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Metal News for February 15, 2016

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Headline News

Ghost Takes Home The Grammy

Looks like I called it: Ghost has taken home the Grammy award for this year's "best metal performance" category.

It's clear by the video below that the band was very out of place, with a perplexed crowd and an odd lack of applause, but that's probably to be expected considering the venue and how little emphasis gets placed on metal at this overblown awards show.

It's nice to see music of this variety breaking into the mainstream consciousness, although of course its odd that a band that's so tenuously connected to metal actually won the award.

Ghost's performance of "Cirice" from the "Meliora" album beat out the other nominees August Burns Red, Lamb Of God, Sevendust, and Slipknot.


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Black Crown Initiate Announces New Tour Dates

Black Crown Initiate and Black Fast are teaming up to embark on the Blacker Than All tour this March on theway to the annual SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

"We are excited to share the stage with our label mates Black Fast on this small tour to SXSW," says BCI guitarist Andy Thomas. "We are going to be playing some new material off our upcoming album, drinking beers and eating plenty of BBQ on this tour. See you on the road!"

Black Crown Initiate has also just wrapped production on a yet-to0be titled new album which will be released later this year. This new LP follows "The Wreckage of Stars" in 2014. More...

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Ihsahn Pushes Back Album Release

Originally scheduled for a March 4th release, the new album from Ihsahn titled "Arktis" will now drop April 8th and is up for pre-order at iTunes as well as Amazon.com.

"Arktis," the follow-up to "Das Seelenbrechen" (reviewed here), was recorded at Ihsahn’s studio in Notodden, Norway and was mixed in Sweden by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia).

It features guest appearances from Einar Solberg (Leprous), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Jorgen Munkeby (Shining), Tobias Ornes Andersen (Shining, ex-Leprous), and renowned Norwegian author Hans Herbjornsrud. Graphic elements for "Arktis" once again have been provided by award-winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostariz. The track listing is as follows:

1. Disassembled
2. Mass Darkness
3. My Heart is of the North
4. South Winds
5. In the Vaul
6. Until I too Dissolve
7. Pressure
8. Frail
9. Crooked Red Line
10. Celestial Violence
11. Til Tor Ulven (Søppelsolen) More...

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Cloak And Dagger Releasing New EP

Perth’s Cloak And Dagger is excited to release a new track from forthcoming Imminence Records’ debut "Balance." Check out the title track below.

The six track EP also features a re-recorded version of the band’s “Stay Gold” single and is slated to be released this spring. Guitarist Oliver Royer comments:

“When we were finding the right producer for the record it was very important to us that we find the perfect fit for us as a band and as people. We considered a few options but at the end of the day only Matt at Templeman Audio and Simon at Forensic Audio Mastering could deliver exactly what we wanted.

"Most of the tracks had been finished in the months leading up to the studio so that we could really refine their sound and focus in on what was strong about them before entering the studio. Matt definitely had the experience and knowledge necessary to really make our ideas come to life and also bring his own ideas to the table.” More...

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Child Bite Releasing "Negative Noise"

Detroit's favorite musical misfits Child Bite will unveil brand new full-length, "Negative Noise," this April 1st. Having released three full-lengths, as well as a gaggle of EPs and singles since the group's formation in late 2005, the prolific collective is now well into the second phase of bandhood.

What began as a thoughtful-yet-spazzy art rock band in a Detroit suburb has now fully mutated into an aggressive, dissonant blend of all things punk, hardcore, sludge, surf, prog rock, noise rock and metal; a truly unique voice in a sea of copycats.

"Negative Noise" is forty-seven-minute throbbing ball of energy filled with furious jabs and paranoia-fueled explosions. Produced by Philip H. Anselmo and featuring artwork by vocalist Shawn Knight, "Negative Noise" is a fully-realized vision, inside and out. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Death Before Dementia
2. Paralytic Phantasm
3. Euphoria Saturation Point
4. Born A Hog
5. Video Blood
6. Apex Of Anxiety
7. Vermin Mentality
8. Beyond The Dirt
9. The Great Ego Flood
10. Into The Disease
11. Feed Me Septic Dreams
12. Heretic Generation More...

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Death Fetishist Signs With Debemur Morti

Once again, the French label Debemur Morti Productions flirts dangerously with madness, this time joining forces with U.S. outfit Death Fetishist, a project from tireless composer Matron Thorn (the tortured and creative mind behind the beast Aevangelist).

There is little doubt that Matron Thorn is a twisted virtuoso of our time, his mind continuously bursting with sinister musical ideas. As expected, Death Fetishist is a new step in horror, a supreme devilish entity evolved from the deepest spheres of obscure death metal and the murky, poisonous atmospheres of harrowing black metal.

Whilst awaiting the release of a devastating first full-length offering in the upcoming months, you can initially taste the abomination by listening to "Lucifer Descending" below. More...

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War Inside Streams New Song

French blackened death metal group War Inside is pleased to reveal another track from forthcoming second full-length “S.U.T.U.R.E.” due out next week on February 18th via Finisterian Death End. Check out the crushing “Connivance” track below.

The follow-up to 2014’s debut album “Welcoming The Crow” was once again recorded and mixed by Arthur Lauth at Brown Bear Recordings and features the artwork of David A.D. from Dirt Prod. The track listing is as follows:

1. Demiurge
2. The Milgram Whore
3. Body Bones
4. Name Us Defective
5. Penance
6. Cold As Dead
7. Maggots On Candies
8. Connivance
9. Rictus More...

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Morbid Saint Announces Vinyl Re-Issue

A masterpiece of raw and rabid, deadly thrashing madness is going to return as a stunning reissue on March 11th, 2016 via Century Media Records: Morbid Saint's "Spectrum of Death!"

Originally recorded as a demo in the late 80's and produced by Eric Greif (Acrophet, Viogression), the 1990 released album by the Wisconsin thrashers offers a vicious and intense mix of early Slayer, Kreator, and Dark Angel that has not lost any of its violent impact.

After a series of low-key reissues and shabby bootlegs, "Spectrum of Death" will now be released on digital form, double CD, and vinyl, visually orientating on the original design in a gatefold sleeve to house the extensive 8-page LP-sized booklet.

For this release, founding member Jay Visser (guitar) dug deep into his personal archive and excavated tons of rare photos, obscure logo designs, and flyers as well as telling the history of Morbid Saint in a detailed interview.

Whereas the "Spectrum of Death" album was specially mastered for vinyl, and hardly touched to preserve its original sound, all other tracks have been carefully restored and remastered by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Iced Earth, Grave, Massacra). Pre-orders are up now at this location. More...

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Anubis Gate Launches New Crowd Funding Campaign

Anubis Gate has unleashed a Kickstarter campaign a numbered, limited edition 6-disc box set of the band's first 4 albums and a double disc of bonus material. Titled "Orbits," full details and info on helping to fund the release can be found here.

Originally released on the Spanish label Locomotive, these original four albums have been long out of print. After releasing the albums, Locomotive Music went into hiding, taking with them the rights and funds still owed the band. As a result, these albums became rarities, commanding high prices being sold secondhand online.

Now fans can finally own these albums again without paying insane prices. In fact, the price for the complete 6-disc set will be lower than what one copy of "Andromeda Unchained" has been listed for on eBay.

Included in the "Orbits" box set will be the albums "Purification," "A Perfect Forever," "Adromeda Unchained," and "The Detached," plus a double disc bonus set that will include rare and unreleased studio and live material.

In addition, there will be a 24-page booklet with a special track-by-track guide by the original band members who made these recordings. Each box set will be numbered, and a bundle option with an "Orbits" logo shirt will also be available. More...

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Orden Ogan Releasing Box

German power metal force Orden Ogan follows the success of latest studio album "Ravenhead" with the band's first DVD release. But “The Book Of Ogan” is so much more than that... the package consists of 2 DVDs (running time 6 hours – including 2 full Live concerts, extensive band documentary, all music videos & numerous specials) and 2 CDs (“Best Of 2008 - 2015” and the self-released/demo “Testimonium a.d.” from 2004).

While the “Best Of” is an exclusive selection of the band’s hits and fan favorites from four albums, “Testimonium a.d.” is made available for the first time ever as an official label release. It received high ratings in the demo sections of metal magazines back when first released.

"The Book Of Ogan" comes as deluxe 2DVD/2CD box set (hardcover, separate trays for each disc, 40-pages booklet) and is a must for both longtime followers and new fans. The full track listing is available below. More...

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Autumns Eyes Comments On Upcoming Album

A recently released Autumns Eyes single titled "Internal Arson" can be heard below, and band mastermind Dan Mitchell also comments on an upcoming album:

"The bitter cold of February has fallen upon my shoulders like an iceberg, and with it comes an abundance of creative ideas born out of isolation. Living in Connecticut has its highs and lows, and this time of year is typically when people start letting the doom and gloom take over their lives.

"Fortunately, I use it to my advantage, and feed my creative drive. Since its impossibly cold outside, currently sitting at around ten below zero, my basement studio has become my home away from, but inside, my home. To say a few ideas have been brewing would be an understatement, so I will try my best to consolidate this update for those that give more than two shits.

"First and foremost is the album 'Ending Life Slowly,' which is currently sitting in release date limbo due to production snags and speed-bumps. As with every album, everything is done by myself, so I don’t have the luxury of a team behind me helping move the process along smoothly. That's not to say I am in any way disappointed with this record, its just important for me not to rush things and make sure it sounds exactly how I want it to sound before sending it off into the twisted world.

"This freedom and creative control is something many artists strive for, and is much less stressful than having a record company breathing down my back. Often times those issues will compromise an albums quality, causing the artist to release a sub-par performance. So while it may not be convenient in a traditional sense, its definitely a workflow I respect and enjoy taking advantage of. More...

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Equalizer Calling It Quits

Canadian hardcore band Equalizer has issued this announcement online about deciding to call it a day:

"The time has come... We've decided that after 8 years as a band, it's time to close out. No bad blood, no major reasoning, it's just time that we end this thing in a positive way (releasing the new EP) and move on.

"Our initial release date for the new EP was planned for April but this will be postponed and changed to a release show and a final set for Equalizer, likely in late May or early June. We'll be announcing the date this week.

"Aside from that, we have a lot of people to thank. Our original members in Matt Gilmour, John Leonard, Jimmy Barry; Other members in Scott Bassarab, Chris Boerger, Jesse Houle, Mike Pantuso, Cass Carmanico, and Justin Pulfer. The band grew and progressed with each of you and regardless of member changes, we're always going to be family.

"We would also like to sincerely thank Addictive Sound Studios, Spectrasonic, Goldmine Records, Bonesaw Records/Productions, Darkside Productions, FWYS Records, Black Widow/Chord Productions, Ottawa Hardcore, Punkottawa, The Diamond Mine Agency, Grime Time Apparel, Faith Clothing, Skoser Merch, and Tim Hortons. More...

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A Perfect Day Announces "The Deafening Silence"

Formed in 2011, A Perfect Day is the brainchild of Andrea Cantarelli (guitar player and co-founder of Italian heavy metal band Labyrinth) and includes drummer Alessandro Bissa (also of Labyrinth), singer Marco Baruffetti, and bass player Gigi Andreone (Odd Dimension).

Inspired by post-grunge, metal, and hard rock sounds, A Perfect Day is one of those bands in which melody plays a leading role, as well as class-A musicianship and classy arrangements. New album "The Deafening Silence" is coming March 18th, 2016.

The band released a debut album on Frontiers Records with talented musician Roberto Tiranti on vocals and bass. Roberto left the band in 2014, but he was replaced by Marco Baruffetti, who has been able to bring his many talents and a very positive vibe in the APD camp.

The group states: "We are extremely excited about the release of this new album. We worked very hard for more than two years, trying to keep intact the stylistic stamp that marked our debut album whilst evolving in multiple directions. The songs are in-your-face, the melodies are immediately able to capture the listener's attention and the extremely diverse sound will surely attract a wide and diverse audience." More...

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Plebeian Grandstand Finishes New Album

French black metal band Plebeian Grandstand just finished third album "False Highs, True Lows," which was recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary Studio and mastered at New Alliance East. The record is due out this spring on Throatruiner Records (LP, CD) and Basement Apes Industries (CD). Throatruiner comments:

"Great bands inspire vocations, Plebeian Grandstand annihilate them. It’s hard not to laugh hysterically while listening to the band’s third album "False Highs, True Lows," which destroys any desire to play music that intense.

"Formed in Toulouse in 2005, the french quartet never ceased to feed its insatiable appetite for dissonance and bleakness, slowly morphing from their former noisy, metallic hardcore to what could be the ultimate blend of black metal, sludge and noise. On the heels of their acclaimed 2014 album 'Lowgazers' and after countless shows in North America, India and Europe that forged their new rhythmical section, the band returned to Amaury Sauvé’s The Apiary studio during December 2015 to prove that their previous body of work was just a ladder to something even more suffocating. More...

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Ferium Reveals New Album

Israeli metal band Ferium has announced the upcoming release of new album "Behind the Black Eyes." The follow-up to 2014 debut album "Reflections" will be released on April 21st and pre-orders are being taken now at this location.

"Behind The Black Eyes" was produced and mixed by Elram Boxer and was mastered at The Panic Room by Thomas Plec Johanssen. The band discusses the sound and ideas behind the album:

"Aggression is the most important thing about metal in our opinion. It has been an important outlet for so many people, including ourselves. We write the music from the bottom of our souls. The creative minds behind Ferium have experienced deceit, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, betrayal, pain and loss, all of which creates a sonic portrayal of aggressiveness and frustration in an effort to solve all of life's struggles, and to turn them into positive and empowering experiences.

"With our lyrical concept revolving personal relationships, emphasizing a story from the protagonists point of view, our new album has a much more direct and cohesive approach than 'Reflections,' 'Behind the Black Eyes' is a concept album, which makes it much easier to imagine yourself being in the story through vocals that play a big role in creation of the atmosphere and the huge groove riffing. Eliran Kantor's (Testament, Atheist, Hatebreed) mesmerizingly brutal cover artwork gives the lyrical concept the image it deserves." More...

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Cannibal Corpse Re-Issuing Vinyl Albums

After releasing latest effort "A Skeletal Domain," Cannibal Corpse is now going back in time to commemorate some classic titles: "Butchered At Birth," "Eaten Back to Life," "The Bleeding," "Vile," and "Tomb Of The Mutilated."

As part of the Metal Blade Classics series, these albums are now available on vinyl in limited quantities at this location. An exclusive poster is also included with each LP.

Starting today, Cannibal Corpse will be on tour in North America in support of these re-issues and 2014's "A Skeletal Domain." With Obituary, Cryptopsy, and Abysmal Dawn also joining this trek, the tour promises to be one of the most bludgeoning death metal line-ups fans will see all year. More...

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Valla Posts New Lyric Video

?Per Valla returns with a song today titled "Lorelei, The Shadows Found You Once Again" from his new project Valla. Check out the lyric video below.

As we heard from previous Valla tracks, Per Valla reveals his talent in mixing Scandinavian black metal with haunting atmospheric passages throughout. Per also comments on upcoming plans for the project:

"I have decided I will do live shows with Valla in the future. This I will do with myself on vocals and guitar (of course) and a drummer (session) simply because there HAS to be a drummer on the stage to provide the right energy and sound for the audience. In other words I will do what many bands are doing these days, use backing tracks for synth and bass... adding session musicians for all the instruments would kind of be like having dancers onstage just for the visual effect, wouldn't it?" More...

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Wildways Releases "Faka Faka Yeah" Video

Artery Recordings' latest metalcore signing Wildways has released a new booty-shaking, watermelon-eating video for "Faka Faka Yeah." I don't even know what to make of this guys, so strap in and have fun (or more likely probably hate everything about this).

The single comes from the band's upcoming label debut album, "Into The Wild," set to release everywhere on March 25th and produced by Cameron Mizell (Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire).

Vocalist Toli Wild commented, "From Russia with love. We put alot of work into this album, and know fans will like it. It was produced by Cameron Mizell and has alot of special guest vocalists. It's time for Wildways."

1. Skins
2. 3 Seconds To Go
3. Faka Faka Yeah
4. Sirens
5. What You Feel
6. Slow Motion
7. D.O.I.T.
8. Princess
9. Don't Give Up Your Guns
10. Illusions & Mirrors
11. Wings
12. Not Alone More...

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Sig:Ar:Tyr Releasing "Northen" Album

Sig:Ar:Tyr is pleased to announce the upcoming release of fourth full-length album, "Northen," on April 15th, 2016 via Hammerheart Records.

The first new music from Sig:Ar:Tyr since 2010’s "Godsaga" album, "Northen" blends epic pagan and viking metal atmospheres with a heavy metal heart, with nine powerful songs written to tell the tale of the Vikings' adventures in North America a thousand years ago.

Daemonskald describes the album’s theme: "Near the end of the Viking age, the Norse set out from Greenland to explore new lands to the West, now understood as the east coast of Canada, including Baffin Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and possibly even further inland to New Brunswick and the northeastern United States. Unlike the permanent settlements in Greenland, their stay here was short-lived, and we are still discovering the extent of their travels, the artifacts from their small settlements, and unfolding the tales of their interaction with the native cultures here at the time.

"This is a tale of tribute to this small group of adventurers, who with a dynamic and individualistic spirit, were willing to throw stability and comfort aside to explore mysterious new places like Helluland, Markland, and Vinland, and be their own master in a changing world. A world where their old ways and traditions were fading, a world where sons turned away from their father’s faith, and where some rediscovered the path of the Northen…” More...

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The Foreshadowing Reveals Album Details

The Foreshadowing's new album "Seven Heads, Ten Horns" is coming April 15th and today you can check out the cover artwork below.

The brand new full-length was recorded at OuterSound Studios (Rome) and mixed and mastered in Bialystok (Poland) by Wieslawski Bros at Hertz Studio.

As if you couldn't tell from the color palette, the artwork was done Seth Siro Anton of Septic Flesh. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ishtar
2. Fall Of Heroes
3. Two Horizons
4. New Babylon
5. Lost Soldiers
6. 17
7. Until We Fail
8. Martyrdom
9. Nimrod (The Eerie Tower / Omelia / Collapse / Inno al Dolore) More...

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Shredmonton Metal Fest Lineup Announced

Prairie Fire Events Ltd is proud to announce the launch of an official Farmageddon Open Air indoor sister festival.

The Shredmonton Metal Festival and Conference is set to take place from May 6th - 8th, with the lineup for the 6th and 7th revealed today.

This fest features over 20 bands during the course of 3 days at The Starlite Room and The Brixx Bar and Grill (same building), as well as a multi-room industry based conference located at the Shaw Conference Center.

Tickets are available here, and the currently announced lineup is as follows:

Friday, May 6, 2016 @ The Brixx Bar and Grill
5:30pm - Guitar Clinic (Tylor Dory)
6:30pm - Drum Clinic (Tim Waterson)
8pm - Spruce Moose
9pm - Armifera
10pm - The Dead Cold
11pm - Every Hour Kills More...

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Braindamage Reveals New Album Details

The new Braindamage album titled "The Downfall" will be released via My Kingdom Music on April 18th, 2016. Seven years after the band's last work, Braindamage returns with the most abrasive and visionary output of the group's 28 year career.

"The Downfall" is a concept album based on the novel "Kahlenberg, the Queen in Red and other tales," written by Braindamage bassist / vocalist Andrea Signorelli. The story deals with power agents who fight for the conquest of the world during the one thousand years since 1066 in different places of the Earth. The last one of these agents permits the mysterious Red Empress to start the conquest of the planet, starting from Turin, through a thermonuclear war. The track listing is:

1. Substituting Forgiveness With Mass Destruction
2. god Granted Your Prayers Through Nuclear Warheads
3. She Can Smell The Blood Of A Surrendering Race
4. I Owe You A Billion Years Of Terror
5. Subhuman's Towns Merciless Obliteration
6. Queen Acadienne's Floating Mirrors And Tarots
7. Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves
8. The Shadow That I Cast Is Yours, Not Mine
9. You Nailed My Soul I Burned Your Flesh
10. The Downfall Is Here To Stay, I Shall Fight Until The End More...

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Obsidian Kingdom Streaming "Darkness"

Progressive rock outfit Obsidian Kingdom has released another new track from upcoming album "A Year with No Summer." The track, simply titled "Darkness," is available for streaming below and the new album is up for pre-order here.

Regarding "Darkness," the band comments: "Is the apocalypse necessarily a bad thing? The structures of our youth are disintegrating, and the truths we took for granted have been left to decay. In the light of the imminent collapse, why not celebrate change with a thunderous explosion? Isn't the end of all things the most beautiful sight to behold? This one could be 'A Year With No Summer.'"

New full-length release "A Year With No Summer" will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on March 11th, 2016. More...

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Elm Street Unveils Killer Metal Cover Artwork

Elm Street's new album "Knock 'Em Out...With A Metal Fist" is coming June 25th via Massacre Records and features some truly amazing artwork by Ken Kelly.

The album was recorded, mixed & mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions. Elm Street's Ben Batres comments:

"We have had the privilege of working with some of the world's best and Ken Kelly is right at the top of the list when it comes to art. It is very surreal that the band now joins a client list that includes KISS, Manowar, Rainbow and Ace Frehley.

"The concept of overcoming adversity is a theme that runs throughout the whole album. Not just in one aspect of life but in many that we have gone through ourselves and I'm sure that many will relate to.

"Ken created a piece which visually relates to each song from the new album and at the same time reflects the style you expect to hear when you see an album cover like this. Merging both the art and sound will hopefully deliver a classic album to both old and new fans." More...

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Ragehammer Reveals "The Hammer Doctrine"

Ragehammer today reveals the release date for debut full-length album "The Hammer Doctrine," due out on standard CD and digital formats this coming April 8th, 2016 through Pagan Records.

Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Bloodthirst, In Twilight’s Embrace) is responsible for the artwork while Kontamination Design (Blaze of Perdition, Bloodthirst, Voidhanger, etc.) took care of the graphic design of the rest of the album.

"The Hammer Doctrine" was recorded during the end of 2015 at No Solace Studio and was mixed and mastered by M. of Mgla fame. The full-length consists of eight original tracks along with a Polish rock cover of “Spotkanie z Diablem” (translates to: “Meeting with the Devil”).

1. First Wave Black Metal
2. Unleash the Dogs
3. Wróg
4. Warlord’s Fall
5. Knives
6. I am the Tyrant
7. Pure Hatred
8. From Homo Sapiens to Homo Raptor
9. Spotkanie z Diablem (Krzysztof Klenczon i Trzy Korony cover) More...

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Element Of Eclipse Streaming Entire Album

Florida black metal outfit Element Of Eclipse released latest album "HeretiKvlt Manifesto" at the end of 2015, and now all the tracks are online for streaming below or over at Bandcamp here.

The "HeretiKvlt Manifesto" blasts the abyss wide open with riffs recorded at Dark Haven Studio and features the following track listing:

1. Fornication ov Paradise (The Lady and the Flame) 01:40
2. The Devil's Vendetta (Defiling the Echelon ov God) 05:42
3. Unholy Terror (Aberrational Evangelism) 05:43
4. HeretiKvlt Manifesto (Light Bearer Alliance) 03:21
5. Angel ov Repugnance (Complete Transmutation ov the Worm) 05:01
6. Solve et Coagula (The Measureless Becometh) 02:26
7. Prometheus Unbound (Lethal Illumination) 04:50
8. Deadly Equinox (Exorcism ov Hemispherical Division) 04:50
9. Plague Star Apocalypse (Fresh Fever from the Skies) 05:33
10. The Azoth Formula (Alchemical Warfare) 05:55
11. The Dreaming Abyss (Ordo Obscurum) 03:26 More...

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Mithridatic Premieres Full New Album

We are going to just make your Monday absolutely miserable today with a disturbing and terrifying experience from French black/death metal outfit Mithridatic.

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of premiering drum cam footage from the recording of new album "Miserable Miracle," and now we're unleashing the entire album online ahead of its official release.

Kaotoxin Records is set to unleash "Miserable Miracle," the band's debut full-length, on March 11th, 2016. Pre-orders are available here and you can listen in below - expect an unstoppable barrage of absolute heaviness, a psychotic Hell of torment, and an atrocious dose of full-on brutality.

1. The Supply...
2. ...For Terror and the Crowd
3. Miserable Miracle
4. I Will Harm
5. Funambule Pénitent
6. Hell Compasses Points
7. Oxydized Trigger Sabotage
8. Dispense the Adulterated
9. Vitrified Desert More...

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Benighted Reveals Romain Goulon As New Drummer

French brutal death metal/deathgrind outfit Benighted just revealed Romain Goulon (Necrophagist, Monument Of Misanthropy, Raising The Veil, Agressor, Disavowed etc.) as the band's new drummer, succeeding Kevin Foley. States the band:

"Here we are! We are extremely proud to welcome war machine Romain Goulon as our new drummer! Watch him blast away while performing our song "Asylum Cave" in this video clip!"

You can now check out the new drum playthrough clip below.

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Master Premieres New Music Video

Master premieres a new music video for "Subdue The Politician", the opening track from the band's brand new album "An Epiphany Of Hate", out in stores now as a CD/digipak/digital download and soon as vinyl LP version via F.D.A. Rekotz (February 26th).

The album was produced at Shaark Studios in Czech Republic and follows 2013 album "The Witchhunt." The cover artwork for "An Epiphany of Hate" was created by artist Mark Cooper.

Check out now "Subdue The Politician" below.

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Morgue Supplier Premieres Two New Songs

Morgue Supplier premieres two new songs entitled "Cultic Rape" and "Heathen (The Throes of Poison)", taken from the band's upcoming new self-titled full length, which will be out in stores February 19 via Obscure Musick.

Check out now "Cultic Rape" below and then "Heathen (The Throes of Poison)" after the jump.

"Heathen (The Throes of Poison)" : More...

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