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Metal News for February 2, 2005

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Chaos Fest 2005 (WI) Info

Details regarding the Chaos Fest 2005 are starting to materialize. Once again, the event will occur in Milwaukee, though the venue for the two-day event has yet to be confirmed. Regardless, the fest will take place on April 15th and 16th and will feature the following bands:

Accursed Dawn
Amora Savant
Beyond Loyalty
Bound By Honor
Broken Aside
Circle Takes The Square
Eyes To The Sky
From A Second Story Window
Invocation Of Nehek
King Of Clubz
Once For All
The Breathing Process
The End
The Red Death
Undo Tomorrow
Wings of Scarlet

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ex-BBTS Dave Witte Keeps Busy w/ Many Projects

Former Burnt By The Sun, Human Remains, etc. drummer Dave Witte will be quite busy in 2005, as he continues to be involved in a handful of projects. For starters, Witte will be on the road with Municipal Waste in late-February and early-March. Witte will also be playing on Melt Banana's next tour of the U.S., which will run from April to June. Moreover, Agoraphobic Nosebleed tentatively have plans to make an appearance or two this year, and Witte will be on the drums for those. On the release front, he recently joined a new band called Hex Machine. The group played their first show on January 10th and will record a demo in the near future. Meanwhile, Black Army Jacket's discography will be released in the very near future by Black Box Recordings. Finally, the next East West Blast Test album, tentatively entitled "Unpopular Music For Popular People," should be available this spring through Ipecac Recordings.

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The Esoteric, Paria, et al Tour Dates

The Esoteric, Paria, Nodes Of Ranvier, and The Burning Season will be hooking up for a handful of dates in March. Here are the tour dates:

3/12 Midvale UT @ The Circuit
3/13 Boise ID @ The Venue
3/14 Portland OR @ Davey Jones Locker
3/15 Reno NV @ Stoney's
3/16 Orangevale CA @The Boardwalk
3/17 Hollywood CA @The Whisky A Go-Go
3/18 Lancaster CA @El Dorado
3/20 Lake Havasu AZ @ The Underground
3/21 Tempe AZ @ Neck Beard's
3/22 Window Rock AZ @ Navajo Education Center
3/26 Wichita KS @The Eagles Lodge

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Anthrax Frontman On Maximum Rock 2000 Tour Pullout

Anthrax vocalist John Bush spoke with KNAC.com about what exactly happened at the end of the Motley Crue and Megadeth Maximum Rock 2000 tour which Anthrax pulled out of and if he thought it ended badly. "It ended badly in the sense that the tour wasn't doing very well," Bush responded. "At the time there was a lot of competition during the summer of 2000. It was really busy. We were probably playing bigger venues than the bands at that time should have played. Ticket sales were struggling, and Motley wanted to cut everybody's pay. We couldn't afford to do that because then we would have been losing money. I mean, that was one of the reasons we did the tour was to make a little money?not sh**loads ? just some. Now, to take a loss to do that tour would have been an error, so three weeks in when they came to us wanting to cut our pay in half we couldn't do it. We weren't going to take tour support to do that tour. It would have been the stupidest thing we could ever do."

Read the full article at KNAC.

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Dying Rock Radio Leave Metal Promoters Searching

MercuryNews.com has an article about a [SF]Bay-area radio station switching from hard rock and metal to Spanish-language format and its impact on promoting metal shows in that area. The subject is all too familiar as one of DC's local alternative rock stations, WHFS (well known for the HFS-tival) also switched over to Spanish-language format unexpectedly. While promoters may be scratching their heads about what to do, it should really be no surprise as most radio stations are owned by a few media giants (cush as Clear Channel), who answer only to the almighty dollar.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

KSJO-FM, the Bay Area's only radio station that played the hard rock and heavy-metal music preferred by head bangers, has concert promoters scratching, not banging, their heads.

How do you reach the audience that would buy tickets for a hard-core concert such as Slipknot and Lamb of God (which went on sale Saturday for an April 12 HP Pavilion show), or Ozzfest, or Nickelback, if no station is playing the music?

"It's a challenge,'' says Rick Mueller, who books shows for Bill Graham Presents. "Advertising is all about repetition. When U2 comes to town, even though it will be sold out, stations will be promoting it all the time.

After 35 years as a rock station, KSJO changed to a Spanish-language format last fall. In the past, the station would have promoted this show heavily, giving away tickets and playing BGP's ads.

Now Mueller and his staff are looking for other ways to reach this niche market.

"We can use outlying radio stations in Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton,'' he says. "But that may not be best for a weeknight show. We are focused more on Internet word of mouth. Sites like www.myspace.com and www.blabbermouth.net reach the metal community.

Harlan Fray, who handles marketing for Slipknot's New York-based record label, Roadrunner Records, sees the lack of a hard rock station in the Bay Area as a handicap for this show, but as crippling for some others.

"We've got a date on Sunday as a football team and we've just lost a key offensive lineman,'' he says. "Radio is an important part of an all-encompassing marketing push, but for a band like Slipknot, the street is more important. They never got much radio play, and they'll do well with or without it.''

However, he adds, his label's biggest-selling band, Nickelback, which has sold 10 million albums, compared to about 4 million for Slipknot, probably wouldn't even play the Bay Area without heavy radio support.

Although he is monitoring Slipknot ticket sales, Mueller isn't worried and says shows such as Ozzfest will prosper even with less radio advance. Slipknot has sold from 3,000 to 5,000 on the first day of sales in markets such as Hartford, Detroit and Philadelphia. The band sold fewer than 1,000 tickets opening weekend for the San Jose show.

But Mueller notes that other metal bands, such as Pantera, received little radio support but still sold well, with many of the tickets bought close to the date of the show as word of mouth built.

Still, "in 2004, KSJO would have been the one getting the snowball rolling, building momentum,'' Mueller says. "The question for us now is how do we get the ball rolling?''

Read the full article at Mercury News.

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Spineshank Update On Current Situation

SpineShank drummer Tommy Decker has expanded upon the recent months of inactivity surrounding the band, here's what he had to say:

"Ok, so Its been forever since we've given you an update the reason for that is that we took a few months off and there was really no news to report. We had been through tons of singers and were pretty frustrated with the whole situation, so a couple of months off really helped clear our heads. Mike and I have been in the studio producing and recording other people (which we will continue to do) and Rob has been keeping himself busy with other things. In the past year we've written a lot of songs and tried out tons of singers, some that you all have heard of and some unknowns. A lot of these guys could've easily done the job of continuing SpineShank where we left off But we want more than that. So we held off until we found someone that we really clicked with. We've been working with someone for a while now and its going really good, (no names yet because of the legal bullshit) it has all the elements that SpineShank has always had, but it doesn't sound like SpineShank. We've never liked to repeat ourselves and have always expanded our sound after every record and this time is no different. The fact that there is a different voice singing over the music is obviously going to make a huge difference, and we are obviously in a different place musically than we were when we wrote SDP. A lot of that record was really forced, it was hard to get the 4 of us to agree on anything. There was a lot of pressure to write songs for the radio and there was a lot of fighting when it came to the direction the band should go in. For the 1st time in years it feels like a band again, writing music doesn't end in a fight and we all get along personally and creatively. As for the name SpineShank, Were not sure what were going to do yet. If it sounds like the next SpineShank record then I guess we will keep the name, if it doesn't... we wont. I'm proud of everything we've done, but its time to concentrate on the future and move on. Well, that's it for now. I will update again when there is something to talk about. "

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Chat With Hammerfall Members

Fans of Sweden's heavy metal band Hammerfall will be able to chat with Oscar Dronjak (guitars) and Joacim Cans (vocals) at Aftonbladet.se on Thursday February 3, 2005 at 14.00 (CET). Just visit www.aftonbladet.se, login and chat !

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Debase Seeking New Label

The Swedish metal band Debase are looking for a new label to release their fourth full-length album. The band have posted the following message at their website, regarding the split with Sanctuary / Noise Records:

Due to changes in the structure of Sanctuary/Noise Records, we can now announce that Debase will not continue the partnership on their next album. Debase is currently in the studio working on the new material and the album will be finished later this year.

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Children Of Bodom Side Project Release New Album

The new Kylähullut album "Turpa Täynnä" (Hammered) hit Finnish stores last Wednesday. The album isn't much different from the Keisarinleikkaus EP; it can still be described as straight-forward punk.

Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) sings in a few songs with Vesku Jokinen (Klamydia) doing most of the vocals. Just like before, Tonmi Lillman (ex-To/Die/For, Sinergy) takes care of the drums and Alexi plays the super fast guitar solos. The lyrics of the album deal with topics like alcohol, groupies, spray painters and people who try to convert others into their own religion. Even Alexi's CoB bandmates don't get away without getting mocked by Alexi. Kimberly Goss does a guest appearance on the last track of the album by singing a few lines in Finnish.

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"Monsters of Death" Release Parties Announced

The "Monsters Of Metal" clip-compilations got two evil little brothers – the "Monsters Of Death". This brandnew set of two DVDs features the who-is-who of Death Metal from Europa and America in 53 (!) clips ranging.

Among the selections: Dissection ('Where Dead Angels Lie'), At the Gates ('Terminal Spirit Disease'), Cannibal Corpse ('Deceny Defied'), Six Feet Under ('America The Brutal') and Hypocrisy ("Inferior Devoties"). There is also a live chapter with Malevolent Creation and Immolation plus some audio parts with new hot metal stuff from Nuclear Blast.

If you want to check out "Monster Of Metal", visit one of the following release parties. You can check out the material plus even grab some freebies.

Here are the dates: More...

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Devildriver Completes "Fury" Tracking

This past Sunday (1/30), tracking on the upcoming DevilDriver CD - "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand" - officially concluded. In fact, the last track to have vocals layed down was the title track itself. Fourteen songs in all were recorded.

Not knowing that it could snow in Texas, yesterday (2/01) Dez woke up seeing white, and is currently waiting for a flight on a layover in Phoenix en route to Santa Barbara. "Feels good to be holding a full record," tells Dez from the Phoenix airport. "Going to go home and listen to it tonight relentlessly with Anahstasia."

The band would like to send thanks out to producer Colin Richardson for being such a wonderful guy during the recording of this CD, and everybody at Sonic Ranch (Tony, Justin, Bobby) for making their stay pleasant and giving DD a great atmosphere to create their art.

Mixing of "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand" will begin later this month.

The full band will convene again in a couple days to start rehearsing live. As for touring, all the details - when, where, with who - is being figured out now...nothing is in stone as of yet.

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God Forbid Tour With Soulfly, Writing New Songs

This March, God Forbid will begin their final round of touring in support of their critically acclaimed and highly successful "Gone Forever" album. The band will first serve as direct support to Soulfly for a string of East Coast dates, followed by a headlining stint in the U.K. This will lead immediately into their first U.S. headlining tour, which also features Caliban, It Dies Today and Full Blown Chaos. The four-week trek, which runs through April, includes a stop at the esteemed New England Metal And Hardcore Fest.

The group will proceed to enter the studio in May to begin recording their highly anticipated new album, "IV:Constitution Of Treason," with Jason Suecof (Trivium) at Audiohammer Studios and Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Dillinger Escape Plan) at Trax East. The album is tentatively set for a fall 2005 release.

Doc Coyle (guitars, vocals) checks in with the following report: More...

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Firewind Added To Hammerfall Tour

After the very successful release of the brandnew piece of iron called "Forged By Fire" in January 2005 Firewind come up with some more good news:

The band of the Greek guitar wizard Gus G. finally have another chance to perform their intense Power Metal live on stage. It starts off with a special showcase March 18th 2005 in London and continues with several support shows for HammerFall within the scope of the Icebreaker Festivals.

Here are the complete dates: More...

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Iron Maiden To Headline Reading/Leeds Festival

Foo Fighters, the Pixies and metal titans Iron Maiden are amongst the big names who are set to headline this year’s Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals.

This year’s Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals will see a headline appearance from Dave Grohl’s band, who are putting the finishing touches to their forthcoming double album.

Although festival bosses are unwilling to confirm any names until their announcement next month, an NME.COM investigation has uncovered that Pixies and Iron Maiden are the other headliners.

A festival source told NME.COM: "They’ve bagged Pixies' only UK shows next year, and there’s a chance they could be their last ever in Britain. It’s an open secret that Foo Fighters are playing as well."

Pixies have headlined Reading Festival before, back in 1990, but they’re not the oldest band on the bill.

In what may surprise some, metal veterans Iron Maiden will return to the festival for the first time in over 20 years as part of their massive European tour. Iron Maiden have played Reading before too - in 1980 and 1982, but they still remain a huge live draw.

Reading and Leeds tickets are likely to go on sale in March, with an official announcement to come on the final line-up around the same time. For more bands set to play at this year’s festival, see this week’s NME, which is out now nationwide

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Cradle Of Filth Shirt Lands Man In Court

Dale Wilson, 35, of Northfields, Norwich, was arrested by two police officers in The Avenues as he walked to a local newsagent to buy some tobacco on Halloween wearing a T-shirt promoting Ipswich-band Cradle of Filth.

The front of the T-shirt showed a sexual image of a nun while the back carried an extremely offensive reference to Jesus.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and also admitted possession of a Stanley knife when he appeared at Norwich Crown Court yesterday.

Sentencing was adjourned for reports until March 11 and Judge Simon Barham warned him that all sentencing options would be open.

Wilson was given conditional bail pending the next hearing.

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New Mudvayne Single "Happy?" Posted Online

The new Mudvayne track "Happy?" has been posted online.

Windows Media Player: 56k | 100k

Soundnova.com wants to hook you up with a boatload of Mud-music including "Lost And Found," "L.D. 50," "The End Of All Things To Come," "The Beginning Of All Things to End," "L(ive) D(osage) 50 Live In Peoria" and the "Not Falling" 10". Enter to win them all here.

"Lost and Found" in stores April 11 and 12.

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L.A. Church Cancels Lamb Of God Appearance

An article about the church banning Lamb of God from their venue was posted on The Mercury News website. Several excerpts from the article:

The church-owned Great Western Forum has cancelled an April 9 concert appearance by Lamb of God because church leaders were offended by the group's previous name, Burn the Priest.

The band was set to appear with Slipknot as part of the Subliminal Verses Tour. In a statement on the band's Web site, drummer Chris Adler called the church's decision "a bit ridiculous."

"If they had taken the time to look into what we do and who we are as a band, I don't think they would have made the same decision," he told The Associated Press.

"They have made it clear that they do not want us because of our name, our show and our crowd," Adler said. "The word from the powers that be is that Lamb of God is not the wholesome family fun that the good people of Los Angeles deserve."

The band intends to perform in Los Angeles and is fielding other offers.

Read the full article at The Mercury News.

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Skindred Frontman Comments on Video

Skindred frontman, Benji, has commented on the bands recent video shoot for the song 'Pressure':

"Word up people, We just got back from shooting the video to Pressure in La, we all felt that we needed a video with a difference, not just another performance video. A director called Vem just came with a treatment that was pretty unique, so we went for that. We are sure some will love it and some will say it sucks but that’s the way it goes, it should be finished in a few weeks. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to put your ideas together and posting them to us, respect and much love.. look out for the video to Pressure real soon!"

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Great White Frontman Refuses To Respond To Suit

Great White vocalist Jack Russell is refusing to respond to the allegations made in civil law suits brought by right families of those who died in a fire at a club on Rhode Island in 2003, started by the band's pyrotechnics. He reportedly fears that he might still face criminal charges.

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Metal Featured On Batman Begins Soundstrack

Metallica, Velvet Revolver, Audioslave and Green Day are all expected to have songs included on the soundtrack album for the movie 'Batman Begins'. The record should be released in May/June.

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Alice In Chains To Reform For Benefit Show

The remaining members of Alice In Chais - Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez and Sean Kinney - are to play their first show together since 1996. This will happen at the Premiere Club in Seattle in February, at a tsunami benefit show. They'll be joined by an as yet unnamed vocalist.

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Machine Head and Lamb of God To Join Forces

According to a posting on MACHINE HEAD's web site, LAMB OF GOD have asked MACHINE HEAD to be a part of their U.S. Midwest tour beginning in May. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon. MACHINE HEAD then plan to embark on a headlining stint immediately afterward in support of their upcoming live DVD, "Through the Ashes of England".

As previously reported, "Through the Ashes of England" was filmed at MACHINE HEAD's Dec. 5 headlining performance at the Brixton Academy in London, U.K. The show marked the first time MACHINE HEAD ever used pyrotechnics live. In addition, the band finished off the night playing encores of SEPULTURA, PANTERA and METALLICA tracks.

MACHINE HEAD recently completed their mammoth "World Turns Blue To Gray" European headlining tour with GOD FORBID and CALIBAN

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