/private reasons I have left the band. Doing shows and recording the 2 CDs has been a dream come true. You guys have been so cool! And it comes with a saddened heart that this journey has ended for me. Thank You for the years of FUN!

"Nate, Sam and Jay are great guys and I wish them the best of luck, as they will be continuing the band. Nate will be taking over as moderator of this page and I'm sure he'll have answers as to the future of Darkapathy as there will be a future, just without me on vocals." More...

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Mastodon Album Available For Pre-Order

Pre-orders have come online for Mastodon's new album "Emperor Of Sand," with various editions and bundle packs available over here.

"Emperor Of Sand" is due to drop March 31st and follows 2014's "Once More Round The Sun" (reviewed here). The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Sultan's Curse (listen to the stream)
2. Show Yourself
3. Precious Stones
4. Steambreather
5. Roots Remain
6. Word to the Wise
7. Ancient Kingdom
8. Clandestiny
9. Andromeda
10. Scorpion Breath
11. Jaguar God More...

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Gra Announces New Single Release

Grá moves on from previously Charon-themed releases and gives birth to a new era with the "Ramsvarta Tankar" single, which will be released on the 24th of March, 2017 via Carnal Records.

This is a new beginning and shows the band's ability to develop and increase in force as the world is heading towards the end. The single also includes a cover of Lord Belial's "Osculum Obscenum."

Together with the new single comes a new and improved line-up. Heljarmadr, Dimman, and Maugrim are now joined by Natt (ex-Horde of Hel, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Withershin) on guitars and Vediger (ex-Diabolic Lust, ex-Symphony of Malice) on bass. A new night is born, darker than the night before. More...

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Shibalba Teases New Album

Shibalba cosists of Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas), Karl NE/Nachzehrer (Nåstrond) and Aldra-Al-Melekh, producing a music saturated with the mysticism of the East. It's richly detailed and multidimensional, while layered with chanting and broadly defined elements of traditional ritual and shamanic music.

A new teaser trailer has come online for the "Psychostasis - Death Of Khat" album due out at the end of April via Agonia Records. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Phychostasis-Death of Khat
2. Ihag Mthong
3. Kaoshikii Mahayana
4. Aether Ananda Aiwass
5. Naljorpa
6. Reanimation of Akh
7. Five Points of Desire
8. Orgasmic Inebriation
9. Opening the shadow box
10. Svarna Khecari Mudra nom. More...

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Arcturus Releases "Shipwrecked In Oslo" Digitally

The Norwegian progressive metal innovators from Arcturus have seen the digital release of their 2006 live DVD "Shipwrecked in Oslo."

Originally filmed at Rockefeller Music Hall in Norway during the Sonic Solstice Festival in September 2005, the "Shipwrecked in Oslo" lineup of Arcturus features Mayhem drummer Hellhammer, Tore More Skitliv, and Knut Magne Valle, Sverd, and Skoll from Ulver.

The live show includes a set list of tracks that span the band's storied career as one of the most original, daring, and forward-thinking entities in progressive metal. "Shipwrecked in Oslo" is now available worldwide via Bandcamp, ITunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

1. Ad Absurdum
2. Nightmare Heaven
3. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
4. Alone
5. Deception Genesis
6. The Chaos Path
7. Tore Guitar Solo
8. Deamonpainter
9. Nocturnal Vision Revisited
10. Painting My Horror
11. Steinar Keyboard Solo
12. Hufsa
13. Master of Disguise
14. White Noise Monster
15. Reflections
16. Raudt og svart More...

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Afterbirth Signs With Unique Leader

New York progressive/brutal death metal group Afterbirth - featuring within its ranks members of Helmet, Artificial Brain, and Buckshot Facelift - is the latest addition to the Unique Leader Records roster.

Comments the band: "Afterbirth is extremely pleased to announce that we've signed with Unique Leader Records, one of the most legendary and long-running labels in the death metal underground. We couldn't be happier to be part of the Unique Leader tradition and its growing roster of some of the most intense and brutal bands operating in extreme music today."

Details of the band's forthcoming new full-length to be announced in the coming months. Unique Leader also issued this history on the group:

"Among the earliest purveyors of brutal death metal, Afterbirth was forged on Long Island, New York during the Summer of 1993. The following year, the band release the Psychopathic Embryotomy studio demo which has since become something of a cult-like classic among the extreme metal underground. Due to various issues among its members however, Afterbirth disbanded shortly thereafter the recording. More...

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Sauron Posts "The Baltic Fog" Re-Release

Polish pagan black metal group Sauron today unveils remastered classic “The Baltic Fog” online via the YouTube stream below. Originally recorded and released in 1995 at ZSE Studio in Radom, Poland, the new LP version will be limited to 200 copies and released through Wheelwright Productions on March 3rd.

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Zeal & Ardor Posts Full Album

Zeal & Ardor, the brainchild of Manuel Gagneux mixing multiple disparate genres such as black metal and blues, sprung up from the underground in 2016.

After an initial limited run self-release, the "Devil Is Fine" album is now being unleashed upon the world on a global scale of February 24th (read our review here).

With that release date nearly here, today the full album is online for pre-listening below. If you missed it, a new song not included on the album has also been released via a live video - check out "Don't You Dare" at this location. More...

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Virulent Depravity Posts New Song

Newly formed technical death metal overlords Virulent Depravity recently announced the upcoming release of debut album, "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree," which will see release on April 14th through The Artisan Era Records.

Today, the group unleashes a scorching new single called "Beyond the Point of No Return." Pre-orders are also online for the impending album over here.

1. Serpentine Messiah
2. Spineless Obedience
3. Your Demise
4. Desecrating Eden
5. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
6. Bad Drug
7. Beyond the Point of No Return
8. Only Human
9. Mechanized Defilement
10. Crushed by Futuristic Filth More...

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Nightbringer Streams "Misrule"

Underground black metal cult Nightbringer is today streaming a new track off forthcoming album "Terra Damnata." The track, a furious whirlwind of black metal fury, is titled "Misrule" and is available below.

Nightbringer comments on the song: "The revelation of the daemon arises at the cross roads where all opposites meet. In the eternal instant at the point of paradox the gnosis of the Horned Lord of Misrule is revealed."

"Terra Damnata" is Nightbringer's fifth full-length album and will be released worldwide on April 14th. The track listing is as follows:

1. As Wolves Amongst Ruins
2. Misrule
3. Midnight's Crown
4. Of the Key and Crossed Bones
5. Let Silence be His Sacred Name
6. Inheritor of a Dying World
7. The Lamp of Inverse Light
8. Serpent Sun (streaming here) More...

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Fjoergyn Posts New Video

This coming Friday, new album "Lvcifer Es" by German avantgarge black metal act Fjoergyn is going to hit stores, and today a video lands for the title track.

Originally intended to be a purely orchestral solo work, Fjoergyn was founded in 2003 by musical visionary Stephan L. His approach until today (with now having a full band line-up): to combine opulent orchestral and classical sounds with heavy guitars and a metal aesthetic.

2017 will see the release of bands fifth full length “Lucifer Es” and a first one for Lifeforce Records. Conceptually the album stands for relentless social criticism and a disillusioning view on humanity. More...

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Henry Kane Releases New Album

Henry Kane, a Swedish crusty death metal project, today releases new album "Den Förstörda Människans Rike" via Transcending Obscurity Records.

In celebration, another track has also now come online - check out "En själ till salu" below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. En själ till salu
2. Svarta tankar
3. Skuld och begär
4. En grav av ångest (streaming here)
5. Är din botten nådd
6. Dragen i skiten
7. En längtan
8. Den förstörda människans rike
9. Flaskan var din sista vän
10. Bön för bön
11. Kära bror
12. Bara hat
13. Lögnens svarta ögon
14. Det var inte ditt fel
15. Vinst eller fölust

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Nox Vorago Unveils Album Artwork

Gothenburg’s atmospheric death / black metal crew Nox Vorago is set to release new album "Al Chem" on February 26th. Now the band has revealed the album's cover artwork, created by Uduun Art.

Furthermore, following the release of the single "At the feet of Ereshkigal" (streaming here), Nox Vorago ahs launched pre-orders for the new album right here.

1. Elenu Tiamatu
2. Nuremberg 1561
3. Devourer of Dreams
4. The Hissing Sound of Ouroboros
5. Daughters of the Sun
6. The Lotus Scimitar
7. At the Feet of Ereshkigal More...

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Ueberos Premieres Full-Album Streaming

Hailing from Zory, Poland death metal outfit Ueberos premieres the full-album stream of the band's brand new debut album, "Tormented By Faith". The album features cover art by Mariusz Harasymów. It’s available digitally via Bandcamp and in a digipack CD edition through BigCartel.

Check out now "Tormented By Faith" in its entirety below.

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Streams Of Blood Debuts New Song "Detox"

German black metal band Streams Of Blood debuts a new song entitled "Detox", taken from the upcoming new third album "Allgegenwärtig", which will be released by Folter Records on February 25th.

Check out now "Detox" below.

Track list: More...

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Katakomb Premieres "Chained To A Wolf"

One-man Swedish black metal project named Katakomb premieres the title-track of the upcoming demo titled "Chained To A Wolf", which will be released on tape by Iron Bonehead Productions on April 14.

Check out now "Chained To A Wolf" below.

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