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Metal News for February 16, 2009

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Amesoeurs Completes New Album

France’s AMESOEURS (featuring Neige of ALCEST and award winning animation filmmaker Fursy Teyssier of LES DISCRETS) has completed work on their debut album, simply titled “Amesoeurs.”

Amesoeurs' self-titled debut full-length is being released in North America by Profound Lore (Code666 in Europe), following the band’s highly praised and acclaimed 2007 “Ruines Humaines” EP.

Formed by Neige and vocalist Audrey Sylvain in 2004, Amesoeurs is a bleak, violent, melancholic, suffocating, desolate vision, one brimming with negativity and despair. Through their music, Amesoeurs portray a world of urban decay, a lifeless wasteland and a dark realm that becomes all too real in an age of social decay.

By mixing elements of harsh melancholic black metal, post-punk and ‘80s new wave influenced heavily by acts like JOY DIVISION, early CURE, and DEPECHE MODE, “Amesoeurs” is an album that mixes elements for each of the aforementioned genres into one mind-numbing and unrelenting sonic journey where each song translates into a different expression which all weave together.

The tracklisting for “Ameoeurs” is as follows: More...

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Saxon and Iced Earth Cancel Spanish Tour Dates

SAXON and ICED EARTH are forced to cancel the final three shows of their current European co-headline tour due to scheduling conflicts.

The following shows are cancelled:

FEB.27.2009 - Bilbao, Spain - Rockstar Live - CANCELLED
FEB.28.2009 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera - CANCELLED
MAR.01.2009 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz - CANCELLED

SAXON is working on announcing new dates for these shows as soon as possible; however, Iced Earth will not be partaking in these moved events.

The remaining dates on the European co-headlining tour are as follows:

FEB.16.2009 - Zlin, Czech Republic - Masters of Rock Cafe
FEB.17.2009 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
FEB.19.2009 - Budapest, Hungary - Petofi Hal
FEB.20.2009 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Mediapark
FEB.21.2009 - Zagreb, Croatia - Boogaloo
FEB.22.2009 - Milan, Italy - Rolling Stone
FEB.24.2009 - Zurich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
FEB.25.2009 - Strassbourg, France - La Laiterie
*** FEB.26.2009 - Cologne, Germany *** - Live Music Hall

**Note that the Cologne show was originally scheduled for February 4. The show date has changed to Thursday, February 26, 2009. The venue has also changed. The new venue is Live Music Hall in Cologne. The tickets purchased for the February 4 show at Essigfabrik ARE VALID FOR THE FEBRUARY 26 SHOW.

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Listen To Lamb Of God's "Broken Hands" Online

Spin.com has obtained an exclusive preview of Lamb of God's new track "Broken Hands" off the band's upcoming album. You can listen to "Broken Hands" here.

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Devildriver Completes Tracking Of New Album

Devildriver drummer John Boecklin reports that the band's new album, "Pray For Villains," has been completely tracked:

"The record is completely tracked!! This album certainly has a more serious and focused vibe that we may have missed in previous efforts. One song in particular is the craziest double bass patterns I've ever done, guitar work you would not expect from us, mixed in with a really fresh vocal approach Completely new from dez . Its vibe is very new for us, but still totally brutal. I guess talking about it won't do much, I'm just trying to state that you won't be disappointed with us if you are devildriver fan. Yet, there will be some surprises in 'pray for villains' that are refreshing. In case someone didn't read it already, 'pray for villains' is the album title. I'm very proud of every member for stepping it up!"

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NIN To Tour Some More, Then Go On Hiatus

Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor has posted an update in which he mentions plans to tour again in a more raw form, possibly with Jane's Addiction, in celebration of the band's 20th anniversary, before going on hiatus for a while. Here's the complete update:

"Towards the beginning of my career in Nine Inch Nails, our biggest break came in the form of an invitation to perform a series of shows with Jane's Addiction. These performances essentially created and defined the term "alternative" rock in the US, created an ongoing festival franchise that is still thriving (Lollapalooza), set the stage for Nirvana to shift popular taste a few months later, and were really fucking FUN to play and attend - truly the best times I've had. The shows were epic. So epic, they propelled NIN to the "next level" (whatever that means), but caused Jane's to implode. The band broke up at the end of that tour.

"Fast forward to the present. Corporate rock STILL sucks. A friend tells me they saw the original Jane's lineup play a tiny show in LA that was unbelievable. I break out my Jane's records and am amazed by how vital they sound. These guys were the real deal and in this current climate mostly dominated by poseurs and pussies it was refreshing to hear something that sounded dangerous, volatile, beautiful and SINCERE.

"Emails were sent, phone calls were made, dinner was arranged, ideas were discussed and the next thing I know we're in the studio experimenting. We laugh, we get to know each other, we cry, we yell, we almost quit, we record LOTS of guitar solos, we discuss, we actually begin to all communicate, we yell some more, we become FRIENDS, we laugh again and we do some great things. I get to see first hand why they broke up all those years ago but I also get the chance to see four distinct personalities that become an INCREDIBLE band when they're in the same room.

"In NIN world, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of our first releases. I've been thinking for some time now it's time to make NIN disappear for a while. Last year's "Lights in the Sky" tour was something I'm quite proud of and seems like the culmination of what I could pull off in terms of an elaborate production. It was also quite difficult to pull off technically and physically night after night and left us all a bit dazed. After some thought, we decided to book a last run of shows across the globe this year. The approach to these shows is quite different from last year - much more raw, spontaneous and less scripted. Fun for us and a different way for you to see us and wave goodbye. I reached out to Jane's to see if they'd want to join us across the US and we all felt it could be a great thing. Will it work? Will it resonate in the marketplace? Who knows. Are there big record label marketing dollars to convince you to attend? Nope.
Does it feel right to us and does it seem like it will be fun for us and you? Yes it does.

"Look for tour dates soon and I hope to see you out there."

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Starofash Contributes Soundtrack to Irish Film

Mnemosyne Productions has announced that Heidi Solberg Tveitan/Starofash has just finalized the soundtrack to the Irish film “Ulterior” by writer/director Jason Mehlhorn.

“With this being my first soundtrack, I was faced with quite a few challenges when adapting to the format. However, after working my way through the more technical aspects, I was pleasantly surprised to find it very natural to just follow the pace and content of the movie when writing the actual music. Jason has been a very open minded and constructive director, which has made my job all the more easy.

"Strangly, I have never been so honest in my music as with this soundtrack; this is music straight from the heart”, says Heidi.

Ulterior could probably be best described as a psychological thriller in a similar vein to Vertigo, Caché, Repulsion and La Femme Infidèle. It utilises a minimalist visual style, measured pace, sparse dialogue and often dark irony to explore themes of disclosure, isolation, empowerment, obsession and sanity within the film's 'open' plot. These characteristics were imbued into the film's original soundtrack which was provided by Starofash.

Ulterior is a low-budget debut feature film from Irish writer/director Jason Mehlhorn. It was shot in just 12 days in Dublin with a skeleton crew of 5 people in August 2008. It is nearing the end of post-production and upon completion will hopefully start it's life by entering film festivals in various countries. The film was shot digitally in HDV and has a running time of approximately 73 minutes.

For more information, check out the film's MySpace page.

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Sanctification Reveals "Black Reign" Album Artwork

Swedish death metallers SANCTIFICATION have revealed the tracklisting and album artwork for their new album, "Black Reign." You can view the album artwork here.

The tracklisting for "Black Reign" is as follows:

1. Thirst For Blood
2. Black Reign (Featuring guest vocals by Peter Tägtgren and Emperor Magus Caligula)
3. Raw
4. Eternal (Featuring guest vocals by Peter Tägtgren)
5. Hear This
6. Dead Forever
7. Flesh, Bone And Skin
8. Trucido Christianese
9. Storm (Featuring guest vocals by Emperor Magus Caligula)

"Black Reign" was produced, mixed and mastered at Sweden's Abyss Studio by Tommy and Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, ex-Bloodbath, etc) together with SANCTIFICATION. "Black Reign" will also to be released in Super Jewel Box CD format.

SANCTIFICATION features members from God Among Insects, In Battle, Soul Drainer and recently Emperor Magus Caligula from Dark Funeral took over the singing duties and replaced Kristoffer Hell.

An announcement for the release date is coming soon. In the meantime, the past recently posted a couple new songs on their MySpace page.

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Moonspell To Play March On Stage Concert

Portuguese gothic metal band Moonspell has announced that they will be playing the March On Stage concert at the Hard Rock Cafe is Lisbon on March 18th. The promotional poster for the show can be viewed here.

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Fairytale Abuse Posts Live Video Online

Danish symphonic black metal band Fairytale Abuse has posted a new live video online of the song "Powers and Signs of Lying Wonders." The video can be viewed below. More...

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Rock of Love Tour Bus Episode 6 Recap

The bus is headed to Nashville which is perfect for Mindy and her Southern accent. The girls are paired into two groups for Bret Michael’s Mud Bowl III. A football game where the girls fight for a date with Bret by wearing spandex shorts in a mud field. For those not familiar, Mud Bowl is like the old Bud Bowls, but with players of a lower IQ. More...

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First Bands Confirmed For Provinssirock Festival

The 2009 Provinssirock Festival will take place at Seinäjoki, Finland between June 12th - 14th. The first bands that have been confirmed for the festival are as follows:

Raised Fist

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Tombs Streaming New Album "Winter Hours" Online

Brooklyn, NY"s Tombs brand new full-length and Relapse debut Winter Hours is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. Winter Hours will see its North American release tomorrow, Tuesday, February 17th and February 23rd internationally.

TOMBS will be performing a string of record release shows this upcoming weekend in support of Winter Hours, including two in New York on Saturday. Following, TOMBS will embark on a March tour alongside PELICAN, covering the western U.S. and including a run through SXSW in Austin, TX. This tour will also include DREDG on the first part of the tour, followed by WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM on the later half. A complete listing of TOMBS tour dates can be found below with more to be announced soon.

TOMBS' first video from Winter Hours, for album-opener "Gossamer", is currently available at this location.

Upcoming TOMBS Tour Dates: More...

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Augury Announces New Drummer

Canadian metallers Augury have issued the following statement about enlisting a new drummer:

"We are glad to announce that Antoine Baril has officially joined Augury on drums. Originating from Quebec City area, Antoine got known with the excellent tribute to Death ,Symbolic, as well as MAG Project, Signs of Fate and many others. An accomplished mutli-instrumentalist, and producer of several local recordings. His professionalism and enthusiasm are such a boost for the team!

"Augury recently signed a world wide record deal with Nuclear Blast, more information about the new album will be revealed soon."

Upcoming Augury shows :

3/14/2009 Trois-Rivières, QC @C omplex
4/11/2009 Sherbrooke, QC @ L'Eglise Immaculée Conception with Unexpect, Insurrection, Clearwater Deathblow and more.

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Hell Cancels Keep It True XII Festival Appearance

The organizers of Germany's Keep It True XII Festival have issued the following update about Hell canceling their appearance:

"It is with great regret that HELL (UK) have been forced to cancel their appearance at KIT 12. Kev Bower, the band's guitarist and synthesizer player, was today informed that he must have immediate abdominal (stomach) surgery to treat a problem which will become very dangerous if not treated straight away, and his surgeon has warned him that an 8-10 week recovery period is the minimum required after this. Since Kev performs such a complex 2-part role within the band, finding a replacement is impossible given the close proximity of the show. HELL's first European appearance had generated great interest amongst metal fans - to the extent that some die-hards were actually traveling from the USA to see the show. This decision has been extremely sad, and HELL would like to offer their sincere apologies to all who were looking forward to seeing them. Our great thanks go to Oliver and all involved with KIT for inviting us - HELL very much hopes to see everyone at another KIT, another time....."

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Despised Icon Prepares To Enter Recording Studio

Despised Icon has issued the following statement about preparing to enter the recording studio:

"The Montreal Assault Tour is almost halfway done already. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported our scene. The shows have been sick so far! It feels great to be back in the US and share the stage with our hometown boys every night. We won’t be back until next summer so come hang out!

"Right after this tour, we’ll finally hit the studio to record our 4th album. We’re almost done writing and the new shit is packed with brutality. Can’t wait to play these songs live! As always, our long time buddy Yannick St-Amand will produce the whole thing and we got Zeuss and Alan Douches to take care of the mixing and mastering so the result should sound monstrous! Our boy Felix Rancourt, the evil mastermind behind all our imagery, promised us his sickest album artwork to date. The recording starts March 7th, get stoked! We’ll post a few video blogs while we’re in the studio to keep you guys updated. More...

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Necronomicon Finishes Mixing New Album

Necronomicon has issued the following update about finishing the mixing of their new album:

"Yes, the mixing session for the new album THE RETURN OF THE WITCH is final some really minors details need to be fixed but everything is done. The Mastering session as been started earlier last week and after some test and tweaking some really good result are showing . NECRONOMICON is happy to be working with renowned Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering studio in California US(Yngwie Malmsteen ,Halford ,F5 ,Driver ,Therion ,Sigh ,Madder Mortem and more).

"The new Myspace we ll be online this week as well as the new songs. The band is looking now for a more appropriate label, feel free to contact the band at necronomiconofficial@gmail.com or here on MySpace. Stay in touch for more"

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Bloodstream Parade Streaming New Song Online

Bloodstream Parade has issued the following statement about finishing their latest album and streaming a new song online:

"Hello to all you psychos out there. With an excited and happy heart, I am pleased to announce "The Apocalypse: In Retrospect" is DONE!!!!

"Also, you get a chance to check out one of our new tracks, "Source Fire". All you have to do is get to our
MySpace page and jam away.

"Before everything was finished, we had some friends come down and do up some guest vocals on this beast. First off, a huge thank you to Dave from Jungle Rot for his incredible work on "Let The Curses Fall Where They May". Needless to say, after years of jamming with Jungle Rot on several occasions, we always had it in the back of our minds to have Dave do some vocal work. And now it is done. Thank you, Dave!!! You just made this whole experience extra special. Much respect to you!! More...

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Buried Inside Streaming New Song "II" Online

Ontario metal band Buried Inside is currently streaming a new track titled "II" from their upcoming album "Spoils of Failure." The song can be heard on the band's official MySpace page.

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Psychometry Announces Acoustic Show

Louisiana based experimental band Psychometry has issued the following statement about performing an acoustic show:

"Psychometry singer Tareq will have an acoustic show of his originals songs at Sadie's this Thursday 2/19 featuring Cheramie on keys and Jonathan on guitar. Acoustic versions of the Psychometry songs What it Means to Die and Smoke will be performed, and a live cd and video will be recorded. The show starts at 11pm with singer Scott Mercer. Come out and support Tareq!"

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Unanimated Finishes Recording New Album

"Its been quiet from Unanimated for awhile now, so i though it would be time to break the silence and let you all know whats been going on.....

"First i wanna thank everybody how came out to the reunion shows we did this past summer, the show in Stockholm was a night of magic and ment alot for us...And for the first time to play in Germany at Party San festival was a great experience. We truly enjoyed being on stage together again aftrer such long break...14 fucking years!

"So what the hell happened to the Re-Releases.....? The two albums "In the forest of the dreaming dead" and "Ancient god of evil" was intended to be released last July, right before our live performances. But due to a bunch of bullshit and legal matters, that was put on hold....(I will get back with more information about this later.) Everything is now sorted out and new release dates are being set for March. The two albums have new layouts, additional music and have been re-mastered...Sounds and look amazing! It was worth while to have this done, fans of these two records will definitely not get disappointed. More...

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Illdisposed Finishes Writing New Album

Illdisposed has issued the following statement about completing the writing for their upcoming album:

"The songwriting process for our next album is complete. 16 songs are reduced to 11 songs that will be on the album. We'll begin the recordings in beginning of April at AB Studio in Aarhus, Denmark."

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Avenged Sevenfold To Play Los Angeles Show

Avenged Sevenfold has issued the following update about an upcoming Los Angeles show:

"Avenged Sevenfold is excited to announce a special SoCal show for their hometown fans! Click here to find out all the details!"

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Unearth Playing London Show

Unearth has issued the following statement about playing a London show tonight:

"Unearth will be headlining the Barfly in Camden, London, UK tonight - Monday February 16

"This is a last minute intimate show - and tickets have now gone on sale - don't miss out! BUY TICKETS HERE"

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Heaven and Hell Announces New Contest

Joe Slieger of Heaven and Hell has started a contest concerning their latest album, "The Devil You Know," which will be released on April 28th. More...

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Running Wild Set to Release Second Tribute Album

A second tribute album to the German metal band Running Wild, which follows the first tribute album, is in the works, according to the webmaster of their official website. "It's been already almost four years since "The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild" hit the light. Soon after that, its success began to grow progressively and it significantly led to the idea that a tribute album brought to a different level should come out, especially by bringing cover songs from the newer albums by Running Wild. And this time it is going to be like this!" The new and currently untitled tribute will contain songs from "The Rivalry" (1998), "Victory" (2000), "The Brotherhood" (2002) and "Rogues En Vogue" (2005). It will be released in fall of this year with graphic art done by Costin Chioreanu, who has worked for bands like Absu, Centinex, Demonical, Negura Bunget, Thunderstorm, and more. One of the first confirmed bands for the new tribute is Polish heavy metal band Crystal Viper, who will record their own version of "Libertalia." Other confirmed bands are Magica, Orden Ogan, Satanochio, Skiltron, and Thunderstorm.

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DragonForce Confirm More Ultra Beatdown Tour Dates

British power metal band DragonForce has just announced the following Mexico and South America dates for their Ultra Beatdown tour:

Wed May 13th 2009 Circo Volador - Mexico City, Mexico
Thu May 14th 2009 Café Iguana - Monterrey, Mexico
Sat May 16th 2009 Teatro Caupolican - Santiago, Chile
Sun May 17th 2009 Teatro Flores - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tue May 19th 2009 Downtown Majestic - Bogota, Colombia
Thu May 21st 2009 Casa Do Gaucho - Porto Alegre, Brazil
Fri May 22nd 2009 Opera 1 - Curitiba, Brazil
Sat May 23rd 2009 Espaço Lux - São Paulo, Brazil

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September Murder Posts New E-Card Online

The debut album of German death metal hopefulls SEPTEMBER MURDER will hit the stores on February 20, 2009. They've launched a new e-card in support of their upcoming album, which includes a new preview track "Slavery Of Heartdisruption" and some detailled album and band information. You can check out the e-card here. You can also download their previously released new song "Agony In Flesh" here.

In related band news, here are September Murder's latest tour dates:

14.02. Göttingen | DarkBound - Metal Assault w/ Deny The Urge + The Atmosfear + Bloodshed
03.04. Magdeburg | Blow Up - Iron Curtain w/ Torturized + Into Obscurity + Wraith Within
24.04. Leipzig | Theater Fabrik - Scheddel w/ ORIGIN (US) + Invocation + Illdisposed
25.04. Bitterfeld | Festung w/ Pessimist (US) + Pandemia (CZ)
05.09. Berlin | K17 - Killed At Birth Fest

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