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Metal News for February 2, 2007

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Evig Natt Ready Debut Release

EVIG NATT, the new Norwegian metal act featuring THUNDRA and ex-EINHERJER bassist Stein Sund (vocals, bass, synth), alongside REISM singer Kirsten Jorgensen, will release its debut album, "I Am Silence", later this year through Omvina Records.

According to EVIG NATT, the band's music is influenced by MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA, but with a different and more extreme approach.

EVIG NATT recorded "I Am Silence" at Black Dimension Studio with help from THUNDRA members Harald Magne Revheim (drums), Thor Erik Helgesen (guitar) and Rune Fredriksen (lead guitar). Additional guest vocals were provided by Thomas Ljosaak from the Norwegian thrashers VESEN.

"I Am Silence" track listing:

01. Nemesis Of Heart
02. In My Darkest Hour
03. My Demon
04. In My Death I Dream Of You
05. A Final Lament
06. I Am Silence
07. Fallen

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Tool Select "Jambi" As Next Single

Tool have selected "Jambi" as the next single from their latest album "10,000 Days". The song will impact rock radio on February 13th.

As previously reported, Tool is set to tour Japan next week, the move on to Australia and New Zealand before touring the US starting in March.

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Groundbreaking Ozzfest 2007 Announcement Promised

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will make a "surprise groundbreaking, historic announcement about this summer's Ozzfest" at CIC 2007 (Concert Industry Consortium) on Tuesday, February 6 at 11:00 a.m. PT at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel (The Westside Room), located at 2025 Avenue Of The Stars in Century City, California at a media-only event (not open to the public).

Current rumors about the summer festival include the tour being scaled back to indoor arena's that will be headlined by Ozzy with 5 to 6 other bands on the bill. One of these rumored bands, Alice in Chains.

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Estuary Complete Second Album

Cincinnati death/thrashers Estuary have completed work on their second album, “The Craft of Contradiction,” which is set for release April 17 on Ibex Moon Records.

“It is by far the sickest and most thrashing brutal stuff I’ve done to date,” said front gutturalist Zdenka Prado. “It kicked my ass, and I’m positive it will definitely do the same to everyone who is waiting.”

Added guitarist/mainman Ash Thomas: “We are very proud and pleased with the finished product. It’s definitely a step up in all areas, including production, song writing, and playing. We are confident ‘The Craft of Contradiction’ will not disappoint our fans or any fans of dark thrash tinged death metal.”

Lyrically, “The Craft of Contradiction” takes on a thematic approach, theorized from a “timeline” perspective of humankind’s manipulated origins to its material plight and ultimate return to truth.

The full track listing is as follows: More...

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Cephalic Carnage Slay On New Album

Denver-based grindcore quintet Cephalic Carnage has announced that they’re recording an as-yet-untitled new album in their own studio. Working again with producer Dave Otero (Catheter, Throcult), the group, known for their stop-on-a-dime rhythm shifts and self-aware sense of humor, has resumed tracking guitar parts for their follow up to 2005’s Anomalies after a brief pause during Colorado’s three major blizzards around New Year’s. Guitarist Zac Joe said in a press release, "[The music] gives me that excited naughty little feeling in the pit of my stomach that can only be compared to the first time you make out with your best friend's girl." Expect more ribald storytelling and blastbeats come the album’s approximated May 2007 release.

In addition to working on their album, Cephalic Carnage will appear as support for Slayer’s January 31 appearance at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium.

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Nick Barker Is Still A Member Of Benediction

Long-running British metallers BENEDICTION have released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"A lot of questions have been asked about [the status of BENEDICTION drummer] Nick Barker [formerly of DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH]. Yes, he is still BENEDICTION's drummer, and yes, he is helping TESTAMENT out on drums on their tour and album. This was discussed between us and it is no problem to either band. Put yourself in Nick's shoes — one of your favorite bands of all time asks you to use your drumming skills on their tour and write on their new album; it is a chance of a lifetime! It was talked about on both sides and Nick had our full blessing on this. On some of the festivals in Europe this year he will be playing sets for both bands on the same day! If you know Nick, then you will know that there is no problem with stamina! How many bands do various members of NAPALM [DEATH] play with on top of their own NAPALM DEATH thing? Frank Healy and Dave Hunt from BENEDICTION also play and record with other bands (ANAAL NATHRAKH, MISTRESS, CEREBRAL FIX). The loyalty within the band is also strong so we have no problems about these things happening. Nick could have left BENEDICTION if he wanted. We said we would understand if he wanted to join one the most legendary outfits in the world. He wanted to stay as a part of BENEDICTION. That speaks volumes. BENEDICTION is a unit, not a single person. Our live shows this year will let the music do the talking for us."

BENEDICTION's new album, "Killing Music", will be released later in the year via Nuclear Blast Records, with whom the band recently re-signed. The CD will mark the recording debut with the group of drummer Barker, who was most recently a member of BRUJERIA and who played with ex-FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares in the short-lived DRIVEN BY SUFFERING (working name).

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Akercocke Now In Recording Mode

U.K. death metallers AKERCOCKE have commenced the recording sessions for their as-yet-untitled album at their own Goat of Mendes Studios in West London.

Commented frontman Jason Mendonca: "The studio has recently undergone a refit following the recording of the previous album 'Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That go Undone', and is now a fully digital facility. It's been interesting to have to work with the new equipment on this new album. Ideally I would have liked to have completed some demo work at Goat of Mendes first to familiarize myself with the new digital mixing console, but this wasn't possible so it's been a steep learning curve whilst doing the pre-production for the album.

"The drums are 80% recorded and are sounding very powerful. I am particularly pleased about this as even at this early stage I think the source sounds are even better than on 'Words'. David has played some killer performances with one section of blasting topping out at a genuine, accurate 280BPM (he's playing to a click track so we know this for sure).

"I am reluctant to divulge too much about the new material other than to say 2006 was a difficult year for us and I think this has been subconsciously reflected in the vitriolic sound of some of the songs. I can safely say that this will be our most aggressive work to date. I am pleased about this as it means we are beginning the 10th year of our bands history in the way we intend to continue — making extremely dark, violent and challenging music.

"Drum sessions are expected to reach a frightening conclusion by the 29th of January. At that time work on the guitars will begin. I'm really looking forward to recording the guitars this time. We've got some fantastic new amplification from Hughes and Kettner that I reckon will make a significant difference in creating an extraordinarily heavy yet clear sound."

AKERCOCKE will play two “special” intimate shows in March:

Mar. 27 - Water Rats, Kings Cross - London
Mar. 29 - Colchester Arts Centre - Colchester, Essex (w/ HECATE ENTHRONED)

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Benediction Post Update

Benediction gave the following update via their website:

At the moment, the band are taking a short break from eachother before starting on the recording on the new album. In the meantime, Nick Barker is helping bay area legends Testament out with some live shows and maybe playing on the new album by them as well.

Frank Healy is doing a few shows with the reformed Cerebral Fix and writing and playing on their new album. He has also finished writing material for another band called The Burning Deities.

Dave Hunt is doing a new album with Mistress and also some live shows with Anaal Nathrakh.

There are a few lyrics that need sorting out on the new Benediction and also choosing which tracks threy will include on Killing music. At the moment there are too many songs !!!!

Benediction will also be playing at some european festivals this summer. Go to the Tourdates pages or to the myspace pages to see the details of these shows.

New merchandise is also beeing finalised and will be put up on both myspace site and this one. Some photo’s will be sent to both sites over the week. More festival appearances are in the contract stage and will be forwarded to both sites once they are confirmed.

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Scarve Post New Track Online

French masters of modern dissonant thrash SCARVE have posted a new song, entitled "Endangered", on their MySpace page. The track comes off of the band's upcoming album, "The Undercurrent", which will be released this April through Listenable Records.

The follow-up to the group's critically acclaimed "Irradiant" album (2004), "The Undercurrent" was recorded in part at the Dug-Out facility in Uppsala, Sweden with renowned Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand, whose previous credits include MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and STUCK MOJO.

SCARVE has yet to announce a permanent replacement for singer Guillaume Bideau who left the group in May to join the Danish modern metallers MNEMIC. The vocals on "The Undercurrent" were handled by former DARKANE singer Lawrence Mackrory.

"The Undercurrent" track listing:

01. Endangered
02. Imperceptible Armageddon
03. Senseless
04. The Plundered
05. Assuming Self
06. Fathomless Descent
07. A Few Scraps Of Memories
08. Rebirth

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Cradle of Filth Keep On Going

Having debuted way back in 1991, there aren’t a whole lot of bands around these days with anything approaching the longevity of Cradle of Filth.

That being said, the only member remaining from Cradle of Filth’s original lineup is vocalist and songwriter Dani Filth.

When asked what has kept the band going for so long, Filth points to this revolving door of members as one of the principle reasons, saying that it inspires fresh ideas from time to time.

The reasons for so many departures, explains Filth, vary widely, from the expected personality conflicts, to an unwillingness on the part of some musicians to submit to the furious pace and work ethic of the band, to one member’s wish to return to university.

“It’s a substantial amount of time and a hard pace,” Filth says. “Writing an album every year and a half is a massive output.”

The last album Cradle of Filth recorded, 2006’s Thornography, was especially hard, due in large part to some paranormal activity at the studio where they recorded.

Having ghosts involve themselves in the recording process would make this writer consider leaving a band, but Filth assured me that living in Britain has forced many people to confront history face to face.

“The house [that the band recorded in] had quite a history to it,” he says. “Weird stuff kept happening and things kept appearing—it was very odd. It could have been anything really—it’s England.”
All the details of the recording process, including the ghosts, were documented in a recording diary posted to the band’s web page. Filth says he likes the way the internet has opened up new and direct avenues for communication with fans, but only to a point.

“I think it’s cool,” he says of the recording blog the band started. “I don’t think it has to be worked at too hard, so that the mystery isn’t lost. I’m not a fan of MySpace. I think it’s a waste of time—unless you’re trying to pick someone up.”

Filth says the band is looking forward to getting to Edmonton; the closest they’d come previously was being in the Jasper area on a previous tour, which they found particularly enchanting.

“There was something magical about the whole thing,” he remembers, “because there was so much snow and we were plunged into complete darkness.”

(-Brian Birtles-)

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Relapse Records Updates On Rwake

Arkansas’ RWAKE has announced its first batch of tour dates in support of their forthcoming Relapse debut, Voices of Omens.

RWAKE will begin this album’s touring cycle with a record release show in their hometown of Little Rock, AR at Downtown Music on February 24 along with TORCHE, BURNED UP BLED DRY and more. In April, the band will team up with labelmates and long-time partners-in-crime MINSK for a month-long tour of North America. A listing of confirmed RWAKE tour dates can be found in the tour section with more to be announced soon.

Additionally, RWAKE has recently launched a media player featuring two brand-new songs off of Voices of Omens. The tracks, “Leviticus”, and “Crooked Rivers”, as well as the album’s original Orion Landau artwork can be accessed here: www.relapse.com/ecards/Rwake. Voices of Omens is set for February 20 North American release date, February 26 internationally.

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Daath Posts Ecard For 'The Hinderers'

Here's your chance to get acquainted with Daath and their forthcoming debut album, The Hinderers, coming to stores on March 20th.

"We've just launched the band's official ECARD, featuring band photos, wallpapers, an IM icon, band website and MySpace links, plus two songs from the CD, "Subterfuge" and "Ovum." Have a look for yourselves and email or IM them to your friends, if you think they'll like Daath - what true metal fan wouldn't?"

A brand new video for "Subterfuge" is in the works and will be added to the ecard soon, but in the meantime, you can WATCH the awesome clip for "Festival Mass Soulform" on RR.com.

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See Album Art For Megadeth's 'United Abominations'

Roadrunner Records updated on Megadeth's progress:

Some numb-nuts posted a very *tiny,* semi-final version of this artwork online a few days ago, but if you want to see the REAL DEAL in high-def, as approved by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine himself, we give to you United Abominations.

Set for release through Roadrunner this Spring, Megadeth's new CD was mixed by Andy Sneap, and includes the song "Gears of War," available in its DEMO form on RR.com.

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3 Inches Of Blood Feel Dirty Around Goths

Chart Attack reports: Vancouver's 3 Inches Of Blood — currently on the road in support of fellow black metal behemoths Cradle Of Filth and Finnish glamsters The 69 Eyes — are clearly the black sheep of the tour.

"We feel like a bunch of dirt bags next to all of these goth people," jokes vocalist Jamie Hooper while navigating the wilds of Vermont in a van with a broken-down heater. "We have to up the quotient of PVC and eyeliner in the band... there are certainly a lot of leather pants on this tour."

Oddballs or not, 3 Inches Of Blood have received rave reviews nightly by pummelling the audience with a raging Judas Priest-meets-Slayer attack entirely unlike 69 Eyes and their H.I.M.-inspired low-key metal. Hooper and crew are still modestly shocked by the praise though.

"People come up to us and say that they just came to see us. It's flattering to hear people say that they spent all of this money on a ticket and then leave before Cradle Of Filth, but it proves we're doing something right."

Utilizing the tour as a means of introducing the world to tertiary effort Fire Up The Blades (Roadrunner), due out on May, 3 Inches are reinvigorated by a new lineup featuring guitarists Shane Clark and Justin Hagberg, bassist Nick Cates and drummer Alexei Rodriguez. Hooper and fellow longtime vocalist Cam Pipes are audibly excited about their input on the 10 songs that encompass Fire Up The Blades.

"We were nervous at first because all the musicians on the records are different from those on [2004's] Advance And Vanquish. We were wondering if we were gonna still sound like 3 Inches Of Blood. It doesn't… it's better. We've picked up the pace on some songs, so it's thrashier, with more double-kick, but also some laid-back rock songs. The fast songs are more pummelling than they used to be. We've been listening to too much black metal over the years, if there is such a thing."

While stepped up in ferocity, Hooper assures fans that the typical 3 Inches Of Blood topics of post-apocalyptic scenarios and beer-drinkin' are still prevalent. The album is completed aside from final artwork, and the band will tend to their own headlining tour once the stint with Cradle Of Filth winds down in late March. For now, though, they'll have to stick to opening slots.

"It doesn't matter as long as we're playing," says Hooper. "It's weird and refreshing to get back out on the road playing every night.

"When you're in the studio not playing shows for a couple of months, you're like, 'What the hell? Wasn't there something I was supposed to be doing tonight?' Not only that, but it seems like everyone in the band has a side project too… stuff like lounge music. After a few weeks of that, you're like, 'Fuck, I've gotta play some metal!'"

Here are remaining 3 Inches Of Blood's Canadian tour dates with Cradle Of Filth and 69 Eyes:

Feb. 8 Edmonton, AB @ Edmonton Events Centre
Feb. 9 Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall
Feb. 10 Kelowna, BC @ The Well
Feb. 11 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom

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Sleeping Giant Signs To Facedown Records

Facedown records has signed Redlands band Sleeping Giant. On their debut album "Dread Champions of the Last Days" Sleeping Giant showcase an impressive range of song-styling that is rarely seen on a hardcore album. "Blame It On The Holy Rollers," freshly posted on the band's myspace, boasts extensive guest death-vocals by Brook Reeves of Impending Doom.

The band will be playing gigs next month locally in Rialto and Newport Beach, and in March at Facedown Fest.

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Nine Inch Nails Post DVD Teaser Video Online

Nine Inch Nails has announced the release of "Nine Inch Nails Live: Beside You In Time", available in stores on Ffebruary 27th, 2007. this is the first music DVD to be released simultaneously on DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray configurations. "nine inch nails live: beside you in time" captures the "live: with teeth 2006" tour and includes concert performances of 24 songs spanning nin's entire career plus music videos, rehearsal footage and more.

The HD DVD and blu-ray versions boast full 1080p high definition and dolby trueHD 5.1 digital surround sound for the most immersive home concert experience ever. additional details, clips, photos and a high definition trailer for "beside you in time" can be found here.

Viewing parties for "nine inch nails live: beside you in time" are being held in select cities. All viewing parties are free for all ages and space is available on a first come first serve basis. A full list of scheduled events is posted below. Fans attending viewing parties will have access to pre-order the DVD and receive a limited edition "beside you in time" poster.

If you pre-order the DVD at any of the screenings you will receive a limited edition NIN lithograph available nowhere else.

You can view the DVD teaser video here.

The screenings will be taking place here: More...

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My Bitter End Shoots New Video

My Bitter End recently shot a music video for their track "To All Things Expendable" with director Frankie Nasso (Hatebreed, All That Remains). The video will be made available online shortly. In the meantime, a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot has been posted for viewing here.

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Darkbuster Announce US Tour Dates

I Scream Records recording artists Darkbuster have announce their US tour dates:

Jan 30 2007 Darkside Lounge Dallas, Texas
Jan 31 2007 Atomic Cantina Albuquerque, New Mexico
Feb 1 2007 Wowies Gallup, New Mexico
Feb 2 2007 Stray Cats Tempe, Arizona
Feb 4 2007 Zombie Lounge San Diego, California
Feb 6 2007 Funhouse Seattle, Washington
Feb 7 2007 Ash Street Saloon Portland, Oregon
Feb 8 2007 The Bozz Club Medford, Oregon
Feb 9 2007 Blank Club w/ Swingin' Utters San Jose, California
Feb 10 2007 The Distillery w/ Swingin' Utters Sacramento, California
Feb 11 2007 Slim's w/ Swingin' Utters San Francisco, California
Feb 18 2007 Abbey Lounge with Honey Badger & Bloodshot Hooligans Somerville, Massachusetts
Feb 19 2007 Abbey Lounge w/ Blue Bloods & The Stoves Somerville, Massachusetts
Feb 20 2007 Abbey Lounge w/ Pure Impact & Larkin Brigade Somerville, Massachusetts
Feb 21 2007 Abbey Lounge w/ Trash Boys and Very Special Guests TBA Sommerville, Massachusetts
Feb 22 2007 Abbey Lounge w/ Swinedells and Over the Edge Somerville, Massachusetts
Feb 23 2007 Abbey Lounge- with the Skels (NJ) and Turnpike Wrecks (NJ) Somerville, Massachusetts
Feb 24 2007 Abbey Lounge- with Urinal Mints (Indiana) and Labor Force (Ohio) Somerville, Massachusetts
Mar 17 2007 The Living Room Providence, Rhode Island

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Turmoil and The Jonbenet Tour Texas

Turmoil will fly down to Texas in early-March for three shows with The Jonbenet. Here are the tour dates:

3/2 Austin, TX @ Red Seven
3/3 Fort Worth, TX @ the Ridglea Theatre
3/4 Houston, TX @ Walter's

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Mumakil UK Tour Dates

Grindcore act Mumakil (featuring members of Knut and Nostromo) will be touring the UK in February and March.

Jeremy, who played guitars in Swiss metal band Knut for more than 8 years, recently announced his departure from his former band to form Mumakil.

Here are the Mumakil tour dates:

02/25 London @ Underworld w/ Break the Sky, Mark my Words, more
02/26 Nottingham @ The Old Angel w/ Hangover HeartAttack, This is Colour, Almost Home
02/27 Leicester @ The Shed
02/28 Sheffield @ Cricketer Arms
03/01 Middlesbrough @ The Crown
03/02 Bradford @ 1-in-12 Club
03/03 Leeds @ Joseph's Well w/ Necrophagist, Misery Index, Origin, Diskreet
03/04 Edimburgh @ Subway Cowgate w/ Zillah
03/05 Liverpool @ Roadkill
03/06 Stoke-on-Trent @ The Glebe

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