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Metal News for February 17, 2007

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Witchcraft Begins Recording New Album

Sweden's WITCHCRAFT has begun recording the follow-up to 2005's "Firewood". A June release is expected, with extensive touring to follow.

WITCHCRAFT toured the U.S. for the first time in November with support from Portland's DANAVA. The dates were extremely successful for the rising doom/rock quartet. Additional album and preliminary tour details will be announced shortly.

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Borknagar Bassist Joins Thornbound

Norwegian bassist Erik Tiwaz (a.k.a. Tyr; BORKNAGAR, EMPEROR, SATYRICON) sent the following update to blabbermouth.net:

"Just got recruited for the bassist position in THORNBOUND a couple of months ago, along with drummer Asgeir Mickelson [SPIRAL ARCHITECT, BORKNAGAR]. THORNBOUND had just released a three-track demo before Asgeir and I joined. This isn't just another studio band thankfully, but a band with the ambitions and dedication that a proper metal band SHOULD have, a band that rehearse regularly and do actual TOURS instead of the odd job here and there.

"Professionally speaking, death metal is a new scene for me, as I have usually just tended to the blacker side of metal in my carreer. Of course I have been a fan of death metal bands for many years, I just haven't been in one before.

"We're currently working on a full length album, which will be recorded by next summer in Asgeir Mickelson's MultiMono Studio."

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Reunited Immortal Issues Update

Reunited Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL have issued the following update:

"A new dawn rises with the return of IMMORTAL and we strongly appreciate all the great support from every one of you...

"From above the gates we stride at hand as 'The Seven Dates of Blashyrkh' draw nearer and the force is strong upon this coming storm.

"Under the banner of Blashyrkh we ride mightier than all years before at one with you: the IMMORTAL horde....the wind will lead us!"

After 13 successful years as one of the pioneers of black metal, IMMORTAL disbanded in 2003 with a legacy of seven full-length albums, including the 2002 milestone, "Sons of Northern Darkness". Following a long hiatus, the band decided to enter the live battlefield again.

Come 2007, the world will experience a ferocious new IMMORTAL lineup, featuring Abbath, Horgh, and new bass player Apollyon from AURA NOIR.

"I needed a break," Abbath explained. "I think we all did! We were simply burnt out, and there was no point in continuing. We had a Norwegian tour booked, and had performed at some great festivals both in the U.S. and Europe, but it just didn't feel right any longer."

In the meantime, drummer Horgh toured with Sweden's death metal masters HYPOCRISY and released the "Virus" album, while Abbath has been working on his sideproject, I, featuring members of ENSLAVED and SAHG, along with IMMORTAL's original drummer, Armagedda.

"I'm really proud of that album," Abbath stated enthusiastically, "and it was an important album to make in order to be able to focus on IMMORTAL again."

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Equimanthorn To Release Fourth Album In May

EQUIMANTHORN, the distinctive Sumerian/occult and ambient project led by members of ABSU, MELECHESH, THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK, and YAMATU, has completed its new opus, entitled "Exalted are the Seven Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal". The band's fourth album will be released in May through the Dutch label Displeased/From Beyond Productions.

EQUIMANTHORN's first two albums, "Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara" (1993) and "Lectionum Antiquarum" (1997), were both released through the now-defunct Greek label Unisound Records. The group's third effort was issued via Displeased/From Beyond.

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Impaled Nazarene Reacts To Banning In Germany

IMPALED NAZARENE's "Nihil" album officially entered Germany's index list A on January 17. This means that "Nihil" is officially banned in Germany. Here's an official statement from the band regarding this:

"Looking back on 2006 and 2005, being unable to play concerts in Italy, Austria, France, Poland and Germany, one can only conclude that freedom of speech and freedom of religion, things that are supposed to be the foundation of the European Union, are not existing. Your lives are terrorized by deranged catholic sects and glue sniffing communists. Braindead imbeciles tell you what you should/what you cannot listen to, read or watch. Happy fucking middle ages part 666 and fuck off."

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Interview with Grant Belcher of Hurtlocker

Chicago, Illinois metal act HURTLOCKER has been through the ringer these past couple years, mainly with having lost their former dummer to a drug-related incident. But they also would soon learn the ugly side of the business when they got little or no PR and touring support from their label Napalm Records after putting out their brillant last full-length offering entitled "Fear In The Handful Of Dust". But they're metalers, not pussies, and they still are more than alive and kicking with a new positive approach to how they will handle things once they complete recording of their new album here in 2007. I expect some great things from these guys, more than just about any upcoming act I've scouted, promoted or made of fun while doing my work here. I sat down for some cool Q&A.with Grant Belcher, Hurtlocker's lead vocalist. More...

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