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Metal News for February 2, 2008

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Crashdiet Confirm Brazilian Live Date

Swedish glam rockers CRASHDIET have confirmed a live date at the Manifesto Bar in São Paulo, Brazil on June 21st. Crashdïët are touring in support of their latest album, The Unattractive Revolution - dates are below:

7 - Sälen, Sweden at HC
8 - Orebro, Sweden at Klubb Idiot @ Satin
16 - Skövde, Sweden at Younomia (all ages)
27 - Stockholm, Sweden at Tyrol *

1 - Göteborg, Sweden at Lisebergshallen *

15 - Paris, France at Meddelas *
16 - Temse, Belgium at Joc de Nartist *
18 - Gijon, Spain at Albeniz *
19 - Bilbao, Spain at Bilborock *
20 - Barcelona, Spain at Apolo *

21 - São Paulo, Brazil - Manifesto Bar


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Heathen Deity Announces New Line-Up

UK black metallers HEATHEN DEITY have announced a “new” line up that will both record the forthcoming album, as well as tour live. “New” however is not quite the right description, as the band welcomes back into its ranks original guitarists Azrael (ETHEREAL FOREST) and Balen, and also drummer Sathan (PANTHEON I, ETHEREAL FOREST, TWISTED AUTUMN DARKNESS). Frontman and founder Dagon will temporarily take on bass duties in addition to vocals, until a permanent bass player can be found.

Work is progressing well on preparations for the new album, which had been delayed partly because of Azrael and Sathan’s move to Norway and partly because of an accident that left Dagon, a veteran of the UK black metal scene, with a severely fractured ankle, virtually house bound, and barely able to walk for more than a year. Now that he’s fully healed and with two steel plates and four bolts in his leg as a memento, the band are ready to record, and it is anticipated that this will take place both in the UK and Norway. More...

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Corporation 187 To Play Hometown Gig

Sweden-based thrashers CORPORATION 187 are scheduled to share the stage with LOS SIN NOMBRE in their hometown of Linkoping on March 8th at L'orient. This will be their first live show since 2004 and will include new material.

The band's forthcoming album, Newcomers Of Sin, is due out through their new label Anticulture Records in March. The album was recently mastered at Tailor Maid in Stockholm, Sweden by Peter In de Betou.

Other tracks set to appear on Newcomers Of Sin include: 'Suffer As One', 'Provoking The Prophet', 'Newcomers Of Sin', 'Madhouse', 'Cardiac (Arrest)','The Virus Nation', 'I'm The New Messiah', 'Teaching The Sick, Feeding The Dead', 'Question The Light'.

Head to this location to hear the new track 'Teaching The Sick, Feeding The Dead'.

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Megadeth Bassist Check In From Helsinki

MEGADETH bassist James Lomenzo has issued the following update:

"Hell yeah! Helllllsinki!!! Sitting in the ***** ****** hotel here in Helsinki just burnin' off the flight, thought I'd catch up with you all and say hey and welcome to our big deluxe winter Tour Of Duty. It's great being back on this side of the world. We're looking forward to taking MEGADETH and Gigantour to a snowy street near you, think of us as your own personal napalm delivery device sent here to warm the cockles of your little metal hearts. New guitarist, Chris [Broderick; ex-JAG PANZER, NEVERMORE], is melding right in and we're all pretty stoked. Poor boy's been on the fast track getting the set together so let's give him a warm welcome!"

Broderick will make his live debut with the band on February 4 in Finland, where MEGADETH will kick off a long string of international dates which wrap March 14 in Bangalore, India. More...

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Persuader To Enter Studio In May

Swedish metallers PERSUADER will enter the studio in May to begin recording their fourth album for a late 2008 release via Dockyard 1.

PERSUADER's third full-length effort, "When Eden Burns", was released in May 2006 via Dockyard 1. The follow-up to 2004's "Evolution Purgatory" (Sanctuary/Noise) was recorded at Powerhouse studio in Hamburg, Germany with producer (and SAVAGE CIRCUS bandmate) Piet Sielck (IRON SAVIOR).

PERSUADER members Jens Karlsson (vocals, guitar) and Emil Norberg (lead guitar) teamed up with Sielck and former BLIND GUARDIAN drummer Thomen Stauch in a new band called SAVAGE CIRCUS. The group's debut album, "Dreamland Manor", was released in August 2005 via Dockyard 1. Stauch has since been kicked out of the band.

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Treasure Land Part Ways With Bassist

Gothenburg, Sweden-based progressive thrashers TREASURE LAND have parted ways with bassist Magnus Lind - the band say that a replacement has been chosen and will be revealed soon. Treasure Land recently enlisted new singer Toby 'Lungs Of A Lion' Jay. For more info on the band visit their Myspace page.

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Winds Of Plague Announces New Keyboardist

Winds Of Plague has officially added former Abigail Williams keyboard player Kristen Randall to their line-up. Singer Johnny comments:

"We're currently out on tour with Kristen and couldn't be happier to announce her as a permanent member. The Dead To Fall tour has been amazing so far. Every city has showed us a lot of love and the crowds have gone insane. We are pleasantly surprised at how well the public is taking to our new material and we can't wait for this new album to circulate because our live shows are just going to get more and more insane as people become familiar with the tracks."

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Harlots and The Crinn Tour Dates

Harlots and The Crinn (who recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records) have lined up a handful of tour dates in the Midwest. Here are the latest tour dates:

2/28 Minneapolis, MN @ The Belfry w/ A Second From The Surface
2/29 Des Moines, IA @ House Of Bricks w/ Infandous
3/1 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Live
3/2 Lake Station, IN @ Lake Station Eagles Club
3/3 Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
3/4 Detroit, MI @ Von's
3/7 Bloomington, IN @ Rhino's
3/8 St. Louis, MO @ The Schoolhouse
3/9 East Moline, IL @ Mixtapes Record Store

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Young Widows Signs with Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence Limited (Explosions In The Sky, etc.) has signed Louisville, Kentucky outfit Young Widows. Originally formed from the ashes of Breather Resist, Young Widows released an album with Jade Tree Records in 2006. The group is currently working on a new full-length, featuring production from Kurt Ballou (of Converge noteriety). The effort will hit streets this fall. In the interim, you can listen to several tracks from their last album here.

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Darkthrone Reveal New Album Title

Nocturno Culto of the long-running Norwegian black metallers DARKTHRONE has issued the following update:

"We have recorded four songs for the next album, 'Dark Thrones And Black Flags'. We sort of tried to keep the title 'hidden,' but my mouth ran over talking to Metal Hammer (damn!!!), so anyways, that's the title, and NO, it's not punkish you bastards, it's METAL TO THE BONE!!! I tell ya, what we allow ourself to do these days.... riff-wise, I mean. IT'S A BLOODY FEAST!!!! The plan is to have the final recordings ready in July at latest. I know, I know, this album comes fast, but not to worry, we'll use just a tad more time on the album after that."

DARKTHRONE's latest album, "F.O.A.D.", was released in September 2007 via Peaceville. An EP, "NWOBHM" (New Wave Of Black Heavy Metal), preceded the full-length CD on July 23.

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Shadows Fall's "Redemption" To Be Used On ESPN

Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair says that ESPN will be using their song "Redemption" from "Threads Of Life" will be featured during the plays of the month on NFL Live (check local listings for times). Here's Brian's complete posting:

"Seriously ... I didn't think this year good get any better for a Boston sports fan like myself; but now it has.

"First the Sox won the World Series, then the Celtics got KG and the best record in the NBA, the Pats are only one game away from the first 19 and 0 season in NFL history and now I find out that ESPN will be using our music on NFL LIVE!!!!!!!! Our song "Redemption" from THREADS OF LIFE will be featured during the plays of the month on NFL Live, which airs daily on ESPN (check local listings for times). I think it will be the perfect soundtrack to all the hard hits and Tom Brady touchdown passes from the post season. As an ESPN junky, I could not be more stoked to have our music grace the channel that consumes most of my days.

"Maybe we can record a metal version of the SportsCenter theme song next!!!! It's Super Bowl week my friends so get the beers on ice and crank some tunes to get ready for the final showdown of the season. Tom Brady and the boys will be tough to beat on Sunday but my uber - superstitious nature will not allow me to make a prediction. Just rest assured that I will be on my couch with a cold Budweiser in my hand and my old school lucky Bledsoe jersey on screaming at the TV. All the haters can suck it because even when we lose, Boston is better than you!!!"

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Nidrike Finalize New Album Track Listing

Swedish black metallers, Nidrike, issue the following update on their Myspace page:


"The mix is soon to be finished and it sounds just like we want it to do. Hopefully the mastering and so on shall be ready next weekend, it depends on when Gabriel Jensen can do it. We have decided on a tracklist as well, 11 tracks will be featured on this Luciferic Celebration, 2 secret ones written and recorded by Mr Michael James Burns himself. The album extends 43Min of Hellish, Sick and Fast Blackmetal. I dont like to compare my music with someonse else, so I wont do that this time either, were faster & better than everyone else anyway. We will upload a track or two at: www.myspace.com/Nidrike when the mastering is done." More...

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Firewind Announce New Album Tracklisting

The complete tracklist of FIREWIND's new album The Premonition has been revealed. It is as follows: 'Into The Fire', 'Head Up High', 'Mercenary Man', 'Angels Forgive Me', 'Remembered', 'My Loneliness', 'Circle Of Life', 'The Silent Code', 'Maniac', 'Life Foreclosed'.

As previously reported, 'Mercenary Man' is now available for streaming on Firewind's official MySpace page. The Premonition is set for a March 24th release in Europe (March 25th in the USA) through Century Media Records.

Firewind's tour schedule with KAMELOT and FOREVER SLAVE is as follows:

4 - London, UK - Carling Academy
5 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wulfrun
6 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
9 - Antwerpen, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
10 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage
11 - Paris, France - Elysee Montmartre
12 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
13 - Milano, Italy - Alcatraz
16 - Athens, Greece - Fuzz Club
17 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Ydrogeios
18 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Hristov Botev
19 - Beograd, Serbia - SKC
20 - Budapest, Hungary - Wigwam
21 - Reichenbach/Vogtl, Germany - Neuberinhaus
22 - München, Germany - Backstage
23 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfabrik
24 - Essen, Germany - Weststadthalle
25 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
28 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
29 - Oulu, Finland - Teatria

1 - Stockholm, Sweden - Klubben
2 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Trädgarn
3 - Oslo, Norway - Sentrum Scene

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At The Gates Guitarist Speaks On Roots Of Reunion

Anthony Morgan at Lucem Fero caught up with AT THE GATES guitarist Anders Björler to discuss the band's reunion. The following is an excerpt from the interview, conducted in November 2007:

Q: Could you give us an introduction to the At The Gates reunion, and how that eventually materialised?

Anders: "If the reunion was ever to materialise, I felt that we would need to plan ahead. I got in touch with the other guys during May this year, and asked if they'd be interested in a possible reunion. They were, and we just took it from there."

Q: Personally, what were your own reasons for wanting to pursue a reunion?

Anders: "I just want closure. The split was bad in some respects, and we didn't talk to each other for years. I just want to go back, and make things right."

Q: You said that it feels like getting closure, so have you ever held any regrets over how At The Gates ended?

Anders: "I have no real regrets concerning the decision, although I have regrets in terms of the way it happened. I was fed up with the touring, and didn't want to record another album. Somehow, Slaughter Of The Soul felt like a good ending to our career."

Q: In your statement announcing the reunion, you said "it felt like the timing was right for once”. Were there times in the past when the possibility of reunion shows were discussed by the members? For how many years has the idea been discussed?

Anders: "I think we started discussing the possibility of reunion shows during 2002, but nothing ever happened then. Adrian was drumming for CRADLE OF FILTH at the time, whereas me and Jonas had commitments with The Haunted. Tomas had THE GREAT DECEIVER, LOCK UP, DISFEAR, SKITSYSTEM, etc... so it was very hard to arrange anything back then. As I said earlier, planning ahead is important. We let the guys in our other respective groups know what we're planning to do."

Q: How did everything fall into place for the reunion to be possible?

Anders: "Firstly, the reunion fits perfectly in line with the schedule we have for The Haunted. We will probably record our new album during April 2008, and that'll leave the summer relatively free. Me and Jonas didn't want the At The Gates reunion to affect The Haunted, so 2008 was an ideal time schedule the live shows. Adrian is no longer a member of Cradle of Filth, so he's not committed to extensive touring. All in all, 2008 turned out to be a great year."

Read the full article at lucem fero.

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Entombed Confirmed For Vader Anniversary Show

Swedish vulcano ENTOMBED - death metal precursors, creators of a legendary debut Left Hand Path and many other classic records have been announced as another special guest of VADER's anniversary gig in Warsaw, Poland, which is scheduled for August 30th at Stodola Club in Warsaw.

"We wanted to keep that great news in secret for a while. It has been officially announced on band's website so...we proudly announce Entombed's appearance on Vader's 25th anniversary gig in Warsaw! This is definitely one of those bands who have always had so huge impact on the metal music scene. Their first albums are classics! That will be definitely a great honour for all of us, to share the stage with this monster! As far as I remember Vader have never had an opportunity to play with them! (Mariusz Kmio?ek - Massive Music). More details concering XXV-anniversary show in Warsaw will be relealev soon. Stay tuned!"

In a recent update, Vader mainman Peter (vocals, guitars) stated, "In 2008 we start recording of our very new album - named temporarily The Book Of The Dead. Like the title says ...this is gonna be a very "in Vader tradition-like" record and... but this is secret yet. The album should be in stores in May, 2009."

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